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New credit card tracks your carbon emissions
Simone M, Disclose.tv, Sep 21 2021

Doconomy is a “credit card” endorsed by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum.

But there is more! It tracks the “environmental impact” of everything you buy (including food) and cuts you off when you “used up all your carbon credits.”

That’s right, it’s the first credit card ever to stop you from overspending based on the level of CO2 emissions generated by your consumption. It’s presented as an “educational effort,” according to one of the founders. Now Mastercard will “team up” with Doconomy, as announced in a Tweet recently.

If you like to eat meat, better don’t ever consider this credit card at all:

Welcome to the “Great Reset” in the world of credit cards:

Doconomy also emphasizes gender and racial equality, with 50% of their board being female, and a woman of color serving as their CEO.

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