colonel cassad

The situation in Artemovsk
Colonel Cassad, Feb 5 2023 11:24

The main focus of the battle shifts to the northern and north-eastern outskirts of the city. PMC Wagner increases pressure on enemy positions, trying to advance through the northern quarters, as well as Paraskovievka and Krasnaya Gora to the last serious road along which there can be a relatively safe supply of the Artemov group (the rest, to varying degrees, are under fire from Russian artillery). The enemy is well aware of these intentions and tries to hold onto Paraskovievka and Krasnaya Gora as firmly as possible in order to maintain the ability to supply the group at the current level for as long as possible. It is obvious that as soon as this road is under fire, the AFU in Artemovsk will begin very black days, as it was already in Soledar. Therefore, there is no retreat. The command of the AFU rushes all possible support to hold Wagner off, which today was once again confirmed by Prigozhin, pointing out that the enemy does not retreat, that’s exactly what is being pushed. To the south of the city there are battles of fire support rockets and helicopters (бои за РОПы и ВОПы) near Krasnoye. The road through the village is under the fire of Russian artillery. Yesterday, our assault groups also advanced to Stupochka, as part of a bypass movement from the south to Chasov Yar. In fact, there is progress in the direction of Konstantinovka. In the city itself, during street fighting, there is a slow progress with street fighting in the south-eastern and north-eastern regions of the city. The enemy here is still acting within the expected framework – deterrence and slow retreat with subsequent defense attempts in the western part of the city. In case of loss of communications, this plan is unlikely to work and the AFU are likely to leave the city to avoid encirclement.

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