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Information Struggle Around Events In Bucha
South Front, Apr 5 2022

In recent days, a great number of photos and videos have appeared concerning the mass murders in the city of Bucha. At the moment, there is an information war going on between Russia and Ukraine, where each side accuses the other of staging fake photos and videos. The terrible events in Bucha are only part of this huge information war. At the moment, there are disputes about who carried out the massacre in Bucha, and did it take place. The positions of Russia and Ukraine differ greatly on this issue. In addition to the direct actors, third parties who adhere to Kiev’s official version are also commenting on the Bucha events.

Ukrainian version

Ukraine claims that the terrible footage published by the Ukrainian side on Apr 3 is a clear evidence to accuse the Russian military of torture and extrajudicial executions. It is also necessary to cite several comments by Zelensky. Speaking of Bucha, he warned that “after the expulsion of the enemy from other territories, even harsher details may emerge.” “The longer Russia drags out the negotiation process, the worse it will be for them,” said he the same day. Zelensky stated that “in Borodyanka and other towns” the number casualties by the Russian army “may be even higher than in Bucha.” That means that the Russian military, according to Zelensky, left behind mountains of corpses all over Ukraine. Kiev is yet to announce an examination of the bodies of those killed in Bucha.

Russian version

The events in Bucha indicate the “mopping up” of Bucha by AFU troops before the Russian army arrived. The National Police of Ukraine also “cleaned up” Bucha the day before the video of the dead on the streets appeared. The Russian side refers to the reports of the National Police of Ukraine on the official site, the special forces “began to clean up the city of Bucha” on Apr 2. After the completion of the “operation,” the agency published its video. The “cleansing” meant killing residents who collaborated with the Russian military, as well as saboteurs, who had been wanted in Ukraine since the first day of the special operation.

Moscow accuses Kiev of multiple fakes. For example, the Russian side doubts the veracity of the photo from Bucha with bodies lying on the streets. According to Russian representatives, “This episode is another vivid example of information warfare, when another fake story is presented to the global community.”

The Russian Defense Ministry said that Kiev’s information about the mass murders in the Ukrainian town of Bucha did not correspond to reality and that the footage was staged. Because of this, Russia requested a UNSC meeting on Monday in connection with the provocation of Ukrainian radicals in Bucha.

“There are guys without blue armbands, can I shoot at them?”
“Sure, fuck!”

Third Parties

The covers of Western newspapers are replete with headlines such as “Nightmare in Bucha,” “Genocide,” and “Mass Murder of Innocents”. The essence of the publications boils down to one thesis: “Russia must answer for the shooting of civilians in the suburbs of Kiev.” Biden said that Putin should be prosecuted for “war crimes” in Ukraine. The Russian ambassador to the United States, Anatoliy Antonov, stated that the fact that the Ukrainian Armed Forces had shelled the city of Bucha had been hushed up.

The Russian Foreign Ministry reported that Britain had not agreed to a UNSC meeting on Bucha. But the British Defense Ministry is going to “find new shootings” in territories previously abandoned by Russian troops, similar to Bucha. In particular, Jack Watling, an expert at the British defense and security think tank, said in an interview with the BBC that mass killings similar to those that occurred in Bucha near Kyiv could be found in other regions of Ukraine. In the end, the true picture of events is quite difficult to reconstruct, because one side or the other is passing off its version as the truth. Civilians may also be divided into several camps, which at the moment provide them with protection.

AFU Blew Up Acid Tank In Chemical Plant In Rubezhnoye, LPR
South Front, Apr 5 2022

On Apr 5, an acid tank in the 1st workshop of the Zarya plant was blown up in the town of Rubezhnoye, in the LPR. The town is partially under the LPR control, clashes continue in the south-eastern districts of the town, where the Zarya plant is located. According to preliminary data, the explosion was carried out by the AFU before their withdrawal from the town. Local reports confirm that the moment of the explosion was chosen in accordance with the direction of the wind. Thus, the acid cloud is expected to move to the north towards the town of Kudryashovka, which is under the control of the LPR.

The head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration, Sergei Gaidai, confirmed that a shell hit a tank with nitric acid in Rubezhnoye. He addressed local civilians on social media and recommended not to leave shelters, close doors and windows.

Civilians left in the area are the main victims of the explosion. Those living in nearby villages will be affected anyway. If the wind changes, the acid cloud may reach the large cities of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk. Nitric acid is dangerous when inhaled, swallowed and gets on the skin and mucous membranes. In addition, with local exposure to the eyes, nitric acid causes severe damage with large necrosis of the cornea and conjunctiva, which leads to loss of vision. The Zarya plant is a leading enterprise of the chemical industry of Ukraine, located on the southern outskirts of the town of Rubezhnoye. Among other things, the enterprise includes storage facilities for sulfuric and nitric acid. The production was also engaged in the production of industrial explosives and chemical plant protection products. The doctrine of “total defence” proclaimed by the Kiev officials supposes that any sacrifice, including health and lives of a large number of civilians, is nothing if the AFU actions may harm the Russian soldiers, even potentially. As a result, while staging propaganda provocations, blaming Russia for the so-called “genocide” of the Ukrainian people, the Kiev regime is eradicating its own population.

Tactical Gains Near Gorlovka And Breakthrough In Mariupol
South Front, Apr 4 2022

The Russian Armed Forces and forces of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics are developing their operation against units of the Kyiv government. The Russian military continues to carry out strikes on military targets all across Ukraine. Nonetheless, the ground phase of the operation is currently mostly being developed in the region of the Donbass. As of Apr 5, clashes have been ongoing in the areas of the ​​​​Severodonetsk-Lysichansk agglomeration and Popasnaya. The town of Severodonetsk remains partly in the hands of Russian-led forces, while the entire agglomeration itself is blocked from the north, east and southeast.

Fighting also took place east and northeast of Pervomaisk, near Avdiivka and in the eastern part of Maryinka. DPR forces also achieved tactical success in the area southwest of Gorlovka city. The villages of Novobahmutka and Verhnotoreckoe were taken under control. The most intense clashes continued in Mariupol, where units of the DPR and the Russian Armed Forces regularly make tactical gains steadily pushing towards the full liberation of the city.

Clashes in Mariupol

The recent surrender of a battalion of troops the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the area once again demonstrates that the real situation on the ground for Kyiv’s forces is much more harder than the Ukrainian leadership and MSM try to present. The fate of the garrison of Kyiv’s forces surrounded there is predetermined. The recent breakthroughs on the frontline put the defense of the remaining Ukrainian units there on the edge of the total collapse.

Clashes in Rubezhone

On Apr 5, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that in the evening of Apr 4, a strike with long-range sea-based weapons destroyed a training centre for Ukrainian special operations forces near Ochakov. Among other things, the facility was used to house foreign mercenaries. Additionally, a strike with air-based missiles destroyed 4 fuel depots used for supplying groups of Ukrainian troops near Kremenets, Cherkasy, Zaporozhye and Novomoskovsk.

Captured Ukrainian military equipment in Kharkiv region

During the night, operational-tactical aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces hit 134 military assets of Ukraine. The targets included 8 command posts and communication hubs, 1 radar for the S-300 missile system, a launcher of the Tochka-U missile system, 6 ammunition depots and 2 fuel depots, as well as 85 strong points and areas of military equipment gathering. At the same time, Russian air defense forces shot down 4 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles in the air near Chernobaevka, Industrialnaya, Gurty and Nizhnyaya Krynka. According to the Russian side, since the start of the operation, Russian forces have destroyed 125 Ukrainian aircraft and 91 helicopters, 398 UAVs, 226 anti-aircraft missile systems, 1,969 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 214 MLRS, 852 field artillery and mortars, as well as 1,873 units of special military vehicles. The Russian Defense Ministry added that it has obtained information about another staged provocation prepared by Kyiv’s forces. The Defense Ministry said in a statement:

According to confirmed information, on the evening of Apr 4, in the village of Moshun, 23 km north-west of Kiev, servicemen of the 72 Ukrainian main center for psychological operations carried out another staged filming of civilians allegedly killed by the violent actions of the Russian Armed Forces for subsequent distribution through the Western media. Similar events have been organized by the Ukrainian special services in Sumy, Konotop and other cities.

As the Russian military operation in Ukraine will continue, it is expected that the Ukrainian leadership and its foreign sponsors will contribute even more efforts for staging various provocations, mostly aimed against civilians.

Mariupol: Remnants Of Ukraine’s 501st Marine Battalion Surrendered In Full
South Front, Apr 5 2022

On Apr 4, 267 soldiers and officers of the 501st Independent Battalion of the Ukrainian Navy surrendered in Mariupol. This was the entire surviving personnel of the unit. The battalion was assigned to the 36th Independent Marine Brigade of the Ukrainian Navy. The unit lost more than 50% of its personnel killed and wounded in the fighting for Mariupol.

In the video below, a captured soldier from the 501st battalion, excited to be alive and unbeaten, says that all the time their main task was to retreat.

All surrendered AFU soldiers are in good health. The lightly wounded were given the necessary medical treatment. The soldiers have been provided with food and basic necessities in full. This approach executed by the Russian army is radically different from what AFU soldiers do with captive, mostly wounded, Russian soldiers. The Russian Defence Ministry also said that starting from 0930 on Apr 5 it organizes a humanitarian corridor for soldiers of the AFU territorial defence units and foreign mercenaries to leave the encircled areas of Mariupol.

Execution Of Russian Pows By AFU And Georgian Fighters On Mar 30
South Front, Apr 5 2022

Another shocking video of the execution of Russian POWs has appeared. This is not a staged video, with corpses staged in one place with their faces turned upside down like in Bucha. It is a video of a real POW execution. Some had their hands tied behind their backs, one soldier was killed in the video. Note the amount of blood around the victims. Have you seen anything like this in staged Ukrainian videos about the situation in Bucha? The Nazis, encouraged by the support of the West, do not shy away from anything, do not hide their faces and brag about their crimes. The incident took place on Mar 30 near Irpen, during the announced withdrawal of Russian troops. The Russian withdrawal was intended by the Kremlin to be a symbol of goodwill and readiness for the negotiation process. The retreating troops were informed about it. The whole world can observe the result. The Ukrainian armed forces shelled populated areas both during the retreat of the Russians and after all the Russian units were many kilometres away. The SBU and nationalist formations cleansed settlements of civilians who collaborated with the Russians. On Apr 3, murdered civilians with white armbands on their hands, which signified collaboration with the Russians, were shot and passed off as victims of the Russian occupation. The West enthusiastically supported this fake. Whatever the outcome of the war, Europe should brace itself that these people, Nazis with a fractured psyche, will come to European cities. And they will come and demand reverence and prosperity. They will not give up their ideology of superiority. Today they demonstrate it on helpless POWs, tomorrow the victims will be the average European.

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