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Turnout at referenda, Day 2
Colonel Cassad, Sep 24 2022 21:08

Total turnout in 4 regions by the end of the 2nd day of voting on joining Russia is DPR: 55.05%, LPR: 45.86%, Zaporozhye region: 35.54%, Kherson region: 31.79%. There are still 3 days of voting ahead. The Federation Council states that the issue of joining new regions to Russia may be considered as early as Sep 29. Accordingly, the official entry of 4 new regions into Russia may be either on Sep 29 or on the morning of Sep 30, when Pasechnik, Pushilin, Balitsky and Saldo will sign the relevant documents with Putin in the Kremlin according to the same scheme as in 2014 they were signed by Chaly and Aksenov. The State Duma reported that the process of admission of the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions into Russia may take place on Sep 30. That is, next Friday. In principle, everything is within the framework of previous statements of the Federation Council. The enemy will now obviously throw all available reserves on the offensive in order to break through the front and disrupt the referendum in at least one of the regions. In addition, terrorist attacks and attempted terrorist attacks in the liberated territories continue. I am sure that with the competent work of the military and special services, all this will not prevent the onset of historical and legal irreversibility next week. But it is not necessary to underestimate the plans of the enemy (primarily the US and NATO).

The chief rear officer of the Russian Federation has been fired
Colonel Cassad, Sep 24 2022 15:35

After the beginning of mobilization, Bulgakov, Head of Logistics of the AFRF, was replaced. “Translated to another job.” Frankly speaking, many supply issues during the campaign left much to be desired, which was regularly reported for several months by military enlistment and humanitarian workers engaged in the supply of the AFRF and the armies of the LDPR. The scale of the conflict quickly revealed various organizational and logistical problems that objectively influenced the course and nature of operations in Ukraine. Let’s see what will change with the new chief rear officer.

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