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Briefly about Ukraine
Colonel Cassad, May 18 23:08

1. Mariupol. The surrender of the remnants of the Mariupol group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Azovstal continues. According to official data, as of the morning of May 18 2022, a little less than 1k people surrendered. Almost 800 more have surrendered today. The process of surrender continues. The wounded are taken to Novoazovsk. Prisoners in Elenovka, as well as in the pre-trial detention center of Taganrog and Rostov. The head of the DPR said that war criminals are facing trial.

2. Zaporozhye. After a failed attempt to advance in the area of Malinovka and Gulyaipol, the enemy proceeded to defensive actions. The Russian Armed Forces are also strengthening defensive positions. The front on the Kamenskoye-Orekhov-Gulyaipole-Malinovka-Velikaya Novoselovka line is stable and positional.

3. Ugledar. Heavy fighting continues in the area of Ugledar and Novomikhailovka. There is no significant progress in this direction.

4. Maryinka. Positional battles continue in the village. There are no significant advances in the front line in the village.

5. Avdiivka. Heavy fighting continues in the area of Novoselka-2 and Novobakhmutovskoye, as well as in the area of Troitsky and New York.

6. LPR. Fighting continued on the outskirts of Severdonetsk. Troops from Popasnaya advanced to Artemovsk and are fighting in the Filipchatino area. The village of Druzhba has been liberated. To the north of Popasnaya, the troops bypass the Gorskoye-Zolotoye fortified area through Kamyshevakha and are fighting for Vrubovka, the control of which is critical for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as its loss will lead to the cut of the Soledar-Lisichansk highway, as well as worsen the situation of troops in Zolotoye & Gorskoye.

7. Izyum. Troops continue to press in the area of Dolgenky, Kurulka and Svetlogorsk. The enemy threw here some of the reserves that the area accumulated from Soledar. Fights at Bolshaya Kamyshevakha also continued. In the Slavyansk direction, the enemy blew up bridges near the Krasnyi Liman, the group defending it, in a semicircle.

8. Kharkiv. Positional battles continued south of Cossacks Lopani, near the village of Liptsy, near Rubezhny. Attempts by the enemy to cross Seversky Donets and create a powerful bridgehead there did not bring him great success, the Russian Armed Forces have enough strength here to stop attempts to threaten the flank of the Izyum group. In general, the front is positional, although the enemy tries to periodically attack in the hope of displacing the Russian Armed Forces to the borders of the region. The Russian Armed Forces, in turn, are unlikely to resume a large offensive near Kharkiv until the end of the operation in Donbass, although some strikes are quite possible to improve positions.

9. Nikolaev. In general, without changes, purely positional battles in the Nikolaev and Nikopol directions. Both sides have strengthened their groups, but do not move on to active offensive actions.

10. Odessa. The enemy carries out various anti-landing measures, and also tries to feel the possibility of repetition of the attack on Snake Island under pressure from Western military advisers demanding the unblocking of the sea route to Ukraine. BDK BSF of the Russian Federation has completed repairs in Novorossiysk (2 of them were damaged in the explosion at BDK “Saratov” in Berdyansk) and are also ready for landing operations. – zinc (broadcast of events in Ukraine as usual in telegram)

The future of Zaporozhye with Russia
Colonel Cassad, May 18 19:14

Deputy Prime Minister Khusnullin (who oversees Sevastopol and Crimea) said after a trip to Kherson and Melitopol that:

  1. Already in May, the ruble turnover in Kherson and Zaporozhye regions will increase sharply. Salaries and pensions for this month will be paid in rubles.
  2. The region will establish economic ties with Russia, as the future of the region with Russia.
  3. Zaporozhye NPP will work for Russia. In the future, Russia can sell electricity from ZNPP to Ukraine.

In general, very optimistic statements, especially after the land corridor to Crimea was broken, and the Sea of Azov again became the inland sea of Russia.

Delivery to Azovstal
Colonel Cassad, May 18 21:02

Fresh video from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR showing the process of surrender from Azovstal, Officially in the morning it was just under 1000. Sources from the field write that the next wholesale batch is being prepared.

Rubezhnoye. What’s left of the city
Colonel Cassad, May 18 14:47

Frontier after liberation. A big story about how the city now lives, for which there were long bloody battles and which was only recently liberated from Ukrainian occupation. The city of Rubezhnoye was completely liberated just a few days ago. The battle for Donbass is now developing more actively around Lisichansk and Svyatogorsk, Popasnaya and Avdiivka. On the May 9 holiday, my comrades and I visited Rubezhnoye, congratulated the fighters on the front line and captured the city on the eve of its complete liberation. How they live on the front line, how life is established in the liberated territory of the LPR, what Ukraine left behind, and what happened to the peaceful Rubezhnoye.


  1. traducteur
    Posted May 19, 2022 at 11:59 am | Permalink

    On the May 9 holiday, my comrades and I visited Rubezhnoye, congratulated the fighters on the front line and captured the city

    Showing ’em how it should be done. I also enjoyed the part about fighting continuing around the area of Troitsky and New York. Sounds offhand as though the war had spread somewhat more widely than I had realized, but perhaps there’s a NY in Ukraine.

  2. niqnaq
    Posted May 19, 2022 at 1:23 pm | Permalink

    There is! There really is!

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