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Poland ready to host permanent NATO bases: PM
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, May 19 2022

Poland ready for permanent NATO bases
B92, May 19 2022

Poland is ready to form permanent NATO bases where light infantry will be deployed, said Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki. “Permanent Allied bases should be formed in the countries of the eastern flank of NATO. Poland is ready to build such bases that would be provided for the permanent deployment of light infantry units,” he said. Morawiecki stated Russia should know that Poland will not cede a single inch of NATO territory. Earlier, the head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergey Naryshkin, stated that Washington and Warsaw were making plans to establish Poland’s control over “historical territory” in Ukraine.

Most of any EU state: NATO neighbor Poland has sent €1.5b in arms to Ukraine
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, May 19 2022

Poland has sent €1.5b in military aid to Ukraine: PM’s aide
Polish Radio, May 19 2022

Poland’s military assistance to war-torn Ukraine has exceeded €1.5b, a senior government official said on Thursday. Michał Dworczyk revealed the figure at a local governance conference in the southwestern city of Wrocław. Dworczyk, who is a top aide to Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki, told the conference: “Armaments are leaving Poland for Ukraine every week. So far we’ve spent over 7b złoty (€1.51b). No other European Union country has provided as much military support to Ukraine as Poland.”

Georgia: NATO proxy army trains for new war
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, May 19 2022

The Minister of Defense attended the field exercise of “Gelati 2022”
Georgian Ministry of Defense, May 19 2022

The Minister of Defense of Georgia Juansher Burchuladze got acquainted with the ongoing command-staff exercise “Gelati 2022” at the Orpholo training ground. The field component demonstration was attended by the Deputy Minister of Defense Brig-Gen Tatunashvili and the Western Commander Brig-Gen Grigolia, along with the Minister of Defense. The tactical group of the 32nd Infantry Battalion of the 3rd Infantry Brigade was supported by anti-aircraft, artillery, engineering, mechanized, tank and anti-tank units. Mi-24 and Iroquois (UH1) helicopters belonging to the Defense Forces also took part in the exercise. Command and Staff Exercise “Gelati 2022” using the Field Component (CPX/CAX/LIVEX) is commissioned by the Commander of the Georgian Defense Forces and organized by the General Staff, the Western Command and the NATO-Georgia Joint Training and Assessment Center. Participates in Exercises Western Command, Exercise and Military Education Command, Aviation and Air Defense Command, National Guard 10th Cadet Brigade, Logistics Support Command, Special Operations Battalion, Military Police Battalion and Special Tasks Department, Ministry of Interior Subdivisions of the State Border Protection and Coast Guard Department. NATO Collective Training and Exercise Guidelines are used in all phases of the training. Tactical level training with the support of Theoretical and Computer Systems (CAX) in Senaki, 2nd Infantry Brigade, and the deployment of forces will end on May 20 at the Orpholo training ground.

State Dept still pushing Georgia’s entry into broader war
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, May 19 2022

Georgian First Deputy FM, US State Dept Counselor discuss partnership, security matters
Agenda.ge, May 19 2022

The US-Georgia Strategic partnership and the difficult security environment in the Black Sea region amid the Russian aggression in Ukraine were discussed on Thursday in a meeting between the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Lasha Darsalia and Derek Chollet, the Counselor of the US Dept of State. The meeting focused on the importance of the cooperation between the two countries in terms of Georgia’s security and defense capabilities. The meeting also discussed the “difficult” situation in the Russian-occupied regions of Georgia, and ongoing US support for Georgia on its path to European and Euro-Atlantic integration. The US delegation expressed its gratitude for Georgia’s “significant contribution” to strengthening international security. The officials agreed to continue the cooperation in order to “further deepen” partnership between the two states.

Georgian Defence Minister hosts US State Dept Counselor
Agenda.ge, May 19 2022

Georgian Defence Minister Juansher Burchuladze on Thursday hosted Derek Chollet, the Counselor of the US Dept of State, who is visiting Tbilisi on Wednesday and Thursday for consultations with Georgian partners about European security and democratic development. The sides discussed security challenges in the world and in the Black Sea region, noting that the Russian invasion of Ukraine had “sharply worsened” the security situation in the region and posed a threat to the Euro-Atlantic security architecture. The high-ranking officials also reviewed reforms and future plans for strengthening Georgia’s defence capabilities. The new US-Georgia Defence and Detention Initiative was cited to mark a new stage of the partnership and serve as a basis for the “next ten years of dynamic cooperation” to further strengthen the country’s resilience within the framework of total defence. The US official, flanked by an interagency delegation, also held a meeting with representatives of Georgian non-governmental organisations, the local opposition and civil society representatives for discussions on Russia’s continuing occupation of regions of Georgia and its war against Ukraine.

Addressing European Parliament, Moldovan president calls for ouster of Russian troops from Transnistria
Rick Rozoff, AntiBellum, May 19 2022

Moldovan President Demands To Withdraw Russian Troops From Transnistria
Ukrainian News Agency, May 19 2022

Moldovan President Maia Sandu said the Russian Federation should withdraw its troops from occupied Transnistria because they violate the Republic’s neutrality. She said this at a meeting of the European Parliament on Wednesday May 18. Sandu stated that Moldova condemns Russian aggression (and) that Russia should withdraw its military contingent from the territory of Moldova. “Today there is no inevitable threat of Moldova’s involvement in a military conflict, we are a neutral country, but for this we call for the withdrawal of the Russian military from the territory of Transnistria, because their presence fundamentally undermines our independence, our neutrality,” Sandu emphasized. She also said that Moldova has a plan for the peaceful reintegration of Transnistria.

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