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Death Toll From ISIS Attack On Al-Hasakah Prison Reached 136: Monitoring Group
South Front, Jan 23 2022

Source: the Hawar News Agency.

The death toll from ISIS’ ongoing attack on Geweran prison in the northeastern Syrian city of al-Hasakah has risen to 136, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Jan 23. ISIS cells attacked the prison, which is run by the US-backed SDF, late on Jan 20 to free hundreds of their comrades. However, they ended up capturing the prison and several nearby areas in the southern part of al-Hasakah city. According to the London-based monitoring group, the battle in al-Hasakah city has so far claimed the lives of 84 ISIS terrorists, seven civilians and 45 personnel of the SDF and its security forces. ISIS’ news agency, Amaq, shared horrifying footage showing the first hours of the attack, around a dozen dead SDF fighters and some two dozen others who were captured alive on January 22. The next day the agency revealed the details of its attack on the prison and shared a new video showing four hostages from the SDF.

Amaq has now released another video which shows four alleged SDF soldiers taken hostage in Hasakah. #Syria
— FJ (@Natsecjeff) January 23, 2022

As of Jan 23 afternoon, clashes are still ongoing inside and around Geweran prison. The SDF made some progress thanks to the US-led coalition’s fire support. ISIS terrorists were reportedly given a finally warning to surrender. This will not likely happen, however.

The battle has displaced thousands of families who are now taking refuge in the government-held “security zone” in al-Hasakah’s center as well as in the northern districts of the city.

The terrorists holding up at Geweran prison and nearby areas have reportedly vowed to fight the SDF until death, thus the battle may go on for several more days.

Three US Supply Convoys Attacked In Iraq’s Al-Qadisiyyah, Al-Muthanna & Babylon
South Front, Jan 23 2022

On Jan 23, three convoys moving logistic supplies and equipment for the US-led coalition came under attack in different parts of Iraq. The first convoy was attacked as it was passing near the city of al-Diwaniyah in the southern province of al-Qadisiyyah, while the second came under attack near the city of Samawah in the southern province of al-Muthanna. The third convoy was targeted as it was passing on the main highway of the central province of Babylon. Improvised explosive devices were used in all three attacks. The pro-Iranian Islamic Resistance in Iraq ‘Ashab al-Kahf claimed responsibility for Babylon attack. The other two attacks are yet to be claimed by any group. Pro-Iranian forces are still determined to expel US troops from Iraq. The first half of January saw an unprecedented wave of drone and rocket attacks on US military positions and diplomatic mission in the country. In spite of this, Washington is not backing down.

US Navy Seized Stateless Vessel Loaded With Tons Of Dangerous Materials En Route To Yemen
South Front, Jan 23 2022

Gulf of Oman, Jan 18 2022. US service members conduct a boarding on a stateless fishing vessel transiting
international waters as the rigid-hull inflatable boat and patrol coastal ship Chinook (PC 9) sail nearby.

The US Navy 5th Fleet seized on Jan 18 a stateless fishing vessel carrying loads of a chemical material that can be used to make explosives in the Gulf of Oman, the US Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT) announced on Jan 23. NAVCENT said in a statement:

Guided-missile destroyer USS Cole (DDG 67) and patrol coastal ship USS Chinook (PC 9) interdicted the stateless vessel transiting from Iran in waters outside of any state’s territorial sea along a route historically used to traffic weapons to the Houthis in Yemen. During a flag verification boarding and subsequent search, US forces discovered 40 tons of urea fertilizer, a chemical compound with agricultural applications that is also known to be used as an explosive precursor.

According to the NAVCENT, the same stateless fishing vessel was seized by the US Navy in Feb 2021 off the coast of Somalia while it was attempting to smuggle weapons. Back then, the vessel and its Yemeni crewmembers was handed over to the Yemeni Coast Guard. Last December, the US Navy 5th Fleet seized a stateless fishing vessel carrying 1,400 AK-47 assault rifles and 226,600 rounds of ammunition in the North Arabian Sea. Back then, CENTCOM said that the vessel originated in Iran and was sailing along a route used to traffic weapons to the Houthis (Ansar Allah) in Yemen. The US Navy 5th Fleet’s anti-smuggling operations in the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman are clearly meant to support the Saudi-led coalition’s war on the Houthis in Yemen.

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