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various reflections from the murid

The shelling of Syrian territory
El Murid, Feb 14 2016 12:28 MSK

The Turkish army has continued its shelling of Syrian territory. They fired at the position of the Kurds engaged in the offensive against pro-Turkish fighters in Azaz and surrounding villages. In a sense, this repeats the experience of the Donbass, when the “allied” militias from abroad were shelling (during the supposed ceasefires of the) group AFU & Natzbats. Azaz became a kind of Syrian Zelenopolye. The Turks are quite serious about the threat posed to them from the Syrian territory under Kurdish control. As the operational rear of the Kurdish groups fighting on the territory of Turkey, is territory which previously was controlled by Pro-Turkish militants, Because of its cordial relations with ISIS, Turkey is also angered by the fact that the Kurds are no-nonsense fighting with ISIS on all fronts. Now, when the pro-Turkish positions of militants in the border begin to weaken, increasing pressure from the Kurds. The Kurdish threat is a red rag to Turkey. She can’t allow the existence of a rear site for the fighting units of the PKK, and this is the main reason of today’s contradictions. To eliminate the threat, the Turks have only one way: through the organization of a buffer zone filled with pro-Turkish militants. Whether the Russian government did or didn’t understand the objective of the Turks, it doesn’t matter. What is important is that air operation of Russia and the advance of the Syrians on the positions of the “moderate” militants blew up the system the Turks are building of containment for the Kurds. Hence the hostile position of Turkey against Russia.

Turkish Artillery strikes Latakia
El Murid, Feb 14 2016 14:28 MSK

After artillery strikes on the province of Aleppo, the Turks now began shelling the positions of the Syrian army in Latakia. The air defense system deployed by the Russian military is unable to resist shelling. Turkey is taking the action to a qualitatively different level, and any answer from the Syrian or Russian military, without a doubt, will be interpreted by the West as aggression against Turkey.

Toads ready to depose Assad forcibly
El Murid, Feb 14 2016 15:07 MSK

Toad Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubayr said that in case of failure of the political settlement in Syria, Assad may be overthrown by force. It is not a long time of the revolutionary masses, the indignation of the people, what the arguments were in the beginning of the aggression. They obviously don’t work, and to talk about the revolutionary today does not work. Now (the Toads) have to speak directly. The statement of Jubayr is not directed at Assad. The conditions to threaten the sense big is not present. Assad has long responded To all these threats (by saying): “Come and take it, if you can.” The Toad’s pressure is directed at Russia, (there is) no other recipient of this message. Giving in to blackmail by the Turks, the Toads, the Pindosis, the Russian leadership looks noticeably paler in the face, and although on the TV it still struts, it has nowhere to go. It is merely discussing its own terms of surrender. Just today, Putin spoke with Obama on the subject of implementation of the Munich agreements. In Munich, Jackass and Lavrov reached an agreement to cease fire within one week; now here is Putin with Obama to discuss it. Consider that Pindosis in general, never cease to demand the ceasefire by the Russian party. And to strengthen the impression, the Turks continue to concentrate their troops along the border, while the Toads transfer planes and make threats about the removal of Assad by force. Understand that the departure of Assad as a result of negotiations will allow our rulers to save face: you know, the choice of the people and all that. But if he is deposed by force, there will be issues to them already: “You promised that you’d protect him!” They can answer reflexively, as they always do out of sheer habit: “We promised nothing!” But it will not be funny, especially after the Donbass. There also, Putin promised no-one anything, Yes. So after it is over, what will our propagandists say to the zombified electorate? That our ingenious leader prevented WW3, he listened to tearful pleas to stop the fighting. The enemy is so afraid of our aircraft that he crawled on his knees to ask for peace. I think that next week all the talk shows on our channels will expand the theme of shame in this manner. Nothing else is there to think of that might still work. In fact, if Putin signs a ceasefire, it will be a capitulation. This adventurous and misconceived war has all the chances of so stupid an end. In general, it’s even good. That’s precisely the logical end I would like for this idiocy. So be it.

The answer to the Turkish Sultan
El Murid, Feb 14 2016 15:41 MSK

The Syrian Kurds responded to the ultimatum of Turkey to leave the border areas in the spirit of Zaporozhian Cossacks response of the Turkish Sultan. The Kurds can be understood. It’s Syrian territory. What does Turkey have to do with it, and why she is trying to evict the Kurds living in this area? Turkey, demanding that Kurdish troops to leave, will now be forced to swallow some ridicule or to react. It can react in different ways, by continuing (artillery) attacks from its territory, or by conducting a ground operation. (Artillery) attacks solve nothing. It’s a variant to tough it out, but so that allegedly no one noticed. The invasion can bring success, but it’s what the Turks did not venture to do for four years. In addition, Turkey needs to put the squeeze on the situation with Russia. The Kremlin might be about to abandon the bombardment, and then in Turkey there is a possibility to return to their old tactics of confrontation with the Kurds through controlled formation of fighters. Most likely, the situation will develop depending on how Russia chooses to behave in the light of the ultimatum presented to her. If the ceasefire still held, and the Russian aircraft will stop bombing “moderate” terrorists, then the risk of invasion of Turkey is significantly reduced. This does not preclude the continuation of attacks, but at least the Turkish ground operation becomes less likely. But there is also the possibility that the Russian air force will carry on bombing. The probability of this is that ol’ blue eyes (голубом глазу, guess who – RB) can justify continuing by saying that everything Russia drop bombs on is after all, necessarily ISIS. Whether it is fighters, civilians, locals or camel barns, for us it is all ISIS. Then the Turks with a very high degree of probability will be forced to launch a ground offensive in the border area. In general, there will be nother option, either from a military or from a prestige point of view. Pindostan comes the expanse; it is comfortable with any developments. If the Russians stop bombing, fine. Putin will have shown he is afraid of blackmail,which will disgrace hiom before the whole honest world. And if Russia will continue to bomb, is even better. Then the Turks have to come in to Syria, which will dramatically change the intensity of the ongoing war and translate it onto an even more risky plane, and the probability of direct collision of Russia and Turkey will approach certainty. Lovingly arrayed combination when opponents are in a hopeless situation is favourite (конек) Saxon policy. I don’t know what clever ideas have been presented to Putin and Erdogan, but what is now driving them is just the obvious, like calves on the rope. The Toad Minister, like a real Internet Troll, added fuel to the fire by saying that the Toad forces are ready for action in Syria and await only the command. Of course he will pretend that all this will be ‘only against ISIS’. This has become like the local anecdote which tell everything and everyone, as they heroically ‘fight with ISIS’.

spiders in the bank

The spiders then begin to each other to jump! and now, a new twist…

Avakov: I have information that would deprive Kiev support IMF, Feb 13 2016

Interior Minister Avakov in an interview to local media said that he could reach the media with an information bomb that will make foreign partners turn away from Kiev. However, he does not consider it necessary to disclose this data. He said:

Do you doubt that I could go to the media with an information bomb, the effect of which would be significantly more powerful than in the case of Abromavicius? But I don’t want to do anything, the consequences of which will make the managing Director of the IMF (Christine Lagarde – RB) give a sad shrug and deprive the country of support of foreign partners. Some things you should understand without publicity.

We will remind, the governmental crisis in Ukraine erupted after statements made by Abromavicius on the occasion of his resignation due to pressure from the President (Natalie Jaresko – RB). The country’s leadership had to explain to the ambassadors of the G7 countries, which they were assured in unity. Abromavicius sure the next two weeks will be crucial for the country and quite possible that Ukraine will face not only a frozen military conflict in the Donbass, and also a “frozen economic reform situation” if measures are not taken on time.

IMHO, putin has quietly sold out both assad and hezbollah, and in return, here comes a gravy train full of gleaming, solid gold shekels

Israel and Russia to sign free trade agreement
JNS, Feb 12 2016

Russia and Israel are planning to sign a free trade agreement that will allow for the establishment of joint ventures in the high-tech and agriculture sectors, TASS reported Friday. Israeli Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel and Russian Deputy Agriculture Minister Sergei Levin confirmed that the agreement is expected to be finalized. Levin said:

We’ve discussed the prospects of forming a free trade zone, which the government plans to put on paper within the shortest period of time.

Israeli boxtops told Ma’ariv that Ariel visited Russia with MK Yoel Razvozov of the Yesh Atid party, who together with Ambassador Zvi Heifetz met with various equally eminent Kremlin boxtops, among them Russia’s deputy prime minister, Arkady Dvorkovich, to discuss the agreement. Boxtops from both sides also discussed pension payments by the Russian government to Israeli citizens Jews who had immigrated to the so-called ‘Jewish state’ (RB) from the FSU.

more mayhem in 404 with stray right sector clowns

A scandal in the hall of the Kherson City Council: how patriotism has become disgusting
(from the 404 press, via the Antiquaries)

Yesterday, Feb 12, at the Kherson City Council planned to hold a session. But it was not to happen. At this session for the first time since (absence due to) illness took part the People’s Deputy Vladimir Saldo (Владимир Сальдо), who is a member of the Commission on Social Affairs. Before the beginning of the session when was supposed to sing the national anthem of Ukraine, appeared the girl with the scarf “Right Sector.” She climbed to the podium and started yelling loudly about the victims of Maidan, that the revolution is not over. Then she offered to act against the MP Saldo. The reason for her hostility to him was not mentioned. As it turned out later, the girl’s name name is Inna Isakhova (Инна Усачова). She is the representative of Kherson “Self-Defense” (“Самообороны”). Not having calmed down, she started to throw pigs’ ears (свиные уши) at the deputies. After sung the national anthem of Ukraine, she ran up to the podium where sat the MPs, and poured on Deputy Saldo the red paint that stained not only his, but all the documents, also the one sitting next to him. In the room police failed to pacify Isakhova. Thus all attending members said that they will write a statement to the police on this occasion, as the session was disrupted. The majority of deputies have noticed that now in order to lock any session, just call the patriot who believes that everything is permitted. But it’s late for such thoughts. If you take today’s case, a person who considers herself a patriot, just ripped the session, which probably could solve already existing problems. Besides, if we talk about everyone’s favourite patriotism, pour paint, insult during singing of the national anthem, profaning it, is not patriotism. At the end of all this, the MP Saldo silently left the meeting.

colonel cassad surveys the incipient line-up for ww3 and finds it somewhat wanting

There is a lot of high res large scale maps at Col Cassad, but as long as you know that the town of Azaz actually straddles the border, so that half of it is in Turkey and half in Syria, then the below will make perfectly good sense without them. This diagram is priceless, for the gap at the bottom:


Turkey fired on Kurds in Syria
Colonel Cassad, Feb 14 2016 00:24 MSK

(Turkey struck a) massive blow, apparently artillery, on Minneh airfield and the village, which had come under control of Syrian Kurds a couple of days ago. Information about the bombings Reuters confirmed the defenders of the “Syrian observatory for human rights” (in Coventry – RB) and later a source in the Turkish government. In later information about the attack, PM Davutoglu said:

Yesterday and today, the organization “national self-defense” which is also part of the Syrian regime launched an attack on the city of Azaz. During these attacks was committed aggression against our borders, that is, there was a situation when we needed to respond. Was provided to counteract threatening forces in the city of Azaz and next to it.

The scale of the operation is unclear, but it can mix maps of Western and Russian diplomats trying to establish in Syria a ceasefire. In addition, during this same time, sources reported to Reuters on the plans of the Syrian army to move to the province of Raqqa, controlled by ISIS. It is assumed that this should prevent a potential ground operation by the Toads. Originally, the data about the shelling of Minneh airport (near the town of Azaz in Aleppo province) appeared in the Tweets which are considered to be affiliated with the Kurdish fighters. According to Reuters, the strike has also undergone at least one of the nearby villages that were captured during the fighting for the airport. RIA Novosti referring to the Kurdish Agency ANHA reports that the fire came from self-propelled artillery type “M-18”, presumably of Pindosi or German production. Data about destructions and victims not yet, but, according to preliminary data, some of the shells fell on civilian homes located near the airbase. Middle East correspondent channel al-Aan TV, Jenan Musa in his Tweet reports that the position of the Kurds was subjected to shelling and in another area near Aleppo: Marnate, to the West of Azaz.
Having taken the airfield, the Kurds are eager to tackle Tal Rifaat, access to which can seriously disrupt the cohesion of the rebel group controlling the supply route at the border. The strikes of Russian aviation indirectly help the Kurds, but given the weakening of the rebels, it is likely that the Kurds would be able to attack even without air support. After the shelling, Turkey threatened that it was ready to conduct a ground operation against the Syrian Kurds, and right now (Turkey) is still a bitter dispute with Pindostan, which shirks (answering) questions asked from Ankara. Davutoglu, reports AFP, said:

Turkey if necessary will begin military action against fighters from the PYD/YPG.

He said that if necessary, Turkey will take the necessary measures in Syria as in Iraq, recalling the operations against the PKK in Northern Iraq which Turkey conducted last year. He added that he expects this case to the aid of allies of Turkey. According to Davutoglu, those who say that the PYD/YPG and the PKK are not terrorist groups, either do not know the region or have bad intentions. He noted that soon the Turkish government will send to Pindostan certain documents confirming that the PYD/YPG is a branch of the PKK. Davutoglu added that Ankara expects a clear and unambiguous position from Pindostan. Last week, liar & bully Kirby said that the Kurdish fighters are successful in fighting with ISIS in Syria. He added that Pindostan had supported the Kurds mainly from the air and “support will continue.” After that, the Turkish foreign Ministry summoned the Pindo Ambassador. It will be interesting to see how Faschingstein will solve this problem, because if full-fledged fighting gets going in northern Syria between the Turks and the Kurds, can be forgotten about a truce in Syria. However, it is clear that Turkey is determined not to allow the Kurds to take Azaz. If the Kurds will not stop, the chances are that events can quite quickly move to Turkish intervention. The impatience of the Turks can be understood, in addition to Kurds advancing to the road Azaz, the Syrian army continues to besiege the rebels north of Aleppo, and it’s now very difficult to tell when to begin a truce. To the east of Aleppo continues heavy fighting between the SAA and ISIS. To surround them, (the army) still can’t. Overall, the talks in Munich did not lead to the reduction of tensions in Syria, moreover, the efforts of Turkey, the military scenario still retain a high probability of realization. Much depends on Faschingstein, which may if desired to restrain Turkey, but will it want to do that?

1. Toad aircraft arrived at the Incirlik air base in Turkey.
2. The German foreign Ministry reacted negatively to the idea of the Iraqi Kurds to hold a referendum on the status of autonomy, as this may aggravate the situation.
3. Pindostan urged Erdogan to stop the shelling of Syrian Kurds. Yet Washington clearly prefers Kurds to the Turks.

Turkey shells northern Syria for second day
Tom Perry, Reuters, Feb 14 2016 09:50 UTC

BEIRUT – The Turkish army shelled positions held by Kurdish-backed militia in northern Syria for a second day on Sunday, killing two fighters, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (in Coventry) said. Turkey on Saturday demanded the YPG militia withdraw from areas that it had captured in the northern Aleppo region in recent days from insurgents in Syria, including the Menagh air base. The shelling has targeted those areas. The YPG controls nearly all of Syria’s northern frontier with Turkey, and has been a close ally of Pindostan in the campaign against ISIS in Syria, but Ankara views the group as an extension of the PKK. PM Davutoglu said on Saturday the shelling had taken place under “the rules of engagement against forces that represented a threat in Azaz and the surrounding area.” He demanded that the Menagh base be evacuated and said he had spoken to Joe Biden to make that point and stress that the PYD was an extension of the PKK and a direct threat to Turkey. The shelling intensified at midnight UTC before dying down but not stopping, said the Observatory (in Coventry). The Kurdish-backed Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) alliance was also fighting Syrian insurgents near the town of Tel Rifaat in the province of Aleppo, the Observatory said. One of the armed groups in the SDF, Jaysh al-Thuwwar, warned Turkey against any escalation, saying if it “has goals in our dear nation, we will defend our land and our people, and view it as a hostile party.” Syria’s military, backed by Russian air strikes, is fighting Syrian insurgents in the same area, trying to seal the frontier with Turkey and reclaim areas of Aleppo city held by rebels. Syrian rebels say the YPG is fighting with the Syrian military and its allies against them, but the YPG denies this.

watching the tall blonde aryan girls

Köln sex assaults: Muslim rape myths fit a neo-Nazi agenda
Nabila Ramdani, ‘The Incdependent’ (UK), Feb 13 2016

Dark myths about sexual assaults in Köln came into sharp focus last week when a female television journalist was attacked live on air. Esmeralda Labye, a reporter from Belgium, was covering the German city’s annual carnival when three men variously touched her breasts, kissed her and simulated intercourse behind her back. It followed claims of multiple sex crimes on women around the city’s station on New Year’s Eve, when refugees were blamed. This allowed conspiracy theorists to outline their most starkly racist fantasies, painting a picture of demonic brown-skinned Muslims fleeing war zones to defile white European womanhood. No need for court cases: marauding savages had planned everything on the Internet and were all guilty without trial. This time, however, Labye’s cameraman captured the absolute truth: footage shows white European males from overwhelmingly Christian Germany molesting her. Köln was full of Caucasian drunks acting with the same kind of macho abandon which contributes to some half a million adults being sexually assaulted in England and Wales alone each year. After the events of New Year’s Eve, one commentator specifically cited uneducated “youths from Afghanistan and Syria” as the culprits, expanding the global threat to one posed by “several hundred thousand young Muslim males.” More ambitiously still, the whole Köln affair was linked to Brexit, as we were told by one newspaper:

The EU referendum is about nothing less than the safety and security of British women, and that means we must get out of Europe.

On Friday, Köln prosecutor Ulrich Bremer told me that in fact, of the 59 suspects pinpointed so far, just four are from war-torn countries (Syria and Iraq), only 14 are in custody, and nobody has yet been charged. Nearly 600 hours of CCTV reveals very little, and there is no evidence whatsoever that the alleged attacks were planned in advance. The refugee-as-rapist construct is the kind that has been used to demonise people throughout history. The idea is that you apply frightening characteristics to those you view as political enemies. In the 1930s Köln’s Jews were described as üntermenschen menacing European culture, before 11,000 were murdered during the Nazi Holocaust by “racially pure” Aryans, many of them beer-swilling Christians. Merging racism into a wider discussion about law and order, feminism and even the future of the EU project does not make it any less objectionable. Brown men are not inherently more misogynistic or brutal than white pink men, and Muslims are just as likely to be family-orientated, peaceful citizens as their counterparts from other religious and cultural heritages. Neo-Nazi groups such as Germany’s Pegida, which now incidentally is becoming increasingly active in Britain, instead jump on the propaganda, using sacred half-truths about Köln to spread hatred and violence. In their world, victims like Labye, white and blonde-haired, mean nothing if they are not prepared to scapegoat and lie in the cause of protecting European “civilisation” from the dark invaders.

what the jews appear to be saying here (via the critturs) is that they will boycott everybody right back

Congress encouraging the states to “combat BDS”
Josh Ruebner, Electronic Intifada, Feb 12 2016

Earlier this week, Sens Mark Kirk and Joe Manchin and Reps Robert Dold and Juan Vargas (each pair bipartisan) introduced the “Combating BDS Act of 2016” (S.2531 and H.R.4514), bills which seek to authorize state and local governments to divest assets from and prohibit investment in any entity that “engages in a commerce- or investment-related BDS activity targeting Israel.” Illinois signed into law a bill last year requiring the state to divest from foreign companies that support BDS. State legislatures in Arizona, California, Florida, Indiana and New York are currently considering similar legislation targeting any domestic or foreign entity that enages in BDS over concerns about Israel’s human rights record. Other states are also considering legislation to ban contractors from doing business with the state if they support BDS, another form of anti-BDS legislation not covered by the Combating BDS Act. Clearly the states are acting under the impetus of the Israeli government (all are components of the Global ZOG, IMHO – RB), which has branded the BDS movement a strategic threat and is throwing massive amounts of money into an effort to quash it. (The states) are not waiting for a congressional green light before taking action.

So is the Combating BDS Act mere grandstanding, (that is to say) a symbolic seal of congressional approval to state-level legislative initiatives already well under way? Not exactly. The bills in Congress have important legal ramifications. First, they seek to proactively prevent the doctrine of preemption from being employed in the future to invalidate state-level anti-BDS laws. This doctrine holds that federal law takes precedence over state law when the two are in conflict. By passing the Combating BDS Act, Congress would align federal law with emerging state law to prevent this potential conflict from arising in the future. Second, the bills attempt to immunize state and local governments from legal challenges by corporations which may be harmed by state divestment. According to Kirk’s press release, the legislation is designed to protect governments from potential lawsuits which allege that anti-BDS laws are “unreasonably burdening or discriminating against interstate or foreign commerce.” Third and perhaps most importantly, these bills would have the federal government “authorize” states and local governments to do something blatantly unconstitutional: penalize entities for engaging in First Amendment-protected political speech.

In a landmark 1982 decision in NAACP v. Clairborne Hardware, the Pindosi Supreme Court ruled that boycotts and related activities to bring about political, social and economic change are political speech, occupying “the highest rung of the hierarchy of First Amendment values.” By seeking to “authorize” state and local government to penalize entities exercising their protected political speech with which the government does not agree, Congress would be encouraging government to engage in “viewpoint discrimination,” an impermissible violation of the First Amendment, the protected right to free speech, according to the Supreme Court. Congress cannot “authorize” state and local governments to shred the First Amendment just as it cannot empower them to violate any other constitutional right. To push back against this latest legislative assault on BDS, the Pindosi Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation issued an action alert opposing the Combating BDS Act, which generated more than 9,000 constituent letters to Congress in its first 24 hours. The goal is to send a clear message to Congress that it cannot authorize state and local governments to penalize entities for engaging in political speech in order to protect Israel’s oppression of Plastelinans Arabs.

Meanwhile, AIPAC has positively cited the proposed legislation as part of its agenda to “Fight the Boycott of Israel.” It is too early to determine if the Combating BDS Act will generate enough support on Capitol Hill to pass. Even if it does, however, nothing in this bill or any other anti-BDS legislation can impinge upon the constitutionally protected right of Pindostanis to engage in and advocate for BDS campaigns. Rahul Saksena of Plastelina Legal told

The best way to fight these bills is to organize more BDS campaigns and use these bills as an opportunity to raise public support for Plastelinan Arab freedom.

(The following heavy-handed polemic is typical Pindo-Jewish “Progressive” preachment to the microscopic circle of converts – RB). Make no mistake about it. These frantic attempts by Israel’s supporters to squelch the BDS movement through heavy-handed, unconstitutional, McCarthyite legislation are a sign of their desperation, not strength. BDS has become mainstream in Pindostan, as evidenced by more than 100 victories in churches, labor unions, academic organizations and student governments. Israel and its supporters can’t defeat the struggle for Plastelinan Arab freedom, justice and equality on its merits, so they are resorting to what they do best: engaging in top-down attempts to try to silence those who oppose Israel’s apartheid rule. They won’t succeed.

too much bollocks of every description, check this

Get in the mood with this extremely irie extended mix from long, long ago (40 years or so):

turkey has chosen a tactic that does not require its gunners to learn simple arithmetic (let alone trigonometry)

Turks commence heavy & sustained bombing of north-west Syrian border area, Feb 13/14 2016

Anatolia news agency reported that the Turkish military hit Syrian government forces on Saturday, claiming that the shelling had been in response to fire inflicted on a Turkish military guard post in Turkey’s southern Hatay region. Turkish artillery targeted Syrian forces again late on Saturday, according to a boxtop quoted by RIA Novosti. The attack targeted the town of Deir Jamal in the Aleppo Governorate. The agency also cited details of an earlier attack on Syrian government army positions in north-western Latakia. The source said:

Turkey’s artillery opened fire on the positions of the Syrian Army in the vicinity of Aliya mountain in the northwestern part of the province of Latakia.

Meanwhile, the Turkish shelling of Kurdish positions continued for more than three hours almost uninterruptedly, a Kurdish source told RT, adding that the Turkish forces are using mortars and missiles and firing from the Turkish border not far from the city of Azaz in the Aleppo Governorate. The shelling targeted the Menagh military air base and the nearby village of Maranaz, where “many civilians were wounded,” local journalist Barzan Iso told RT. He added that Kurdish forces and their allies among “the Syrian democratic forces” had taken control of the air base on Thursday. According to Iso, the Menagh base had previously been controlled by Ahrar ash-Sham, which seized it in Aug 2013. The journalist also added that Ahrar ash-Sham had been supported by Jabhat al-Nusra and some extremists from Turkey. Ahrar ash-Sham has trained teenagers to commit acts of terror in Damascus, Homs, and Latakia provinces, according to data provided to the Russian Defense Ministry by Syrian opposition forces. The group, which has intensified its attacks on the Syrian government forces since January, was getting “serious reinforcements from Turkey,” Russian Foreign Ministry spox Maria Zakharova said during a briefing in Moscow on Jan 21.

A source in the Turkish government confirmed to Reuters that the Turks had shelled Kurdish militia targets near Azaz on Saturday. The source said:

The Turkish Armed Forces fired shells at PYD positions in the Azaz area.

A Turkish boxtop told Reuters that the shelling of the Kurds had been a response to a shelling of Turkish border military outposts by the PYD. PM Davutoglu also confirmed that Turkey had shelled Syrian Kurdish fighters and demanded that the Kurds retreat from all of the areas that they had recently seized. He told reporters:

The YPG will immediately withdraw from Azaz and the surrounding area and will not go close to it again, (otherwise Turkey) will retaliate against every step.

A Kurdish boxtop confirmed to Reuters that the shelling had targeted the Menagh airbase, located south of Azaz. The boxtop said that the base had been captured by something called Jaysh al-Thuwwar, an ally of PYD and a member of the Syria Democratic Forces alliance.

The Syrian Kurds were recently described by liar & bully Kirby at Foggy Bottom as “some of the most successful” forces fighting ISIS, AFP reports. Earlier, Pindostan also called the PYD an “important partner” in the fight against ISIS, adding that Pindo support for them “will continue.” Earlier on Saturday, Davutoglu threatened Syrian Kurds with military action, saying that Turkey will resort to force against the YPG if it considers the step “necessary.” Davutoglu said on Feb 10, as quoted by Hurriyet:

As I have said, the link between the YPG and the PKK is obvious. If the YPG threatens our security, then we will do what is necessary.

He said in a televised speech in the eastern city of Erzincan on Saturday, AFP reports:

The leadership cadre and ideology of the PKK and PYD is the same.

Davutoglu said that if Turkey chooses to define events in Syria as a threat to itself, then “we will strike PYD like we did Qandil,” referring to bombing by Turkey of the PKK’s mountain stronghold in northern Iraq, Daily Sabah reports. Meanwhile, Turkey continues a relentless crackdown on Kurds in its south-eastern region. Turkey’s General Staff claim that Turkish forces killed more than 700 “PKK rebels” during the offensive in the south-eastern districts of Cizre and Sur. Meanwhile, Amnesty International has reported that at least 150 civilians were killed in the Turkish operation and over 200,000 lives been put at risk. According to the Turkish Human Rights Foundation, at least 198 civilians have been murdered in the area since Aug 2015.

it was absolutely the middle of the night almost everywhere when I wrote this, but I have updated it

This story has not been edited and is auto-generated from a syndicated feed, more or less – RB

Russia Keeps On Bombing Despite Truce, Bashar Vows To Fight On
Thomson Reuters, Feb 13 2016

MUNICH – Despite agreement on Friday to a pause in combat in Syria, Russia pressed on with bombing in support of Pres Assad, who vowed to fight on until he regained full control of the country. The “cessation of hostilities” agreement does not take effect for a week, at a time when Assad’s government is poised to win its biggest victory of the war with the backing of Russian air power. If implemented, the deal would allow humanitarian aid to reach besieged towns. It was described as a rare diplomatic success, but several Western countries said there was no hope for progress without a halt to the Russian bombing, which has decisively turned the balance of power in favour of Assad. Jackass Kerry said that if the peace plan fails, more foreign troops could enter the conflict. He told Dubai-based Orient TV (This is absolutely typical of the sententious, moralizing way they talk, generating imaginary oughts and oughtn’ts out of their own self-interested policies and enunciating them as if they were universal moral truths handed down by some fifth-dimensional lizard from Mount Sinai – RB):

If the Assad regime does not live up to its responsibilities, and if the Iranians and the Russians do not hold Assad to the promises that they have made … then the international community obviously is not going to sit there like fools and watch this: there will be an increase of activity, to put greater pressure on them, (and) there is a possibility there will be additional ground troops.

Obama has ruled out sending Pindo ground troops to Syria, but the Toads this month offered ground forces ‘to fight ISIS’ (of course, what else? – RB). White House spox E Schultz called the agreement “an important step” but added (exactly the same moralizing bollocks – RB):

In the coming days, we will be looking for actions not words, to demonstrate that all parties are prepared to honour their commitments.

Rebels said the town of Tal Rifaat in northern Aleppo province was the target of intensive bombing by Russian planes on Friday morning. The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said warplanes believed to be Russian also attacked towns in northern Homs. AFP quoted Assad as saying he would continue to fight terrorism while talks took place. He said he would retake the entire country, although this could take a long time. Another week of fighting would will give Syria’s government and its Russian, Lebanese and Iranian allies time to press on with the encirclement of Aleppo, which they are now on the verge of capturing. They are also close to sealing the Turkish border, a lifeline of rebel territory for years. Those two victories would reverse years of insurgent gains, effectively ending the rebels’ hopes of dislodging Assad. The cessation of hostilities agreement falls short of a formal ceasefire, since it was not signed by the main warring parties, the opposition and government forces. Russia has suggested it might not stop its air strikes even when the cessation of hostilities takes effect in a week’s time. Sergei Lavrov said Russia would not stop bombing ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, neither of which were covered by the cessation deal. He said:

Our airspace forces will continue working against these organisations.

Moscow has always said that these are the principal targets of its air campaign. Western countries say Russia has been attacking mostly other insurgent groups. Turkey’s foreign minister said on Friday Russia was targeting schools and hospitals. NATO Sec-Gen Stoltenberg said Moscow must halt strikes on insurgents other than ISIS for any peace deal to work. He said:

Russia has mainly targeted opposition groups and not ISIS. Air strikes of Russian planes against different opposition groups in Syria have actually undermined the efforts to reach a negotiated, peaceful solution.

Britain and France said a peace deal could be reached only if Russia stops bombing insurgents other than ISIS. Ashtray Carter said on Friday he expected the Toads and the UAE to send commandos to help recapture Raqqa from ISIS. Assad said he believed the Toads & Turks were planning to invade his country. Russia has said that the entry of Toad ground troops would make the war last forever. The Toad foreign minister said in an interview with a German newspaper published on Saturday that Russia’s military interventions will not help Assad stay in power. He said flatly:

There will be no Bashar al-Assad in the future.

Jackass started the Munich talks by pushing for a rapid halt to fighting, with Western boxtops saying Moscow was holding out for a delay. The tactic of agreeing to a break in hostilities while battling for gains on the ground is one Moscow’s allies used in eastern Ukraine only a year ago. A ceasefire there eventually took hold, but Russian-backed separatists overran a besieged town after the deal was reached. Boxtops from countries backing the plan met on Friday to discuss sending urgent humanitarian aid. Jan Egeland, head of the Norwegian Refugee Council, chaired the meeting in Geneva. He said:

Convoys can go very soon, if and when we have the permission and the green light from the parties.

The Winner
El Murid, Feb 12 2016 15:44 MSK

The Pindosis have figured out (вчухали) how to manage temperamental (закуклившимися) Russian rulers: banal flattery. You need to praise them and call them great where they do something in the interests of Pindostan. The bloated feelings of self-importance and the green toad is the best object for manipulating. This is nothing new, the Pindosis did not invent it: flattery works great against the nobodies, and in regard to the father of the nation, these guys figured that out. Methods like in the Bantustan. Comrade Molotov, it seems, expressed himself like this: “If our enemies criticize us, it means we are doing something right.” The current rulers are not worth the little finger of the former Titans, so here Pindostan has room for any activity. In principle, it seems that the situation in Syria is similar to the end of the summer of 2014 in the Donbass. Now Aleppo will be playing the role of Mariupol. Not far away (in the near future lies Syria’s equivalent of) Minsk-1, the withdrawal of weapons with a caliber of over 100 mm, and general hide-and-seek (смотрим туда – видим здесь). For completeness, instead of Assad, the Kremlin needs to install some local bandits or strongmen as bosses of certain areas of the Syrian Arab Republic, and they can end the balagan (this word is too good to discard: it means farce, chaos, political knockabout, comic and perhaps tragic disorder in the state, something the Jews are good at causing – RB). Well, not immediately; there will be more Syrian Debaltsevos first, but then definitely a new development, all of it according to the script, and all of it will be a victory. McFaul will write a couple of tweets for the viewing pleasure of the Papuans. It isn’t hard to do (ему несложно).

Preparations for the truce
El Murid, Feb 13 2016 14:11 MSK

The ceasefire declared in Syria looks downright strange: with those you can fight, but with these we shall talk. It is not surprising that Jackass and Lavrov needed all their diplomatic skills to make more or less clear statements out of this. Meanwhile, it is possible to say that the truce in one week, the immediate surrender of (the Russian demand that it start on) Mar 1, suggests very strongly that the Kremlin is really afraid of blackmail. A rather nervous Medvedev told the Germans of the likelihood of global war if the truce will not happen, which indicates the uncertainty of the Russian leadership. No one offers to laugh at our Iskanders and their role in the joke. Once blackmail has been attempted, the result shows who is worth what. The main thing has already happened: Moscow has demonstrated a willingness to bend. In this case, the TV no longer plays any role. It is only useful for brainwashing the electorate, but the leaders our rulers need to look at the realities. The Toads & Turks withdraw their decision to start a ground operation (maybe – RB). The British refused to answer questions about the ‘exercises’ (RB) they are currently carrying out in Jordan. Turkey today stated that Toad aircraft have arrived at the Turkish base (Incirlik – RB) ‘to fight ISIL’ (El Murid’s sneer quotes – RB). Russia has already demonstrated that it is possible to target ISIS with 20% or so of its strikes, and the various pro-Western terrorists with the remaining 80%. It is easy to assume that the Toads & Turks also can take the Pareto Principle as the basis of their actions. That is, they do some photo-ops of ‘bombing ISIS’, then drop the rest of their bombs on the Syrians and the mercenaries. You need to consider that the operation around Aleppo is in general mainly by mercenaries or “paramilitaries.” The strike force created for the attack on this site is composed of Hazaras and Iranians. Further bombing of ISIS will be particularly scrutinized, while there is no indication that it’s over. While it is possible to say that the Kremlin gave in to the blackmail, which in itself is extremely dangerous. Now we need to wait for new ultimatums and possibly action.

But the main thing is if the Turks & Toads finally launch their actions in Syria, even the tentative plans of the Kremlin to force the West to negotiate on Syria under Russian conditions, can be safely scrapped (смело ставить крест). The problem will not be how to divide up Syria, but how to avoid getting kicked out altogether (а как унести ноги). I have repeatedly seen analysis of the probable collision scenarios of Russia and Turkey. All are completely stupid, like “But we would want Topol-M,” until (someone has yet to make) quite professional comparison of the combat capabilities of the navies and ground forces. They are all (guilty of) one sin: (they imagine that) there will be no full-scale confrontations with Turkey; either the Kremlin finally will break the thread, or in Syria will be some “Black Swan” character analogous to Strelkov in the Donbass, which will break all advance plans for an amicable get-together. But where is Syria, where the Donbass? All the evidence suggests that the Turks & Toads intend to act solely on Syrian territory, which means no naval battles, no tank wedges, everything will be decided on the level of tactics. And the Syrian theatre for us is definitely losing, is not the slightest chance of (winning). Too small group, too vulnerable supply lines. Plus Turkey to speak about the introduction of a no-fly zone without prior arrangement over all of Syria in the event of the operation. After the Turks had shot down our plane, there is no reason to doubt in their words, just as there is no doubt in our answer: all we can do is to (stop the import of) Turkish tomatoes, the Kremlin is too weak for anything more muscular than that. These are the actions of the parties, and they should be considered in any collision scenarios. A Topol-M or a fleet are out of the question. At least for our tall-fur-hatted one (Senka Shapka, Сеньке шапка, presumably Putin as usual – RB). To steal something or quietly shit under the door, yes, it is safe to turn to that. But seriously, you can safely ignore the Kremlin. Not publicly, (but privately, now) she would do anything. After the meeting of our Patriarch and the Pope, I wouldn’t be surprised if our Orthodox (Christians) awoke one fine morning to find themselves Catholics. That would please the West.

The truce in Syria or successful blackmail
Anatoly Nesmiyan (El Murid, Fontanka, Feb 13 2016

The sequence of events also gives no reason for optimism. The impetus for them was the establishment of the blockade of Aleppo from the north after Syrian troops (or rather, the “paramilitary” groups of Hazaras, Iranians and Iraqis) were able to sever the supply corridor and cut off the city from the Turkish border. Turkey rejected all the conventions and began to prepare for the invasion of Syria. Turkish cooking was supported by Toads and the “Islamic coalition.” Preparations of the Turks & Toads for the first time did not look like a bluff, began to outline the contours of the invasion. Against this background, the Russian leadership openly flinched and offered a truce starting Mar 1, which was immediately rejected. The meeting between Lavrov and Jackass concluded by moving forward the start of the truce. It should start in a week. However, it is not clear what is meant by a truce: fighting will continue against ISIS and Nusra. How to distinguish the fighters from one gang from those of another is unclear. Turkey, realizing that Russia faltered, put forward a direct ultimatum: in her opinion, a truce means a cessation of bombing of the entire “moderate opposition” and therefore the attack on Aleppo should be shuttered permanently. To occupy a city of half a million without aircraft, using ground-based “paramilitary” groups alone, is an almost impossible task, especially because the blockade is not yet completed finally. In general, the war in Syria more and more becomes one of the most unsuccessful wars in Russia’s history. Unclear goals and objectives from the start were not given the opportunity to understand what will be considered victory, and what is not. Bomb the villages, barns and carts, pretending them to be strategic goals and the fight against terrorism, only on TV. In TV can tell you about thousands and tens of thousands fleeing militants and other this-time raspberries (разлюли малину). In reality, after four months, the Syrian offensive remains so far unable to recapture the territories lost in the spring offensive of 2015. At that time, Assad lost the province of Idlib completely. There is no question of a general Idlib offensive to take it back.

(Despite some) tactical successes, none of the operational tasks of the Syrians have been achieved. They have not taken control of the border with Turkey, (though) troops destroyed some Jihadis in the north. In such circumstances, to fight with ISIS is meaningless: to create a strike force for war with ISIS is impossible without freeing the army from fighting with “moderates.” The truce means that the military objectives of the offensive are not attained, so accordingly there is nothing to negotiate about. Negotiations make sense either from a position of strength, or exhaustion of the parties. Without solving military tasks, to talk about the position of strength is not possible. The Jihadis also do not look exhausted, whatever is said on TV. Every step of the Syrians is made with great difficulty. The truce itself in such conditions looks like a collapse of all previous plans. It is really beginning to look like the memorable “Annan plan” of 2012, by which the West saved the militants in Homs, and allowed the summer offensive on Damascus and Aleppo to begin. This is very reminiscent of the halting of the militia of Donbass in the summer of 2014, when the defeated AFU were saved by the Minsk process, and today the rebuilt Ukrainian army is hanging over the Donbass, Crimea and Transnistria. The main thing is that the truce in the background of the actual ultimatum by the Turks & Toads looks like a “surrender” to blackmail by our adversaries, and it is the most dangerous (behaviour possible), as a successful blackmail will be repeated again and again. By the way, this is not a theory. In practice, the Toads have already started the deployment of ground forces and aviation at the Turkish base. Announced today. Grouping of Toad military in Jordan also hangs over the southern border of Syria. Jackass Kerry today stated that the Syrians have lost the opportunity to negotiate. The pressure will not go away, it grows. Blackmail, once acceded to, will continue indefinitely.


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