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Naval Battle On Dnieper River: Suicidal Attempts Of Ukrainian Offensive
South Front, Jan 25 2023

The Ukrainian military command began suicidal attempts to cross the Dnieper and land troops on territory controlled by Russia. On Jan 24 at 5 am, Ukrainian militants on five boats tried to attack Russian positions near the village of Korsunka located west of Novaya Kakhovka in the Kherson region. The Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine proudly showed some footage of the operation, stating that as a result of a successful operation, the command post of Russian troops was destroyed. According to the legend of Ukrainian intelligence officers, the Russian command immediately attracted combat reserves, including special operations forces, aircraft and armored vehicles, but could not stop several Ukrainian boats. However, Ukrainian intelligence did not show the work of Russian units on its video. Russian military sources immediately denied these reports from the Ukrainian side. It turned out that three Ukrainian boats were sunk while still in the water. Ukrainian forces that landed on the eastern shore were almost completely destroyed. A shooting battle broke out. The Ukrainian military came under MLRS fire and returned to the west bank with losses. The facility, which was declared by Ukrainian propaganda to be a command post, turned out to be a shed at the boat station. This building could not be used by the Russian command, as it is under direct fire from the enemy sitting across the river.

In response to the attempted attack, the Russian forces hit Ukrainian manpower and armored vehicles deployed on the western bank with artillery and TOS-1A Solntsepek heavy flamethrower systems. According to the Russian emergency services of the Kherson region, Ukrainian units became more active on the western bank of the Dnieper near the villages of Korsunka and Dnepryani, where Russian units discovered an accumulation of armored vehicles and manpower. Ukrainian reserves were hit by Russian artillery. As a result, three boats, six infantry fighting vehicles and about 100 Ukrainian soldiers were reportedly destroyed. The acting governor of the Kherson region which has recently become part of Russia said that the Ukrainian military regularly attempts to force across the Dnieper, but the entire floodplain of the eastern bank is controlled by Russian forces. In early January, it was reported that the AFU were again preparing an attack across Dnieper in the area of the Kakhovsky reservoir. That is why Ukrainian authorities closed the Kremenchug and DneproGES dams in the upper reaches of the river to lower the water level.

Latest Resignation Scandal Reveals Massive Scope Of Kiev Regime’s Corruption
Drago Bosnic, South Front, Jan 26 2023

It’s hardly news that the Kiev regime is one of the most corrupt in the world. This issue was raised by many in the political West after NATO and EU governments decided to prop up the Neo-Nazi junta regardless of the cost or consequences. Experts, politicians, journalists and others repeatedly warned that the funds, weapons and other assets sent to Kiev should be subjected to extensive scrutiny. And yet, these audits weren’t only flatly rejected in most cases, but those requesting them were even accused of being “Russian shills” or “Putin apologists,” supposedly supporting Russia’s “unprovoked aggression” in Ukraine. The deeply corrupt oligarchs running the country couldn’t have possibly hoped for a better chance to essentially steal tens of billions of dollars of Western “aid.” However, the scale of the theft has become so massive that not even the Kiev regime could turn a blind eye, forcing it to simultaneously fire over a dozen high-ranking officials. The media are already calling it the biggest mass resignation and corruption scandal in recent history, including allegations such as bribery, embezzlement and mismanagement of “aid” funds for purchasing food, etc. The now-former officials were also caught buying sports cars, throwing lavish parties and going on expensive vacations while regular Ukrainian citizens suffer the consequences of the neo-Nazi junta’s suicidal subservience to Euro-Atlantic “values.” The scandal involves a top adviser to Volodymyr Zelensky and four deputy ministers, including two defense officials. In addition, governors of at least five oblasts (regions) were fired, including those in Zaporozhye and Kherson. Oleg Nemchinov, head of the Secretariat of Cabinet of Ministers compiled a list of officials who were forced to resign:

  • Deputy Prosecutor General Oleskiy Symonenko;
  • Deputy Minister for Development of Communities and Territories Ivan Lukeryu;
  • Deputy Minister for Development of Communities and Territories Vyacheslav Negoda;
  • Deputy Minister for Social Policy Vitaliy Muzychenk.

The list also includes the governors of Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Kiev, Sumy and Kherson oblasts, while the defense ministry confirmed its deputy minister Vyacheslav Shapovalov was fired. He was in charge of logistics for the Kiev regime forces and was accused of signing food contracts at inflated prices. Shapovalov used public funds (most of which are now provided by the political West) to purchase military rations, enabling extra profits for contractors and himself. The Kiev regime is still trying to downplay the scandal, calling it a “technical error,” but even some mainstream media are unconvinced. On Jan 24, Politico published the details of Shapovalov’s scheme:

An exposé from the Ukrainian news website ZN.UA revealed last week that the defense ministry purchased overpriced food supplies for its troops. For instance, the ministry bought eggs at ₴17 each, while the average price of an egg in Kyiv is around ₴7. According to, a contract for food procurement for soldiers in 2023 amounted to ₴13.16b (€328m).

And yet, the now-former deputy minister insists his resignation is purely altruistic and that he’s stepping down so as “not to pose a threat to the stable supply of the AFU as a result of a campaign of accusations related to the purchase of food services.” As the scandal grows in scope, some mainstream media are resorting to damage control and are trying to downplay the crimes. The deputy head of the presidential administration Kyrylo Tymoshenko, accused of using public funds for his lavish lifestyle, is now being whitewashed by Western state-run media, such as the BBC, which is claiming:

Tymoshenko was implicated in several scandals during his tenure, including in October last year when he was accused of using a car donated to Ukraine for humanitarian purposes.

However, in early December, local media presented evidence that Tymoshenko drove expensive sports cars to and from mansions which cost up to $25k/month in maintenance only. Other Western state-run media are also trying to downplay the scandal and are even blaming Russia. The AFP claims:

Ukraine has long suffered endemic corruption, including among the political elite, but efforts to stamp out graft have been overshadowed by Moscow’s full-scale war that began in February. Kyiv’s Western allies, who have allocated billions of dollars in financial and military support, have been pushing for anti-corruption reforms for years, sometimes as a precondition for aid.

The scandal also includes luxury vacations abroad, with Deputy Prosecutor General Symonenko caught vacationing in Spain this winter while the vast majority of Ukrainians can’t afford basic necessities. Due to public outcry, the Kiev regime has even banned top officials to go abroad for vacations. In addition, mere days before the latest scandal, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Communities Development Vasyl Lozynskiy was accused of receiving bribes to force the purchase of generators at greatly hiked-up prices. And to top it all, Defense Minister Akexei Reznikov himself might be directly involved in the scandal. It should be noted that the aforementioned officials are directly involved in overseeing tens of billions of dollars provided by taxpayers in the US, EU and elsewhere, people who are being impoverished as a result of the political West’s comprehensive aggression against Russia. The scandal could also explain why the Pentagon has been “unable” to track over $20b in weapons as the black market became flooded with Western-made arms. And yet, Zelensky is requesting a trillion dollars for the alleged “reconstruction” of Ukraine.

Kiev’s Crimes Could Be Revealed By Its Own Agents
Lucas Leiroz, South Front, Jan 26 2023

The confidentiality of Kiev’s data is threatened by its own agents. Now, a notorious Australian TV star who became a mercenary in Ukraine is blackmailing the regime, claiming she could leak data that would seriously damage the public image of the Ukrainian government. Indeed, as internal conflicts of interest arise in Ukraine, extortion becomes commonplace. According to the Daily Mail, Emese Fajk, a famous Australian TV star who participated in the reality show The Block, is now threatening Ukrainian authorities searching for personal advantage. The media agency made an extensive report exposing details of Fajk’s life. The star is accused of several financial crimes in Australia and is now allegedly committing illicit acts in Ukraine as well. Afraid of being kicked out of the country or handed over to Australian authorities, Fajk said she would release sensitive data about Kiev’s forces. However, her words were secretly recorded by Ukrainian intelligence agents and later published by the Daily Mail.

On the tapes, Fajk talks to another mercenary soldier, revealing how she threatened to reveal information about Kiev during a meeting with Ukrainian general Andrey Ordinovich, who was using the pseudonym Zeus. She says that she discovered that there was a plan to deport her, which is why she decided to go public revealing everything she knew. Fajk ascended to an important position among the pro-Ukrainian mercenaries, becoming the troops’ communications director. She is accused of having stolen money that was meant to buy humanitarian aid for combat units. With legal problems in Australia, the possibility of being deported obviously did not sound pleasant to her, leading her to use the tactic of blackmail against her superiors. She clarified in conversations that she has no personal issues against Andrey Ordinovich and that she does not consider him a criminal, but reinforced that she would publish all the information she has to the media if something were done against her. Fajk even made a few mentions about the specific sensitive content she could leak. The Australian mercenary commented on cases of corruption and mistreatment of foreigners. According to her, if the information was published in the media, the Ukrainian army would suffer so many investigations that it would certainly fall. She said:

As it turned out, they wanted to deport me for desertion and terminate my contract. My only luck was that before this I spoke to Zeus, and they couldn’t touch me. I told Zeus if I’m not coming back to this thing, I’m going to go public on everything I know and why I’m being removed. I told him, ‘it’s not a threat against you, it’s nothing personal against you, but I will go public.’ So I’ve been almost kicked out, people talking shit has consequences. He’s protecting me, because he knows I know everything and he knows that I’m going to keep my mouth shut, he knows it right now. Zeus is not personally involved, he’s not dirty, he’s a super stand-up guy, but he understands that if I go out and I start talking about everything I know and everything I’ve seen in the army and how spineless people are, it’s going to burn the army to the ground. Like, imagine if the Kyiv Independent published an article on everything I know, everything I know would be very damaging for the army and for Ukraine if it became public knowledge. The corruption, the shit going missing, the treatment foreigners get. If I start talking about this the army is going to fall apart with all the internal investigations that have to be started.

Indeed, these are the consequences of Kiev’s irresponsible policy of accepting foreign mercenaries. If Emese Fajk’s personal history were investigated in depth, it would be possible to observe her past crimes and thus act preemptively in order to prevent a criminal from reaching important positions in the ranks of the country. However, the Ukrainian desperation to accumulate troops and weapons to wage war against Russia sometimes makes the country’s authorities to act irrationally and anti-strategically, generating serious problems for the military administration.

Before enlisting to fight in Ukraine, Fajk had already fled Australia to live in Portugal, as she was about to be arrested on Australian soil due to serious charges of corruption and financial fraud. The very fact of choosing to volunteer to defend Kiev appears to have been a tactic to evade the scrutiny and deportation that would surely happen if she remained in Portugal. In Ukraine, Fajk became a kind of wartime top model, regularly appearing in propaganda photos and videos and helping to raise funds for the Ukrainian government with her TV star image. It was precisely this “efficiency” that led her to be promoted to an important administrative position, where Fajk, quite predictably, resumed to her financial crimes. However, Fajk’s attitude of threatening her superiors may have been risky for her safety. If something were to happen against her, it would not be the first time that Kiev has taken drastic measures to prevent its own agents from leaking sensitive data. The murder of the surrendered neo-Nazi prisoners of Azovstal was a clear example of how the Neo-Nazi regime acts to prevent information leakage. So far, Fajk has managed to stay safe, but, knowing the practices of the regime she chose to defend, it does not seem to be advantageous for her to remain on Ukrainian soil after intimidating local authorities.

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