three stories from pj watson

NHS Nurses Demand to COVID Test Newborn Baby, Claim It’s Not Mother’s Property Once Outside of Womb
PJ Watson, Summit News, Jul 30 2021

A video out of the UK shows NHS nurses demanding to COVID test a newborn baby, claiming it’s not the mother’s property once outside the womb and then threatening to report her to social services for refusing. The shocking video, which was posted to Twitter, shows a heavily pregnant mother in a hospital bed being lectured by nurses about how it’s mandatory for the baby to be given a COVID test immediately after birth. “It is my property,” states the mother, to which one of the nurses responds, “so you will … while the baby’s in your abdomen.” “So you’re saying once the baby comes out it’s not my property no more, yes it is, I gave birth to it, it’s got my blood running through it,” the mother asserts. The nurse then continued to insist she “explain” why the baby needs a COVID test, which only serves to stress out the pregnant woman. “Do you really think I need this bullshit about COVID when I’ve got a risk of losing my baby?” the woman asks. The father of the baby then suggests the pair leave the hospital, stating, “They’re not COVID testing my baby – end of.” “You can’t tell me that you get to give me the say of what happens once my baby’s born – I don’t think so, you can’t do nothing to my baby without my permission,” says the mother. The nurse then responds by saying the mother’s refusal to have her baby COVID tested will be documented and passed on to social services (the Safeguarding team), essentially meaning that the mother will be investigated for neglect and possibly face authorities trying to remove the baby from her care. “You’re so good aren’t you, you people?” the mother sardonically states at the end of the clip, perhaps in reference to how nurses in the UK have been deified as a result of the pandemic, with people at one point being asked to participate in weekly applause sessions to show gratitude to the NHS.

Australians Who Post Anti-Lockdown Content Online Could Face $11k Fines
PJ Watson, Summit News, Jul 30 2021

Australians who merely post anti-lockdown information online could face fines of up to $11,000 under a draconian new piece of legislation. Under the proposal, which is being pushed by the opposition in in New South Wales, protest organizers would be fined a whopping $20,000 and people who attend would be fined $5,500. However, the law would punish “people sharing information on social media about illegal rallies and inciting others to illegally attend” even more harshly, hitting them with $11,000 fines. The onerous fines are intended to neutralize a protest movement that has grown in recent weeks over New South Wales imposing yet another brutal lockdown on its citizens, which is now being enforced by military occupation of Sydney. Shadow Police Minister Walt Secord said the massive fines were needed to “throw the book at these idiots who spread misinformation and lies along with the Delta variant.” Police Commissioner Mick Fuller warned of “online chatter” about a possible second protest this Saturday, using rhetoric that is usually reserved for terrorists planning a deadly attack. Fines for not wearing masks, which are now compulsory even outdoors, are also set to rise to $500. Minister for Police and Emergency Services David Elliott even bragged about how many calls, a total of over 15,000, had been received from people reporting on others for attending “illegal” protests. “The 15,000 calls to Crime Stoppers is a clear message to the government that the community expects action,” said Elliott. As we previously highlighted, Australians have been placed under one of the most authoritarian lockdowns out of any major developed country. A pregnant woman was arrested in her own home for planning an anti-lockdown protest on Facebook, while the state also gave itself the power to seize children from their parents and enter homes without a warrant under COVID-19 rules. The chief health officer of New South Wales even went so far as to tell Australians that they shouldn’t “engage in conversation with each other,” even if they’re wearing masks, in order to reduce the transmission of COVID. Australian MP Frank Pangallo also recently asserted that unvaccinated people “will need to be controlled and restricted” by authorities.

Branch of Costa Coffee Demands Proof of Vaccination, Photo ID to Enter Shop
PJ Watson, Summit News, Jul 30 2021

A branch of Costa Coffee in Ireland is demanding customers show proof of vaccination and a photo ID if they wish to enter the shop. Yes, really. A notice posted in the window of one of the company’s branches in the town of Killarney tells customers, “proof of immunity,” consisting of either an EU digital COVID certificate, a HSE vaccination card or “proof they have recovered from COVID-19.” In addition, management at the shop are demanding people present photo ID such as a passport or a driver’s license. “Please prepare these documents in advance and present at counter,” states the notice, adding that, “unvaccinated customers may sit OUTSIDE and may use takeaway cups only.” The arbitrary policy is yet another indication that a two tier society is being created thanks to the vaccine that openly discriminates against those who haven’t taken the jab. The demands are being made upon customers despite there appearing to be no official Costa Coffee policy on the issue. There is also no law currently on the books in Ireland that mandates any form of COVID passes to enter coffee shops. Respondents on Twitter expressed their fury at the shop’s policy. “Bye, Costa. Regardless of how they try to divide us, no decent human being can surely be ok with this segregation on principle,” stated one. “Never ever again,” added another. “Not even in desperation will I ever go in a Costa or buy anything with the name Costa on it. And trust me I can do this til the day I die.” Costa Coffee has yet to make any statement on the controversy.

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