colonel cassad

Operation Cyclone of Yemen
Colonel Cassad, Jan 18 2022

Satellite images of the consequences of Houthis hitting the fuel terminal of the UAE National Oil Company in Abu Dhabi. The gas station was most badly damaged, where several fuel trucks burned after the hit and fire.

According to Houthi Brig-Gen Yahya Sari, four cruise missiles and one ballistic missile, plus “a large number of drones,” were used in Operation Cyclone of Yemen. The Musaffa refinery was hit with four Quds-2 cruise missiles. A Zulfikar ballistic missile hit Abu Dhabi airport. The drones are Sammad 3s, aimed at a number of additional sensitive and important targets in addition to previous targets. The Houthis warned foreign companies, citizens and residents of the “enemy state of the UAE” that they would not hesitate to expand their target list in the coming period. UAE residents and foreigners were warned to stay away from important facilities. It is also noted that the hit struck a facility only 5.5 km from an American military base.

UAE air defense clearly overslept all this. In retaliation for the attack on Abu Dhabi, the Saudis bombed Sana’a, again raining destruction stupidly on residential areas, how hard it is evident from the video. About 30 civilians were killed or injured.

We are waiting for return visits to Abu Dhabi and Riyadh.

PS. In South Marib, the Hadists, using units transferred from Hodeida and intensive air support of the Saudis, pushed the Houthis north of Harib, wringing out a piece of territory that was handed over as a result of the retreat in Nov-Dec 2021. The Hadists strive to succeed by taking Harib, but so far bloody battles are going north of the city. Stubborn fighting also continues in the mountainous areas of Jabal al-Balag south of Marib. Both sides suffer heavy losses. The Houthis claim more than 250 killed by the enemy, the Saudis claim 280 Houthis killed as a result of airstrikes, and the Hadists claim another 120-160 killed in ground fighting. In general, the Maribean meat grinder, which began in Feb 2021, continues. The Houthis recognized the losses of about 20k to 22k people in Marib in 2021. Hadists and Saudis lost about 25k to 30k killed, wounded and captured. Despite the vague figures, it is quite obvious that it was the bloodiest battle of 2021. As previously stated, in order to organize this counter-offensive, the Hadists and Saudis were forced to surrender most of the west coast of Yemen and abandon all positions in the Hodeida area. Since the resource of the transferred brigades is not endless, it can be expected that in the medium term the positioning trends in South Marib will prevail again.

Nazarbayev is alive
Colonel Cassad, Jan 18 2022

2.5 weeks after the beginning of the bloody events in Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev did appear and recorded an appeal to the nation. According to Nazarbayev, “he is a pensioner and is on a well-deserved rest” (although until Jan 5 he held a key position in Kazakhstan, which was cooler than the presidential one), Kazakhstan Nazarbayev, according to him, did not leave, Tokayev will soon head the Nur Otan party, there is no conflict of elites in Kazakhstan, everyone needs to support President Tokayev’s course.

Dear Kazakhstanis! Dear compatriots! The January events shocked the whole of Kazakhstan. The purpose of these organized riots and attacks on Kazakhstan was to destroy the integrity of the country and the foundations of the state. These events once again show that independence must be protected as the apple of the eye, as a fragile vessel that requires particularly careful handling. The tragedy that happened was a lesson for all of us. It is important to find out who organized all these pogroms and murders. The investigation will answer this question. I express my sincere condolences to the relatives and friends of the victims, and I wish the victims a speedy recovery. Responding to numerous appeals to me, and in connection with publications in the media, I inform you that in 2019 I transferred the powers of President to Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, and since then I have been a pensioner, and currently I am on a well-deserved rest in the capital of Kazakhstan and have not gone anywhere. President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has full power. He is the chairman of the Security Council. Soon the President will be elected chairman of the Nur Otan party. Therefore, there is no conflict or confrontation in the elite. Rumors on this topic are absolutely groundless. Everyone knows that I worked tirelessly for the name of our Motherland for 30 years. We have strengthened its borders. We carried out progressive reforms. Together we built an independent Kazakhstan, achieved great results in socio-economic development, became leaders in many respects, not only in Central Asia, but also in the CIS. Kazakhstan has become a recognized and authoritative state in the world community. This is the result of the cohesion and unity of all Kazakhstanis. Stability and tranquillity in the country have always been my goal. We all need to protect these enduring values. We will definitely get through this crisis and become even stronger. The President has put forward a new reform program aimed at improving the well-being of the people. This program needs to be supported. I wish you, dear compatriots, health and well-being! Thank you for supporting my course of reform and modernization, which I carried out as head of state.

That’s all. The elites have finally agreed on the conditions. Nazarbayev is already a really honored pensioner. Tokayev is the sole leade. Now he is both the head of the Security Council and the leader of the “Nur Otan” party, from which he has purged the Nazarbayev clan. We will learn in the course of (time about) further processes of redistribution of power and property.

Who is behind the attack on Ukrainian resources?
Boris Rezhin, Analytical Service of Danbass, Jan 17 2022 (also Colonel Cassad)

The consequences of the hacker attack on the state websites of Ukraine gave rise to an amusing disagreement of accusations and versions. Since everything like this is usually written off in Ukraine to “Russian hybrid aggression” and all sorts of “Satan’s plans,” almost immediately after the hacking of state resources, statements dutifully followed that it was Russian hackers who attacked Ukraine again cynically. But the next day there was a change of horses in mid-stream, and hackers from the group “UNC1151, associated with the government of Belarus or its law enforcement agencies” (read the KGB of Belarus) were accused of attacking the state websites of Ukraine. These accusations are related to last year’s American report which claimed that this hacker group is directly related to the armed forces of Belarus, which allegedly have been conducting propaganda against NATO online for a long time. Importantly, the same report claimed that the Americans were looking for traces indicating UNC1151’s connection with Russia, but no evidence of such a connection could be found.

It is important to understand that since 2014, the Ukrainian segment of the Internet has been oversaturated by the actions of hacker groups. These can be hackers associated with Russia, Belarus, the US or the NATO countries, and here it is important to remember the story of counterfeit hacker operations exposed by the fugitive NSA analyst Snowden, who is now hiding in Russia. In addition, add here the actions of the DPR and LPR special services, opposition Ukrainian hacker groups, criminal hacker groups, etc. All this in total leads to the fact that, except when the hackers themselves take responsibility for certain actions, such as “CyberBerkut,” “Joker DNR” or “Beregini,” it is often simply impossible to determine who exactly was behind a particular information leak or a particular act of sabotage of the network infrastructure. It can equally be the actions of some hackers associated with the state or intelligence services, some false flag operation simulating an attack by state-affiliated hackers, or just criminal actions that can also disguise themselves as “politics and security.”

At the same time, the fight against leaks and attacks is regularly sabotaged from within the state apparatus and special services, as we regularly see stories with the “arrest of spies,” the sale of state databases and documents, neglect of network security issues, etc. Therefore, for many years now, everyone who is not too lazy can leak a variety of documents into the network, from the documents of the brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbass, and the list of patients of psychiatric hospitals from the military, to secret documents of the National Security and Defense Council and NATO. In the case of attacks on state sites, this has long been a routine form of confrontation between the DPR/LPR and Ukraine, reflecting the work of the special services to wage cyberwar as part of the conventional ‘hot’ war which has been going on in Donbass since 2014.

If we are talking about Belarus, which Ukraine is now accusing, it is worth remembering that until Aug 2020, Belarus was a neutral country that consistently maintained its neutrality and on the territory of which negotiations were held in the Minsk format. After the start of the 2020 coup attempt, Ukraine actively joined in support of forces that sought to eliminate Lukashenko and establish a pro-Western anti-Russian government in Minsk. During this period, among other things, regular hacker attacks were carried out on the state sites of Belarus, including from the territory of Ukraine. The purpose of these attacks was to paralyse the work of state sites and make work difficult for the networks of the state apparatus. Of course, all this was presented as “the actions of outraged democratic hackers.” Subsequent leaks have perfectly shown that it was a state campaign of influence. With these and other steps, Ukraine has consistently sculpted a hostile state from Belarus since Aug 2020, although Belarus has not done anything clearly hostile to Ukraine. In Kiev, of course, this was understood, but followed in the tracks of the Western course against Belarus, which was expressed in the non-recognition of the Lukashenko regime and consistent pressure oto bring about regime change in Belarus.

Belarus endured all this for a while, but gradually began to change its policy towards Ukraine, finally starting to call things by their proper names, including the actual installation of the Nazi regime in Ukraine and its complete dependence on the West. Minsk’s rhetoric began to increasingly lean towards Russian estimates of what was happening in Ukraine, although during Lukashenko’s active multi-vector period, official Minsk avoided such assessments. 18 months after those events, a wide enough list of statements and actions on the part of Ukraine has already been compiled so that Belarus can afford a “hacker hello” (“хакерский привет”), recalling that Ukraine’s hostile actions may have unpleasant consequences for Ukraine itself. This does not mean that it is Belarus that is behind the hacker attack on Ukrainian sites. It is equally easy to assume without proof that this is an operation of American hackers under a fake flag, simulating the actions of Belarusian or Russian hackers. But it is not difficult to justify such actions, if Belarus really had anything to do with them, as Ukraine pursues an active and pro-active anti-Belarusian policy, and Lukashenko is not one of those who turns the other cheek. It is important to remember that before the Euromaidan and before attempts to overthrow Lukashenko, no Belarusian hackers attacked Ukrainian sites for any reason. The problems began after the coup d’état and the establishment of a puppet regime in Kiev, which is a catalyst for instability in the region, and security problems, including network problems.

Since Monday, the UAE is no longer a safe country
Colonel Cassad, Jan 17 2022

The Houthi leader, following the successful strike on Abu Dhabi, said that from today all countries and companies investing in the UAE should not consider the UAE as a safe country. That is, he transparently hinted that the campaign of ballistic missiles and UAV kamikaze strikes on the UAE would become as systematic as against Saudi Arabia. Previously, the Houthis had already linked the issues of stopping strikes on Saudi Arabia (and now on the UAE) with their demands to stop air strikes on Yemeni cities, saying that as long as Yemen is bombed, we will bomb the territory of the interventionist countries. I wonder where the drones actually started from?

The Houthis said that the UAE had previously stated that they were withdrawing troops from Yemen and were going to leave, but they did not leave, and they continue to participate in aggression against the Yemeni people together with other interventionists, occupying the sovereign territory of Yemen. Therefore, last week the Houthis warned that there would be consequences. And today, the consequences for the UAE’s duplicitous policy have come. According to preliminary data, ywp Indian citizens were killed in Abu Dhabi airport, one Pakistani + six others were injured. A severe fire continues on the territory of Abu Dhabi airport. Burnt fuel trucks and a military transport aircraft are also reported. Saudi Arabia called the Houthi strike a “cowardly terrorist attack.” Of course, when the Saudis bombed Sana’a several times last week, including Sana’a’ airport, it was not considered a terrorist attack.

The Houthis hit Abu Dhabi
Colonel Cassad, Jan 17 2022

It is reported that the Houthis used UAVs to target a new terminal at Abu Dhabi International Airport, as well as attacking oil storage facilities. The Houthis have already confirmed the fact of the attack and promised more details during the day. Abu Dhabi police report fires at the airport after hits. A number of publications report at least two major explosions on the territory of the airport. There are unconfirmed reports of three fuel trucks destroyed. The UAE has not attacked for a long time. Houthi missiles and drones were massively launched towards Saudi Arabia. Now the Emirates have joined the target list. Al-Mayadin claims that 20 Kamikaze UAVs and 10 ballistic missiles were launched at Abu Dhabi. How many the Abu Dhabi air defense unit was able to shoot down is not reported. The Saudis today reported on 3 UAV kamikazes shot down over the southern provinces of Saudi Arabia. In general, we are waiting for the details of the operation. In any case, regardless of the number of drones and missiles fired, as well as the damage caused, the Houthis demonstrate that they can easily reach the capital of the UAE.


  1. traducteur
    Posted January 18, 2022 at 9:32 pm | Permalink

    A re-shoe in the jump, was there? Vividly put; I shall make a point of using the phrase in my own writing from now on.

  2. niqnaq
    Posted January 18, 2022 at 9:38 pm | Permalink

    переобувание в прыжке … be my guest

  3. lobro
    Posted January 19, 2022 at 7:32 am | Permalink

    “1300 km” Houthi missile strike on Abu Dhabi? This is the exact distance from Abadan to Tel Aviv, yes 1300 … would Houthi bros be so kind and loan a few spares to Sons of Haman—oops, forget that, we just discovered a bunch in the woodshed.

    if i was a jew, i’d be somewhat concerned, but not jews, no, their stoicism and courage are world renowned,walking tall into the pedal operated brain threshing machines, too proud to push the flimsy gas chamber doors open that only locked from inside.
    or maybe it was shabbat and no goyim were nearby to open it for them, so they discreetly coughed and keeled over in dignity—credit to their race™.

    hey trad, that rus line could be interpreted as “changing shoes in mid-jump“, what do you think? (“re-horse in the stream”, like we say in moose factory *grin*)

  4. niqnaq
    Posted January 19, 2022 at 7:55 am | Permalink

    “Changing horses in mid-stream.” OK, I shall make a few improvements to the autotranslation. To be frank, I was tired. It was the end of my blogging day, the tenth post of the day for me, a hard slog always.

    BTW, have i recently recommended Sophia Narwitz to you serious fellas? S/he make me grin, regularly:

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