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New Declassified CIA Memo Presents Blueprint for Syrian Regime Collapse
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Feb 26 2017

A newly declassified CIA document explored multiple scenarios of Syrian regime collapse at a time when Hafez al-Assad’s government was embroiled in a covert “dirty war” with Israel and the West, and in the midst of a diplomatic crisis which marked an unprecedented level of isolation for Syria. The 24-page formerly classified memo entitled Syria: Scenarios of Dramatic Political Change was produced in Jul 1986 and had high-level distribution within the Reagan administration and to agency directors, including presidential advisers, the NSC and the Pindo ambassador to Syria. The memo appears in the CIA’s latest CREST release (CIA Records Search Tool) of over 900,000 recently declassified documents. The memo’s cover letter, drafted by the CIA’s Director of Global Issues, introduces the purpose of presenting “a number of possible scenarios that could lead to the ouster of Pres Assad or other dramatic change in Syria.” It further curiously warns:

Because the analysis out of context is susceptible to misunderstanding, external distribution has been severely restricted.

The report’s narrowed distribution list (sent to specific named national security heads, not entire agencies) indicates that it was considered at the highest levels of the Reagan administration. The intelligence report’s contents contain some striking passages which seem remarkably consistent with events as they unfolded decades later at the start of the Syrian war in 2011:

Although we judge that fear of reprisals and organizational problems make a second Sunni challenge unlikely, an excessive government reaction to minor outbreaks of Sunni dissidence might trigger large-scale unrest. In most instances the regime would have the resources to crush a Sunni opposition movement, but we believe widespread violence among the populace could stimulate large numbers of Sunni officers and conscripts to desert or munity, setting the stage for civil war.

The “second Sunni challenge” is a reference to the Syrian government’s prior long running war against a Muslim Brotherhood insurgency which culminated in the 1982 Hama Massacre. Underestimating the nationalist appeal of the Ba’ath, the report envisions a renewal and exploitation of sectarian fault-lines, pitting Syria’s Sunni population against its Alawi leadership:

Sunnis make up 60% of the Syrian officer corps but are concentrated in junior officer ranks; enlisted men are predominantly Sunni conscripts. We believe that a renewal of communal violence between Alawis and Sunnis could inspire Sunnis in the military to turn against the regime.

The possibility of the Muslim Brotherhood spearheading another future armed insurgency leading to regime change is given extensive focus. While the document’s tone suggests this as a long term future scenario, as the Brotherhood suffered overwhelming defeat and went completely underground in Syria by the mid-1980s, it is considered one of the top three “most likely” drivers of regime change. The other scenarios include “Succession Power Struggle” and “Military Reverses Spark a Coup.” The potential for revival of the Muslim Brotherhood’s “militant faction” is introduced in the following:

Although the Muslim Brotherhood’s suppression drastically reduced armed dissidence, we judge a significant potential still exists for another Sunni opposition movement. In part the Brotherhood’s role was to exploit and orchestrate opposition activity by other organized groups. … These groups still exist, and under proper leadership they could coalesce into a large movement …young professionals who formed the base of support for the militant faction of the Muslim Brotherhood, and remnants of the Brotherhood itself who could become leaders in a new Sunni opposition movement.

The Brotherhood’s role is seen as escalating the potential for initially small Sunni protest movements to morph into violent sectarian civil war:

Sunni dissidence has been minimal since Assad crushed the Muslim Brotherhood in the early 1980s, but deep-seated tensions remain, keeping alive the potential for minor incidents to grow into major flareups of communal violence. … Excessive government force in quelling such disturbances might be seen by Sunnis as evidence of a government vendetta against all Sunnis, precipitating even larger protests by other Sunni groups. Mistaking the new protests as a resurgence of the Muslim Brotherhood, the government would step up its use of force and launch violent attacks on a broad spectrum of Sunni community leaders as well as on those engaged in protests. Regime efforts to restore order would founder if government violence against protestors inspired broad-based communal violence between Alawis and Sunnis.

The CIA report describes the final phase of an evolving sectarian war which witnesses the influx of fighters and weapons from neighboring countries. Consistent with a 1983 secret report that called for a covert operation to utilize Iraq as a base of attack on Syria, the 1986 analysis says:

A general campaign of Alawi violence against Sunnis might push even moderate Sunnis to join the opposition. Remnants of the Muslim Brotherhood, some returning from exile in Iraq, could provide a core of leadership for the movement. Although the regime has the resources to crush such a venture, we believe brutal attacks on Sunni civilians might prompt large numbers of Sunni officers and conscripts to desert or stage mutinies in support of dissidents, and Iraq might supply them with sufficient weapons to launch a civil war.

While the document is primarily a theoretical exploration projecting scenarios of Syrian regime weakening and collapse (its purpose is analysis and not necessarily policy), the authors admit of its “purposefully provocative” nature (see their Preface) and closes with a list desired outcomes. One provocative outcome describes a pliant “Sunni regime” serving Pindo economic interests:

In our view, Pindo interests would be best served by a Sunni regime controlled by business-oriented moderates. Business moderates would see a strong need for Western aid and investment to build Syria’s private economy, thus opening the way for stronger ties to Western governments.

Ironically, the Syrian government would accuse Pindostan and its vassals of covert subversion within Syria after a string of domestic bombings created diplomatic tensions during the mid-1980’s. According to Patrick Seale’s landmark book, Asad of Syria: The Struggle for the Middle East, 1986 was a year that marked Syria’s greatest isolation among world powers as multiple diplomatic crises and terror events put Syria more and more out in the cold. The year included “the Hindawi affair”, a Syrian intelligence sponsored attempt to hijack and bomb an El Al flight to Tel Aviv, and may or may not have involved Nezar Hindawi working as a double agent on behalf of Israel. The foiled plot brought down international condemnation on Syria and lives on as one of the more famous and bizarre terror conspiracies in history. Not only were Syria and Israel once again generally on the brink of war in 1986, but a string of “dirty tricks” tactics were being utilized by Syria and its regional enemies to shape diplomatic outcomes primarily in Lebanon and Jordan. In Mar-Apr 1986, months prior to the distribution of the CIA memo, a string of still largely unexplained car bombs rocked Damascus and at least 5 towns throughout Syria, leaving over 200 civilians dead in the most significant wave of attacks since the earlier 1979-82 war with the Muslim Brotherhood (also see BBC News recount the attacks). Patrick Seale’s book speculates of the bombings:

It may not have been unconnected that in late 1985 the NSC’s Colonel Oliver North and Shimon Peres’s counter-terrorism expert the Mossad’s Amiram Nir set up a dirty tricks outfit to strike back at the alleged sponsors of Middle East terrorism.

The casual reader of the document will immediately recognize strategic thinking on Syria that looks much the same as what is revealed in national security memos produced decades later in the run-up to the current war in Syria. When Pindo cables or intelligence papers talk regime change in Syria, they usually strategize in terms of exploiting sectarian fault-lines. In a sense, this is the Pindo national security bureaucracy’s fall-back approach to Syria. One well-known example is contained in a Dec 2006 State Dept cable sent from the embassy in Syria. The cable’s stated purpose is to explore Syrian regime vulnerabilities and weaknesses to exploit, in similar fashion to the 1986 CIA memo:

Play on Sunni fears of Iranian influence. There are fears in Syria that the Iranians are active in both Shia proselytizing and conversion of, mostly poor, Sunnis. Though often exaggerated, such fears reflect an element of the Sunni community in Syria that is increasingly upset by and focused on the spread of Iranian influence in their country through activities ranging from mosque construction to business.

Another section of the same cable explains precisely the same scenario laid out in the 1986 memo in describing the increased “possibility of a self-defeating over-reaction” on the part of the regime.:

Encourage rumors and signals of external plotting. The regime is intensely sensitive to rumors about coup-plotting and restlessness in the security services and military. Regional allies like Egypt and the Toads should be encouraged to meet with figures like Khaddam and Rif’at Asad as a way of sending such signals, with appropriate leaking of the meetings afterwards. This again touches on this insular regime’s paranoia and increases the possibility of a self-defeating over-reaction.

Ironically, Rif’at Asad and Khaddam are both mentioned extensively in the 1986 memo as key players during a speculative future “Succession Power Struggle.” While the 1986 CIA report makes a case in its concluding paragraph for “a Sunni regime controlled by business-oriented moderates,” the authors acknowledge that the collapse of the Ba’ath state could actually usher in the worst of all possible outcomes for Faschingstein and the region: “religious zealots” might seek to establish “an Islamic Republic”. The words take on a new and special importance now, after the rise of Daesh:

Although Syria’s secular traditions would make it extremely difficult for religious zealots to establish an Islamic Republic, should they succeed they would likely deepen hostilities with Israel and provide support and sanctuary to terrorists groups.

What continues to unfold in Syria has apparently surpassed even the worst case scenarios of intelligence planners in the 1980’s. Tinkering with regime change has proven itself to be the most dangerous of all games.

despite its title, this ends with a detailed discussion of commodities (omitted)

Trump And Russia: Just Pointing Out The Obvious
Chris, Capitalist Exploits, Feb 26 2017

Chairman Trump may well be a child in a man’s body, erratic, lacking in finesse, as articulate as a gangsta rapper, contradictory, and missing the cognitive functions allowing one to think before acting. But he does seem smart enough to have thought a little about Russia. Thought alone is a welcome surprise from Washington. The establishment for their part are fuming! First their rice bowls are at risk, and to top it off they’re now publicly mocked. To egomaniacs this is worse than acne to a prom queen. As I mentioned a couple weeks back the mockery has come thick and fast:

CNBC’s John Hardwood decided to conduct a Twitter poll to see who the Pindo sheeple trusted when it came to the DNC hacks. Did they believe Wikileaks, who deny Russian involvement, or do they believe the intelligence community who has blamed Russia despite ZERO hard evidence being shown to the public? The results were shocking, and it stunned the media elite!

The absurdity over Russia has turned into a social meme. Few buy the narrative and those that do increasingly find mainstream thinking to be questioned.




Instead of allowing ourselves to be caught in the back and forth about Russia let’s try understand who’s saying what and why. The implications for capital flows could be worthwhile. Without a Russian threat the need for NATO is … well, jeez Louise, there isn’t one. After all, NATO doesn’t need Eurofighters to deal with angry Algerian teenagers. They were built to do combat with Ivan. What if Ivan isn’t the threat they need him to be? Europe (and NATO) actually need weapons designed for a knife fight in a cubicle. Nuclear submarines seem like overkill for jihadists donning exploding underwear and yelling “Allahu Akbar” in a Paris subway. You sure as hell can’t fight him with a Mig-29. The problem is, none of this works for the lobbying military contractors sucking at the teat of Washington.

Scrap the 20 F-22 Raptor jets, boys! We’ve got an order for, jeez, an order for 45,000 stab vests?? No, that can’t be right!

Without NATO, Lockheed Martin may not build as many ugly and ludicrously expensive planes. Without a Russian enemy, Halliburton don’t provide “services.” There’s rice bowls to be filled. It’s about the money. It’s always about the money. Remember weapons of mass destruction disappearance in Iraq? 9/11 was used as a wonderful tool to stir the rubes into a bid to secure more oil. What Iraq had to do with a bunch of angry Toads with box-cutters, they never told us. Afghanistan! What was that about again? Why the never ending bloodshed and mayhem? Filling rice bowls! Let me remind you that KBR, which was spun off from its parent, oilfield services provider Halliburton, was the #1 recipient of taxpayer funding during the Iraq war. A cool $39.5b, according to this source. Remember this guy?

The appropriately named “Dick” Cheney! Rice bowls at risk, folks! Trump’s tipping the bowls over! He’d better watch his back! He’s threatened to pull out of NATO, pull out of South Korea, even Okinawa! Instead, he wants to build a wall on the Mexican border! Pray tell how the establishment are going to make billions from that? This must be truly terrifying for them! How the hell do you frighten the rubes without a big bad foe? How do you keep the defence contracts in place and ensure the spigot is kept open on full throttle? Those homes in the Hamptons don’t clean themselves, you know! Then Trump goes and nominates Rex Tillerson (ex-Exxon Mobil CEO) as Sec State. Rex has close ties with Putin, as he negotiated a deal with Russia to help develop Russian oil reserves, and he doesn’t seem at all angry with Russia. Pleeez! It’s a nuclear power, so in that respect it’s a threat to everyone, but then so is the fat kid in Korea, and he’s a lot less mentally stable than Putin is! Russia is currently an economically depressed country that hasn’t threatened Pindostan, and won’t. Russia isn’t going to invade Europe, as the establishment would have the rubes believe.  Why would they, when all they have to do is bide their time a few years and then find a decent real estate agent to go buy it? No more than every other countries spy agencies are constantly hacking each other. Snakes bite, dogs bark, and governments spy on and hack each other. What now? Well, unless the clowns manage to spark some conflict Russia stands to benefit from many angles, including better relations with Pindostan, including perhaps an easing of or total lifting of sanctions, and the fact that Europe will continue to fragment, with member nations deciding their own fate and likely renegotiating trade deals and sanctions. The Russians have already taken a big hit to their currency, allowing it to bear the brunt of the pain when oil collapsed, something the Toads never did. What’s Russia got going for it? A freely convertible currency, one of the cheapest markets in the world, and a commodity-driven economy, which can be good and bad. It doesn’t come without risks. The market is heavily tilted towards cheap state owned banks and energy companies, so if you’re just buying an index or an ETF tracking the index, you’re often making a bet on energy prices and the promises of the Russian government. All that being said, I can certainly see capital shifting in a momentum driven trade into things “Russian.” (etc with the commodities – RB)

reform judaism needs to be proscribed as subversive

Demagog & media step up campaign on alleged Trump-Russia ties
Patrick Martin, WSWS, Feb 27 2017

Congressional Demagogs and the bulk of the corporate media have intensified their anti-Russian campaign against the Trump White House, with renewed demands this weekend for the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. The new stage of the campaign has been fueled by reports that the Trump White House asked FBI officials to make public statements condemning as unfounded allegations of contacts between Trump election campaign officials and Russian intelligence operatives. It has also been bolstered by the support of Rep Darrell Issa, who said a special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate. The supposed Russian connection to the Trump campaign, for which no evidence has ever been presented, only unsupported leaks from anonymous intelligence agency officials, was the main topic of all of the Sunday television interview programs except the adamantly pro-Trump Fox News. Nancy Pelosi, appearing on ABC This Week with George Stephanopoulos, said that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should recuse himself from any investigation because of his prominent role in the 2016 Trump campaign. She said:

Let’s have the investigation and find out the truth. A hundred House Democrats have signed a statement in support of legislation to establish an outside, independent commission to study the personal, political and financial relationship between President Trump and the Russians.

The ABC program then gave a platform to David Remnick, editor of the New Yorker magazine, which published a lengthy cover story on the alleged Russian hacking of the DNC + Podesta. The article, headlined “Trump, Putin and the New Cold War,” is remarkable not only for its artwork, depicting the Kremlin firing a Star Wars-style death ray into the White House, but for a complete absence of any factual evidence, despite 13,000 words devoted to the subject. Remnick began his remarks on ABC by declaring:

We have 17 intelligence agencies all saying, asserting, that there was serious interference in our presidential election. … Well, here’s the problem. The problem is that intelligence agencies are not giving us the evidence of this.

While he acknowledged that that there was good reason to be skeptical because of the lies told by the intelligence agencies before the Iraq War, Remnick drew the remarkable conclusion that the lack of evidence reinforced the case for a full investigation. CBS Face the Nation featured an interview with erstwhile DCI Brennan, his first since leaving office. His very first comment was to question the actions of Trump White House officials in asking the FBI and the leaders of the Senate and House intelligence committees to publicly rebut the claims of Trump campaign contacts with Russian intelligence. Brennan argued that a bipartisan investigation into the alleged Russian hacking was needed, saying:

If it is only one party that is going to be leading this, it is not going to deliver the results that the Pindo sheeple need and deserve.

Similar themes were taken up on NBC Meet the Press, which featured a WSJ poll claiming that the majority of the Pindo creeple favored a congressional investigation into the claims of Russian interference in the election. CNN likewise featured remarks by newly elected DNC Chair Thomas Perez, who said:

What we need to be looking at is whether this election was rigged by Donald Trump and his asshole buddy Vladimir Putin.

The Trump administration lashed out in response to the media attacks with an unprecedented act of political censorship by White House press secretary Sean Spicer, who excluded the New York Times , CNN, Politico and the website Buzzfeed from an informal press briefing. While Trump frequently barred journalists from events during the 2016 campaign in retaliation for unflattering coverage, this was first time such an action was taken since his inauguration as president.
Trump himself denounced the anti-Russian campaign in a tweet Sunday afternoon, declaring,

He also made attacks on the media in his CPAC speech Friday, where he repeated his declaration that the media was “the enemy of the people,” adding “we’re going to do something about it.” There is not the slightest shred of democratic principle in this conflict between two factions of the American ruling elite. The Demagogs are speaking on behalf of the dominant sections of the military-intelligence apparatus, which reject any deviation from the anti-Russian military build-up launched under the Obama administration. Trump, while speaking vaguely of the value of better relations with Russia, is proposing an even bigger military build-up, directed at Iran and China and eventually at Russia as well. The Demagogs are responding, not only to differences over foreign policy, but to the mounting popular opposition to the new administration and its ultra-right attacks on democratic rights, particularly targeting immigrants. The Demagogs seek to hijack any movement that develops against Trump and prevent it from emerging as a challenge to the capitalist ruling elite as a whole. One longtime spox for the Demagog Party “left” and ardent supporter of Sanders in the presidential campaign is former Sec Labor Robert Reich. He gave a glimpse of the real concerns of the Pindo ruling elite Sunday. Speaking on the same ABC News program as Nancy Pelosi, Reich said:

There’s a disconnect … between a rather sclerotic Demagog apparatus which is in complete disarray … and a huge uprising at the grassroots, mostly against Trump. The mounting crisis over jobs and living standards is fueling deep social anger. People, for 35 years, have not had a raise. The average fucking stupid Pindostani sheeple is actually economically in a lot of economic desperation, insecure. We have parts of this country that are really desolate in terms of the economic activity. And so you’ve got a lot of anger out there that nobody, neither the Demagogs nor the Thugs, have come up with a way to respond to.

What concerns the Demagogs and their media acolytes Jew cunts, no less than Trump and his fascist White House aides, is how this vast social and economic discontent can be diverted into channels that will leave the wealth and power of the financial aristocracy undisturbed.

pindosi state dept lying cunts ‘comdemn’

Lying Pindo cunts condemn attacks on OSCE in Donbas
Lucia Mutikan, Reuters, Feb 26 2017

Pindo cunts on Sunday condemned an attack on OSCE missions in eastern Ukraine and called on accused Russia and the separatist forces it backs to immediately observe the ceasefire under the Minsk agreements of failing to observe the conditions of their own extermination set by the OSCE. The Pindo cunts said in a statement:

We condemn Friday’s targeting of OSCE monitors and the seizure of a drone by combined-Russian separatist forces. It is imperative (sic – RB) that these forces halt their attacks on civilian infrastructure, including the Donetsk water filtration station. We call on Russia and the separatist forces it backs to immediately observe the cease-fire, withdraw all heavy weapons, and allow full and unfettered access to the OSCE monitors.

eat that

House Intel chair: Trump investigation ‘almost like McCarthyism’
David Siders, Politico, Feb 26 2017

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, responding to calls for an independent investigation into contacts between Trump associates and Russia, told reporters Saturday at the California Republican Party’s spring convention in Sacramento:

This is almost like McCarthyism revisited! At this point, there’s nothing there. Once we begin to look at all the evidence, and if we find any Pindostani that had any contact with Russian agents or anybody affiliated with the Russian government, then at that point we’ll be glad to subpoena those people before the House and let the legislative branch do its oversight, and then we would recommend it over to the appropriate people. But at this point … we can’t go on a witch hunt against the Pindo sheeple, any Pindo creeple who have not had any contact, just because they appeared in a news story!

Nunes’ remarks came after Darrell Issa called for a special prosecutor to oversee the investigation.

CIA uses murder to veto admin foreign policy

Trump administration nixes informal talks with North Korea
Elise Labott, CNN, Feb 26 2017

Informal talks scheduled for next week between a North Korean delegation and a team of former US officials were canceled Friday after the Trump administration withdrew its initial approval of the North Koreans’ visas, two people who had planned to participate said. The back-channel talks were to be held in New York between the Pindosi experts and a six-member team of North Koreans led by Choe Son-hui, the director of the Pindosi affairs bureau of the country’s foreign ministry. Donald Zagoria, the head of an advocacy group that was organizing the talks, emailed participants Friday morning to say next week’s meeting would proceed as scheduled after receiving assurances that the visas would be granted, the two participants said. But hours later, Zagoria sent a follow-up email to the group saying the visas were not approved and the talks were off. The last-minute withdrawal of the approval of the visas came hours after the Malaysian government announced claimed that VX nerve agent was used to assassinate Kim Jong Nam, the estranged brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, on Feb 13 at Kuala Lumpur International Airport as he waited to board a flight to Macau. South Korea has accused Pyongyang of ordering the killing, and the Malaysian government has implicated four North Koreans in Kim’s death. In canceling the talks, top Trump administration officials seem to have overruled State Dept officials, who supported the talks, one of the people who planned to attend said. A source said:

I think it was the VX that really made the difference. Someone looked at this and said, ‘Wait a minute, we should not be doing this right now.’

Kim’s death came on the heels of North Korea’s ballistic missile test on Feb 12, which coincided with Japanese PM Abe’s visit with Pres Trump. Abe was dining with the President at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, when the launch took place. North Koreans and Pindosis have met in informal “Track 2” settings in recent years in Berlin and Malaysia. The last meeting in Pindostan was in 2012, when a delegation from Pyongyang attended a closed-door conference in New York. Jackass Kerry as chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee met with the leader of the North Korean delegation, Ri Yong Ho, who at the time was the country’s representative to the six-party talks with Pindostan, South Korea, China and Russia over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. Ri is now North Korea’s foreign minister. The Obama administration did not approve visas for future talks because North Korea continued nuclear and missile tests. The group of Pindos planning to take part in next week’s talks included a former Ambassador to China, a negotiator with North Korea under Clinton 42, a top Asia adviser under Bush 43 and a former principal deputy Asst Sec State specializing in North Korea. No currently serving Pindo boxtops were scheduled to take part in the meeting, it would have signaled a potential for future progress if the Trump administration would have approved the visas. The Pindo participants would also have briefed the administration on the discussions. One of them said:

It would have signaled a new start and suggest the Trump administration was more open to discussion. In that sense there could have been a little movement.

The annual joint military drills between Pindostan and South Korea are set to begin next month. The North Koreans might have started Pindo to eat Pindo Jew shit, the sources said, but even if they had, they stressed that such a development “wouldn’t have necessarily been a springboard” for the resumption of the six-nation disarmament talks. A State Dept spox would only say:

The Pindo government had no plans to engage in track 2 talks in New York. We do not discuss details of individual visa cases.

fuck the bible

Bennett: The Bible says West Bank is ours
Al-Jazeera, Feb 24 2017

Last week, in a joint press conference with Netanyahu, Trump surprised the world by appearing to dismiss a long-standing commitment to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Prominent hard-right Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett told UpFront:

The era of a Palestinian state is over. There already exists two states for the Palestinians: one in Gaza, a full blown state run by Hamas, and the other is Jordan, where 70% of the citizens are, indeed, Palestinians. So, the discussion is whether we need a third Palestinian state smack in the heart of Israel, and the answer is no.

When asked about the Israeli Supreme Court’s 2005 ruling describing the West Bank as under “belligerent occupation”, Bennett called it a “political decision” and cited the Bible as proof of Israel’s right to the West Bank. Vennet said:

If you want to say that our land does not belong to us, I suggest you go change the Bible first.

In this week’s Headliner, we challenge the Israeli education minister and prominent right-wing leader Naftali Bennett.

judeonazi wanker news

Dozens of headstones toppled at Philadelphia Jewish cemetery
Fox News, Feb 26 2017


WPVI reported that Aaron Mallin discovered the damage Sunday morning when he arrived at Mount Carmel Cemetery to visit his father’s grave. Police said that they received a call from a man that three of his relatives’ headstones had been knocked over and damaged. “The cemetery was inspected and approximately 100 additional headstones were found to be knocked over,” apparently sometime after dark Saturday, a police spokeswoman said in a statement. A criminal mischief-institutional vandalism investigation will be conducted by the police Northeast Detectives Division, she said. Police did not say whether they had any suspects in the case or whether they knew of a motive. reported that the cemetery contains tombstones dating back to at least the mid-1800s. The damage comes less than a week after a Jewish cemetery in suburban St Louis reported more than 150 headstones vandalized, many of them tipped over. The Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia said late Sunday that it would open an online mailbox to begin raising money for repairs. Police said Sunday evening that the ADL is offering a $10k reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. A local Fraternal Order of Police lodge also is offering a reward of $3k.