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a short history of politically motivated entrapment

How the FBI Created Domestic Terrorism: 80 Years of Psychological Warfare Revealed
Matthew Ehret, Strategic Culture, Jan 25 2021

Photo: Kim Taylor Hull

Since it has become increasingly evident that a vast extension of the Patriot Act will soon be unveiled that threatens to re-define “the war on terror” to include essentially anyone who disagrees with the governing neoliberal agenda, it is probably a good time to evaluate how and why terrorism, domestic or otherwise, has tended to arise over the past century. If, in the course of conducting this evaluation, we find that terrorism is truly a “naturally occurring phenomenon”, then perhaps we might conclude alongside many eminent figures of the intelligence community and Big Tech, that new pre-emptive legislation targeting the rise of a new conservative-minded domestic terrorist movement is somehow necessary. Maybe the censoring of free speech, and the surveillance of millions of Americans by the Five Eyes is a necessary evil for the sake of the greater good. However, if it is revealed that the thing we call “terrorism” is something other than a naturally occurring self-organized phenomenon, but rather something which only exists due to vast support from western political agencies, then a very different conclusion must be arrived at which may be disturbing for some.

But how to proceed? Before it was revealed that Daesh was being supported by a network of Anglo-American intelligence agencies and their allies in a failed effort to overthrow Bashar al Assad, an exhaustive 2012 study was conducted by the Center on National Security at Fordham Law School. This study provides a convenient entry point to our inquiry. In this course of its investigation, researchers at Fordham discovered that EVERY SINGLE ONE of the 138 terrorist incidents recorded in the USA between 2001-2012 involved FBI informants who played leading roles in planning out, supplying weapons, instructions and even recruiting Islamic terrorists to carry out terrorist acts on US soil. Reporting on the Fordham study, The Nation stated:

Nearly every major post-9/11 terrorism-related prosecution has involved a sting operation, at the center of which is a government informant. In these cases, the informants, who work for money or are seeking leniency on criminal charges of their own, have crossed the line from merely observing potential criminal behavior to encouraging and assisting people to participate in plots that are largely scripted by the FBI itself. Under the FBI’s guiding hand, the informants provide the weapons, suggest the targets and even initiate the inflammatory political rhetoric that later elevates the charges to the level of terrorism.

Of course, this trend preceded 9/11 itself as we see in the case of FBI informant Emad Salem (formerly associated with the Egyptian Military) who recorded hundreds of hours of conversation between himself and his FBI handlers which were reported publicly by the NYT on Oct 28 1993. Why is this important? Because Emad Salem was the figure who rented the van, hotel rooms, provided bomb-making instruction, tested out explosives on behalf of Mohammed Salamah and 15 other terrorists who carried out the February 1993 World Trade Center bombing which injured 1000 and killed 6 people. Even though several large-scale military war game scenarios were conducted between Oct 2000 and Jul 2001 featuring planes flying into both the WTC buildings and Pentagon, the incoming Neocon administration were somehow caught with their pants down when the events of 9/11 finally took place, conveniently at a moment that NORAD had suffered a total breakdown of their continental warning and response systems. When all flights were grounded over the coming several days, Cheney and his PNAC cohorts ensured that the only flights permitted to leave the USA was crammed with high level Saudi royals, including the Bin Laden family.

Why was this done? As the declassified 28 pages from the 9/11 Commission report went far to demonstrate, the Saudis, largely coordinated by Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, Saudi Ambassador to the USA from 1983-2005 and Bush family insider, had provided the foundation for a cover story that was carefully scripted to justify the 9/11 incident. Whether the plot was hatched by CIA-Saudi sponsored terrorists as some assume, or whether it was a controlled demolition, as hundreds of architects and engineers have testified, or whether it was a combination of both stories, one thing is certain: The official narrative is a lie and no matter how you try to explain it, two airplanes cannot cause the collapse of three WTC buildings. Another thing is certain: Joe Biden was happy. Not only did Biden act as one of the most aggressive voices for the invasion of Iraq in the days following 9/11, but he even bragged publicly that John Ashcroft’s 2001 Patriot Act was modelled nearly verbatim on his own failed 1994 Omnibus domestic surveillance legislation drafted in response to the first 9/11 attack and 1994 Oklahoma City bombing.

Another important outcome of 9/11 involved the re-organization of the FBI with a focus on domestic terrorist surveillance, prevention, disruption and entrapment. In 2001, MI5’s Chief came to the USA, where then-FBI director Robert Mueller was assigned the task of carrying out this new remix of US intelligence that involved re-activating many of the worst characteristics of the FBI’s earlier COINTELPRO operations that were made public during the 1974 Church Committeehearings. A Christian Science Monitor report from May 19 2004 cited “a person close to the changes” in the following terms:

They have done a number of things to move them in the direction of an MI5. They’ve created agents who are trained to have an intelligence function. They’re monitoring organizations within the US that pose threats to national security … not with an eye toward prosecuting, but toward collecting and analyzing that information.

An incredible report by investigative Journalist Edward Spannaus listed a short list of some of the most extreme cases of FBI entrapment between 2001-2013 in the USA:

One of the most egregious of these cases is the so-called “Newburgh Four” in New York State, in which an informant in 2008-09 offered the defendants $250k as well as weapons to carry out a terrorist plot. The New York University Center for Human Rights and Justice reviewed this case and two others, and concluded: “The government’s informants introduced and aggressively pushed ideas about violent jihad and, moreover, actually encouraged the defendants to believe it was their duty to take action against the United States.” The Federal judge presiding over the Newburgh case, Colleen McMahon, declared that it was “beyond question that the government created the crime here,” and criticized the Bureau for sending informants “trolling among the citizens of a troubled community, offering very poor people money if they will play some role—any role—in criminal activity.”

In Portland, Oregon it was disclosed during the trial of the “Christmas Tree bomber” earlier this year that the FBI had actually produced its own terrorist training video, which was shown to the defendant, depicting men with covered faces shooting guns and setting off bombs using a cell phone as a detonator. The FBI operative also traveled with the target to a remote location where they detonated an actual bomb concealed in a backpack as a trial run for the planned attack. In Brooklyn, NY in 2012, an FBI agent posing as an al-Qaeda operative supplied a target with fake explosives for a 1,000-pound bomb, which the FBI’s victim then attempted to detonate outside the Federal Reserve building in Manhattan. In Irvine, California in 2007, an FBI informant was so blatant in attempting to entrap members of the local Islamic Center into violent jihadi actions, that the mosque went to court and got a restraining order against the informant.

In Pittsburgh, Khalifa Ali al-Akili became so suspicious of two “jihadi” FBI informants who were trying to recruit him to buy a gun and to go to Pakistan for training, that he contacted both the London Guardian and the Washington-based National Coalition to Protect Civil Freedoms, and told them that he feared the FBI was trying to entrap him. The National Coalition scheduled a press conference for Mar 16 2012, at which al-Akili was to speak and identify the informants, but the day before the scheduled press conference, the FBI arrested al-Akili, charging him not with terrorism, but with illegal possession of a firearm. The chief informant trying to entrap al-Akili turned out to be Shaden Hussain, a longtime FBI informant who had set up two earlier terrorism cases: the above-cited Newburgh, NY case for which he was paid $100k and another in Albany, NY, for which his payments are not known.

This post-9/11 practice was not isolated to the USA, as a Canadian appeals court overruled guilty sentences handed down to an idiotic couple who were caught by the RCMP before their Jul 2016 jihadi plot to bomb a public venue on Canada Day could occur. Why did the appeals judge overrule their sentence? Because it became clear that every single member of the operation which radicalized the young couple, trained them to make bombs and even scripted their attack were RCMP informants!

Earlier cases of controlled domestic terrorist movements in Canada saw CSIS (Canada’s Security and Intelligence Service) erase thousands of hours of wiretaps of Sikh terroristsco-founded the white supremacist Heritage Front in 1988, and continued to finance it with taxpayer funds using CSIS agent Grant Bristol as the conduit and Heritage Front controller until at least 1994.

Anglo-Canadian intelligence controls of domestic terrorism actually go as far back as the bomb-loving Front de Liberation Quebec (FLQ) of the 1960s, which set dozens of mailbox bombs across the province. Not only did the RCMP Security Services get caught red handed managing FLQ cells, spreading FLQ graffiti on buildings and even supplying explosives to the group itself, but the FLQ’s “intellectual leader” (Pierre Vallieres) was also the Editor-in-Chief of the very same magazine (Cite Libre), which was run for a decade by none other than Canada’s Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau!

When major press agencies blew the whistle on the federal intelligence agencies behind the FLQ, which justified months of Martial Law in Quebec in 1970, Trudeau’s right-hand man (and fellow Cite Libre writer) Michael Pitfield created a new organization called the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) in 1983 as a branch of the Privy Council Office in order to continue psychological operations going under a new name.

If anyone wishes to look through the voluminous RCMP/CSIS files accumulated on Pierre Trudeau’s strange connections with the FLQ and broader Fabian Society networks during the Cold War, they would be out of luck, as historians were informed in 2019 that the entire Trudeau record archive were secretly destroyed by CSIS in 1989, simply because they “weren’t interesting.”

It is important to keep in mind that the RCMP’s techniques were not specifically Canadian, but were innovated by the FBI’s Counter-intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) which J Edgar Hoover launched in 1956 in order to subvert “dangerous civil rights groups” then emerging under the leadership of Paul Robeson and Martin Luther King Jr. From the program’s inception until its nominal death in 1975, not only did the FBI infiltrate every anti-establishment grouping from the US Communist Party (CPUSA) to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), the NAACP and Black nationalist movements throughout the 1960s, but ensured that its informants played leading roles in instilling internal conflict, radicalized groups towards violence and even set up leaders like Fred Hampton for assassination.

The strange case of Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers, who enjoyed vast institutional support and protection after their time running domestic terrorism as leaders of the Weather Underground, is something that should also be investigated. The fact that both domestic terrorists not only became affluent Soros-tied education reformers, and early sponsors of Barack Obama’s political career is more than just a tiny anomaly which can simply be dismissed.

By the late 1970s, the creation of controlled terrorist movements was applied vigorously to the Middle East in the form of Zbigniew Brzezinski’s great idea of channeling money, weapons and other support to radical madrasas across Afghanistan as part of an asymmetrical warfare against the Soviet Union. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, these operations vastly expanded with the help of Saudi intelligence and Mossad involvement on the ground, always coordinated by Anglo-American intelligence handlers. Just like “domestic American terrorism,” Islamic terrorism always had much less to do with Islam and more to do with political agendas wishing to destroy national governments.

Where did Hoover’s FBI generate COINTELPRO tactics? To answer this question, we need to look further back to British Intelligence’s Camp X, established in Dec 1941 in Canada with the mandate to train American and Canadian spies under the control of spymaster William Stephenson (station chief for Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) in New York). The motive for Camp X had two interconnected components:

  1. Prepare the groundwork for a deeper integration of US-British Intelligence in preparation for the purge of patriotic US intelligence officers allied to FDR’s vision of the post-war age.
  2. Train US spies in the art of “secret warfare” which included counterfeiting, psychological warfare, propaganda, counter insurgency, assassination, and infiltration of target groups.

The integration of “full spectrum” alternative warfare tactics such as MK ULTRA, , modelled and steered by Britain’s earlier Tavistock Clinic, media propaganda (see Project Mockingbird) and cultural war (see the rise of modern art and atonalism promoted by the Congress For Cultural Freedom) were but a few of the tactics that were integrated during this process, and which continue virulently to this day.

Under Stephenson’s direction and staffed with Canadian RCMP operatives, the first generation of OSS spymasters were trained, including leading figures of the FBI’s Division 5 who went onto reformulate their WWII Camp X training in the form of assassination operations such as Permindex, operated by Camp X’s Major General Louis Mortimer Bloomfield.

While I could have said more about the origins of America’s Secret Police which arose under Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, or the earlier deployment of domestic terrorism by Freemasonic lodges affiliated with Albert Pike (founder of the Ku Klux Klan) in an effort to undo Lincoln’s vision for industrial restoration of the South, these stories will have to be left for another time.

as the world hurtles towards catastrophe, what could possibly go wrong?

Internecine and Existential Struggles in a Transformed World
Alastair Crooke, Strategic Culture, Jan 25 2021

The Blue State has it all. And now therefore, it owns any future ‘breakages’ too. Trump has gone, and ‘coincidentally’ with his departure, a blueprint emerged that same day, (which reportedly has been circulating ‘on both sides of the aisle for some months’) which implicitly advocates for a ‘reset’: a return to the pre-Trump days, essentially a turning back of the clock to a time before Trump dumped the TPP and started the trade confrontation with China. Whether this particular manifesto ‘flies’ or not is not at issue. Something like it almost certainly will.

What this contrived ‘leak’ underscores, however, is just how entrenched amongst the élites is the fixation with ‘turning back the clock’ to the point at which the Obama-Biden team left office. The issue it raises rather, is whether in this bitterness towards ‘all things Trump’, these forces have noticed (and assimilated) the radical change in world beyond the US over the last four years. Tony Blair, one of the manifesto architects, clearly hasn’t. Whilst he says that he understands why people are sceptical, or even furious at the globalists, he adds regarding the élites:

But they’re not so bad: In reality, the system they’re advocating is simply ‘common sense.’

Yet so much has changed during the last four years, notably in the external world, but domestically in the US too. The point here is less about whether Trump’s policies failed (some foreign initiatives certainly did), or whether globalism is simply ‘rational,’ it is whether the emotional animus towards Trumpism has so clouded the vision of the incoming team that they simply assume that they can freeze time at the point when those old policies (which were never very successful earlier) were extant, and they will prove somehow more successful now, four years on.

The American polity has fractured. After thirty-years’ involvement in conflicts in polarised societies, I have witnessed directly that the one essential condition above all for any political ‘coming together’ is the acknowledgement on both sides that, whilst ‘one party’ may adamantly refuse the narrative of the ‘other,’ may additionally view it as historically untrue, and may reject it utterly as a vision for the future, nevertheless until both accept that the others’ narrative is authentic to their community, whether ‘true’ or not, politics simply is not possible. There is no ‘coming together.’ It took four years to reach this point between the sides in Northern Ireland, when both could say, I disagree with it completely, but I now accept that that narrative constitutes ‘their truth.’

The Blue State is taking the opposite path: It wants to crush utterly the narratives of Libertarianism and of Red’s desire to recover the Republican ethos, by claiming that truth, facts and science itself belong to the Blues alone. Biden’s entry therefore, will likely be as disruptive as was the last era. This route will likely fracture the GOP, and possibly in due course the Democrats too, as its ‘progressive wing’ deems the Trumpist ‘other’ to be so morally flawed, contemptible and illegitimate that just picking up where Obama left off constitutes a wholly inadequate response.

Team Harris-Biden suggest that their first priorities are four: the ‘intersecting and compounding’ crises of Covid, economic recovery, climate change and social/racial justice. And any one of these domestic priorities would constitute a major challenge, but confronting them as an inter-penetrating quad may leave Biden-Harris little space in which to attend to foreign policy. For, in this latter sphere, very little remains as it was four years ago, and that fact alone would demand careful reconsideration. Will it get it? Even domestically, much has changed (and Trump should not be blamed for these key shifts that essentially hark back to the Greenspan era).

The structure of the US economy now is unrecognisably different to the myth of US capitalism: asset markets have been severed from their true returns, and soar away, unconstrained from any anchor in cash earnings; price discovery, via market interaction, no longer exists; markets are not free, but Treasury-managed; enterprise capitalism has morphed into monopolistic oligarchism; innovation and small businesses have been crushed; fewer Americans work for younger companies; inequality is rampant; money printing and debt are no longer limited by any prudent considerations, but rather as an exciting MMT ‘opportunity’ ahead; and interest rates no longer act as the mechanism by which capital is directed to its most effective and productive use.

Big changes, all. The US Central Bank no longer controls this Leviathan (lest its actions spark a dangerous market tantrum). Its energies rather, are wholly devoted to ensuring that interest rates stay zero-bound, as the mountain of US debt cannot be sustained if rates rise in real terms. Painted into a corner, the best Yellen can do now is to pursue this make-believe economic model to the end, to take it to its furthest limit and hope to supress yields even as the Treasury issues ever more debt paper. There is no pushing back of the clock’s hands here. The era of the Biden ‘reflation’ is in full swing already. Commodities are on fire; agricultural prices have risen 42% since touching bottom in April. Industrial metals have risen 54%. Both are higher than they were before the pandemic began.

It is in the area of foreign policy, however, that the notion of Team Biden picking up the reins of the earlier Obama-Biden approach is the most determined, and the most rigid (for instance, in ramping up again efforts to oust President Assad). Yet, it is here, amongst those key strands, that so much has changed. Changes so great that they should call into question whether pursuing ‘continuity’ of the Obama approach is valid at all. Here are just the principal examples:

Whatever the Biden camp view of Trump, the reality is that he did shift the foreign policy conversation in three key distinct areas. He and his team did change Americans’ perspectives on China, in a radical way. Trump did also set the narrative of an Iran being bludgeoned (rather than engaged, as per North Korea) into an accord. And he entrenched the narrative of unqualified US support for Israel as a Jewish state, with Palestinians left to gather any crumbs, as best they might, when dinner was concluded. Even if some (or all) of these initiatives have turned out badly, they nonetheless are ‘facts on the ground’ which have changed the world. Trump’s narrative on China will not be rolled back, and there is little sign of any Biden desire to do so, beyond some window dressing on the tariff war. A Biden aide recently said:

Trump was right about China.

The truth is that Trump lost the China ‘trade war.’ Even pre-Covid, China showed resilience against Trump’s tariff salvos; but once the pandemic was controlled, the demand for medical equipment and computers for home working actually boosted its trade surplus with the US. Since 2016, America’s trade deficit with China has grown, (not diminished): Her export shipments are up (Asia is taking more), and the US share in those exports has declined. Today the US deficit with China stands at a record. There is little to be done that might change this. Chinese growth has returned, and China remains the global manufacturing workshop. It is the EU’s biggest market, displacing the US to second place.

This leaves Biden holding the bag of war on China’s tech lead. But for this to be effective, to not hurt America more than China, America would need allies to join with it in isolating China. But precisely during the transition lull in Washington, the EU rushed to agree a major trade accord with China. This EU move (which angered the Administration) moreover, reflects a key shift in European attitudes (albeit one that is not without controversy). The European CFR surveyed 15k people from 11 countries: It found that 60% thought China would become more powerful than the US within the next 10 years. The report said:

Our survey showed that Europeans’ attitudes towards the US have undergone a massive change. Majorities in key member states now think the US political system is broken, and that China will be more powerful than the US within a decade; and that Europeans cannot rely on the US to defend them.

Such a poll result truly speaks to metamorphosis rather than just ‘change.’ Russia unsurprisingly expects little more than retribution from the US Deep State, which still blames Moscow for Clinton’s failed Presidential attempt. Sure enough, already it finds itself subject to a probing, regime-change sortie: Alexei Navalny has been recreated as a ‘celebrity figure’ in the West, with European governments vying to stand behind him; he has been returned to Russia now, to test whether or not, with this backing and his new celebrity status, he might be ‘stood up’ as the mobiliser of the Russian ‘street’ against Putin. Washington and London have long obsessed with the thesis of fragility in Moscow.

Again, Russia has transformed over the last years. Its military has been revamped, and its deterrence has quietly been re-imagined in a new way. The biggest paradox of all is that whilst as the US has shifted into an experimental MMT economy, Russia has done the opposite. It has gone economically ‘prudent.’ It is one of the few to have kept its economic variables functional. It is not encumbered by debt or deficits, and it invests in productive capacity. Before long, we will see western capital flight into the stability of the Russian economy. President Putin will not be bothered by Navalny, nor the return of Bill Burns, the former US Ambassador to Russia.

The fullest inversion and transformation of the status quo ante has occurred in Iran, an issue which will come knocking on Biden’s door on Feb 21, ‘ready or not,’ after which Iran will expel the IAEA inspectors. Biden says he hopes for a deal with Iran. The framework to any such deal, however, has become much, much more complicated, since the Obama era. Then, a deal was constructed around the nuclear issue alone, and its pivot was the shift by Obama to accept the verified Iranian in-country, enrichment of uranium at a limit of 3.6%. At that time, the threat of Iranian ‘break-out’ to a weapon was paramount to US thinking. Now, nuclear weapons are still the agenda, but have become a subsidiary issue.

Over recent years, whilst the whole western focus was centred on the nuclear ‘Big One,’ Iran was quietly substituting vastly more deterrence towards Israel, and the US. Earlier, though the nuclear issue topped the agenda, even senior Israeli security officials never truly believed that nuclear weapons would be used against them. The Middle East simply was too small. The new paradigm, created in stealth, is that Israel now finds itself surrounded by large numbers of smart ground-hugging cruise missiles and attack drones, from Gaza to Lebanon and Syria, and from Iraq to Iran and Yemen. This new paradigm is real. It has the capacity to devastate Israel, and it is one for which Israel has no (or very limited) response.

Recently, Netanyahu wrote a letter to Deputy PM Gantz, saying henceforth that he was assuming sole command of Israeli policy toward Iran. Gantz and officials were outraged. Israeli officials subsequently leaked that behind that letter was Netanyahu’s concern that some in Israel were forming a favourable view towards a Biden initiative for rejoining the JCPoA. In fact, what the security officials have been saying behind Netanyahu’s back is that what they need is a deep discussion with the Biden team, in secret and with no leaks. Of course. They need to discuss this new Iranian deterrence paradigm with the US, before the latter hurtles into negotiations on a ‘new’ JCPoA.

Why? Because the US returning to the JCPoA does nothing to change the strategic situation of an Israel surrounded by smart missiles. How to deal with this change? Netanyahu, for electoral reasons, wants to continue with his old line that he will salami-slice and chase the Iranians out of Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq, etc. The problem is that this policy is a lie. Netanyahu’s “massive” attacks on Iranian infrastructure are mostly PR, and are carefully mounted to avoid war (empty warehouses are hit, more often than not). Netanyahu is afraid to start a region-wide war. Effectively, Israel needs a radical new approach. It has reached the crux.

The questions now are, firstly, whether Israel is so painted into a corner of its own making that any solution is politically impossible. The initial demonisation of Iran was done to pave the way for the Labour Party to change policy, and to reconcile with its Arab ‘near abroad.’ Secondly, would any new approach would be politically saleable in the US, given the preponderance of hawkish pro-Israel lobbies? Finally, could a new paradigm could be sold to a transformed Iran, that now holds the upper hand when it comes to peace or war in the Middle East? The world is truly a transformed space today, and with an America consumed by bitter internecine and existential struggles, one might ask: what could possibly go wrong?

south front in irreverent mood

Joe Biden Seems To Have No Idea What He’s Doing. MSM Does Not Agree
South Front Jan 25 2021

On Jan 21, a video was shared on Twitter of Joe Biden’s inauguration as US president. The video allegedly show Biden simply repeat what he was told in his earpiece. It has since been removed from Twitter, and the associated account has been deleted. However, MSM rushed to defend Biden’s honor and the narrative. The tweet read:

Someone in Biden’s earpiece told him to salute the marines, and Biden just repeated the words ‘salute the marines,’ because he is so used to just repeating what comes from his earpiece. The marines were not saluted.

As per the WaPo, the longer, original video, which shows the same camera angle, also shows the arrival of Biden, his wife Jill, Vice Pres Kamala Harris and her husband Doug at the Capitol the morning of Jan 20.

As for Biden saying “salute the Marines” as he passed through servicemen that flanked him, it’s just not the case. After multiple viewings, we’re also able to make the determination that Biden did not utter the phrase “salute the Marines.” Instead, Biden remarked, “Good-looking Marines” as he passed through the Capitol doors.

The C-Span video had a part of it on YouTube and also had similar comments. One YouTube video showed a snippet from C-Span’s live coverage of the Inauguration Day events, with a captin that read:

Biden fails to salute the Marines, hears the headset remind him to salute them, and says it aloud.

The caption was later removed. It took multiple viewings to establish the truth, after all.

Another video on YouTube alleges that when signing his barrage of 17 executive orders after being inaugurated, Joe Biden doesn’t even have an idea what he’s signing. Of course, this comes down to speculation, since the sound quality is poor, but it is quite believable, based on past experience and odd behaviour and interviews of the 46th US President. Regardless, this is in line with Kamala Harris saying that this was the “Harris Administration with Joe Biden,” and other odd statements by Biden himself about “faking an illness” and resigning eventually.

A Democratic National Treasure: The Saga Of Nancy Pelosi’s Laptop
South Front, Jan 25 2021

The Jan 6 events at Capitol building became not only an attack on the US democracy as MSM claimed, but also caused a lot of controversy. The Democratic “National Treasure,” the laptop of Senate Speaker Nancy Pelosi, appears to have been stolen, causing an entire drama series on American TV, including mighty ‘QAnon provocateurs’ and even Russian GRU having been involved. Initially it was reported that Christopher Stanton Georgia, a 53-year-old father and businessman, took the laptop, and even had photographs taken with it. He then suddenly committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest, allegedly from a distance of three meters. However, the laptop, which reportedly contains ‘presentations only’ and nothing important, was nowhere to be found. Days later, a likely spiteful ex-boyfriend of the 22-year-old Riley June Williams notified the FBI that she was in possession of the carry-on computer, after having allegedly stolen it. She was arrested, and there are reports circulating that she wished to sell it to “the Russians” but the deal fell through. The only problem is that computer is still missing, as Williams is not in possession of it.

Meanwhile, there is little doubt in MSM that Nancy Pelosi has nothing to hide, after all she supports the New Green Deal, the LGBTQ community, and all minorities and is a staunch supporter of the mainstream left agenda. All is well and good, besides a few discrepancies that set apart her actual persona, that are seen in the spotlight. She is a career politician, with nearly 50 years of experience in big politics, a millionaire, with her husband and her happily buying automotive industry shares, and oil shares when the price is right. She also has 5 children, despite openly opposing traditional marriage and promoting ‘gender neutral’ names. And for sure, she is a vocal supporter of the BLM agenda. Nancy Pelosi is consistent in one thing: vehemently hating Donald Trump and all those who support him. Now, with Hillary Clinton,Pelosi is pushing an idea for a 9/11-style commission to investigate Donald Trump’s alleged ties to Vladimir Putin and the supposed Russian involvement in the Capitol stand-off. The position is clear. Every person who doesn’t openly and ardently support the neo-liberal agenda is also added to that list as a subject of a future witch hunt and censorship. The National Treasure, the laptop, is nowhere to be found, but so are the first-ever Speaker of the Senate’s integrity and principles.

more street life

Anti-lockdown protesters in Denmark burn effigy of PM, brawl with police, Jan 24 2021

Hundreds of black-clad protesters clashed with police on the streets of Copenhagen on Saturday night, shooting fireworks at the officers and getting batons in return. Violent demonstrations have become a weekly occurrence in the Danish capital, where lockdown measures were extended at the beginning of the year and where the government recently clamped down further on the size of gatherings permitted. The group, calling themselves the ‘Men in Black,’ torched an effigy of Danish PM Mette Frederiksen. By the end of the night, at least five people were arrested, Copenhagen police said on Twitter. Earlier in the evening, RT’s video news agency Ruptly filmed ranks of protesters marching behind a banner reading “Black-Clad Resistance.” Carrying flaming torches, the protesters set off flares, with some demonstrators cracking open cans of beer, evidently treating the march as a party. However, any festive mood was soon broken when clashes broke out. Armored riot police could be seen chasing and tackling some protesters to the ground as sirens echoed overhead. Similar scenes were reported two weeks ago, when police arrested nine protesters in Copenhagen, after being pelted with fireworks and empty bottles.

Amid the lockdown, Denmark is pressing ahead with a program of mass vaccination. As of last week, around 2.5% of the country’s 5.8m residents have been vaccinated. Nearly 195k cases of Covid-19 have been reported in Denmark, along with almost 2k deaths, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University. Cases in Denmark have declined steadily from their mid-December high of around 4k/day, though deaths have continued to track upwards. As the vaccination program continues, the Danish Health Ministry announced plans to roll out a digital ‘vaccine passport’ early this year.

what it’s like where they want to send julian assange

Ex-CIA engineer in WikiLeaks case says he’s incarcerated like an animal
AP, Jan 24 2021

NEW YORK — A former CIA software engineer charged with leaking government secrets to WikiLeaks says it’s cruel and unusual punishment that he’s awaiting trial in solitary confinement, housed in a vermin-infested cell of a jail unit where inmates are treated like “caged animals.” Joshua Schulte, 32, has asked a Manhattan federal judge to force the federal Bureau of Prisons to improve conditions at the Metropolitan Correction Center, where he has been held for over two years under highly restrictive conditions usually reserved for terrorism defendants. In court papers Tuesday, the court filing said:

Mr Schulte’s conditions of detention are below those of impoverished persons living in third world countries. It is barbaric and inhumane to lock human beings into boxes for years and years. It is a punishment worse than death.

Last year, a jury deadlocked on espionage charges alleging that Schulte stole a massive trove of the agency’s hacking tools and gave it to Wikileaks. He was convicted of lesser charges of contempt of court and making false statements. He is scheduled for another trial on espionage charges in June in what was said to be the largest leak in CIA history involving classified information. Afterward, he faces a separate trial on child pornography charges. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

In his 20s, Schulte, originally from Lubbock, Texas, worked as a coder at the CIA’s headquarters in Langley, Virginia. The so-called Vault 7 leak published in Mar 2017 by WikiLeaks revealed how the CIA hacked Apple and Android smartphones in overseas spying operations and efforts to turn internet-connected televisions into listening devices. After a year-long probe, investigators blamed Schulte, who had already left the agency after falling out with colleagues and supervisors and moved to New York City to work at a news agency. At trial, a prosecutor called the leaks “devastating to national security.” A defense lawyer said the materials could have been accessed and stolen by hundreds of people. Juror Alexis Anthony said she never thought the evidence was strong enough to convict Schulte of espionage-related charges. According to the court papers, Schulte has been in solitary confinement and not been outdoors in over two years under special administrative measures designed to severely restrict an inmate’s communications and interactions with others. Prosecutors say the measures are necessary after Schulte tried to leak even more classified information using a contraband cellphone that had been smuggled into the jail. They said he declared an “information war” and was “prepared to burn down the US government.”

Schulte’s filthy cell, the size of a parking space, is infested with rodents, rodent droppings, cockroaches and mold and there is no heating, air conditioning or functioning plumbing, while sunlight is blocked by a blacked-out window. Television access is permitted for one hour per week. The toilet operates so poorly that he lets feces partially dissolve before flushing, and temperatures fall so low that water in his cell turns to ice and he shivers despite wearing four sets of clothing, five sets of socks, two blankets and three sets of socks on his hands. Bright lights are on non-stop, he isn’t allowed outside recreation, and his access to commissary and visitation is severely restricted, while his access to books or legal materials is banned or severely limited, along with visits to dentists or doctors, despite heart-related issues. In his prison unit on the jail’s 10th floor, silverware and cups are banned, so “inmates are forced to eat and drink with their hands like the caged animals that they are.” When he is moved outside his cell, he is “shackled from head-to-toe like Hannibal.” Sabrina Shroff, one of Schulte’s lawyers, said he was not exaggerating. She said:

I think that everyone on Mr Schulte’s defense team is horrified by the conditions in which he has to live daily.

Schulte said he was asking for intervention from a judge because he had exhausted his opportunities to protest his conditions to prison authorities, who he says make it nearly impossible to lodge complaints. They insist on using 40-year-old cumbersome processes rather than updated electronic avenues, he said. As an example, he cited a rejection of his complaints by the prison’s Northeast Regional Office in part because he failed to use a ballpoint pen “to appropriately allow the carbon copies to be readable.” The court papers said Schulte is denied the use of pens.

colonel cassad on amsterdam & israel

Anti-coronavirus protests in the Netherlands 01/24/2021
Colonel Cassad, Jan 25, 11:39

Dangerous 99-year-old domestic terrorist. Holland yesterday saw massive protests against the restrictive coronavirus measures that were brutally suppressed by the police. Peaceful Dutch citizens were doused with water, beaten with truncheons, and hounded by dogs. More than 250 people were arrested.

Suppression of Jewish protests in Israel
Colonel Cassad, Jan 25, 10:10

In Israel, police have violently suppressed Jewish protests against coronavirus restrictions.
How long will the corrupt Netanyahu regime oppress peaceful Jews ?!

gleichschaltung literally means “equal-switching”

That’s All Folks!
C J Hopkins, The Consent Factory (Blog), Jan 24 2021

As they used to say at the end of all those wacky Looney Tunes cartoons, that’s all folks! The show is over. Literal Russian-Asset Hitler, the Latest Greatest Threat to Western Democracy, the Monster of Mar-a-Lago, Trumpzilla, Trumpenstein, the Ayatollah of Orange Shinola, has finally been humiliated and given the bum-rush out of Washington by the heroic forces of the GloboCap “Resistance,” with a little help from the US military. The whole thing went exactly to script. Well … OK, not quite exactly to script. Despite four years of dire warnings by the corporate media, the Intelligence Community, Hollywood celebrities, the Democrat Party, faux anti-fascists, fake-Left pundits, and pretty much every utterly deluded, Trump-obsessed liberal with an Internet connection, there was no Hitlerian “Reichstag Fire,” no Boogaloo, no Civil War II, no coup, no white-supremacist uprising. Nothing. The man simply got on a chopper and was flown away to his Florida resort. I know, you’re probably thinking:

Wow, how embarrassing for the GloboCap ‘Resistance,’ being exposed as a bunch of utterly shameless, neo-Goebbelsian propagandists, and liars, and hysterical idiots, and such!

And, in any other version of reality, you’d have a point … but not in this one. No, in this reality, “Democracy Has Prevailed!” Yes, it was touch and go there for a while, as there was no guarantee that the Intelligence Community, the military-industrial complex, Western governments, the corporate media, supranational corporations, Internet oligarchs, and virtually every other component of the global-capitalist empire could keep one former game show host with no real political power whatsoever from taking over the entire world. Still, Trump’s failure to go full-Hitler, or even half-Hitler, was somewhat awkward. I mean, you can’t whip millions of people into a four-year frenzy of fear and hatred of a clearly powerless ass-clown president, and portray him as a Russian Intelligence asset, and the Son of Hitler, and all the rest of it, and then just drop the act cold and laugh in their faces. That would leave them feeling like total morons who had just spent the last four years of their lives being lied to and emotionally manipulated, or like members of a cult, or something. Fortunately, for GloboCap, this was not a major problem. All they had to do was produce a cheap simulation of “Trump going full-Hitler.” It didn’t even have to be convincing. They just needed a semi-dramatic event to plug into the official narrative, something they could call “an attempted coup,” “an insurrection,” “an attack,” and so on, and which millions of credulous liberals could hysterically shriek about on the Internet. The “Storming of the Capitol” did the trick.

They held a dress rehearsal in Berlin last August, and then gave the real performance in the Capitol Building (this time it was for all the money, so they went ahead and got a couple people killed). It wasn’t very hard to pull off. All they actually had to do, in both Berlin and DC, was allow a small fringe group of angry protesters to gain access to the building, film it, and then pump out the “attempted coup” narrative. It made no difference whatsoever that the “domestic terrorists” (in both Berlin and Washington) were a completely unorganized, unarmed mob that posed absolutely zero threat of “staging a coup” and “overthrowing the government.” It also made not the slightest difference that Trump didn’t actually “incite” the mob (yes, I put myself through the agony of reading every word of his speech, which was the usual word salad from start to finish). We’re talking propaganda here, not reality. The so-called “Violent Storming of the Capitol” set the stage for the main event, which was the show of force we have all just witnessed. Someone (I’m not entirely clear who) ordered in the troops, tens of thousands of them, locked down Washington, erected fences, set up road blocks and military check points, and otherwise occupied the government district. It looked like any other US-military post-“regime-change” occupation, because that’s what it was, which was precisely the point. As I have been repeating for … well, for over four years now, it was always going to end this way, with GloboCap making an example of Trump and reminding everyone who is really in charge.

Look, let’s be clear about these last four years, because there are all kinds of crazy theories going around (not to mention the official GloboCap narrative), but what actually happened is pretty simple. Here’s the whole story, as concise as I can make it. Back in 2016, the American people, sick to the gills of global capitalism and its increasingly oppressive woke ideology, elected an unauthorized, narcissistic ass-clown to the highest office in the land. They did this for a variety of reasons, but mostly it was just a big “fuck you” to the establishment. It was an act of rebellion against a government which they know is owned by unaccountable, supranational corporations and oligarchs who openly detest them. It was an act of rebellion against a system of government they know they have no influence over, and are not going to have any influence over. It was an act of rebellion against global capitalism, the unopposed, global-hegemonic system which has dominated the world for the last thirty years … whether they realized what they were rebelling against or not. This act of rebellion happened on the heels of Brexit (another such act of rebellion) and in the context of the rise of assorted “populist” movements all throughout the world

When Trump actually won in 2016, the global capitalist ruling classes realized they had a serious problem … a “populist” rebellion in the heart of the empire. So they suspended the Global War on Terror and launched the War on Populism. The ultimate objective of the War on Populism was to neutralize this “populist” rebellion and remind the public who is actually running things. Think of the Trump era as a prison riot. In any maximum security prison, the prisoners know they can’t escape, but they can definitely raise a little hell now and then, which they tend to do when they get really tired of being abused and neglected by the prison guards. Most prison riots run out of steam on their own, but if they go on too long or get too ugly, the penal authorities typically respond by shooting a few prisoners (usually the ringleaders), and reminding the inmates that they are in a prison, and that the owners of the prison have guns, whereas they have shivs made out of spoons and toothbrushes.

This, basically, is what we’ve just experienced. The global capitalist ruling classes have just reminded us who is really in charge, who the US military answers to, and how quickly they can strip away the facade of democracy and the rule of law. They have reminded us of this for the last ten months, by putting us under house arrest, beating and arresting us for not following orders, for not wearing masks, for taking walks without permission, for having the audacity to protest their decrees, for challenging their official propaganda, about the virus, the election results, etc. They are reminding us currently by censoring dissent, and deplatforming anyone they deem a threat to their official narratives and ideology.

In other words, GloboCap is teaching us a lesson. I don’t know how much clearer they could make it. They just installed a new puppet president, who can’t even simulate mental acuity, in a locked-down, military-guarded ceremony which no one was allowed to attend, except for a few members of the ruling classes. They got some epigone of Albert Speer to convert the Mall (where the public normally gathers) into a “field of flags” symbolizing “unity.” They even did the Nazi “Lichtdom” thing. To hammer the point home, they got Lady Gaga to dress up as Hunger Games character with a “Mockingjay” brooch and sing the National Anthem. They broadcast this spectacle to the entire world.

And the lesson isn’t quite over yet … it won’t be over for a while. The “War on Populism” will simply morph into the “New Normal War on Domestic Terror,” which will become one more theater in the “Global War on Terror,” which has been on hiatus, and which will now resume. As I have pointed out repeatedly over the past four years, we appear to be headed toward a dystopian future in which there will essentially be two classes of people: (a) “normals” (i.e., those who conform to global-capitalist ideology and decrees); and (b) the “extremists” (i.e., those who don’t).

It will make no difference whatsoever what type of “extremists” these “extremists” are … religious-fundamentalist extremists, Islamic extremists, Christian extremists, right-wing extremists, left-wing extremists, white-supremacist or Black-nationalist extremists, virus deniers, anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists, anti-maskers, recalcitrant transphobians, anti-transhumanists, pronoun resisters, defiant oppositionalists, or whatever … the names don’t really matter. The point is, conform or be labelled an “extremist,” a “domestic terrorist,” or some other type of “antisocial person” or “social deviant,” or “potential threat to public health.” I don’t claim to know every detail, but one thing seems abundantly clear. We are not going back to the way things were. GloboCap has been explaining this to us, over and over, for almost a year. They couldn’t have made it any more explicit. When they warned us to get ready because a “New Normal” was coming, they meant it. And now … well … here it is.

all the world needs now is a major, definitive wall street crash

Growing warnings of a Wall Street bubble
Nick Beams, WSWS, Jan 25 2021

As Wall Street climbs to new record highs on the belief that massive support from the Fed will continue virtually indefinitely, there are warnings from some within the financial oligarchy that the bubble is heading for a collapse. The year began with a note from long-time financial investor Jeremy Grantham that Wall Street was heading into the final stages of a bubble as exemplified by the “market craziness” that has seen Tesla shares rocket by more than 700% since last March. This warning has been joined by others. The head of the hedge fund Baupost Group, Seth Klarman, sent a letter to clients earlier this month, cited by the Financial Times, in which he noted that, under the policies of governments and central banks to provide continuous stimulus to the markets, risk had “simply vanished.” Klarman engages in what is known as value investing, where some assessment is attempted to be made of a company’s underlying financial structure, the nature of its assets and its profitability as the basis for making decisions. Like other asset management firms who pursue this strategy, Baupost underperformed the rest of the market in 2020 in conditions where shares are being purchased simply because they are rising. As an example, he cited, as others have, the rise of Tesla. The shares in the “barely profitable” electric carmaker had risen “seemingly beyond all reason” making its founder Elon Musk the richest man in the world. The flooding of the market with cash from the Fed had made it impossible to judge the underlying state of the real economy. he wrote:

With so much stimulus being deployed, trying to figure out if the economy is in recession is like trying to assess if you have a fever after you just took a large dose of aspirin. But as with frogs in water that is slowly being heated to a boil, investors are being conditioned not to recognise the danger. The biggest problem with unprecedented and sustained government interventions is that risks to capital become masked even as they mount. In their search for yield, investors are moving into ever riskier sections of the market, including below investment-grade junk bonds. While the Fed’s measures have helped sustain the economy, they have resulted in two dangerous ideas: that fiscal deficits don’t matter, and that no matter how much debt is outstanding, we can effortlessly, safely and reliably pile on more.

Approaching the issue from a longer-term view, Morgan Stanley Investment Management’s chief global strategist Ruchir Sharma wrote an open letter to incoming President Biden, published in the FT, warning that fiscal deficits “still matter.” He said the prevailing view was that, with inflation now dead and interest rates at historic lows, it would be “unwise, even irresponsible, not to borrow to boost the economy” and the inflow of “billions, trillions” hardly mattered, especially for the US which still had the world’s most coveted currency. This year it has been calculated that the US and other major countries had a committed a median sum equal to 33% of their GDP to stimulus measures compared to 10% in the crisis of 2008. Pointing to longer-term trends, Sharma noted that public debt in the US and developed countries averaged about 110% of GDP, up from 20% in 1970. He wrote:

Since the 1970s, the size of financial markets has exploded from about the same size as the global economy to four times the size. Most of those gains go to the wealthy, who are the main owners of financial assets.

As a result of constant financial stimulus, average wealth in the past three decades had risen by 300% for the top 1% and 200% for the next 9%, and zero for the bottom 50%, with 10% in that percentile owing more than they owned. There was a connection between stimulus measures and rising wealth inequality, he wrote, which was ignored by its advocates such as Bernie Sanders. But Wall Street traders recognised it, seeing vows for stimulus and continued monetary support “as more money in their pockets.” Like others, Sharma drew attention to the political consequences for the stability of the system over which the financial oligarchs preside, writing:

Decades of constant stimulus have left capitalism weaker, less dynamic and less fair, fuelling angry populism.

The use of the term “populism” in these circles is something of a code word for the underlying fear in ruling circles of a movement of the working class against the capitalist system. They fear an explosion of pent-up anger, accelerated in course of the pandemic, which has seen death and economic devastation for broad sections of the population while the wealth of the upper echelons of society has risen to stratospheric heights. A recent article in Bloomberg, entitled “The Rich are Minting Money in the Pandemic Like Never Before,” noted comments by economist Peter Atwater who noted:

There has probably not been a better time to be wealthy in America than today.

The article cited some of the more damning statistics on the conditions of life for tens of millions of people. Employment in the bottom quartile of income earners, making less than $27k/yr, remains 20% below the levels of Jan 2020. Last month, according to the US Census Bureau, nearly 30m adults lived in households where there was not enough to eat, an increase of 28% since the pandemic began. In Louisiana one in every five people faces food scarcity. Pointing to the so-called “K-shaped recovery,” Atwater concluded:

You cannot have a sustainable economy and political system where you have a small population who believe they are invincible and a growing population who feel defeated. It’s in capitalism’s best interest to close this gap.

Such measures, however, are impossible because any real diversion of wealth from Wall Street and the financial oligarchy it serves would bring an immediate collapse of the financial bubble. The policies of the Biden administration do not represent a step in closing the gap but will widen it, a fact that has already been recognised by Wall Street in its continued rise since the stimulus measures were announced. The overriding fear of the financial oligarchy, which the Biden administration serves no less than Trump, is that the working class begins to take matters in its own hands and fight for its basic class interests. This is why entire “left” political milieu, from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to the Jacobin magazine, sprang into action to back the Teamsters Union betrayal of the Hunts Point food workers strike in New York lest it become the spark for a broader eruption of the class struggle.

only a relatively few people (mostly belonging to the corporate center) understand the necessity for binocular vision in politics

The Pendulum Of Internet Censorship Swings Leftward Again
Caitlin Johnstone, Jan 25 2021

There has been a purge of left-wing accounts from social media, with socialist organizations being targeted on Facebook and multiple Antifa-associated accounts suspended from Twitter. WSWS editor Andre Damon tweeted today:

WSWS also reports the following

On Friday, Facebook carried out a purge of left-wing, antiwar and progressive pages and accounts, including leading members of the Socialist Equality Party. Facebook gave no explanation why the accounts were disabled or even a public acknowledgement that the deletions had occurred. At least a half dozen leading members of the Socialist Equality Party had their Facebook accounts permanently disabled. This included the public account of Genevieve Leigh, the national secretary of the International Youth and Students for Social Equality, and the personal account of Niles Niemuth, the US managing editor of the WSWS. In 2016, Niemuth was the Socialist Equality Party’s candidate for US Vice President. Facebook also disabled the London Bus Drivers Rank-and-File Committee Facebook page, which was set up with the support of the Socialist Equality Party (UK) to organize opposition among bus drivers. This follows a widely discussed call for a walkout by bus drivers to demand elementary protections against the COVID-19 pandemic. None of the individuals whose accounts were disabled had violated Facebook’s policies. Upon attempting to appeal the deletion of their account, they received an error message stating, “We cannot review the decision to disable your account.”

The New York Post reports the following:

Twitter has suspended several popular accounts with alleged ties to Antifa, which have more than 71k followers combined, following the Inauguration Day riots.At least four accounts tied with the militant group have been yanked offline, including @TheBaseBK, the account for the anarchist center in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Archived web pages of the accounts show they shared more than 71k followers and dated as far back as 2012. Their pages now read “Account suspended” for violating Twitter rules.

This follows a mass purge of right-wing accounts in the wake of the Capitol riot earlier this month, a swing-back of the censorship pendulum that surprises nobody who knows anything about anything. That purge was broadly supported by shitlibs and a surprisingly large percentage of the true left, despite the overwhelming and growing pile of evidence that it is impossible to consent to internet censorship for other ideologies without consenting to censorship for your own. I encountered many arguments in support of the right-wing purge from the online left while it was happening, and none of them were good. They told me:

They’re only banning fascists. Why are you defending fascists?

Well, first of all there was never any evidence that these social media corporations were only purging fascists. We know for example that included in the sweep were tens of thousands of basic QAnon posters, who while ignorant and wrong would not in most cases meet most people’s definition of “fascist.” We don’t know who else was eliminated in the purge, but believing on blind faith that Facebook and Twitter were only targeting fascists who want to violently overthrow the US government is silly. In reality these social media giants have never claimed to be “banning fascists,” and there’s no reason to believe that’s their policy; white nationalists like Richard Spencer are still there. And even if these outlets did have a policy of “banning fascists,” what definition of “fascist” are they using? Do proponents of Silicon Valley censorship believe they’ll be using their personal definition of fascism to determine whose political speech is off limits? Do you think they’ll be calling you personally to consult you on whom to ban? How do you imagine this works exactly? And of course opposing the normalization of government-tied monopolistic Silicon Valley oligarchs controlling worldwide political speech on the platforms an increasing number of people use to communicate important ideas is not “defending fascists.” Opposing oligarchic authoritarian control is the exact opposite of defending fascism.

They told me:

They always censor the left. We’re just happy that now they’re censoring fascists too.

So you imagine it can’t get worse? We just saw a major escalation against leftist accounts these past few days; do you think that’s the end of it? What do you imagine will happen if the left ever gets close to actually threatening the interests of the powerful after you’ve helped manufacture consent for the normalization of internet censorship every step of the way? It can always get worse. The online left has not yet experienced mass-scale censorship of political speech yet; it’s experienced losing a few accounts here and there. You haven’t seen anything yet. Some Twitter leftists really seem to think that getting suspended because Kamala Harris supporters mass-reported them over a mean tweet is as ugly as this thing will get. If your goal is to threaten power at some point (and if you’re a real leftist it should be), then you need to oppose the normalization of any policies that can be used to silence those who threaten the powerful. They told me:

Well, it’s not like leftist revolution will be planned on social media anyway.

You don’t use social media to plan the leftist revolution, you use it to create more leftists. You use it to bring consciousness and understanding to your ideas and your causes. Consenting to the institutionalization of the censorship of political speech is consenting to your own silence on this front, which will mean the only people who will be able to quickly share ideas and information online with the mainstream population will be those who support the very power structures you oppose. And make no mistake, the imperial narrative managers most certainly do need the public’s consent for internet censorship. They don’t pour vast fortunes into manufacturing consent for evil agendas because it’s fun, they do it because they require the public’s consent. The empire’s inverted totalitarianism only holds together because they’re able to maintain the illusion of freedom and democracy; the iron-fisted silencing of wholesome political speech can only happen if the public has been paced into believing it’s a good thing. Every step of the tightening of the censorship noose is a part of this pacing, and if you consent to it, you’re helping them.

That is it. That is the goal. They tried allowing free speech online while simply hammering us with propaganda to keep us asleep, but people still just wanted to use the democratization of information that the internet afforded them to talk about about how horrible the status quo is. So now they’re working to reinstate the supremacy of mainstream gatekeepers. When you realize that corporations are America’s real government, the whole “it isn’t censorship if it’s a private company doing it” argument is seen for the joke that it is. When you learn that this censorship is being actively coordinated with the official government, it’s even more of a joke. To support the censorship of online speech is to support the authority of monopolistic tech oligarchs to exert more and more global control over human communication. Regardless of your attitude toward whoever happens to be getting deplatformed on any given day, supporting this can only be self-destructive.

the entire art of political liberation consists in mobilizing the anarchist right and the anarchist left against the corporate center (not against each other)

Trump’s Potential Legacy: 50 Million+ Enemies Of The State
Tho Bishop,, Jan 22 2021

Well, they finally got Donald Trump. But he sure scared the bejesus out of them. It took a massive five-year campaign of hysteria, of fear and hate, orchestrated by all wings of the Ruling Elite, from the respectable right to the activist left. The irony, of course, is that the last actions of Trump’s presidency highlighted how little of a threat he, as an individual, truly was to the deep corruption in America’s government. Lil Wayne may be free, but figures like Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Ross Ulbricht are not. The Fed’s big fat bubble has only gotten larger as Wall Street has thrived, while American workers continue to be “discriminated against.” If historians look back at simply the Trump administration’s policy legacy, the controversial nature of his tenure may confuse. A record of tax cuts, deregulation, runaway spending, an Israeli-Saudi-focused Middle East policy, criminal justice reform, and stacking the federal court with conservative judges on paper seems firmly aligned with the Republican Party of the modern era. Compromises on gun issues, the inability to replace Obamacare, or even reject its core tenets. His calls for larger stimulus relief would perhaps lead some to believe that he was relatively moderate in the current environment.

Looking back, Trump’s most radical act of governance may be his simple embrace of federalism in the face of the coronavirus. Whether this stemmed from a genuine belief in the limits of practical federal power or a desire to have the flexibility to blame governors if a state’s response became unpopular, the administration’s willingness to allow states to take the leading role in devising a policy response allowed for one of the greatest illustrations of the importance of political centralization in recent American history. Trump allowed Florida to be Florida and New York to be New York. The ability to compare state performance has been essential at a time when “medical experts” were being weaponized in support of covid tyranny. All of this, however, would miss the true significance of the last four years. Trump’s legacy will be that of a political leader who, at a time when American politics was still adjusting to social media and user-created content, leaned into the polarization of American politics rather than pay lip service to “national unity.” A critic would claim this comes from Trump’s unquenchable need to have his ego stoked. A supporter would see a man who understood the need to realign American politics, but the underlying motivations are irrelevant.

Trump’s impact on American politics may result in an even greater impact on the US government than his collaboration with Mitch McConnell on the judiciary. A variety of polling indicates that as Donald Trump boarded Marine One to retreat to Mar-a-Lago, he does so with most of his voters believing he is the rightful POTUS. One poll showed almost 80% of Republicans “do not trust the results of the 2020 presidential election.” If we estimate that 75% of all of Trump’s 2020 voters hold this view, that leaves us with over 50m Americans who believe they now live under an illegitimate federal government. This reality terrifies Washington’s political class more than anything Donald Trump could have done while occupying the White House. As Murray Rothbard illustrated in Anatomy of the State:

What the State fears above all, of course, is any fundamental threat to its own power and its own existence.

A vital part of the state’s existence is its ability to justify its action with a mantle of “legitimacy,” which in an age of democracy comes from the notion of the “consent of the governed.” The result of 50m+ Americans viewing the next president as a fraud imposed on the people is an inauguration taking place in a Washington DC that resembles a warzone, surrounded by soldiers whom the regime does not trust with their own ammo. The downside of America’s regime acting from a place of fear is that it is likely to ruthlessly lash out, like most violent predators tend to do. Since the actions at the Capitol on Jan 6, the corporate press has elevated a collection of “terrorism experts” who have explicitly called for the tools formed in the war on terror to be turned inward to deal with the growing Trump “insurrectionist threat.” As Glenn Greenwald notes:

No speculation is needed. Those who wield power are demanding it.

The upside is that the tremendous growth of federal powers has always been dependent upon the public’s understanding that such power was being wielded in their own defense. Therefore, democracy has, rather than being a public check against tyranny, more often been a way of peacefully empowering officials to get away with abuses that autocrats could only manage with explicit violence. To quote Rothbard:

As Bertrand de Jouvenel has sagely pointed out, through the centuries men have formed concepts designed to check and limit the exercise of State rule; and, one after another, the State, using its intellectual allies, has been able to transform these concepts into intellectual rubber stamps of legitimacy and virtue to attach to its decrees and actions. Originally, in Western Europe, the concept of divine sovereignty held that the kings may rule only according to divine law; the kings turned the concept into a rubber stamp of divine approval for any of the kings’ actions. The concept of parliamentary democracy began as a popular check upon absolute monarchical rule; it ended with parliament being the essential part of the State and its every act totally sovereign.

As such, even if aggressive actions by the Biden administration to address the specter of a Trump-inspired insurrection have the explicit support of nominally Republican leaders such as Mitch McConnell or Kevin McCarthy, how would such action be seen by MAGA America? If forced to choose, would someone like Governor Ron DeSantis align himself with a “bipartisan” effort from Washington elites or choose to be a leader of Biden-era resistance? Even if the resistance to a Biden administration is not ideologically libertarian or fundamentally “antistate,” an explicit rejection of federal domination would be a vital first step toward the sort of political decentralization and self-governance that any peaceful political order ultimately requires.

Of course, all of this assumes that Trump’s base remains loyal, or at least remains hostile to the new regime. If Biden governs the same way he campaigned, by largely staying out of sight and avoiding making any bold statements and commitments one way or another, perhaps the public can be once again pacified and partisan divisions reduced to largely superficial differences, as has been the case for much of the current era. If, however, the Biden administration governs more like the corporate press and blue Twitter wants him to, waging war on gender roles, prioritizing transgender issues, pushing for job-killing economic policy during a pandemic, acting unilaterally on immigration, penalizing gun owners, “reeducating” Trump supporters, treating MAGA like Al Qaeda, etc, then the divides between Trump’s America and Biden’s America could become only further entrenched. And that is not even factoring in what happens if America experiences the hardship of an economic crisis.

Trump’s legacy will not be shaped by his actions, or even by how his enemies portray him. Ultimately, it comes down to his base and the movement he inspired. As Lew Rockwell noted in a recent interview with Buck Johnson:

The Jeffersonians were much better than Jefferson. The Taftians were much better than Robert Taft. The Trumpians tend to be much better than Trump.

Should skepticism of the 2020 election, fueled by a new administration’s actions, finally convince 50+ million Trump supporters that the barbarians in the Beltwaydo not represent them and to react accordingly, then Trump’s presidency will be, despite his own actions, the disruption that America’s elites truly feared.