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Explosion of Nord Stream
Colonel Cassad, Sep 27 2022 18:02

In the morning, Nord Streams were blown up, explosions occurred on three threads. In Sweden, 2 explosions with a capacity of 2.3 points were recorded. As a result of sabotage, the gas goes to sea and is observed on the surface on an area of hundreds of meters (video here). Earlier, NATO drones and helicopters with USN Kearsarge were noted at the site of the explosions, which recently came to the Baltic States. It is worth noting that in February Biden directly stated that the US would destroy Nord Stream. Thus, the process of economic ennouncing Germany is completed in the foreseeable historical perspective of Germany, as well as Europe as a whole, cheap gas can be forgotten.

The referendums are over. First digits
Colonel Cassad, Sep 27 2022 16:27

The LDPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions completed the voting in the referendum. The historical choice has been made. In the Kherson region, after counting 12% of the votes, 97% are for joining Russia. In the Zaporozhye region, after counting 18% of the votes, 98% are for joining Russia. In the DPR, after counting 14% of the votes, 98% are for joining Russia. In the LPR, after counting 13% of the votes, 98% are for joining Russia. Sevastopol’s 2014 record is likely to not stand. We are waiting for new fellow citizens in the coming days as part of a single country.

The last day of referenda
Colonel Cassad, Sep 27 2022 12:13

Today is the last day of referenda in the LDPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. Tomorrow, regardless of confessions or non-recognition of referendum results, historical figures will be announced that will form a new historical reality. The referenda already have force de facto and de jure; the turnout on them was more than sufficient. Yesterday it exceeded 50% everywhere with a margin. The results of referenda do not raise special questions, as indicated by both sociology and the fact that the “Ukrainians” did not go to referenda (as in Crimea). The mistake of this tactic was clear back in 2014 in Crimea, and now the enemy is stepping on the same rake. Attempts by Ukrainian terrorists to disrupt referenda through shelling, terrorist attacks and murders were untenable. To some extent, this tactic turned against the Nazis, as it prompted people to vote even more actively against Ukraine. It can also be noted that the authorities coped with the task of organizing referenda in the second half of September, which was announced back in May-June. There were no transfers. From an organizational point of view, it can be noted that the political echelon as a whole coped with the task of organizing referenda and ensuring the will of citizens in the difficult conditions of ongoing hostilities. It was more difficult than in Crimea and Sevastopol in 2014.

Deputy commander of “Azov” was destroyed
Colonel Cassad, Sep 27 2022 11:36

Good news in the morning. Deputy commander of the Azov regiment for combat and special training Lt-Col Bezoglyuk was liquidated on Sep 26. He is no longer being exchanged (Этого уже на обмен не отправят).

Who taught European elites to use mirrors, and when?
Colonel Cassad, Sep 26 2022 23:13

The predictable victory of the ultra-right in Italy causes hypocritical indignation of some and short-sighted schadenfreude of others. This victory is a direct result of the European left’s rejection of their historical role and their betrayal of the interests of workers. And to our globalized shame, not only European, as well as war. The left abandoned the fight against capitalism, preferring it rainbow glamour and corporate management positions. They were afraid of uncomfortable questions, an unranking agenda and non-telogenic locations. Avoiding substantive discussion, they gave the microphone to the right and with it, centuries of heroic struggle of their predecessors and the deceived hopes of the last supporters. As for the worries of the European authorities about the “revival of neo-Nazism” – hitch (неувязочка). Those who have supported good Ukrainian Nazism with their words and their pockets all these years are now horrified by bad Italian. The optics of the European “left” are such that as long as Nazism kills Russians and communists in the east, it is completely invisible from the west. The vacuum, which arose in place of first the pink and then yellowed left movements in Europe, is rapidly engaged in right-wing nationalism, which has learned to speak a language understandable to the people. Are these characters really worse than corporate rights activists, NATO fans and defenders of Ukrainian fascism? What exactly? Who resurrected the ultra-right, filled their slogans with new meanings and gave them a story? Muslim migrants? Putin? Tolkien’s heroes? Elves and dwarves? Who taught European elites to use mirrors, and when? And most importantly, what’s next? (©) Oleg Yasinsky

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