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there will be no deal, get over it

There will be no negotiation
Colonel Cassad, May 24 2018

NK has canceled talks with Pindostan. The reason is obvious enough: pindo provocations with the teachings and threats against Pyongyang. Plus do not forget about the insanity with the Libyan example. Pindostan pretended that they were canceled. In fact, as soon as the question was raised about the withdrawal of pindo troops from SK, Pindostan has done everything to torpedo the talks. That’s all you need to know about the Pindo desire for peace.

NK official calls Mike Pence a “political dummy,” threatens to cancel summit
Axios, May 24 2018

A top NK official called VP Mike Pence a “political dummy” and threatened to call off the upcoming summit between Pres Trump and NK leader Kim Jong-un, reports the WSJ (below). Tensions between NK and Pindostan have risen following Korean officials announcing the country refuses to meet the Pindo demand of denuclearization. In an interview with Fox News earlier this week, Pence reiterated the administration’s stance on denuclearization for NK. The statement, issued through official state media on behalf of Choe Son Hui, vice minister of foreign affairs for NK, follows the nation’s recent change in tone with Pindostan & SK. The country cancelled talks with SK last week over joint Pindo and SK military drills and has refused to denuclearize before. Pres Trump and the administration have remained adamant that denuclearization must be part of any deal with NK in some capacity despite the country’s refusal to do so. Pindostan has maintained that they will keep military pressure on NK until denuclearization is achieved. With the highly anticipated meeting approaching in just a few weeks, the administration will have to decide whether it will back off its denuclearization demand or take a more aggressive approach with NK.

NK Threatens To Call Off Summit, Calls Pence A “Political Dummy”
WSJ, May 24 2018

NK’s senior envoy for pindo affairs renewed a threat to call off a planned summit with Pres Trump and warned that Pyongyang could “make Pindostan taste an appalling tragedy it has neither experienced nor even imagined.” In its most direct language aimed at Faschingstein following a recent rapprochement between the two countries, Choe Son Hui, NK’s vice minister of foreign affairs, said if the Jun 12 talks were called off, Pindostan could instead face off with NK in a “nuclear-to-nuclear showdown.” Ms Choe’s statement, issued through official state media, called out VP Pence, to whom she referred as “a political dummy.” … Ms Choe, in her statement Thursday, took issue with an interview that Mr Pence gave to Fox News earlier this week in which he suggested that NK sought the summit meeting with Mr Trump. She also criticized the vice president for bringing up Libya in the context of denuclearization, a sensitive subject for NK, after Moammar Gadhafi was overthrown and killed in 2011, eight years after giving up Libya’s nuclear weapons. Mr Pence said the Libya model would only come about if NK failed to denuclearize. In her Thursday statement, published by the KCNA, Ms Choe called Mr Pence’s words “unbridled and impudent” and said:

Pence should have seriously considered the terrible consequences of his words. As a person involved in pindo affairs, I cannot suppress my surprise at such ignorant and stupid remarks gushing out from the mouth of the pindo vice-president. If Pindostan continues to offend NK’s goodwill, (I shall advise against the Singapore summit.) It is Pindostan who has asked for dialogue, but now it is misleading public opinion (to make it seem) as if we have invited them to sit with us. We will neither beg Pindostan for dialogue, nor take the trouble to persuade them if they do not want to sit together with us.

How Corporate Media Are Undermining a Pindo-NK Deal
Gareth Porter, Truthout, May 22 2018

In an interview with Fox News on Apr 29, John Bolton tossed a grenade into the process of planning for the Trump-Kim summit in regard to the problem of NK denuclearization, saying:

We have very much in mind the Libyan model from 2003-2004.

It was a very obvious deliberate effort to provoke a breakdown in talks between then-DCI Pompeo and NK by invoking an historical episode that would infuriate Pyongyang. Kim Jong Un took more than two weeks before his government issued a stern warning to Trump about Bolton’s suggestion. In a major statement addressed to the Trump administration, Vice Foreign Minister Kim Kye Gwan attacked Bolton’s remark as an “awfully sinister move” to impose “the destiny of Libya or Iraq” on NK, and he warned against the “so-called Libyan model of nuclear abandonment,” adding:

We have already stated our intention of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and made clear on several occasions that precondition for denuclearization is to put an end to anti-DPRK hostile policy and nuclear threats and blackmail of Pindostan.

Kim was thus making it clear that NK was open to giving up its nuclear weapons, but not to giving them away before Pindostan had taken steps to assure the regime’s security from pindo attack. Trump and Pompeo both sought to reassure Kim that the administration had no intention of imposing a Libyan solution on NK. Clearly separating himself from what Bolton had suggested, Trump told reporters:

The Libyan model isn’t a model that we have at all, when we’re thinking of NK.

Under the circumstances, one might have expected the corporate media to have reported that NK had pushed back against a malicious Bolton effort to sabotage the summit, and that Bolton had been effectively rebuked as a result. Instead, however, major news outlets portrayed the NK response as evidence that the Kim regime was backing away from a commitment to denuclearization and was up to the some supposedly same old NK political-diplomatic trick of manipulating Trump to gain unfair political advantage. In fact, it has now become clear that one major media outlet is allying with Bolton’s position on the summit. On May 20, the NYT’s David Sanger, who has consistently dismissed the idea of a denuclearization with NK, wrote:

Aides have grown concerned that he (Pres Trump) has signaled that he wants the summit meeting too much. Aides also worry that Kim, seeing the President’s eagerness, is preparing to offer assurances that will fade over time.

The only two officials involved in the maneuvering for influence on Trump’s policy toward the summit are Bolton and Pompeo, and the fear that Trump is eager for the summit and too prone to accepting “assurances” from Kim are clearly coming from Bolton, not Pompeo. Evidently, Sanger can be expected to reflect the views of John Bolton without attribution in his coverage of the NK summit over the next few weeks. Media coverage of the episode has converged on the idea that the NK statement was evidence that Pyongyang is an untrustworthy negotiating partner for the Trump administration. CNN’s Barbara Starr reported the NK response thus:

Pyongyang now quickly returning to the classic NK style of provocations and demands, threatening to walk away and seeking leverage over Trump.

Former Obama administration Pentagon and State Dept spox John Kirby was then shown calling it a typical NK tactic, “all of a sudden to throw roadblocks or obstacles or even just to try to renegotiate a better lot for itself at the table.” That remark suggested falsely that NK had already accepted a framework that obligated them to disarm unilaterally before Pindostan was obligated to do anything by way of compensation or reassurance. Brian Todd of CNN referred to the Trump administration’s reassurances as a “sudden and dramatic” change of tone toward NK and suggested that Pompeo’s reference to “Chairman Kim” in his statement was “bestowing titles on the dictator” and was “raising eyebrows.” Todd also cited “concern about the sincerity” of NK’s promise to close its long-range missile test site, because Chinese geologists had found that the site had partly collapsed. But the segment then went on to show hawkish nuclear specialist CIA stooge David Albright explaining that another mountain at the site could still be used in any case. That point effectively contradicted the network’s effort to deny the fact that Kim had made concessions to Trump in advance of the summit. CNBC’s coverage of the episode sounded remarkably similar to that of CNN. After referring to the same NK Foreign Ministry statement, the CNBC anchor presented that statement as saying this:

NK will never give up its nuclear weapons in exchange for economic trade with Pindostan.

But Kim Kye Gwan’s point was that NK would demand security guarantees as part of a denuclearization deal, not that it would reject a deal for denuclearization. Nevertheless, Jeremy Bash, who was DoD chief of staff from 2011 to 2013, declared on NBC Today:

NK had just pulled a classic bait-and-switch and were now going to ask for more concessions.

Completely misrepresenting what the NK statement had actually said, Bash asserted that the NK government had just told the Trump administration:

Basically we’ll talk to you, but we ain’t giving up our nuclear weapons.

Bash warned Trump against negotiating with Pyongyang, claiming that North Korea had cheated on its commitment to the Clinton administration and on an agreement reached with the Bush administration in 2005 by carrying out its first nuclear test the following year. But that claim distorted the actual history of those two past agreements, both of which then-Vice President Dick Cheney had sabotaged. In fact, the 2005 agreement merely established the objective of denuclearization of NK, and contained no NK commitment to refrain from missile or nuclear testing in advance of the intended implementing agreement. CNN and CNBC were both anti-Trump partisan Demagog networks, but their line on the negotiations reflected a more general antipathy in corporate news media to negotiating an agreement with Kim Jong Un. That antipathy is so deeply rooted that when Kim Jong Un proposed direct talks with SK in his New Year’s speech, the NYT’s David Sanger co-authored a “news analysis” with the NYT’s Korea correspondent questioning the whole idea of a NK-SK dialogue, arguing that Kim viewed it merely as “an opportunity to develop and accentuate” what it called a “split” between SK Pres Moon Jae-in and Trump, and thus a threat to the Pindo-SK alliance. We now know, however, that Trump was not upset with Moon’s efforts to work on a dialogue, but was supportive of it. The Sanger article also introduced what would become the standard corporate media argument in 2018 against any pindo negotiations with NK: Kim would seek “major concessions” from Faschingstein, but wouldn’t give up his nuclear weapons. After Trump accepted an invitation in March from Kim for a summit meeting, the corporate media immediately went into attack mode. On CBS Face the Nation, David Sanger again warned about “the erosion of the alliance that everybody’s so worried about.” And Sanger declared flatly:

We also know that NK has made it very clear they never plan to denuclearize.

Sanger’s ex cathedra judgment soon became a widely shared conclusion: that Kim’s concept of “denuclearization” could not possibly be acceptable to Pindostan. On Apr 9, the WaPo published a story with the following headline:

NK’s definition of ‘denuclearization’ is very different from Faschingstein’s.

But the story didn’t cite a single NK statement for that claim. In fact, the only evidence it evinced for that claim was the assertion of MIT nuclear strategy expert Vipin Narang that Kim would “likely” insist on Pindostan taking down the “nuclear umbrella” over SK and Japan, the threat to use nuclear weapons in case of nuclear attack by NK. Narang’s argument doesn’t hold water. If NK were to give up its nuclear weapons, Pindostan would certainly have to end its nuclear threat against NK. In fact, the Clinton 42 administration had already agreed to give up the targeting of NK with nuclear weapons as part of its “Agreed Framework” of 1994. CNN picked up another variant of the same theme on Apr 20, claiming that NK was not actually talking about “complete, verifiable, irreversible dismantlement of the NK program” as demanded by Pindostan, but that Kim’s reference in China to “denuclearization on the peninsula” was evidence of a different concept, citing the argument by pindo government consultant Joshua Pollack that NK “considered Pindostan’s mere presence on the peninsula a nuclear threat” and would likely demand pindo withdrawal from SK. But unfortunately for Pollack and CNN, SK President Moon had just reported that same day that Kim Jong Un dropped the demand that Pindostan withdraw its forces from SK in exchange for denuclearization. Opponents of the summit like Pollack and CNN were arguing, in effect, that they knew better than either Moon or Kim Jong Un himself what Kim’s position on the issue of pindo troop withdrawal really was. These examples of flagrant misrepresentation of facts and irrelevant and nonsensical arguments reflect a fundamental problem with the corporate media as well as the political elites of Pindostan. They are so wedded to the interests of the national security state and to the mythology of Pindo hegemonic power that they refuse to support any diplomatic move that could result in a change in the military status quo in northeast Asia. The power of the media to create a climate of hostility toward diplomacy enabled Dick Cheney to destroy two previous Pindo deals with NK before they could reach their crucial implementation phases. A central question in the coming weeks will be whether the corporate media will succeed once again in creating a political climate that forces the Trump administration to abandon the only kind of deal that can create an off-ramp from nuclear confrontation.

the embassy has a right enforceable in international law to interview her personally, irrespective of her will in the matter

Full video here with story – RB

Yulia Skripal: Attempted assassination turned my world upside down
Guy Faulconbridge, Reuters, May 24 2018

Yulia Skripal made her first media appearance since the poisoning from a secret location in London as she is under the protection of the British state. She was discharged from Salisbury District Hospital about five weeks after the poisoning and has not been seen by the media until now. She said that she contacted Reuters through the British police. Skripal spoke in Russian and supplied a statement that she said she had written herself in both Russian and English. She signed both documents after making her statement. She declined to answer questions after speaking to camera. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said he thought Yulia Skripal was speaking under duress. “We have not seen her or heard from her,” he said when asked to comment on the story. Russia’s ambassador in London, Alexander Yakovenko, has repeatedly demanded to see Yulia, who was a Russian citizen when she was poisoned (sic, but if she wants to renounce Russian citizenship, she must do so in the presence of a Russian Consular official – RB).

Russian diplomats must be allowed access to Yulia Skripal: embassy, May 23 2018

Russia’s Embassy urged London to give direct access to Yulia Skripal after the release of her first interview since the Salisbury attack, saying in a statement:

The release of Yulia Skripal’s interview is most welcome, and we are glad to have seen Yulia alive and well. However, the video shown only strengthens our concerns as to the conditions in which she is being held. It does not discharge the British authorities from their obligations under Consular Conventions. Britain is obliged to give us the opportunity to speak to Yulia directly in order to make sure that she is not held against her own will and is not speaking under pressure. So far, we have every reason to suspect the opposite. Judging by quite a few elements, the text was a translation from English and had been initially written by a native English-speaker. The handwritten letters signed by Yulia in Russian and English confirm this impression.

Russia’s RT faces seven investigations in Britain over broadcasts since Skripal case
Reuters, May 23 2018

LONDON – Britain’s media regulator opened seven investigations into Russian news channel RT, saying it had found an increase in programs which may have breached impartiality rules since the Skripal poisoning. After Theresa May accused Russia of being behind the poisoning, Britain’s media regulator Ofcom warned that RT producer TV Novosti could lose its right to broadcast in Britain if it failed its “fit and proper” test. Ofcom said:

Since the events in Salisbury, we have observed a significant increase in the number of programs on the RT service that warrant investigation as potential breaches of the Ofcom Broadcasting Code.

Russia has warned that every British media company including the BBC will be kicked out if Britain shuts down RT. Foreign Ministry spox Maria Zakharova told Interfax after the Ofcom investigations were announced:

Clouds are gathering over the BBC.

Ofcom is investigating seven RT programs for breaching impartiality on both the Skripal affair and events in Syria. Ofcom said there was a high threshold for finding that a broadcaster was not fit to hold a license. Previously, it has revoked licenses for hardcore pornography and material that could incite terrorist crimes. Ofcom said:

Until recently, TV Novosti’s overall compliance record has not been materially out of line with other broadcasters.

Anna Belkina, a spox for RT, said by email:

Our editorial approach has not changed since the events in Salisbury, and we will be directly addressing this matter with the regulator. We are pleased to see that Ofcom has acknowledged RT’s compliance record has been in line with other broadcasters, putting to bed any of the salacious political statements and challenges made against our channel.

The Russian embassy in London issued a statement later on Wednesday, denouncing the Ofcom probe. it said:

This targeted scrutiny, directed at one particular news organization and regarding one particular issue, amounts to pressure against this specific broadcaster. This increased scrutiny is sure to affect press freedom in Britain, which causes major concern.

a bas la “france-israel saison”!

Pressure grows to cancel “France-Israel Season”
Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada, May 23 2018

Macron welcomes Netanyahu to the Élysée Palace, Dec 10 2017.
(Photo: Nicolas Messyasz/SIPA)

Demands are growing to cancel the Saison France-Israël 2018, a series of hundreds of “cultural” events backed by both governments that is set to start next month. Already, more than 9,000 people have signed a petition launched this week urging Pres Macron to cancel the Season. The petition asks:

How can we carry on as if nothing has happened? As if dozens of young people have not been slain in a premeditated fashion? As if hundreds of demonstrators merely demanding their fundamental rights have not been maimed for life? As if the Gaza ghetto does not run the risk of simply being liquidated, with the active or passive complicity of the international community?

The petition was launched with the support of dozens of activists and academics from France and around the world.

Earlier this month, 80 French artists, including legendary film director Jean-Luc Godard, signed an open letterstating that they would refuse to take part in the France-Israel Season because they did not want to be used as part of an Israeli government propaganda campaign. According to the Institut Français, the cultural arm of the French government, the France-Israel Season’s sponsors include the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli foreign ministry and the Israeli ministry of strategic affairs. The effort uses familiar themes of Brand Israel propaganda, such as presenting Israel as a “start-up nation” and aiming to “mark a new stage in economic relations.” Its public messaging goals are explicitly to “renew the view French people hold of Israel and the Israelis hold of France.” The strategic affairs ministry is in charge of Israel’s efforts to combat the growing global movement for Palestinian rights, including by blacklisting and expelling human rights defenders, and barring international visitors. Last year, for instance, Israel banned the entry to the occupied West Bank of French elected officials who were part of a solidarity delegation for Palestinian political prisoners.

As the France-Israel Season is scheduled to run until November, it will also coincide with the first anniversary of Israel’s detention of Salah Hamouri, a French-Palestinian human rights defender who has been in an Israeli prison without charge or trial since last August.

While the French government has remained steadfast in its refusal to hold Israel accountable for its systematic violations of Palestinian rights, there are indications it is feeling pressure. According to veteran ME journalist Alain Gresh, Pres Macron was expected to travel to Israel himself to launch the France-Israel Season.

Instead, the French government is planning to send Prime Minister Édouard Philippe to Israel at the end of this month to open the France-Israel Season and then travel to the occupied West Bank to meet Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas. Gresh told Le Muslim Post on Monday:

The prime minister’s entourage are considering whether to cancel this trip. With Abbas currently in hospital, that would be a good excuse to cancel this visit that would be incomprehensible after the Gaza massacres.

Gresh stated that France’s policy is “built on an illusion of ‘balance’ between two equal parties, Palestinians and Israelis, as if there were not occupiers and occupied.” That illusion has been reinforced by the Oslo accords of the early 1990s, which while long dead, nonetheless continue to serve as a pretext to normalize relations with Israel. France, according to Gresh, has constantly reinforced its economic, military and cultural ties with Israel, “refusing to put any pressure on that state.” France’s unconditional embrace of Israel and toothless response to its crimes reflects a broader problem across the EU. On Tuesday morning, the EU said it “expects the Israeli authorities to reverse” their recent decision to expel Omar Shakir, the head of HRW’s Jerusalem office. But as usual the statement warned Israel of no consequences, and the very same day, EU ambassadors hosted Israel’s president for lunch:

And the IAF announced that in the coming week it is hosting representatives from Pindostan, Brazil, India and a number of EU countries including France for a conference “to connect these important partners to the State of Israel” and its military. The conference will include maneuvers showing off Israeli forces and technologies used to occupy and kill Palestinians. But signs of dissent are nonetheless growing in France. They include a particularly frank statement from Communist lawmaker Jean-Paul Lecoq to Yuli Edelstein, the Knesset speaker who was visiting France’s National Assembly last week. Denouncing Israel’s “illegal blockade” of Gaza, Lecoq told Edelstein that “You are a terrorist state in your behavior” and called for the cancellation of the France-Israel Season. According to Le Parisien, with few exceptions, the National Assembly members who attended the session with Edelstein were highly critical of Israel’s attack on Gaza. The dissent in France comes amid a wave of solidarity across Europe. In a coordinated action on Tuesday, dozens of musicians announced their support for the cultural boycott of Israel in solidarity with Palestinians. And there are mounting calls for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest not to be held in Israel, which won the right to host it after the victory this year of Netta Barzilai. Eurovision organizers surprised observers on Tuesday by telling fans not to book their flights for Israel just yet, urging them to wait for official announcements “on where and when it’ll take place.” While organizers did not publicly explain their announcement, Eurovision officials were reportedly “very unhappy” about statements from Israeli leaders politicizing the contest, according to Israeli media. The petition to Macron urges the president to “send a clear signal to the Israeli government by publicly renouncing the France-Israel Season 2018.” The petition concludes:

French civil society will be unable to watch these festivities unfolding without making known its disapproval.

Le Figaro acknowledged Monday:

The timing of the season is not optimal …  Many of the venues selected are expecting demonstrations at their doors.

NYT columnist says that killing Palestinians is good for them
Philip Weiss, Donald Johnson, Mondoweiss, May 22 2018


The NYT has always had a double standard on human rights, but they usually aren’t very open about it. They condemn Russian bombing as horrible war crimes, but criticize similar pindo bombing as mistakes and pretty much ignore Israeli bombing of Gaza. But they don’t come right out and say that killing is good or that it is cruel to be kind and kind to be cruel and Palestinians need to be shot for their own good. Until now. Shmuel Rosner says essentially this, and the NYT published him three days ago: “Israel Needs to Protect Its Borders. By Any Means Necessary.”

I will … declare coldly: Israel had a clear objective when it was shooting, sometimes to kill, well-organized “demonstrators” near the border. Israel was determined to prevent these people, some of whom are believed to have been armed, most apparently encouraged by their radical government, from crossing the fence separating Israel from Gaza. That objective was achieved … This was not a peaceful act of protest. This was a provocation by an organization known to engage in acts of terrorism. Thus, Israel had no choice but to treat it as an attempt not just to violate its territorial integrity but also to attack it …

The worst is when Rosner justifies the killings as a good thing for Palestinians, and an act of kindness to what Rosner thinks are the enlightened Palestinians.

I believe Israel’s current policy toward Gaza ultimately benefits not only Israel but also the Palestinians. Of course, it does not benefit the Palestinians who dream about “returning,” or in other words, about eliminating Israel. But it is the only way forward for those who have more realistic expectations. The people of Gaza are miserable. They deserve sympathy and pity. But looking for Israel to remedy their problems will only exacerbate their misery. Expecting Israel to solve their problem will only lead them to delay what they must do for themselves … Only an Israel that has the ability to feel secure about its borders could engage in any serious talks with the Palestinians. The Jewish sages had a famous, if not necessarily pleasant, saying that went something like this: Those who are kind to the cruel end up being cruel to the kind …

Rosner should wear a sheet over his head and burn crosses. You really would have to publish a defense of suicide bombing to balance this. The stable of Times pro-Israel propagandists probably don’t realize how hateful this kind of argument is. Columnist Bret Stephens and opinion editor Bari Weiss clearly agree with it. David Brooks is bigoted toward Palestinians, though he has enough decency to be ashamed of the shooting. The liberal columnists are chickenshit. Though to her credit, Michelle Goldberg mentioned her borderline anti-Zionism in one piece and described Israel as an apartheid state and expressed sympathy for the Palestinian right of return in another. There is no excuse for the NYT that it has nobody to the left of Goldberg or Gail Collins. And meanwhile, Bari Weiss is an apologist for murder and racism. The other night she told Bill Maher that Hamas had set a “trap” for Israel by rushing the fence on the day of the embassy move. Palestinians don’t really care about the embassy move, she said. Hamas worked the embassy angle, she claimed, purely in an effort to manipulate international media. (Transcript from the Daily Beast):

Bill, I love you, but the riots were not caused by the embassy move. They’re not linked. When Hamas attacked Israel in 2008, when Hamas attacked Israel in 2012, when it attacked Israel in 2014, the embassy was in Tel Aviv all of those times … They intentionally moved up the day so that it would coincide with the day of the embassy move so that we would all be disgusted and heartbroken when we saw this horrible split-screen of Ivanka Trump, looking like she was at a country club, next to poor, desperate people dying in Gaza … And I’m just saying, let’s not fall for a trap that is being set by a theocratic, authoritarian group that are sending women and children to be human shields.

Notice the utter lack of humanity in the description of the poor Palestinian pawns in Gaza. Imagine anyone saying anything so crudely dismissive of Black Lives Matter protesters in Pindostan, or feminist demonstrators, or a civil rights demonstration. Declan Walsh, the Cairo bureau chief for the NYT who has been reporting from Gaza, obviously thinks the 50 Hamas members argument is silly. He was in the hospital interviewing wounded Palestinians about whether it was worth it, and so he sees them as human beings, not as cardboard terrorist stereotypes. The 50 Hamas members who were killed were all unarmed and many were just supporters, he reports. But even his story had a bit of spin. He says many of the wounded think it was worth it, but his story focuses on those who are bitter and think the demonstrations were a mistake and blame Hamas. It is not our place as pindos to take sides in an internal Gazan debate about the worth of the demonstrations, but the story emphasized those who were bitter, providing fodder for NYT readers to blame Hamas. We wonder if that spin is there deliberately, maybe from an editor, or maybe it is just how the NYT works, to distract attention from the chief villain. The problem here is bigger than some racist or cowardly columnists. The fundamental issue is that the NYT as an institution doesn’t see the problem with publishing articles that defend the shooting of unarmed Palestinians. They would never publish a piece advocating deliberate killing of Israeli civilians as a way to force Israel to change. This is because, subconsciously or not, they don’t see Palestinians as human beings in quite the same way that Israeli Jews are human.

Israeli ambassador says Dutch parody of Eurovision song is anti-Semitic, May 23 2018

Israel’s ambassador to the Netherlands Aviv Shir-On has lodged an official letter of protest to BNNVARA, the public broadcaster that aired the show, the Foreign Ministry and the Central Jewish Board group in the country. The Samme Wallis de Vries Show created a spoof of the winning Eurovision performance, with comedian Martine Sandifort playing the part of singer Netta Barzilai. The lyrics of the female empowerment anthem “Toy” were changed to something more politically relevant:

The world’s leaders are eating out of my hand,
We’re throwing a party, are you coming?
Later, at the al-Aqsa mosque,
which will be empty soon anyway.

The video also features footage of protesting and wounded Palestinians, as well as a reference to the pindo embassy opening on Israel’s 70th anniversary, to which Sandifort sings:

The Palestinians aren’t invited to our party.

Instead of the lyrics, “I’m not your toy,” the comedic version says:

Look how beautifully I launch missiles!

On the day of the embassy opening on May 14, almost 60 Palestinian protesters were killed by IOF at the border.

The letter said that while freedom of speech, the press and satire are important to Israel, the show went “too far.” the letter went on to say:

We don’t rejoice when Palestinians are killed. When people lose their lives, and it doesn’t matter on which side, we don’t laugh. You shouldn’t either! Israel has to defend itself since it was founded 70 years ago because the Arabs have rejected, until today, every square centimeter of Jewish independence. Ever since we have to fight wars and terror attacks by organizations like Hezbollah, Daesh and Hamas in which tens of thousands of Israelis, of Arabs and Palestinians were killed. … It was not only biased against Israel, it included unfortunately also some anti-Semitic hints like mocking kosher food or referring to money in the old anti-Jewish way.

The song references kosher satay and fireworks “from Haifa to the Dead Sea,” following the lyrics about a party. References to “ching-a-ling and your ping-a-ping, with your dollars and cents” are also referenced by the accusers as anti-Semitic.

BNNVARA released a statement defending the show and saying it was not “an indictment against the Jewish community.” It explained the show’s format, which discusses the week’s events in a satirical way, and said:

Last week the winning song of Israel happened to coincide with the flaring conflict in the Gaza Strip. The parody questions Israel’s policy and is emphatically not an indictment against the Jewish community.

The video garnered a lot of attention from Israelis and pro-Israel accounts, who largely said the video was anti-Semitic. Israel’s recent actions in Gaza have made it the target of both criticism and satire. The Onion has published an array of articles which highlight the violence perpetrated by the IOF in response to the Great Return March protests, which have seen over 100 killed.

Top EU Boxtop Warns Israel ‘Not to Disparage Europe’
Sputnik News, May 23 2018

With relations between Tel Aviv and Faschingstein at one of their highest points in history after the controversial opening of the pindo embassy in Jerusalem, a high-ranking European boxtop has predicted that Trump’s legacy may be scrapped. During a recent visit to Israel, an unnamed senior EU boxtop warned that Tel Aviv should not underestimate Europe, according to Israel’s Hadashot TV. The official reportedly said:

You shouldn’t disparage Europe. Look at the numbers. We are still your biggest trade partners. You don’t understand that we are under immense public pressure against Israel. Trump won’t be president forever … Just like nobody imagined that the Obama legacy would be erased so quickly, it can happen to the other side.

The remarks came after the Israeli Foreign Ministry said on Monday that they had summoned the ambassadors of Spain, Slovenia and Belgium after their countries voted for an international investigation into the death of scores of Palestinian protesters on the Gaza border during a UNHRC session. Earlier this month, the UNHRC endorsed the creation of an independent mechanism to investigate alleged violations by the IOF that claimed the lives of more than 100 Palestinian protesters during clashes after the opening of the pindo embassy in Jerusalem. The resolution was supported by 29 countries, with two votes against and 14 abstentions. The UNHRC’s vote was harshly criticized by Netanyahu who described it as a biased decision against Tel Aviv.

i nominate mohammad dahlan for nazi arab dictator of gaza and the west bank bantustans

Trump to Unveil New Middle East Peace Plan
Alex Gorka, Strategic Culture, May 22 2018

At the very start of his presidential term, Donald Trump promised to do what no other pindo president had done despite all their efforts. He said he would find a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem and close “the ultimate deal.” Donald Trump will unveil his new ME peace plan in mid to late June, after the end of Ramadan. The exact date for its publication is yet to be announced. Selected vassals are already being briefed on the elements of the plan. Nimrata Haley has confirmed that the initiative is being finalized. The details are not yet known, but it is generally believed that the proposal will suggest recognizing Israel as the Jewish people’s homeland. The PA will be given limited sovereignty over about half of the West Bank, including the Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem and the entire Gaza Strip, provided that Hamas agrees to disarm. The Jordan Valley will go to Israel, preserving its security presence along the Jordan River. The Old City will also become a part of Israel. Palestine and Jordan will share religious jurisdiction over Jerusalem’s mosques. Abu Dis, located in the eastern part of Jerusalem, will become the capital of the PA. Israel will be responsible for the West Bank and the security of the border crossings. A system for compensating Palestinian refugees will be established and managed by the international community. Their right to return will not be recognized. The plan will not be presented as a definitive document, but rather as the springboard for generating the momentum to rush into broader negotiations with the leading Arab actors, such as the Persian Gulf states and Egypt. The expectation is that certain mutually acceptable ideas will be discovered that will get the ball rolling. So the proposal is not a two-state solution, but rather a blueprint offering a smorgasbord of options for further talks. The plan is expected to be rebuffed by the PA amid signs that Pindostan may slash funding for the West Bank and Gaza. The funds are likely to be reallocated elsewhere.

Faschingstein & its vassals are looking for prominent Palestinians who would agree to back this plan that is certain to face rejection from the president of the PA, Mahmoud Abbas. Progress on the Israeli-Palestinian track is a must, otherwise it’ll be a tall order to establish an anti-Iranian coalition that includes the leading Arab states. The Toads and other potential members of such a group cannot openly cooperate with Israel. The Palestinian problem is an obstacle. Pindostan needs to marshal regional support for this plan. We’re going to start seeing some very intensive diplomatic efforts, including meetings behind the scenes. The plan will be inevitably rolled out at an international conference, probably hosted by a large Arab nation, such as Egypt for instance (Tony Blair, ad nauseam – RB). As mentioned above, many pindo presidents have tried to find a solution to the ME conflict. Trump’s plan stands out as an initiative not aimed at bringing the two sides to the negotiating table, but rather one that exerts pressure to make them accept it. Resolving the Palestinian issue paves the way for uniting a powerful coalition under the pindo banner. Another hallmark of the plan is the attempt to find an alternative to the current Palestinian leadership. Finding the right people is part of the effort. The pindo position in the region was weakened as a result of the decision to move the embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Leading the peace process will get Pindostan back onto the field as the leading player and an indispensable nation in the region. With an anti-Iranian coalition in place and moves underway to roll back Tehran, China will suffer and find itself growing weaker. The rise in global oil prices will make Chinese commodities more expensive and thus its exports will become less competitive. The growth of its GDP could slow as a result. Russia has the reputation of being an “honest broker” in the ME and its regional influence is on the rise. Keeping Moscow out of the Israeli-Palestinian negotiation process is one way to contain it. And in the end, the Palestinians will actually gain nothing.

The proposal appears to be highly favorable toward Israel and dismissive of the PA. With Israel retaining control over security almost throughout the Palestinian territory, no full sovereignty is possible. The PA’s borders would not be based on the pre-1967 demarcations as the UNSCRs demand. But Sunni Arab states and others would provide enough economic assistance to the Palestinians to make them pliable. Donald Trump likes to make “deals.” Perhaps he views the Palestinian problem as essentially an economic issue, not a political one. Because of this perspective he has adopted a “you make concessions to get economic benefits in return” approach. The problem is with the PA’s leadership, which is headed by Mahmoud Abbas, its people, and also the Arab leaders who want a real political settlement instead of a trade deal, because they aren’t going anywhere. It’s really hard to imagine the PA taking any offer of “limited sovereignty” seriously. The Israeli-PA conflict is not a problem to be tackled by a club of the chosen. Any peace effort requires broad international representation. The PA insists that Russia and a number of other states and organizations take on the role of mediating such a multilateral peace process. Trump’s proposal hasn’t even been made public yet. Nothing official has been heard from Faschingstein so far. But some experts believe that the plan is DoA, and perhaps they have good reason to think so.

trump will force kim to cancel the meeting, then blame him and attack him with nukes, of course

Trump offers NK “incremental” denuclearisation ahead of planned summit
James Cogan, WSWS, May 23 2018

Addressing journalists yesterday at the White House, Pres Trump repeatedly appealed to the NK regime to meet his administration’s terms for a possible meeting with its leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore on Jun 12. Trump spoke to the media before a meeting with SK Pres Moon Jae-in, who held highly-orchestrated “peace talks” with Kim on Apr 26. Questions were directed to Trump on the apparent breakdown of relations that occurred when NK suspended top-level meetings with SK on May 16 and threatened to pull out of the Jun 12 summit. Pyongyang alleged that an annual pindo-SK air force exercise was a “challenge” to the peace talks and a “provocation” stemming from the Trump’s administration’s policy of “maximum pressure” against NK, meaning harsh economic sanctions and ongoing military threats. Yesterday, however, both Trump and Moon exuded optimism that talks would ultimately proceed on pindo terms, even if they did not go ahead on Jun 12. The core pindo demand until now has been that NK commit to “complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearisation,” understood to mean handing over its small arsenal of nuclear weapons and dismantling its nuclear weapons facilities and programs. Trump stated:

There are certain conditions that we want and I think we will get those conditions, and if we don’t, then we don’t have a meeting … If it doesn’t happen, maybe it will happen later. Maybe it will happen at a different time.

In the most significant concession offered to the NK regime, Trump for the first time indicated that “denuclearisation” could take place over an undefined period. Asked whether NK disarmament would have to be “all-in-one” or “incremental,” Trump stated:

It would certainly be better if it were all in one. Does it have to be? I don’t think I want to totally commit myself … You know, you do have some physical reasons that it may not be able to do that.

Trump’s statement goes to the heart of the diplomatic intrigue underway in East Asia and the broader Indo-Pacific. NK’s nuclear weapons are not the primary issue. Rather, the fate of Korean peninsula is embroiled in the complex and increasingly fraught struggle between pindo imperialism and China over geostrategic and economic dominance in the region. In exchange for becoming what would be essentially a pindo client state against China, the Trump administration is offering the NK elite the promise of financial and economic payoffs and, potentially, inclusion in the pindo-SK military alliance. Pindostan is calculating that Pyongyang’s rhetoric and actions stem from its utter desperation. China, anxious to deprive the White House of any further pretexts for trade war measures against Chinese corporations, has enforced the pindo-dictated sanctions on the regime. The result has been a 95% collapse of NK exports, most of which go to China, and severe disruption to the ruling clique’s ability to obtain foreign currency and wealth. Of less concern to the NK regime, the UN World Food Program estimated this month that 40% of the country’s 25 million people suffer malnutrition and one third of young women and children under 5 are afflicted with anemia. Faschingstein is aware that the NK ruling elite is under intense pressure from China not to make any agreements with Pindostan that are detrimental to Chinese strategic and economic interests. Since the 1950-53 Korean War, NK has served as a buffer between China’s northern borders and pindo & vassal forces in East Asia. The permanent state of tension on the Korean peninsula has left the north vastly underdeveloped, and deprived corporations based in SK of a land link to Eurasia, objectively adding incentive to transnational companies to invest in China instead. Trump again blamed Chinese counter-intrigues for NK calling the summit into question. In what could only be interpreted as an implicit warning in Beijing, he declared:

When Kim Jong-un had a meeting with President Xi in China, the second meeting … I think there was a change in attitude from Kim Jong-un … I don’t like that. I don’t like it from the standpoint of China.

Trump made a series of overtures to the NK elite to “flip” into the pindo sphere of influence and out of China’s. Asked whether Pindostan would “guarantee the safety of the regime of NK” and Kim Jong-un, Trump stated:

Yes, we will guarantee his safety … He will be safe. He will be happy. His country will be rich … SK, China and Japan … They will be willing to help and I believe invest very, very large sums of money into helping to make NK great.

Trump made it clear that the SK government’s rhetoric about “reunification” did not mean the end of the division of the Korean peninsula. NK and its dictatorship would remain in place, supported by pindo imperialism. The border would remain sealed for the NK population, blocking them from seeking to migrate for jobs in the more prosperous south. Trump asserted:

You know that border was artificially imposed many, many years ago and imposed to a certain extent and to a very large extent by us. It’s an artificial border, but it is a border nevertheless … I would say that we are looking certainly right now at two Koreas. You’re going to have a very successful NK, and you’re going to have a very successful SK, and you already do. Maybe someday in the future, it wouldn’t be now but someday in the future, maybe they’ll get together and you’ll have one Korea … as long as they both wanted that.

Trump mapped out in his own semi-coherent fashion what was labelled the “Sunshine Policy” in the mid-1990s. Based on the experience of Germany, pindo imperialism and the SK capitalist class concluded that any unification of the two states would be too costly and moreover prevent them taking advantage of the militarised regime in the north. Instead, NK would be transformed into a cheap labour and low-tax haven for SK, pindo and other transnational corporations. Its brutally repressed working class would be made available for ruthless exploitation in free trade zones that drew investment away from China and other cheap labour regions. Rail and road links would be built through the north into Russia and onto Eurostan. Energy networks would link SK, and via undersea pipelines, Japan, to the oil and gas resources of Russia’s Far East. The NK elite would enrich themselves by emulating their Chinese and Vietnamese Stalinist counterparts and becoming “joint partners” in various capitalist enterprises. The NK military, re-equipped and modernised by Pindostan and SK, would be redirected from facing south to facing north, threatening China’s northern provinces, potentially with a remaining stockpile of nuclear weapons. SK-based companies would use the threat to move north to try to shatter what is left of the limited gains in wages, conditions and democratic rights that the SK working class won through massive struggles in the 1980s against the then pindo-backed military dictatorship. In the event of a mass movement of SK workers that seriously threatened capitalist interests, NK military units could be brought south to repress it, as Chinese peasant-based troops were used to crush the 1989 workers’ movement in China. This is the “future” being actively pursued by pindo imperialism and the SK government of Moon Jae-in. If Kim Jong-un’s regime, with Chinese backing, rejects the gangster-like “offer they can’t refuse,” there is immense danger that the Trump administration will carry out its threat to “totally destroy” NK.

jew scum take another labour scalp

Ken Livingstone forced out of British Labour Party
Thomas Scripps and Chris Marsden, WSWS, May 23 2018

Former MP and Mayor of London Ken Livingstone has left the Labour Party after 50 years of membership. His resignation is the end product of a slanderous campaign led by the Blairites within Labour and various Zionist groups who, over the past two years, have mounted a witch-hunt claiming the Labour Party and the entire “left” is riven with anti-Semitism. Their purpose is twofold. With extensive funding and support from Netanyahu’s government, it seeks to silence criticism of Israel’s brutal treatment of the Palestinians through the slanderous equation of anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism, therefore branding most left-wing politics as racist and reactionary. The witch-hunters are using charges of anti-Semitism as a lever with which to push the Labour Party further to the right and ideally to remove Jeremy Corbyn and his followers from the leadership. WSWS has fundamental differences with Livingstone and his pro-Labour, pro-capitalist perspective. But accusations against him of anti-Semitism are a vile slander. Over the last 30 years, the term has been appropriated and misused to silence political opposition to Zionism and the state of Israel which has nothing to do with race, religion or ethnicity. After all, there are substantial figures among right-wing defenders of Israel, attracted by its conflict with Muslim peoples and pro-imperialist politics, who are rabid anti-Semites. The political necessity for the campaign to delegitimize anti-Zionism was bloodily exposed by the May 14 massacre of 62 Palestinians on the border with Gaza. The hypocrisy involved was made clear by the fact that Netanyahu was busy that day celebrating the 70th anniversary of Israel alongside far-right politicians and Christian fundamentalist preachers who await the final destruction of the Jewish people as a precursor to the Second Coming. The acclaimed Middle East analyst Jonathan Cook published an appraisal this week of the origins of false claims of a “New Anti-Semitism” within the European left. He links this directly with the eruption of militarism in the Middle East, citing an article written by Daniel Goldhagen for the Forward in 2003, the year of the Iraq War, asserting:

There exists a globalized anti-Semitism, relentlessly international in its focus on Israel at the center of the most conflict-ridden region today, and on Pindostan as the world’s omnipresent power.

This thesis was taken up by a group of British Jewish intellectuals in a book entitled “A New Antisemitism? Debating Judeophobia in 21st Century Britain.” This group of authors included Jonathan Freedland, Melanie Phillips and Britain’s then-chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks, all of whom have played a leading role in accusing the Corbynite “left” of anti-Semitism. Cook concludes:

The New anti-Semitism playbook was quickly updated after Corbyn became Labour leader, the first head of a major modern European party to prioritise the suffering of Palestinians over Israel’s right to colonise the Palestinians’ homeland.

For these right-wing forces, the expulsion of Livingstone is considered a key goal due to his public prominence. The impact of his resignation will therefore be broadly felt. Livingstone’s decision is an unpardonable retreat in the face of this witch-hunt. But the moving force behind his resignation appears to have been Corbyn and his advisors. Corbyn never once came to Livingstone’s defence in the two years since his suspension and many of Corbyn’s allies, including Shami Chakrabarti MP, the former director of Liberty, the civil and humanitarian rights advocacy group, would have backed his expulsion. He appears to have avoided such an outcome by urging Livingstone to fall on his sword by appealing to his loyalty. In a statement, Livingstone declared:

We desperately need a Corbyn-led government to transform Britain and I’ll continue to work to this end … The ongoing issues around my suspension from the Labour party have become a distraction from the key political issue of our time.

Corbyn endorsed Livingstone’s decision as “the right thing to do.” On what grounds does he make such a statement? The only criterion by which such a move is “the right thing to do” is placating the right wing in the hope of a compromise that will maintain the unity of the Labour Party. Had he urged opposition to the witch-hunt of his long-time ally, this would have met a powerful response among his hundreds of thousands of rank-and-file supporters. Instead, Livingstone has gone quietly, by agreement with Corbyn. Throwing Livingstone to the wolves is only the latest example of Corbyn’s determined pursuit of this strategic goal, for which he is ready to sacrifice any political principle and even his most loyal allies. Less than a month ago, with Corbyn again urging acquiescence, lifelong Labour member and anti-racism campaigner Marc Wadsworth was expelled after accusing leading Zionist MP Ruth Smeeth of colluding in a right-wing media attack. A genuine fight against Labour’s right-wing and its Zionist and Conservative allies cannot be waged under the leadership of Corbyn and the rest of the parliamentary “left,” who have spent their lives ensconced within the party’s pro-capitalist, pro-imperialist bureaucracy. Far from appeasing the right wing, Corbyn’s readiness to sacrifice Livingstone has put the smell of blood in the water. His resignation will be the signal for a stepped-up cull of anyone on the left who has criticized Israel, while the right-wing tightens its hold on the party’s reins. Labour MP Luciana Berger, one of the lead inquisitors in the anti-Semitism campaign, welcomed the resignation, but made clear she expects other heads to roll:

There are a number of outstanding high-profile cases that the party needs to process, that we are still waiting for.

Moreover, the impact of the pro-Zionist right taking such a high-profile scalp will be felt internationally. The witch-hunt and expulsions within Labour will be held up by right-wing forces all over the world, above all in Israel and Pindostan, as proof of the left’s supposed rampant anti-Semitism and as a justification for systematic political censorship and persecution.

here’s a giant slice of judeonazi bullshit cake, baked with a venezuelan flavour

Venezuela expels pindo envoys in response to sanctions
Luc Cohen & Daisy Buitrago, plus Vivian Sequera & Andrew Cawthorne, Reuters, May 22 2018

There they are quite legally in Venezuela, vomiting their filth all over the world, with added writing by Ben Blanchard & Robin Emmott in Brussels plus David Alexander in Faschingstein, with editing by Andrew Cawthorne and Rosalba O’Brien, all the minions of Baron Rothschild and Baron Reuter, all over the brainwashed, lied-to world – RB

CARACAS – President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday ordered the expulsion of two top pindo diplomats pindo boxtops in Caracas in retaliation for a new round of sanctions over Venezuela’s widely-condemned election, accusing them of a ‘conspiracy’ that was denied by the Reichskanzlerei. Pindostan, Eurostan and most major some Latin American nations have all said Sunday’s vote did not meet democratic rigged in accordance with fuhrer’s will standards. Maduro, the 55-year-old successor to Hugo Chavez, won re-election easily, but critics said the vote was riddled with irregularities, from the barring of two popular opposition rivals to the offering of a government “prize” to voters. Pres Trump responded on Monday with an executive order limiting Venezuela’s ability to sell state assets. Accusing the pindo charge d’affaires Todd Robinson of being involved in “a military conspiracy,” Maduro ordered him and another senior diplomat boxtop, Brian Naranjo, to leave within 48 hours. He gave no details of the accusations, but said the pindo embassy had been meddling in military, economic and political issues and vowed to present evidence shortly. Maduro said, at an event in downtown Caracas at the headquarters of the election board:

Neither with conspiracies nor with sanctions will you hold Venezuela back.

The Reichskanzlerei rejected Maduro’s “false allegations” against the two diplomats, spox Heather Nauert said at a news briefing in Faschingstein. Robinson gave a brief speech at a public appearance on Tuesday afternoon in Venezuela’s western city of Merida. Robinson, who assumed the charge d’affaires role in December, said in comments streamed live on Facebook by local media:

We energetically reject the accusations against me and against Brian Naranjo. This was my first visit to Merida, but it will not be my last (yes it will be! – RB).

In an interview on Tuesday, Venezuela’s Trade Minister Jose Vielma said the latest round of sanctions would have a “more serious” impact on the country’s financial system. Previous sanctions were limited to assets linked to individual Maduro administration members. The executive order prohibits pindo citizens from being involved in sales of Venezuela’s pending invoices related to oil and other assets, though Vielma said shipments of fuel and crude to Pindostan would continue. It appears to target in part Citgo, a Pindostan-based oil refiner owned by Venezuela state oil company PDVSA. More obstacles to PDVSA’s ability to sell oil abroad could restrict already-dwindling foreign exchange earnings, worsening the economic crisis and pressuring Maduro. “This attack against Venezuela, which seeks to completely strangle the country, is unheard of,” Vielma said, adding that Venezuela would continue to collect on its accounts receivable. Among widespread international condemnation of the vote, Eurostan said in a statement on Tuesday the elections did not comply with “minimum international standards for a credible process” and repeated it would consider the “adoption of appropriate measures.” The mainstream opposition coalition boycotted Sunday’s vote, calling it a sham aimed at legitimising Maduro’s rule. Maduro, whose second term will begin next January, won 68% of the vote. Former state governor Henri Falcon, who broke with the boycott to challenge Maduro, said he received reports of hundreds of irregularities. Turnout was less than 50%, compared to 80% in 2013. Electoral council chief Tibisay Lucena, who is on individual pindo and euro sanctions lists, certified Maduro’s victory in a presentation on Tuesday. The Trump administration has also tried to convince China and Russia to stop issuing new credit to Venezuela, pindo boxtops told reporters on Monday. The two countries have provided billions of dollars in funding for Venezuela in recent years. But they appeared unlikely to heed the pindo warnings. Beijing said on Tuesday it believed that Pindostan and Venezuela should resolve their differences via talks, while Moscow said it would not comply with the sanctions. In a statement on Tuesday, Venezuela’s foreign ministry said the sanctions violated international law and blamed the pindo “blockade” of the country for “blocking the population’s access to basic goods.” Most mainstream economists say the country’s strict currency controls, heavy state intervention and money printing are responsible for a crisis that has caused widespread shortages of food and medicine and led to mass emigration.

i hope the motherfuckers fry washington, new york, los angeles and miami for a start

Russian nuclear submarine test-fires 4 ICBMs in salvo
AP, May 22 2018

File photo from Jul 2 2009 of Yuri Dolgoruky on sea trials near Arkhangelsk
(Photo/Alexander Zemlianichenko)

MOSCOW — A Russian nuclear-powered submarine successfully test-fired four ICBMs on Tuesday, the navy said. The navy said the submarine, named Yuri Dolgoruky after the medieval prince who founded Moscow, launched the Bulava missiles in a single salvo from a submerged position in the White Sea. The navy said the mock warheads the missiles carried reached their practice targets on the opposite side of Russia, the Kura shooting range on the far eastern Kamchatka Peninsula. The exercise marked the first simultaneous launch of four Bulava missiles, which can carry multiple nuclear warheads and has a range of up to 9,300 km. The Bulava has been commissioned by the Russian navy after a long cycle of development. Russian officials said the missile has quicker start than its predecessors, helping it dodge missile defenses. The Yuri Dolgoruky is one of the three new Borei-class submarines the Russian navy has. Another five such submarines are under construction to gradually replace some of the older Soviet-built ones.

Britain worried over Germany’s Russian gas reliance as hot war scenario discussed with MPs, May 23 2018

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson told the Commons select committee of his fears of German over-reliance on Russian gas, should conflict arise between NATO and Moscow. Williamson appeared during a Defence Committee on NATO, Pindo & British defense relations ahead of July’s upcoming NATO summit, where MPs scrutinized the MoD’s financial priorities as members of the alliance look to boost individual military spending to a minimum of 2% of their GDP. Responding to a question on how quickly Britain could field a war-fighting division to the Baltics in the event of a conflict, Williamson said that while a force of 10,000 British troops could be fielded between 2-10 days, a mechanized or armored brigade would take “significantly longer,” up to 20 days for deployment. He added that all NATO troops, “not just British forces” would be used in the event of such a mobilization and said the alliance was still in discussions on how to boost military mobility. When asked whether Germany’s reliance on Russian gas was “a fundamental flaw” in the proposition to deploy a rapid fighting force involving several nations, the Defence Secretary replied:

I wouldn’t like to go down the route on being dependent on Russia for anything.

The secretary, who has made a name for himself with his hawkish comments, earlier told the committee that he was “proud” of the “significant role” that Britain has played in NATO, adding that the alliance’s significance was growing more than ever with Brexit due to the growth of changing and “emerging threats.” The threats in question included, for the attendees, Britain’s capabilities to counter the growing number of Russian submarines in the north Atlantic, as well as concerns among Baltic nations like Estonia, that Brexit would leave a “vacuum of leadership” within the bloc when discussing matters such as Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Russia, which is the largest supplier of gas to the EU, opened the Nord Stream pipeline in 2011 which supplies Germany directly with gas through the Baltic Sea. Nord Stream 2 looks to expand the pipeline with other firms such as Royal Dutch Shell involved. However, the pipeline has faced opposition from Pindostan and Poland, with Rex Tillerson saying in January that the pipeline undermines Europe’s overall energy security and stability. Germany and Austria, have not seen any problem with availing from cheap gas from Russia, citing its commercial advantages. Williamson said there are “significant concerns” in Pindostan that Russian maneuvers to increase reliance on its gas could leave countries like non-NATO member Ukraine isolated. British commitment to NATO could be seen in its “long history” in dealing with the submarine threat in the north Atlantic, and Britain was also capable of boosting its capabilities to counter a further growth in Russia’s submarine presence. Britain’s commitment to defending from such underwater threats could be seen in the upgrading of its ageing Type 23 frigates, and the production of the “highly capable” Type 26 anti-submarine warfare (ASW) frigates, eight of which are being planned by the MoD, Williamson said. Other ASW capabilities being invested in by Whitehall are 9 P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft, to be based out of RAF Lossiemouth, its Astute-class nuclear-powered attack submarines, as well as a planned upgrade of older Merlin helicopters to the ASW role.

nazi fuhrer expresses confidence over forthcoming war against remaining pockets of humanity

Pompeo says confident Pindostan can develop common approach with Europeans on Iran
Reuters, May 22 2018

Reichsfuhrer in expansive mood (Photo: Jonathan Ernst)

FASCHINGSTEIN – Reichsfuhrer Pompeo said on Tuesday the changes Faschingstein has demanded that Iran make are not difficult to implement and he is confident a common diplomatic approach can be developed with European countries. Pompeo told reporters at the State Dept Reichskanzlerei:

I’m confident that there is a set of overlapping values and interests here that will drive us to the same conclusion about the need to respond to the Jews’ Islamic Republic of Iran’s threats to the world.

Reichsfuhrer: Pindostan wwill walk away from any bad NK deal
Reuters, May 23 20128

FASCHINGSTEIN – Reichsfuhrer Pompeo said on Wednesday Washington is prepared to walk away from nuclear talks with NK if an upcoming meeting between Pres Trump and Kim Jong Un heads in the wrong direction. Pompeo said in his written opening statement for a House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee hearing:

A bad deal is not an option. The pindo creeple are counting on us to get this right. If the right deal is not on the table, we will respectfully walk away.

Pompeo expressed hope the NK summit will take place on Jun 12 in Singapore as scheduled after Trump said it will be called off if Pyongyang does not give up its nuclear arsenal. He said Trump would be leading the talks but declined to discuss how many people, or who, would be on the summit team. Pompeo has met twice with Kim in Pyongyang. On his most recent trip he brought back three pindos who had been held by NK. Pompeo also said Faschingstein was planning to meet with Euro vassals in June to discuss next steps to stop what he described as all of Tehran’s nuclear and non-nuclear threats. “We’re not very far along. A number of discussions have taken place below the foreign minister level,” Pompeo said. In a major speech on Monday, Pompeo demanded sweeping changes or said Tehran would face the “strongest sanctions in history” unless it changes its behavior. Committee members repeatedly asked Pompeo about other pindos supposedly held in Iran. Families of supposed prisoners held by the Islamic Republic fear that it will be more difficult to win their release. Pompeo said Turkey “should act in a way consistent with what we try to achieve in NATO.” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu is coming to Faschingstein to meet with Pompeo on Jun 4.


shock horror proof that abu mazen is adolf eichmann reincarnated

From hospital, Abbas shown reading newspaper with anti-Israel cartoon
Times of Israel, May 22 2018

PA Pres Mahmoud Abbas remained in the hospital for a third day Tuesday with pneumonia, with a hospital spox saying there was as yet no timeframe for his discharge. Pictures and video of 83-year-old Abbas walking around the hospital and reading a newspaper were published late Monday, in an apparent attempt to calm rumors that his condition was more serious than reported. Independent media outlets were banned from entering the hospital. Hadashot News pointed out that the newspaper Abbas was pictured reading prominently carried a large cartoon on its back page, facing the camera, showing an IOF soldier taking a baby’s milk away from her and ramming poison down her throat instead. It is not clear whether the choice of newspaper page was deliberate, the TV report said. The cartoon referred to reports, since cast into question, that 8-month-old Layla Ghandour died from inhaling tear gas fired by IOF troops during violent protests on the Gaza border with Israel last week. Last Monday, Ashraf Al-Qidra, spokesman for Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry, posted a picture of Layla on Facebook and attributed her death to the tear gas. The story was picked up by media all over the world. The next day, however, a Gazan doctor told AP that Ghandour had a preexisting medical condition and that he did not believe her death was caused by the gas. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not allowed to disclose medical information to the media. Al-Qidra backtracked last Wednesday and told The Times of Israel that the cause of the baby’s death was not definitively known and was being investigated. He said he was awaiting the results of an autopsy. On Tuesday, he told The Times of Israel he was still awaiting the results. Then last Thursday, a NYT report said the family acknowledged the baby was not healthy. That report said:

The Ghandour family acknowledged that Layla suffered from patent ductus arteriosus, a congenital heart disease commonly described as a hole in the heart.

An IOF spox said Tuesday:

Contrary to the unequivocal Palestinian announcement, we have evidence that undermines the credibility of the Palestinian Ministry of Health’s announcement regarding the death of the baby.

32463599_977379969106266_5348060338875006976_n-300x480Layla Ghandour (Facebook)

Meanwhile, the Istishari Arab Hospital near Ramallah in the West Bank reported on Abbas’ condition:

He is doing fine but still needs to take care. Until now there is no news about a timeframe for when he might leave.

MK Ahmad Tibi, who is also a doctor, said on Twitter:

I visited Abu Mazen late Monday. He is suffering from from the diplomatic pneumonia and the boogie woogie flu pneumonia. He is being treated with antibiotics, and he is expected to spend several more days in the hospital.

Abbas was admitted to hospital Sunday with a high fever. Last week, he underwent what was called minor ear surgery. After spending several hours visiting him, Saeb Erekat said Abbas was in “very good health” and should be released within days. Erekat said Abbas was taking antibiotics and responding well to his treatment. Speaking Tuesday to reporters at the ICC in The Hague, Netherlands, PA Foreign Minister Riad Malki warned against blowing Abbas’s malady out of proportion, saying:

It’s obvious that all of us as humans might have certain health setbacks … President Abbas is not really immune from that. Of course we were concerned about his health, as anyone should be, but you know we should not really take it out of proportion when it comes to his health.

It was the latest health scare for the 83-year-old, who has had health problems in the past but never designated a deputy or successor. His sudden hospitalization has revived anxiety over a potentially chaotic or even bloody succession battle that could further weaken the Palestinian cause.

IOF Killed 112 Palestinians, Injured 13190 Since Mar 30
IMEMC News, May 21 2018

Dr Ashraf al-Qedra, the spokesperson of the Palestinian Health Ministry in the Gaza Strip, has reported Sunday that IOF soldiers have killed 112 Palestinians, and injured 13190 since the Great Return March protests started on the Palestinian Land Day, Mar 30 2018. Dr al-Qedra said that the soldiers killed 13 Palestinian children, and injured 2096 others, in addition to wounding 1029 women. He added that 332 of the wounded Palestinians suffered life-threatening injuries, 3422 suffered moderate wounds, 9436 suffered mild injuries, and 5572 suffered the effects of teargas inhalation. Dr al-Qedra said that:

  • 502 Palestinians were shot in the head and neck.
  • 283 were shot in the chest and back.
  • 225 were shot in the abdomen and pelvis.
  • 938 were shot in their arms.
  • 325 were shot in their legs.
  • 1117 suffered various cuts and bruises to several parts of their bodies.

He also said that 27 of the wounded Palestinians suffered amputations in their legs, one in his arm, and four others had some fingers severed by IOF fire. Dr al-Qedra added that the soldiers also shot and killed one medic, and injured 323 others with live fire and gas bombs, in addition to causing damage to 37 ambulances.