latest from palestine

“Victory Parade over Israel”
Colonel Cassad, May 30, 21:31

In the Gaza Strip, the Al-Qassam Brigade staged an impromptu victory parade over Israel on May 28, displaying mobile missile launchers and an Iranian drone. Meanwhile. opposition parties in Israel have officially reached an agreement on the formation of a coalition government, which can be formed within a week (formally, on Wednesday). And this means a complete political defeat for Netanyahu. The future prime minister of Israel, multimillionaire Naftali Bennett, has already announced that he is going to lead Israel out of the abyss into which Netanyahu led the country. At the same time, Bennett said that his government would not be left-wing, but even more right-wing than Netanyahu’s government. Netanyahu responded by saying that Bennett is deceiving Israel and the “scam of the century” is coming and said that in fact Israel wants him to remain prime minister. In general, if the government is announced on Wednesday, it will mean that Netanyahu with his “little victorious war” has completely lost and his plans have been broken by the resistance of the Palestinians.

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