south front

Battle For Ugledar Broke Out On Ukrainian Front Lines
South Front, Jan 27 2023

The end of January is nearing amid the slowly developing offensive of the Russian Armed Forces on limited parts of the frontline in the region of Donbass. As of Jan 27, the town of Ugledar joined two other well-known hot points of the recent weeks, Soledar and Artemovsk (also known as Bakhmut). According to most recent reports, Russian forces have been slowly pushing pro-Kiev troops out of the Ugledar area using the advantage in artillery and air power. Parts of the town are already in the hands of the Russians. However, the area will likely remain contested at least in the short-to-mid term because of a large system of fortification and regular reinforcements that help pro-Kiev units. In their turn, the Russian command do not seem to be in a hurry to commit the reserve to this sector and they are deploying the tactics that have already been successful in Soledar and Artemovsk. Russian units are mostly focused on destroying military equipment and manpower that the Kiev regime throws to the area in an attempt to avoid ‘media consequences’ of any retreats on the frontline. Pretending that Kiev forces are ‘winning’ on the battleground is the cornerstone of propaganda that MSM and Western diplomats are eager to sell to the international community. At the same time, in the area of Soledar, Russian units are working to expand the foothold created there. Following the liberation of the town as well as the nearby villages of Sol and Krasnopolievka, the situation in which Kiev units have found themselves in Blagodatnoe, Krasnaya Gora and Paraskovievka have become very complicated. Heavy fighting is also ongoing in the town of Artemovsk. Even pro-Kiev sources admit that the main point of clashes have already moved from the surroundings of the area to the town itself. Ukrainian troops are suffering significant casualties in Artemovsk, but similarly to Soledar and Ugledar, Kiev continues to burn reserves in this battle.

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