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Tucker Carlson Interview with Kyle Rittenhouse
Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer, Nov 23 2021

Tucker Carlson aired an interview with Kyle Rittenhouse Monday night. It took up most of his evening show’s 40-minute runtime. I enjoyed watching it, though there was nothing especially surprising in it. The media has zoomed in on the fact that he allegedly said that he “supports BLM.” They’re talking about this to try to demoralize right-wingers. He didn’t really say that he supports the BLM agenda, he just said that he supports their right to protest. If he seemed overly nice to the blacks, we should remember that he’s a teenager from a single mother now facing nonstop death threats. Obviously, going on Tucker Carlson and seeming reasonable isn’t going to stop death threats, but you could see how he would think that would be the case. The most interesting thing in the interview was that he said he was exploited by Lin Wood. Wood is someone we’ve known is a total kook, but he’s always seemed harmless. But Kyle said, and I have no reason to doubt him, that Lin kept him in jail for nearly three months because he was fundraising off of him being in jail. Kyle said he told him he would get killed if he went home from jail. John Pierce, who is currently the attorney for some 20 of the Capitol Stormers, was also named by Kyle as an asshole who kept him in jail so he could fundraise off of him. Kyle seems like a pretty reasonable guy, so I don’t think he would accuse these men of something unless he knew they did it. However, he did say that he has competent counsel now, and I definitely did not get the impression that his trial lawyer was competent after watching his performance.

If Wood is the kind of guy that will keep a gentle 17-year-old fat kid in jail for months in order to make money off of his suffering, then that definitely means we need to reevaluate the role he played in the 2020 election debacle. He was one of the main guys, along with Sydney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and Mike Lindell spreading QAnon disinformation and confusing the situation. I just assumed he was actually insane, but it would probably make more sense if he was messing everything up on purpose. If he’s the kind of person who will rip off Kyle Rittenhouse, then he is definitely the kind of person who would take a payday to screw up Donald Trump’s attempt to contest the election. Overall, Kyle comes across very well, like a kind and gentle kid who just wants to help people. He’s very reserved and speaks in a very measured way. The interview with Tucker was very similar to his testimony given in court. He said he has no ambitions to use his celebrity for any purpose, and just wants to go to college and live a normal life. That’s obviously impossible, but it will apparently take him a while to figure that out. I think it would have been cool if he’d done the interview and said he was planning to hunt down and kill more Jew pederasts, but that was never in the cards. At least he took a shot at the FBI.

“If You’ve Got a Vaccine Pass, You Can Do Everything,” New Zealand Prime Minister Says
Elvis Dunderhoff, Daily Stormer, Nov 23 2021

People really have become like children. They have no concept of freedom or autonomy. If you tell a toddler that he should be independent of his mommy and go out on his own and make his own decisions, he’s going to be confused and scared by this prospect. Adults in Western countries are now the same way regarding any independence from the government. This is a satanic and anti-Christ agenda. Man was created in the image of God, which means that he was created free, created to make his own decisions rationally. Modern man does not value that, at all. They cannot recognize freedom and personal autonomy as having any value whatsoever. Instead, they could only awaken to what is happening if they realized that their mommy government is actually trying to hurt them. And if they did realize that, they would have the same reaction as a toddler who found that his mother was trying to hurt him, they would likely start crying and deny it. There is no chance of these people “waking up.” The vaxed are totally doomed, and they need to be written off and physically avoided. If your parents or other loved ones are vaxed, there is no reason to be abusive towards them, but you have to realize that there is nothing you can do to help them. There is no reason to try to convince them of anything. And you need to recognize that when the time comes, they will absolutely turn against you.

France Deploys Coronavirus Regime Police to Guadalupe to Crush Anti-Vaccine Protests
Elvis Dunderhoff, Daily Stormer, Nov 23 2021

So this is white cops being sent to an island of black people to force a political agenda on them. Isn’t that supposed to be the single most evil situation ever in all of human history? Per The Guardian:

French authorities have dispatched police reinforcements to the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe after a week of violent protests over coronavirus restrictions. Islanders are angry after Paris announced that health workers across all French territories must have Covid vaccinations. This sparked demonstrations that degenerated into the torching and looting of shops and pharmacies and clashes with police. There were reports that rioters had broken into an arms depot in the island’s coastal capital, Pointe-à-Pitre, and stolen rifles. “We just don’t know how far this will still go,” the city’s mayor, Harry Durimel, told FranceInfo radio. Island authorities have imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew until Tuesday morning. On Monday police said they had arrested 38 people caught looting and smashing shops, and had begun dismantling road barricades set up by protesters. Col Jean Pierre, of the gendarmerie at Pointe-à-Pitre, said protesters had fired on security forces and firefighters, and blamed the worst incidences on “organised gangs.” Emmanuel Macron described the situation in Guadeloupe as “very explosive” and called for calm on the island. The French president said the authorities had his full solidarity and urged people not to fall for the “lies and manipulation” of what he described as a “very small minority.” Macron said during a visit to Amiens in northern France: “You cannot use the health of the French people to drive political battles. Public order must be maintained. There’s a situation that is very explosive, which is linked to a very local context and to tensions we know of and that are historic as well as to certain interests that seek to use this context and anxiety. The government is mobilised.” According to government figures, just under 90% of the adult population of France, including the overseas territories, has been fully vaccinated. However, only 40.3% of adults on Guadeloupe have had the vaccine. In Martinique the figure is 41%.

Do you see how these people just say whatever they need to say to press their agenda? They obviously don’t actually care about black autonomy. This is literally a black island, where I think any “racist” would say that blacks should be able to have self-determination and make their own decisions about what they do with their lives. But France is sending police in to force them to bend to the will of whitey. The blacks that are resisting this vax agenda are even doing the black power fist, claiming they have a right to make their own decisions. This obviously proves that every single argument they make about “black lives” and “white privilege” are just fake, and only designed to hurt white people. (Wait – what? – RB)

Israel: Jews Do the Miss Holocaust Survivor Thing Again
Snake Baker, Daily Stormer, Nov 19 2021

I don’t get the point of this, really. What exactly is the Jew who came up with this trying to do? As far as I can tell, the only thing it is proving so far is that the Nazis were extremely incompetent at what was supposedly their main goal, exterminating the Jews. There is no other explanation for how so many literal toddlers survived the “death camps” and mass executions and having their eyeballs glued to masturbation machines. Per Breitbart:

The evening gowns shone under the spotlights and the tiaras sparkled, but this beauty pageant was like no other: all the contestants are Holocaust survivors. Established in 2012 by Israeli charity Yad Ezer La-Haver, which means “a hand to help a friend,” the gala event returned after a two-year hiatus. Some have criticised “Miss Holocaust Survivor” as an inappropriate way to remember the Nazi genocide, but charity founder Shimon Sabag said its mission is to give survivors “a piece of the childhood that was stolen from them.” Ten contestants, ranging in age from 79 to 90, competed for the 2021 crown, which was won by 86-year-old Selina Steinfeld, a Romanian-born survivor of the Nazi effort to exterminate Europe’s Jews. “I’m moved. I have no words,” the great-grandmother said as she accepted the award Tuesday night in Jerusalem, wearing a golden dress and a chunky pearl necklace. This year’s Miss Holocaust Survivor was held just weeks before Israel hosts the Miss Universe pageant in the southern resort city of Eilat, and there are similarities. As with any other pageant, the contestants were made up and dressed by professionals and graded by an earnest panel of immaculately dressed judges.

Wrapped in a shimmering grey shawl, 87-year-old Kuka Palmon gleefully said she felt like “a teenage girl” after a “divine” pampering by a team of beauticians. While the pageant has a celebratory atmosphere at times, it does not avoid the unimaginable pain endured by the contestants. Palmon, also Romanian born, recalled hiding in a cellar during WW2 as her father was forced on to a train that carried him to a Nazi extermination camp. He survived but “was a skeleton” when he returned, she said, her hair held firmly in place by an abundance of spray. “When he got home, I ran away. I said, ‘that’s not my dad.’”

It’s amazing they still have the nerve to tell these ridiculous stories, given that they’ve gotten so much backlash for it in recent years. But the Jewish strategy has always been to double down six million times.

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  1. Rich
    Posted November 23, 2021 at 4:27 pm | Permalink

    Andrew Anglin, if he was a psychiatrist , would be engaged in a whole lot of transference/counter-transference. And not in a good way.
    The word ‘gentle’ could never be applied to Kyle Rittenhouse ever again. I mean, he defended himself pretty damn well against armed assailants and presumably with little to no training. Plenty cold, shrewd operators project a puffy soft Pillsbury doughboy image to disarm or charm their opponent into lethargy and false sense of superiority before blows are exchanged.
    So Kyle’s style is an affectation and it definitely works on Anglin. Interestingly this same affectation had the opposite effect on the 3 neutralized parties at the heart of the Rittenhouse Affair.
    By explanation,I received a variety of firearms training and well enough to qualify as expert with one weapon. I also can handle myself in fight having squared off against a few D1 athletes…a long ago. My formal training included boxing, judo, wrestling and hand-to-hand combat under the instruction of a 3-time NCAA wrestling champion. However, I will say this, most trained men will admit they wouldn’t have reacted as shrewdly, quickly and effectively as that 17 year old boy performed in those chaotic circumstances.
    So, I believe my premise holds true. Kyle Rittenhouse is not a gentle soul and Tucket Carlson’s interview only adds to that mystery. That gentle boy possesses way to much poise and not enough PTSD for the “thinking feeling type”.

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