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doubtless everyone knows gaza is in total chaos and collapse, no electricity, sewage everywhere, etc

EU washes its hands of Gaza
Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada, Jun 22 2017

For days, EI has been asking the EU External Action Service, effectively its foreign ministry, to comment on the situation in Gaza and to explain what if anything it is doing to pressure Israel to reverse the electricity cuts. On Tuesday, Maja Kocijancic, spox for Federica Mogherini, confirmed that she had received EI’s inquiry and promised “to see what the latest is” and “come back to you ASAP.” But another two days and a Thursday afternoon deadline have passed, and there is total silence from the EU despite repeated follow up inquiries to Kocijancic and her colleagues. The EU grants Israel all kinds of trade concessions and funding under their so-called Association Agreement, which specifies that relations between the EU and Israel “shall be based on respect for human rights and democratic principles,” a stipulation deemed “an essential element” of the agreement. Dozens of European Parliament members have urged Mogherini to suspend the agreement, in light of Israel’s repeated and flagrant violations of Palestinian rights. But instead, the EU seems only set on further rewarding Israel. A reliable indicator of this is the EU’s representative office in Tel Aviv, which produces a steady stream of tweets on its official account celebrating the EU’s “partnership” with Israel, including “research” programs that fund Israel’s military industry. Even this week as conditions in Gaza deteriorated, the EU has been touting its military cooperation with Israel over so called “shared challenges.”

Meanwhile, the EU External Action Service has not tweeted anything at all about Gaza since 2014. The latest crisis in Gaza has been unfolding since April and has prompted warnings that it could lead to another war. The EU’s silence cannot therefore be an oversight. It should be read as a positive endorsement of Israel’s tightening blockade of Gaza and the suffering Israel is knowingly inflicting on a population exhausted and traumatized by a decade of isolation and successive Israeli military assaults. The EU is indeed deepening its vaunted partnership with Israel. It is a partnership in crime.

this is the normal ‘deep state’ collusion between media & police to lie at all times about everything to the entire world no matter what

To Defeat Transparency, NYPD Turns to Journalist-Turned-Cop-Turned-Journalist-Turned-Cop
Josmar Trujillo, FAIR, Jun 21 2017


The biggest, most resourced police department in the world likes to work in the shadows. You want to question that? You’re probably a terrorist enabler. Last week, the NYC Council held hearings on proposed legislation calling on the NYPD to be more transparent with how they surveil and spy on the public. Police officials, as they often do, proceeded to tell local lawmakers to get lost. Requests for more information and possibly a public comment period on NYPD spying tactics, which have reached sci-fi levels, were called “insane” and met with suggestions that Daesh would be given a “roadmap” to attacking the city. Conservative media outlets, predictably, came out shrieking in defense of the police and of surveillance. The NY Post(6/18/17) published the department’s testimony from the hearing and called it an op-ed, literally regurgitating the police line word for word for its readers. Not to be left behind by their fellow Rupert Murdoch employees, editorialists at the WSJ (6/19/17) chimed in with admiration for police and full-throated disgust at those pushing the legislation:

The NYC Council is the distilled political essence of modern progressivism, which means it can be dangerous to public health and safety. … The effort is backed by such anti-anti-terror stalwarts as the New York Civil Liberties Union and the Brennan Center. Manhattan Demagog Daniel Garodnick, a co-sponsor, says the measure would enhance public trust by giving citizens more knowledge about policing techniques. We’ll see how long that trust lasts if the bill makes it easier for terrorists to thwart or evade the NYPD’s anti-terror methods. That’s the legitimate worry of police who rely on technology and surveillance to prevent mass murder. A Jihadi bombed Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood as recently as September and the department maintains on average three or four active terrorist investigations at any one time. John Miller, the NYPD’s counter-terror chief, says police have foiled at least 25 major terror attacks since 9/11.

Much as the NYPD likes to operate in the shadows, some of their officials are pretty well-versed in using the media limelight to argue against transparency. Exhibit A is John Miller, the NYPD’s deputy commissioner of intelligence and counter-terrorism. A former FBI and NYPD spox as well as a former network TV reporter, Miller has spun the revolving door between law enforcement and media like perhaps no one else. Back in 2013, as a correspondent on CBS 60 Minutes, Miller offered a Deputy DCI a cushy platform, joining him in criticizing Edward Snowden and agreeing that the public probably shouldn’t be aware of intelligence-gathering tactics (10/29/13). Sound familiar? A couple of months later, Miller did another softball segment (12/16/13), this time with former NSA head Keith Alexander, who’s been accused of lying lied to Congress about the agency’s surveillance of Pindosis. Days later, Miller would rejoin the NYPD, where he’s been helping with the department’s counter-terrorism public relations ever since (3/28/16). He did a previous stint in the 1990s. That’s why it wasn’t a surprise that Miller was back on cable television a few days ago, forecasting an apocalypse if the recently proposed NYPD surveillance oversight bills were passed (6/16/17). No longer bogged down by having to put on the front of a journalist, Miller was now on the other side of the table, disparaging the City Council’s attempts at transparency (modest ones, at that) to Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski.

While the local fight over police oversight in many ways reflects the broader civil liberties debate around surveillance, with Miller intertwined in both, the outsized media influence of the NYPD was clear. In less than a week, the NYPD had, with the help of the WaPo, WSJ and MSNBC, become the loudest voice in the room, drowning out elected officials, as well as national and city-based civil liberties groups. What other municipal agency in this country could take their case to national television before its mayor had even publicly weighed in? Not only does the NYPD have quick and unfettered access to the national megaphone, which MSNBC has apparently yet to offer to supporters of the transparency bill; it also has an extensive track record of overstating the threat of legislation and reform. In 1992, cops rioted at City Hall when the lawmakers wanted to create a civilian review board. A few years ago, the department stoked fear with the help of local tabloids (7/13/13) by implying that city streets would run red with blood if its Stop and Frisk program were curbed. So while Miller and the NYPD strategically exaggerate the impact of this current legislation, known as the POST Act, it’s important to note that their fearmongering efforts in the press are designed to pull the political goalposts to the right by presenting basic requests for transparency as a giveaway to terrorists. Nothing in the legislation fundamentally curbs NYPD surveillance abilities. Those who might actually want the police’s spying apparatus reduced or done away with, something that’s completely out of the bounds as they’ve been drawn: well, you might just be a terrorist yourself. And though one might imagine or hope that the media, whose job it is to strive for transparency, would be in the forefront of efforts for more information from law enforcement, most have either supported the NYPD or sat back and simply reported their point of view, allowing cops to define the narrative. But hey that’s what Miller, the NYPD’s journalist-turned-cop-turned-journalist-turned-cop would be pretty useful for, isn’t it? The NYPD’s John Miller also appeared on local station WNYM, part of the right-wing Salem Media Group, where he told host John Catsimatidis (6/18/17):

The activists have in their mind this idea that police departments in cities like New York run massive surveillance programs targeting innocent civilians for no reason. Now, that’s nutty! I mean, why would we do that? How could we do that? And how would it make sense?

Miller is part of a department that has stopped and frisked more than 5 million people since 2002, nine out of ten of whom were innocent civilians, mostly young Black or Latino men. It has infiltrated the Black Lives Matter movement, and also routinely defied a decades-old court order against political surveillance known as the Handschu Rules. The NYPD is also under court-ordered sanctions as a result of the “Demographics Unit” affair, described by the NYT as follows (3/6/17):

The NYPD “Demographics Unit” was a secret squad of plainclothes officers that eavesdropped on conversations in cafes, making notes about political conversations. They chatted to store owners about their views on drone strikes and international affairs and made a note when they saw Qurans, religious calendars or customers gathering after attending nearby mosques.

But a massive surveillance program targeting innocent civilians? That’s nutty.


Trump: Obama didn’t ‘choke,’ he ‘colluded or obstructed’
Rebecca Savransky, The Hill, Jun 26 2017

Pres Trump on Monday said Pres Obama took no action against Russia for its actions in the 2016 election because he expected Hillary Clinton to win. Trump concluded that Obama had not “choked” in taking no action against Russia, as a senior administration official told the WaPo. Instead, Trump said Obama had “colluded” or “obstructed.” Trump tweeted:

Trump on Monday also went after the Demagogs, blasting the party as obstructionists days after Senate Thugs released a draft of their plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare. Trump tweeted:

Trump Blasts Obama On Russia
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Jun 26,2017

Former Pres Obama, political royalty on the left and a media darling who even sent a “thrill up the leg” of Chris Matthews, has drawn a rather surprising amount of public criticism of late over his handling of Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election.  Everyone from Congressional Demagogs to CNN is suddenly curious why Obama didn’t do more? Well, apparently Trump has decided to clear things up via Twitter. Of course, the more important issue is the media’s shocking and sudden turn against Obama, as it does make one wonder whether there is more at play here than meets the eye.

Moon of Alabama, Jun 26 2017

WaPo has a 8,300-word weekend opus on how Obama failed to react to DCI Brennan’s claims that Putin himself ordered the hacking of the Pindosi election. Reading that piece it becomes clear (but is never said) that the sole source for that Aug 2016 Brennan claim is the absurd Steele dossier some ex-MI6 dude created for too much money as opposition research against Trump. The only other “evidence” for “Russian hacking” is the Crowdstrike report on the DNC “hack”. Crowdstrike has a Ukrainian nationalist agenda, was hired by the DNC, had to retract other “Russian hacking” claims and no one else was allowed to take a look at the DNC servers. Said differently: The whole “Russian hacking” claims are solely based on “evidence” of two fake reports. Demagogs tell party leaders: Stop talking about Russia! No one is interested in that bullshit! Get back to basic issues!

a wonderful example of thought control at its creepiest

Anti-Semitism Again Rises in LGBTQ Chicago
Dana Beyer, Executive Director, Gender Rights Maryland, HuffPost, Jun 25 2017

Yesterday 1500 people participated in the Dyke March Chicago, and, once again in Chicago, anti-Semitism reared its ugly head. The Windy City Times: … asked to leave by Collective members of the Dyke march were three people carrying Jewish Pride flags. According to one of those individuals, A Wider Bridge Midwest Manager Laurel Grauer, she and her friends were approached a number of times in the park because they were holding the flag. She told Windy City Times:

It was a flag from my congregation which celebrates my queer, Jewish identity which I have done for over a decade marching in the Dyke March with the same flag.

She added that she lost count of the number of people who harassed her. One Dyke March collective member asked by Windy City Times for a response, said the women were told to leave because the flags “made people feel unsafe,” that the march was “anti-Zionist” and “pro-Palestinian.” Grauer said:

They were telling me to leave because my flag was a trigger to people that they found offensive. Prior to this, I had never been harassed or asked to leave and I had always carried the flag with me.

Laurie Grauer, Midwest Manager for A Wider Bridge, shared the following with me: What is Inclusion? What is Safe Space? What is Intersectionality?

You have to leave because you are making people feel unsafe. You are putting them in danger by being here.

I was told this by Dyke Collective organizers, volunteers, and even other marchers. Why? Because I was carrying a rainbow flag with a single Jewish star. For over ten years, I have marched in Dyke March carrying this same flag without incident. This flag I received from my congregation, which was founded over 42 years ago, when the Jewish community still closed its doors to LGBTQ Jews. While there is always work to be done as far as including and empowering LGBTQ Jews within Jewish spaces, the community as a whole has come a long, long way. In part, by carrying this flag, it has allowed me to show the pride I carry for me and my identities, as well as my communities.

That may be what the flag means to you, but other people find it offensive. This march is a private event and you are offending the organizers of this event.

Dyke March has taken place for over 20 years. It was done to raise awareness and empower those who identify as female, and others who felt marginalized and/or felt invisible at Chicago’s Pride Parade among the onslaught of commercial and political candidate floats. To drive this mission even further, ten years or so after its founding, the Dyke March itself was taken out of Andersonville, an affluent, mostly Queer friendly neighborhood on Chicago’s Northside, and transformed into a rotating march that kicked off in a different Chicago neighborhood every few years. This was done as a sign that not all LGBTQ people reside in Chicago’s Northside and that they have a right to be visible and included as well. This was a brilliant move that made it possible for more people of diverse color, ages, gender expression, citizenship status, and economic status, to be visible and empowered. I was tremendously proud of this initiative and showed my support by continuing to take part in Dyke March event after it moved. In every year that I marched, I carried the flag from my congregation unhindered. Several people even took pictures either with me, or holding my flag, because they were so happy to see it and proudly proclaimed their Jewish Pride and/or solidarity on the spot. This year, there was some of that, but it was attached to a much more disturbing message. More than one Jewish marcher said:

Thank you for marching. I’ve felt unsafe in the past.

They were there because like me, they felt a strong connection with Dyke March Chicago, yet they felt they had to hide their Judaism. Furthermore, as this continues to pour out in social media, other Queer Jewish activists are sharing stories of have been excluded, or how they decided to avoid the march for this reason. How can this be called a Chicago Dyke March if local Dykes are made to feel unwelcomed and unsafe, be they at the march or in spirit? To be fair, Jewish members of the Dyke Collective, or those who were Jewish and said they were speaking on behalf of the March organizers, said:

Even if you see it as a Jewish Pride flag, it’s seen by others as an Israeli Pride Flag, and as such it’s offensive to them.

Besides the Star of David being a symbol of the Jewish people, I think of what this flag means to Jewish people around the world. This flag is carried by gay Jews and Jewish supporters across Pindostan, around the world, and, yes, in Israel! But while this flag may be welcomed in Tel Aviv, people I know who marched in World Pride in 2006 from Chicago, my Rabbi being one of them, were publically ridiculed and shunned for carrying this exact same flag! In 2010 and 2015, marchers in Jerusalem Pride were violently attacked and in 2015 one, Shira Banki, was killed. How is this an Israeli Pride Flag? How does use by one city, or even one country, erase what this flag means for an entire world-wide community?

Are you a Zionist? This march is pro-Palestine and explicitly anti-Zionist!

Just as I did not hide my flag, I did not hide when asked point-blank that yes, I care about the State of Israel. Yes, I believe it does exist and that it should continue to exist. I also believe that it should continue to be held accountable and challenged by the amazing Israeli Queer LGBTQ activists I proudly call my colleagues, who struggle every day to make Israel more pluralistic, accepting and accountable not only to Queer Israelis, but everyone, including Queer/non-Queer Palestinians 972 Mag et al, who do exactly fuck all – RB. In many ways, their work mirrors those of the LGBTQ activists I work with here in Chicago, both on a personal level, and within my role at A Wider Bridge. In the same breath, I stated that I believe there should be a free and independent Palestine. I was shut down.

You cannot be Zionist and believe in a Palestinian country, Zionism is inherently racism.

And so again, because of one belief I have that I shared when asked, because of the one symbol I carried, I was asked to leave.

Are you asking anyone else to leave?
Yes, one other girl who was carrying a similar flag.
So you are asking the two people who are carrying Jewish Pride Flags to leave, and no one else?
Just you, the other girl, and the religious protestors.
So you are asking the two people carrying Pride flags with Jewish stars on them and the “God hates fags” contingent?

Is this what the LBGTQ community has become? There are too many such incidents which are being allowed and, at times, encouraged to happen, and all it does is play into the hands of the Nazis and anti-Semites among us, including those in the White House. Putin, once again, is smiling. It’s time for the national LGBTQ leadership to take a public and powerful stand. Dayeinu! Enough!

Meanwhile, the real divorce between Orthodox Israel and Reform Pindostan gathers pace and approaches ritual finality:

Jewish diaspora angry as Netanyahu scraps Western Wall mixed prayer plan
Harriet Sherwood, Graun, Jun 26 2017

A high-profile body that liaises between Israel and the Jewish diaspora has reacted with fury at a decision by PM Netanyahu to in effect abandon a plan to allow men and women to pray together at the Western Wall. The Jewish Agency has cancelled a gala dinner with Netanyahu in Jerusalem and is to discuss the ramifications of the decision at a meeting this week. The Israeli cabinet decided on Sunday to scrap a compromise agreement made 17 months ago, which was intended to resolve a battle lasting more than a quarter of a century over equal rights for women praying at the Western Wall. Netanyahu came under intense pressure from ultra-Orthodox parties in his coalition government and the religious authorities that manage the site, the holiest place that Jews can pray. The plan would have created a new area for worship at the Western Wall for men and women to pray together. At present, prayer areas are segregated, with a smaller stretch of the wall of the ancient temple reserved for women. The deal, made in Jan 2016, was welcomed by liberal and reform Jews, and the feminist group Women of the Wall, which has mounted monthly protests at the Old City site since 1989. The gatherings frequently ended in physical tussles and arrests. Women of the Wall also demanded an end to ultra-Orthodox bans on women praying aloud, reading from the Torah and wearing tallit. The compromise followed three years of intense negotiations between liberal Israeli and Pindosi Jewish groups and the Israeli authorities, and was seen as a significant breakthrough in promoting religious pluralism in Israel, where ultra-Orthodox authorities govern almost every facet of Jewish life. But opposition from Israel’s ultra-Orthodox religious establishment has prevented the agreement from being implemented. Speaking after Sunday’s announcement, Moshe Gafni (UTJ) said:

We are happy about this, and thank Hashem Baruch Hu on this great success.

But Anat Hoffman, the chairwoman of Women of the Wall, accused Netanyahu of reneging on a “historic” agreement with liberal Jewish denominations, writing on Facebook:

This is a bad day for women in Israel. The Women of the Wall will continue to worship at the women’s section of the Western Wall with the Torah scroll, prayer shawls and phylacteries until equality for women arrives at the wall as well.

Natan Sharansky, a former government minister and chairman of the Jewish Agency, who helped broker the original deal, said:

This decision is a deep disappointment. The agreement would have established a dignified space for egalitarian prayer at the Western Wall. This decision signifies a retreat from that agreement, and will make our work to bring Israel and the Jewish world closer together increasingly more difficult.

The Jewish Agency’s Board of Governors, which is meeting in Jerusalem this week, said:

In light of the decisions by the government of Israel, the board of governors of The Jewish Agency for Israel will be changing its entire agenda for the remaining two days of its meetings in Jerusalem, in order to address the ramifications of these decisions. The scheduled dinner with the participation of the prime minister has been cancelled.

A ceremony to mark the opening of the Board of Governors at the Knesset on Monday was also cancelled. Salai Meridor, a former head of the Jewish Agency and former ambassador to Pindostan, said:

It’s a slap in the face to world Jewry. The Kotel belongs to all Jews.

The AJC said the decision would weaken ties between Pindosi Jewry and Israel. AJC chief executive David Harris said:

The Kotel belongs to all Jews worldwide, not to a self-appointed segment. This decision is a setback for Jewish unity and the essential ties that bind Israel and Pindo Jews, the two largest centres of Jewish life in the world.

The cabinet decision came before a deadline set by Israel’s high court of justice on Sunday for the state to respond to petitions on its failure to implement the agreement. Ultra-Orthodox rabbis strictly govern Jewish practices in Israel such as weddings, divorces and burials. The ultra-Orthodox religious establishment resists any inroads from liberals, whom it often considers to be second-class Jews who ordain women and gay people and are overly inclusive toward converts and interfaith marriages.

the real fly says at the end he is “here for the chaos”

Report: Demagogs Are About to Hang for ‘Dirty Dossier’
The_Real_Fly, Zero Hedge, Jun 25 2017

So many of you are triggered to the point of feverish insanity! What sort of subhuman will you become when Trump is vindicated from all Russian collusion claims, and the DoJ starts tossing faggots into dank prison cells for ginning up fake intelligence reports to take down a President? Tom Sperry from the NY Post is out with a report tonight (below – RB), stating that the Senate is about to ramp up their effort to investigate the birthplace of the debunked dirty dossier, the one that claimed germophobe Trump enjoyed getting urinated on by Russian hookers. For Demagogs, this might lead to a Mortal Kombat fatality move if implicated. Criminal charges might rain fire upon them, like the second coming of Jesus. Many of you still believe said dossier was, in fact, correct. To those people dare I say: prove it, faggot! Both partners of Fusion GPS have ties to Mexico, with Fritsch a former WSJ bureau chief in Mexico City, married to a Mexican woman who worked for Grupo Dina, a beneficiary of NAFTA. His partner, Thomas Catan, formerly from Britain, once edited a Mexican business magazine. Perhaps we should now investigate the Demagogs’ ties to Mexico? It’s entirely possible we’re about to see the pendulum swing violently against the democrats, with widespread investigations into this dossier, Lynch and how the CIA and FBI got duped into believing it. Why do I give a shit? I’m here for the chaos.

It’s Really Not That Uncommon
Charles Glasser, Instapundit, Jun 25 2017

The NY Post is reporting that a Washington research firm of former journalists were behind the salacious Russian/Trump dossier. The fact is that that firms creating opposition research are often staffed with former journalists, who use their connections in the editorial world to redistribute this sort of thing. Naturally, there are “right-leaning” as well as “left-leaning” firms of this sort. Work in a newsroom long enough and you’ll begin to recognize “oppo” when you see it.  Sadly, a number of journalists who were laid off by big news outfits and can’t find work elsewhere have resorted to doing this kind of work. As news organizations cut back on reporting, it’s easier than ever to get “oppo” published as news without sufficient fact-checking. What’s the opposite of a virtuous circle? Austin Bay answers the question

The Revolving Door Of Political Operatives And Journalism
Rodney Graves, Wizbang (Blog), Jun 25 2017

Glenn Instapundit oft refers to Journalists as “Demagog Operatives with Bylines.” It would be amusing if it were less true.

Sources say Fusion GPS had its own interest, beyond those of its clients, in promulgating negative gossip about Trump. Per cited sources on Wikipedia, the aforementioned Opposition Reseach projects included:

  • Opposition research on Mitt Romney
    Fusion GPS was hired by Demagogs in 2012 to do opposition research on Mitt Romney. Some of the work that received the most media attention was focused on investigating the marriage records of a large donor to the Romney presidential campaign, Frank VanderSloot.
  • Planned Parenthood
    In Aug 2015, Planned Parenthood retained Fusion GPS to defensively investigate the veracity of a series of undercover videos released by pro-life activists that appeared to show Planned Parenthood officials agreeing to sell fetal tissues obtained through abortions to medical researchers. Fusion GPS hired video and transcription experts to analyze the videos and summarized their findings in a forensic report. The report attempted “to undermine the videos’ political, legal and journalistic value.” It was provided to Congressional leaders as evidence when they were considering funding and other issues related to Planned Parenthood operations.
  • A pro-Russia campaign to stop the Magnitsky Act
    This was run by Fusion GPS During 2015 and 2016. The act was named after Sergei Magnitsky, a lawyer and auditor who died while being held without charges in a Russian government prison after he revealed that the Kremlin had stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from Hermitage Capital Management. On Mar 30 2017, Chuck Grassley called for a DoJ investigation into connections between Fusion GPS and Russia, and an inquiry as to whether Fusion GPS was acting as an unregistered foreign agent.

According to a complaint filed with the DoJ, Fusion GPS headed the pro-Russia campaign to kill the Global Magnitsky Act, which imposes sanctions on Russians designated as human rights abusers. One must wonder who hired them. The revolving door issue centers on the partners who founded Fusion GPS. The company was cofounded in 2009 by Glenn Simpson, a former WSJ reporter. The other co-founders are Peter Fritsch and Thomas Catan, who are also former reporters for the WSJ. This could become very interesting indeed as the ball of secrecy is unraveled and parties have to start answering questions under oath…

Sketchy firm behind Trump dossier is stalling investigators
Paul Sperry, NY Post, Jun 24 2017

The secretive Faschingstein firm that commissioned the infamous ‘dirty dossier’ on Donald Trump is stonewalling congressional investigators trying to learn more about its connections to the Demagog Party. The Senate Judiciary Committee earlier this month threatened to subpoena the firm, Fusion GPS, after it refused to answer questions and provide records to the panel identifying who financed the error-ridden dossier, which was circulated during the election and has sparked much of the Russia scandal now engulfing the White House. What is the company hiding? Fusion GPS describes itself as a “research and strategic intelligence firm” founded by “three former WSJ investigative reporters.” But congressional sources say it’s actually an opposition research group for Demagogs, and the founders, who are more political activists than journalists, have a pro-Hillary, anti-Trump agenda. A Congressional source familiar with the dossier probe said:

These weren’t mercenaries or hired guns. These guys had a vested personal and ideological interest in smearing Trump and boosting Hillary’s chances of winning the White House.

Fusion GPS was on the payroll of an unidentified Demagog ally of Clinton when it hired a long-retired British spy to dig up dirt on Trump. In 2012, Demagogs hired Fusion GPS to uncover dirt on GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. And in 2015, Democrat ally Planned Parenthood retained Fusion GPS to investigate pro-life activists protesting the abortion group. More, federal records show a key co-founder and partner in the firm was a Hillary Clinton donor and supporter of her presidential campaign. In Sep 2016, while Fusion GPS was quietly shopping the dirty dossier on Trump around Faschingstein, its co-founder and partner Peter Fritsch contributed at least $1k to the Hillary campaign, Federal Election Commission data show. His wife also donated money to Hillary’s campaign. Property records show that in Jun 2016, as Clinton allies bankrolled Fusion GPS, Fritsch bought a six-bedroom, five-bathroom home in Bethesda, Maryland, for $2.3m. Fritsch did not respond to requests for comment. A lawyer for Fusion GPS said the firm’s work is confidential. Sources say Fusion GPS had its own interest, beyond those of its clients, in promulgating negative gossip about Trump. Fritsch, who served as the Journal’s bureau chief in Mexico City and has lectured at the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute, married into a family with Mexican business interests. His wife, Beatriz Garcia, formerly worked as an executive at Grupo Dina, a manufacturer of trucks and buses in Mexico City that benefits from NAFTA, which Trump opposes. Fritsch’s Fusion GPS partner Thomas Catan, who grew up in Britain, once edited a business magazine in Mexico. A third founding partner, Glenn Simpson, is reported to have shared dark views of both Putin and Trump. Before joining Fusion GPS, Simpson did opposition research for a former Clinton White House operative.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is also investigating whether the FBI has wrongly relied on the ‘dirty dossier’ and its author, Christopher Steele, the old spy who was hired by Fusion GPS to build a Russia file on Trump, to aid its ongoing espionage investigation into the Trump campaign and its possible ties to Moscow. The FBI received a copy of the Demagog-funded ‘dirty dossier’ in August, during the heat of the campaign, and is said to have contracted in October to pay Steele $50k to help corroborate the dirt on Trump, a relationship that “raises substantial questions about the independence” of the bureau in investigating Trump, warned Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley. Senate investigators are demanding to see records of communications between Fusion GPS and the FBI and the DoJ, including any contacts with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, now under congressional investigation for possibly obstructing the Hillary Clinton email probe, and deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, who is under investigation by the Senate and the Justice inspector general for failing to recuse himself despite financial and political connections to the Clinton campaign through his Demagog activist wife. Senate investigators have singled out McCabe as the FBI official who negotiated with Steele. Like Fusion GPS, the FBI has failed to cooperate with congressional investigators seeking documents. Steele contracted with Fusion GPS to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia starting in Jun 2016, whereupon he outlandishly claimed that Hillary campaign hackers were “paid by both Trump’s team and the Kremlin,” and that the operation was run out of Putin’s office. He also fed Fusion GPS and its Hillary-allied clients incredible gossip about Trump hating the Obamas so much that he hired hookers to urinate on a bed they slept in at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton, and that Russian intelligence recorded the pee party in case they needed to blackmail Trump. Never mind that none of the rumors were backed by evidence or even credible sourcing. For instance, here is another sex allegation:

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 11.01.51

Steele reinforced his paying customers’ worst fears about Trump, and they rewarded him for it with a whopping $250k in payments. But it’s now clear that Steele’s “intelligence reports,” which together run more than 35 pages, were for the most part worthless. And the clients who paid Fusion GPS (which claims to go “beyond standard due diligence”) for them got taken to the cleaners. Steele’s most sensational allegations remain unconfirmed. For instance, his claim that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen held a “clandestine meeting” on the alleged hacking scheme in Prague with “Kremlin officials” in Aug 2016 unraveled when Cohen denied ever visiting Prague, his passport showed no stamps showing he left or entered Pindostan at the time, witnesses accounted for his presence here, and Czech authorities found no evidence Cohen went to Prague. Steele hadn’t worked in Moscow since the 1990s and didn’t actually travel there to gather intelligence on Trump firsthand. He relied on third-hand “friend of friend” sourcing. In fact, most of his claimed Russian sources spoke not directly to him but “in confidence to a trusted compatriot” who, in turn, spoke to Steele, always anonymously. But his main source may have been Google. Most of the information branded as “intelligence” was merely rehashed from news headlines or cut and pasted, replete with errors, from Wikipedia. In fact, much of the seemingly cloak-and-dagger information connecting Trump and his campaign advisers to Russia had already been reported in the media at the time Steele wrote his monthly reports. In the same August report, for example, Steele connected a Moscow trip taken by Michael Flynn to “the Russian operation” to hack the election. But there was nothing secret about the trip, which had taken place months earlier and had been widely reported, and there was nothing untoward about it. It was a dinner celebrating the tenth birthday of Russia Today TV, and Flynn sat at the same table with Putin as Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein. The real question is why anyone would take anything in the sketchy report seriously. But even the CIA gave it credence. The dossier ended up attached to a TS intelligence briefing on Russia for Pres Obama, even though his intelligence czar last month testified:

We couldn’t corroborate the sourcing.

The FBI, moreover, has been using it for investigative leads on Trump associates like Carter Page, even though James Comey this month described the dossier as “salacious and unverified.” And of course, Demagog leaders in Congress keep referring to it to cook up more charges against Trump, while liberal media continue to use it as a road map to find “scoops” on Trump in the “Russiagate” conspiracy they’re peddling, still hoping against hope that the central thrust of the report, that Trump entered into an unholy alliance with the Russian government during the election, will one day prove true and bring about the downfall of his presidency.

i was hoping someone would say it was vladimir putin

Pindostan Govt Websites Hacked By Suspected Pro-Daesh Group
Agencies, Jun 26 2017

Pindosi government websites, many of them in Ohio, were hacked Sunday with a message from hackers stating they support Daesh. A message posted on the website of Ohio Gov John Kasich said:

You will be held accountable Trump, you and all your people for every drop of blood flowing in Muslim countries.

According to AP, the message left by “Team System Dz” ended “I love Daesh.” The same message was also posted on government websites in the town of Brookhaven, New York, according to news reports and on the website for Howard County, Maryland. AP reported that the group also claimed responsibility for similar hacks in the past in Richland County, Wisconsin, and in Aberdeen, Scotland, and Sweden.

malia bouattia voted out of british NUS presidency

The reactionary origins of Britain’s incoming NUS executive
Stephen Alexander, WSWS, Jun 26 2017

The National Union of Students’ (NUS) presidential elections, at its annual national conference in April, marked the culmination of a right-wing campaign by the British ruling class, together with its appendages in student politics and the media, to oust incumbent “radical” national president, Malia Bouattia. Shakira Martin secured a clear majority, winning 56% of delegates, and will take over as president on Jul 1. Martin headed a joint slate submitted by Labour Students together with the pro-Zionist Union of Jewish Students (UJS). Labour Students is a Labour Party affiliate associated with the Blairite wing of the party, the Organised Independents. One commentator characterised them as being “united by their shared concern to minimise the influence of ‘the left’.” Bouattia came in second, in front of Conservative candidate Tom Harwood, who managed only a token number of votes, largely because the Tory press and student groups rallied behind Martin. The right wing won all but one of the six positions on the National Executive Council (NEC), obliterating the majority enjoyed by “radical” factions. Bouattia was elected last year on a manifesto committed to transforming the NUS into a “fighting, campaigning union” to oppose tuition fees and reverse education cuts. She was hailed by her supporters as the first “politically Black” woman to lead the NUS. “Politically Black” is a term used by the British pseudo-left to denote all ethnic minorities “of colour.” Bouattia is of Algerian descent and belongs to the “Liberation” faction of the union, which focuses on identity politics, particularly the social advancement of black and ethnic minority students, as well as pro-Palestinian causes. Her candidacy was jointly supported by NUS factions linked to the pseudo-left (eg Student Broad Left, Alliance for Workers’ Liberty, Socialist Party & Socialist Workers Party).

The primary consideration of these forces in backing Bouattia had been to revive the tattered reputation of the NUS by way of a radical facelift. The union is widely reviled for assisting successive governments in driving through devastating education cuts, including the tripling of university tuition fees and the scrapping of maintenance grants for university and college students. Under the leadership of Labour’s Aaron Porter, the union lent its support to the brutal police repression of mass student protests in 2010-11 and worked assiduously to prevent a nationwide demonstration. Under Bouattia’s “fighting” leadership, however, the role of the NUS in strangling opposition to education cuts, and as a training ground for the next generation of political flunkeys on behalf of the capitalist state, has continued unimpeded. Former NUS presidents include Jack Straw and Charles Clarke, both senior ministers in the Labour government of Tony Blair. Notwithstanding a few protests by its leaders, the main work of the union over the past year has consisted of collaborating closely with the Conservative government in making law the Higher Education and Research Bill. This will open the door to the wholesale privatisation of UK universities, and more closely configure research funding to the interests of big business.

Beyond a narrow coterie of careerists, the NUS has not the slightest popular mandate. The average turnout for NUS elections at more than 600 affiliated colleges and universities that elect delegates to the annual national conference was just 17.83% in 2015 (the last available figures). The vast majority of students that sign up to the NUS do so to utilise its on-campus facilities and to take advantage of the student discounts available with a membership card. Bouattia had attempted to give the Tory legislation a left cover, claiming “crucial concessions” had been wrested from the government. These include “the publishing of data on attainment gaps according to ethnicity” and a small delay (until 2020) in the planned “link between the Teaching Excellence Framework and fees” at English universities. This last measure will create a fluctuating market for undergraduate degrees based on performance criteria for individual universities, meaning fees are likely to rise above the current upper threshold of £9,250 per year at top universities. These concessions are of a piece with the cynical pledges of PM May to “restore fairness” and “tackle racial disparities in public services outcomes” at the same time as pushing through billions of pounds in public spending cuts. Despite her assistance in peddling the government’s assault on higher education, Bouattia’s record of criticising some of the crimes of British imperialism and its major allies, albeit in very limited terms, provoked a ferocious backlash from the political establishment and the media. This coincided with identical right-wing machinations against Jeremy Corbyn, the nominally left-wing leader of the Labour Party. In her former role as NUS Black Students’ Officer, Bouattia had denounced the UK government’s counter-terrorism strategy as a “steady descent into a police state” in a speech before the UN. The strategy, tendentiously named ‘Prevent’, is directed against Muslim pupils and students, and seeks to turn teachers and other educational staff into informants on any signs of “radicalisation.”

Bouattia has also been critical of the involvement of Western powers in the Pindosi war in Syria, and their exploitation of the atrocities committed by Daesh as an all-purpose “justification for war and blatant Islamophobia.” However, Bouattia’s criticisms have nothing in common with a principled opposition to imperialist war, based necessarily on the international unity of the working class. Her comments on Syria mirror the hypocritical position broadly upheld by the pseudo-left, of opposing “Western intervention” at the same time as calling for “unequivocal support” for the Kurdish forces fighting Daesh. In practice, this means directly lobbying Britain and its allies to provide better arms and more effective air support for the Kurdish YPG, the principal proxy force of Pindosi imperialism in its over-arching strategy of regime change in Syria. Pseudo-left factions have ruthlessly enforced this pro-imperialist line. Bouattia herself came under fire for opposing the wording of a Sep 2014 motion condemning Daesh in solidarity with Kurds, which she thought would provoke further state clampdowns and prejudice against Muslims. Daniel Cooper of the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty, a member of the NUS National Executive Council, denounced her as a “Stalinist,” saying:

(She puts) flat opposition to everything that Pindosi imperialism does above questions of democracy, liberation and working-class struggle, in this case the democratic liberation struggle of the Kurds.

At the same time, the right-wing press smeared her as a Daesh sympathiser. The extent of Bouattia’s objection to “Western interference” rests solely on the racialist perspective that war “all too often … leads to the suffering of Black people,” as if the wellspring of imperialism was White supremacism and not the irrational division of the world economy into feuding nation states and the rival capitalist oligarchies that they serve. The extreme subjectivist and post-modernist nostrums that underpin identity politics have proven highly adaptable, and furnish a plethora of alternative justifications for lending “critical” support to imperialism. In the case of Syria, the YPG’s adaptation to gender politics has facilitated the pseudo-left in singling out the Kurds for military support among the multi-sided ethno-religious and national divisions stoked by imperialism as a means of subjugating the vast oil reserves and strategic advantages of the MENA and Central Asia.

Although Bouattia does not pose a genuine opposition to British imperialism, significant sections of the ruling class oppose any public criticism of its agenda of austerity, militarism and war. Her election was met with a hysterical state-endorsed witch-hunt, smearing her as a terrorist sympathiser and an anti-Semite, particularly over her opposition to Israel’s brutal persecution of the Palestinians and her support for BDS. The establishment media endlessly recycled articles she penned for a student blog back in 2011, in which she referred to the University of Birmingham chapter of the UJS as “something of a Zionist outpost” and criticised reporting by “mainstream Zionist-led media outlets” on the Israel-Palestine conflict. While right-wing publications such as the Daily Telegraph, the Spectator and the Jewish Chronicle have led the charge, the entire spectrum of the capitalist press, including the nominally liberal Graun and the “impartial” BBC, have accepted as good coin the reactionary conflation of opposition to Israel’s subjugation of Palestine with anti-Semitism. On this question, Bouattia can be criticised for the imprecision of her formulations, at the very most, but she is not an anti-Semite. However, her case has not been helped by the Twitter activity of some of her closest NUS allies, who have peppered some of their criticisms of Israel with anti-Semitic jibes. This toxic perspective flows directly from the bankrupt protest politics of BDS, which attributes collective responsibility to all Israeli Jews for the predatory Zionist policies of the Israeli ruling class. In any case, her charges against the media and the UJS have been thoroughly confirmed by the intrigues against her. In response to Bouattia’s election, Conservative student organisations mounted a wrecking operation in conjunction with the UJS, campaigning for universities to disaffiliate from the NUS on the phony pretext of “institutional racism.” This stunt failed to attract any significant support, with only five universities (Lincoln, Newcastle, Hull, Loughborough and Surrey) voting to disaffiliate on extremely low turnouts. Labour Students threatened that the NUS would collapse altogether, meaning that Labour would remove its support, unless the union were “reclaimed by moderates.” (To be continued)

petraeus in oz

Ex-CIA chief calls for “firm” Australian action against China
Mike Head, WSWS, Jun 26 2017

Former DCI, General Petraeus was the keynote speaker at a “gala dinner” to open the federal council meeting of the ruling Liberal Party in Sydney on Friday night. Petraeus, who led bloody “surges” in Iraq and Afghanistan, insisted that Australia must launch “freedom of navigation” exercises to challenge Chinese territorial claims in the South China Sea, and continue to align itself totally with the escalating military activities of Pindosi imperialism, despite the uncertainties produced by the election of Pres Trump. It was the latest extraordinary intervention into Australian politics in recent weeks by a parade of visiting senior figures within Faschingstein’s military-intelligence complex, including Walnuts McCain & DNI Clapper. Petraeus waived his usual six-figure fee to speak at the event, which allowed the cash-strapped Liberals to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars from the 500 corporate guests who reportedly paid $280 a ticket or $10,000 per table to attend, but there was no criticism in the media of what amounted to a sizeable political donation, in contrast to the witch-hunt being conducted against alleged Chinese-backed donations to political parties. Not coincidentally, the anti-China campaign has been launched amid the flurry of high-profile Pindosi visits designed to create the political climate for military confrontations with China. Like McCain and Clapper, Petraeus spoke as a representative of the Pindosi “deep state,” warning against any deviation from the Pindosi alliance and assuring the Australian ruling class that the Pentagon would determine Pindo military policy, not Trump.

Although Petraeus quit as CIA chief in 2012 as the result of a scandal about an affair with his biographer, he remains an influential figure in the military, financial and academic establishment. Before his downfall, he rose spectacularly through the military, culminating in the command of multinational forces in Iraq during 2007–08, then command of CENTCOM and of occupation forces in Afghanistan. Obama appointed him DCI in 2011, establishing a precedent for installing a military general in the post. Petraeus’s remarks took the form of a 45-minute question-and-answer session conducted by Brendan Nicholson from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI), a government-funded think tank. Asked if Australia and other Pindo vassals could rely on Pindostan under Trump’s presidency, Petraeus declared that Pindosi foreign policy showed “more continuity than change,” but with a definite “improvement.” He pointedly drew attention to the increasingly provocative Pindo military buildup in Eastern Europe, plus Trump’s blanket approval for whatever actions the Pentagon and battlefield commanders determine, and said:

If you follow the money and follow the troops, don’t follow the tweets, follow what’s going on the ground, you’ll see NATO forces are moving into the Baltic States and eastern Poland. You see a commander-in-chief devolving authority down to the Pentagon or the battlefield commanders for decisions that I think should appropriately be made at those levels.

Regarding Pindo-China relations, Petreaus hailed a “wonderful new book” by Harvard University professor Graham Allison titled Destined for War. There was no question mark in the title, he noted. According to the general, the book establishes, after reviewing instances going back centuries, that wars erupted “75% of the time” when “a rising power” threatened the interests of the “established power.” Petraeus spoke of trying to manage relations with China to ensure that a war did not break out. But clearly the calculation has been made that another global conflagration may be necessary, and that war planning must proceed on that basis. Turning to Australia’s role in this scenario, Petraeus was blunt. Nicholson asked him how important it was for Australia to send warship and planes to challenge China’s control of strategic islets in the South China Sea. Petraeus replied:

Hugely important, and I think we have to be firm! You know? Let’s get the big idea right! Better be firm.

Nicholson then asked specifically:

(Do you think) countries like Australia should carry out freedom of navigation operations within the 12-mile perceived boundaries round those artificial islands?

The reply was unequivocal:

Absolutely! That should be the case! … And I think if it can be done as a coalition, it says much more!

This was a message not just to the Australian ruling establishment, but to other governments in the Asia-Pacific that have become reliant on China economically. Aware of China’s economic weight, as well as popular opposition to going to war, Petraeus acknowledged:

These are tough calls for national leaders. Australia (possesses a) curious duality… The number one trading partner (is) arguably the number one security cause for concern.

While nominally hoping to avoid war, Petraeus denounced China in inflammatory terms. He described China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea as an “outrageous assertion.” He accused China of “building islands” in the sea, not “reclaiming” them. Until now, the Australian government has refrained from entering the 12-mile zones around China’s islets. However, Petraeus expressed confidence in PM Turnbull, describing him as a “wartime PM” like former PM John Howard, whose government was among the first in the world to send troops to join the Pindosi invasions of Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003. Petraeus also paid tribute to former Labor PM Julia Gillard, saying her leadership had been “also very, very important” in backing the extension of the Pindosi occupation of Afghanistan. While not mentioned at the dinner, Gillard provided the platform for Obama to announce the Pindosi “pivot” to Asia to counter China in 2011. Her role after ousting Kevin Rudd as PM cemented the bipartisan Labor and Liberal-National Coalition commitment to playing a frontline role in Pindosi war preparations. Interviewed by Fairfax Media, Petraeus also called for Australia to “take the lead” in the Philippines, where the Turnbull government has just sent two air force surveillance planes to join operations by Pindo SOF and the Philippine military against allegedly “Daesh-linked” fighters on the southern island of Mindanao. Under the fraudulent banner of the GWOT, the deployment opens up a new front in Australia’s involvement in Pindosi wars. It’s notable that Pres Duterte of the Philippines had recently shifted foreign policy toward China, seeking economic benefits. At the Liberal Party dinner, Turnbull listened intently, along with senior cabinet ministers including FM Bishop, DM Payne and Treasurer Scott Morrison. The next morning, in a speech officially opening the council meeting, Turnbull said the Pindosi-Australia alliance was “stronger than ever.” The government remains under pressure to “take the lead” in the South China Sea, as well as the Philippines. The next visiting speaker will be the commander of PACOM, Adm H Harris, who has long advocated provocative operations against China in the South China Sea. At the invitation of ASPI, he will speak in Brisbane this Wednesday on “Challenges, Opportunities, and Innovation in the Indo-Pacific.”

tillerson eats shit for the USA

By the way, there will be no more “-led alliances” in my reports. Toads are Toads and Pindos are Pindos. Their claims to lead “alliances” are just cosmetic garbage – RB

Tillerson: Some Toad demands “very difficult to meet”
Al-Jazeera, Jun 25 2017

Rex Tillerson has said some demands on Qatar by a group of Arab countries that have imposed a blockade against it “will be very difficult to meet.” Nevertheless, in a statement issued on Sunday, Rex Tillerson said:

The list submitted by the Toads, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt includes significant areas which provide a basis for ongoing dialogue leading to a resolution. A productive next step would be for each of the countries to sit together and continue this conversation. We believe our allies and partners are stronger when they are working together towards one goal which we all agree is stopping terrorism and countering extremism.

He also called for a “lowering of rhetoric” to “help ease the tension” and said Faschingstein is supporting a mediation effort by Kuwait aimed at defusing the crisis after the four Arab states cut diplomatic and trade ties with Qatar on Jun 5.

The Toads has reportedly given Qatar 10 days to comply with 13 demands to end the crisis, insisting among other things that Qatar shut down al-Jazeera, close a Turkish military base and scale down ties with Iran. Qatari officials immediately dismissed the demands as neither reasonable or actionable. Sheikh Saif bin Ahmed Al Thani, director of the Qatari government’s communications office, said in a statement on Friday:

This list of demands confirms what Qatar has said from the beginning: the illegal blockade has nothing to do with combating terrorism, it is about limiting Qatar’s sovereignty, and outsourcing our foreign policy.

Qatar also said it is reviewing the demands and is preparing an official response after confirming the receipt of the document on Thursday. Tillerson had previously insisted any demands be “reasonable and actionable”, while his British counterpart, Boris Johnson, said any requests made of Qatar should be “measured and realistic.” Al Jazeera’s James Bays, in Faschingstein said Tillerson’s statement on Sunday was the first formal response from the State Dept since the release of the 13 demands. Commenting on Tillerson’s remarks that some of the demands “will be very difficult for Qatar to meet”, he said:

It is an acknowledgement from the sec state that some of these demands are clearly not reasonable or actionable, and I think that will be an important marker coming from Pindostan. If you look at the words of Sec Tillerson, you have to slightly read between the lines, because he has been very careful; all of the countries involved are all close US allies supposedly abject Pindo vassals.

Earlier on Sunday, Pres Erdogan welcomed Qatar’s stand on the list of demands, saying that the Toad ultimatum is “against international law.”

Middle East on brink of a wider war
Peter Symonds, WSWS, Jun 26 2017

The 10-day ultimatum delivered last week by the Toads to Qatar has dramatically escalated their confrontation with the tiny Persian Gulf state, raising the prospect of military conflict. The Toads have issued demands that are designed to be rejected, so as to create the pretext for further punitive steps beyond the diplomatic, travel and trade blockade imposed earlier this month. Not only is Qatar required to crack down on alleged terrorist and criminal groups, and shut down its al-Jazeera news network, but also to severely downgrade relations with Iran, expel Turkish military forces, toe the diplomatic, military and economic line dictated by Riyadh, and pay unspecified reparations for the supposed damage caused by its policies. All of this is to be monitored by means of intrusive audits for the next 10 years. Not surprisingly, Qatari officials have rejected the ultimatum, which would transform their country into a vassal state of the Toads. Turkey, which, along with Iran, has provided aid to Qatar since the imposition of the Toad embargo, has also flatly dismissed the demands. Pres Erdogan denounced the call for the removal of Turkish troops as “disrespectful toward Turkey.” While the Toads have not issued specific military threats, any retreat from their belligerent stand could trigger a political crisis in Riyadh. The Toads have hypocritically denounced Qatar as a sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East, but their ultimatum to the Gulf state is bound up with a far broader strategy, aimed at crushing Iranian influence in the region. The newly-installed Toad heir, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, vowed last month to ensure that a war with Iran would be fought on Iranian, not Toad, soil. The crown prince is publicly acknowledged to be the architect of the brutal Toad war against Houthis in Yemen, which has killed some 12,000 people, left over 7 million on the brink of starvation and unleashed a cholera epidemic whose suspected toll now numbers 200,000.

The Toad demands on Qatar are akin to the ultimatum delivered by the Austro-Hungarian Empire to Serbia in Jul 1914, following the assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The Austrian demands, backed by a blank cheque for military action from Germany, were designed to be rejected in order to provide the casus belli for an invasion of Serbia. Amid the acute geopolitical tensions throughout Europe, the Austrian attack on Serbia plunged Europe and the world into war within less than a fortnight. Pindo imperialism is egging the Toads on in the Persian Gulf in a manner analogous to Germany’s support for Austria in Jul 1914. While it is impossible to predict whether this or that flashpoint will provide the trigger for world war, the worsening global economic crisis is greatly exacerbating tensions between major and regional powers, as each seeks to offload the burden onto its rivals in a scramble for markets, cheap labour and geostrategic advantage. As Leon Trotsky wrote in 1938 on the eve of WW2:

Under the increasing tension of capitalist disintegration, imperialist antagonisms reach an impasse, at the height of which separate clashes and bloody local disturbances … must inevitably coalesce into a conflagration of world dimensions. The bourgeoisie, of course, is aware of the mortal danger to its domination represented by a new war. But that class is now immeasurably less capable of averting war than on the eve of 1914.

Changing what needs to be changed, Trotsky’s warning applies to the current explosive situation, not just in the Middle East, but also in Eastern Europe and North East Asia Korea. Rex Tillerson has urged talks and suggested that some of the Toad demands might be “very difficult” for Qatar to meet. Pres Trump has signalled his full support for Riyadh’s aggressive action, declaring its blockade to be “hard but necessary.” Trump has boasted that his visit to the Toads last month, in which arms deals worth nearly half a trillion dollars were reached, was responsible for Riyadh’s tough stance against “terrorism” and Qatar. Tillerson’s more equivocal remarks reflect concerns in Faschingstein, particularly the Pentagon, about the impact of the standoff on the huge Pindo military base in Qatar, home to 11,000 Pindo grunts or flyboys and the forward base for CENTCOM and Pindo intelligence gathering in the region. Trump, however, has made no secret of his determination to undermine Iran, in the first instance by ramping up the Pindo conflict in Syria. Under the pretext of defeating Daesh, which has its roots in Sunni extremists backed by the Toads, Pindostan is now seeking to carve out no-go areas or “deconfliction zones” to use as bases for waging its war to oust Assad.

The explosive situation in the Middle East is not just a product of the recklessness of the Trump administration, but that of a quarter-century of criminal wars of intervention by Pindosi imperialism which have destroyed whole societies, killed millions of people, and turned many millions more into homeless refugees. In the process of seeking to secure its Jewish dominance over the strategic oil-rich region, Pindostan has effectively destroyed the state system imposed by British and French imperialism in the aftermath of WW1, setting off a new great power struggle to redivide the Middle East. Pindosi Jewish imperialism has aligned itself with the most reactionary regimes in the Middle East: the Egyptian military dictatorship as well as the autocratic monarchies of the Toads and the Gulf States. Israel has signalled its support for the blockade of Qatar as well as the Pindosi war in Syria to oust Assad. Turkey and Iran are actively supporting Qatar, while in Syria, a clash between Pindosi and Russian forces threatens to bring the two nuclear-armed powers into direct conflict. The European powers Euro vassals are by no means indifferent to the unfolding crisis, which threatens their economic and strategic interests in the Middle East, including their developing relations with Iran and Qatar. In a recent interview with the FAZ, Sigmar Gabriel criticised the “dramatic” harshness of relations between Qatar and the Toads. He warned:

This dispute could lead to war.

France has recently been engaged in joint military exercises with Qatar in the Persian Gulf. What has been revealed are the emerging fault lines of a war that can quickly drag in regional and major powers and plunge humanity into a catastrophe. Such a conflict is inevitable, whatever the particular trigger in Europe, Asia or the Middle East, unless the working class intervenes on the basis of its own socialist and internationalist program to put an end to the outmoded profit and nation-state systems, the root causes of war (or the Deplorables stage a populist administrative coup in Pindostan – RB).

come on, start the fucking war already

Cyber-attack on UK parliament: Russia is suspected culprit
Ewen MacAskill, Rajeev Syal, Graun, Jun 25 2017

The Russian government is suspected of being behind a cyber-attack on parliament that breached dozens of email accounts belonging to MPs and peers. Although the investigation is at an early stage and the identity of those responsible may prove impossible to establish with absolute certainty, Moscow is deemed the most likely culprit. The disclosure follows the release of the first details of the “sustained” cyber-attack that began on Friday. Fewer than 90 email accounts belonging to parliamentarians are believed to have been hacked, a parliamentary spox said. Amid fears that the breach could lead to blackmail attempts, officials were forced to lock MPs out of their own email accounts as they scrambled to minimise the damage from the incident. The network affected is used by every MP including Theresa May, the prime minister, and her cabinet ministers for dealing with constituents. The British security services believe that responsibility for the attack is more likely to lie with another state rather than a small group of individual hackers. The number of states who might mount such an attack on the UK is limited, and, in addition to Russia, includes North Korea, China and Iran. A security source said:

It was a brute force attack. It appears to have been state-sponsored. The nature of cyber-attacks means it is notoriously difficult to attribute an incident to a specific actor.

MPs contacted by the Guardian said the immediate suspicion had fallen upon foreign governments such as Russia and North Korea, both of which have been accused of being behind hacking attempts in the UK before. The attack on the Houses of Parliament sought to gain access to accounts protected by weak passwords. The estate’s digital services team said they had made changes to accounts to block out the hackers, and that the changes could mean staff were unable to access their emails. A parliamentary spokesman said those whose emails were compromised had used weak passwords despite advice to the contrary. “Investigations are ongoing, but it has become clear that significantly fewer than 1% of the 9,000 accounts on the parliamentary network have been compromised, as a result of the use of weak passwords that did not conform to guidance issued by the Parliamentary Digital Service. He said:

As they are identified, the individuals whose accounts have been compromised have been contacted and investigations to determine whether any data has been lost are under way.

It comes just over a month after 48 of England’s NHS trusts were hit by a cyber-attack. Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is understood to have played a leading role in investigating the WannaCry malware that affected the NHS and other organisations in May and concluded that a North Korean hacking team had been responsible. An NCSC spox said:

The NCSC is aware of the incident and is working around the clock with the UK parliamentary digital security team to understand what has happened and advise on the necessary mitigating actions.

The NCSC, which started its operations in October last year, is the public face of GCHQ. Liam Fox, the international trade secretary, connected the news to reports that cabinet ministers’ passwords were for sale online, saying:

We know that our public services are attacked so it is not at all surprising that there should be an attempt to hack into parliamentary emails. And it’s a warning to everybody, whether they are in parliament or elsewhere, that they need to do everything possible to maintain their own cyber-security.

An email sent to all those affected, seen by the Guardian, said:

Earlier this morning, we discovered unusual activity and evidence of an attempted cyber-attack on our computer network. Closer investigation by our team confirmed that hackers were carrying out a sustained and determined attack on all parliamentary user accounts in an attempt to identify weak passwords. These attempts specifically were trying to gain access to our emails. We have been working closely with the National Cyber Security Centre to identify the method of the attack and have made changes to prevent the attackers gaining access; however, our investigation continues. The changes are believed to have stopped MPs and their offices from accessing emails on mobile phones and tablets outside Westminster. Access to systems from the Westminster estate has not been affected. Further disruption is likely.

The government’s National Security Strategy said in 2015 that the threat from cyber-attacks from both organised crime and foreign intelligence agencies was one of the “most significant risks to UK interests.” The National Crime Agency said it was working with the NCSC but the centre was “leading the operational response.”