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there is something about being blown up by a 75-year-old howitzer that i find deeply appealing

In the area of ATO the armament was the howitzer of 1931, Nov 25 2015


The Ukrainian army received a battery of howitzers B-4 sample 1931. This was told by a soldier of the 28th mechanized brigade on Facebook, Alexander Lorents. He said:

To 28 OMBR battery “microphonics” have been sent the 203-mm gun B-4, sample of 1931, the so-called “Stalin’s sledgehammer.” The best gunners, so to speak artillery green berets, after a successful combat missions on these guns, will change on “Peonies”. Hit with a Stalin’s sledgehammer for fans of Joseph Visarionovich. All for STALIN! Slava Ukraine!

Screenshot from 2015-11-26 22-11-18

As is known, Ukrainian troops in the area ATO have previously been provided with machine guns “Maxim”, including those which were issued in 1912. Also in the army used anti-tank rifle used during WW2. For your information, this is the B-4 high (special) power Soviet howitzer, caliber 203.4 mm (8″). The full official name of the guns is 203 mm howitzer of the sample of 1931. During the Soviet-Finnish war, this weapon was used to destroy pillboxes and bunkers of the Mannerheim line. Soviet soldiers dubbed it the “Karelian sculptor” because, when firing on the Finnish Border, missiles B-4 would transform these facilities into a bizarre mishmash of bits of concrete and iron rebar. By the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, howitzer B-4 was only howitzer artillery regiments high power RVGK.


always more drivel from the milk chocolate fuhrer

Dutch anti-Ukraine activists are helping Putin: Poroshenko
Toby Sterling (who the fuck is called ‘Toby’ nowadays? – RB), Reuters, Nov 26 2015

AMSTERDAM – Poroshenko said on Thursday that Dutch activists seeking to undo Ukraine’s EU Association Agreement are unwitting pawns of Vladimir Putin. Alone among EU nations, the Dutch are holding a referendum on Apr 6, albeit non-binding, on whether to reject the 2014 association agreement with Ukraine. Although the Dutch government did not want a referendum on the agreement, it had no choice after a satirical news website gathered the 300,000 signatures required under Dutch law to force one. Poroshenko told NRC Handelsblad in an interview at the start of a two-day state visit to the Netherlands:

I am horrified by the idea that the Dutch are being taken hostage in a political game. Consciously or unconsciously, they are helping Putin. Everyone should know that a vote in the referendum is also a vote for or against Ukrainians who gave their lives for European values.

The GeenStijl website campaign was intended in part to annoy pro-EU politicians in The Hague who crafted a law on popular demand referendums which went into effect in July. But campaigners also say they actually oppose the Ukraine agreement, which they argue will eventually lead to Ukrainian EU membership and an influx of unwanted immigrants. A majority of parties in parliament have signalled they would heed a strong outcome either for the treaty or against it. If the Dutch were to refuse to sign the treaty it would remain officially invalid, though the EU has already begun implementing parts of it. It is unclear how many people will actually turn out to vote: campaigners gathered 430,000 signatures in a nation of 17 million.

the way this is written is somewhere between a news story & a PR handout

Handshakes and smiles hide investors’ concerns for Ukraine
Roman Olearchyk, Financial Times (London), Nov 26 2015

Exchanging warm handshakes and smiles, Ukraine’s cabinet ministers lined up to be photographed with Pindo commerce secretary Penny Pritzker and an entourage of senior Pindo executives who joined her for the autumn visit to Kiev. As they settled into deep leather chairs for discussions, Ukraine’s prime minister made his pitch for investment. He pledged to promptly address any concerns executives had. Arseniy Yatseniuk told his Pindosi visitors:

You have questions, we have answers. You have investments, we are ready to receive them.

Yet, as discussions continued, it emerged new investors had not shown up. Ukrainian officials heard a mix of praise on recently implemented reforms, and warnings that further investments from some of its largest existing investors such as Cargill, Citibank and DuPont hinged on improvements to a still horrible business climate, a weak judiciary and the shaky rule of law. Pritzker said:

There’s been progress made, in macroeconomic stability achieved through austerity and fiscal prudence, both conditions of a $40b bailout led by the IMF. We are ready to guarantee a third $1b loan, to support continued progress in advancing reforms that will be important to unlock international investment in Ukraine and lay the groundwork for return to growth. Disbursement is conditioned on Ukraine’s progress on implementing its economic reform programme, including, of course, adherence to the IMF’s programme and concrete forward momentum in the ongoing fight against corruption. Ultimately, the political will is needed to create the conditions for businesses to continue and make greater investments.

The mixture highlights the sobering reality for cash-strapped Ukraine. Even if Kiev ends its war, it must pick up the pace to improve the business environment and conquer the widespread corruption that continues to bleed budget coffers and businesses dry, from high-level, rent-seeking scams to lower-level graft fostered by choking bureaucracy. Only then does it stand a chance of attracting investment at levels needed to secure sustained growth and higher living standards that millions of Ukrainians two years ago hoped the Maidan revolution would deliver. The task is daunting. To catch up with Poland, Ukraine must quadruple the $62b in direct foreign investment attracted since independence in 1991. After peaking at nearly $10bn in 2008, net foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows inched up to $2b in eight months of this year after plunging to some $300m in 2014. Aivaras Abromavicius, Ukraine’s economy minister, says:

It was not expected to be a year of massive FDI. At the start of the year we still had people dying in large numbers on the front line. After 36 months of successive productivity decline, we obviously are far, far behind and need to accelerate, in order to offer investors a light regulatory framework, rule of law, quite a few things. We achieved macroeconomic stabilisation. The country is changing.

Simplified business registration boosted Ukraine four points in the World Bank’s Doing Business 2016 ranking to 83rd out of 189 countries. Deeper deregulation and other reforms would advance a country that has shot up 69 places since 2012, when it ranked 152nd. Near-term challenges focus on overhauling and streamlining bloated and dysfunctional government institutions, foremost unruly courts, prosecutors, and tax and customs services. Copying the model of a recently launched police force, new staff will be competitively hired and better paid, reducing vulnerability to corruption. It is an approach borrowed from nearby Georgia. A decade ago, under the 2004-2013 presidency of Mikheil Saakashvili, the Caucasus country climbed to the top of the World Bank ranking. Now exiled from facing prosecution in Georgia, Saakashvili, who governs Ukraine’s Odessa region and advises Kiev on reforms, stresses the need to privatise mismanaged state enterprises swiftly. Many, he says, are being milked dry by vested interests that skim and transfer profits into offshore, middleman companies. Saakashvili says companies from Pindostan, Eurostan & Turkey have expressed interest in potentially lucrative state-run businesses:

There are many big cash earners, like the Odessa Portside chemical plant. Once you do one or two tenders really well, you generate lots of cash. Once people buy it, you can generate lots of tax income. That’s how a real economy works.

He describes Ukraine as “the next big tiger of Europe” and full of “amazing” but untapped potential, from rich resources and low-cost but skilled labour to a location perfect for exporting. Abromavicius adds that investments are trickling into the promising agriculture sector and ports, and singled out plans by auto parts manufacturers, including Japan’s Fujikura, to build factories near Ukraine’s border with the EU. Additionally, George Soros has pledged to invest $1b in what he calls “the new Ukraine” and plans to invest in a leading domestic IT company called Ciklum and provide seed money for an investment fund managed by Kiev-based Dragon Capital. Abromavicius says:

Given substantially lower costs of production and opening up of the EU market from the first of January, Ukraine can become some sort of a factory for Europe.

the jews ain’t gonna give up the advantage of these battalions of goyish sitting ducks

Egypt, Israel rebuff bid to trim Sinai ‘peacekeeping’ (my sneer quotes – RB) force
Reuters, Nov 25 2015

The ‘Pindo-led peacekeeper force’ in the Sinai will remain unchanged after Egypt and Israel rebuffed proposals to trim it by about a fifth, an Egyptian official said on Tuesday. The Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) was installed to monitor the demilitarization of the Sinai under the 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace accord. Some of its 12 contributor countries have been considering changes to its deployment and mandate. They worry about the safety of the almost 1,900 ‘peacekeepers’ after six were wounded in September by a roadside bomb. They argued that dismantling more remote and vulnerable posts would not significantly set back the mission, especially at a time when Egypt and Israel say their counter-insurgency ties are closer than ever. But both countries favour the MFO status quo, and at a review meeting held in Rome last week and attended by a Pindo delegation, they stood firm, according to one Egyptian official who told Reuters:

The MFO said they want to reduce the force now, but we and Israel refused. They proposed withdrawing some 400 troops over six to nine months and replacing them with remote surveillance equipment. We said this is not the proper time, during a war on terrorism. It would give Jihadis the wrong message. That was the main outcome. No talks about any reduction now.

Cairo sees the MFO as part of a relationship with Israel that, while unpopular with many Egyptians, brings them $1.3b/yr in Pindo ‘defense’ aid, sweetening the foreign-enforced demilitarization of their sovereign Sinai territory. For the Israelis, the MFO offers strategic reassurance, recalling that two years ago Sisi toppled an elected Islamist regime hostile to the Jewish-majority state next door. MFO and Pindo officials had no immediate comment. An Israeli official declined to discuss the Rome meeting, but appeared to confirm common cause over maintaining the MFO, telling Reuters:

Israel and Egypt are interested in the force remaining with its current disposition.

Egyptian security efforts in the Sinai have suffered major setbacks, including the Oct 31 downing of a Russian airliner and Tuesday’s deadly bombing of a hotel where judges were staying. ISIS claimed responsibility for both incidents. But Egypt and Israel argue against any precautionary MFO drawdown, saying the insurgents do not seem interested in attacking the foreign troops, who employ some 400 Sinai locals.

this woman is about the top scribe at the wapo, and she has to do this elementary stenography for the pentagon spox

Pindo and Russian militaries don’t agree about much in Syria
Karen DeYoung, WaPo, Nov 25 2015

During a two-day period early this week, the Pentagon reported that coalition aircraft had conducted 23 strikes in Syria, destroying about three dozen ISIS vehicles, buildings and tactical units. During the same two days, Russia said its aircraft had hit 472 “terrorist objectives” in Syria, including an ISIS oil depot, an “oil production plant” and 80 tanker trucks. The numbers were fairly typical of descriptions separately released nearly every day by the Pentagon and the Russian Defense Ministry. In the eight weeks since Russia began air operations in Syria, its military claims to have flown many more missions than Pindostan, and destroyed thousands of targets. Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem said in Moscow Wednesday:

Russia’s efforts have been 100 times greater than what is being done by Pindostan and their allies against terrorism.

Beneath public presidential statements and diplomatic exchanges, the Pindo and Russian militaries have lobbed a steady stream of verbal brickbats at each other since Russian operations in Syria began on Sep 30. They have repeatedly criticized each other’s tactics, munitions and goals. More important, charges of outright lying about what each side is doing illustrate the difficulties of Russia and Pindostan ever cooperating in operations against ISIS. That objective seems even further away this week after the shootdown of a Russian aircraft by Turkey. The Pentagon says that Russia has consistently exaggerated both its activities and successes in Syria, and that the vast majority of its attacks have not even been aimed at ISIS, but have targeted coalition-backed opponents of Assad. In response, Russia has charged Pindostan with sour grapes, and said the Pindos are lying about what Russian planes are hitting. The Defense Ministry said this week:

These statements are made without presenting any proofs, with no specific facts, and citing unspecified sources, whereas Russia can back up all its reported operations with objective control data.

Most recently, the Pentagon ridiculed a Russian claim to have destroyed 500 ISIS oil tankers in one operation, just after they themselves had said that Pindo planes had wiped out 116 tanker trucks. Col Steve Warren, the Baghdad-based coalition spokesman, said Wednesday: “We didn’t go through the effort … to do a detailed battle damage assessment” of the Russian strikes. After looking at a Russian-released video he said:

Unless the Russians are counting, you know, flattened tires and chipped paint, it’s simply impossible that they were able to destroy 500 trucks, particularly using the imprecise and, you know, dumb bombs, dumb munitions that they used. My guess is it’s probably on an order of magnitude of an exaggeration. Under 100, I would posit.

On Monday, the Russian Defense Ministry upped the ante, saying that over a five-day period, Russian aircraft had “destroyed over 1,000 petrol tank vehicles, which carried out transportation of crude oil to the plants controlled” by ISIS. The Pentagon has also claimed that Russia has caused numerous civilian casualties with unguided munitions, ie plain gravity bombs dropped from the sky. He said:

Human rights groups estimates of upwards of 1,000 civilian casualties, including over 100 kids, is probably fairly accurate. This is sloppy military work. This is the reckless and irresponsible, imprecise and frankly uncaring approach to operations in Syria that the Russians have taken on.

Late last week, the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said it had documented 403 civilians, including 166 women and children, killed in Russian airstrikes, more than the 381 fighters from both rebel and terrorist forces it said had been killed. The Pentagon has acknowledged two instances where airstrikes against ISIS resulted in civilian deaths. Warren said:

Striking oil tankers most of which are driven by civilians is a particular problem, but our assessment is that we have not caused a single civilian casualty. In our operation that destroyed the 116 vehicles, F-15s dropped leaflets over the trucks, which are usually lined up beside ISIS oil installations, warning drivers that we’re about to blow them up and telling them to run away. Thirty minutes later, the jets flew right over, near ground level, to scare the crap out of them. Just for good measure, they then did strafing runs off to the side of the trucks, as an attention-getter, just in case one or two really stubborn guys didn’t get the message. We saw them flash their lights at one another, jump out of the trucks and run away. That whole process took about 45 minutes, then we blew them up. The Russians provided no such warning.

The two militaries carefully study each other’s released videos and counter each other’s charges in detail. In response to Pindo charges that Russian warplanes were again striking opposition forces in north-western Syria, a Defense Ministry statement Monday said:

Most terrorist units in these areas have left their positions without permission despite their leaders’ threats. They discarded their ISIS (etc) clothes and insignia to blend in with the local population. In connection with a large-scale operation on simultaneous destruction of terrorist infrastructure all over the territory of Syria, the so-called fake ‘human rights observatories’ and other propaganda organizations were expected to issue another batch of stovepiping in the Western media. However, the latter appear to have become more careful in their statements following the terrorist attacks in Paris, Egypt and Mali. On the other hand, statements by certain alleged military experts (such as the official representative of CENTCOM, who has made a statement saying that ‘most Russian airstrikes are aimed against moderate Syrian opposition’) remain the same.

the same slow-motion legal conveyor belt to hell they used on david irving

Dieudonné gets prison sentence for hate speech
Deutsche Welle, Nov 25 2015


A court in Belgium has sentenced Dieudonné M’bala M’bala to two months in prison for making anti-Semitic jokes during a show. He has repeatedly been convicted of racism in France. Dieudonné was not present when the court in the eastern city of Liege delivered its verdict Wednesday. Apart from a prison sentence, the comic was also given a €9k fine. The court found Dieudonné had spread racist ideas by making discriminatory, anti-Semitic and Holocaust-denying remarks during a 2012 comedy gig near Herstal. Judges said the comments, made before an audience of more than 1,000 people, were clear calls to hatred and violence against Jews. He was also ordered to pay for the text of the judgment against him to be printed in two major French-language Belgian newspapers. Eric Lemmens, a lawyer for Belgium’s Jewish organizations, said:

For me, this is more than satisfying. This is a major victory.

Dieudonné, who has faced a number of similar court cases in France, insists he is not anti-Semitic and has previously described himself as an anti-racism activist. In March, a French court gave Dieudonné a two-month suspended sentence for condoning terrorism following the January Charlie Hebdo/ Hyperkasher attack, the latter by a certain Amedy Coulibaly. Parodying the “Je Suis Charlie” slogan, Dieudonné wrote on Facebook:

I feel like Charlie Coulibaly.

Dieudonné began his comedy career in the early 1990s as a double act with Jewish comedian Elie Semoun. In 2002, he began openly criticizing Jews and Israel, and in 2004 ran in the European elections for a pro-Plastelinan party. He has since become notorious for inventing the “quenelle” hand gesture, an inverted Nazi-like salute.

when they say “ukr halts purchases” it sounds like somehow more dignified than just halt paying, which it did anyway

Ukraine halts Russian gas purchases, closes its airspace
AFP, Nov 25 2015

KIEV: Ukraine decided Wednesday to stop buying gas from Russia and closed its airspace to its airlines. Yatsenyuk told a Cabinet meeting that the flight ban was justified because “Russia might use Ukrainian airspace to stage provocations.” He said: “This is an issue of our country’s national security, a response to the Russian Federation and its aggressive actions.” Kiev on Oct 25 barred most Russian airlines from flying into Ukraine, a decision that prompted immediate reciprocal measures by Moscow. But Kiev had at the time allowed Russian airlines to cross Ukrainian airspace to other destinations. Yatsenyuk said the new decision came “in part as result of the escalation of the military and geopolitical situation.” Gazprom had earlier Wednesday said it would stop shipping fuel supplies to Ukraine because Kiev had failed to make the required prepayments on time. Putin blamed Kiev for the ongoing power disruptions in Crimea, where nearly 2 million people have been without electricity since the weekend, after four main pylons supplying it from Ukraine were blown up. The disruption came during attempts by Crimea’s ethnic minority Tatars and Ukrainian nationalists to blockade the region and prompt its forced return to the mainland.

helpful of him

Obama signed the bill, allowing it to start supplying weapons Ukraine
TASS, Nov 25 2015

WASHINGTON – Obama signed an updated version of the ‘defense’ budget for FY 2016, allocating $300m for military assistance to Ukraine. The previous version of the bill was rejected by Obama and the committees on armed services of both houses of Congress had to engage in processing. As a result the total military spending of Pindostan planned for 2016, a decrease of $5b to $607b by shortening fallen several ‘defense’ programs, but the provision of military assistance to Ukraine was saved. This item, called the “Initiative in support of security of Ukraine,” gives the Pentagon in coordination with the Sec State $300m to provide Kyiv with “appropriate assistance in the field of security and intelligence.” This means in particular, so-called “lethal weapons” including anti-tank systems. At the same time, this item was not mandatory but recommendatory in nature, and its implementation will be determined by a political decision of the administration. Remaining unchanged are several provisions of the bill relating to Russia. One of them gives the Pentagon the right to take certain military action if the administration fails to notify Congress that the Russian Federation complies with the INF Treaty (on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range nuclear forces). In the last couple of years, Washington has accused Moscow of violating this agreement in 1987. The Russian side makes similar claims against the Pindos. After the revision of the bill also preserved the purchasing from Russian company Energomash of nine RD-180 engines, used on the Pindo Atlas V space rockets. This number, however, is five fewer than the ULA consortium, developed by Boeing and Lockheed Martin, would like to have. Congress requires replacing Russian rocket engines as soon as possible with Pindo alternatives, which are currently being developed by a few companies. The bill continues to block the closing of Gitmo, because it does not provide funding for the transfer of prisoners to other prisons.

Obama signs defense bill, blasts Gitmo restrictions
Jordan Fabian, The Hill, Nov 25 2015

Obama on Wednesday signed a $607b annual defense policy bill, even though it includes language that hampers the closure of Gitmo. As a presidential candidate Obama pledged to close Gitmo, but he has been thwarted repeatedly by Congress, which opposes transferring the detainees to mainland Pindostan. The White House has pledged to present a final proposal to Congress to shutter the prison before Obama leaves office, but has left open the possibility the president could act on his own if Congress critturs object to his plan. In a rare move the president issued a signing statement, saying:

… I am therefore signing this annual defense authorization legislation because it includes vital benefits for military personnel and their families, authorities to facilitate ongoing operations around the globe, and important reforms to the military retirement system, as well as partial reforms to other military compensation programs. I am, however, deeply disappointed that the Congress has again failed to take productive action toward closing the detention facility at Guantanamo. Maintaining this site, year after year, is not consistent with our interests as a nation and undermines our standing in the world. The executive branch must have the flexibility, with regard to the detainees who remain at Guantanamo, to determine when and where to prosecute them, based on the facts and circumstances of each case and our national security interests, and when and where to transfer them consistent with our national security and our humane treatment policy. Under certain circumstances, the provisions in this bill concerning detainee transfers would violate constitutional separation of powers principles.

The debate over the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has served as a battleground over whether Obama can act unilaterally to close down the prison, which still houses 107 inmates. Republicans in Congress are poised to reject a long-expected plan from the DoD for moving detainees to mainland Pindostan, prompting the White House to raise the possibility of executive action. But if Obama acts alone, he would do so in defiance of provisions in the NDAA that explicitly bar him from transferring the detainees into the country. The measure prevents federal dollars from being used to transfer detainees to Pindosi soil, or to build or modify a facility on Pindosi soil to house them. The president has been forced to move prisoners to other countries. Obama used a photo-op to veto the original bill, largely over concerns it used an extra $38b in war funding to skirt spending caps. That dispute was ended when Obama signed a two-year budget deal to raise spending caps. The White House indicated earlier this month that the president would sign the updated version of the bill.

i’m sure ISIS are “hostile to Israel” in the same bogus way (obviously, top of the list of bogus enemies)

Screenshot from 2015-11-26 05-02-52

Nasty Caliphate
Colonel Cassad, Nov 25 2015 21:59 MSK


How svidomiy rejoiced in the success of the Caliphate in Syria and recited mantras about how the Caliphate will show there in Russia. But here such a bummer: ISIL propagandists included Ukraine in the list of enemies of the Caliphate. Terrorist group “Islamic state” released a video in which among 60 countries called enemies, is Ukraine, writes Gazeta Wyborcza. The fighters included in the international anti-terrorist coalition countries that have nothing to do with the conflict in Syria: Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Moldova and other states. The publication notes that in the video, which has already removed and on YouTube, and on Vimeo, you will see a table with 60 countries of an alleged international anti-terrorist coalition, which is fighting in Syria against ISIL. And the flag of Ukraine is also among them. One of the terrorists said on the video:

It’s your coalition of the devils. With Iran, Turkey and Russia, which joined the fight because incorrect always come together to overcome the truth.

Recall, on Nov 20 Kuwait announced the arrest of a group of six people who were supplying weapons to ISIS from Ukraine. Note that the defense Ministry did not confirm the information that Ukraine is allegedly involved in weapon shipments to ISIS. For the first time the “Islamic state” to speak about Ukraine in mid-November. The militants called Ukraine a battlefield of the West and Russia. (zinc). As it turns out, in order to be among the enemies of the Caliphate, you don’t even have to fight in Syria. The junta in terms of the relations with the Caliphate in general nothing was marked except for a few weak statements that it will continue to fight terrorism, and the bold mild man Poroshenko even said he will help to destroy ISIS (probably about the same as in the Donbas had been defeated all of the Altay armoured division), but this was enough for Ukraine to get recorded in participants of the war, in which she in fact did not participate. The of the Caliphate he is, just let someone to declare war. Overall, even Hitler could not go on record to announce such a number of countries to be his enemies in such a short period of time. So to say, to strive for success.

for thwarted, inadequate trotskyite prose, it’s a race to the bottom between these guys and the neocons

Where Does It End?: Left Political Correctness
Norman Pollack. Counterpunch, Nov 25 2015

610_robeson_intro-510x259unlabelled, but actually Paul Robeson – RB

The activities of the Black Justice League at Princeton to rid the University of any traces of Woodrow Wilson from its history, identity, and entablature are no doubt meeting with wide acceptance among radicals as the prideful admiration of Black Autonomy and Consciousness, a step toward the further eradication of racism, and a modern-day expression of the spirit of Dr King.

Here commences a sentence which might well be used as an instance in a course in how not to construct sentences – RB

As one who has been through the civil-rights wars of the 1950s-60s, beginning with the seemingly harmless act in 1951 of inviting a black student from Morehouse College in Library Science up to my dorm room to discuss Myrdal’s American Dilemma in the segregated University of Florida (word spread after we walked into the Main Library together and went up to the circulation desk where I handed him the volume), the result, an early evening visit from six or seven drunken members of Kappa Alpha who tried to break down the door of my room—instead filling it with boiling water through the open transom– and lynch me, to Mississippi Freedom Summer in 1964, the preliminaries to Selma in 1965, which I described in my CounterPunch article, “Education of a (Sometime) Radical,” while teaching at Yale, to my banishment from Yale for radical activities to Detroit and Wayne State for numerous protests in the late 1960s, thence to Michigan State where I tried to fuse civil rights and antiwar activities, I quietly/solemnly DISSENT from the current Princeton experience—and expect a chilling response from CP readers and the radical community.

Here endeth the sentence. I could of course have unscrambled it for him, but just this once, I said “fuck it!” – RB

My image of Black radicalism, beyond a supreme love for Dr King, is Paul Robeson, both men going well beyond racial consciousness for a wider indictment of America, capitalism, and militarism, all of which is lacking in the Princeton protesters, who cannot see beyond an obvious symbol of racism, Woodrow Wilson, and neglect/ are ignorant of Wilson’s larger viciousness in international affairs, starting with the League of Nations (matched by his Siberian Intervention), to build Pindostan as a Leader of the “free world,” ie counter-revolutionary, anti-communist, pro-monopoly capitalist (Federal Reserve System, Federal Trade Commission, War Industries Board, all under his watch), in sum, a principal architect of Pindostan as we now know it, seeking unilateral global dominance for its advanced stage of industrial-financial-military capitalism, hovering on the edge, and ready to take the plunge into, out-and-out fascism, whose hallmark is the interpenetration of business and government, an elitist social-cultural formation, at the expense of the nation’s working class and poor.

Of this, the Black Justice League is apparently wholly ignorant, content instead to sound off in simplistic political correctness to assuage feelings for slights and injured pride. TS. There’s a world out there far uglier than what they are encountering at Princeton, and instituting mandatory sensitivity classes is like asking the Nazi executioners at Belsen-Belsen (sic – RB) to say “Please” as they shoved Jews into the ovens (he knows damn well that Belsen had no ‘ovens’ – RB). In other words, BJL and especially its white supporters are superficial young people mounting imaginary barricades as, from what I’ve seen from my own experience with some black leaders obfuscating protest to, consciously or not, shield capitalism and militarism (but NOT Dr King) as part of courting popularity with a wider audience, on an ego trip haughtily puffing away at their supposed base condition. Given the prominence of Woodrow Wilson at Princeton, why did they go there in the first place? If they are so mindful of racism, including its symbolism, why not, while still in high school, research their college choices—perhaps even, for the sake of racial purity, choose a Black school? If I may be contumacious, especially as judged by fellow radicals, I would subordinate, indeed, always have subordinated, race to class as the societal foundation for transformative freedom and democracy, and that means, as the object of principled, focused agitation, subordinating racism to the basic confrontation with capitalism itself, the source, ultimately, for racism in the first place. Capitalism = hierarchy + exploitation, regardless of race, the place of Blacks in the Grand Schema merely adding zest, profits, ease, and normalization to the exploitation.

By the logic of the Black Justice League, not only should Blacks at Princeton leave the institution lest their presence signifies complicity with racism, but the same standard should be consistently applied across the board, eg Black football players at southern universities such as Ole Miss, Alabama, LSU, Texas, Georgia, etc., schools from day one which were segregated until well into the postwar period, for by attending, let alone playing for, these schools they add to their prestige and indirectly legitimize their past. Ditto, the application of purging the past from all associations which directly or indirectly have or still do justify racism, which takes in practically all of the Pindostani experience. Political correctness in any form is pernicious by its negation of class consciousness. I think Oliver Cromwell Cox, a Black sociologist, recognized this in his seminal work, Race, Caste, and Class. Simply, BJL had best get over its simpering, short-sighted, however sincere, way, and get down to business. This is not an attack solely on Black protest, for Occupy Wall Street and other manifestations of pseudo-radicalism do not, despite the latter’s title, go directly against war, capitalism, generic exploitation, all of which underlay the political-social-economic dynamics of racism. I’m disgusted with posturing, while the woods are burning, the rapid descent into political hell of both major parties in Pindostan, a president whose objective policies could well touch off WW3 through his threatening confrontations with China and Russia, as meanwhile kissing the derrière (my grave accent – RB) of Wall Street and assorted reactionaries, as in his latest DoD appointment, on the domestic and world scene.

Sure, Wilson was a bad guy. But so was JFK, so was practically every president (I partially exempt FDR), if not avowedly on civil rights, then on the structural-social context on which racism thrives: a hierarchical system of wealth and power, founded on corporate concentration, an ethic of superiority for those benefiting from such a system, a glorification of war and force, a contempt for those held to be weak and/or inferior. If Black students at Princeton are serious, let them excel in their studies first, last, and always, and then go out into the world to change it for the better—yes, as radicals who perceive the larger picture of oppression and repression. Paul Robeson knew that Blacks will not be free until ALL men and women are free; racial feeling is a device of Capital to split the protesters apart, or to keep them together on carefully sanitized lines, so one takes down entablature while the other applauds. It sounds like Christopher Eisgruber, the president of Princeton, is just such a patsy for giving in to demands of political correctness. I term such a phenomenon, for he is not alone among university presidents, liberal fascism, in this case, placating the disaffected through political cosmetics that bring them back into the consensus. Rather than sensitivity sessions for students and faculty alike, send both out to the slums of Pindostan, to the countries that Pindostan has devastated and need rebuilding, and challenging the corporations and arms factories sucking the blood out of humanity. For these, too, are part of a good liberal education in the best sense of the phrase, a well-grounded cosmopolitanism not afraid of being a part of radical social change. Wake up, BJL and study like never before, to see that Woodrow Wilson is the mere surface of a society which discriminates not only against Blacks, but humanity and Nature all for the sake of filthy lucre and the thrill of conquest.

Here’s another hideous fucking sentence. I actually tried unpacking this, then gave up – RB

Wake up, all Blacks who possess a passion for freedom (whose historical deprivation makes them uniquely suited for a vanguard role in transforming Pindostan, while much of the white working class has succumbed to the blandishments of hate—yes, against Blacks, but all immigrants and those at home who lack the requisite patriotism and martial spirit), many of whom nonetheless forming a core constituency of Hillary, possibly the most dangerous person among the current presidential contenders.

Hey Norman, that was like shit. Go learn to write english someplace – RB

I have written recently about the power of saying No—No to the ethnocentrism/xenophobia on which ruling groups thrive and capitalism keeps the population in line by scaring into their arms for protection. At Princeton, instead of a Milque-toast occupation of the president’s office, stand firm against military recruiters when they come to campus, or representatives of Morgan, Chase, or the armament crowd, etc. etc., the vultures who feed on all of us, if you want to see the props of racism knocked out. Racism thrives on freezing the status quo; a far nobler task than you are presently involved with, viz removing a mural, changing the name of a residential college and that of the School for International Affairs, would be to fashion your individual strengths, skills, personal commitment to the democracy of the many, and come out swinging.


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