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News Round-Up
Luke Perry, Daily Sceptic, Nov 24 2021

Vaccine Safety Update
Will Jones, Daily Sceptic, Nov 25 2021

This is the 19th of the round-ups of Covid vaccine safety reports and news compiled by a group of medical doctors who are monitoring developments but prefer to remain anonymous in the current climate (find the 18th one here). By no means is this part of an effort to generate alarm about the vaccines or dissuade anyone from getting inoculated. It should be read in conjunction with the Daily Sceptic‘s other posts on vaccines, which include both encouraging and not so encouraging developments. At the Daily Sceptic we report all the news about the vaccines, whether positive or negative, and give no-one advice about whether they should or should not take them. Unlike with lockdowns, we are neither pro-vaccine nor anti-vaccine; we see our job as reporting the facts, not advocating for or against a particular policy. The vaccine technology is novel and the vaccines have not yet fully completed their trials, which is why they’re in use under temporary and not full market authorisation. This has been done on account of the emergency situation and the trial data was largely encouraging on both efficacy and safety. For a summary of that data, see this preamble to the Government’s page on the Yellow Card reporting system. (Dr Tess Lawrie in June wrote an open letter to Dr June Raine, head of the MHRA, arguing that: “The MHRA now has more than enough evidence on the Yellow Card system to declare the COVID-19 vaccines unsafe for use in humans,” a claim that has been ‘fact checked’ here.) Boris Johnson said in October that being double vaccinated “doesn’t protect you against catching the disease, and it doesn’t protect you against passing it on.” We publish information and opinion to inform public debate and help readers reach their own conclusions about what is best for them, based on the available data.

Summary of Adverse Events in the UK

According to an updated report published on Nov 19, the MHRA Yellow Card reporting system has recorded a total of 1,271,009 events based on 386,517 reports. The total number of fatalities reported is 1,784.

  • Pfizer (24.2m first doses, 20.6m second doses) now has one Yellow Card in 185 people vaccinated. Deaths: 1 in 39,607 people vaccinated (611).
  • AstraZeneca (24.8m first doses, 24.1m second doses) has one Yellow Card in 105 people vaccinated. Deaths: 1 in 22,103 people vaccinated (1,122).
  • Moderna (1.5m first doses, 1.3m second doses) has one Yellow Card in 85 people vaccinated. Deaths: 1 in 78,947 people vaccinated (19).

Overall, one in every 131 people vaccinated (0.76%) have experienced a Yellow Card adverse event. The MHRA has previously estimated that the Yellow Card reporting rate may be approximately 10% of actual figures.

  • Thrombosis/Embolism (All types)= 7,391
  • Anaphylaxis = 1,427
  • Acute Cardiac = 17,753
  • Herpes = 4,468
  • Blindness = 439
  • Deafness = 633
  • Spontaneous Abortions = 626 miscarriages + 17 foetal deaths
  • Migraines & Headaches = 125,498
  • Central Nervous System Haemorrhage (Stroke) = 2,745
  • Guillain-Barré Syndrome = 529
  • Facial Paralysis incl. Bell’s Palsy = 1,844
  • Vertigo/Tinnitus = 10,338
  • Seizures = 3,006
  • Paralysis = 1,226
  • Tremor = 11,732
  • Epistaxis (Nosebleeds) = 3,198
  • Reproductive/Breast Disorders = 46,414

Further analysis can be found via the UK Freedom Project.

Source: Pfizer; Moderna; AstraZeneca; Unspecified. “F” denotes fatal.

10 places that show the COVID shots have failed miserably
Daniel Horowitz, The Blaze, Nov 16 2021

At some point the COVID fascists and the injection addicts need to own the failure of their own policies. For better or for worse, they have been successful in defeating and censoring any opposition, so it is their policies that are the ones in place, not ours. They must therefore own the panic from the growing spread in many states and countries. The reality is that anyone who has not had prior SARS-CoV-2 infection is “unvaccinated.” There is no vaccine for this virus, and the therapeutic that is fraudulently being marketed as such has clearly made the virus worse than last year, even though most adults have taken it and despite half the population already having had the virus. As bad as the results from the so-called vaccine are, just remember the efficacy is even worse than you think. When outcomes (cases, hospitalizations, deaths) are subject to reporting delays but vaccination rates are not, the inevitable result is an overstating of vaccine efficacy. What this means is that much of what we think of as waning efficacy may actually just be poor efficacy from the get-go. While there are dozens of examples of vaccine failure across the globe – with cases spreading quicker than they ever did before the vaccination, here are 10 of the most jarring examples:

1. UK

There is nowhere to run or hide from the negative effects of the shots in the UK After accomplishing one of the quickest and most universal vaccination drives, the UK now has more cases than it did during last winter’s wave when nobody was vaccinated.

The UKHSA also puts out the most consistent granular data on cases by vaccination status each week. Indeed, in all age groups above 30, there is now a negative efficacy to the shots, and in some age groups, the vaccinated are twice as likely to get COVID as those without the shots.

Plugging in the percentage vaccinated by each age cohort, you get a rough efficacy against symptomatic infection as follows:

The only reason the numbers for children are so high aside from the fact that most were vaccinated recently is because they are mass-tested in schools. According to the UKSHA data, roughly 82% of the deaths the past three weeks have been among the fully vaccinated.

2. Iceland

Few countries in the Western world did better than Iceland … before the mass vaccination. Although the country still isn’t experiencing too many deaths, as the population appears to be somewhat immune all along, Icelanders have now experienced two larger waves than before 92% of adults chose to get the shots.

3. Singapore

Singapore blows up the myth of the shots perhaps more than any other country. It is one of those Far East countries that, based on a year of data, appeared to be somewhat immune to the virus, especiall to critical illness. Yet, precisely after nearly every adult in the country was vaccinated, Singapore is now experiencing a wave that blows out any prior wave, to the point where the population is now incurring what is the equivalent of 800 deaths per day in the US.

Although the US has obviously experienced more than 800 deaths a day, that is a very high number for a country that enjoys much better health and lower obesity rates than Americans. There is nowhere to run or hide and nobody else to blame. Clearly, the shots have made the virus worse.

4. Netherlands

The Dutch mistakenly thought that a seasonal low in cases was really due to the vaccines. Well, after achieving an 84% vaccination rate among adults, they have now suffered a 680% increase in cases in the virus in just a month and a half. They set a record in cases per day as well as a 19.2% positivity rate.

Rather than suspending this dangerous shot and pushing early treatment and monoclonal antibodies, they are headed back to lockdown.

5. Belgium

If there is any country that you’d think would be done with this virus, it’s Belgium. The Belgians already had a massive wave last fall and have suffered one of the highest death rates in the world. Yet despite (or perhaps because of) a similar vaccination rate to the Netherlands, they are now experiencing another large wave, several months after vaccinating most adults. Which province has the highest case rate? You guessed it: the most vaccinated one! According to the Brussels Times, West Flanders, where 60 out of 64 municipalities are above 80 percent vaccination (nearly universal among adults), is “experiencing an incidence of 1,363 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over the last 14 days, it is by far the province where the virus is circulating the most, and where the increase remains the strongest (+67 percent in one week).”

6. Cayman Islands

In case you think the surge is an anomaly in Europe, the Cayman Islands are now experiencing their worst surge in cases to date. With just 65k people, this island nation had very little COVID for the past year and a half. According to Reuters, the country has administered at least 116,507 doses of COVID vaccines so far, which would essentially be enough to give nearly every adult two shots. So, they avoided COVID altogether, right? Nope, they have one of the highest case rates per capita in the world precisely after they achieved universal vaccination.

7. New Mexico

In the US, we supposedly have states that did it right and states that did not. New Mexico has had strict lockdowns, strict mask-wearing, and one of the stronger vaccine coercion regimes. New Mexico ranks 14 among the 50 states in terms of vaccination rate. It now has a higher case rate than neighboring states experiencing the same seasonal wave among the Western Mountain states. Hospitals are now at 150% capacity.

8. Maine

After vaccinating, at least partially, nearly 100% of those over 65, Maine now has as many hospitalizations and more cases as last winter, and it’s only mid-November.

Remember, Maine not only has a vaccine mandate on workers, but it does not accept religious exemptions. Points for “effort” are not awarded by this virus to faulty vaccines.

9. Seychelles

Nearly every African country has done pretty well with COVID, but this tiny island country in the Indian Ocean has more deaths than almost any country in Africa, even though it has, by far, the highest vaccination rate in the continent. In fact, the country barely had a single death before the mass vaccination! By my count, all but 14 of its 122 deaths occurred after 60% of the country and most adults were vaccinated.

10. Gibraltar

And now for the one that takes the cake. Despite having the seventh highest per capita COVID death rate and fifth highest case rate since the beginning of the pandemic, this tiny country is now on its second Delta wave. This, despite 100% of the adult population having had the Pfizer shots and 40% having had the boosters! You can’t beat a tiny country that is 100% vaxxed and was “being careful” the entire time, right? Well, the Gibraltar government has just advised people to cancel Christmas plans. Its current case rate is over 160 per hundred thousand, nearly double the rate in the US during its winter peak.

The media keeps asserting that a leaky vaccine is somehow better than no vaccine. But we know that a 2015 study on a leaky chicken vaccineconcluded the opposite. “Our data show that anti-disease vaccines that do not prevent transmission can create conditions that promote the emergence of pathogen strains that cause more severe disease,” warned the US and UK researchers on the failed Marek’s disease vaccine. Given the reality of what we see before our eyes, why is this not a concern regarding the leaky vaccines for humans?

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