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Neo-Ottoman expansionism: when will Turkey annex Northern Syria?
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Oct 14 2021

Excerpts from a lengthy, detailed article in the current issue of the Middle East Quarterly. (The creation of Daniel Pipes, who decidedly has his own ax to grind.)

Turkish Imperialism: When Will Turkey Annex Northern Syria?
Rauf Baker, Middle East Quarterly, Fall 2021

During the past five years, Turkish forces launched four military operations that led to the establishment of four border zones under their control. Last year, the Turkish army launched Operation Spring Shield in the Idlib governorate following a military assault by the Syrian regime to regain control over vast areas in the northwest. That assault ended with a ceasefire agreement between Damascus’s ally Russia and Turkey in Idlib in Mar 2020. As a result of these actions, Turkey now controls more than 8k sq km in Syria, or nearly 4.9% of the war-torn country. Between 12k and 15k Turkish soldiers are stationed there. The major cities under Turkish control are Azaz, Marea, al- Bab, Jarabulus, Afrin, Ras al-Ayn (Serê Kaniyê), and the town of ar-Ra’i. Ankara has also formed affiliated Syrian militias of some 80,000 to 100,000 fighters. Most go by Turkish and Ottoman names, notably “Sultan Murad,” “Mehmed the Conqueror,” the “Samarkand Brigade,” and “Suleiman-Shah,” which yielded a group of youth fighters in April 2019 dubbed “Ertugrul’s Grandsons.” Turkey has various plans to achieve its scheme. Turkish military operations displaced between 300k and 350k Kurdish civilians from their towns and subsequently blocked them from returning. Ankara has used the Turkistan Islamic Party, a Uighur Islamic faction grouped in Idlib and considered a terrorist movement, to fight the Kurds and offered to compensate its members by settling them and their families in Syria.

Kosovo: NATO’s first full-fledged war, first military garrison state 22 years later
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Oct 14 2021

Ten Serbs, 10 policemen injured in Kosovo clashes
Reuters, Oct 13 2021

Kosovo police said officers met resistance with firearms and grenades in Mitrovica. Serbian state TV showed people in northern Mitrovica running away from tear gas and a car on fire. Similar clashes were reported in the nearby town of Zvecan. At an urgent meeting in Serbia’s border town of Raska, President Aleksandar Vucic, flanked by the defence and interior ministers and military commanders, sought to assure Serbs from northern Kosovo that Belgrade supported them. “In that struggle in which we have to protect the lives of our children … we will not only protect them, but we will win,” Vucic told emotional Serbs.

Russian Foreign Ministry condemns NATO pseudo-state Kosovo’s final solution in cleansing ethnic minorities
Rick Rozoff, Antibellum, Oct 14 2021

Not that one should expect Russia to do more here than it does in all other situations: talk.

Moscow condemns Pristina’s antics in northern Kosovo — statement
TASS, Oct 14 2021

Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said: “We decisively condemn the antics of the Albanian Kosovan leaders who feel impunity and use any excuse to achieve a spike of Serbophobia in the local community ahead of the Oct 17 elections, and use this wave to ensure a superiority of ultra-nationalistic forces, incapable of negotiation. Pristina’s aggressive course with the connivance of Western countries only complicates the already problematic dialogue with Belgrade. Warning: this line of Pristina and the feeble reaction of its external ‘curators’ inevitably cause degradation to an open conflict and destroy the preconditions for the already stalling dialogue between the sides. The Kosovars demonstratively display their unwillingness to abolish their aggressive plans, aimed at cleansing the province of all non-Albanian residents by creating insufferable living conditions. We demand that the Kosovo Force fulfill its mandate in accordance with the UNSCR 1244 and quell the unhinged Albanian Kosovan radicals. We note that the NATO-led international contingent is fully responsible for ensuring peace and security in the region.”

That is, Moscow calls on NATO to correct the very crisis it created and has sustained for twenty-two years.

President: if NATO intervenes in Bosnian Serb Republic, friends will be called on to protect it from aggression
Rick Rozoff, Oct 14 2021

Dodik: if NATO intervenes on the territory of RS, we will call friends to protect us
Sarajevo Times, Oct 14 2021

BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik said that he intends to fight for his goals politically, however, if there is a NATO reaction, he will invite friends who “will not leave them stranded.” The leader of the SNSD party believes that something like that would be considered aggression, and the Republika Srpska would then have the right to call on its friends to protect them. He added that RS will defend itself by passing regulations, such as the one on withdrawing consent for the BiH Armed Forces. “But, if necessary, we will defend ourselves with our forces. If they come to say that NATO will intervene, we will ask for the help of our friends who told us clearly and loudly that they never leave their friends stranded,” he said.

Turkey expands combat drone sales to Ethiopia and Morocco: report
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Oct 14 2021

Which have been used to murder people in Iraq, Libya, Nagorno-Karabakh, Syria and the Ukraine to date.

Turkey expands armed drone sales to Ethiopia and Morocco – sources
Reuters, Oct 14 2021

Turkey has expanded its exports of armed drones by negotiating sales deals with Morocco and Ethiopia after their successful use in international conflicts, according to four sources familiar with the agreements. Any drone shipments to Ethiopia risk stoking friction in already strained relations between Ankara and Cairo, which is at odds with Addis Ababa over a hydropower dam on the Blue Nile. Ukraine and Turkey’s NATO partner Poland have also ordered armed drones.

Turkey: Taliban foreign minister leads high-level delegation in first visit to NATO nation
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Oct 14 2021

Taliban pays first visit to Turkey after takeover of Afghanistan
Hurriyet, Oct 14 2021

A high-level delegation of Afghanistan’s new Taliban rulers, led by the acting foreign minister, Amir Khan Muttaqi, has arrived in Ankara for meetings with Turkish officials, Foreign Ministry officials said on Oct 14. NATO member Turkey maintained its embassy in Afghanistan after Western countries withdrew following the Taliban takeover and has urged those countries to step up engagement. Ankara also said it will only work fully with the Taliban if they form a more inclusive administration. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu on Oct 13 said that he was planning to visit the Afghan capital Kabul with a group of counterparts.

Turkish, Azerbaijani land force commanders meet at NATO warfare center to plot “brotherly” war games
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Oct 14 2021

Azerbaijan’s Land Forces Commander meets his Turkish counterpart
Trend.az, Oct 14 2021

Commander of the Land Forces of Azerbaijan, Maj-Gen Enver Efendiyev, who is on a visit to Ankara, met with the Commander of the Land Forces of Turkey, General of the Army Musa Avsever at the “Day of High-Level Observers” event, organized within the framework of the ‘Avrasiya sülhü-2021’ exercise. The commanders noted the importance of joint exercises of the two fraternal countries from the point of view of exchange of experience and further strengthening of friendship and brotherhood.

Azerbaijan awards troops for serving NATO in Afghanistan
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Oct 14 2021

A group of servicemen who took part in the Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan have been awarded
Azertag, Oct 14 2021

A group of Azerbaijani servicemen who took part in the “Resolute Support” mission in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan have been awarded by the order of the Minister of Defense. It should be noted that our servicemen who took part in the “Resolute Support” mission in Afghanistan were awarded the medals “For Courage” and “For Military Service” by the relevant order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Oct 7 this year.

Ukraine’s first lady: women more eager than men to kill and die in Donbass war
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Oct 14 2021

President’s wife: More than 31,000 defendresses safeguarding peace in Ukraine
UkrInform, Oct 14 2021

“Today we celebrate the Day of Defenders and Defendresses of Ukraine for the first time! We have all long been accustomed to the fact that the role of defender is always confidently performed by men. Women get the roles of those who need to be defended. Earlier, women’s contribution to the defense of Ukraine took second place. And this, in my opinion, is unfair,” [President Volodymyr Zelensky’s wife Olena] Zelenska posted on Facebook.

Ukraine celebrates defenders, defendresses, Cossacks, Bandera against “Russia’s occupation of Crimea”
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Oct 14 2021

Day of Defenders and Defendresses of Ukraine celebrated today
UkrInform, Oct 14 2021

On Oct 14, on the Orthodox feast of the Intercession of the Theotokos, Ukrainians celebrate the Day of Defenders and Defendresses of Ukraine and the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks. The Day of Defenders and Defendresses of Ukraine is a public holiday celebrated on Oct 14. It was officially established on October 14 2014, by a presidential decree entitled “The Day of Defender of Ukraine.” On Jul 12 2021, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine renamed the holiday into the Day of Defenders and Defendresses of Ukraine. The urgent need for this national holiday became acute after the start of Russia’s occupation of Crimea and armed hostilities in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Already in the 20th century, the Cossack traditions of the struggle for independence of Ukraine were taken over by soldiers of the Army of the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

Zelensky urges frontline military cadets to hasten day when “Donbas and Crimea are with us again”
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Oct 14 2021

Zelensky: war in Donbas is a challenge that must be overcome for sake of future peace
Interfax Ukraine, Oct 14 2021

The war in Donbass is a challenge that Ukraine needs to overcome for the sake of peace in the future, President Zelensky said addressing the cadets of the Luhansk military lyceum on the day of taking the oath on the island of Khortytsia (Zaporizhia region). Zelensky said that the temporary occupation of territories is “our challenge and we need to overcome it in order to finally say: peace has come, Donbas and Crimea are with us again.”

Pentagon’s Warfare Center “exercises its missile defense” with NATO in Europe
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Oct 14 2021

USAF Europe Warfare Center exercises its missile defense, European Test Bed 21-2
USAF, Oct 14 2021

USAF Brig-Gen Steven G Edwards, USAF Europe chief of staff, discusses the European Test Bed exercise specifics before participating with Maj Robert Matthews, 603rd Air Operations Center Combat Operations Division, and Matthew Langley, ballistic missile defense subject matter expert at Einsiedlerhof Air Station, Oct 6 2021. ETB is an event where military minds from the US and NATO gather to explore and experiment with new ways to defend Europe from air and missile attacks.

NATO chieftain: when 30 Allies agree that they are ready to join, Georgia and Ukraine will join the bloc
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Oct 14 2021

Georgia, Not Russia, to Decide Georgia’s NATO Membership – Stoltenberg
Civil.ge, Oct 11 2021

Speaking at an event hosted by Brookings Institution and Georgetown University in Washington, Stoltenberg rebuffed on Oct 5 the notion that Russia’s small neighbors joining NATO would be a “provocation” to Moscow as “absolutely wrong.” He said: “The message that it would be provocative to Russia that Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic should join NATO just exemplifies that Russia wants a world order where they have a sphere of influence. That’s not the world I would like to live in, and actually I fight for decades to move away from that world. When the 30 Allies agree that they are ready to join, they will join.”

NATO PA: Bosnia, Georgia Ukraine in NATO, Russia out of Caucasus, Crimea, Donbass
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Oct 14 2021

Which is to say, reducing the demands to essential terms, war with Russia on multiple fronts.

Georgia in NATO Parliamentary Assembly Resolutions
Civil.ge, Oct 12 2021

NATO Parliamentary Assembly adopted on Oct 11 two resolutions that, among others, reaffirmed support to Georgia’s territorial integrity and its Euro-Atlantic integration aspirations. Resolution 471, adopted during the Assembly’s 67th Annual Session in Lisbon, Portugal, called on governments and legislatures of the Allied states “to reaffirm their commitment to NATO’s Open Door policy and to step up support for Ukraine, Georgia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina and to help them accelerate their Euro-Atlantic integration.” Resolution 470, also adopted during the session, condemned “Russia’s ongoing violation of the territorial integrity of Georgia, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova,” and Moscow’s “persistent efforts to destabilize these countries, to derail their European and/or Euro-Atlantic integration, and to incite reckless and irresponsible escalations.” The Resolution also denounced Russia’s “illegal curtailing” of the freedom of navigation in the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea. The Resolution urged NATO member states “to signal solidarity with Georgia and Ukraine through increased joint exercises and practical support to their ability to defend themselves.”

Pentagon chief’s visit to Georgia stark message to Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Russia
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Oct 14 2021

Georgia’s territorial integrity: “liberation” of Abkhazia and South Ossetia from “Russian occupation.”

Euro-Atlantic aspirations: Georgia joining NATO first, the European Union second (the sequence that all eleven nations that have joined both since the end of the Cold War proceeded through) Georgian and American soldiers have been standing side-by-side for years: Georgia was the third-largest troop contributor for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; during Georgia’s invasion of South Ossetia and war with Russia in 2008 the US. flew all 2k Georgian troops in Iraq on military transport planes back to Georgia to join in the war.

Georgian FM: US Defence Secretary’s visit ‘historic’, reaffirms US’ strong support
Agenda.ge, Oct 13 2021

Georgian Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani says that the visit of US Sec Def Lloyd Austin to Georgia next week is ‘historic’ and reaffirms America’s strong support for Georgia’s territorial integrity and the country’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations. Zalkaliani said earlier today that the visit points to the ‘special attitude’ of the US to strategic partnership with Georgia, which is based on ‘common values, interests and goals.’ He stated that close Georgia-US cooperation in the defense field ‘plays a crucial role’ in bolstering Georgia’s compliance with NATO standards. Georgia is the US’ loyal ally and partner in the region, supporting the country’s efforts to strengthen international peace and security. Georgian and American soldiers have been standing side-by-side for years, including in NATO,” Zalkaliani said.

NATO, Pentagon use Adriatic Charter to complete full absorption of the Balkans
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Oct 14 2021

The Adriatic Charter was established in 2003 at the initiative of then Sec State Colin Powell to incorporate all the Balkans states into NATO. At that time no Balkans country belonged to the military bloc. The following year Bulgaria and Romania joined, and thereafter four members of the Adriatic Charter (Albania, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro) became NATO member states. Bosnia, Serbia and Kosovo are slated to follow. Bosnia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia were NATO’s first-ever war zones. Troops from Adriatic Charter member states have served under NATO command in Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Afghanistan and Iraq among other conflict zones. Note that the Pentagon and NATO treat Kosovo as a sovereign nation; indeed one they spawned.

Allied Command Transformation Speaks at CSEL Course
SHAPE, Oct 14 2021

Allied Command Operations (ACO) Command Senior Enlisted Leader (CSEL) Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Siim Saliste visited the Croatian Armed Forces Military Academy’s CSEL Course on Oct 13 2021. During the visit CSM Saliste was welcomed by CSM Drazen Klanjec, CSEL of the Croatian Armed Forces, before speaking to senior enlisted leaders from nations represented in the Adriatic Charter including leaders from Allies Albania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, the US and hosts Croatia, along with partner nations Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo. The Adriatic Charter is an association formed by Albania, Croatia, North Macedonia and the US for the purpose of supporting their attempts to join NATO. Croatia joined NATO as a member in Apr 2009 and currently contributes to missions including the enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroups in both Poland and Lithuania, as well as Operation Sea Guardian (throughout the Mediterranean Sea) and Kosovo Force (KFOR).

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