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for thwarted, inadequate trotskyite prose, it’s a race to the bottom between these guys and the neocons

Where Does It End?: Left Political Correctness
Norman Pollack. Counterpunch, Nov 25 2015

610_robeson_intro-510x259unlabelled, but actually Paul Robeson – RB

The activities of the Black Justice League at Princeton to rid the University of any traces of Woodrow Wilson from its history, identity, and entablature are no doubt meeting with wide acceptance among radicals as the prideful admiration of Black Autonomy and Consciousness, a step toward the further eradication of racism, and a modern-day expression of the spirit of Dr King.

Here commences a sentence which might well be used as an instance in a course in how not to construct sentences – RB

As one who has been through the civil-rights wars of the 1950s-60s, beginning with the seemingly harmless act in 1951 of inviting a black student from Morehouse College in Library Science up to my dorm room to discuss Myrdal’s American Dilemma in the segregated University of Florida (word spread after we walked into the Main Library together and went up to the circulation desk where I handed him the volume), the result, an early evening visit from six or seven drunken members of Kappa Alpha who tried to break down the door of my room—instead filling it with boiling water through the open transom– and lynch me, to Mississippi Freedom Summer in 1964, the preliminaries to Selma in 1965, which I described in my CounterPunch article, “Education of a (Sometime) Radical,” while teaching at Yale, to my banishment from Yale for radical activities to Detroit and Wayne State for numerous protests in the late 1960s, thence to Michigan State where I tried to fuse civil rights and antiwar activities, I quietly/solemnly DISSENT from the current Princeton experience—and expect a chilling response from CP readers and the radical community.

Here endeth the sentence. I could of course have unscrambled it for him, but just this once, I said “fuck it!” – RB

My image of Black radicalism, beyond a supreme love for Dr King, is Paul Robeson, both men going well beyond racial consciousness for a wider indictment of America, capitalism, and militarism, all of which is lacking in the Princeton protesters, who cannot see beyond an obvious symbol of racism, Woodrow Wilson, and neglect/ are ignorant of Wilson’s larger viciousness in international affairs, starting with the League of Nations (matched by his Siberian Intervention), to build Pindostan as a Leader of the “free world,” ie counter-revolutionary, anti-communist, pro-monopoly capitalist (Federal Reserve System, Federal Trade Commission, War Industries Board, all under his watch), in sum, a principal architect of Pindostan as we now know it, seeking unilateral global dominance for its advanced stage of industrial-financial-military capitalism, hovering on the edge, and ready to take the plunge into, out-and-out fascism, whose hallmark is the interpenetration of business and government, an elitist social-cultural formation, at the expense of the nation’s working class and poor.

Of this, the Black Justice League is apparently wholly ignorant, content instead to sound off in simplistic political correctness to assuage feelings for slights and injured pride. TS. There’s a world out there far uglier than what they are encountering at Princeton, and instituting mandatory sensitivity classes is like asking the Nazi executioners at Belsen-Belsen (sic – RB) to say “Please” as they shoved Jews into the ovens (he knows damn well that Belsen had no ‘ovens’ – RB). In other words, BJL and especially its white supporters are superficial young people mounting imaginary barricades as, from what I’ve seen from my own experience with some black leaders obfuscating protest to, consciously or not, shield capitalism and militarism (but NOT Dr King) as part of courting popularity with a wider audience, on an ego trip haughtily puffing away at their supposed base condition. Given the prominence of Woodrow Wilson at Princeton, why did they go there in the first place? If they are so mindful of racism, including its symbolism, why not, while still in high school, research their college choices—perhaps even, for the sake of racial purity, choose a Black school? If I may be contumacious, especially as judged by fellow radicals, I would subordinate, indeed, always have subordinated, race to class as the societal foundation for transformative freedom and democracy, and that means, as the object of principled, focused agitation, subordinating racism to the basic confrontation with capitalism itself, the source, ultimately, for racism in the first place. Capitalism = hierarchy + exploitation, regardless of race, the place of Blacks in the Grand Schema merely adding zest, profits, ease, and normalization to the exploitation.

By the logic of the Black Justice League, not only should Blacks at Princeton leave the institution lest their presence signifies complicity with racism, but the same standard should be consistently applied across the board, eg Black football players at southern universities such as Ole Miss, Alabama, LSU, Texas, Georgia, etc., schools from day one which were segregated until well into the postwar period, for by attending, let alone playing for, these schools they add to their prestige and indirectly legitimize their past. Ditto, the application of purging the past from all associations which directly or indirectly have or still do justify racism, which takes in practically all of the Pindostani experience. Political correctness in any form is pernicious by its negation of class consciousness. I think Oliver Cromwell Cox, a Black sociologist, recognized this in his seminal work, Race, Caste, and Class. Simply, BJL had best get over its simpering, short-sighted, however sincere, way, and get down to business. This is not an attack solely on Black protest, for Occupy Wall Street and other manifestations of pseudo-radicalism do not, despite the latter’s title, go directly against war, capitalism, generic exploitation, all of which underlay the political-social-economic dynamics of racism. I’m disgusted with posturing, while the woods are burning, the rapid descent into political hell of both major parties in Pindostan, a president whose objective policies could well touch off WW3 through his threatening confrontations with China and Russia, as meanwhile kissing the derrière (my grave accent – RB) of Wall Street and assorted reactionaries, as in his latest DoD appointment, on the domestic and world scene.

Sure, Wilson was a bad guy. But so was JFK, so was practically every president (I partially exempt FDR), if not avowedly on civil rights, then on the structural-social context on which racism thrives: a hierarchical system of wealth and power, founded on corporate concentration, an ethic of superiority for those benefiting from such a system, a glorification of war and force, a contempt for those held to be weak and/or inferior. If Black students at Princeton are serious, let them excel in their studies first, last, and always, and then go out into the world to change it for the better—yes, as radicals who perceive the larger picture of oppression and repression. Paul Robeson knew that Blacks will not be free until ALL men and women are free; racial feeling is a device of Capital to split the protesters apart, or to keep them together on carefully sanitized lines, so one takes down entablature while the other applauds. It sounds like Christopher Eisgruber, the president of Princeton, is just such a patsy for giving in to demands of political correctness. I term such a phenomenon, for he is not alone among university presidents, liberal fascism, in this case, placating the disaffected through political cosmetics that bring them back into the consensus. Rather than sensitivity sessions for students and faculty alike, send both out to the slums of Pindostan, to the countries that Pindostan has devastated and need rebuilding, and challenging the corporations and arms factories sucking the blood out of humanity. For these, too, are part of a good liberal education in the best sense of the phrase, a well-grounded cosmopolitanism not afraid of being a part of radical social change. Wake up, BJL and study like never before, to see that Woodrow Wilson is the mere surface of a society which discriminates not only against Blacks, but humanity and Nature all for the sake of filthy lucre and the thrill of conquest.

Here’s another hideous fucking sentence. I actually tried unpacking this, then gave up – RB

Wake up, all Blacks who possess a passion for freedom (whose historical deprivation makes them uniquely suited for a vanguard role in transforming Pindostan, while much of the white working class has succumbed to the blandishments of hate—yes, against Blacks, but all immigrants and those at home who lack the requisite patriotism and martial spirit), many of whom nonetheless forming a core constituency of Hillary, possibly the most dangerous person among the current presidential contenders.

Hey Norman, that was like shit. Go learn to write english someplace – RB

I have written recently about the power of saying No—No to the ethnocentrism/xenophobia on which ruling groups thrive and capitalism keeps the population in line by scaring into their arms for protection. At Princeton, instead of a Milque-toast occupation of the president’s office, stand firm against military recruiters when they come to campus, or representatives of Morgan, Chase, or the armament crowd, etc. etc., the vultures who feed on all of us, if you want to see the props of racism knocked out. Racism thrives on freezing the status quo; a far nobler task than you are presently involved with, viz removing a mural, changing the name of a residential college and that of the School for International Affairs, would be to fashion your individual strengths, skills, personal commitment to the democracy of the many, and come out swinging.

more tedium

Israel, Greece, Cyprus likely to hold 3-way gas summit in January
Herb Keinon, JPost, Nov 25 2015

tsiprasbibiTwo happy planet-fucking scum in Jayloomia, capital of murder, on Wednesday – RB

The leaders of Israel, Greece and Cyprus will likely to hold a three-way meeting in Cyprus in January, Tsipras announced Wednesday following a meeting with Netanyahu in Jayloomia. The tripartite meeting is expected to focus on energy issues, which was also a key topic of the Netanyahu-Tsipras discussion. Cypriot Pres Anastasiades was in Israel earlier this month, also for talks dominated by the energy question. This was the first visit ever to Israel for Tsipras, head of Greece’s ‘far-left’ (my sneer quotes – RB) Syriza party. In addition to meeting Netanyahu, Tsipras also met Wednesday with Opposition leader Isaac Herzog. He is scheduled to meet on Thursday with Pres Rivlin before going to Ramallah for talks with Pres Abbas. (a wasted day, then – RB). Netanyahu characterized his talks with Tsipras as “broad, deep, and productive” and recalled how in 2010 he forged close ties with Tsipras’ predecessor George Papandreou. Netanyahu said that Israel and Greece have a common interest in exploiting opportunities while at the same time pushing back against dangers emanating from “violent religious fundamentalism” that wants to control the world and is sweeping through the MENA and other parts of the world. Netanyahu praised Tsipras for the economic steps he is taking, and said he had had to take similarly difficult economic steps in Israel in the past. Netanyahu said he believed that the Greek economy would “bounce back” and that he would encourage Israelis to invest there. Tsipras said:

It is well known that in the last few years great efforts have been made to strengthen the ties between Israel and Greece. We are on the way toward strategic cooperation, but we should not forget that there are other directions where we should also focused: for instance, tourism, cultural ties and the field of energy. Some 350,000 Israelis visited Greece this year, as opposed to 50,000 five years ago. The upcoming three-way meeting between PM Netanyahu, the Cypriot President and myself will deal with how our three countries can cooperate in the energy field.

That meeting will come as Israel is exploring its natural gas options. One of the options is to to export the gas through a pipeline through Cyprus and via Greece. Other options include exporting via Turkey or through Egypt. Tsipras said that he spoke with Netanyahu about the Isro-Pal conflict as well, and he offered some hypocritical services which I can’t be bothered to list. Israel’s former ambassador to Greece Aryeh Mekel, now at Bar-Ilan University, wrote an article in January entitled “The New Greek Government: Israel has Reason for Concern.” He said:

Tsipras’ visit, and the degree to which he has maintained and even strengthened Greece’s ties with Israel, demonstrate the degree to which he is a man of surprises. It is not a given that Tsipras will continue the strong ties with Israel that began in 2010 under the Socialist government of Papandreou and continued under the conservative government of Antonis Samaras. Before coming to power, Syriza was very critical of Israel and sympathetic to the Plastelinans, with one leader who is now an assistant secretary in the party having taken part in one of the Gaza flotillas. Nevertheless, Tsipras has maintained his relationship with Israel, including military cooperation which includes joint air maneuvers. (At this point, I imagine some ‘hint, hint’ signals – RB) Tsipras’ visit here at this time is an indication that he is interested in raising Greece’s profile internationally… Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos is from a right-wing party, and he is very supportive of a strong relationship with Israel… He was here earlier this year

Greece, which traditionally was very cold to Israel, began significantly warming up in 2010 under Papandreou. There were a number of factors for this, foremost among them the significant deterioration of Israel’s ties with Turkey, and Greece’s need for Jewish support in international capital markets, if I may be so fucking blunt. The change in ties has been manifest in Greece’s dispatch of significant assistance in Dec 2010 to fight the Carmel Forest Fire; its preventing the launch of a second Gaza flotilla from Greek ports in 2011; the huge increase in Israeli tourism to the country; the increased quality and quantity of Israeli-Greek military cooperation; and the discussions about forming a Greece-Israel-Cyprus energy triangle in the eastern Mediterranean.

Tsipras and Netanyahu discuss bringing Israeli gas to Europe
Times of Israel, Nov 25 2015

F151125GPOHZ02-e1448465043418-635x357How many children shall we have for breakfast, Bibi? – RB

Tsipras arrived in Israel on Wednesday for a two-day visit and high-level meetings aimed at bolstering ties between Athens and Jayloomia. Galei Tzahal (IOF Radio) reported late Wednesday that Israel, Greece and Cyprus were working to build a closer alliance against Islamic extremism and to grapple against instability in Syria. Tsipras told reporters that he discussed working with Israel to develop and transport natural gas to Europe during a meeting with Netanyahu. He said:

One of the main issues in our talks today were the opportunities arising in the fields of energy, the fields of energy in the East Mediterranean. We are considering ways on cooperation in research, drilling and transportation of gas from Israel to Europe.

The discovery of a large gas field off of Israel is expected to turn the country from a consumer into a supplier, though the government has faced a series of bureaucratic and legislative hurdles to lease the field to a USraeli consortium for drilling. Tsipras said Israel, Greece and Cyprus may meet in January to advance plans for transporting the gas north. He said at a joint press conference with Netanyahu:

The purpose of the meetings is to try to identify the exact fields of cooperation and how to build on these fields in order to develop energy.

Netanyahu drivelled on as usual about the “challenges before us,” especially the radical violence spreading in the Middle East, Africa and in Europe, according to Galei Tzahal.On and on he went in that uniquely irritating voice that the inhabitants of this hyper-religious and racist Mediterranean hell-hole have learned to dread issuing from their loudspeakers, heralding mayhem and chaos everywhere in their wake:

We’re the two democracies in the eastern Mediterranean, and we are obviously aware that we have a world of opportunities, of technology, of development, of progress to seize and we can seize it better through cooperation. But equally we also understand that there are great challenges before us, especially very violent religious fundamentalism that seeks to sweep our world, is sweeping the Middle East, is sweeping North Africa and Europe and other parts of the world. (he then meandered off into complete nonsense, more or less along these lines) I feel I have something to contribute to tourism in Greece, because I was – in my early visit to Greece, I said – I think we had only 50,000 Israeli tourists at the time – I said we’ll grow it by hundreds of thousands. Today we’re at 350,000. It’s a lot, but there can be more, and we of course welcome every visitor from Greece, beginning with the prime minister and everyone else. There is as you said a natural affinity between the Israelis and the Greeks. It’s very obvious when you go to either country.

Tsipras, making his first visit to Israel, was also expected to meet with opposition leader Isaac Herzog later on Wednesday. On Thursday, Tsipras is slated to meet Pres Rivlin and Pres Abbas (a wasted day, like I said – RB). According to a statement by Rivlin’s office, his meeting with Tsipras will mark 25 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries, and will address the strengthening of bilateral ties in a range of fields. The Greek leader of the ‘far-left’ (my sneer quotes – RB) Syriza party was elected for a second time just two months ago after his first administration collapsed when his country could not meet its exorbitant debt (sic – RB). Relations between Israel and Greece have been cool for decades, but have warmed since the premiership of George Papandreou, who was elected in 2009. The souring of relations between Israel and Turkey after the Mavi Marmara incident in May 2010 also helped Israel come closer to Greece, a historical rival of Turkey.

the tedium of the long-distance executioner

Israel’s Leviathan agrees $10b deal to export gas to Egypt
John Reed, Telegraph (UK), Nov 25 2015

Partners in Israel’s Leviathan offshore gasfield have reached a preliminary agreement to export gas to Egypt’s domestic market over 10-15 years, setting up a deal worth an estimated $10b over the period. News of a memorandum of understanding between Leviathan and Egyptian group Dolphinus lifted Israeli energy stocks on Wednesday, after a period in which their prices had been depressed by regulatory uncertainty and concerns over competition from a newly discovered “supergiant” offshore gasfield. Leviathan’s four partners, Houston-based Noble Energy and Israel’s Delek, Avner and Ratio, said that Dolphinus would purchase up to 4bcm/yr of gas over a period of up to 15 years. If completed, the deal is likely to revive hopes in Israel that its offshore gas industry can win export deals with its neighbours, something that the country’s government and gas companies have been promoting as a source of future economic growth. Yossi Abu, chief executive of Delek Drilling, said in a statement announcing the Egyptian agreement:

The regional potential is being realised, and the Israeli gas discoveries look to play a key role in shaping the regional energy market. The deal with Dolphinus is further proof of the political and economic benefits that may be derived through regional co-operation between states and energy companies.

None of the companies involved put a specific value on the contract, but Israel’s IBI investment house bank estimated that the total value of the gas sold to Egypt could be $10b. Leviathan, one of the gas industry’s biggest recent offshore finds, has been bogged down in regulatory red tape since competition issues were raised by Israel’s antitrust authority last year. Netanyahu had tried to overrule them but ran into political opposition and public protests from Israelis who felt their country was giving the gas investors too sweet a deal. Confidence in Israel’s fledgling gas sector was also hit by news that Italy’s Eni had discovered Zohr, the largest offshore field ever found in the Mediterranean, thought to contain a possible 30 trillion cu ft of gas. Separately, the Leviathan partners said they were continuing talks to seal a potentially bigger export contract, supplying BG Group’s liquefied natural gas plant in Egypt via an undersea pipeline over a 15-year period. They have already done a preliminary deal to supply Jordan’s electric power company with 3 bcm of gas over 15 years. Next year, Noble Energy and its Israeli partners are due to begin exporting gas from their smaller Tamar gasfield to Jordan’s potash and bromine operations in a separate deal. Gideon Tadmor, Avner’s CEO, said:

The gas discoveries will enable the reinforcement of Israel’s relationships with neighbouring countries and affect the lives of millions of citizens throughout the region.

On Wednesday, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange’s TA Oil & Gas Index rose 1.1%, to its highest level in three weeks.

Developers of Israel’s Leviathan field sign preliminary Egypt gas deal
Steven Scheer, Ari Rabinovitch (plus Asma al-Sharif, let’s be fair – RB), Reuters, Nov 2 2015

Natural gas from Israel’s vast Leviathan offshore gas field will be pumped to Egypt via an existing subsea pipeline for up to 15 years under a preliminary deal announced by the field’s developers on Wednesday. Leviathan, which is expected to begin production in 2019 or 2020, will supply Egypt’s Dolphinus Holdings with up to 4 bcm/yr of gas for 10 to 15 years, the companies said in a statement to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Signing a letter of intent, the two sides agreed to negotiate terms for a final deal. The price of gas is similar to other contracts and is linked to the cost of Brent oil and includes a floor price, they said. Yossi Abu, chief executive of Israel’s Delek Drilling, told Reuters:

We’ve worked with Dolphinus before and we expect to reach a final agreement quickly.

Development of Leviathan, which holds an estimated 622 bcm of gas, is being led by Texas-based Noble Energy and Delek Group through its units Delek Drilling and Avner Oil and Gas. Shares in the Delek companies were up by 1.3% in afternoon trade on Wednesday. Dolphinus is a company that represents non-governmental, industrial and commercial consumers in Egypt (this peculiarly euphemistic statement is another example of the Jewish ventriloquism to which I drew attention before – RB). Abu said:

The Egyptian market is thirsty for gas, both for domestic use and for their export facilities. There is a lot of room for cooperation there.

The gas would pass through an underwater pipeline built nearly a decade ago by East Mediterranean Gas, which oversaw an Egypt gas deal that collapsed in 2012 after months of attacks on the pipeline by militants in the country’s remote Sinai Peninsula. The companies said the new deal, which is still subject to numerous approvals, would not affect negotiations between Leviathan’s partners and Britain’s BG Group on a potential supply deal to BG’s liquefied natural gas plant in Iduku, Egypt. The two sides last year signed a preliminary supply deal for 7 bcm a year for 15 years. Egypt has said it still wants to import Israeli gas, despite Italy’s ENI discovering the large Zohr gas field off Egypt’s coast in August. Earlier this year, Dolphinus agreed a seven-year deal to buy at least $1.2b of gas from Israel’s Tamar field, near Leviathan. Abu said:

Egypt is becoming a regional hub through cooperation with the Leviathan and Tamar partners, and together with Israel and Cyprus.

A source in Egypt’s Petroleum Ministry said that companies wishing to import foreign gas must obtain state approval. It “must achieve a national interest for Egypt and must have added value for the economy”, the source said. The state, the source added, does not mind allowing private sector companies that wish to import gas for their own use or for a range of industries to use the infrastructure and facilities owned by the state in exchange for a tariff to be agreed. Leviathan’s $6b development was halted when Israel’s antitrust regulator ruled that Noble and Delek’s control of Israel’s gas reserves constituted a monopoly, leading to a dispute with Netanyahu. The regulator resigned and Economy Minister Aryeh Deri stepped down last month, giving Netanyahu control of the ministry. He is expected to give rapid approval to the deal to develop Leviathan. Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz expects Netanyahu to sign a waiver by the end of the year to bypass antitrust concerns. Jordan has also agreed to buy gas from Leviathan for 15 years, worth up to $15 billion, though the deal has yet to be finalised.

Israel’s Leviathan, Egypt’s Dolphinus to negotiate gas export deal
Niv Elis (plus Sharon Udasin, let’s be fair – RB), JPost, Nov 25 2015

The companies developing Israel’s Leviathan gas reserve on Wednesday announced an agreement to negotiate up to four million BTUs of gas to Egypt’s Dolphinus, the group that services commercial (sic, hiatus, no punctuation – RB) The sides signed a letter of intent to reach a final deal that would set a floor price for the gas and link it to the price of oil. They said they expected to reach a deal quickly on the contract, which would last 10-15 years. Delek Drilling CEO Yossi Abu said:

The regional potential is becoming a reality, an (sic – RB) Israeli gas discoveries are poised to play a key role in creating a regional energy market.

The announcement comes as Israel prepares to move ahead with a controversial outline to regulate Leviathan’s development. Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said Wednesday’s agreement proved the importance of passing the outline, which would pave the way for the Delek Group, Noble Energy, Avner Oil and Gas and Ratio to develop the field, but require Delek and Noble to sell part of their stakes. Steinitz said:

From Israel’s perspective, there is not only an economic opportunity here to develop the Leviathan field, but also for the first time to consolidate the peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan through a real economic link with real political importance.

He was referencing a $15b, 15-year plan to export gas to Jordan as well. On Wednesday, the Knesset Economic Affairs Committee discussed Netanyahu’s plan to bypass objections from the Anti-Trust Authority, which has opposed the outline. Though the committee has only advisory power, it provided a platform for politicians to air grievances about the plan, including some opposition to exporting any of the gas at all. Yafa Friedman, an expert from the Association of Sustainable economics, told the committee that Israel should keep all the gas for its own economy. Likud MK Yoav Kish shot back replied:

Without export, there will not be gas, there will not be tax revenues, there won’t be anything.

In March, Dolphinus signed an approximately 4.8 b shekel ($1.2b) deal stipulating that the 282 bcm Tamar reservoir will supply it with gas for seven years, including a minimum of 5 bcm during the first three years of the contract.

here comes your 19th ww4 :-) or, “marasmus grows stronger”

Screenshot from 2015-11-25 12-49-43

Source: El Murid73840588Just a gif – RB

“Marasmus grows stronger”… they always say this… I don’t know what it means, but I can guess…

Screenshot from 2015-11-25 16-23-20
Source: El Murid

our old friends the guardians of jayloomia, as usual carefully not targeting jews

ISIS claim hotel attack that killed seven in Sinai
Mostafa Hashem, Reuters, Nov 24 2015
Full roll-call: Mostafa Hashem, Youssry Ahmad, Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Ali Abdeladty, Ahmed Aboulenein, plus editing by the usual almost statutory two white persons – RB

CAIRO/ISMAILIA – ISIS’ Egyptian branch claimed responsibility for a bombing that killed at least seven people in a hotel in North Sinai on Tuesday where judges overseeing a parliamentary election were staying. A militant tried to drive a car bomb into the hotel in the provincial capital al-Arish before security forces opened fire, causing the car to explode, the military and a witness said. A suicide bomber broke into the hotel restaurant and blew himself up and a gunman entered the guest rooms area and killed a judge, they said. Seventeen people were wounded, the Health Ministry said. Sinai Province said in a statement circulated by its followers on Twitter:

A brother … seeking martyrdom hit with his car bomb the security force protecting the Swiss hotel where 50 judges were staying, only to be followed by a lion … who broke into the judges’ base with his automatic weapon … then blew up his explosive belt among them.

The group has carried out similar attacks in the region as part of its bid to topple the Cairo government. It said two of its members carried out the attack. The Interior Ministry said there were two attackers but the military and a witness said there were three militants. It was not immediately possible to clarify the contradiction. Two judges, four policemen and a civilian were killed, the Interior Ministry said. The military said the three militants were killed. The blasts followed Monday’s second round of voting in Egypt’s parliamentary election. Egyptian elections are monitored by the judiciary, with judges running polling stations, observing the voting and counting ballots. A military statement read:

This brutal incident is a failed attempt to hinder the state from building its institution, but we assure all that it will increase the drive and insistence of the armed forces and the Interior Ministry to weed out the roots of terrorism in North Sinai.

Swiss Inn manager Mohamed Mahana told Reuters:

The attack happened early in the morning and started with the car bomb. The security forces shot the suicide bomber and his car and his tyres blew up, but he kept driving until he got to the hotel entrance then the explosion happened. It was huge. A second suicide bomber came in through the beach and into the hotel restaurant, breaking its window, before blowing himself up. The restaurant was empty. A third attacker sneaked into the hotel through the side where the guest rooms are and shot passers-by, killing one judge before a security official officer shot him.

it’s well worth my repeating absolutely incessantly that the new masters of the world care about syria solely insofar as it acts as a transit route from iran to hezbollah

Report: Israel strikes Hezbollah positions in Syria, killing 13
Times of Israel, Nov 24 2015

Unconfirmed Syrian media reports said Tuesday that Israel carried out some four airstrikes on Syrian regime and Hezbollah positions in the area of Syria’s Qalamoun mountains on Monday night. A report by, a pro-opposition outlet, said eight Hezbollah fighters and five Syrian soldiers were killed in the raids, which hit the border region between Lebanon and Syria. It reported:

After several hours of reconnaissance flights above the area, Israeli planes suddenly launched two raids on a joint Assad forces and Hezbollah position. This was immediately followed by a third raid. The Israeli planes resumed their attack with a fourth air raid after several minutes, targeting a Hezbollah position in western Qalamoun.

The report said there were “dozens” injured in the airstrikes, four of them critically. The wounded were transferred to local hospitals for treatment. Israel Has launched a series of air raids on Syrian soil since the Syrian civil war began in Mar 2011, supposedly aimed at preventing advanced weapons shipments from Iran from reaching arch-enemy Hezbollah via Syria. It has never admitted to being behind these operations, but it has repeatedly warned that it will not permit Hezbollah to obtain what it calls “game-changing” advanced weaponry. On Nov 11, an alleged Israeli raid was reported near Damascus airport in Syrian media. The reports were unconfirmed but according to Syrian opposition groups, the target was a weapons shipment likely intended for Hezbollah, Israel’s Channel 10 said. In April, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon also declared that Israel would not let Iran equip Hezbollah with advanced weapons, but without discussing an alleged airstrike that reportedly hit a surface-to-surface missile depot the day before. In September, Netanyahu met with Pres Putin in an effort to avoid military confrontations in Syria. He said:

I told Putin in no uncertain terms that Israel will not tolerate Tehran’s efforts to arm Israel’s enemies in the region, and that Jayloomia has taken and will continue to take action against any such attempts. This is our right and also our duty. There were no objections to our rights and to what I said. On the contrary, there was readiness to make sure that whatever Russia’s intentions for Syria, Russia will not be a partner in extreme actions by Iran against us.

because trump is a godsend for hillary this person, who infuriatingly wants his name to be spelled “neetzan”, is effectively a huge fan of trump

Trump campaign manager: Media suppressing proof of 9/11 claim
Nitzan Zimmerman, The Hill, Nov 24 2015

Donald Trump’s campaign on Tuesday continued to double down on the real estate mogul’s controversial claim that he saw “thousands and thousands” of Pindosi Muslims cheering in New Jersey following the 9/11 attacks. Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski told Breitbart News, as first reported by Right-Wing Watch:

For the mainstream media to go out and say that this didn’t happen is just factually inaccurate. We have provided local media outlets that have covered it. We provided many opportunities for them to go and see it but they have their own agenda, the media has their own agenda. They want to try and discredit as many people as possible, so they can have an establishment candidate come in and think that everything is going to be the same, because they are all controlled by the special interests and they are all controlled by the media and that is what the Pindosi sheeple is just so tired of.

Trump started a firestorm when he first made the claim over the weekend, and he has stood by the comments on several occasions, even though several fact-checkers concluded that the incident did not occur as described is completely fictitious. Trump previously cited a WaPo article from the week after the attacks as proof of his claim, but the author of the article has publicly opposed the use of his story as supporting evidence.

In some peculiarly Pindosi way, Carson makes Trump look intelligent by contrast:

Carson blames the media for 9/11 mistake
Nick Gass, Politico, Nov 24 2015

Ben Carson continued to walk back his assertion of Monday night that like Donald Trump, he also saw video footage of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating the collapse of the WTC on 9/11, blaming the media in the process for having “an agenda.” He told Fox ‘News’ bimbo Megan Kelly:

Well… What we were talking about was the reaction of Muslims after the 9/11 attack, and if they were in a celebratory mood. And you know, I was really focusing on that it was an inappropriate thing to do, no matter where they were. They asked me: Did I see the film? I did see the film. I don’t know where they were, but I did see a film of Muslims celebrating. And I was making the point that it was inappropriate.

Asked whether he would admit to a lack of caution in answering the question from reporters, Carson said:

Yeah… Yeah… I thought we were just talking about the fact that Muslims were inappropriately celebrating. I didn’t know that they had an agenda behind the question.

Carson then said that he had not heard Trump’s remarks, in which he claimed to have seen “thousands” of people “cheering” and tailgating across the river from the smouldering rubble of the twin towers in lower Manhattan. Trump’s special counsel Trump’s Jewish mouthpiece Michael Cohen told CNN New Day on Tuesday morning:

Whether it’s thousands and thousands, or a thousand people, or even just one person, the number is irrelevant.

During a press availability earlier Monday in Nevada, a reporter asked Carson:

Dr Carson, were Pindosi Muslims in New Jersey cheering on 9/11 when the towers fell? Did you hear about that or see that?

Carson said he had. Asked to expand on that, Carson gave a generic response in which he said that there would always be people responding “inappropriately to virtually everything,” but at length he said:

I saw the film of it. Yeah.

Another reporter asked:

In New Jersey?

Carson replied in the affirmative, adding that he had seen the film of people celebrating, “the newsreels.” Later, Carson spox told ABC News that its candidate was referring to footage he saw originating in the Middle East, not New Jersey. Spox Doug Watts told the network:

He was rather thinking of the protests going on in the Middle East, and some of the demonstrations that were going on in celebration of the towers going down.

here, the chinless wonder demonstrates the maximum degree of doin’ the deniability tango, that is, he rams it right down your throat, and why not? after all, hitler bla bla bla all over again, whether you’re left or right: if you’re jewish, you’re sure covered for insurance in advance of it not happening

How Western Militarists Are Playing Into the Hands of ISIS
Max Blumenthal, AlterNet, Nov 16 2015

The Islamic extremists who killed over 125 Parisians on Nov 14 were heartless murderers, but they were also political operators implementing a carefully conceived strategy. A Feb 2015 article in Dabiq offers a clear window into their agenda. Published in the immediate aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre the essay, titled “The Extinction of the Grayzone,” argues:

The presence of the Khilafa magnifies the political, social, economic, and emotional impact of any operation carried out by the mujahadin against the enraged crusaders. This magnified impact compels the crusaders to actively destroy the grayzone themselves, the zone in which many of the hypocrites and deviant innovators living in the West are hiding.

Here, ISIS revealed its intention to unravel the fabric of Western civil society, what it calls the “grayzone”, by provoking governments into carrying out disproportionate military reprisals and adopting draconian security measures. Once repression and Islamophobia in Western societies reaches sufficiently unbearable levels, they write:

The Muslims in the West will quickly find themselves between one of two choices: they either apostatize and adopt the kufri religion propagated by Bush, Obama, Blair, Cameron, Sarkozy and Hollande under the name of ‘Islam’ so as to live amongst the kuffar without hardship, or they perform hijrah to the Islamic State, and thereby escape persecution from the crusader governments and citizens.

In the mind of the Dabiq author, who appears to be among the ideological vanguard of ISIS, the West’s descent into full-blown fascism will force Muslim immigrants to flee for the sanctuary provided by the Islamic State. To bring this scenario to fruition, ISIS has aimed to cultivate favourable terrain for the Western political elements most likely to incite against Muslims, campaign for repressive surveillance laws, and ultimately play out an apocalyptic clash of civilizations. ISIS is doing everything in its power to propel the militarists who are also seeking to extinguish the grayzone. The reactions to the Paris attacks by influential political actors across the West suggest that ISIS may have gotten exactly the result it wants. Vowing a “pitiless war,” Hollande ordered a series of airstrikes around the ISIS-controlled city of Raqqa. Convincing himself that another bombing run over the smouldering ruins of Syria would do anything to improve France’s security, Hollande clearly ignored the final words of one of the gunmen who massacred theatre-goers in Paris:

Hollande should not have intervened in Syria!

But with mainstream French conservatives like Laurent Qauquiez calling for placing thousands of terror suspects in an internment camps, Hollande may have had no political space need to act rationally. Suggesting the surveillance laws rammed through parliament this year were not sweeping enough, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve proposed the dissolution of French mosques where “hate is preached.” As Poland abruptly pulled out of the EU refugee resettlement plan, neo-fascists Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen called for ending all immigration to Europe. In Pindostan, where Republican Michigan Governor Rick Snyder suddenly rescinded plans to take in Syrian refugees, right-wing pundits exploited the Paris attacks to lash out at everyone from gun control advocates to college students demonstrating for racial justice. Major pro-Israel lobbying organizations and news outlets seized the opportunity to link the massacre in Paris to Plastelina solidarity activism, even though no such connection exists. Among the most disturbing reactions to the attacks is this tweet from neocon David Frum, a call to “repatriate the Middle Eastern mass migration of the last two years … because unemployed and alienated 2nd generation populations are so susceptible to radicalization and violence”:

With his demand for the expulsion of millions of Muslims from Europe back to the moonscape of Syria, Frum is unwittingly agitating for the same goal that ISIS outlined in Dabiq: “They will perform hijrah to the Islamic State.” Frum has been much more than a passive observer of the rise of ISIS. As a speech-writer for Bush 43, he crafted the notorious phrase “Axis of Evil” which Bush deployed in his 2002 State of the Union address to link Saddam Hussein’s Iraq to AQ. A year later, Pindostan invaded Iraq on pretenses fabricated by Frum and his neocon fellow-travellers fellows, transforming a formerly stable Arab state into a sectarian meat-grinder and setting the stage for the rise of ISIS. After leaving the Bush administration, in 2004 Frum published An End To Evil with Richard Perle, the neocon former Pentagon official who pushed for regime change in Iraq. The book reads like a mirror inverse of Dabiq, arguing for the application of total violence to purge the world of evil. Frum and Perle demand regime change in North Korea, the toppling of the Iranian regime, an invasion of Libya and the termination of the Plastelinan bid for statehood. So far, only two of their radical fantasies have been fulfilled. On the home front, they urged the creation of a panopticon-style surveillance regime and implementation of political criteria for denying citizenship to immigrants. The only regret the two expressed over the failed invasion of Iraq was that the disgraced con-artist Ahmed Chalabi had not been installed as the country’s provisional leader.

Neither Frum nor Perle nor any of the Bush administration figures behind the war on Iraq faced any consequences for the destruction they wreaked. Instead, they have been rewarded with cushy fellowships at think-tanks propaganda mills like the AEI, or been called on to advise Republican presidential candidates. Others made fortunes on reconstruction contracts, took prestigious academic posts and led international financial institutions. Frum was eventually hired as senior editor at the putatively liberal Atlantic Magazine. In March, the Atlantic published a widely read cover story glowingly portraying the criminal mafia of ISIS as an authentic embodiment of orthodox Islamic theology, exactly as it has marketed itself. Billions of dollars have been spent and hundreds of thousands of lives lost in the GWOT. At every step of the way, Western governments have played directly into the hands of Islamic extremists, falling for their ploys and fuelling their ambitions. As Osama Bin Laden tauntingly proclaimed back in 2004:

All that we have to do is to send two mujahadin to the furthest point east to raise a piece of cloth on which is written “Al-Qaeda” in order to make the generals race there, to cause Pindostan to suffer human, economic, and political losses without their achieving for it anything of note other than some benefits for their private companies.

For the handful of ideologues guiding the forever war, those personal and political benefits justified the price of failure. After the latest assault on Paris, it’s not surprising to see them clamouring for more force, more surveillance, more silence from progressives, and more airtime for themselves. As they occupy the political center, the grayzone fades to black.

Now, or later when you have more time, I invite you to read this detailed critique of the above, even though it does not affect the essence of my original point: this author is no closer than Blumenthal to acknowledging the truth, viz that these are all pseudo-gangs anyway, however and wherever they seem to have started – RB

Paris: Made in Libya, not Syria?
Peter Lee, Asia Times, Nov 24 2015

One notes an apparent shortage of cui bono to ISIL from the Paris outrage, unless the thinking of the leadership runs to: “It would be an excellent idea to focus the fury of the West upon us here in Iraq, instead of laying low and letting the West go along with the GCC/Turkish plan of quagmiring Russia in Syria.” In fact, it doesn’t make too much sense, which in my opinion is why you see a lot of metaphysical hand-waving that the real motive for the attacks was to erase the Muslim “grey zone,” provoke a fatal over-reaction from the West, contribute to the agonies of the Syrian refugees in Europe, rend the time-space continuum and thereby bring the Crusaders to their knees, etcetera. Media and analyst coverage alike appear determined to overlay a profitable traffic-building and mission-enhancing narrative of “Western civilization under attack by ISIL.” They ignore the factors that point to the attack as a murderous local initiative, not by ISIL or the mythical immigrant threat, but by alienated Muslim citizens of the EU. The rhetoric of righteous, united fury against a monstrosity committed by the external “other” is perhaps easier to digest than the awkward theme of national minorities committing extreme acts of violence against societies they believe oppress and marginalize them. So we get lots about the horrors of ISIL and relatively little about the rather eye-opening estimate that 70% of the prison population of France is Muslim. Only 8% of the population of France is Muslim.

I suppose it would be churlish to explore the issue of blowback from French penal and social policies at this juncture, but there is some interesting data that places the alleged and now apparently deceased mastermind, Abd’el-Hamid Aba-Aoud, in context concerning the degree of his allegiance to ISIL. Aba-Aoud, a citizen of Belgium of Moroccan descent, was well known as a violent radical miscreant linked to an Islamic cell in Verviers that did all sorts of mean, murderous things. As far as Belgian and French authorities were concerned, he had been an item long before Paris. The Daily Mail reported in Jan 2015 on a raid in Verviers, Belgium, the one Aba-Aoud famously evaded:

The Belgian terror cell linked to ISIS which was raided by police overnight, was plotting to either take a passenger bus hostage or behead a member of Belgian authority such as a policeman or a magistrate, according to local media reports.

So, in January Aba-Aoud was going to behead a policeman, or maybe hijack a passenger bus. After Aba-Aoud was linked to the Paris outrage, the Verviers activities were retroactively upgraded to “major terrorist attack”:

Aba-Aoud was the main target of a major police raid on a terrorist cell in Verviers, Belgium, in January in which two Jihadis were killed. It was carried out within days of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, though police said the two events were not linked. In July he was sentenced to 20 years in absentia, along with 32 other Jihadis. The Belgian cell was said to have been planning a major terrorist attack, including abducting and beheading a prominent law enforcement official and posting a video of it online. Police believe Aba-Aoud helped arrange a terrorist attack on an Amsterdam to Paris train on Aug 21, which was thwarted by four passengers including British businessman Chris Norman. The French newspaper Liberation claimed he was in contact with Ayoub El-Khazzani, the man who opened fire in a carriage of the train before he was overwhelmed by passengers.

For some perspective on whether or not the November outrage in Paris could be ginned up locally, as opposed to orchestrated out of Raqqa, the January Daily Mail article reminds us of how the Charlie Hedbo attackers acquired their gear:

Police said earlier this week that automatic weapons and a rocket launcher used in the Charlie Hebdo and Kosher supermarket attacks in Paris were purchased from Belgian gangs. The Scorpion machine gun and the Tokarev handgun used by Amedy Coulibaly during his attack on the kosher supermarket which resulted in the deaths of four Jewish Parisians came from Brussels and Charleroi. And the Kalashnikovs and rocket launchers used by the Kouachi brothers to attack the offices of the Charlie Hebdo magazine, killing 12, were purchased by Coulibay near the Gare du Midi in Brussels for less than £4k.

Apparently you can go down to the train station in Brussels and purchase a rocket launcher. A recent Reuters story guessed the costs for the Paris attacks at perhaps $7k5. Is Abd’el-Hamid Aba-Aoud merely a radicalized Euro-thug of Moroccan descent, or is he ISIS’s chosen instrument for the destruction of Western civilization? The indispensable first stop is the blog of a Belgian researcher, Pieter van Ostaeyen. He writes about radicalized Belgian Muslims. Back in January he had a post that mentioned Abd’el-Hamid Aba-Aoud:

It seems fair to state that there is a rather strong connection between an important part of the Belgian ISIS fighters and the supposedly Libyan brigade of ISIS. After the foiled attacks in Verviers in Belgium on Jan 8 2015, it became clear that the main suspect Abd’el-Hamid Aba-Aoud can be linked directly to this group. His little brother Younes (aged 14 and hence probably the youngest foreign fighter in Syria) has been portrayed multiple times in the ranks of Libyan fighters in Syria.

Van Ostaeyen has a lot of interesting pictures from social media about the “supposedly Libyan brigade of ISIS,” which goes by the name “Katibat al-Battar al-Libi.” Van Ostaeyen’s most remarkable find is a photograph of a list of martyrs from the brigade, including the names of eight fighters surnamed “el-Belgiki,” presumably because they were from Belgium. That’s about 20% of the fatalities listed. Van Ostaeyen’s also quoted in a post-Paris NYT backgrounder which provides an interesting insight on why Aba-Aoud might fall in with a Libyan outfit:

Abd’el-Hamid Aba-Aoud is suspected of being a leader of a branch of the ISIS in Syria called Katibat al-Battar al-Libi, which has its origins in Libya. This particular branch has attracted many Belgian fighters because of language and cultural ties, said Pieter van Ostaeyen, who tracks Belgian militants. Many Belgian Muslims are of Moroccan origin, he said, and speak a dialect found in eastern Morocco that is similar to a Libyan dialect. Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi of the Middle East Forum in Washington, said there was no evidence yet that the Paris attacks had been ordered by Adnani or al-Baghdadi. But he added that the soldiers of the Libyan branch that includes Aba-Aoud have played a prominent role in exporting violence. One of their tasks, he said, has been to organize plots that “involved foreign fighters, sleeper cells in Europe that were connected with an operative inside of Syria and Iraq, usually in a lower to mid-level position.”

At the end of his January blog post, van Ostaeyen links to a piece by Aymenn al-Tamimi (who’s also quoted in the NYT piece above) on Joshua Landis’ website. There you can find, in a brief 2014 piece about Katibat al-Battar al-Libi:

This group, which has existed at least since the summer of last year, is the Libyan division of ISIS, despite false rumours that the battalion had defected to Jabhat al-Nusra. Libya itself has been a big source of Muhajirin in both Iraq and Syria over the past decade, so the fact that there is a battalion devoted to recruiting Libyan fighters should come as no surprise. The existence of Katiba al-Bittar al-Libi as a front group for ISIS perhaps reflects a wider pro-ISIS trend across central North Africa with the Ansar ash-Shari’a movements in Tunisia and Libya.

This military formation which Aba-Aoud fought with, predates the emergence of ISIS by at least a year. The Carnegie Endowment in a Mar 2015 report discussed the formation as “the Battar Brigade” and indicated that it was rather deeply embedded in the Islamist social, political, and financial matrix of post-Gaddafi Libya:

Libyans had already begun travelling to fight in Syria in 2011, joining existing Jihadi factions or starting their own. In 2012, one group of Libyans in Syria declared the establishment of the Battar Brigade, in a statement laden with anti-Shi’a sectarianism. The Battar Brigade founders also thanked “the citizens of Derna,” a city in north-eastern Libya long known as a hotbed of radical Islamism, for their support for the struggle in Syria. In Apr 2014, the Battar Brigade announced the “martyrdom” of 25 of its fighters in a Nusra suicide attack on an ISIS location. In the spring of 2014, many Battar Brigade fighters returned to Libya. In Derna, they reorganized themselves as the Islamic Youth Shura Council (IYSC). In Sep 2014, an ISIS delegation including the Yemeni Abu al-Bara al-Azdi and the Saudi Abu Habib al-Jazrawi arrived in Libya. After being received by the IYSC, they collected pledges of allegiance to ISIS caliph al-Baghdadi from IYSC-aligned fighters in Derna. They then declared eastern Libya to be a province of ISIS, calling it Wilayat Barqa, or Cyrenaica Province. Subsequently, it fought for ISIS in both Syria and Iraq, including against its AQ rivals.

Katibat al-Battar al-Libi, in other words, was formed as a rather bloody piece of outreach by Libyan Islamists to share Libya experience in insurrection and revolution with Syria.  After ISIS arose and became a dominant military and financial force, the “KBL” threw in their lot with ISIS, and members of the brigade subsequently returned to Libya to establish an ISIS beachhead. A Jul 2015 study by Small Arms Survey confirms the autonomous character of Katibat al-Battar al-Libi:

While the uncertain relationship between Nusra and ISIS was being clarified, Libyans stayed outside the fray, remaining in their own units and not integrating into other ISIS hierarchies or command structures. In Latakia for instance, Libyans kept their own separate battalion (The Daily Star, 2013). As the split between Nusra and ISIS deepened, Libyans chose ISIS but remained apart, forming the Katibat al-Battar al-Libiya under the auspices of ISIS. Since its formation, the KBL has been active in eastern Syria, notably in al-Hasakah and Deir az-Zor. The battalion maintained links with Ansar al-Sharia in Libya, an early and prominent supporter of ISIS. Ansar al-Sharia proved to be an excellent recruiting tool, and played a role in the arrival of many Libyans in Syria prior to 2014.

And who is Ansar al-Sharia in Libya?  Via The Telegraph:

Washington believes the group is responsible for the 2012 attack on their consulate in Benghazi that killed the ambassador and three other Pindosis. In November, the UN blacklisted Ansar al-Sharia Benghazi and its sister group, Ansar al-Sharia Derna, over links to AQ and for running camps for ISIS.

So there you have your soundbite. “The Paris outrage: Made in Libya.” Not Syria. And brought to us by the people who killed Christopher Stevens in Benghazi. I am sure that Hillary Clinton is grateful to the French police for botching the raid to capture Aba-Aoud, pumping 5000 rounds into his apartment instead of capturing him. Otherwise, he might have become a lively topic of interest and curiosity, and the right wing could have cooked off the Benghazi munitions through election day. For that matter, it seems unlikely that the governments of the West, or the media cheerleaders thirsting for a rousing good vs evil narrative, are very interested in exploring the morally fraught-issue of blowback from the spectacular Libyan disaster, either.

To sum up: the alleged and now reportedly deceased architect of the Paris attacks, Abd’el-Hamid Aba-Aoud, did not fight “for ISIS.” He fought “with” Katibat al-Battar al-Libi, a Libyan outfit whose presence in Syria predates that of ISIS. Even after Katibat al-Battar al-Libi decided to pledge allegiance to ISIS, it retained its independent identity. And it would appear unlikely that Aba-Aoud, as a European of Moroccan descent, would be a central figure in the brigade, whose personnel, funding, and mission seem to have largely emanated from Libya. Despite his seemingly junior status in an autonomous militia, it is possible that Aba-Aoud was recruited by al-Baghdadi to commit the Paris outrage. But foreign fighters flock to Syria not only to accumulate general Jihadi merit, but also to acquire skills they could apply in their own struggles. And Aba-Aoud may have gone to the Syrian war zone to hook up with an extremely capable Libyan outfit and acquire the experience and connections to fulfil his own ambitions for mayhem in Europe, and not necessarily to support the global or even local objectives of ISIS. So it is by no means axiomatic that Aba-Aoud returned to Europe with the mission to execute a high-level ISIS strategy. Instead, Aba-Aoud might have been an angry guy with the skills, resources, and inclination to commit mass murder on his own kick. The police were already after him big time after the Verviers raid in January. We are now told that Aba-Aoud was “on” or a “candidate for” a spot on the drone assassination assignment list, though I wonder if this is post hoc ass-covering. But maybe he and his friends decided to pull the pin and go out in a big way. I doubt we’ll ever get the full story, but “Paris: Made in Libya” is an honest hook.

the shootdown is part of the global ZOG script. giraldi is just doin’ that deniability tango, like all “ex” intelligence officers habitually do, to retain their old friends, and why not?

Erdoğan may want to derail the alliance against ISIS and thus weaken Assad
Phil Giraldi, Pindo Conservative, Nov 24 2015

The shooting down of a Russian fighter plane by a Turkish F-16 is an extremely disturbing turn of events. Turkey claims that the Su-24 had violated its airspace and had not responded to repeated warnings before the armed response took place. The Russians for their part claim that they were operating in Syrian airspace with the concurrence of the Damascus government. Pres Putin appeared on Russian television shortly after the plane went down and was clearly furious, denouncing a “stab in the back by the terrorists’ accomplices” and warning that there would be “severe consequences.” Sergei Lavrov cancelled a planned Wednesday visit to Ankara. The shootdown will have repercussions. It will inevitably involve some kind of response from NATO, while also rendering the creation of any grand alliance against ISIS much less likely. Turkey has produced a map indicating where the violation of airspace allegedly took place. If the map is accurate, it was over a finger of land two miles wide that juts into Syria. The map and Turkish commentary relating to it suggest that the incursion occurred when the Russian plane crossed the border, but there is perhaps inevitably a problem with that account. A fighter travelling at even subsonic speed would have passed over the Turkish territory in roughly twelve seconds, which rather suggests that there would not have been time for any “repeated warnings.” Then there is the problem with where the plane actually came down. Admittedly the aircraft would not necessarily plummet straight down to mark the spot where it was hit, but the remains appear to have wound up comfortably inside Syria. A video of the plane’s downing also seems to show it being hit and then going directly down.

There is also the question of who gave the order to fire, and why. The Turks have been complaining about Russian aircraft coming too close to the border, and there has been inflammatory media coverage about alleged bombings of the ethnically Turkish Turkmen tribes who live in the area on the Syrian side. But given the political sensitivity of what is occurring along the Turkey-Syria border, one would have to suspect that any decision to take decisive action came from the top levels of the government in Ankara. UKUSA, French and Russian airplanes are all operating over northern Syria. None of those planes can be construed as being hostile to Turkey, while the terrorist and rebel groups have no air forces. Why a relatively minor incursion, if it indeed took place, would warrant a shootdown has to be questioned, unless it was actually a Turkish plan to engage a Russian plane as soon as it could be plausibly claimed that there had been a violation of airspace. Why would the Turks do that? Because Russia is supporting Assad, apparently with considerable success, and Turkey has been extremely persistent in their demands that he be removed. Assad is seen by Turkey, rightly or wrongly, as a supporter of Kurdish militancy along the long and porous border with Turkey. This explains why Ankara has been lukewarm in its support of the campaign against ISIS, tacitly cooperating with the terrorist group while at the same time focusing its own military effort against the Kurds, which it sees as an existential threat directed against the unity of the Turkish Republic. Would Erdogan do something so reckless? Only he knows for sure, but if his objective was to derail the creation of a unified front against terrorist and rebel groups in Syria and thereby weaken the regime in Damascus, he might just believe that the risk was worth the potential gain.

i dare say i would have more readers if i pretended to see hope in the plastelinan struggle

Bibi to Jackass: There will be no settlement freeze
Itamar Eichner, Ynet, Bov 24 2015

66543560100183640360noJackass & Bibi before the meeting (Photo: Alex Kolomowiski)

The PMO spox said ‘off-the-record'(“An Israeli diplomatic source”):

Bibi let Jackass know that there is not now, and will not be in the future, any building freeze in the settlements. Bibi emphasized that if the international community expects building permits for Plastelinans, then Israel expects recognition for building in the settlement blocs. Bibi told Jackass that his first condition for the return to normal economic and security conditions is an end to the violence and a return of quiet. Bibi let Jackass know that any advancement of Plastelinan civil infrastructure programs will be directly proportional to the decrease in violence. Bibi blamed the recent violence on religious incitement in Plastelinan social media, mainly around the issue of the Temple Mount, and blamed the PA for taking an active role in the incitement.

The PMO spox concluded, ‘on-the-record’:

Bibi and Jackass discussed a variety of regional security matters, including the conflict in Syria and ISIS. The two discussed a series of possible steps that would help put an end to the current terror wave. The two also discussed possible ways to strengthen security ties between the countries in light of the unstable security situation in the region.

Displaying his usual state of zombied-out, progressive confusion and dissociation from reality at a press conference in Jayloomia this morning, Jackass managed to stammer out:

No people anywhere should live with daily violence, with attacks in the streets, with knives or scissors or cars. It is very clear to us that the terrorism, these acts of terrorism which have been taking place have deserved the condemnation that they are receiving, and today I expressed my complete condemnation for any act of terror that takes innocent lives and disrupts the day-to-day life of a nation. Israel has every right in the world to defend itself and it has an obligation to defend itself and it will and it is. (sic)

Bibi pontificated, pretty much as usual:

There can be no peace when we have an onslaught of terror, not here, not anywhere else in the world which is experiencing this same assault by militant Islamists and the forces of terror. Israel is fighting these forces every hour. We’re fighting them directly, against the terrorists themselves.

I think the brainwashed Pindo masses are supposed to perceive Assad and Russia from now on as proxies for the terrorists, whatever that means, ie nothing actually, but to the brainwashers everything is a casus belli against humanity until we are extinct – RB


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