colonel cassad

Quite a depressing meeting
Colonel Cassad, Feb 26 2023 13:06

CIA head Burns about the meeting with the head of the SVR, Naryshkin:

Quite a depressing meeting. There was a very defiant attitude on the part of Naryshkin. A sense of audacity and arrogance. A feeling that I think reflects his own opinion of President Putin, his own belief today that he can make time work for him, that he can grind Ukrainians, that he can exhaust our European allies, that in the end there will be political fatigue.

– Russians give up!
– No.
– It was a pretty depressing meeting

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  1. Rich
    Posted February 26, 2023 at 2:36 pm | Permalink

    Is it depressing to acknowledge, as Burns did, the Slavic or Soviet or Russian or white deplorable ethic?
    Being one, as Burns isn’t, the answer is apparent.
    The home is where your father chooses to make his stand and your mother knows it.
    Absent that overarching sentiment, we observe Burns, a transparently functioning drunk, confuse the word ‘depressing’ with his appropriate feeling of dread at having faced a real man taking a stand.

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