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The Jewish Space Laser is an Anti-Semitic Myth, But They Do Have Flying Lasers
Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer, Jun 22 2021


The Jewish space laser is an anti-Semitic trope which borders on a full-on canard.

Oh. I guess not anymore. But Jews only made a space laser because anti-Semites accused them of making a space laser. They didn’t have any choice.

The Jews won’t use these flying plane lasers to burn down the forests of the goyim, unless the goyim deserve it. If they find that the goyim are accusing them of having space lasers, that might be enough of a reason for them to respond by burning your forests.

Israel: Coronavirus Outbreaks Among Vaccinated People – Vaccines Totally Useless!
Elvis Dunderhoff, Daily Stormer, Jun 22 2021

What is the point of a vaxx if you get the disease anyway, you ask? Well – we don’t know yet! But there must be some point! Per the JPost:

After a year of COVID-19, it is easy to hit the panic button when it comes to mini-outbreaks. But such brief surges are “completely expected,” and it is not yet time to raise a red flag, health experts told the JPost. The audience at a performance in Beit She’an last Thursday was asked to enter quarantine after discovering that an attendee was coronavirus-positive, raising concerns. In addition, there were outbreaks – some large – at several schools. “As long as we have travel inside and outside of Israel, then we will have outbreaks among people, vaccinated and unvaccinated, and primarily among students,” Prof Eyal Leshem, director of the Center for Travel Medicine and Tropical Diseases at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer, told the JPost.

It’s a never-ending cycle of viruses and vaccines! WOW.

The headline should be that “this is not surprising,” stressed Prof. Eran Segal, a computational biologist from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot. As such, these latest outbreaks “tell us that this is what the future is going to look like,” Leshem said. “People who are unvaccinated can get infected, and people who are fully vaccinated could get infected but will be protected from severe disease.” With more than 90% of Israelis over the age of 50 inoculated, “these outbreaks do not pose a risk to public health,” he said. Segal said: “So, I think we should follow the developments, but otherwise, we are business as usual.” However, it should be noted that among the people infected during the recent outbreaks, as many as one-third were vaccinated, according to Cyrille Cohen, head of the immunotherapy laboratory at Bar-Ilan University. As such, the country should consider taking some additional steps to protect Israel from a new coronavirus wave, he said.

So, if one-third of the outbreak are vaxxed people, that means the vaxxed are nearly as likely to get the supposed virus as the unvaxxed. Of course, no one has any idea what is going on with any of this, and many people do not even believe that there is a new virus at all. We know as a fact that they label any respiratory infection as “coronavirus” whenever they want to, and also do massive false positive tests – so it doesn’t mean anything. What means something is that they are now collapsing their own vaxx salvation narrative. They are instead claiming that the new Delta Force variant goes through the vaxx.

Israel is also going to start mass-testing once again.

Israel has thus far been the model of the world. So – get ready!

Vaccination Incentives Not Working, We May Need to Have Two Separate Americas!
Elvis Dunderhoff, Daily Stormer, Jun 22 2021

Vaccines are the red line for a lot of people. All the people that matter, in fact. Even if they don’t really understand what is going on, they see that they are being forced to do something against their will, and they’re refusing. Per London Groan:

With Covid vaccination penetration in the US likely to fall short of Joe Biden’s 70% by Fourth of July target, pandemic analysts are warning that vaccine incentives are losing traction and that “two Americas” may emerge as the aggressive Delta variant becomes the dominant US strain. Efforts to boost vaccination rates have come through a variety of incentives, from free hamburgers to free beer, college scholarships and even million-dollar lottery prizes. But of the efforts to entice people to get their shots some have lost their initial impact, or failed to land effectively at all. Irwin Redlener at the Pandemic Resource and Response Initiative at Columbia University told Politico: “It’s just not working. People aren’t buying it. The incentives don’t seem to be working, whether it’s a doughnut, a car or a million dollars.” In Ohio, a program offering five adults the chance to win $1m boosted vaccination rates 40% for over a week. A month later, the rate had dropped to below what it had been before the incentive was introduced, Politico found. Oregon followed Ohio’s cash-prize lead but saw a less dramatic uptick. Preliminary data from a similar lottery in North Carolina, launched last week, suggests the incentive is also not boosting vaccination rates there. Separately, pandemic researchers are warning that a picture of “two Americas” is emerging, the vaccinated and unvaccinated, that in many ways might reflect red state and blue state political divides.

Clearly, the Guardian is pushing for some kind of apartheid system, which we are already seeing emerging. People are already getting mass banned from places for refusing the vaxx. However, a total apartheid system is not really sustainable or feasible, especially given that the unvaxxed are largely already geographically isolated in red states. Red states remain almost totally unvaxxed, with the only vaxxed being idiotic brown people who want a donut for free and dumb sluts who are driven to do everything the media says.

We need to split the county. We need a New Nation of the Unvaxxable. There is no common ground here. They are saying you have to be vaxxed, and our people are saying “NOPE.” There is no place for a compromise. They are planning to enslave us to a vaxx system, or possibly genociding the unvaxxed. It is time for Ron DeSantis to stop playing around, and start pushing for red state secession.

UK: Flu May Kill Everyone After Mysterious Disappearance Because People No Longer Have Immunity
Elvis Dunderhoff, Daily Stormer, Jun 22 2021

It’s a virus again!

The flu is back, baby. And it’s going to kill everyone. Per the London Groan:

Flu could be a bigger problem than Covid-19 in the UK this winter, a senior government vaccine adviser has said, with low prevalence over the past months possibly leading to a drop in immunity among the population. Prof Anthony Harnden, the deputy chair of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, said research was being carried out on whether flu vaccines could be given alongside coronavirus vaccines this autumn. Harnden told BBC Radio 4 Today: “I will emphasise that actually flu could be potentially a bigger problem this winter than Covid. We’ve had a very, very low prevalence of flu for the last few years, particularly virtually nil during lockdown, and we do know that when flu has been circulating in very low numbers immunity drops in the population, and it comes back to bite us. So flu can be really, really important this winter.”

Harnden made his comments during a discussion of the need to plan for ongoing Covid vaccinations in order to ensure infrastructure is in place to provide booster doses before any potential new pandemic wave this winter. In a statement, Chris Hopson, the chief executive of NHS Providers, and Martin Marshall, the chair of the Royal College of GPs, described the Jul 19 target to provide first doses to all adults as a “staging post.” Hopson and Marshall write: “We will have to live with the Covid virus for a long time to come, building a long-term set of defences, as we’ve done with influenza. This will require a sustainable approach to Covid vaccination. One that enables the GPs and trusts we represent to carry on vaccinating whilst meeting the other pressures they face.”

We will also hear this in America. The groundwork is set. They are designing designer vaccines for the flu as well. Everything is now about viruses and vaccines – forever and ever. It is the endless vaxx-virus doom cycle, and it will fix everything, including the economy.

People will die from vaxxes and they will claim they died from a new virus. Then they’ll give them a vaxx for that virus, and when they die from that vaxx, they’ll make a new virus. In this environment, you must be nimble.

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