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roy harper, jimmy page: 1984-ish

gunslinger vlad struts his missile stuff for the west. not impressed, but here anyway, the flash of his mighty dick pencil sword for y’all

Russia allowed 26 “Calibers”… They successfully hit the target! With minimal deviation in performance characteristics! This is not confirmed from our side, but by the enemy, which is the most valuable! Evidenced by their silence in tune, and better to say, silence of the ass! And since the freaks have nothing to say! If the first air strikes of the SCR of the Russian Federation was raised a fuss, right away in the Internet flew a pre-prepared video clips with numerous curses from Arab actors with the CIA’s name crusted with ruins of buildings of civilians, the bodies extracted from under the ruins and stuff like that… Because these attacks were not expected! Yesterday the action from the Russian Federation came as a surprise to the Judeo-Masonic West!

26 (twenty six!!!) missiles, winged messengers, took place not only through the territory of unfriendly Iran, where, regardless of this should have been spotted by satellites of pandosia, but were not; and passed through the territory of the oppressed Iraq, where fashionate instructed monitoring stations, were on the part of Syria and never have been seen! That’s the worst thing for the nation, once the current of criminal scum from all over Europe and other parts of the world that raced to hide behind the ocean, a nation that in mind this fact cannot be considered normal and human. The missiles struck right and now the network is walking a video of an Arab, an enemy of Assad, angrily shows his burnt-out APCS and jeeps, were on possible repair facilities. The base itself is located on the first floor of the building, support columns are visible. If they bombed the base aircraft, then the building itself would have been, would have been a pile of rubble. And here the building stands! Appliances and scrap metal!!! Here’s some pinpoint accuracy!

Further evidence for this the fact that none of the ukro-independence-Rees does not appear topics about the successful operations of the armed forces. Well okriki don’t want to give another reason “the enemy” to enjoy. Silently chew the pill (shit together), it is clear guidance of how to react from washingtonsex ovals are not followed, not to them now there, Oh not to them! After the President of the Russian Federation saluted solemnly-reported about successful operations, mind you – He did this without any of the press service of the departments, as usual – type congratulated himself and the world on his Birthday. Gee-Gee, get, bastards… :D And in reptiles started to panic! The rockets exploded in Syria, but the blast wave reached the most remote corners of the Earth, hurt brain pack stanat, reflected echoes of volleys of farting from fear. Anu-ka, 26 lionfish and not noticed! But if tomorrow the Atlantic from some unidentified submarine let the beam yeah on the earth satanici? But not with stuffing in Syria, and what more serious???!!! What then? And now the crap black macaque impose the VETO on those three hundred mulganov that the State Dept promised ukraincam! So, tovarischi…

a monstrous curse upon putin’s russia! that it may disintegrate, die, rot, stink and perish from the memory of men

A letter from a volunteer: “DNR, a week in September”
Fighting Cat Moskovsk via Kenigtiger, Oct 7 2015

…With greedy lust I gaze at the native, dusty steppes of the Donetsk region. It has been exactly half a year in the beginning of March I went away. And here I am again. Six months in Moscow, cozy, safe, nourishing, a city that herself didn’t know and talked about “the crisis.” And every day, news about new murdered countrymen, new destroyed buildings, about the atrocities of the “junta” which suddenly became “partners.” I have a job, housing, I have a huge amount of true, trusted friends; but how can I live while in front of my house, every day, are killed my countrymen, people loyal to Russia? Each day, when you communicate with people here, you hear: “no doctors, not enough medical units.” So as soon as they said that I can come and serve, here I am. Checkpoints on the road very little, almost none. But there are traces of numerous battles, very little and only where possible to rebuild. Craters are interspersed with torn-down walls and destroyed roofs. We went to the local market: the prices in Moscow and diesel 54 roubles per liter. This is despite the fact that there is no work, and anyone who miraculously manages to find a job, the salary of a nurse “as much as” 2000 roubles (!). Those of my countrymen who had not abandoned their native land, who have not fled to fascist “Ukraine” suddenly become “partners”, who are not killed by the projectiles and not tortured in a concentration camp in the occupied territory, are provided with a wonderful opportunity to slowly starve to death. Of course, if it will not cut Ukrainians. However, everything should be in order.

A relative of one of our soldiers went to the enemy-occupied territory. She has two small children, there is no job, no livelihood, and there she has her own house. Who wants to condemn her, let them condemn. And in my opinion, the one to blame is that macrosomia fag called “the Russian government,” which without any resistance surrendered to global fascism forty million of its fellow countrymen. All of them are now in occupied enemy territory. Let’s all condemn them, so as not to notice that the “glorious Russian army” is only glorious enough for parades on Red Square. Yes: on the queue for “military mortgage” apartments? While you wait, why not die like a fucking dog in Syria!…. Okay, everything in order. So, my soldier’s relative left for Ukrainian-occupied territory. There she receives child benefit. With the benefit, she did home repairs, installed new windows, bought a fridge and a TV, eats properly, she has all she needs. So, “high-priced Moscovites”, you still laugh at the stupid Ukrainians who “jumped in the Maidan” and are “all going to freeze”? Well, while freezing and starving those who stood till the end for Russia, who were hoping for mother Russia, who suffered, starved and were freezing under fire in Donetsk! While for those who hate Russia, who are fighting Russia, you created normal living conditions! In and at your own expense! Have you heard about the new discount on gas for our “dear partners from Kiev”? You think we are “obsessed completely by food and material values”? You try to feed two children with meat at 2000 roubles/kg! When you can afford maybe 200 roubles worth…. 100 grams of meat… for yourself and two children… Well, I’m not going to talk about that. You yourselves probably have a lot going for you, except for “food and material values.”

Surely, each of you first gathered a lot of humanitarian aid, sent it here, then sheltered at home a crowd of refugees, and to top it off, came here as a volunteer, to save the Motherland from the fascist plague? No! You sat in front of the telly, drinking beer, while the screen showed burning houses and dead children! You bought a mortgage, cars and flats, but there was hundreds of roubles to throw in a humanitarian Fund on the Internet! Of course, you have the highest value: where there is us who shed blood, you in Moscow were feasting and getting fat. From TV and the Internet flows like molasses moderate joy: “weapons handed in… the war in Donbass is over….” I drove into Donetsk past the graveyard. I could see rows of freshly dug graves and fresh wooden crosses. Mixed militias, civilians, children, women, old people. This is just here in Donetsk, where we did not turn around the ukro-fascist beasts “in full” and they were forced to cut with artillery. And in Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Odessa, Kharkiv and so on? Where nothing could limit where their bloody dogs from SBU at the behest of CIA bastards were massively thrown into the dungeons, tortured and killed the local population? On the few sections of the earth that we have been able to beat, while Russia next set of “negotiations” is not wrung our hands and did not stop the offensive, our search team found a nameless burial pit in which the Pokot were killed hundreds of local civilians. It’s on several dozen square kilometers of territory! What’s going on throughout the Ukraine now?

Is that to forget? As one prominent Russian journalist (I will not mention his name), and patriotic, in response to the question: “so you agree that Russian people in Ukraine was exposed and betrayed?” he replied: “This stupidity is ridiculous to discuss.” That is: the selfless love of our local population for Russia, the willingness to fight and die for it, is foolish, it is pointless to discuss? Still! The President of Russia in May last year made threatening statements, that “if someone will spill a drop of Russian blood….” Russia grandly held maneuvers, and when we have begun to kill, the Russian government feared for the integrity of their foreign accounts and real estate, and left us all here to be slaughtered! Everyone who sympathised with Russia, who voted in the referendum, who were freezing in the trenches and died in the attacks! Now we have quickly silenced the problem, all to explain that not going to save none of the Russians in Ukraine, and that is safer to have forgotten what was said, then start to pour the Russian blood in Syria. By the way, my dear Moscovites! Somehow on the Internet I can’t hear your desperate screams: “Why is it our boys have to die for the Syrian lazy miners!” Well you bitches, you uninterruptedly yelled this last spring, in unison, like a blueprint, and shut up now? Only moderate enthusiasm krutosti our President! Someone can explain why for Kharkiv, for Odessa, for which during WW2 so many people were killed, for Kiev, “the mother of Russian cities,” was not necessary to our military to die, but for the Alawis, yes! We shall neither sleep nor eat until we have repeated Afghanistan in Syria! Donbass, Russian in blood, in spirit, in faith and in language, is Russian third-class, don’t protect them! Here’s an Alawi (or a Shia or whatever they prefer to be called out there) that’s the true, first-class Russian! More of their relatives, those who are soldiers!

Sep 25 marks exactly a year since the battle at the airport, which was attended by our unit. At the start of battle, we had eighty. At the time of my graduation, twenty-six. The enemy was in bunkers designed for nuclear attack, built during the reign of the Soviet Union, with heavy weapons up to tanks, mercenaries from Europe. While we had light arms. No “Pinocchio”, “Cheburashka” and stuff. Russia makes them not to protect their land, but only to present at exhibitions in Saudi Arabia. But from the airport, the enemy shelled residential areas. We had to protect its civilians, and we walked. It’s all forgotten? All the sacrifices, all the blood that was shed in the Donbass and all over Ukraine? I recall one absolutely heartbreaking case, when one of us passed a young man in uniform with one leg, sitting in a wheelchair, he pulled the sleeve: “Medical device?” Seen somewhere in a fight, everyone will remember. He showed the festering wound on his chest. He was wounded at the airport and immediately, without any benefits, was expelled from military service. Being injured while out of state, went with his unit in battle, lost his leg. Now without a livelihood, without treatment, a defender of Donbass sits useless in a wheelchair. It’s all the same: “nonsense, not worth discussing.”

I attended the First Military Hospital in Donetsk. It’s an absolutely unique institution, created by the selfless efforts and enthusiasm of the medical staff, doctors, nurses, orderlies. Not getting a penny of wages, not getting any centralized purchasing, solely on the enthusiasm of medical staff and humanitarian assistance to caring people, the hospital has been functioning since summer of last year. The local military medical authorities hated it from the moment it appeared. First they tried to take it for themselves, then they tried to disperse its patients and staff. Meanwhile, across the hospital were thousands of our wounded guys. However, there is a limit. The lack of funding and supplies, the constant harassment finally did the trick. How much has changed chief physicians at the hospital, even I who knows almost all of them, can’t remember. The hospital is in agony. Falling several feet from fatigue of doctors and nurses, just crumbs remaining drugs and a hundred severe and very severe patients. The chief doctor of the hospital, the young and intelligent, who has extensive combat experience written on his face, says:

“Let them be treated at their places of residence!” That’s what all kinds of bosses tell me. Well, most of them are from Slovyansk or Kramatorsk, or even from Volhynia or Zaporozhye.

The tradition of disregard for the personnel is very ancient in our army. But the situation with military medicine in DNR is generally beyond comprehension. On the other hand, it all depends on the goals of the events. One of my friends from the security services said very clearly:

The goal of the event is to kill everyone here. Hyperactive citizens, they do not need!

If you consider that the purpose of all this mess, chaos, red tape and endless exposure to attack of our troops and civilians, is to kill those who are most sympathetic to Russian business and the Russian people, then everything is logical. In this case, you don’t need to treat the wounded, and medicines are more profitable to resell. For life, remember the same Lipovsky at the meeting said:

Arrived 18 tons of medicines, but where I don’t know!

And after all, nothing happened to anyone involved in this theft! In the hospital, I met the famous humanitarian, Zhuchkovsky. My impression was very favourable. He seemed to me to be a reasonable, decent, very energetic person. Alas, there are very few such people. I spoke with one soldier. Interesting personality: it could be seen that his health had been eroded by the continuous fighting. He remembered Debaltsevo, I tried to keep quiet, to not use foul language, but it wasn’t easy to do. He showed me a picture of his comrades, standing in front of something destroyed, but in their hands was the flag of the Pindosi Marines. He said that about 700 of these creatures were sealed in the Debaltsevo cauldron, but allowed to escape by order of the high command. Here is say nothing? Multi-storey mate fell from me as from a horn of plenty. I was there too. We were butting heads. Using our went on break shock “battalions of Poroshenko” with military instructors from Poland and Pindostan. They have not passed through us. Then they columns on the field, went past us. And our artillery was forbidden to work on them! I don’t think this is not my personal opinion. This is a picture of a man who was there, here he is with friends, bloated face, bloated machines, in hand, captured the flag these Pindosi monsters.

Ponder, dear readers! These creatures, these monsters came here from overseas. They killed our people, civilians, women, children, old men! Meanwhile their media were screaming to the whole world about “Russian interference.” And when through the heroism of our guys they were trapped in Debaltsevo, the command rang over the phone. Our fucking command of the “under the hood” forbade us to pressurize these creatures, these torturers and sadists whose hands are stained with the blood of the peaceful Russian population, calmly columns left the boiler! Oh, what we caring command! Speaking of commanders: all of the more or less famous commanders, from Igor Ivanovich to Beszler, Mozgovoi, Ishchenko, either exiled in Russia or if they refused to leave, killed by their own supposed comrades. It is a well-known fact. But few people know that many from here who are less famous have been sitting in basements for months, without any clear charges, some of them tortured. Yes, you do not mistake, dear readers! Those who selflessly fought for our cause from the very first day, sitting under arrest, even torture! Torture? Oh, that is another interesting topic! Now has begun mass “return” to the land of the Donetsk region of any filth! Local law enforcement officers, the judiciary, and any other SBU types! They have participated in hostilities against us, they have served in the punitive formations, they have tortured and killed civilians, and now suddenly they have “realized” that DNR is a good thing! And these hangmen, whose hands are stained with blood, are not just coming! They are taking the top posts! They fabricate criminal cases against our illustrious commanders! They have tortured our military commanders! Of course, with the active patronage and ardent support of our dear High Command!

Employees of local traffic police tell that they only have 37 people left in Ukraine. The bosses disappeared, colleagues escaped across the border, and now they have returned, under the patronage of the authorities, delivered to command posts, and bullying their “Pro-Russian” colleagues who had not abandoned their post in a difficult moment, but had remained with their people under fire and maintained law and order. Many experienced fighters are unique people. A great combat experience, thoughtful, smart. They excitedly tell me about what people with military experience out of units that the air force arbitrarily deprives titles (yesterday was a sergeant? no, this is wrong, now you’re a private) and appropriates their wages, that military training is not performed, and the enemy builds up forces and training troops, that the ukry go back and take command posts. No one is going to release their native Odessa, Zaporozhye, Kharkov. Persistent non-payment of wages, theft, meanness of command, purposelessness and infinity of war. “Just a little stake in the ground for that fight?” say the most persistent and motivated. I have met several of those who participated from the beginning, whose “entire breast is covered in crosses.” And I heard a stunning phrase:

I took off and hid my decorations. After you’ve seen the patented gimcrackery that they are now awarding to each other, you’re ashamed to wear any decorations at all.

Well, the command doesn’t know and doesn’t understand? Come on! It all suits. According to the “Minsk agreements,” the loyalty of which so many had sworn our “guarantor” of LDNR is part of the “United Ukraine.” The fascist Nedoroslev that hates Russia, which mobilized its army for war against Russia, which from now on throughout destroys massively sympathizers of Russia. After the election, not later than Dec 31, the border between Novorossiya and Russia must come under the control of Ukra. Then in the republics, the massacre will be committed. Then will be tormented almost all who in that time played for Russia. And Russian troops, along with Russian journalists, will be in Syria. This is a stroke of genius from the corrupt oligarchic leadership of Russia: to divert the attention of its population from the mass killings of Russian people close to their borders, to “Syria’s image.”

Our “Commander-in-Chief” has betrayed us. First, he said he would protect the Russian population. But when the population stood up, exposing its bare chest to the tanks – then so coolly, he didn’t just throw us to the slaughter, he ordered his intelligence agencies to help the CIA and SBU! The format of a newspaper article is too small, I have in other places written about this shameful page of the “Russian Stirlitz.” In short, the expulsion of the military commanders like Strelkov and Bezler, and murder of those not willing to leave, like Mozgovoi, Batman and Ischenko, is their handiwork. As the arrests of many less well-known commanders, as well as numerous noise for us to fight the enemy, and plundering coming here equipment and humanitarian aid, and much more. Now the Russian government specially climbed in Syria to move troops and journalists. This will allow having stolen quietly to organize the slaughter of all Russian sympathizers. Those who yesterday shouted that “our boys were dying in Ukraine,” soon you will get a lot of “cargo 200” from the Syrian deserts. Well, it’s understandable. The sand of “Alawiland” is our native land, but Ukraine is “another independent state, we can’t fight there.” Such is the inexorable logic of betrayal and the fate of a traitor. We are now talking about the role of government in unfolding the drama. But this is the fault of all of the Russian people. It has become deaf to the voice of honour and conscience. For loans and foreign cars, it has sold and delivered forty million of its kindred, its brethren in primordially Russian lands (remember, “Kiev – mother of Russian cities”?). It was so nice to hang out in Courchevel and at the disco, they turned a blind eye to the suffering, blood and death of tens of thousands of people. The payback will be unforgiving, fast and scary. Russia one to one will suffer the fate of Yugoslavia, which betrayed the Serbian Krajina and hoped that it would “join Europe.” Now even Serbia has been ripped into many pieces. Macedonia and Montenegro ripped away, Kosovo with blood torn, Vojvodina separated. A few million always hungry and unemployed citizens are all that remains of the once great Serbian people. This is the reward of betrayal. The same fate awaits Russia.

The script is obvious. Wait while Russia gets more and more involved in Syria. Then the ISIS air defense system with calculations from the “Western holiday-makers” will begin to shoot down Russian planes. Systems of volley fire start to terrorize our bases. We strengthen the presence of Russia. And then, when all combat-ready troops are mired there, Turkey will seal the Mediterranean Straits. We will not be able to provide for our troops nor to transport them. After that, 300,000 Ukrainian troops will attack Crimea, NATO will attack from the West, in Central Asia breaks out the “colour revolutions” and all sorts of Wahhabis with Ihilani crowd will rush from there, and finally, now established all over Russia, hundreds of thousands of terrorists, the Wahhabi starting from and ending holecheck, indistinguishable from us, at the same time will begin to “revolt-war” on the Syrian scenario. At that time, many ideological supporters of the “Russian world” will be successfully buried in the Donetsk land, and no one will protect your Lexuses and boutiques, you Moscow creatures! All will understand, but it will be too late. Then don’t blame us or blather naively, “we didn’t know!” All of you know and have something to hide. “Mene, mene, tekel, uparsin.” Your kingdom has been measured and sold. You have been weighed and found wanting. You found it expedient to betray Novorossia, for loans, the lifting of sanctions, the opportunity to plunder the humanitarian aid and with impunity to kill the best sons of your people, who seemed to you to be “troublemakers” only because they were more honest and brave than you. In fact, you sold yourself out. Your honour, your conscience, your future. You sold Russia. Tomorrow, when you will be cut like sheep by the Wahhabis, when you are burned alive by Banderites and undermined by the terrorists of ISIS right in the Maskvabad, when in a ruined Russia will rule Libya, with wild cannibalism and mass killings, do not look to blame the ocean, or in Europe. It is you, yourselves, by your cowardice, meanness and greed, who have doomed your own children to suffer all of this.

every time these motherfuckers fuck everything up with their racist thuggery, they announce an oil strike, to get wall street sucking their dicks again

Huge oil discovery on Golan Heights
Globes, Oct 7 2015

After more than a year of round-the-clock drilling, large amounts of oil have been found on the Golan Heights. Estimates are that the amount of oil discovered will make Israel self sufficient for very many years to come. Afek Oil and Gas chief geologist Dr Yuval Bartov told Channel 2 News:

We are talking about a strata (sic – RB) which is 350 m thick, and what is important is the thickness and the porosity. On average in the world, strata are 20m to 30 m thick, and this is ten times that, so we are talking about significant quantities. The important thing is to know the oil is in the rock, and that’s what we now know. There is enormous excitement. It’s a fantastic feeling. We came here thinking maybe yes or maybe no, and now things are really happening. As a matter of fact, if you give me $100k, you can suck my dick right now.

Three drillings have so far taken place in the southern Golan Heights which have found large reserves of oil. Potential production is dramatic: billions of barrels, which will easily provide all Israel’s oil needs. Although the existence of the oil in the ground is a fact, the critical phase now is to check how easily it can be extracted and whether it involves high production costs. In a period of very low oil prices, extraction will have to be relatively cheap to make exploitation of the field profitable. Just as Israel’s offshore Mediterranean gas discoveries have created an entire energy industry, so the Golan oil find could also generate a new industry around it. But while the gas has been found dozens of km from Israel, the Golan find is much closer. The drilling on the Golan Heights has aroused fierce opposition from environmental groups and local residents who fear irreversible damage to the region’s natural landscapes, flora and fauna. This is likely to make any potential extraction from the ground and production a more protracted process lasting very many years. Above and beyond the bureaucratic and environmental problems of pushing ahead with oil production, there are also the geopolitical considerations. The international community considers the Golan Heights as occupied territory and does not recognize Israeli sovereignty over the region (no kidding – RB).

they don’t call this thing “pindostan today” for no reason – they intend to turn the entire planet into a pindo-style rip-off parlor

Lviv becomes a model for development in Ukraine
Hal Foster, Pindostan Today, Oct 7 2015

635795709330248997-GettyImages-479240470thinks: get your stinking paws off me – RB

LVIV, Ukraine — Even as the conflict between the national government and separatists in eastern Ukraine continues, this city of 750,000 in the west is engineering a renaissance that could be a model for the rest of the country’s development. Its makeover includes a new airport, soccer stadium, Ukraine’s first combination shopping-and-entertainment center, a new industrial park anchored by Mitsubishi, new roads and tramlines, renovation of historic landmarks and Western European-style bike paths. Spearheading the transformation is Mayor Andriy Sadovyi, who has not only attracted hundreds of millions of dollars in public-works financing but whose campaign against local government corruption has led to fewer demands on businesses to pay bribes to government bureaucrats. Under Sadovyi’s nine-year tenure, Lviv has expanded its world-class, information-technology sector to 15,000 workers. Other businesses also are thriving, including tram manufacturer Electron, Lviv Handmade Chocolate and companies that make clothes for the European brands Hugo Boss and Zara. Sadovyi said in an interview:

Lviv’s example shows that all of Ukraine can be successful. I have personally lobbied several Ukrainian presidents and prime ministers, European governments and development banks for finance for the city. In politics, some people talk and some people do. When there’s a problem, a mayor must solve it, not just pass it on.

A major payoff of the infrastructure-building is a doubling of tourism, from 1 million visitors a year before the European Football Championships in 2012 to a projected 2 million this year. The games were split between Poland and Ukraine, with Lviv one of the host cities. Lviv has sparkling attractions, from castles and forts dating to the 1500s to an opera house that many say is the second most splendid in Europe, behind the Vienna Opera House.

635795713681740891-AFP-543918491Ukrainian supporters at Arena Lviv, Sep 5 2015 (Photo: Genya Savilov, AFP/Getty)

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which has financed much of Lviv’s turnaround, is so enthused about the progress that it has opened its second Ukraine office in the city. The other is in the capital, Kiev. Lviv, a lovely Austro-Hungarian Empire city with buildings dating to medieval times, has long considered itself European. Its residents deeply resented the Soviet occupation of the city from the end of WW2 until the Soviet Union’s breakup in 1991. It is not surprising, then, that Lviv has been one of the strongest voices in favor of Ukraine joining the European Union rather than aligning itself with Russia, and that its model for development has been its neighbour Poland, which has prospered under EU membership. But closer ties between Ukraine and the EU have been on hold since last year, when efforts by a new pro-Western government in Kiev to seek agreements with the EU resulted in Russia’s seizure of Ukraine’s Crimea Province and the start of a rebellion by Russian-backed separatists in the east.

Despite tensions with Russia, Lviv continues to establish links to the West. One of the leaders of the city’s IT sector is Eleks, which does 98% of its work for companies outside Ukraine, according to Chairman Oleksiy Skrypnyk. Its projects include special effects for Sony Pictures’ James Bond and Spiderman films and other Hollywood studios. The 900-employee company’s other clients are in such fields as cellphones, medicine, financial services, insurance, enterprise and quality assurance. Eleks is also doing work for the Ukrainian military, much of it without charge to support the war effort, said Skrypnyk, who is a member of parliament. With Russian drones providing reconnaissance and weapons-targeting information to separatists, “the question of Ukrainian drones became very critical,” he said. Eleks is not only building components for aerial drones, but is also developing a ground drone to help foot soldiers. The prototype looks like a small tank.

635795710759062156-Photo-2----Electron-electric-tramAn Electron tram in Lviv neighborhood (Photo: Vitaliy Hrabar, Electron)

Another Lviv high-flyer, Electron, made television sets during Soviet times, but after Ukraine’s independence, it switched to heaters and air conditioners, exporting many to Europe. Two years ago, Electron started making mass-transit vehicles to help Ukraine replace 80% of its dilapidated Soviet-era fleet. “We have already sold seven electric trams to the city of Lviv and seven to Kiev,” Electron President Yuriy Bubes said. Electron’s trams cost 40% less to make than those manufactured in Western Europe. The company is building them to European Union standards so it can export there. Electron, whose workforce has been as high as 3,000 in recent years, also makes electric trolleybuses, diesel and electric buses and ambulances.

635795712454013021-GettyImages-490796481Chocolate Putins, Lviv, May 15 2014 (Photo: Yurko Dyachyshyn, AFP/Getty )

Lviv Handmade Chocolate’s business has soared since Andriy Khudo founded it six years ago. Khudo has capitalized on Lviv’s chocolate-making renown with a new business model: franchised chocolate-based restaurants and gift shops. The outlets are in 30 Ukrainian cities and Krakow, Poland. Part of the 630-employee company’s appeal is being hip. In a country where Putin is widely despised, it has rolled out a chocolate figurine of him in a prisoner’s uniform. It also produces a chocolate Kama Sutra figurine. Khudo credits Lviv’s tourism boom with his ability to open four chocolate restaurants in the city. “We are in the center” of the Lviv surge, he enthused.

the point of all this is, the pindos are going to put missiles on the ukr/rus border, they won’t want any partisans messin’ with it

Pindo Congress has allocated money for arming the junta
Colonel Cassad, Oct 8 2015 00:01 MSk

The Pindo Congress passed a bill on defence spending in 2016, which provides for the possibility of Washington supplies weapons to Kiev, according to TASS. The draft law includes provisions concerning the provision of military assistance to Ukraine. Earlier, the house of representatives already approved the bill. It provided appropriations for military needs in the new financial year, which began Oct 1 2015, at $612b. Of that, $300m may be spent on the support of Ukraine “appropriate assistance in the field of security and intelligence.” The document establishes the right for Ashtray & Jackass at Pentagon & State to spend this money. We are talking about the possibility of Kiev intelligence and supply of various types of weapons: anti-tank weapons, mortars, systems, served in combat calculation/crew, and ammunition, grenade launchers, small arms. Can also be passed counter-mortar radars, “tactical unmanned system surveillance from the air,” secure communications and electronic warfare. Besides, it is allowed to spend money on training “of the armed forces and other security forces of the government of Ukraine.” It is noted that there are disputes around the amount of funds allocated to the military, while the situation in Ukraine is not questioned.

As reported by “Kommersant”, Poroshenko said the Pindos took the decision to transfer the new models Kiev defensive weapons. He also said he expects Ukr to receive the status of a non-permanent member of the UNSC on Oct 15. Earlier, Interior Minister Avakov stated that the national guard of Ukraine has received large-caliber sniper rifles from the Pindos. Deliveries were made after Poroshenko attended the session opening of the conference “Clinton global initiative” during his working visit to Pindostan, and said that Ukraine would like to have the weapons to effectively defend themselves, noting that we are not talking about lethal weapons (? – RB). link. As Obama didn’t want the ideas of the supply of weapons, the Republicans came close to winning it all the same, although the required amount was clearly disappointed those who wanted a much larger supply of weapons to Ukraine. However, the decision is made and Pindostan will continue to pump up the army junta resources. As you know, this is done not out of pure altruism, and understandable to support the junta in the confrontation with the Russian Federation and the people’s republics. Well, it should be noted that to inject serious money where you do not expect war, hardly will be.

Draft law on the website of the Pindosi Congress

(Sec. 1251) Authorizes DoD to provide security assistance and intelligence support to military and other security forces of the government of Ukraine.

(Sec. 1252) Authorizes DoD to conduct the Eastern European Training Initiative to provide multilateral or regional training for countries in Eastern Europe that are signatories to the Partnership for Peace Framework Documents but not members of NATO or that became NATO members after Jan 1 1999.

(Sec. 1253) Requires DoD to report to Congress on options for expanding the presence of Pindo ground forces of the size of a Brigade Combat Team in Eastern Europe to respond to the security challenges posed by Russia and increase the combat capability of forces able to respond to unconventional or hybrid warfare tactics such as those used by the Russian Federation in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.

(Sec. 1254) Expresses the sense of Congress urging Pindostan to encourage compel NATO allies vassals to meet defense budget commitments and to continue to coordinate defense investments to improve deterrence against Russian aggression and terrorist organizations and more appropriately balance defense spending across the alliance.

(Sec. 1255) Requires the annual report on military matters and security developments involving Russia to include an assessment of the force structure and capabilities of Russian military forces stationed in the Arctic region, Kaliningrad, and Crimea, as well as an assessment of the Russian military strategy in the Arctic region.

(Sec. 1256) Requires DoD to submit to Congress an assessment of alternative capabilities to procure and sustain non-standard rotary-wing aircraft that are historically acquired through or are reliant on Rosoboronexport.

If briefly, then:

1. The Pentagon is authorized to provide different support for Ukraine.
2. To conduct teaching and training of the armies of Eastern Europe as NATO and others.
3. The Pentagon is required to submit to the Congress a plan to expand the Pindo military presence in Eastern Europe as a response to Russia’s actions in Crimea and Ukraine.
4. The Pentagon is supposed to coordinate the defense spending of Pindo allies vassals and maintain military budgets in the framework of response to the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation and terrorist organizations.
5. The Pentagon is obliged to provide an annual report about the Russian military potential in Crimea, Kaliningrad and the Arctic region, as well as give a detailed assessment of the Russian military strategy in the Arctic.
6. The Pentagon needs to examine the options for replacement of the helicopters delivered under the contract with Rosoboronexport (the helicopters were purchased for the armies of Pindo puppet regimes).

In general, if someone naively thought that anything fundamentally has changed in the relations between Pindostan and Russia, he was greatly mistaken. The conflict only inflames and it will go long.

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the minions are just scum, really, making stuff up, cultivating and exaggerating rumours, and so on… contemptible beings

Private palaces: Russia moves to hide property data
Jack Stubbs, Reuters, Oct 7 2015

MOSCOW – Russian officials lampooned by anti-corruption activists for living in opulent mansions are moving to cover their tracks by limiting access to public data about property ownership. The government proposal to restrict Russia’s Unified State Register of Property Rights follows a spate of revelations about the extravagant lifestyles of some top officials at a time when many Russians are suffering from a gruelling economic crisis. At the moment, anyone can request data from the database, which holds information about a property’s address, appearance and ownership, but the Russian government now wants to limit access to state organizations. The government said in a statement:

Increasingly, the aim of information requests is not about the property but for the personal data of its legal owner. This information could be used for criminal purposes.

Others say the draft law is intended to prevent further embarrassment for public figures such as Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov, who was spotted sporting a designer watch worth $620k, four times his annual salary, at his wedding in August. Ivan Pavlov, former head of the Freedom of Information Foundation that campaigned for greater government transparency in Russia, said:

The initiative for this draft law is aimed at anti-corruption projects. It is a restriction of socially significant information.

Alexei Navalny, who revealed the price of Peskov’s watch and named his new wife as the owner of a $15m luxury villa, said the draft law was targeted at the work of his Foundation for Fighting Corruption. He told Reuters:

Corrupt officials cannot stop us taking pictures of their palaces, but they are trying to make it so it is no longer possible to make a formal link between civil servants and their property.

Pavlov said Russian real-estate agents and lawyers who use the database would also be hit by the proposed restrictions, but the real aim was to impinge on the work of those who exposed the riches of Russia’s elite. Opposition media and anti-graft campaigners have named multiple members of Putin’s inner circle, including State Security Council chief Nikolai Patrushev and ex-Russian Railways head Vladimir Yakunin, as owners of multi-million dollar homes. A Reuters investigation found that even the president himself owns a luxury estate near the Black Sea dubbed “Putin’s Palace”, an allegation he denies. Navalny said:

All Russian power structures are united in attempts to hide the real information about their homes and yachts, but the investigations of our foundation will not stop.

the minions wrestle with yesterday’s events

N’hu cancels German visit as violence spreads across Israel
Dan Williams, Ori Lewis, Reuters, Oct 7 2015

JAYLOOMIA – Israel’s prime minister canceled a visit to Germany on Wednesday after a spate of attacks that included the stabbing of an Israeli soldier by a Plastelinan in the southern town of Kiryat Gat. Police said the Plastelinan was then shot dead by special forces. In the central city of Petah Tikva, a Plastelinan stabbed and lightly wounded an Israeli man outside a busy shopping center, police said. A steady rise in street violence has been fuelled by confrontations around al Aqsa. In the third knife attack in Jayloomia in less than a week, an 18-year-old Plastelinan woman stabbed an Israeli on Wednesday near the Western Wall. The Israeli, lightly injured, drew a gun and shot the woman, seriously wounding her, police said. The bloodshed also spread to other parts of Israel. Four Israelis have been killed in stabbings in Jayloomia and a drive-by shooting in the occupied West Bank since Thursday, and two Plastelinans have been shot dead and scores injured in clashes with security services. Netanyahu cancelled a trip to Germany scheduled for Thursday. Netanyahu and Abbas have sought to avert an escalation (?- RB), and Netanyahu on Wednesday praised Israelis’ resolve, saying:

The object of terror is to instill fear and the main way to defeat terror is to display calm and resolve. We have known worse periods than this, and we will overcome this.

Striking a similar tone (?- RB), the Fatah Central Committee praised Plastelinans who participate in rallies “to defend the holy Muslim and Christian sites in Jayloomia.” On Wednesday, Israeli troops clashed with Plastelinans in the West Bank, with two Plastelinans who suffered serious injuries near Beit El near Ramallah taken for treatment in Israeli hospitals. Video footage of the clash showed Israeli undercover soldiers dressed as masked Plastelinans appearing to take part in the stone throwing before suddenly drawing their concealed weapons and turning on the Plastelinans to carry out arrests. The Plastelinan Red Crescent ambulance service said 288 Plastelinans were hurt in Wednesday’s clashes, including 10 by live fire.

this is like the sort of irresistable, compulsive bad joke, which one has to repeat while wondering why one bothers

UK activists target radio station’s ‘Win a trip to Israel’ contest
Annie Robbins, MondoWeiss, Sep 30 2015


A group of UK activists, members of the London Visual Activist Collective (LVAC), have been making inquiries after hearing several advertisements on the UK’s Magic 105.4 Magic in the Morning radio broadcast hyping a “Win a trip to Israel” contest. Wondering if these promotions, including offering Dead Sea products as prizes, might run afoul of British broadcast laws pertaining to deceptive advertising, the activists contacted the radio station with their concerns. The promotional contest is sponsored by the Israel Government Tourist Office and Monarch Airlines. Magic reaches 1.96 million listeners every week tuning in, for a total of 10.4 million hours every week. It is a commercial market leader in adult audience, and is owned by Bauer Media, a European-based media conglomerate. Magic’s morning show already sent a team to Israel, likely at the invitation of the sponsoring parties:


The contest, prominently displayed on the radio station’s homepage, asks applicants to answer a qualifying question to enter the competition. In March of this year the UK Advertising Standards Authority banned an Israeli Ministry of Tourism advertisement for suggesting that the Old City of Jayloomia was part of Israel. The original verdict was later rescinded, but activists are not backing down. Magic 105.4‘s initial qualifying question for the contest strongly suggested Jayloomia was the capitol of Israel:


Someone from LVAC contacted the radio station:

What are you going to do about all the people that answered ‘Jayloomia’ to enter your Israel competition? As you are aware under International Law Jayloomia is not and cannot be recognized as Israel’s capital. There are strict rules governing competitions on Radio and TV. We believe you are in danger of breaching those rules by accepting incorrect answers as correct. But on the other hand it’s not fair to those people as the question was heavily weighted in order that people say Jayloomia. Also are you offering Dead Sea products as prizes? I expect a speedy response on this please.

The radio station did not initially respond to the inquiry, but shortly thereafter the qualifying question changed:


One of the LVAC activists, who prefers to remain anonymous, informed Mondoweiss me that as well as changing the qualifying question, the radio station promptly deleted all the comments responding to the contest and promotions on the comment thread and then removed the comment section entirely. Claiming Magic was “conducting damage limitation already,” the activist explained:

All those who answered ‘Jayloomia’ in response to the qualifying question are actually incorrect, and Magic cannot enter them into the competition. They have breached the rules regarding ‘Competitions.’ Yet they have not confirmed to us whether they have removed those entrants.


Activists tweeted Magic screenshots of UNSCR 478, one of seven UNSCRs condemning Israel’s attempted annexation of East Jayloomia and condemning “Israel’s 1980 Jayloomia Law, which declared Jayloomia to be Israel‘s “complete and united” capital, as a violation of international law.”


Not hearing back from the Magic, LVAC activists made a formal complaint to UK communications regulator OFCOM, UK watchdog Advertising Standards Authority, and Palestine Mission in London (the highest-level representation of the Plastelinan government in the UK ) and informed Magic of these notifications, adding:

I would also like to take this opportunity to inform you that if any of your prizes involve travel to parts that are illegally occupied, then this will also be deemed to be very provocative and a serious political issue. This included visits to tunnels underneath (but not limited to) the holy Al Aqsa compound and the village of Silwan.

Today, Magic finally replied to several of the concerned activists with this statement:


Mondoweiss I queried a LVAC activist concerning the earlier rescission of the banned Israeli Ministry of Tourism advertisement. Why do they think they might get a different result? The activist said:

We’re complaining under the political and controversial rules in Section 7 of the code. There is no doubt about what was implied by the “Israel’s Capital” question. The other complaint was more of a consumer protection ruling, whereas this is more political. This is a new complaint, so they must still investigate.

Other efforts the collective is up to include getting the UK to apologize for the Balfour Declaration and pay compensation to Plastelinans:

We are organizing a demo for Nov 1, and hope to make it an annual event, leading up to 100 years since Balfour.

it seems to me that the intelligent part of the russian strategy is that it is forcing the pindos to take responsibility for AQ

Russian drone films ISIS hiding weapons, munitions near Syrian mosques, Oct 6 2015

The Russian Ministry of Defense has released a video showing ISIS moving their military hardware to residential areas, including one near a mosque, in an apparent attempt to save it from airstrikes. The video released on Tuesday was taken from a drone in Syria. The Ministry of Defense commented on the issued video:

Having realized the high efficiency of our reconnaissance assets in detecting masked equipment storage bases and the real threat of their destruction, terrorists are making efforts to move their weapons in residential areas. Vehicles are usually deployed near mosques as the terrorists know that the Russian Air Force will never target them.


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