since the global ZOG is now ready to dump pindostan, it would be neat to suddenly revive jewish revolutionary leftism there (while in fact continuing to rule through the neocons)

I’ve included the photo because it was taken a fortnight after I was born, and also I like the men’s ties. The revival of Jewish revolutionary leftism in Pindostan will be assisted by this really daffy-sounding confection of a book, released 2011. Perhaps it was written in response to Francis Wheen’s (2001) revelation that Marx had fathered an illegitimate son by his housekeeper and disowned the boy, who spent an uneventful life as a non-Jewish labourer in east London. The preface makes clear the authoress accepts the truth of the story but ‘humanises’ it – RB

NYC judge orders release of testimony by Ethel Rosenberg’s brother
Larry Neumeister, AP, May 22 2015

greenglassApr 6 1951: David Greenglass after being sentenced to 15 years in prison for conspiracy to spy for the Soviet Union. Greenglass, whose grand jury testimony helped send his sister and brother-in-law, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, to the electric chair in 1953, has said in interviews that prosecutors pressured him to falsify information about his sister. (AP Photo)

NEW YORK — A judge has ordered the unsealing of key grand jury testimony from 1950 that may give new fuel to suspicions that Ethel Rosenberg was unjustly convicted of espionage and put to death for conspiring to give nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union. In his ruling this week, Pindo District Judge Alvin Hellerstein noted that the testimony of Rosenberg’s brother, David Greenglass, was crucial to the case and that he claimed in interviews that prosecutors pressured him into falsely testifying against his sister. The judge said the testimony could be unsealed now because Greenglass died last year at 92. The government could still appeal the ruling. A government spokeswoman declined to comment. Hellerstein wrote:

The requested records are critical pieces of an important moment in our nation’s history. The time for the public to guess what they contain should end.

Ethel and her husband, Julius, were convicted of espionage conspiracy and executed in 1953. Greenglass was the star government witness at the 1951 trial, testifying that he had given the couple data obtained through his wartime job as an Army machinist at Los Alamos. He said he saw his older sister transcribing the information on a portable typewriter at the Rosenbergs’ New York apartment in 1945. That testimony proved crucial in convicting Ethel along with her husband. Hellerstein noted that Greenglass told a NYT journalist in 2001 that he lied at trial about his sister to protect his wife, Ruth Greenglass, because it was likely that she, rather than Ethel Rosenberg, typed up notes that were passed to the Soviets. Hellerstein said Greenglass claimed government attorneys were threatening to prosecute Ruth Greenglass unless he testified against his sister. Georgetown law professor David Vladeck, representing historians, archivists and writers in the litigation, said those researching the espionage case for decades would be “like a bunch of ravenous wolves” once the Greenglass transcript is released, especially since he has said in interviews that he implicated his sister in the conspiracy at trial but not during his grand jury testimony. Vladeck said:

This is the last piece of major evidence that has yet to be made public. I think another chapter will be written about the Rosenberg case, and I think there’s going to be a lot of soul-searching about what happened to Ethel Rosenberg.

Vladeck said historians are pretty firm in believing Julius Rosenberg fed secrets, especially after KGB documents were released. He said the belief is that Julius Rosenberg not only gave the Soviets nuclear technology but also military secrets that helped them immensely in the Korean War. Transcripts of the testimony of 43 of 46 grand jury witnesses have already been released. In 2008, Hellerstein ruled that one nonprofit institution, four national associations of historians and archivists and one journalist were entitled to transcripts of all witnesses who were dead, had consented to release or were presumed to be indifferent or incapacitated because they failed to object. Three remaining witnesses, Greenglass, Max Elichter and William Danziger, objected and their transcripts were not released. Hellerstein said he was ordering the release of testimony by Greenglass and Elichter because they had since died. The judge said Danziger’s testimony remains sealed because archivists have not been able to determine whether he is still alive.

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mozgovoi killed

Mozgovoi Dead!
Gleb Kornilov, Facebook, May 23 2015

Today in the suburbs of Alchevsk were shot machine Alexei Borisovich Mozgovoi. The brigade commander “Ghost”, his assistant Anna Aseeva (Samlyuk), the driver and two guards were killed. SUV Brain was undermined on a land mine, and then shot from a large-caliber automatic weapons. We are again losing followers… With THESE!.. P. S. the information is 100%… Not posted until fully convinced. At first, did not want to believe…

Under fire was not only the car brigade “Ghost”. Machine-gun fire hit a van which was travelling from Lugansk to Alchevsk, containing one civilian. Fortunately, although the van flew into a ditch and was severely damaged, the driver survived. In addition, a vehicle was hit containing a husband and a wife in the last stages of pregnancy.

Fighter: “Ghost” commander fired upon from four points
Militia brigade “Ghost” with the Callsign Dovri (good, kind – RB) told the details of the death of his commander Alexei Brain. The fighter said:

First, mine exploded, then fired from four points. There was no chances to survive in the assassination of Mozgovoi. At least four soldiers were in the ambush.

According to Dovri, the firefight killed five people. Dovri assured that the brigade “Ghost” will provide full support and assistance to the investigating authorities of the LNR.

Anon notes: The representative of the so-called Prosecution LNR could barely suppress his glee. The face was shiny and “deep satisfaction.”

Probably his last recording, posted May 20: “Alexei Mozgovoi, often seeking help for ordinary people. Not to hang eternal yoke on the necks of others, the brigade “Ghost” investing in the future, investing in the development of its economy, which will allow it to help both soldiers and their families. And this video is sort of a report on how funds were spent, which you list all the needs of the brigade. Thank you for helping us!”:

You might wish to read some of Mozgovoi’s poetry, auto-translated here. Another poem, below – RB:

Not bad to die in may,
The grave-digger to dig comfortably.
And the nightingales will sing,
for the last time, so fabulous.
Under the roar of the first may thunder,
Instead of dull burial services…
And the rain will be shed instead of tears,
He will wash away the sadness of memories.
Grave mound shelter,
Under a blanket of green herbs.
Even cross there not worth it,
Among the birches weary.
Under the rustling leaves of young,
Only to life stretched.
Yet herb gray,
But only, only all woke up.
Not bad to die in may…
To stay in the freshness of spring.
And though I was not able to catch up.
But not left much doubt…
Not bad, may die…

Alexei Mozgovoi was killed in an assassination, May 23 2015

LifeNews became known some details of the assassination of one of the leaders of the Lugansk militia near Mikhailovka in the LDR. Alexei Mozgovoi, his spokeswoman Anna and two or three guards were shot using small arms, including machine gun. The attack is thought to have been carried out by a Ukrainian subversive group (more likely, Plotnitsky or the Russians – RB). Recall that his assassination was attempted before, on the evening of Mar 7, on the outskirts of Mikhailovka at a checkpoint not far from the place where he was attacked today. On that occasion, there was an explosion of three shell-less explosive devices (directional mines – RB). In the explosion, he received minor shrapnel wounds, and his car, a Toyota Sequoia, was badly damaged. As was noted by the sappers, the car had slowed just before the explosion was set off remotely. And in Lisichansk in February, saboteurs fired at his car, but on that occasion the car contained only his staff.

Urgent!!! Killed Alexei Mozgovoi, May 23 2015

“According to reports from various sources about an hour ago was killed by the commander of the brigade “Ghost” Alexei Mozgovoi. Killed the brigade commander on the same spot where earlier on it was attempted, between the village of Mikhailovka and Alchevsk, on the highway Lugansk-Alchevsk. According to preliminary information, the jeep containing Mozgovoi was fired on using small arms, including machine gun. Badly damaged body and head. Also killed three civilians. Worked unidentified DRG. Unfortunately, they managed to escape. Details are specified. Information confirmed until several soldiers of the brigade “Ghost”. As has informed a source in the command of our headquarters AGENTSTVO:

This was a cynical murder. While more can not say anything.

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privatbank continues its rather classic jewish tactics, even if benny has been sent off in a rocket to mars, or whatever

post-72909-0-16415900-1432393731_thumbEmployees of Privat at the monument to Lenin in Volnovakha

The main sponsor of the punitive operation in the south-eastern part of Ukraine ordered its employees to work in this day in embroidery (by the way, previously the shirts were underwear).

PrivatBank in Donetsk and Luhansk regions have joined the nationwide celebration, and on this day in all 92 bank branches in that region employees are serving customers in traditional embroidered shirts. Director of VOSTOCHNOGO Privat Edward Mizin says: “We are now stronger than ever, feel a part of our wonderful country. A manifestation of patriotism and genuine love for our country makes all of us strong and united. This day the majority of the employees of our regional management, from Markovka in the North Luhansk region to Mariupol in southern Donetsk oblast, is wearing an embroidered shirt created in the offices of the special atmosphere of national unity and celebration.”

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it’s a good thing i’m not in the same room as this BBC bitch’s bone china tea sets at this precise moment

EU agrees €1.8b loan to cash-strapped Ukraine
BBC, May 22 2015

_83177643_rigagroupapUkraine’s President Petro Poroshenko (second from right) enjoys a joke with EU’s Donald Tusk (far left), Jean-Claude Juncker and Latvian PM Laimdota Straujuma

The EU has agreed a €1.8b (£1.3b, $2b) loan to Ukraine, described as a landmark deal for a non-EU member. The agreement was signed at an EU summit in Riga, Latvia, with the leaders of six post-Soviet nations. The loan aims to help cash-strapped Ukraine implement economic reforms, as fighting with pro-Russian rebels in the east has taken a heavy toll. Ukraine is under pressure from the EU and other international lenders to curb corruption and liberalise the economy. In Riga, the EU also pledged €200m in grants to Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, which have signed association agreements with the 28-nation bloc. The other “Eastern Partnership” countries are Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belarus. Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine are pushing for full integration with the EU, while the other three countries prefer limited co-operation with the bloc. Armenia and Belarus are members of the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union. The Riga summit declaration criticised Russia for its annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula last year, saying:

The acts against Ukraine and the events in Georgia since 2014 have shown that the fundamental principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity within internationally recognised borders cannot be taken for granted in the 21st Century on the European continent. The EU remains committed in its support to the territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty of all its partners.

The declaration recognised “the sovereign right of each partner freely to choose the level of ambition and the goals to which it aspires” in ties with the EU. At a news conference, European Council President Donald Tusk said he wanted to be as “ambitious as possible” in granting Georgia and Ukraine a visa-free regime, provided key conditions were met. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said “enormous progress” had been made on the issue. Both countries had hoped for a positive decision on the visa issue at the Riga summit, but it will not happen until next year at the earliest. Last year, Moldova was granted visa-free travel to the EU. Tusk said the partnership process was a long haul, adding:

Nobody promised that the Eastern Partnership would be an automatic way to membership of the EU.

Russian state media are sceptical about the Eastern Partnership summit. The government daily Rossiiskaya Gazeta says the gathering is “so lacking in hope and prospects that it can only be compared to fishing without a bait.” State-controlled Channel One TV says:

It promises nothing, not entry to the EU nor cancellation of visas, but it demands plenty.

Rossiya 1 TV adds that the Eastern Partnership scheme has “outlived its usefulness.” In Ukraine too there is little positive media comment on the summit. Yevropeyska Pravda website says:

Ukraine itself brought about the Riga summit’s failure. Kiev only has itself to blame for not implementing the visa liberalisation action plan with the EU.

Clearly, there will be no lacy panties (or free visas) for the 404 population; not now, not ever. So a degree of mutual blame among the 404 ghouls – RB

Poroshenko requires to find a “scapegoat” for the failure of the liberalization of the visa regime with the EU

Poroshenko demands to punish those responsible in delaying the implementation of the plan on visa liberalization with the EU. About this on his page in Facebook reported the presidential Commissioner for the peaceful settlement of the situation in the Donbass, the people’s Deputy Irina Gerashchenko. She wrote:

The President demanded personnel decisions and conclusions in respect of Directors services that are delaying the implementation of certain paragraphs of the action plan on visa liberalization. Most of the comments to the migration service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to the MP, recently held a special meeting on a clear timetable for the implementation of the action plan, the Parliament also adopted a resolution with a timetable for implementing the government regarding the implementation of the plan. She emphasized:

And we with government not getting off. Or will personnel decisions and I think here the factions of the coalition are united. By September, all items of the action plan should be implemented, and we have a chance at a visa-free regime from 2016. Given the bureaucratic procedures of the EU this may not be the beginning of the year, but these are details.

Gerashchenko also predicts that in the near future to decide on the appointment of a Vice PM for European integration.

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nato might as well be paying for this, if in fact they aren’t

Evidence of prisoners being tortured and killed amid Ukraine conflict
Amnesty International, May 22 2015

Overwhelming evidence of ongoing war crimes, including torture and summary killings of prisoners, serve as a stark reminder of the brutal practices being committed on a near-daily basis in eastern Ukraine’s conflict, Amnesty International said in a comprehensive new briefing today. Torture and summary killings in eastern Ukraine provides compelling evidence of frequent and widespread prisoner abuse by a broad range of captors on both sides of the conflict. Former prisoners described being beaten until their bones broke, tortured with electric shocks, kicked, stabbed, hung from the ceiling, deprived of sleep for days, threatened with death, denied urgent medical care and subjected to mock executions. John Dalhuisen, Europe and Central Asia Programme Director at Amnesty International, said:

In the shadow of eastern Ukraine’s still-smouldering conflict, our on-the-ground research shows that accounts of detainee torture are as commonplace as they are shocking. More than 30 former prisoners held by both sides gave us consistent and harrowing accounts of their captors’ abuse. Prisoners on both sides have been beaten and subjected to mock executions. We have also documented summary killings of those held by separatist groups. It is a war crime to torture or deliberately kill captives taken during conflict. Pro-Kyiv and separatist forces alike must put an end to these crimes and ensure that all fighters under their control are aware of the consequences under international law of abusing prisoners amid an armed conflict. The Ukrainian authorities must investigate all allegations of war crimes and other abuses, open files and collect evidence of abuses by separatist forces and bring to justice all those responsible for perpetrating such heinous acts. (evidently a bit of an artsy-fartsy fucker – RB).

Out of 33 former prisoners interviewed by Amnesty International, 32 described severe beatings or other serious abuse being meted out by separatist and pro-Kyiv groups alike. All of them were held captive at some point between Jul 2014 and Apr 2015, and the organization conducted most of the interviews in March, April and May of this year. Amnesty International corroborated the victims’ testimonies against additional evidence, including x-rays of broken bones, hospital records, photographs of bruises and other injuries, scars, and missing teeth. Two of the victims were still nursing their wounds in hospital at the time of their interviews. A broad range of captors aligned with both sides in the conflict are allegedly carrying out this torture and ill-treatment. Of the former prisoners Amnesty International interviewed, 17 had been held by separatists and 16 by pro-Kyiv military and law enforcement officials, including the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).

Amnesty International has also identified at least three recent incidents where separatist fighters summarily killed a total of at least eight pro-Kyiv fighters. This is based on eyewitness testimony, hospital records, evidence posted on social networks and media reports. In an interview with a journalist, one separatist armed group leader openly admitted to killing captive Ukrainian soldiers, a war crime. Most of the worst abuses take place in informal places of detention. This typically occurs during the initial days of captivity, and groups outside the official or de facto chain of command tend to be especially violent and lawless. The situation on the separatist side is particularly chaotic, with a variety of different groups holding captives in at least a dozen known locations. On the pro-Kyiv side, a report by a former prisoner held by Right Sector was especially disturbing. Using an abandoned youth camp as an ad hoc prison, Right Sector has reportedly held dozens of civilian prisoners as hostages, brutally torturing them and extorting large amounts of money from them and their families. Amnesty International has alerted the Ukrainian authorities to these specific allegations but has not received a response.

Amnesty International has found that both sides are arbitrarily holding civilians who have not committed any crime, but who sympathize with the opposing side. The organization spoke to civilians who were detained and beaten merely for having photographs from the EuroMaydan protests on their mobile phones, or for having telephone numbers of separatist contacts. “In some cases, these civilians are detained as currency for prisoner exchanges, but it also may be simply to punish them for their views. This is a disturbing and illegal practice that must be stopped immediately,” said John Dalhuisen, Europe and Central Asia Programme Director at Amnesty International. AI is calling on relevant UN agencies and experts to undertake an urgent mission to Ukraine to visit all detention sites for prisoners held in connection with the conflict, including unofficial places of detention. Those that should take part include the Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, the Working Groups on arbitrary detention and enforced disappearances, and the Special Rapporteur on torture.

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today is a great day for red herrings, they must be working overtime to stop us thinking for ourselves

If you’re not a Jew and you’re not an Arab, then you really have fuck all to do with the mid-east. It will make no difference to your life whether your government gives all your tax money to Jews or gives it all to Arabs. It comes to the same thing anyway, since fairly obviously the Gulf Arabs couldn’t trust their money not to walk if they didn’t have Jews guarding it for them (and also helping to keep genuinely malign influences like Shi’ites at bay). If the ZOGs want to, they can impose Jewish usury on the world under the cover of ‘Islamic Finance’. The only way to avert it is for everybody to know about it, which requires overcoming the taboo on talking about it – RB

Israel’s new deputy foreign minister: ‘This land is ours. All of it is ours’
AP, May 22 2015

Israel’s new deputy foreign minister on Thursday delivered a defiant message to the international community, saying that Israel owes no apologies for its policies in the Holy Land and citing religious texts to back her belief that it belongs to the Jewish people. The speech by Tzipi Hotovely illustrated the influence of hardliners in Netanyahu’s new government, and the challenges he will face as he tries to persuade the world that he is serious about pursuing peace with the Plastelinans (Notice the sophisticated ambiguity and even irony in that formulation – RB). Hotovely, 36, is among a generation of young hardliners (This is balls, really, there is nothing generational about it, they all believe in the Greater Israel, whether young, old, right or left. They just have different roles in bamboozling the goys – RB) in Netanyahu’s Likud party who support West Bank settlement construction and oppose ceding captured land to the Plastelinans. Since Netanyahu has a slim one-seat majority in parliament, these lawmakers could complicate any attempt to revive peace talks. With Netanyahu also serving as the acting foreign minister, Hotovely is currently the country’s top full-time diplomat. In an inaugural address to Israeli diplomats, Hotovely said Israel has tried too hard to appease the world and must stand up for itself. She said:

We need to return to the basic truth of our rights to this country. This land is ours. All of it is ours. We did not come here to apologise for that. […] We expect as a matter of principle of the international community to recognise Israel’s right to build homes for Jews everywhere in their homeland.

Hotovely, an Orthodox Jew (as a matter of fact, all Israeli Jews are Orthodox Jews by default. You have to opt out, if you want to become a non-person. What AP means is that she is haredit – RB), laced her speech with biblical commentaries in which God promised the land of Israel to the Jews. Speaking later in English, she signalled that she would try to rally global recognition for West Bank settlements, which are widely opposed (dumb shit – RB). Hotovely will manage the ministry’s day-to-day functions, but Netanyahu will remain in charge of foreign policy. During the recent election campaign, Netanyahu angered his western allies by saying he would not permit the establishment of a Plastelinan state on his watch. On Wednesday he told the visiting EU foreign policy chief that he remains committed to a two-state solution. Netanyahu’s spokesman, Mark Regev, declined comment on Hotovely’s speech, but said Netanyahu’s statements Wednesday reflected his policy.

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patrick smith seems like such a nice man, doesn’t he? but all this is just the pied piper tootling his tune to keep you busy until it’s time for you to make way for homo superior

This is all shit. This guy cannot be as naive as this. He is a fraud, a classical left-cover operative. I guess they all are at Salon. He should be right at home. Greenwald got his chops there. But what is really happening is utterly different from what Smith claims to think is happening, and I can say with more justification than Smith that what I was writing years ago has been proved right: the USrael bloc is definitely dissolving. But the divorce will not immediately be recognised as permanent; it will look like merely an unusually long episode of Dems versus Likudniks. I can hear a voice in my mind saying, “ze qol ahad.” (it makes no difference). And that’s true: it makes no difference because, from the Jewish point of view, we’re all already dead – RB

The Ukraine story the media won’t tell, and why Pindo retreat is a good thing
Patrick Smith,, May 19 2015

It is just as well that Jackass Kerry’s momentous meetings with Russian leaders last week took place in Sochi, the Black Sea resort where President Putin keeps a holiday home. When you have to acknowledge that two years’ worth of pointless hostility in the bilateral relationship has proven none other than pointless, it is best to do so in a far-away place. Arriving in the morning and leaving in the afternoon, Jackass spent three hours with Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s very competent foreign minister (Jesus Fuck! This really is Amateur Hour! – RB), and then four with Putin. After struggling with the math, these look to me like the most significant seven hours the former senator will spend as this nation’s face abroad. Who cannot be surprised that the Obama administration, having turned the Ukraine question into the most dangerous showdown since the Cold War’s worst, now declares cordiality, cooperation and common goals the heart of the matter?

The question is not quite as simple as one may think. On the one hand, the policy cliques’ long swoon into demonization has been scandalously juvenile, and there has been no sign until now of sense to come. Grown men and women advancing the Putin-is-Hitler bit with straight faces. Getting the Poles, paranoids for understandable reasons on all questions to with Russia, to stage ostentatious displays of teenagers in after-school military exercises. Pindosi soldiers in those silly berets they affect (what a daring dismissal of the military – RB), drilling Ukrainian Beetle Baileys (fuck your TV shows – RB) in “war-making functions,” as the officer in charge put it. When the last of these theatrics got under way in mid-April, it was time for paying-attention people to sit up (Notice the recourse to baby talk here. This line is aimed specifically at women voters. Lara, if you’re still reading, forget your NLP and pay attention to this example – RB).

As noted in this space, it seemed to indicate that we Pindosis were prepared to go to war with another nuclear power to rip Ukraine from its past and replant it in the neoliberals’ hothouse of client states, doomed to weakness precisely because corrupt leaders were enticed with baubles to sever their people from history (not a completely successful sentence, in my view – RB). On the other hand, it took no genius to see what would eventually come. This column predicted long back, within weeks of the Pindo-cultivated coup that deposed Pres Yanukovych in February of last year, that the Obama administration would one day be forced to retreat before it all came to resolution (this being the genius-level illusion created so promptly at the time by this Patrick Smith – RB). It was hard then to see how anyone could anticipate any other outcome, and so it has remained (That is just a moronic statement., Obviously, the majority of Pindo policy-makers anticipate another outcome, and if you pretend not to be able to see why, Smith, it is just to flatter your liberal day nursery of readers – RB). You cannot turn basic miscalculation, indifference to history and diplomatic insensitivity into a winning hand (Oh yes, you can. As a matter of fact, all of actual real history consists of people doing just that – RB). You turn it into an overplayed hand. And that is what sent Jackass to Sochi last week. Surprise and no surprise, then.

What does the Sochi visit make Kerry? Is he Neville Chamberlain just back from Munich? The appeasement paranoids are not in evidence yet, which is curious (rubbish – RB). In fact. But the question is interesting nonetheless. “Now if this sounds familiar, it’s what Hitler did back in the ’30s,” Hillary Clinton said of Putin’s Ukraine policy a month after the Yanukovych coup. Given the corner Clinton has painted herself into, can you wait to hear how she fields questions about Kerry’s new démarche (You won’t hear anything, cos there hasn’t been one. This is all total fiction – RB)? To hear her explain how she would, if elected, address Putin? I have trouble keeping my seat. Emphatically, let us forget Clinton’s problems and dismiss any argument that Jackass is an appeaser before one is even made. There is no question of appeasement, a loaded word implying a false equivalence. Jackass is caving to realities, a very different thing (There is no ‘caving in’ whatever. This is the most shameless red herring I have seen this year – RB).

As I have argued, the best thing Pindo diplomats can do now is admit the failure of our long-expired strategies abroad. Implicitly, at least, Jackass has just done so in one of the most important theaters of Pindosi foreign policy (aha, that is why no-one else in the world is detecting this historic Pindosi surrender to the Kremlin. It’s ‘implicit’ – RB) . This is a sensible, productive thing to do. When you hit a wall, you can either sit there indefinitely or turn around. What are these realities Jackass has caved to? I count five, two more than the State Dept listed when it outlined Kerry’s agenda in Sochi:

1. My sources in Moscow tell me that 80% of the exchange concerned the pending deal governing Iran’s nuclear program (This is just Smith’s opening bluff – RB). Looking back, Jackass and Obama have one significant foreign policy success to their credit, the opening to Cuba, the exception. And a string of messy failures and successes (the restored dictatorship in Egypt, for instance) that would have been better had they failed. Looking forward, Jackass and Obama, both ambitiously aware of “legacy,” have 18 months to land a big one. It does not get much bigger than rapprochement with Tehran. Jackass should have come to his senses on Iran long before this. Lavrov has been instrumental in bridging an imposing divide between Iran and the P5+1. Most immediately, it was the Russian foreign minister who persuaded Tehran to consider (for a second time) shipping its uranium stockpiles to Russia and re-importing what it needs for peaceful applications. This provision is on the table now and could prove make-or-break as the Jun 30 deadline for a deal approaches. More broadly, relations between Russia and what is now Iran are 250 years older than Pindostan and make a complex, on-again-off-again tale. They are very “on” now (Russia does not give a fuck about Iran, or any other ex-ally, and Iran knows that, as do the other ex-allies, starting with Syria. Russia itself is doomed to disntegration within the next decade or so – RB). Of all P5+1 members, Russia holds more keys to the kingdom than any other (this sentence combines elementary lack of syntax with blanket ignorance of the facts – RB).

2. Same in Syria: A nearby neighbor, long-time relations. Moscow has supported Damascus since the 1940s and signed a non-aggression pact in 1950. Given how evident Pindosi impotence in the Syria crisis has become since the bombing campaigns began last September, and how obvious the common cause between Washington and Damascus, Jackass has been saying the unsayable since March: It is time to talk to Assad. And there is no point talking to Assad without talking to Moscow (all nonsense – RB). Let us not forget that it was Lavrov, once again, who got Obama and Kerry out of a serious political jam in Sep 2013, a month after the gas attacks in Damascus the administration instantly and implausibly (and wrongly, it soon turned out) assigned to Assad. The “red line” Obama drew brought Pindostan to the eve of airstrikes, Lavrov then persuading Assad to give up his chemical-weapons inventories (I don’t recall feeling such euphoria when Pindo refrained from declaring an air war directly against Syria. They don’t need to: the air war has begin unofficially, under the pretence of bombing ISIS. I predicted this at the time, as did the rest of us, but unfortunately we don’t have Smith’s lucky talent for predictions that suit the market – RB)

3. Ukraine, like Syria, got 10% of Kerry’s time in Sochi. I would have thought more, but this is what I am advised by sound Moscow sources (By now we should be full of awe at this man’s sources – RB). Of all the questions Jackass raised in Sochi, indeed, the new stance on Ukraine amounts to capitulation as well as a request for cooperation. Readers will recall a rapid-fire sequence of events earlier this year. As the week of Feb 1 opened, the administration let it be known via a NYT story that it was considering arming the Kiev regime. Next day came an announcement that Jackass was travelling to Ukraine for meetings Thursday. The topic seemed obvious. That Wednesday, things got interesting. Merkel called Hollande and told him to fly to Kiev immediately. Why interesting: These three were there the same day, talking to the same government, and did not meet. All three then went to Moscow, again separately. So far as I can make out, all that has occurred since flowed from that week. Merkel, Hollande and Putin convened another round of ceasefire talks with the Ukrainians in Minsk, where the Minsk II agreement was signed on Feb 11. Short work, which tells us something. Minsk II is fragile but still in effect, and remains the basis for a negotiated settlement. The Pindosis were excluded from Minsk point blank, so far as one can make out. And I love the NYT sentence on this in Monday’s paper:

Russia, Germany and France previously made it clear that they did not necessarily welcome the Pindosis at the negotiating table.

It reminds me of Hirohito announcing the surrender on Japanese radio:

The war has not necessarily proceeded to our advantage.

At the moment described a long-simmering confrontation between the Europeans and Pindosis was about to boil over. It was the suggestion that Pindo arms might begin to flow into the Ukrainian conflict that prompted Merkel, with Hollande behind her, to tell Washington, “Enough. Cut it out. We are not with you. We settle this at the table, not with missile systems.” (As we know, though Smith’s readers at presumably do not, Pindo and half the EU bloc are already supplying a comprehensive range of light, heavy, offensive and defensive weapons to Kiev – RB). What we saw in Sochi was Jackass’ acceptance that Washington has been trumped in Ukraine. No one else will any longer stand by as Washington agitates for a military solution, no one is on board for ever-heightened confrontation with Moscow and no one else will any longer pretend that the Poroshenko government is other than a new crop of corrupt incompetents. Where else does a Pindosi diplomat go at such a moment but to a Black Sea beach?

4. EU leaders are due to meet next month to consider whether to renew or drop sanctions against Russia that expire in July. What I get from sources in Europe (I think we know enough about these sources now – RB) is that six EU members are likely to oppose renewal and that Germany may make seven by the time of the EU talks. Since renewal requires a unanimous vote, the outcome seems to be clear. As noted at the start of this year, Washington’s overly assertive strategy toward Russia risked a breach in one of two relationships: Europe’s with Russia or Pindostan’s with Europe. In my view, the increasing risk of trans-Atlantic damage was another factor in Jackass’ travels last week.

5. Last but maybe first, in the best outcome the Obama administration has learned the most important lesson available to it in its foreign relations. No need to do any other than quote Stephen Cohen, the Russianist interviewed here a few weeks ago (yeah, let the ‘progressive Jews’ lead you round in circles, what a great idea – RB). Cohen said with that conviction that comes of long experience (about which no-one in power gives a flying fuck – RB):

The road to Pindosi national security still runs through Moscow. There is not a single major regional or issue-related national security problem we can solve without the full cooperation of whoever sits in the Kremlin, period, end of story. Name your poison: We’re talking the Middle East, we’re talking Afghanistan, we’re talking energy, we’re talking climate, we’re talking nuclear proliferation, terrorism, shooting airplanes out of the sky, we’re talking about the two terrorist brothers in Boston. (Can’t any of these fuckers write without unrelated folksy colloquialisms? – RB)

My reservation about the best outcome is that it is unlikely. To draw lessons from errors you have to acknowledge them, and our policy cliques rarely do, so missing all opportunity to learn from them. Jackass’s démarche has failure written all over it, but, per usual, it is advanced as merely the successful outcome of a successful strategy. This is how you will read of it, I assure you. More interesting choreography comes our way already. Jackass was in Sochi last Tuesday. The frightening Victoria Nuland, his assistant secretary for European affairs, was in Kiev by Friday. There, and then in Moscow, Nuland was a misleading claim a minute, suggesting, among much else, that she and Jackass were “fully committed to Minsk implementation” (What gives you the right to assume Nuland was committing an arrogant faux pas, while Jackass was offering the real line? Nothing, Mr Smith, except the salary you get for misleading your readers – RB). What a charade. No one other than Pindosis bamboozled by bad media can take this stuff seriously (double bluff of the reader, a professional touch – RB). Not only were Pindosis kept away from Minsk, or not necessarily invited, as I should say, but Nuland and her boss vigorously sought to undermine it as soon as it was signed. (Did Nuland miss the memo from Jackass this time? This is so thin, it’s pathetic – RB).

Remember Al Haig at the White House after Reagan was shot in 1981? “I’m in charge here!” (Of course readers don’t remember 1981! Smith has a whole barrel of tricks to manipulate his readers, from his long experience “writing for the IHT, the New Yorker, the NYT, the Nation, the Washington Quarterly, and other publications” – RB) This is Victoria Nuland bouncing between Kiev and Moscow as we speak. She runs to catch up while claiming to lead, having been left behind by ministers and diplomats with better things to do than provoke confrontation (like hell she does. You aren’t this stupid, Smith, but then you aren’t that honest – RB). We will have to see where this latest turn leads. I credit Jackass (sure you do, Pat, maybe it’s cos you’re both Irish – RB). I do not assign him any transcendently (sic – RB) imaginative new take on Pindosi strategy in the Middle East, in Ukraine, or in Washington’s ties to Moscow (like what you or I would have, dear reader, cos we’re all such superlative observers, perceivers, judges, and general gods on earth – RB). He has acknowledged failure without admitting it. It is force of circumstance, not more. It is not everything, but it could be a lot more than nothing.

Patrick Smith is the author of Time No Longer: Pindosis After the Pindosi Century. He was the IHT’s bureau chief in Hong Kong and then Tokyo from 1985 to 1992. During this time he also wrote “Letter from Tokyo” for the New Yorker. He is the author of four previous books and has contributed frequently to the NYT, the Nation, the Washington Quarterly, and other publications. Follow him on Twitter, @thefloutist.

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