colonel cassad

Iran will supply Russia with 1k drones
Colonel Cassad, Aug 14 2022 12:23

Famous Middle East analyst Elija Magnier (specializes in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Palestine), well informed about the activities of the Shiite Resistance Axis (conglomerate of pro-Iranian groups in the above countries), citing his sources in Tehran reports. According to Magier, Iran has already transferred to Russia a special simulator for training drone operators of these types, as well as several machines. He also states that the first of them are already taking part in the fighting in Ukraine. The Iranians consider the fact of such a deal as recognition of the progress of their defense industry, which, despite the most severe technological sanctions, was able to achieve significant progress in the development and production of drones, ballistic missiles and air defense systems, making Iran among the world leaders in these areas. Iran also regards such agreements as the actual implementation of the lifting of UN weapons sanctions (cancelled in the autumn of 2021 despite US protests), which allows Iran to freely and legally sell and buy modern weapons. Officially, Russia and Iran did not confirm the sale of drones, as well as American statements that Russia will supply modern Su-35 fighters to Iran, which were not previously delivered to Egypt. In aviation (unlike drones), Iran lags far behind world leaders, so the supply of modern aircraft from Russia is considered as an excellent opportunity to seriously strengthen the capabilities of Iranian air defense, complementing modern air defense systems of its own production. We are waiting for a photo/video from the front. If they are already supplied, sooner or later they will pop up.

Trip to Mariupol
Colonel Cassad, Aug 14 2022 11:23

An interesting video showing the realities of a trip to Mariupol from the border. It is not difficult to notice how as you approach the city, the roads become more and more shattered, and the scale of destruction around gradually increases.

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