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This Hoax is Just Getting Started: Totally Vaxxed Iceland Now Discussing 15-Year Coronavirus Restrictions Plan
Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer, Jul 28 2021

Hopefully, the entire population of Iceland dies quickly,
and then we, the unvaxxable, can go there and frolic.

In Apr 2020, after “two weeks to flatten the curve” was extended into an indefinite period of lockdown, I told you that it would not ever end. To this day, many readers still don’t seem to understand what “never end” means. It means that as long as this system exists, you will be subjected to this virus hoax. There is no way out of that, and there hasn’t been any way out of that since people agreed to stay in their houses indefinitely. As we here at Hoax Watch try to reach a level of understanding of this situation among the readership, I think it is now fair to start with “every Western country is working from the same playbook.” Anyone who denies that at this point is too far gone to be worth trying to convince of anything at this point. So, accepting that every country is working from the same playbook, let us look then to Iceland.

According to all available data, the vaccine does not work to stop positive PCR tests and it does not work to stop supposed hospitalizations and deaths from the alleged coronavirus. Iceland, having such a massive rate of vaccination which borders on total, is proof of this. Therefore, the response of Iceland is relevant, as it will be the response of every other Western country. Iceland was simply the first to get to the point where almost everyone was vaxxed, so they are the first to enter the next phase. The next phase, we are seeing, is 15 years of coronavirus restrictions. This, of course, is what I told you would happen.

When I say “I told you this would happen,” I am not trying to say “oh hey, wow, look at me, I predicted this.” The point I am making is very simple: I knew what would happen because I understood that there was a plan, and I knew what the plan was. How else could I have possibly predicted everything that happened in the way that I did? Do you think it was just a lucky guess? Because that is the only other possible option I can think of, and I do not think that guessing every single stage of this process in such specific detail would be statistically possible. The vaccine was never designed to work. It was designed to get you to agree to submit your body to this global agenda, and it was designed to serve as a platform for launching the next phase of control, which is this QR code “vaccine passport” system which we are now seeing implemented across Europe. (There may also be some kind of larger genetic engineering agenda, but we don’t really understand that as of yet.) Let me just go ahead and make some magical guesses:

  • The entire Western world is going to implement the vaccine passport agenda
  • The vaccine passport will turn into a larger medical database, which keeps track of everyone’s vaccination status
  • A continual series of “new variant” hoaxes will be rolled out, and everyone will be expected to get continual “boosters” to protect from the “new variants”
  • The “new variants” will be blamed on the unvaxxed
  • Unvaxxed will be progressively restricted from not only working, but from buying and selling, and from engaging in society on any level
  • They will introduce an implantable microchip to replace the QR code scanning tracking app
  • A digital credit UBI system will be linked to your app/implant, as most work will be gone
  • Progressively, the virus agenda will be welded onto the global warming agenda, and you will be told that you can’t have your freedoms because you are changing the weather by living your life
  • There will be a “carbon credit” system integrated into your app or microchip implant, which will be something like a social credit score, where you will be rewarded or punished based on how the government and tech corporations determine that your behavior is affecting the weather

Those are all things that I can tell you as easily as I can tell you the sky is blue. There are still many things that we don’t know, of course. For example:

  • What will ultimately be done with the people who refuse to be vaccinated. They could round them up and put them in camps, they could round them up and force vaccinate them, they could simply allow them to exist as a kind of “untouchable” class that serves as an example to those who follow orders as to why they need to continue following orders.
  • What the vaccines will do to people in the long term. This is something that not even the overlords themselves know. “Experimental vaccine” means that they do not know what the effects will be, because it is an experiment. It looks like more people are dying than they expected to die in this first wave of deaths coming shortly after the vaxx. It will obviously shorten people’s lives beyond the initial die-offs we’re seeing now, but we do not know if it will be next year or in a couple decades that people really start dying on a mass scale.
  • What the next rounds of vaccines will do. As mentioned above, there is a possibility (probability?) that this vaccine agenda is a part of a massive program to genetically engineer the entire human population. Clearly, there is some reason that the population is being experimented on with this gene therapy, but we do not totally understand what that purpose is. Presumably, the vaxx will make people sterile.
  • How long this system will last. This system is completely out of control, and it is obviously totally unsustainable. There is zero chance that it will last until the end of the century, and it could collapse next year if the US decides to engage a shooting war with China. I tend to think it can’t hardly go on much longer as it is, because there is such an active push to completely destroy the white middle class that held the country together, and replace them with incompetent brown people, while at the same time, China is rising rapidly and refusing to be bullied. But if the Western nations were able to win a war with the Chinese (and the Russians), that would mean that it could go on for longer because there would be no external pressure. But having attacked the people who built it and held it together, and pushing so aggressively to remove them from the positions they hold where they keep things running, it has already peaked, and we are going to witness a downward spiral.

Here’s another thing we know as a matter of absolute fact: none of this can be fixed. The entire system is doomed. It has been abandoned by God, and nothing can save it now. Therefore, the only thing that anyone can do is attempt to avoid being destroyed by it. The basic practical thing that I have recommended is to move out of the cities. Anyone who has not already done that is truly in a state of denial and total self-delusion, and they are likely to suffer very extreme consequences for that decision. When I started this website in 2013, we would talk about the coming doom, but we would say: “people will have a warning.” Well, you’ve already been given the warning. No one will ever present any argument as to how this situation is not going to rapidly spiral into something darker than any nightmare in the very near future. We all know in our bones that the storm is coming, even if our brains are capable of coming up with some ridiculous explanation as to how it’s all going to be okay. I promise you: it is not going to be okay. It’s time to be an adult and make adult decisions about what you are going to do to protect yourself from what is coming.

Mitch McConnell Says Democrats are the Real Anti-Vaxxers
Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer, Jul 28 2021

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell is out there this week saying that the Democrats are the real anti-vaxxers.

Meanwhile, House Republican Leader Steve Scalise was found on Falun Gong social media platform GETTR saying this same thing.

I recently wrote a long and I think very good piece on the “I know you are, but what am I?” strategy of the Republicans in dealing with any single issue. Republicans do not stand for anything, at all, and their go-to move is simply to listen to whatever the Democrats accuse them of, and then accuse the Democrats of that thing. There is zero desire by the Republicans to set their own agenda, and they will always simply take the agenda of the Democrats and say that they are the ones who are actually pushing that agenda. It’s funny and it’s amazing. But it is also sad and ridiculous.

Biden Says Vaccine Mandate for All Federal Workers is Under Consideration, Blames Unvaxxed
Elvis Dunderhoff, Daily Stormer, Jul 28 2021

“If you’re not vaccinated, you’re not really as smart as I thought you were.”

It’s time to really up the ante and really start forcing vaccination on the goyim. It’s the only way we’re going to beat this deadly coronavirus. As soon as most people are vaccinated, we can return to normal, just like in Iceland. Per CNN:

President Joe Biden will announce on Thursday a requirement that all federal employees and contractors be vaccinated against Covid-19, or be required to submit to regular testing and mitigation requirements, according to a source with direct knowledge of the matter. The announcement will come in remarks where Biden is also expected to lay out a series of new steps, including incentives, in an attempt to spur new vaccinations as the Delta variant spreads rapidly throughout the country. It will also follow the decision by the Dept of Veterans Affairs to require its frontline health care workers to be vaccinated over the course of the next two months. Biden alluded to the looming announcement on Tuesday. “That’s under consideration right now,” Biden said, when asked if he would impose a vaccination mandate on federal workers. While the specifics are still being finalized, the source said, federal workers would be required to attest to their vaccination status or submit to regular testing. The source said the proposal will be roughly similar to what is being implemented in New York City. Additional requirements for the unvaccinated could be added as agencies push to vaccinate their employees. Biden will not impose the requirement on the US military, despite his authority to do so, for the time being. He is, however, likely to outline how the Department of Defense may seek to approach the issue going forward, the source said.

Remember when it was just “the private sector”?

In the following video, Biden makes a convincing argument why someone should take the vaxx.

But I have to wonder: will this federal mandate apply to the workers at the NIH, where 40-50% of Lord Fauci’s own employees are refusing the vaxx they are tasked with forcing on the rest of the world?

That wouldn’t be fair, if they had to get it. They’ve done the job of forcing so many people to get it, and it more than makes up for them deciding that they don’t personally want it. And after all, that is their choice.

Ireland and Italy Join France in Vaccine Passport Scheme
Elvis Dunderhoff, Daily Stormer, Jul 28 2021

Vaccine passport check before customers enter a restaurant in Corsica.

So the um. The uh. All of these countries uh. They all decided at the same time that uh. That the um. They all have independent health authorities that all came to the same conclusion: you have to completely lock people in a permanent technological prison grid in order to stop the uh. The um. The deadly coronavirus. It is so obvious that vaccine passports are logical that everyone reached the exact same conclusion, at the same time. This is the uh. It’s democracy at work, folks. Per The Guardian:

An increasing number of European governments are planning to prevent unvaccinated people from being able to attend hospitality venues such as bars and restaurants this summer, as Emmanuel Macron celebrates the fruits of the recent announcement of the policy in France. A range of policies are being tried out across Europe as governments seek to push reluctant people into receiving jabs. In Sweden, a study being carried out by the University of Lund will examine whether the offer of a redeemable voucher worth £17 can convince people to take the plunge. In the Netherlands, batches of Hollandse nieuwe, or new-season Dutch herring, are being distributed to vaccination centres as an incentive.

See, it’s not all the same plan, as if from a central world government authority that is dictating policy to all nations. t’s not like that at all. Swedes are giving people a coupon, and Norwegians are giving people a fish.

Staff from vaccination center posing with herring in The Hague.

Every independent nation is just figuring this stuff out on the fly. They’re coming to the same conclusion of a permanent global technological prison grid because it’s so obvious and logical as a way to stop the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

But by the far the most impressive results following a government intervention on vaccine uptake are being enjoyed in France, where record numbers have been administered in the two weeks since Macron announced his intention to legislate to limit access to hospitality to benefit those who are fully vaccinated, in possession of a negative PCR test or able to prove that they have recovered from infection. An estimated 161k people had protested over the weekend as parliamentarians in Paris sought to find a compromise agreement on the so-called health pass. But it was passed at 12.45am on Monday after 60 hours of debate and a last-minute deal between the national assembly and the senate.

They had a debate. They’re just solving problems on the fly, because that’s how democracy goes. It might look like central planning from a central global authority, such as the one that exists at the World Economic Forum, but that is entirely coincidental.

The new pass will be required to attend restaurants, bars, museums, cinemas and large public gatherings from August, but not shopping malls, after the government was pressured into dropping that aspect of the legislation. Local prefects will instead have the powers to impose the rule on large shopping centres if they feel it is necessary.

On Monday, Ireland allowed hospitality venues to reopen their indoor facilities to those customers holding the EU’s digital certificate that proves their vaccine status or a record from the country’s Health Service Executive.

People protesting vaccine passports in Dublin.

From Aug 6, a similar “green pass” will be required in Italy to access hospitality businesses, public swimming pools, gyms and sports halls, sports events, concerts, fairs and cultural venues such as museums, cinemas, and theatres.

There is no national policy in Spain but the region of Galicia is mandating a vaccination certificate or a negative Covid-19 test for indoor access to hotels and restaurants. In Belgium access to outdoor events with more than 1,500 people will be limited from Aug 13 to those carrying a vaccine certificate. Boris Johnson has said he intends to limit access to nightclubs in England from September to those who can prove that they are fully vaccinated. In Germany, politicians are in the thick of a debate over how and whether pressure to get jabbed should be increased on people who have yet to be vaccinated.

People queuing to get BEAST MARKED in Germany.

At the weekend Helge Braun, the chief of staff of the chancellor, Angela Merkel, suggested those not vaccinated should not be directly penalised but that people who were should have distinct advantages. He told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper unvaccinated people should be obliged to reduce their contacts, and that for them “visits to restaurants, cinemas and stadiums” should be restricted because of the high risk. Meanwhile, Markus Söder, the leader of Bavaria, suggested increasing pressure on unvaccinated people by obliging them to pay for tests to prove their Covid status, which are currently free.

You see, the thing is, this is like the competition between horses and cars. Everyone in every country decided to go with cars. Just so, every country is logically deducing that the solution to the coronavirus is a permanent techno prison grid. It’s just simple common sense, that’s all.

NHS coronavirus tracing app.

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