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The Seventh US-Made HIMARS Launcher Destroyed In Ukraine
South Front, Aug 13 2022

Screenshot of the report by the Russian MoD

On Aug 13, the Russian Ministry of Defence claimed that another US-made HIMARS launcher and a warehouse with ammunition for it were destroyed in Eastern Ukraine. So far, the Russian military reported the destruction of 7 systems supplied by US to the AFU. The HIMARS launcher and a warehouse were destroyed by the Russian airstrikes in the area of the city of Kramatorsk in the DPR which is under control of the AFU. In total, the Pentagon promised to transfer 20 HIMARS launchers to Kiev, of which 16 have already arrived in the country. As noted by Washington, Ukraine assured that it would not use the systems for strikes on Russian territory. At the same time, the Ministry of Defense of the country allowed their use for targets in Crimea. The Russian Ministry of Defense also reported heavy losses by the AFU in Eastern Ukraine. More than 70 servicemen of the 30th Mechanized Brigade of the AFU were reportedly killed and more than 300 wounded by strikes of Russian missiles in the area of the Gavrilovka railway station in the Kharkiv region. Traffic on this section of the railway was completely blocked. Up to 170 nationalists and 12 units of military equipment were destroyed by high-precision strikes of the Russian Air Force at the temporary deployment point of the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade near the settlement of Perezdnoye of the DPR. Two companies of the 72nd mechanized brigade were completely destroyed by Allied forces in the area of Bakhmut. As a result of strikes on the control points of the 66th mechanized Brigade and the armed formation Right Sector in the area of Starye Terni of the DPR, more than 100 nationalists and ten units of military equipment were destroyed. The Russian Defence Ministry also reported that two Mi-24 helicopters of the Ukrainian Air Force were destroyed in the Domanevka area of the Mykolaiv region. Russian air defense means destroyed four Ukrainian UAVs in the areas of Tsentralnoye in the Mykolaiv region, Suligovka, Shestakovo and Dmitrovka in the Kharkiv region. Four HIMARS rockets were shot down in the air in the area of Novaya Kakhovka in the Kherson region.

US Threatens Russia And Iran With Sanctions Over Alleged Drone Deal
South Front, Aug 13 2022

On Aug 11, the US State Dept said that it would “vigorously” enforce sanctions on Russian and Iranian arms trading, revealing that Russian officials had conducted training on drones in Iran. Last month, senior US officials said that Iran was preparing to provide Russia with up to several hundred drones, some of which are armed, and that Russian officials had visited Iran to inspect the drones in question. The deal is supposedly meant to support Russia’s ongoing special military operation in Ukraine. At the time, Iran’s foreign minister denied the claim, including in a phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart. Russia also denied the presence of such a deal. State Dept deputy spox Vedant Patel told reporters during a phone briefing that Russian officials had trained on drones in Iran “in the last several weeks,” and that the transfers of drones between Russia and Iran was “potentially sanctionable under numerous authorities.” Patel said:

We remain incredibly concerned about Iran’s use and proliferation of UAVs. They have been used to attack US forces, our partners in the region, and international shipping entities.

The Russian military operates thousands of drones of different types, most of which were developed and produced in Russia. Still, it can for sure benefit from Iran’s well-established drone industry. According to the information revealed by the US, Russia is interested in Iran’s Shahed-191 and Shahed-129 combat drones. Both drones have a long endurance and can be armed with light precision-guided munitions. The US claims may be just a stunt meant to increase pressure on Russia over its operation in Ukraine and more importantly on Iran over its drone program. Washington and its allies in the Middle East, first and foremost Israel, have been trying to sabotage Iran’s drone program for quite some time now.

Zelensky Is Going Crazy As Ukraine Loses First Meta In Tabloids
South Front, Aug 13 2022

Once again, Vladimir Zelensky made a call in his address for Russia to be recognized as a state sponsor of terrorism. Before that moment, he made the same request to the US authorities. Every day the President of Ukraine’s public appearances are accompanied by more and more absurd statements. Most likely, the main reason for this is a desire to attract more attention to his person. Recently the Ukrainian agenda is not in the confident first place as it was 2-3 months ago. News coverage is increasingly focused on the US-China confrontation and the consequences of economic crises, rather than on Ukraine. Even non-profit organizations that previously unequivocally supported Kiev are speaking out against the way the AFU is fighting (Amnesty International). Earlier we have already pointed out that Ukrainians abroad are trying in every possible way to draw attention to themselves. The current president of their country acts in the same way. Moreover, we can see that he is no longer able to make adequate decisions under pressure. The latest of these is to call on the EU to stop issuing Schengen visas to Russian citizens. However, one should not hope that European countries except the Baltics and probably Poland will resort to these measures. In particular, Olaf Scholz has already expressed his doubts about the European Commission taking this decision. Indeed, with such a step, the EU would draw a line under its existence as an organization of absolute tolerance and the rule of democracy. Zelensky is now a reflection of the entire Kiev regime, which, amid the ongoing defeats on the fronts, is only demanding support from the collective West against the Russian hordes advancing on the democratic world.

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