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New German government commits to NATO first-strike nuclear “deterrent”
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Nov 24 2021

Incoming German government commits to NATO nuclear deterrent
Sebastian Sprenger, Defense News, Nov 24 2021

Germany’s incoming government has affirmed its commitment to NATO’s nuclear deterrent, including the role accorded to Berlin in the strategy, according to a coalition agreement unveiled Nov 24 by Social Democrats (SPD), the Greens and the liberal Free Democrats (FDP). Mölling said it includes a commitment to NATO’s nuclear-sharing arrangement, by which German pilots would deliver nuclear bombs stored on German soil in a hypothetical war. Mention of Berlin’s NATO nuclear-sharing commitment [is a] binding objective, Mölling said, noting the agreement makes the replacement of the country’s aging Tornado aircraft with an equally nuclear-capable type an explicit goal for the new government.

Bulgaria: USAF hub in Black Sea, on NATO’s eastern flank
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Nov 24 2021

The Bulgaria Air Force: Their role in the Air Defence in Eastern Europe
NATO, Nov 24 2021

The Bulgarian Air Force have been committed to safeguarding Allied airspace and an integral part of NATO’s Air Policing mission since Mar 29 2004. Their Air Policing efforts began just a week prior to Bulgaria’s official membership in NATO, dated Apr 4 2004. Initially, the mission was carried out by two-ship formations of two types of fighter jets, MiG-21 and MiG-29. From 2015 the Bulgarian Air Force has hosted several visiting units from Allied nations to jointly secure the skies over the Eastern flank of NATO .As part of NATO’s assurance measures the enhanced Air Policing mission has seen the deployment of the USAF squadrons in 2016 and 2020, and an Italian Air Force unit in 2017. These deployments allowed the teams…to demonstrate the readiness and will to defend the integrity of not only Bulgarian airspace but contribute to the wider defence of NATO. 17 years after joining NATO, the Bulgarian Air Force continues to police the skies of Bulgaria within the scope of NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defence System.

Bulgarian MiG-29 and NATO AWACS over the Black Sea region. Photo: Bulgarian Air Force.

One billion people of the Euro-Atlantic area: NATO returns to Cold War mission of confronting Russia
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Nov 24 2021

SACEUR Holds Conference at SHAPE
SHAPE, Nov 24 2021

SACEUR Gen Wolters hosted a Commander’s Conference at SHAPE Nov 23-24 2021. This tri-annual conference is an opportunity for the SACEUR to meet with Allied Command Operations Commanders, Command Senior Enlisted Leaders and Political Advisors to discuss NATO priorities and the importance of adapting to meet today’s evolving security challenges. “This is a historic time for the Alliance. The one billion people of the Euro-Atlantic area have placed their trust in us,” said Wolters. The conference focused on Deterrence and Defence of the Euro-Atlantic Area (DDA) Concept implementation developments and exercising the Command and Control arrangements required to conduct DDA, a military concept that outlines how NATO Allies will operate together in peace, crisis, and conflict. “DDA is especially important to the NATO military because it establishes an agreed Alliance view on 21st Century approaches to multi-domain action,” said Wolters. NATO Sec-Gen Stoltenberg and the Chair of the Military Committee, Adm Bauer, participated on the second day of the conference, providing their insights on NATO 2030 priorities and the future of NATO, including the important role the military play in the Alliance. “In recent years, NATO has fundamentally shifted its efforts from out of area operations to collective defence,” the Sec-Gen said.

Estonian NATO ambassador: nuclear option should not be ruled out
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Nov 24 2021

He spoke about a first-strike nuclear option, to be clear.

NATO ambassador: US remains critical for Estonia, Europe security
ERR.ee, Nov 24 2021

US involvement in European security and in NATO is critical, Estonia’s ambassador to NATO Jüri Luik says, across two interviews given in the past month to defense and security publication Defense News, a high-level, United States-based weekly, while the nuclear deterrent should not be ruled in or out, Luik said, even as President Joe Biden’s administration is reportedly mulling a ‘no first use’ policy. As to the use of nuclear weapons, Luik said: “If you look at our threat picture, the likelihood of a conventional attack is higher than the likelihood of a nuclear attack. We believe that the present policy maintains the unpredictability of a response, including a nuclear response, which forces the adversary to think.” This makes a potential attack on Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania more challenging.

Being a global power: NATO ally Spain to assist Turkey to develop first “UAV aircraft carrier”
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Nov 24 2021

Turkey’s defense industry rolls up sleeves for aircraft carrier
Daily Sabah, Nov 23 2021

“We see that the concept of an aircraft carrier is starting to change,” he said, as Turkey also brought about the new concept of an “UAV aircraft carrier” that has attracted global attention. As the Turkish defense industry prepares for delivery of the flagship-to-be amphibious assault ship TCG Anadolu, a landing helicopter dock (LHD) vessel, plans to build an aircraft carrier also feature prominently on the country’s agenda. Ismail Demir, head of the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) outlined that building an aircraft carrier should be considered part of Turkey’s vision of being a global power. “TCG Anadolu was planned as a landing ship with a dock,” Demir said, however, once it was understood that it is possible to deploy UAVs or UCAVs on the soon to be operational Anadolu ship, “we started work on this concept.” Demir said that the primary aim is for the ship to be put into service as soon as possible, noting that deployment of the Bayraktar TB3 UCAV, which is currently planned as a VTOL combat drone, will follow. Moreover, Demir stressed that a second and more comprehensive vessel that could be classified as an actual aircraft carrier, as announced by President Erdoğan, is on the agenda. “We see that the concept of an aircraft carrier is starting to change,” he said, as Turkey also brought about the new concept of an “UAE aircraft carrier” that has attracted global attention. Demir said that this topic was also discussed with his Spanish counterparts who recently showed interest. “There is an approach that it would be appropriate to consider a larger ship in a format that will accommodate several types of UAVs/UCAVs with jet engines and propellers.”

With its eye on Yemen, Turkey continues building Somali proxy army
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Nov 24 2021

Turkish defense minister meets Somali army chief
Hurriyet, Nov 24 2021

Turkey’s National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar on Nov 23 met with Somalia’s Chief of General Staff, Brig- Gen Odawa Yusuf Rageh in Ankara. Rageh arrived in Turkey at the invitation of Chief of General Staff Gen Yaşar Güler. Akar said that political and military cooperation between Turkey and “friendly and brotherly” Somalia continues to develop.

All 30 NATO envoys visit, 5th-generation combat planes land on HMS Queen Elizabeth carrier after return from Far East
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Nov 24 2021

UK Carrier Strike Group’s HMS Queen Elizabeth Hosts Senior Visitors from NATO
EUCOM, Nov 23 2021

HMS Queen Elizabeth has welcomed 30 NATO Ambassadors in one of the final events of the Carrier Strike Group 21 (CSG21) deployment. They were joined by the Deputy SACEUR, General Tim Radford, and representatives from Italy, the Netherlands, the UK and the US. UK Minister for Defence Procurement Jeremy Quin welcomed the NATO delegation to the flight deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth where the visitors watched UK and US F-35 Lightning jets take off. Quin said: “CSG21 has opened the next chapter of the UK’s contribution to NATO. The deployment has underlined the breadth, depth and reach of the defence and security partnerships at the heart of the world’s longest enduring Alliance.” The visit comes as CSG21 nears the end of its 7-month deployment. It has travelled over 40k nautical miles to the Indo-Pacific and back. Ships and aircraft from the group have operated and exercised with over 40 countries including many NATO allies in an international demonstration of unity with our allies and partners. The UK Carrier Strike Group is NATO’s first 5th generation carrier strike capability and marks a step change in military technology, interoperability and integration. It demonstrates the UK’s unwavering commitment to NATO and to the safety and security of our Euro-Atlantic home. Yesterday, Italian F-35 jets landed on HMS Queen Elizabeth for the first time, the first European NATO partner to operate this aircraft from the new UK aircraft carrier. They are the same B variant as the joint RAF/Royal Navy and US Marine Corps stealth fighter currently embarked in the Portsmouth-based UK flagship. Italy are the only other NATO partner aside from the US and UK to operate this variant. Commander of the UK CSG, Royal Navy Commodore Steve Moorhouse said: “The fact that US, Italian and UK F-35Bs are able to fly to and from one another’s flight decks offers tactical agility and strategic advantage to NATO. This activity is a telling demonstration of the UK’s Flagship’s interoperability with other nations; Italy is the third nation to land an F-35B onto the deck of HMS Queen Elizabeth and the seventh military operating F-35 aircraft that the UK’s CSG has exercised with on CSG21.”

Aegis destroyer, nuclear carrier in NATO “high-end carrier strike group-level warfighting interoperability” naval drills
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Nov 24 2021

US Sixth Fleet Joins France’s Polaris 21 Exercise
EUCOM, Nov 24 2021

The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Porter [equipped to carry SM-3s that have destroyed ICBMs in tests and that was recently involved in maneuvers off the Russian coast in the Black Sea], US Navy P-8A Poseidon aircraft from Commander, Task Force 67, and the Henry J Kaiser-class fleet replenishment oiler USNS John Lenthal (T-AO 189) began participation in the French-led multilateral maritime exercise Polaris 21 in the Mediterranean Sea, Monday, Nov 22 2021. The US forces joined Italian, Greek, Spanish, and the UK maritime forces to develop high-end carrier strike group-level warfighting interoperability and proficiency among the NATO allies during France’s maritime exercise that began Nov 18. “Participating in multi-national exercises, especially with an allied forces carrier strike group, ensures Porter is always ready to execute any mission.” French and allied units scheduled to participate include French Aircraft Carrier Charles De Gaulle [the only non-American nuclear aircraft carrier] and Landing Helicopter Dock Tonnerre, Destroyer Alsace, Provence, Aquitaine, Fregate Aconit, Forbin, Latouche Tréville, Corvette Commandant Ducuing et Commandant Birot Auxiliary ships Marne and other French ships, French Army and French Air Forces units. NATO participation includes the Italian Navy destroyer ITS Carlo Bergamini (F-590), the Spanish Navy destroyer SPS Méndez Nuñez (F 104), the Hellenic Navy Frigate HS Adrias (F-459), and UK Royal Navy destroyer HMS Dragon (D35). Polaris 21 enhances high-level operational preparation and stimulates strategic and tactical creativity amongst NATO allies and partners through a sustained and intense combat training scenario across multiple domains of warfare above and below the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Increasingly, NATO allies are expanding their high-end maritime warfighting capabilities by integrating into exercises and carrier strike group deployments. Last month, the Norwegian frigate HNoMS Fridtjof Nansen (F310) joined the USS Truman (CVN 75) strike group for their Composite Training Unit Exercise and is scheduled to accompany the CSG on their upcoming deployment. Other recent integration examples include USS Porter’s participation in the UK Royal Navy’s Fleet Operational Sea Training exercise in October, and USS The Sullivans (DDG 68) integration into the UK Royal Navy’s HMS Queen Elizabeth deployment.

Georgia: US-trained special operations troops ready for the next war
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Nov 24 2021

Note that all the insignia on the Georgian SOF uniforms are solely in English. Example: Special Operations/Ranger/Airborne.

Georgian SOF celebrated its 22nd anniversary
Georgian Ministry of Defense, Nov 24 2021

The 22nd anniversary of the SOF of the Georgian Defense Forces was celebrated in Mukhrovani. The Minister of Defense of Georgia Juansher Burchuladze and the Commander of the Defense Forces, Maj-Gen Giorgi Matiashvili addressed the personnel of the SOF and congratulated them on the jubilee. He also spoke about the support of the US and friendly countries, a strategic partner in the development of SOF. The soldiers were awarded with staff weapons and badges on the anniversary. Medals and certificates were awarded to the American and Georgian servicemen. Within the framework of the event, Georgian and American servicemen conducted culmination exercises on the shooting for the invited guests. During Operation Raid, the military used ammunition, grenade launchers, and sniper rifles to destroy a conventional enemy and evacuate the wounded. The Joint Operations Exercise (JCET) of the Georgian Special Forces “Operational Forces and the US Army Operational Unit” lasted for 8 weeks.

Ukraine launches special operation on Belarus border with troops, aircraft, drones
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Nov 24 2021

Ukraine launches special operation on Belarus border
112.international, Nov 24 2021

Ukraine has launched a joint special operation Polissia on the border with Belarus. It involves forces of the National Guard, National Police, Armed Forces and border guards. “In order to further respond to the possible complication of the situation, a joint special border operation has been agreed with joint interactive state structures and a corresponding plan has been worked out. And last night it officially started,” he said. Aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles and technical means of surveillance will be actively used in border protection for patrolling and monitoring. In addition, a significant strengthening of the border regime along the Ukrainian-Belarusian section of the state border is envisaged.

Over 30 US artillery pieces, dozens of tanks, thousands of NATO troops moved to Belarus border
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Nov 24 2021

USA deploys at least 30 self-propelled howitzers near Belarusian-Polish border
BelTA, Nov 24 2021

The USA has deployed at least 30 self-propelled howitzers Paladin near the Belarusian-Polish border, the news agency Avia.pro reports. According to the source, after dozens of tanks, armored vehicles and several thousands of NATO military personnel were relocated to the Belarusian border; it was revealed that in addition to that the USA moved at least 30 155mm self-propelled howitzers M109A7 Paladin to the Belarusian-Polish border. The howitzers were delivered from Germany by several trains. Taking into account their firing range, they can fire into Belarus’ territory. The USA has yet to comment on the deployment of its weapon systems and military hardware near the Belarusian border.

Ukrainian warplanes practice all-domain missile and bomb strikes
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Nov 24 2021

Ukraine’s Air Force fighters practiced shooting ground targets
112.international, Nov 24 2021

Pilots also trained in shooting targets on the water surface, as the drill area included the Black Sea. In the evening of November 23, units of Ukraine’s Air Force conducted a drill where the combat aviation trained in shooting the ground targets. “Su-24M and Su-25, the ground attack aircraft covered by MiG-29 and Su-27 air superiority fighters landed the missile and bomb strikes on ground targets,” reads the message. Then, the fighters practiced in dogfights and shooting targets on the water surface, as the drill area included the Black Sea.

Photograph: Ukrainian Air Force

Ukraine to deploy over 12k troops, several hundred units of military equipment to Belarus border
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Nov 24 2021

Ukraine allocates $6.5m to strengthen border with Belarus
112.international, Nov 24 2021

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has allocated 175m hryvnias ($6.5m) the border with Belarus. UAH 66.9m ($2.5m) will be provided to the State Border Guard Service from the special fund, and UAH 108.1m ($4m) will go to the National Guard. It is noted that today on the Ukrainian-Belarusian border there is a real threat of armed attacks. 3,098 border guards and 859 National Guardsmen were involved in the first wave, and 390 units of equipment were involved. 1,555 border guards, 193 units of military equipment, 6,993 units of the National Guard and more than 100 units of military equipment are planned to be involve in the second and third waves. He also noted that Ukraine will allow (border guards) to open fire.

Ukrainian exercise with Turkish combat drones, Javelin missiles features US, Turkish military observers
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Nov 24 2021

While the Russian government pretends not to know what’s happening with Ukraine’s use of Javelin missiles and Bayraktar combat drones in the Donbass.

Training with integrated use of Bayraktar, Javelin being held at Shyroky Lan training ground
Interfax Ukraine, Nov 24 2021

The Armed Forces of Ukraine at the Shyroky Lan training ground (Mykolaiv region) are conducting trainings with the integrated use of high-precision weapons, unmanned aerial vehicles, electronic warfare equipment, automated control systems and other modern weapons, including Bayraktar reconnaissance and strike systems and Javelin anti-tank missile systems, the Ministry of Defense has said. “In particular, fire missions were performed by the crews of anti-tank guided missiles FGM-148 Javelin, ATGM Stugna-P, ATGM Kosar, ATGM Barrier,” the ministry said on its website on Tuesday evening. Ambassadors Larisa Galadza of Canada and Tobias Thyberg of Sweden, as well as military attachés Colonel Robert Foster of Canada, Colonel Brandon Presley of US, and Captain Cengiz Cevik of Turkey, visited the training ground together with Minister of Defense of Ukraine Reznikov and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Lt-Gen Zaluzhny.

Britain joins fellow NATO Quad nations in threatening Russia
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, Nov 24 2021

Britain warns Russia against new aggression against Ukraine
UkrInform, Nov 24 2021

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has said that the Russian authorities would make a “grave mistake” if they launched a new wave of aggression against Ukraine. “We are very close allies of Ukraine and we are working with our partners in NATO but also directly with Ukraine to make sure they are fully supported,” Truss said. Earlier, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that Germany and France understand that Russia is now escalating the situation in various areas and are ready to coordinate with other countries to deter Russia’s aggressive behavior.

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