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The Azovstal Fortress Is Falling
South Front, May 17 2022

On May 16, the main “fortress of the Ukrainian Resistance” fell. Ukrainian militants blockaded at the Azovstal plant in the city of Mariupol raised the white flag and asked for evacuation of the wounded. As a result of the Russian shelling, the members of the Ukrainian nationalist Azov regiment were recently cut off from a water source on the territory of the facility. The commander of the Vostok Brigade of the DPR Alexander Khodakovsky revealed that first nine Ukrainian servicemen raised a white flag and left the territory of Azovstal. The brigade commander explained that they represented a larger group of militants who asked for surrender. The Russian side agreed to the negotiations. As a result of negotiations with representatives of Ukrainian servicemen, an agreement was reached on the evacuation of the gravely wounded Ukrainian militants. Another ceasefire regime has been declared by the Russian military in the area. A humanitarian corridor has been secured for the evacuation of wounded Ukrainian servicemen to a medical facility in the city of Novoazovsk in the DPR in order to provide them with the necessary medical assistance.

At the same time, judging by the claims of the Ukrainian officials not only gravely wounded militants have been evacuated. Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Anna Malyar reported that 53 seriously wounded from Azovstal were taken to the hospital in Novoazovsk, another 221 people were sent to Elenovka. They are expected to be exchanged. Zelensky confirmed that part of the Ukrainian military surrendered. At the same time, he assured that the work on rescuing the remaining military from Azovstal and their return to the territory controlled by Kiev continues. On May 17, Russian state media reported that the interrogation of Ukrainian prisoners of war from Azovstal has begun in the village of Elenovka. Among the Ukrainian military who surrendered, 144 people are fighters of the National Guard. So far, the Russian Ministry of Defence has not confirmed the exchange of the surrendered militants.

According to some unconfirmed reports, the surrender is part of a big prisoner exchange deal. Kiev reportedly demands that all Ukrainian fighters from Azovstal should be exchanged for Russian prisoners of war. In turn, the Kremlin reportedly refuses to exchange Nazi members of the Azov regiment as they committed numerous war crimes. The exchange of other servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine however can be negotiated. In this regard, Kiev PR managers have launched new information campaign, in order to shift the emphasis from the Azov regiment to the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, border guards and police officers blockaded in the Azovstal plant. Taking into account the Russian reports that the majority of the surrendered militants are not members of the nationalist battalion, this scenario is likely possible.

At the same time, suspicions rise. Some needed Ukrainian nazi fighters can be exchanged under the guise of the ordinary Ukrainian servicemen. The evacuation showcased the weakness of the neo-Nazi Azov battalion and its lack of resilience, which damaged the prestige of the MSM-promoted formation. However, in practice the Kiev regime is set to wage another propaganda campaign. It is likely to claim that it has managed to convince the “cruel Russians” to evacuate the “brave defenders of the Motherland.” This would play into the hand of war propaganda of Kiev, MSM and NATO against Russia and help the Ukrainian leadership boost the morale of its remaining forces. Russia’s concessions to the Nazi fighters, together with earlier inconsistent actions of Moscow in diplomatic talks with Kiev, undermine the moral and psychological state of members of Russian-led forces involved in the military operation in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Nazis Burned Russian Prisoner Alive
South Front, May 17 2022

The video above was made in the village of Dolgengoe located to the south of the town of Izyum. Russian-led forces recently claimed their control over the village. On May 16, a counter-attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Dolgenkoe failed. The Russian servicemen described the mop up operation in the village, showed the military positions and foreign equipment left by the AFU. On the video, the Russian servicemen showed the place, where the Ukrainian militants burned a Russian prisoner alive. They also confirmed that the AFU members raped and murdered woman in one of their military positions nearby. A photo of her corpse was published earlier.

They wouldn’t let us go in. We smashed a DZOT (a tree-earth firing point) there, we smashed it here, with direct hits. That’s what our valiant artillery did. A lot of mines, did a good job. First us, then the sappers. You see the ropes, we pluck them down, then check if there are anti-tank mines under them. There’s one that went off. Here their cluster bombs are hitting, vile. It splits and hits with 2.5k pieces of small shrapnel. On the first, second of May we are sitting with Azat in the basement, in the morning an artillery bombardment starts, a mine starts “laying” exactly around our blindage, fuck. Stops a little, a few minutes later we hear literally a few meters away from us: “Listen, guys, yes they all ran away.” I didn’t know what the fuck what to do, there are two of us, in a second I think that our men have all gone away, and just the two of us stayed here. I grabbed the “Efka” (a F1 anti-personnel grenade), I hold it, I’m shaking, a few seconds pass, militia come, with the letter Z. I am relieved, as if I was born again. That was the scariest moment of my life. And so basically, yesterday, we started an offensive, worked with artillery on that side, on that side, knocked them out, there we fucking destroyed their car, they withdrew deep into the “greenery” (or wooded area) over there. That’s basically all. What else is there to say?

At night I watched from the firing position, where the school is broken, some of them are still there, on the other side they are no longer there. They ran for their lifes, left their belongings, documents, whole duffel bags, there: money, documents, phones, toothbrushes, all packed up. That is, they rushed off, they were given two minutes to pack, they turned around and left. So we go in, here they have dry rations, British, made in Britain, found AGS, MG42, downstairs there are a lot of sleeping bags, dry rations and personal belongings. They left their personal belongings, along with documents and phones. That’s not ours. It’s an English dry ration. The horrors of war, they burned a lad alive there. We saw them put him on the fire, tied up. There is a woman who was raped and murdered. No matter, we’ll get our revenge! We avenge with every step, with every second, they’ll understand. But it’s not human doing this, no, it’s not human. A human would never do such a thing: burn someone alive. But no matter, there’s not much left, now we’ll close the ring and they’ll be there, and that’s it. The turning point of the war will be final! When our lads came in, who couldn’t get out … Here he was burned alive at the stake. Here he lies. Most likely it’s the company commander.

Evacuation Of Ukrainian Fighters From Azovstal Continues. No Promises Of Their Exchange
South Front, May 17 2022

On May 17, the Russian Ministry of Defence confirmed that the surrender of the militants of the nationalist Azov regiment and Ukrainian servicemen, who were blocked at the Azovstal plant in Mariupol began. Over the past day, 265 militants have laid down their arms and surrendered, including 51 seriously wounded. All those in need of medical care were sent for treatment to the hospital in Novoazovsk, Dpr. The other were transferred to the village of Elenovka in the DPR. The surrender of the “garrison of Mariupol” continues. The Ukrainian fighters are disarmed, then they are sent to Novoazovsk or Elenovka. On May 17, a Russian military reporter in Mariupol claimed that as of May 16, there were over 2.5k AFU servicemen in the industrial zone, 404 of them were wounded. 55 servicemen were seriously injured. 200 corpses of dead fighters were frozen in refrigerators. here were also three Russian prisoners, including an officer and two soldiers. In total, 804 members of the Azov nationalist regiment were hiding in Azovstal. The others were servicemen of the 53rd, 54th, 56th separate brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the 36th separate brigade of Marines, 501st and 503 separate battalions of marines and 12 brigade The National Guard, which included “Azov.” The military reporter added that the decision was made not to comment on the situation in Azovstal. The official claims will be made by the Russian Ministry of Defence.

The Azov militants demand free passage from the plant. The Russian military introduced the ceasefire regime:

In an attempt to justify the fall of the Ukrainian fortress, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine called the surrender of the AFU remnants from Azovstal a “delicate situation.” The Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine stated that the GUR, the AFU, the border service, the National Guard, the SBU, the National Police and Azov are carrying out a special operation to rescue defenders of Mariupol blocked on the territory of the Azovstal plant. If the operation was aimed at the transfer of the nazi fighters to the Russian military, it likely succeeded. The Kiev regime continuously claims that all the Ukrainian militants should be exchanged to the Russian prisoners of war. The Russian military officials have not confirmed any exchange so far. Moreover, on May 17, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin ordered to work on the proposal of the members of the State Duma to prohibit the exchange of all Ukrainian Nazis to Ukraine. He added that this issue should be worked out jointly with the Defense and Security Committee. Volodin summed up:

You are making the right offer. Nazi criminals should not be exchanged. These are war criminals. We must do everything to ensure that they face trial.

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