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Written answers and reaction
Colonel Cassad, Jan 26 2022

Blinken spoke about the US response to Russia’s security proposals. The main thing:

  • The document reflects the positions already voiced: US concerns about Russia’s security actions and proposals in areas where countries can find common ground
  • There are “very positive things” in the written answer, the US is ready to move forward in areas where cooperation with Russia may be ready to discuss common security
  • The answer once again emphasizes that the US will not compromise NATO’s “open doors” principle
  • hopefully discuss the document submitted with Lavrov in the coming days
  • The US will not publish the document, hope that Russia will not do it either
  • Biden personally took part in the preparation of the document, it was also transferred to Congress
  • when preparing the answer, the US also coordinated with the allies and Ukraine
  • Washington is ready for any scenario around Ukraine, but still considers diplomacy to be the preferred way

Proposals submitted to NATO to Russia can be useful for both the Alliance and the Russian Federation. NATO Russia’s proposals go in parallel with the US proposals. The proposals that NATO transmitted to Russia were supported by all 30 members of the Alliance. NATO invites Russia to restore missions in Moscow and Brussels, as well as to establish a direct line of communication and make the most of military contacts to avoid incidents. NATO invites Moscow to hold a series of security consultations in the Russia-NATO Council. NATO invites Russia to resume briefings on exercises, finalize mechanisms for monitoring the exercises, including within the framework of the OSCE, as well as dialogue on arms, missile and nuclear weapons control and space. Russia must withdraw its troops from Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova, where they are without the consent of these countries. NATO will not compromise with Russia on the law of any countries, including Ukraine, to join the Alliance. NATO respects the decision of Georgia and Ukraine, which want to become members of the Alliance, but also Sweden and Finland, who want to remain partners. NATO hopes for deescalation around Ukraine and offers Russia dialogue, but at the same time increases the readiness of its forces and presence in the region, in particular, strengthens its presence in the Baltic and Black Sea regions. NATO, if necessary, will deploy an advanced detachment of 5k people led by France in the Black Sea region in a few days. NATO has decided to respond in writing because it is serious about making progress in the dialogue with Russia.

The US response to Moscow’s security guarantees cannot satisfy Russia, it cannot be accepted, Senator Jabarov told RIA Novosti. The US response to Russia’s proposals says that Washington is in direct confrontation and is starting a global confrontation.

All factions of the State Duma are ready to support the supply of defensive weapons to the DPR and LPR.

“The Russian Federation will prepare a response to the US reaction within a few days, allies, including China, may take part in the consultations”
– First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs

In general, nothing new. The Ball is on the side of the Russian Federation. Waiting for a return.

The US gave a written answer
Colonel Cassad, Jan 26 2022

  1. The US officially submitted its written response to the Russian Foreign Ministry to the demands and proposals that Russia put forward back in December. At first, the US refused to write anything down on paper, but in the end Moscow achieved its goal and forced the US to respond in writing. Earlier, the United States asked not to publish their answer.
  2. Now the content of the written answer is key. Moscow previously stated that if the content of the American written answer does not suit her, it will act by other means. Lavrov confirmed this today.
  3. Thus, the ball is now on the side of Russia and if the content of the US answer on paper does not suit her, Moscow will have to make its turn. Because if nothing follows the likely refusal, it will look like the Kremlin initially bluffed and there was nothing behind its demands.
  4. Accordingly, we are waiting for the passage of the bifurcation point of the current crisis and certain events of a military and political nature arising from the reluctance of the US to take into account the red lines of the Russian Federation and its spheres of influence.
  5. Emergency press conferences of Blinken and Stoltenberg have also been announced, which will concern these very guarantees.

Caribbean factor
Colonel Cassad, Jan 26 2022

Lavrov said today that Russia had agreed with Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua on the development of military-technical cooperation (among other agreements on the development of relations). This certainly does not mean that just tomorrow Russian missiles and bombers will appear in one of these countries, but at least portends the conclusion of new weapons contracts and the possible increase in the Russian military presence in the Caribbean, and it is not necessary that it will be official. In terms of undermining the US positions in Latin America and the Western Hemisphere as a whole, it is simply begging to implement a joint Sino-Russian project with the construction of the Nicaraguan Canal, with the concomitant appearance of permanent PLA and Russian Armed Forces military bases to protect the canal in Nicaragua. But this is still in the category of goodwills, the canal construction project is still in a frozen state. But the intensification of the Cold War against China and the Russian Federation, as well as US pressure on Nicaraguan authorities, may well update this important geostrategic project in the medium term, which can radically change the balance of power in the Western Hemisphere.

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