colonel cassad

“The best in hell”
Colonel Cassad, Oct 6 2022 09:49

The film “The Best in Hell” about the war in Ukraine was posted on YouTube. This is the first film of its kind shot since the beginning of the SMO. Of course, there will be more films on this topic, but this one is the first. Cinema continues to develop the “Tourist” franchise. In the new film by Prigozhin and Nagin, one of the real battles is recreated with scrupulous accuracy: two hours of complete immersion in the war. The realism of the picture is truly frightening, especially on the big screen. All tactics are visible at a glance: what weapon, by whom and when it is used. The film is detailed. Highly. Most of all, it’s shocking that the events are shown simultaneously from two sides, without the slightest, even the smallest, attempts to belittle or dehumanize the enemy. From headquarters to ordinary performers. No “scouts” and “spies,” only brothers, “whites” against “yellows.” This is directly underlined. And that only makes it worse. More painful. The spectacle is very strong, it breaks the viewer to tears. Director: Andrey Batov. Starring: Georgy Bolonev, Dmitry Murashev, Georgy Marishin, Zakhar Cherezov, Yuri Evdokimov, Sergei Bespalov, Gleb Denisov, Alexei Kravchenko, Vladislav Demin and Anton Bagmet.

8th package with packages
Colonel Cassad, Oct 6 2022 12:34

The EU approved the eighth package of sanctions against Russia, including the oil price ceiling – European Commission. At the same time, the ceiling of oil prices from the Russian Federation still allows EU countries to transport it to third countries. This loophole is reported by the European Commission itself. Officially, the import of Russian petroleum products is prohibited. The ban on sea transportation of oil from Russia at a price above the established ceiling will come into force on Dec 5, oil products from Feb 5. But only after an additional decision of the Council on this issue. What else is included in the new package:

  • a ban on the export of certain types of steel products, plastics and chemicals
  • a ban on the provision of IT and legal services to Russian organizations.

The spiral of the energy crisis will spin even stronger, as the decision to reduce production in the Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia will reduce the amount of available oil on the market and lead to an increase in its price, so interest in buying Russian oil bypassing European sanctions will only grow, and the Russian Federation, due to price growth, easily compensates for the reduction in production and the discount, In general, the EU has stated before that it can’t surprise Russia with anything serious anymore. The 8th package emphasizes this very vividly.

Weather forecast Innovations
Colonel Cassad, Oct 6 2022 13:33

Innovations in weather forecast in Russia.

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