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Biden administration calls on Nigeria to unblock Twitter for sake of ‘freedom of expression’ and ‘democracy’
RT.com, Jun 10 2021

A newsstand in Abuja, Jun 5 2021. Photo: Afolabi Sotunde/Reuters

Arguing that freedom of expression was vital to democracy, the State Department urged Nigeria to reverse its suspension of Twitter, nearly a week after the African country banned the US-based platform for censoring its president. State Dept spox Ned Price tweeted on Thursday:

It was the first official reaction from the Biden administration on the issue, and comes almost a week after the government in Abuja announced a suspension of Twitter in Nigeria and a push to have all social platforms licensed through the National Broadcasting Commission, same as the legacy media. Price’s statement also echoed Twitter’s own, issued on Jun 5, calling access to their platform “an essential human right in modern society.” However, the San Francisco-based service was quickly pilloried by critics who pointed out that Twitter literally censored then-sitting US president and many others. It banned Donald Trump after the Jan 6 Capitol riot over concerns how his comments might be “received and interpreted” online and off.

The current standoff began when Twitter invoked the same pretext it had used to censor Trump during the 2020 riots in the US, that he “glorified violence” or threatened harm to a known individual or group, to take down a tweet by Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari warning separatists against setting police stations on fire. The State Dept did not comment on the censorship of Buhari. Within 48 hours, however, Abuja had announced a ban on Twitter’s operations in Nigeria, saying the US social media platform was endangering its integrity as a state. Claiming that the US supports Nigeria “as it works towards unity, peace, and prosperity,” Price argued on Thursday:

Freedom of expression and access to information both online and offline are foundational to prosperous and secure democratic societies.

His comments come two days after Trump praised Nigeria’s actions in a statement posted on his website:

Biden Administration Claims Nigeria is Doing Censorship Because They Banned Twitter Over Censorship
Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer, Jun 10 2021

These Biden people have gone beyond the pale, and beyond parody. Twitter censored Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s president. Nigeria responded by banning Twitter. The US government is now shilling Twitter talking points, claiming that stopping censorship is the real censorship. The State Dept issued a statement demanding that Nigeria reverse the ban. It just almost makes your head explode. Nigeria literally banned Twitter because they were “unduly restricting” the people’s right to “report, gather, and disseminate opinions and information.” They blocked the country’s president from speaking. Twitter was banned in Nigeria for the sake of protecting freedom of speech. The Biden Administration’s statement is almost the exact same as Twitter’s own statement. Apparently, these people just think everyone is too stupid to work this through in their heads:

  1. Twitter goes into a country and offers a communication service free of charge;
  2. Twitter claims that they allow free speech;
  3. The country adopts Twitter for use as a communications platform;
  4. Twitter then begins censoring speech they don’t like and promoting speech they do like in order to manipulate said country’s politics and social order.

Allowing Twitter to come into your country and undermine your entire society by deciding who is allowed to say what is literally the opposite of freedom. This is the opposite of an open society. Twitter censors profusely, and they do so with an active political agenda. Twitter was LITERALLY banned in Nigeria because they CENSORED INFORMATION. Twitter was allowed in Nigeria BEFORE they censored the president. They also censored the sitting President of the United States, with the stated goal of manipulating the American political environment. This is all just totally insane. The Biden Administration is arguing in defense of censorship while claiming that preventing censorship is censorship. There may be some people who are too stupid to understand that you have less freedom of speech when you allow a monopoly corporation to regulate speech, but surely, this is a small number of people. Obviously, the US government is coming to Twitter’s defense because they themselves want to be able to use the platform to manipulate politics and society in Nigeria. The relationship between the tech companies and the intelligence agencies couldn’t really be any more transparent.

Furthermore: what about all that “anti-colonialism” talk? Nigerians are blacks, and the US government is demanding that a company run by whites be allowed to control the flow of information in their country. This demand to allow Twitter is a bold-faced attack on Nigerian sovereignty. Every other country in the world should ban Twitter, and they shouldn’t be allowed to operate in the US, either. We have a First Amendment, and there is nothing in our Constitution that says “private companies are allowed to deny your fundamental rights.” Nigeria, unlike America, is a serious country. If the Chinese could stop for a minute a realize that countries other than China exist, they would start turning their own social media companies into franchises for countries to use as an alternative to Twitter and Facebook. The fact is that yes, people do like using the internet to communicate, but you don’t have to give all of that control over to the CIA. If Russia doesn’t ban Twitter soon, they’re going to have a very serious problem. I know a lot of Russian nationalists, who defend Vladimir Putin and the country, who are consistently banned from the platform. This is anti-freedom. It is the opposite of freedom. More importantly, it undermines sovereignty, which should be the first national priority of every country.

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  1. lobro
    Posted June 11, 2021 at 7:24 am | Permalink

    Nigeria must unblock Twitter for sake of ‘freedom of expression’ and ‘democracy’, in order for Twitter to block Nigerian president for sake of ‘upholding community standards’.
    sound logic, i don’t understand what the uproar is all about.

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