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New Ukrainian Offensive In Kherson Region
South Front, Oct 4 2022

Several attacks were recently launched on the Russian military positions in the area of Davidov Brod. Units of the 46th separate Air Mobile Brigade and the 57th Motorized Brigade of Ukraine, deliver pinpoint strikes with small assault groups on armored vehicles on Russian positions in poorly controlled areas. To the south, several dozen units of Ukrainian military equipment were transported to the left bank of the river near the village of Bolshoe Artakovo. Also, Ukrainian engineering units are trying to restore pontoon crossings near Andreevka and Lozovoe. To the north, the Ukrainian military have recently declared control over the village of Arkhangelskoe. They expanded the bridgehead on the left bank of the river. They were expected to move deep to the east to cut off the Russian grouping deployed in the Olgino area.

The rotation of Ukrainian troops and reconnaissance operations by small assault groups signaled preparations for a larger offensive in the area of Davydov Brod. They were also largely aimed at distracting Russian forces from the Ukrainian offensive in the north of the Kherson region. Having accumulated large forces, Ukrainian units went on the offensive along the right bank of the Kakhovsky reservoir by forces of up to three battalions. The Ukrainian military aimed to break through towards the town Berislav, reach the Kakhovskaya power station and then advance to Kherson. In two days they managed to repel Russian forces from about a dozen of villages. So far, Ukrainian troops took a foothold along the Lyubimovka—Belyaevka—Novoaleksandrovka line and are transferring reserves there. Having advanced for about 30 km, Ukrainian forces were stopped near the village of Dudchany. Fierce fighting has been ongoing there for several days.

Due to the Ukrainian breakthrough and the threat of the encirclement of the Russian grouping from Dudchany and Davydov Brod, the Russian military decided to withdraw to a new line of defense. Russians left Davydov Brod, Novaya Kamenka, Olgino and other smaller villages. Russian forces are expected to take a foothold along the Kostroma—Borozenskoye—Mylovoye line in order to shorten the front line and avoid the encirclement. The Ukrainian offensive in the steppe is accompanied by significant losses. Russian artillery, MLRS and aviation are heavily shelling the advancing enemy forces. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, during two days of offensive operations, the Ukrainian military lost about 130 servicemen and 23 units of military equipment in the area of the Kakhovsky reservoir. Also, as a result of the strike of the Russian Air Force on the Ukrainian units in the Davydov Brod area, up to 60 militants and seven units of military equipment were destroyed. Heavy losses of Ukrainian forces are confirmed by military sources on the battlefield.

Director General Of Zaporizhia NPP Expelled To Ukraine For Cooperation With Kiev’s Security Service
South Front, Oct 4 2022

Director General of the Zaporizhia NPP Igor Murashov recently became very popular in the Mainstream Media. The Ukrainian media blamed Russia of illegal detention of the head of the largest nuclear power station in Europe. The IAEA sounded the alarm. Today, the truth was revealed. On Oct 1, the head of the National Nuclear Power Generating Company of Ukraine Energoatom, Pyotr Kotin, accused Russia of detaining Murashov by a Russian patrol in the city of Energodar. He noted that Murashov is a “licensed person” who bears primary and exclusive responsibility for the nuclear and radiation safety of the Zaporozhye NPP. The IAEA demanded Russia to clarify the situation. On Oct 3, the head of the IAEA Mariano Grossi said that the director of the Zaporozhye NPP was freed. he wrote:

I welcome the release of Igor Murashov. I have received confirmation that Mr Murashov has returned safely to his family.

The Russian side has not officially commented on the situation until today. On Oct 4, the Russian TV channel “Russia-24” showed Murashov’s testimonies in his ties with Ukrainian special services. He admitted that he transmitted information from the station to representatives of the Ukrainian special services. Murashov said on camera:

I communicated with Igor Viktorovich Kazimirsky, an employee of the SBU, via messengers. The essence of the communication was that I was transmitting information about the current state of affairs at the nuclear power plant.

The director has previously confirmed that the shelling of the nuclear power plant is conducted by Ukrainian forces and the staff in the NPP was in danger. Murashov was expelled to the territory controlled by the Kiev regime “for discrediting the authorities of the Russian Federation.” The Russian media reported that Murashov could have also participated in the organisation of sabotage attacks in the NPP.

On Oct 4, Ukrainian militants have resumed shelling on the city of Energodar. Ukrainian artillery hit the NPP area and residential areas in the city. Destruction on the coastline was reported.

Military Situation In Southern Ukraine
South Front, Oct 4 2022

The AFU captured Arkhanhelske, Novopetrivka, Davidov Brod, Myroliubivka, Lyubymivka, Khreshchenivka, Zolota Balka, Shevchenkivka, Ukrainka, Bilyaivka, Mykhailivka, Novooleksandrivka, Havrylivka settlements. Clashes between the AFU and the AFRF continue in Sukhyi Stavok.

Russian Forces Leave Northern Part Of Kherson Region
South Front, Oct 4 2022

The Russian military has recently left several towns in the northern part of the Kherson region amid the increased pressure by the AFU. After the Ukrainian military reached the village of Dudchany located on the right bank of the Kakhovsky reservoir and attacked Russian positions in the area of Davidov Brod on the north western front lines of the Kherson region, the Russian grouping in the north of the region faced the risk of encirclement. As a result of Ukrainian offensive, the Russian military decided to withdraw from the area. They left the towns located on the left bank of the Ingulets River, including Davidov Brod, where the fierce fighting had been ongoing for about two months, Olgino, Arkhangelskoe, Velikaya Aleksandrovka and Malaya Aleksandrovka. They also left their positions near Novovoskresenskoe and Novaya Kamenka. Russian forces are expected to establish their defences along the Kostroma—Borozenskoye—Mylovoye line. So far, clashes near Dudchany continue. The retreat allowed the Russian military to avoid the encirclement and straighten the front line. Taking into account the limited contingent of Russian forces deployed in the region, the manoeuvre should also shorten the front line which will strengthen the Russian defence. Unlike the Ukrainian military command, which freely uses military personnel as cannon fodder, the Russian military is determined to save the lives of military personnel.

So far, all Russian groupings that were surrounded by Ukrainian troops have been evacuated before their destruction. The Russian side is suffering from a shortage of military personnel and urgently needs to strengthen its military positions with mobilized servicemen in order to stop the advance of Ukraine and launch any counter-offensive operations. The AFU are aimed to reach the city of Novaya Kakhovka, where the hydroelectric power station is located, and further advance to Kherson. If their advance continues, the capital of the region may be surrounded. The AFU are already preparing for offensive operations in the area of Snigirevka, from where they will try to advance to the city of Kherson from the north-western direction. Another direction of the Ukrainian offensive may be the Posad-Pokrovsky region, where the AFU hold their military positions 30 km west of the city. At the same time, the Ukrainian navy has already demonstrated its intentions to launch an assault operation in the Dnieper estuary. The situation seems critical for the Russian military. If immediate measures are not taken, the security of the entire Kherson region, which recently voted for joining the Russian Federation, may be under threat. In this case, the Crimean peninsula will also fall under the sights of Ukraine and NATO.

Military Developments In Kherson Region: Ukrainians Advance Despite Heavy Losses
South Front, Oct 4 2022

On Oct 2, the AFU launched another offensive in the Kherson region. The attacks were carried out from several directions in an attempt to cut off the Russian grouping and advance deep into the region. So far, the AFU managed to advance for about 30 km along the right bank of the Kakhovsky water reservoir. The also control the Vysokopolie-Osokorovka road. The villages of Khreshenovka, Shevchenkovka, Zolotaya Balka, Mikhailovka and Ukrainka came under Ukrainian control. The AFU took a foothold along the Lyubimovka—Belyaevka—Novoaleksandrovka line. Amid the ongoing offensive, they are transferring their reserves to the area. In turn, the Russian military are holding their military positions in the villages of Novaya Kamenka and Dudchany. On the morning of Oct 4, Ukrainian forces resumed their offensive near Dudchany. So far, without any successes.

The AFU attempted to attack with T-72M1 tanks, followed by light armored vehicles BMP—1 and American-Dutch armored personnel carriers YPR-765. The movement of the AFU was detected by Russian UAVs and then shelled by Russian artillery:

At the same time, the AFU continue their attempts to break through Russian defences near Davidov Brod. The Russian military sources report that at night, the AFU once again attempted to attack. As a result, at least 3 Ukrainian tanks 2 Kozak armored vehicles were destroyed. Clashes continue in the area of Bruskinskoe. The AFU are trying to expand the bridgehead on the left bank of the Ingulets River in the area. At night, another AFU assault group was destroyed in the area of Malaya Alexandrovka, located north of Davydov Ford. Ukrainian forces have reportedly approached the Russian military positions in Snigirevka from the right bank of the Ingulets River. The Russian bridgehead which is of strategic importance may become another target for the Ukrainian offensive.

Ukrainian military equipment destroyed in the Kherson region

So far, the Ukrainian military managed to advance in the north of the Kherson region, along the Kakhovsky reservoir. Despite heavy losses inflicted by Russian artillery and aircraft, they are transferring reserves to the area and are expected to continue their attempts to break through Russian defences towards the town of Novaya Kakhovka, where the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station is located. At the same time, the AFU are expected to develop their offensive to the west and attack Russian forces defending Novovoskresenskoe in an attempt to cut off the Russian grouping deployed in the north of the Kherson region. On the western front lines of the Kherson region, the AFU are likely preparing for another large offensive, carrying out rotation of the troops and continuing reconnaissance operations by small assault groups. If the Ukrainian military succeed to break through Russian defences in Dudchany, Davidov Brod and Snigirevka before the reinforcement of Russian forces with the recently mobilized servicemen, the security of the whole Kherson region which has recently entered the Russian Federation will be threatened.

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