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We will find partners and allies for ourselves without the UK
Colonel Cassad, Nov 24 2021

Full version of Lukashenko’s gluttonous interview with BBS journalist about the situation on the border with Poland, Western attempts to turn out a coup d’état last year and Belarus’ relations with Europe. Meanwhile, clowns in the European Parliament called for judging Lukashenko and imposing him with even stronger sanctions, which the US had previously promised. Merkel was remembered again, who “has naively negotiated with the dictator.” The Arab Corps on the border with Poland is not yet thinking of retreating.

Information about opponents of vaccination began to be handed over to the Prosecutor’s Office and the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation
Colonel Cassad, Nov 24 2021

They found some frivolous number in November, given the intensity of controversy in social networks on the topic.

Strike of the word: 37 anti-waxers can be prosecuted
Roman Soldatov, Izvestia, Nov 24 2021

Regional units of Roszdravnadzor handed over to the prosecutor’s office and the IC information about 37 anti-vaccinators found in social networks. On Nov 1, the federal apparatus of the department instructed representative offices in the subjects to search for people who participate in anti-vaccination campaigns in social networks and media and report them to law enforcement agencies. Special attention is paid to medical workers. Such campaigning can be punished under Art. 207.1 and 207.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the department reported. The supervisory authority has not yet analyzed the information received from the regions and cannot name the preliminary results of the campaign. Izvestia itself requested data from the subjects and received answers from everyone except Moscow and the Moscow region. No anti-vaccination agents have been identified in most regions. The most significant “catch” in Karelia is 18 people. Territorial bodies of Roszdravnadzor collected materials on 37 active anti-waxers in three weeks.

The largest number of violators was found in the Republic of Karelia. 18 materials were sent to law enforcement agencies from there. The region could not promptly explain to Izvestia what caused the record, the activity of inspectors or the popularity of anti-vaccination moods. Rostov region is in second place, with eight materials, and in third place is Volgograd region, where five opponents of vaccination were found. Two more materials were sent to law enforcement agencies by Roszdravnadzor in the Smolensk region and one agitator each was found in St Petersburg, Leningrad region, Yakutia and Tomsk region. This was learned from the answers of the subjects themselves, 83 local Roszdravnadzor answered the entire editorial office. The request was ignored only in Moscow and the Moscow region. The exact number of anti-vaccination agents will be known later, Izvestia was told in the central office of the supervisory authority. The press service of the department reported:

The number of applications submitted will be able to be announced after analyzing the information provided by the territorial bodies of Roszdravnadzor.

On Nov 1, Roszdravnadzor sent an order to the regions to search for people who participate in anti-vaccination campaigns and report them to the prosecutor’s office and investigative bodies. The department is most interested in medical workers who “actively disseminate knowingly false information about the dangers of vaccination against a new coronavirus infection.” Punishment for active propaganda of anti-vaccination philosophy is supposed to be punished under Art. 207.1 and 207.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the press service of Roszdravnadzor told Izvestia. The IC and the Prosecutor General’s Office did not promptly respond to the request of Izvestia. The press service of Roszdravnadzor explained to Izvestia:

We found participants in anti-vaccination campaigns through monitoring regional media, social networks and messengers. Several anti-vaxxers were found in WhatsApp, specified in some regions. For example, an offender was found in Yakutia by that means. Izvestia also searched for such agitators and found several groups of like-minded people. People in them most often appeal to natural immunity and offer folk methods of combating infection. For example, in one of the Tomsk groups in Telegram, the user states that nature has given everything to make a person healthy. The author of the publication shared her wisdom: “I drink my own decoction from a birch parasite.” Community members also organize general video chats that tell each other myths about the coronavirus. People who oppose vaccination are dangerous because they inhibit the formation of collective immunity, said infectious disease doctor Olga Khorkavaya. She told Izvestia: “They come up with various myths and try to promote them to the masses. One of the stupidest myths I’ve encountered is that a coronavirus vaccine has a detrimental effect on the reproductive system. Vaccination stimulates the immune system, and our immune system is able to face a large number of antigens and adequately produce antibodies to each antigen. In addition, let’s not forget that vaccination saved the world from terrible epidemics of measles, diphtheria, smallpox, polio and tetanus. Think about your family and friends, think about doctors who have been working for wear and tear for the second year in a row.”

The COVID-19 vaccine is not 100% protection against the virus, but it will help to avoid a severe course of the disease, said Zhanna Bikaeva, a virologist-immunologist. To motivate people to get vaccinated, it is enough to show them overcrowded hospitals and let them listen to people who were in intensive care, she believes. The doctor shared her opinion: “Believe me, almost every second one regretted not being entitated against coronavirus. But it seems to me that with the introduction of certificates, QR codes, the number of vaccinated people will rapidly go up.” Lawyer Mikhail Pryadko explained to Izvestia: “Art. 207.1 of the Criminal Code provides for liability for the dissemination of knowingly false information about circumstances that pose a threat to the life and safety of citizens. A fine of ₽300k to ₽700k, up to 360 hours of compulsory labor, up to a year of restriction of freedom or correctional labor may be fined under this article. Art. 207.2 The Criminal Code also refers to the public dissemination of false information, but its dissemination may result in harm to human health. In this case, the punishment provides for a fine of 700k to 1m rubles or imprisonment for up to three years. In a case of death of a person due to false information, a fine of ₽1m to ₽2m or up to five years in prison is provided. But the investigation will have to prove that the person deliberately and deliberately gave out a fake for reliable medical information. Linguistic or psycho-linguistic expertise is likely to be required in such cases.”

Erdogan go away!
Colonel Cassad, Nov 24 2021

Protests began in Istanbul against Erdogan’s economic policy, which led to the collapse of the Turkish lira, which today broke through the mark of 13 Turkish liras for $1, fallng by 50% since the beginning of the year. In some supermarkets of the capital today restrictions on the number of purchases of certain categories of goods have been introduced to avoid hype when people rushed to spend shrinking savings. Protesters demand the departure of the ruling coalition of Erdogan’s party with the nationalists of Bahceli, who brought Turkey to this. The number of protesters is not yet enough to seriously threat Erdogan’s authorities, but with the continuation of the collapse of the lira, the number of protesters can very easily increase. Plus, it is quite obvious that in the next elections the opposition will surely play a map of Erdogan’s failed economic policy. The Ottoman Empire has not even begun to be built yet, and the economy is already beginning to catch up.

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