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Yahoo! News Informs the Stupid Peasants Why the US Needs to Go to War to Protect Taiwan
Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer, Oct 14 2021

Yahoo! News had this headline at the top on Thursday morning:

When you click the article, you get this different headline:

The actual appropriate headline for this article would be “A Baby’s First Guide to Why the US Must Initiate a World War in Order to Prevent Chinese Reunification.” The article gives a quick, slanted and false outline of the situation which does not attempt to either explain the Chinese position on Taiwan, or explain why Taiwan is important to “American interests.” It then gives a series of quotes from supposed experts on what Joe Biden should do.

A firm commitment to defend Taiwan is the best way to prevent an invasion

“The US needs to remove the ambiguity about whether it would come to Taiwan’s defense. Uncertainty about US intentions raises the risk of war. … President Biden should declare that, though we will not support a Taiwanese declaration of independence from China, we will defend the island if it is attacked.” — Max Boot, Washington Post

The US must accept it has nothing to gain from defending Taiwan

“Bluntly put, America should refuse to be drawn into a no-win war with Beijing. It needs to be said up front: there would be no palatable choice for Washington if China finally makes good on its decades-long threat to take Taiwan by force.” — Daniel L Davis, defense priorities senior fellow, Guardian

The US should maintain its non-committal position as long as it can

“As a superpower, the US should preserve flexibility in its global security relationships. It also is not even obvious that Taiwan’s body politic would welcome an explicit security guarantee from the US.” — Therese Shaheen, National Review

Taiwan is too important to US interests to let it be taken by the Chinese

“Abandoning Taiwan in the face of a Chinese military assault would be a monumental disaster. … The US cannot afford to see a country that occupies vital strategic space in the Western Pacific subdued by Beijing.” — Hal Brands, Bloomberg

War with China would pose an existential threat to the US

“Stumbling into a shooting war over Taiwan is akin to opening a Pandora’s box, and it would make the last 20 years of conflict in the Middle East look like an uneventful peacekeeping mission. A fight between Washington and Beijing could also escalate to the nuclear level, particularly if the CCP determines that the use of such weapons is the only thing standing in the way of a humiliating defeat.” — Daniel R DePetris, NBC News

America has a duty to protect the free world from authoritarianism

“The US and its allies have built and defended a rules-based system over the past 75 years that has produced unprecedented peace, prosperity, and freedom globally. I don’t want to trade that in for a world in which Americans stand by as revisionist autocracies like China gobble up neighbors by military force.” — Matthew Kroenig, Foreign Policy

The US also has diplomatic tools to deter China from invading

“To further demonstrate US resolve, Biden should tell Beijing that any more threats of force against Taiwan’s participation in the democracy summit will trigger immediate diplomatic recognition of Taiwan and an official statement of Washington’s new ‘One China, One Taiwan’ policy. Beijing must understand that war would mean instant Taiwan independence.” — Joseph Bosco, The Hill

The best way to defend Taiwan is through investment, not military threats

“Hyping the threat that China poses to Taiwan does Beijing’s work for it. Taiwan’s people need reasons for confidence in their own future, not just reminders of their vulnerabilities. If American policy makers want to help Taiwan, they will need to go beyond focusing on the military threat. They need to modernize the US-Taiwan economic relationship, help Taiwan diversify its trade ties and provide platforms for Taiwan to earn dignity and respect on the world stage.” — Richard Bush, Bonnie Glaser and Ryan Hass, NPR

Some of those are funnier than others. The idea that a country that is force-vaccinating its population is less authoritarian than a country that is not doing that is actually so ridiculous that it borders on the deranged or outright insane. But this is actually more anti-war material than you usually see anywhere on a mainstream website, so I guess good job with that, Yahoo! But while they do include people saying “we really should probably think about whether or not we want to start a nuclear war,” what is lacking is a sober perspective. Why is Taiwan even an issue? Why are we even talking about this at all?

Not one single person in this entire media landscape will either outline, in real terms, how occupying Taiwan is in “the interests of America,” or point out that no one will give that outline. You end up in a situation where no one even has any idea what we’re actually talking about. How is it possible that we’ve reached the point where we’re considering a nuclear war over vague “strategic interests” that no one is able to explain in concrete terms? Furthermore, and I hate to be the one to have to point this out, but things are tough all over. America and the rest of the West have a lot, lot, lot of problems. We have very real economic, political and social problems that no one is offering any solutions to. So the idea that we’re talking about going to war to protect some fake country on the other side of the globe is simply inexplicable. If I was allowed to offer a 200-word sound bite for that Yahoo! News article, it would be this:

Taiwan is a part of China, and the reasons the US occupied it originally are no longer relevant. Instead of continuing to support the fantasy of a democratic China under the guise of the myth of Taiwanese nationhood, the United States should open talks about reunification. China will be open to giving wide-ranging concessions in exchange for the opportunity at peaceful reunification, and this will allow the West to clear up various unrelated conflicts with China, including on matters of international trade. — Andrew Anglin, Hoax Watch

I am happy that some in the media are finally saying that what we are talking about here is a nuclear war. That’s a long way from where we were a couple years ago, when the State Dept first started its saber-rattling under Donald Trump. The humiliation in Afghanistan seems to have sobered a few people up. But the fact that this discussion still remains so very far outside of the real, in the realm of the viciously and confusingly abstract, speaks to the moronic nature of the American mind. These people are literally asking you to believe that every single person in the entire Western world supports the idea of an “independent and democratic Taiwan” being “strategically important to the US and its allies” even while not one person among this unified chorus is capable of explaining what either of those concepts means.

The basic fact, which anyone who knows the history knows but which no one in the American media is willing to say (and it wouldn’t be printed if they were willing), is that Taiwan was set up as an alternative government to the CCP government of China. The American goal was to foster a “democracy” government in Taiwan, which would eventually rule all of China. To this day, the government of Taiwan officially claims that it is the legitimate government of the entirety of China. This is not a secret, and yet somehow, it remains totally unsaid, and instead we are told that “Taiwan” is some kind of independent country that “China” is trying to invade and conquer. The fact that Taiwan is not a country, but a piece of China occupied by the US, does not necessarily mean that we should just give it back to China. But any serious discussion about whether we should or should not give it back to China should start from the point of accurately defining what Taiwan is. Obviously, if it is accurately defined, that would lead a lot of people to grasp the Chinese perspective on the issue, and make China look much less villainous, which is why there is some kind of soft ban on properly defining Taiwan in the media.

I think it would be morally good to simply give Taiwan back to China. But geopolitics are not based around moral goodness, so it makes sense that because America currently maintains control of Taiwan, America would instead negotiate concessions from China as part of the reunification process. But because we live in this fantasy world, we can’t have that discussion, and instead it’s simply “should we go to war to protect Taiwanese independence?” That’s a stupid and nonsensical question. America is not a serious country, and its fixation with censorship has ensured that there can never be any form of seriousness injected into any discussion. Instead of talking about actual reality, the media and the political class argue about fantasies with only abstract connection to physical realities. This is what a “dying empire” looks like.

Victor Davis Hanson Doesn’t Know Anything!
Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer, Oct 14 2021

Tucker Carlson on Wednesday had a monologue so beautiful it brought a tear to my eye. It was 11 minutes of absolute perfection. He started out with Russian disinformation, then focused in on the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme, and expanded it to the real world effects of vaccine mandates. I couldn’t have written it better myself. Although, to be fair, I could have written it exactly like it was. It just wouldn’t have been better. Well, it might have been a little bit better, but not significantly better to the point where audiences could detect that it was better. The point is: bravo to the writing staff, because you have reached the apotheosis of the Tucker monologue. (Unfortunately I can’t find the bit about Victor Louis Hanson on YouTube – RB)

Unvaccinated Australians in Northern Territory to be Fined $5k Unless They Get Deadly Coronavirus Vax
Elvis Dunderhoff, Daily Stormer, Oct 14 2021

It’s getting as bad as you thought it was going to get. Nothing is letting up, nothing is giving. Per

Essential workers in the Northern Territory will be subject to one of the strictest Covid-19 vaccination mandates in the world to begin in just a month. Chief Minister Michael Gunner said employees who interacted with the public needed to get least one Covid-19 jab by Nov 13 or they wouldn’t be allowed back to work and faced a $5k fine. The direction also includes a provision that mandates booster shots for those workers in the future. Employers will be allowed to request proof of vaccination of staff and will be required to keep a register of the vaccination status of all employees. Some exemptions will be available to those who have legitimate reasons not to be vaccinated. It must be supported by medical evidence.

The science has already decided that there is no such thing as a legitimate reason not to be vaccinated, because the coronavirus vaccine is a perfect medicine that cannot have any negative effects on anyone, ever, at all. And no, the fact that entire countries are banning certain vaccines because of how deadly they are does not do anything to change the official position of the science that there can never be a negative effect of the vax. The science does not care about facts or data. Mr Gunner said:

If your job includes interacting with members of the public, then you need to get the jab. If you work in hospitality you need to get the jab. If you work in retail or in a supermarket, you need to get the jab. You have 30 days. That is the deadline to keep working in these jobs.

I looked around and it’s still not clear to me who has to pay the $5k. As far as I can tell, you get fired AND have to pay $5k. You can’t just pay a one time fine of $5k and then just keep working. But the way it is presented, it is clearly intended to be vague. It’s just meant to mean: “bad things will happen to you if you don’t do what we tell you to do.” Please note once again: you are signing up for a lifetime subscription to these boosters. That is now being included across the world. We first saw it in Israel, where people who don’t get the latest booster lose their “green” status on their vaccine passport. Everyone is eventually going to be entered into this big database, which will keep track of your vax status, and ensure that you’ve had your latest booster. Anyone who does not have the latest booster will be considered in the same group as the unvaccinated. You will be treated as a pureblood, even though your blood is totally tainted and corrupted. Something is eventually going to have to give. And it will not be the purebloods. The purebloods will die before they take this satanic gene injection. But you need to understand, purebloods: this is just getting started. Like, we are not even halfway through the first part of the coronavirus Mega-Hoax.

Some people say concentration camps for the unvaccinated are next. It definitely seems like the next obvious step.

Pureblood New Yorkers Leaving City for Florida by the Tens of Thousands, Escaping Vaccine Mandates
Elvis Dunderhoff, Daily Stormer, Oct 14 2021

This is all a part of the plan. I don’t think the plan is going to work, mind you. But the conservatives analyzing this situation and saying they are screwing up are not precisely correct. As of right now, the overlords still think what they’re doing makes sense. They are trying to cleanse the ranks of their institutions and their cities of people who refuse to submit to the vax. The vax is the purity test, to ensure that someone is on board with the system. The fact that science has already admitted that the vaccine doesn’t really work at all makes it even better. You have to say “I believe it works even if it doesn’t, and I’m willing to risk death or terrible health consequences in order to demonstrate that I believe.” It’s sort of interesting that The Guardian is playing this 100% straight, without blaming QAnon conspiracy theories and so on:

Deysia Padilla’s family thought she was at work. Instead, she spent last Thursday afternoon unloading a mound of orange and pink baby socks in a sunny South Bronx laundromat, one-by one, in all their three-inch glory. She had 48 hours to consider an impossible choice: either get vaccinated or lose her job. Padilla is one of thousands of unvaccinated New Yorkers affected by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s ultimatum last week. Not only do city employees face the reality of losing their jobs, but without a shot, they’ll even forgo unemployment payments. Some unvaccinated Bronx natives would rather pursue a life outside New York City than be forced to take the vaccine. “I feel like my dream is being shattered by the government,” said Padilla. “I’m being taken out of my home.” The 25-year-old mother had plans to become an art teacher one day. Now, she’s considering moving to Florida with her husband and three-month-old baby. A pandemic-induced population shift to Florida, sometimes called the city’s sixth borough, is already under way. As of March, more than 33,500 New Yorkers permanently relocated to Florida, up 32% from the same period in the previous year. Experts say people flocked south for looser Covid restrictions, affordable housing, and access to in-person schools.

The NYT would say “experts say the exodus was fueled by QAnon conspiracy theories which have flourished as Facebook refuses to remove them.” The Guardian is an extremely liberal paper, but they simply do not approach the level of disinformation that you see in American papers.

Most unvaccinated Bronx residents don’t fit neatly into the anti-mask, anti-vaccine framework that has spread nationally, according to Andrew Rasmussen, associate professor of psychology at Fordham University. The Bronx is still nursing its wounds after being hit tragically hard by the deadly virus, with the highest rates of hospitalizations, deaths and unemployment in New York City. In the Bronx, where median per capita income in 2019 was $21,778, over three and a half times lower than in Manhattan, 70% of the population works in face-to-face or essential jobs. Even now, people wear masks, sometimes two, while walking outdoors. Many are still nervous to shake hands with people outside their family. Building custodians diligently stroll the sidewalks, spraying Clorox. Rasmussen said: “People are wearing double-masks, being really careful, but the vaccination rates in the neighborhood are still very low. That suggests that there’s something else going on there.” Still, it is not unusual to hear Bronx residents voice more concern about the vaccine than the virus it is administered to prevent. Kelven Esbenel, 24, said: “I worry about the virus, but more importantly, I worry about the vaccine.” Six weeks ago, he started work at an Amazon fulfilment center in Staten Island, only to learn that the company may start requiring vaccinations under Biden’s new mandates. Now, he said he ponders a life in Connecticut, leaving his vaccinated family members behind. Tom Sheppard, who serves on the city’s elected Community Education Council and is co-founder of Bronx Parent Leaders Advocacy Group, said in a tweet: “Overusing heavy-handed mandates that threaten people’s livelihoods is seen as cruel. You may even mean well, but doing it this way erodes trust instead of building it.” Padilla looked up from the mound of socks that day and declared: “It’s gonna get ugly, I’m telling you.”

Again: this is all part of the plan. It will go wrong. The plan cannot work. But when conservatives say “the vax mandates are backfiring.” This is wrong. They want these people out. They only want those who are submissive in their organizations, and in the case of super-liberal, super-Jewish cities like New York, they want purebloods to be physically removed from the city. They are purposefully building a two-tier society. This is on purpose. It’s not a backfire. That’s important to understand. Because I see a lot of people saying “backfire.” As a separate matter, the plan will not work. But this is the plan.

Latvia Bans Unvaccinated People from Supermarkets, But Only 48% are Fully Vaccinated!
Elvis Dunderhoff, Daily Stormer, Oct 14 2021

In Aug 12 2020, Andrew Anglin wrote:

It is very likely that people who refuse to be vaccinated will become second-class citizens, being totally deprived of their basic rights to work and buy food in stores.

It’s important to watch smaller countries, because they test out things there that they plan to use on a wider scale. It’s pretty much an established fact that the reason the British and American media is so aggressively refusing to report on the situation in Australia is that they want to implement all of that stuff in our countries. So, what’s going on in Latvia? Oh, they’ve declared an entirely new state of emergency, and they’re banning the unvaccinated from buying food? Per Medical Xpress:

Latvia has declared a three-month state of emergency starting from Monday following a surge in COVID-19 infections to record levels, as its vaccination rate remains one of the lowest in the EU. The number of infections is now well over 1k/day in the Baltic country of 1.9m people, overtaking the peak infection rate seen during the pandemic earlier this year. Under the new rules, masks are now obligatory in all buildings accessible by the general public and anyone employed in government must have a vaccine by Nov 15 at the latest. Unvaccinated people will not be allowed into supermarkets and only shops considered essential will be allowed to open at weekends. All Latvians are being encouraged to work from home where possible. Only 48% of Latvians are fully vaccinated, the fourth-worst vaccination rate in the European Union after Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia.

As noted above, being banned from the supermarket was in the Hoax Watch prediction model. Of course, they’re not just going to force people to starve outright, at least not for a while longer, and they will probably have something where the unvaxed can use an app to fill out their grocery list and have it delivered to their cars. The vaxed-up slave delivering your food will spit in your vegetables and call you “pureblood scum.” The clamps will continue to tighten in the cities, until you do get to the point where they basically tell you to either get the shot or starve to death. Of course, at that point, you won’t be able to leave the city, as all roads will be blockaded by the military. The window to get out of these cities is closing rapidly. Unless you’ve already fled to Brazil or Sub-Saharan Africa or something, then you should be out of the city. Also, I wouldn’t recommend being in a city in Brazil or Africa either, as we’re teetering on the edge of a full global economic collapse, which is going to hit the third world almost as hard as it’s going to hit America. You need to understand that the decisions you’re making now are going to stay with you, long term. It might not feel like that. But that is the case. By not making decisions, you are making decisions.

Boeing Tells Its 125k+ American Employees to Get Deadly Coronavirus Vaccine or Lose Job
Elvis Dunderhoff, Daily Stormer, Oct 14 2021

I wonder why this company would do something that would be so harmful to itself like this? Hold on, I’m going to have to call Victor David Hanson. Per Fox News:

Boeing Co said on Tuesday it will require its 125k US employees to be vaccinated by Dec 8 under an executive order issued by President Joe Biden for federal contractors. “Boeing is requiring its US-based employees to either show proof of vaccination or have an approved reasonable accommodation (based on a disability or sincerely held religious belief) by Dec 8,” the largest US planemaker said. The Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA) union said it was “talking with employers to ensure implementation gives proper consideration to members concerns, health issues and abides by the provisions of our negotiated contracts.”

Just over 5k Boeing employees are in Texas, where Republican Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order on Monday barring COVID-19 vaccine mandates by any entity, including private employers. “Due to the Texas EO, the Boeing vaccination requirement announced today does not apply to local sites immediately. However, once these sites become covered under the Biden EO, we expect that they will subject to the vaccination requirement,” a Boeing spokeswoman said. Major US airlines have said they will also meet the deadline imposed on federal contractors, including American Airlines, Southwest Airlines Co, JetBlue Airways Corp and Alaska Airlines, as has aircraft parts manufacturer Spirit AeroSystems.

I personally wish there was more resistance to this. We know that the resistance won’t end up doing anything, because there is literally nothing that the Democrat Party is not willing to sacrifice in order to force through this vax mandate. It is literally a hostage situation with a lunatic. But it would be nice to see a little bit more of a pushback, just to show that we’re not all completely dehumanized slaves. Apparently we are all completely dehumanized slaves, which is why we have to go through this nightmare in the first place.

The Coronavirus Vaccine: It’s Safe AND Effective
Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer, Oct 14 2021

This is a pretty good video that shows a series of news articles counting down vax efficacy from 100% to something around 50% at this point. It’s really and truly incredible just how much of a failure and a flop this vaccine has been. There was no disease to begin with, and the vax, in dealing with spike proteins, was affecting the antibodies for the common cold. Meanwhile, the disease that was actually killing people and being labeled “coronavirus” was the flu. Most cases of the flu are not from coronaviruses, and thus have nothing to do with spike proteins. So the whole project was insane to begin with. But they were incapable of holding it together and making it make any sense. Yet even after all of this failure, they’re still out there trying to force people to take this vaccine that they themselves admit doesn’t really even work. This is the effect of censorship. This is what I said from the beginning when the censorship began in 2017: “if they’re allowed to do this, reality itself will collapse, as they will be able to determine arbitrarily what is and is not reality.”

An American Guide to Resisting Vax Mandates (It Won’t Work, But It’s Here)
Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer, Oct 14 2021

A pureblooded female sleeps pleasantly in the forest

I don’t think it is possible to resist vaccine mandates in the long run. I think for the most part, purebloods simply need to accept that their career is over, and that if they have any work in the future, it is going to be in a rural setting. However, it makes sense that people want to do everything they can to keep their jobs, and force their companies to fire them after they’ve done everything they can. Firstly, let me say: you should already be moved outside of the city. No matter what, you should have done that. But, as I explained last year (many, many times), it is possible to commute to work in the city from a dwelling place outside of the city. If you are currently commuting like this, and want to try to keep your job, then as I say, you might as well try. At least you can keep drawing checks for a while longer. If you stonewall them, you could draw it out potentially for several months. At the same time: you need to remember that things are going to get very, very weird at some point in the future. I think it will probably be this winter, but hey, it might not be! I’m not 100% sure. But if you are currently commuting to work, you need to be ready to stop going to work if it looks like they’re going to lockdown the city you work in. It is possible that you could get in a situation where you go to work, and then they won’t let you return to your home outside of the city, because they’ve locked the city down. That’s unlikely, and more probably you would get more warning than that. And most likely, even if they did lock a city down with the military, they would let you leave if you explained your home is outside of the city. Then, you would just not go back to work. This stuff is all happening and you need to think about it before it happens. Anyway, all that having been said, I am going to link this guide to fighting back against vax mandates at your places of employment from the Catholic website Life Site News.

It’s comprehensive, and it is the best shot you’ve got. Again: it will not work. But it might work for a little while. You should be getting as many paychecks as you can get. There’s no reason not to try. And remember: force them to fire you. Force them to fire you. Force them to fire you.

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  1. lobro
    Posted October 15, 2021 at 4:16 am | Permalink

    ah, the halcyon days when every morning the hope took wing that i may be fired by the end of the day.
    i would like to find employment just to relive those youthful thrills.
    but there is always risk that i may be kept in permanent bondage by HR, a fate worse than death rape.

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