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A cry for freedom
Colonel Cassad, Nov 29 2022 20:40

Features of CNN coverage of protests against coronavirus restrictions in Germany and China. It’s different…

Fundamental difference
Colonel Cassad, Nov 29 2022 17:40

From a briefing by NATO spokesman Jamie Shea, Brussels, May 25 1999:

Q: We were able to see yesterday in several television reports doctors and Yugoslavs confronted with enormous difficulties linked to their generators in their hospitals and who therefore ultimately accused the Alliance of taking the civilian population hostage, therefore of taking hosting innocent people by the very fact of bombing power stations, transformers or drinking water pipes.

A: Let us not lose sight of proportions in this debate. President Milosevic has got plenty of back-up generators. His armed forces have hundreds of them. He can either use these back-up generators to supply his hospitals, his schools, or he can use them to supply his military. His choice. If he has a big headache over this, then that is exactly what we want him to have and I am not going to make any apology for that. Secondly, I don’t know if anybody realises this. It’s not often remembered but over 50% of the refugees in Albania and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia are under 18 years of age. Children, or at least adolescents. 40% are under 14 years of age. 20k are under one year old and at least 100k babies have been born since this crisis in March in those refugee camps, without incubators, without electricity, without medical support, without water, without a roof over their heads, with absolutely nothing. And therefore they are still considerably less fortunate than those babies in Belgrade. NATO doesn’t wish any harm to any baby but let’s make it clear here, the suffering, the real suffering, not the TV images, but the real suffering is in this business overwhelmingly on the side of the Kosovar Albanians who don’t have the choice, unfortunately, between an incubator with electricity supplied by President Milosevic or an incubator without electricity. They simply have no incubator because they have been forced out of their homes and into fields. I also could tell you that there are 60k children under the age of six in the camps in Albania alone being cared for at the moment by the International Relief organisations. This is not a few babies, no matter how precious, this is an entire lost generation. We are dealing with the Pied Piper of Hamlin here. In other words the government which has literally taken away from their homes a whole community of children, enormous numbers depriving them of their health, causing great psychological harm, you have seen this in terms of the pictures that they have painted which have been exposed at Segrabe, depriving them of their schooling, depriving them of their families in terms of separation and I think that this again is what we should focus on. Otherwise I just acknowledge that perhaps we have lost all sense of proportion in this matter.

Q I am sorry Jamie but if you say that the Army has a lot of back-up generators, why are you depriving 70% of the country of not only electricity, but also water supply, if he has so much back-up electricity that he can use because you say you are only targeting military targets?

A: Yes, I’m afraid electricity also drives command and control systems. If President Milosevic really wants all of his population to have water and electricity all he has to do is accept NATO’s five conditions and we will stop this campaign. But as long as he doesn’t do so we will continue to attack those targets which provide the electricity for his armed forces. If that has civilian consequences, it’s for him to deal with but that water, that electricity is turned back on for the people of Serbia. Unfortunately it has been turned off for good or at least for a long, long time for all of those 1.6 million Kosovar Albanians who have been driven from their homes and who have suffered, not inconvenience, but suffered in many cases permanent damage to their lives. Now that may not be a distinction that everybody likes but for me that distinction is fundamental.

Bakhmut meat grinder
Colonel Cassad, Nov 29 2022 13:58

In the light of the successes of recent days in the “Bakhmut Meat Grinder,” it can be noted that the straightforward tactics of storming the city head-on from the east was not chosen to storm the city, especially since our forces entered the industrial zone of Artemovsk in the summer, where they fought near Patrice Lumumba Street. This has already led to the fact that our troops occupied Otradovka south of the city, and then not only started battles for the fortifications in Opitne and Ivangrad (the latter has already been taken), but also began to develop an offensive on Kurdyumovka, which violates the integrity of the enemy front between Artemovsk and Dzerzhinsk. With the loss of Kurdyumovka, as well as Andriivka, Zelenopolye and Ozaryanovka, the situation for the enemy in this area became sharply complicated, and our troops were able to both develop the offensive south of Artemovsk (including in the direction of the Hours of Yar), and to increase pressure on the enemy in the area of Dzerzhinsk, as well as expand the control zone in the direction of Konstantinovka.

An important role in achieving the results of the offensive is played by the overwhelming artillery fire (including competent work with drones and adjusted fire) and the skillful use of tactics of assault groups, which determine the bypassing actions of the advancing troops which pose a threat to the enemy’s flanks, allowing you to minimize your own losses. Hence the actual emergence of the term “Bakhmut meat grinder.” In fact, in this section of the front there is a methodical grinding of the Artemov group of the AFU and attached forces of foreign mercenaries, making the battle very costly for the AFU and forcing the command of the AFU to transfer more and more reserves in the area of Artemovsk and Hours Yar to replenish the units In fact, the enemy is faced with a choice: either to continue to tolerate the current level of losses while the assault groups of PMC Wagner cover the city from the south, or gradually leave Artemovsk, taking all the operational consequences of such a step.

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