a funny coincidence, this happening while we gear up for war

Joe Biden Rolls Out Mexican MK Ultra Slut to Press You on the Vaxx (conclusion)
Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer, Jul 14 2021

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how many people are able to remain unvaxxed, because they have a plan to accuse the unvaxxed of creating “new variants” somehow. It doesn’t have to make sense. Listen to me: The vaxx is going to kill a lot of people, they are going to say those people died from a “variant,” then they’re going to blame the unvaxxed for somehow creating the variant. This is not prophecy. I just understand the script. It’s not hard to follow along. If you were doubting me last year, you need to catch up and get on my level. Here’s Johns Hopkins University, the nation’s leading medical authority, accusing the unvaxxed of being “variant factories.”

You can see it all laid out, if you simply pay attention to it. The idea that the alleged virus enters into the unvaxxed and then somehow mutates does not make any sense, on the face of it. So why would they come up with that special bit of nonsense, unless they were planning on using it? You see now that alongside trying to force everyone to get vaxxed, they are also saying that the vaccine doesn’t really even work. It’s all just gibberish. They are chanting “the vaccine is highly effective.”

At the same time, they’re saying that nearly half the “deaths from the Delta variant” are vaxxed people.

This Guardian article from three whole weeks ago says that HALF the people dying from the “virus” are vaxxed, and that this is what is supposed to happen.

If it kills you, that just means it’s working …? You do not have to be a prophet to read what is going on here. They are attempting to dehumanize the unvaxxed, while also setting them up to be scapegoated for vaxx deaths.


CONFIRMED: UK’s Return To ‘Freedom’ Will See Continued Use Of Masks, Government Tracking And Introduction of Vaccine Passports
PJ Watson, Summit News, Jul 13 2021

After weeks of denying that vaccine passports would be introduced into everyday domestic life in the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Monday that the government will ask nightclubs, pubs, and anywhere where people gather to adopt the measure ‘as a matter of social responsibility.’

The announcement was again completely vague, with little details on exactly what venues will be made to use the NHS COVID app system as “a means of entry,” or how it will be managed and enforced. The only details that were given by ministers are that it will be ‘encouraged’ anywhere where people are “likely to be in close proximity to others outside their household.” So everywhere then.

Government guidelines published Monday also state that if sufficient measures are not taken to limit infection, the Government will “consider mandating certification in certain venues at a later date.”

The announcement also comes on the heels of the government suggesting that while face masks and distancing measures will become optional, businesses and transport companies will be encouraged to make their own policies.

In addition, the NHS ‘Test, Trace & Isolate’ system will also remain in place, meaning that people will still be subject to spontaneous house arrest orders. The government documents state that “Test, Trace and Isolate has an important ongoing role in managing the virus and reduces the risk of potentially dangerous variants spreading.” The Government expects the Test, Trace and Isolate system will remain necessary through the autumn and winter,” it adds. The guidance also states that “Anyone who tests positive will still need to self-isolate regardless of their vaccination status. Further details will be published in due course and the changes are likely to come into effect later in the summer.” The Prime Minster also stated Monday that the Government will keep Covid data under review “probably, I’m afraid, into next year” adding that he “will not hesitate” to re-impose restrictions if needed. The series of ‘freedom’ announcements has left journalists, business owners, MPs, and the general population asking what exactly they are being freed from.

Macron Announces Those Without ‘COVID Vaccine Pass’ Will be Banned From Routine Life Activities
PJ Watson, Summit News, Jul 13 2021

Macron has announced that those who don’t have a ‘COVID pass’ will be banned from participating in basic life activities such as visiting shopping malls, restaurants and using public transport. In a public address to the nation, Macron made clear that only those who have taken the vaccine, can prove recent recovery from COVID or a negative test result will be allowed to enter the venues, in addition to hospitals, bars, cafés and tourist attractions. In an effort to force more people to take the vaccine, COVID PCR tests for the purposes of the health passport will have to be paid for, having previously been free. This will make it financially unsustainable for most people to continually have to take negative COVID tests to go about daily life activities, forcing them to take the vaccine.

Vaccination will also become mandatory for health workers and anyone who works with the elderly or the vulnerable, while Macron also stated, “Depending on the evolution of the situation, we will without doubt have to consider obligatory vaccines for everyone in France.” All these measures are being introduced despite the fact that current infection levels are relatively low and deaths have slowed to a trickle. Expect the measures being introduced in France to be gradually replicated throughout Europe as the unvaccinated become second class citizens unable to perform basic life functions. After Macron first announced measures to prevent the unvaccinated from using public transport late last year, the plan was derailed after fierce protests. One wonders whether unrest will flare up once again and if it could lead to a revival of the Yellow Vest movement.

Global Vaccine Passports Have Arrived Courtesy of Google, EU
PrivacyToGo, OffGuardian, Jul 14 2021 (from PrivacyToGo, Jul 8)

On Jun 30 2021, the Google Developers blog announced the launch of vaccine passports in Android through its Passes API. Less than 24 hours later, the EU, long mired in a sea of national standards for digital jab records, rolled out its EU-wide vaccine passport. Two completely different vaccine passport schemes unveiled on the same day, encompassing the whole of the Western world? What are the odds! Exceedingly low, of course. This level of coordination belies yet another blitz in the ongoing rollout of a global, technofeudal control grid. The EU has arguably been at the forefront of this rollout; its standardized digital jab certificate is little more than an aggregator for the draconian technology now operating at the Nation-State level.

Adoption of this unified standard is already approaching 100% of EU Member States. Doublethink rhetoric of restoring the Schengen Area’s “freedom of movement” abounds, even as additional barriers to travel are erected. In this sense, Google and the US are playing catch-up. While de facto vaccine passports have been implemented sparingly in places like New York, California and Hawaii, an ever-expanding number of States have banned the notion outright. Yet herein lies the insidiousness of the public-private partnership model: Technocrats can use governments where it suits them, corporations where it does not, and an increasingly bizarre fusion of the two where necessary. Even the propaganda rollout surrounding jab passports is bifurcated by this model, with the EU using official government bulletins while Google syndicates the news via trendy tech blogs. And though many States in the US have passed legislation or executive action to curb the implementation of vaccine passports, Google couldn’t care less.

Like the contact-tracing API before it, political resistance alone is proving ineffective against the technological implements of the Great Reset. Even the staunchest State level opponents to this agenda have done nothing to halt the hyperactive Bluetooth surveillance grid running on Android and iOS devices. On the contrary, many have used taxpayer money to help finance its data harvesting operations. Similar political action against digital vaccine passports will not halt Google’s rollout via the Passes API, either. In fact, Google’s selection of the Passes API to implement vaccine records is telling in its own right, given the information it already stores: Boarding passes for airlines. Travel tickets. Event tickets. While legislative action in States like Florida may allow you to attend a Miami Dolphins game with your biological privacy in tact, the same may not be said for travel. The battle over Federalization of airline travel was lost on Nov 19 2001, with the creation of the Transportation Security Administration, whose influence has been expanding ever since, the latest privacy affront being the REAL ID Act, which mandates highly insecure RFID technology for interstate air travel. Even more dangerous are biometric companies with government contracts, like CLEAR, whose terminals are already widely used at TSA PreCheck terminals and event centers. Google Passes and other digitized jab certificates are simply a competing product. One that is already in the pocket of 85% of Americans alone, with similar adoption levels in Europe.

Products marketed for “convenience” like TSA PreCheck biometrics will, over time, become mandatory. The REAL ID Act itself is a perfect example of this Fabian creep. Passed all the way back in 2005, its full implementation has been pushed back multiple times due to individual State holdouts, most recently until 2023. But these delays are immaterial. The framework’s existence is all that matters, as despite not being enforced, privacy-violating RFID technologies are now the norm for US driver’s licenses. Jab certificates like Google Passes will be no different. Once in place, they will be utilized, if not immediately, then in the future. Not only can the Passes API integrate with third-party pharmaceutical companies to track jab history, it is also capable of storing results from dubious PCR tests. This level of biodigital convergence sets an unsettling precedent, as Silicon Valley’s expectation is that your medical history will now be in your pocket at all times, integrated with their servers, and subject to whatever authority may ask for it. Passes is not an isolated product, either. It’s a development suite within the broader Google Pay SDK. There are technical reasons why Google may have chosen to use the Pay SDK as opposed to a health-focused API like Google Fit, QR-code generation, limited use passes, and encrypted keyrings are already present in the Passes API. However, despite Google Pay’s scant consumer use at present, the long-term intent is crystal clear: Access to financial services and medical records will be intertwined.

The post-2020 era has pushed humanity to the precipice of a longstanding dream of our would-be comptrollers. Whether it is Newt Gingrich’s Age of Transitions or the late Zbignew Brzezinski’s Between Two Ages, the kind of biodigital convergence represented by digitized medical passports has been at the forefront of the Technocratic agenda for decades. As Silicon Valley attempts to bridge the “last mile” of mandated biometric surveillance, resistance to these aims on an individual level remain multivariate: ditch your smartphone, or at least utilize a privacy-respecting alternative that is incompatible with Google or iOS services. Starve the business of travel and entertainment industries that would see us become serfs in exchange for bread and circuses. If you’re in the EU, use paper records instead of digital equivalents, or better yet, refuse to comply at all. Educate well-meaning policy-makers to the threats represented by the pseudo-private sector and impress upon them that the dangers of State surveillance are rapidly being outpaced by Terms and Conditions mandated by smartphone companies. Neofeudal Technocracy is desperately trying to extract humanity’s consent to these draconian efforts before the next phase of the so-called Great Reset. Don’t let them.

GP staff receive abuse every day over Covid vaccine reminders
Denis Campbell, Groan, Jul 14 2021

GPs and their staff are receiving abuse and threats every day from patients whom they contact to remind them to have a Covid vaccine, family doctors’ leaders in London have revealed. Dr Michelle Drage, the chief executive of Londonwide Local Medical Committees, said:

Abuse of our healthcare staff is now a daily occurrence and growing in frequency. London practice staff are already receiving profanity-filled letters and text messages in response to vaccination reminders, and those making calls are getting abuse and threatened with being reported to regulators, and even with violence, all just for doing as instructed by the NHS. The people concerned have reacted angrily after being invited by letter, text message or phone call to book an appointment to have a vaccine. Most are unvaccinated and many are younger adults who have recently become eligible. While many of those abusing GPs, nurses and administrative staff appear to be committed anti-vaxxers, even those who are merely hesitant about vaccinations have been known to become abusive after repeated contacts.

In one recent incident, surgery staff called police after a man who was not wearing a mask went past the unstaffed reception desk and into the back office and confronted staff. One of two GPs who defused the incident said:

He was shouting and pushing his phone and a letter we had sent into the face of a receptionist and repeatedly demanding she read it aloud. He was upset that we had sent him another invite for vaccination after he had specifically asked us not to. I came out to reception on hearing the commotion, along with another clinical colleague. The man was aggressive enough that we called 999, shouting, swearing, getting very close and ‘squaring up’ to us, despite my attempts to acknowledge our error and apologise, and offer to discuss.

When a south London GP practice recently texted patients who are under 30 to remind them to get a first dose, responses included: “leave me ALONE!!”, “Fuck off”, “U really trying to kill me” and “Why would I come for an untested, experimental, killer vaccination …?” Another practice told Londonwide LMCs, which represents GPs in 27 of the city’s 32 boroughs, that a third of the responses it received to a similar invitation were abusive. At another surgery, staff received a letter, addressed to each member personally, claiming they had committed “war crimes” because they were taking part in the vaccination programme. Prof Martin Marshall, the chair of the Royal College of GPs, criticised those behind the abuse, saying:

Not only is it totally unacceptable for anyone working on the vaccine programme to face abuse simply for trying their best to help people, but the underlying anti-vaccination rhetoric is misleading and dangerous given the vaccine is our best protection against Covid-19 and best route to a more normal way of life. Vaccines only work if people have them and patients should be assured that the Covid vaccines we are using in the UK are both safe and effective, with significant clinical evidence to back this up.

Police had to be called last Saturday when a vaccination bus, inoculating people in Hove, Sussex, had to close after it was targeted by anti-vaxxers, including Piers Corbyn, who had staged an anti-lockdown protest in Brighton. an NHS source said:

They shouted abuse and comments about the vaccine and threw some objects at the bus. Police were called, came and moved them on.

Brighton and Hove NHS clinical commissioning group decided not to operate the service as planned the next day “to ensure everyone is able to receive their vaccine safely and without pressure being put upon them.” One volunteer on the bus told the Brighton Argus:

They were only successful in abusing and trying to intimidate the NHS staff and volunteers on the bus. We had finished vaccinating just under 200 people. The police ultimately had to escort us off the bus.

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    The Mark of the Beast. Looks like the Revelation was a blueprint.

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