colonel cassad on ‘volodymir’ zelensky

Zelensky’s “Conditions”
Boris Rozhin, Analytical Service of Donbass, Oct 8 2021, also Colonel Cassad, Oct 8 2021

As part of the seasonal autumn chatter on the topic of “peaceful settlement,” Zelensky put forward conditions for negotiations with Russia. Russia must “release Ukrainian citizens held hostage” and “solve the issue of occupation of part of the territory of Ukraine.” It is worth noting at once that the issues of exchange and release of certain persons are regulated by a well-known paragraph of the Minsk Agreements, which involves the exchange of all for all. This was agreed back in 2015, and Ukraine has not yet officially withdrawn from these agreements. But, as we can see, instead of fulfilling the paragraph of the Minsk agreements, Zelensky is again engaged in banal chatter “on the topic.” The same applies to the issue of “occupation of Ukrainian territories.” As Moscow has already indicated several times, it is not going to discuss Crimea with anyone, neither with the US, nor with the EU, nor with Ukraine, which itself does not solve anything at all.

This position in Kiev is well known, so such statements on “conditions for negotiations” once again demonstrate that there will be no negotiations. Zelensky’s entourage simply solves the systematic task of explaining to citizens why Zelensky did not fulfill his promises to end the war in Donbass. And to do this, in the style of Poroshenko, it is necessary to accuse Russia of continuing the war and pretend that it is Russia who does not want to negotiate an end to the war. At the same time, the ongoing war in Donbass, as under Poroshenko, is used to explain all temporary failures in domestic politics. Minsk agreements, of course, Kiev is also not going to implement, which has already been officially announced several times. Accordingly, there is nothing to talk about. That’s why there’s no talk. The Kremlin has previously demonstrated that it perceives Zelensky as a copy of Poroshenko, and illusions about Zelensky disappeared much faster than in the case of Poroshenko. And with such an assessment, it is more than likely that Zelensky and Putin may not meet again, as there is nothing to discuss with Zelensky.

Of course, they will meet with Biden and Zelensky’s American owners, because, unlike Zelensky, they decide something in Ukraine. Zelensky himself will usually be sent to communicate with Pushilin and Pasechnik to discuss “the procedure for the implementation of the Minsk agreements.” The Americans at this stage do not demonstrate their readiness to negotiate on the Ukrainian issue, so there is nothing to talk to Zelensky from this point of view, as he will not go against Washington’s course. On the contrary, in the coming weeks and months he will try to regain Washington’s favor and neutralize the consequences of a black mark with offshores, which has clearly shown that, despite formal words about Ukraine’s support, the US does not consider Zelensky as an indispensable figure, easily draining Zelensky and Kolomoisky’s dirty laundry through structures funded by the “Soros Foundation” (Фондом Сороса).

Coupled with recent attempts to ask for a meeting with Biden, all this shows that Zelensky has never been forgiven for his communication with Trump’s team, so he is being compromised, which is primarily beneficial to Poroshenko, who tries his best to prove through lobbyists in Washington that he can still serve the US Democratic Party. Hence Zelensky’s attempts to accumulate in his hands all the power, despite the laws and even the Constitution, which under Zelensky has ceased to be even a formal piece of paper, given the frequency with which it is ignored. By concentrating control over the prosecutor’s office, the SBU, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, etc., Zelensky and Co. are trying to anticipate the situation when internal power tools in Ukraine will be used to support Zelensky’s overthrow across the street or the split of the ruling party.

When one of the opponents of Kolomoisky and Zelensky receives sanctions from Washington to change personalities in the puppet administration, the question of another “mini-maidan” will only become a matter of time. That’s why we see feverish attempts to control everything against which the concentration of power under late Yanukovych looks like a complete neoliberal democracy on the verge of anarchy. And, of course, in such realities, the external threat and speculation on the “war with Russia” are necessary for Zelensky to explain his usefulness to the West, because in the current realities, talk about the real world will simply lead to accelerated implementation of the scenario to replace Zelensky with a more convenient figure for Biden administration, whether it is the same Poroshenko or a “new young promising politician,” which will be given to one of the oligarchs in a row.

Fewer and fewer people believe that Zelensky realizes something from his promises every month. Resigned speaker Razumkov directly accused Zelensky of obvious deception of voters and distanced himself from him. The ship is not drowning yet, but has already given an offshore leak, and the first rats have already run towards more stable political surfaces in the long term, not related to the Servant of the People and Zelensky. It is not difficult to assume that further any Zelensky’s chatter about negotiations with Russia or achieving peace in Donbass will remain exactly what kind of chatter that should not be taken too seriously. The clown works out the number in conditions of political conditioning and extremely narrow framework for political maneuver, when a dissatisfied puppeteer periodically shakes Zelensky’s doll with offshore vibrations.

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