colonel cassad

Searches in Kolomoisky’s house
Colonel Cassad, Feb 1 2023 13:16

Kolomoisky’s house is being searched in the case of financial fraud. Investments in Zelensky led slightly different from the results that Kolomoisky expected, due to the fact that the asset was intercepted by other players and used including against Kolomoisky himself, who invested a lot of money in Zelensky’s promotion. But now Zelensky’s ass has someone else’s hand, although a few years ago Kolomoisky probably believed that using Zelensky, he would be able to engage in the traditional squeeze of the assets of the state and other oligarchs in his favor. And now we have to loop to avoid a final robbery (some of the assets have already been squeezed) and landing (in the US, the case is still not closed).

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