colonel cassad

UAV near Kerch and Sevastopol
Colonel Cassad, Aug 18 2022 23:42

In addition to the traditional shelling of Donetsk and Gorlovka, today the enemy actively shelled Svetlodarsk, there are many dead, including children. Also today they blew up a warehouse in the Belgorod region, scattered PFM-1 mine “Petal” mines in the region, and also tried to attack the Kerch Bridge and the Belbek airfield using UAVs. Two UAVs were shot down: 1 in the Belbek area, 1 in the Kerch area. Well, the shelling of ZNPP and Energodar continues. Regarding questions about what to do about it, my position has not changed since spring.

  1. SBU and GUR MOU should be officially recognized as terrorist organizations. Members of these organizations and their accomplices should be automatically treated as terrorists and accomplices of ISIS.
  2. As a demonstrative response, strikes on the central and regional departments of the SBU, as well as the facilities of the GUR MOU, including in Kiev, are highly desirable.
  3. In response to the strikes on the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant – to accelerate the disconnection of Ukraine from the ZNPP. Demonstratively, as a response, destroy several thermal power plants, as well as strike at the infrastructure of underground gas storage facilities. The choice of objects is actually optional.

Terrorism should have a price that Ukraine or what remains of it should pay on a long-term basis. Hysterics are not needed here, we need methodical and systematic blows to the infrastructure of terror and its infrastructure and economic base, without regard to the priority issues of conducting a military operation to defeat the AFU on the Ukrainian theater.

Possible consequences of radiation leakage at ZNPP
Colonel Cassad, Aug 18 2022 15:39

Consequences of the spread of radiation from ZNPP in case of damage to the station reactor as a result of shelling or disabling of critical mechanisms for servicing the station. There are also risks associated with the storage site of spent radioactive elements. The United States and Britain, which continue shelling the nuclear power plant with the hands of drug addicts from Zelensky’s gang, this radius of impact for obvious reasons does not bother at all. This situation once again confirms the full justification of the CBO, as it is quite obvious that if the work on the creation of a dirty atomic bomb is completed, after the attack on Donbass, Zelensky’s gang would try to blackmail Russia no longer by the threat of shelling the ZNPP, but by the threat of using a dirty nuclear bomb.

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