colonel cassad

We need to stop lying. We’ve talked about it more than once
Colonel Cassad, Oct 5 2022 15:26

The head of the State Duma Defense Committee, as well as the former head of Glavpur, General Kartaopolov, about lies and information policy.

We need to stop lying. We’ve talked about it more than once. But somehow it doesn’t reach individual managers. I read the reports of the Soviet Information Bureau for 1941, when the Germans broke through to Moscow. They openly said that we were leaving somewhere. But in each report they said that the brigade did it, our pilots destroyed so much, our losses were so-and-so. And people understood the danger, knew that the enemy was on our land. Now it’s also an enemy on our land. All border villages of the Belgorod region are almost destroyed. We learn it from anyone – from governors and military commissars. But the reports of the Ministry of Defense do not change. People know. Our people are not stupid. And he sees that they don’t want to tell him even part of the truth. This can lead to the loss of trust credit.

Well, it is known that if explosions are called claps, and digressions are regrouped, it is difficult to talk about increasing the level of trust. There has been talk about the need to correct information policy since March, but so far we have what we have, which determines the current public showdowns and search for the guilty after recent military failures in Kharkiv region. The main thing here is that all this does not remain at the level of empty shit, but leads to the necessary organizational and methodological changes.

Burkina Faso will be a free country
Colonel Cassad, Oct 5 2022 10:54

Regarding the complaints of the French that it is Russia and PMC Wagner behind the military coup in Mali, which overthrew the pro-French government and led to attempts to burn the French Embassy in Burkina Faso. While France supported the Nazis in Ukraine, not without Russia’s help, 3 countries have already been removed from French control – the CAR, Mali and Burkina Faso. Macron actually presides over the collapse of the French neocolonial empire in northwest Africa. This empire existed for several decades after the decolonization process in the 50-70s. And now we are witnessing its fragmentation. It is noteworthy that Russia does not make any extra effort to do this – France is now very weak and does not hold its former sphere of influence. Niger and its uranium mines are next in line. Anti-colonial rhetoric, which has returned to the statements of Putin and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, now quite successfully falls on the mood in a number of African countries, where the development of national liberation or nationalist movements leads to a desire to get rid of the old colonizers. Russia, which does not claim such a colonial development of these countries, is seen by local national liberation movements and the military, a convenient partner in changing the current status quo. Russia’s profit is the weakening of its enemies, promoting its military infrastructure in the region + access to minerals, which local governments are ready to provide for development as payment for military assistance. So far, France’s opposition is expressed in support for separatist and terrorist organizations in the territory of the CAR and Mali.

Ratification is completed
Colonel Cassad, Oct 5 2022 9:57

Putin signed documents on ratification of agreements on admission to Russia of the DPR, DPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. Thus, on Oct 5, the process of accepting new regions to Russia was completed. All legal formalities are respected. Now it remains to consolidate these successes on the battlefield, where the enemy continues to conduct offensive actions, trying to advance before the masses of mobilized are knocked to the front. First appointments in the new subjects of the Russian Federation:

Pushilin – Acting Head of the DPR
Pasechnik – Acting Head of the LPR
Balitsky – Acting Governor of Zaporozhye Region
Saldo – Acting Governor of Kherson region

Elections in the regions will be held in Sep 2023. The position of head of the republic remains in the DPR and LPR. In Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, the usual position of governor.

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