colonel cassad

Azovstal is over
Colonel Cassad, May 20 22:06

May 20 was the last day of the battle for Mariupol and Azovstal. Shoigu reported to Putin that today the last Nazis surrendered to Azovstal and the territory of the plant came under the control of our troops. On May 20, an end was put. The total number of prisoners was 2,439. Of these, 531 have surrendered over the past 24 hours. “Kalyna,” “Volyn” (video already available) and “Redis” in captivity (carred out in an armored car, fearing lynching him). Russian troops are already taking control of the basements of Azovstal, which will now be carefully studied. I am sure that we are waiting for many more interesting stories, not to mention the testimony of Nazi militants who will be waiting for the tribunal in Donetsk. There is no information about any foreign generals, about whom there have been various rumors. There are no details yet about the various mercenaries who must have been there. There are no more Ukrainian soldiers on the coast of the Sea of Azov. Like Ukraine itself. The Sea of Azov became the inland sea of Russia on May 20. As the Nazis themselves stated, if there will be no Mariupol, then there will be no Ukraine. I won’t argue with them on this issue. From today, Mariupol has finally become a rear city, which will have a painful recovery after 3 months of fighting. I am sure that the city will be gradually restored. Russia has experience in restoring Grozny and Crimea. We can expect intensification of work on the restoration of railway and road communication with Crimea from the Rostov direction. The land corridor to Crimea, which the Bolsheviks have been talking about for so long, is ready. As a result of the entire defense of Mariupol, Ukraine de facto lost 15k to 20k troops. This is the largest military defeat in Ukraine, significantly larger than Debaltseve and Ilovaisk combined. About 4.5k prisoners alone were taken during the battles. The number of killed, wounded and missing has yet to be counted.

“Kalyna” and “Volyn” are together again in Russian captivity
Colonel Cassad, May 20 20:30

The surrender of Nazi Azovstal is coming to an end. According to military commissar Irina Kuksenkova, “Kalyna” and “Volyn” surrendered today during the day. And most recently, she reported that “Redis” also gave up (waiting for confirmation photos or videos). The total number of enemy soldiers and officers who surrendered today has confidently exceeded 2k people. We’ll probably find out the exact number tomorrow. There are still a number of Nazis left at the plant, who destroy valuable equipment and various property before surrender. The surrender process will continue tomorrow. Khodakovsky claims that at the time of surrender, more people were sitting in Azovstal than were blockaded in Mariupol. After the completion of the commissioning, we can expect the process of cleaning the area and interesting excursions through the basements of Azovstal. From a military point of view, the story is almost over. There is only the question of surrendering the remaining ones from the basements and the question of different exchanges that Ukraine throws in.

The liberation of the LPR is nearing completion
Colonel Cassad, May 20 12:27

From Shoigu’s statements on the operation in Ukraine. The liberation of the LPR is nearing completion (a transparent hint at the Severodonetsk cauldron – yesterday the troops reached the Soledar-Lisichansk highway). 1908 people have already surrendered to Azovstal. Before that, 1,387 Marines had surrendered (at the Ilyich plant). In the light of NATO’s threat, 12 new units will be created in the Western Military District (most likely to be recreated). Expected. In the near future, the troops will begin to receive strategic UAVs. The NATO grouping at the borders of the Russian Federation has up to 40k people. Ukraine’s losses during the Battle of Snake Island were 4 planes, 10 helicopters, 30 UAVs, 3 boats and 50 people killed.

Briefly about Ukraine
Colonel Cassad, May 19 23:22

1. Mariupol. The surrender of the remnants of the Mariupol group on Azovstal continues. By the evening of May 19, more than 1.8k enemy soldiers and officers had surrendered. These are the largest prisoner losses for the Armed Forces of Ukraine since 2014. The process continues. A tribunal is already being prepared for war criminals.

2. Zaporozhye. On the line Kamenskoye-Orekhov-Gulyaipole-Velikaya Novoselovka without significant changes. Positional battles.

3. Ugledar. Battles in the area of Novomikhailovka and Ugledar. There is no significant progress in this direction.

4. Maryinka. Positional battles in the village continue. There is no significant progress in the village.

5. Avdiivka. Battles in the area of Novoselka-2 and Novobakhmutovka, as well as on the outskirts of New York. The enemy intensively shells Yasinovataya.

6. LPR. The offensive in the Popasnaya area is successfully developing. The troops took Troitskoye north of Svetlodarsk. To the west of Popasnaya, there are battles for Pilipchatino. PMC “Wagner” took Trypillya, and the paratroopers took Vladimirovka, coming almost close to Soledar. The villages of Druzhba and part of Novaya Kamenka were also taken. The Soledar-Lisichansk highway from this direction is already subjected to fire. The threat of operational encirclement of the entire North Don group is growing. Severodonetsk himself is stormed from three sides. The capture of the village of Shchedryshchevo on the outskirts of Severodonetsk has been confirmed.

7. Izyum. Battles in the Red Estuary area, where up to 1.2k to 1.5k enemy soldiers are under threat of encirclement. There are also heavy battles in the forest near Dolgny. The enemy is stubbornly resisting in the area of Privolye and Svetlogorsk.

8. Kharkiv. The Russian Armed Forces pushed the enemy away from the border near the village of Ternovoe and returned him to control. There are reports of battles for the village of Rubezhnoye southwest of Volchansk. Attacks on APU positions in Kharkiv and Sumy regions in response to shelling of border settlements in Belgorod and Kursk regions also intensified.

9. Nikolaev. Without significant changes in the Nikolaev, Kryvyi Rih and Nikopol directions.

10. Odessa. No significant changes. The enemy continues to talk about the threat of landing and conducts reconnaissance in the direction of Snake Island. Restoration work is underway on the damaged railway bridge in Zatoka, which is of strategic importance.

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