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Ukraine – Dissecting Some War Propaganda News Items – Addendum
Moon of Alabama, Sep 17 2022

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s piece about Reuters unfounded propaganda claims and distribution. Reuters published this story yesterday:

Hours later, they followed it with this one:

Interestingly the British Telegraph is more skeptical than the ‘British’ news agency Reuters:

Inside Izyum – and the Russian command centre destroyed by HIMARS missiles
Daily Telegraph, Sep 15 2022

Anton Gerashenko, an advisor to the Ukrainian interior ministry, told the BBC on Thursday that about 1k bodies had been found in Izyum, and that more civilians had died there than in Bucha. The Telegraph did not see any evidence of that scale of death during a visit on Thursday. Grigori, a 63-year-old civil engineer, denied knowledge of any war crimes. He said of the Russians: “We didn’t interact with them, and they didn’t interact with us. From what I know, there wasn’t detentions, executions, torture. There were a lot of young men who would say: ‘We won’t shoot any bullets.'”

And another one from the Telegraph:

‘Tortured’ bodies unearthed in mass graves of liberated town Izyum
Daily Telegraph, Sep 16 2022

Alexander Filchakov, the head of the Kharkiv prosecutor’s office, said some showed signs of torture. Reporters at the scene did not see proof of that.

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