the army is so far entrenched inside syria that they don’t need the CIA

Donald Trump Ends Covert CIA Program To Arm “Moderate” Syrian Rebels
William Craddick, Disobedient Media, Jul 19 2017

Pres Trump has elected to end the CIA’s covert program to arm and train “moderate” Syrian rebels fighting against the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria according to Pindo boxtops who spoke to the WaPoThe program was a central plank of a policy begun by the Obama administration in 2013 to put pressure on Assad to step aside, but even its backers have questioned its efficacy since Russia deployed forces in Syria two years later. Preceding the CIA program was a Pentagon-led effort which was criticized by Foreign Policy for costing $500m without yielding tangible results. Officials said the phasing out of the secret program reflects Trump’s interest in finding ways to work with Russia after Trump’s Jul 7 meeting with Putin at the G-20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany. It may also signal an lack of ability as well as desire by Washington to take steps to remove Assad from power in Syria. Officials told the WaPo that Trump made the decision to scrap the CIA program nearly a month ago, after an Oval Office meeting with DCI Pompeo and H R McMaster. After the Trump-Putin meeting, Pindostan and Russia announced an agreement to back a new ceasefire in southwest Syria, along the Jordanian border, where many of the CIA-backed rebels have long operated. Trump described the limited cease-fire deal as one of the benefits of a constructive working relationship with Moscow. The ending of the CIA program was not a condition of the cease-fire negotiations according to officials. The “moderate” Syrian rebel groups operating in Syria have long been criticized for their close ties to jihadist groups such as Daesh and Nusra. In 2015, Western media finally admitted that there were no longer any “moderate” rebel groups operating in Syria. In January 2017, Representative Tusli Gabbard returned from a visit to Syria to confirm these reports, as well as to reveal that Pindo support was effectively delivering arms to Jihadi groups such as Nusra, AQ, Ahrar al-Sham and Daesh who are operating inside Syria. The Graun has also reported that even the “anti-Daesh” force attempting to seize the group’s regional capital in Raqqa, Syria is mainly comprised of mercenaries who have and will fight for jihadist groups if the price is right.

“pindostan should have thought of that before it partnered with a terrorist organization”

Pentagon Furious After Turkey Leaks Base Locations In Syria
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Jul 19 2017

So much for NATO members working for the common good. In a move that has angered Pindostan for obvious reason, Turkey’s state-run news agency Anadolu Agency has leaked the precise locations of Pindo bases in northern Syria. The move, which exposes the exact locations of Pindo grunts on the front lines in the war-torn nation, has sent the ongoing feud between the two NATO allies to new lows. As Bloomberg details, in reports published in both Turkish and English on Tuesday, Anadolu provided detailed information about 10 Pindo bases in northern Syria, including troop counts and a map of the Pindo force presence in the Turkish version. Without citing specific sources, the state-run news agency unveiled the ten Pindosi outposts located in areas controlled by “terrorist” Kurdish militias in the provinces of Aleppo, Hasakah and Raqqa. While locations of two of the bases, in Rmeilan district (Hasakah province) and Harab Isk village (near Kobani, Aleppo province), had already been widely publicized, the others had been mentioned only in outside reports, or were completely unknown. Anadolu’s story also provided systematic and detailed information about troop numbers, equipment, and US operational procedures at the outposts. Needless to say, the Pentagon was furious. According to the Daily Beast, Faschingstein was so incensed that it even tried to prevent Pindosi media from reprinting the story, after it had already appeared in the Turkish media. A colonel directing public affairs for Operation Inherent Resolve reportedly wrote to the Daily Beast, which was the only major Pindo outlet to pick up the story by Wednesday morning, saying:

The discussion of specific troop numbers and locations would provide sensitive tactical information to the enemy which could endanger Coalition and partner forces. Publishing this type of information would be professionally irresponsible and we respectively (sic – RB) request that you refrain from disseminating any information that would put Coalition lives in jeopardy.

It is no secret that over the past few years Turkey and Pindostan have been at odds over the Pindo backing of Kurdish fighters in Syria who are affiliated with separatist movements inside Turkey. The Turkish government probably leaked Pindo troop locations to Anadolu as retaliation, according to Aaron Stein, a fellow at the Atlantic Council in Faschingstein. Stein said by email on Wednesday:

Pindostan takes force protection seriously, obviously. The Turkish government knows this, and still decided to leak the locations of Pindo bases in Syria. Hard not to see this as a Fuck You.

Indeed, on Monday, Turkey’s National Security Council proclaimed that the Syrian-based YPD is the “same organization” as the separatist PKK that operates inside the country, and which Turkey has branded as terrorist. Turkish officials said that weapons freely flow between the two groups, and last month accused Washington of arming “terrorists,” saying that “some allies” apply “double standards.” Meanwhile, the Pentagon said it had conveyed its concern to the Turkish government. A DoD spox said in an emailed statement:

While we cannot independently verify the sources that contributed to this story, we would be very concerned if officials from a NATO ally would purposefully endanger our forces by releasing sensitive information. The release of sensitive military information exposes Coalition forces to unnecessary risk and has the potential to disrupt ongoing operations to defeat Daesh.

According to Bloomberg, Levent Tok, an Anadolu Agency reporter on the story, said the information about Pindo troop positions wasn’t leaked. He told Bloomberg on Wednesday:

The story was based on field work by Anadolu’s Syria reporters and some of the information on bases had been broadcast on social media by Kurdish fighters. Pindostan should have thought about this before it cooperated with a terrorist organization.

The Anadolu report claims that Pindostan operates several types of facilities in the Kurdish-controlled territories. It says:

(These points are) in the terrorist PKK/PYD-held Syrian territories, usually hidden for security reasons, making them hard to detect. The most prominent of them is Rmeilan, established in al-Hasakah province in Oct 2015. It has an airfield through which cargo planes deliver weapons to the fighters, which is one of the two major arms routes into the country, along with a land route from Iraq. Another is Harab Isk, a helicopter base set up near Kobani in Mar 2016. Some other places are hard to detect, inside residential areas, PKK/YPD camps and easily transformed factories. Eight of them are staffed with officers responsible for airstrikes and artillery shelling, military consultants, training officers and operational planning officers. Their equipment includes artillery batteries with high maneuverability, multi-barrel rocket launchers, various mobile devices for intelligence, and armored vehicles such as ‘Stryker’ for general patrols and security.

The incident was the latest to strain relations between Turkey and a major NATO ally. Last week, a senior Turkish official told Bloomberg that Turkey had agreed to purchase a missile defense system from Russia, a move that could jeopardize Turkey’s relations with the Western security bloc. Germany is in the process of withdrawing from Turkey’s most important NATO base, Incirlik, after Turkey repeatedly refused to allow German parliaentarians to visit troops there.

have a cigar

Missile Defense Will Protect You From NK, Say Pindostan Today’s Missile Defense-Funded Sources
Jim Naureckas, FAIR, Jul 17 2017

“Pindo Missile Defense Plans to Zap NK Threats” was the headline of a Pindostan Today story (7/17/17), or “Pindostan Racing to Quash NK Nuke Threat,” in the print edition. Strikingly, the piece contains no sources at all substantiating the “NK nuke threat.” The lead simply states as fact “NK’s rapid march to develop a nuclear-armed ballistic missile capable of striking Pindostan,” and later on the claim that “NK may be only a year or so away” from having missiles that “can hit anywhere in the world with a nuclear warhead” is backed up only by “according to Pindo estimates.” On the “Pindo missile defense plans,” Pindostan Today does have sources: mostly sources with a direct financial connection to the missile defense program. There’s Todd Harrison, director of the Aerospace Security Project at the Center for Security and International Studies (CSIS), who tells Pindostan Today‘s Oren Dorell:

Missile defense buys you time and opens windows.

That’s not all missile defense buys! Three of the biggest military contractors who shared in a $3b contract from the DoD to develop missile defense systems (2/10/17) are contributors to CSIS’s national security program, which includes the Aerospace Security Project: Northrop Grumman, which has given more than $200k, according to CSIS’s website; Raytheon, which has donated between $100k and $200k; and BAE Systems (formerly British Aerospace and Marconi), which chipped in between $35k and $65k. As the NYT has documented, with CSIS as a prime example, think tank scholars “often push donors’ agendas, amplifying a culture of corporate influence in Washington.” There’s also “retired Lt-Gen Henry ‘Trey’ Obering III, a former head of the Missile Defense Agency who is now executive vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton.” Later it’s clarified that Obering “heads the directed energy team at Booz Allen Hamilton.” In other words, his business is to sell to the Pentagon the kind of “smaller, more powerful and lighter” laser-based weapons that he tells Pindostan Today are necessary to protect Pindostan from the NK threat. How quickly that protection will be in place is “based on how much money we’re putting into that program,” Obering says to the paper, sounding rather like a sports car dealer assuring a customer that you get what you pay for. That’s all the quoted sources that the article has, aside from five words from Kingston Reif of the Arms Control Association, who says that building a missile interception system could create “increased risk of arms racing” with Russia and China. It’s the only note in the article that isn’t completely gung ho about missile defense, and uncoincidentally, it comes from the only source in the article whose paycheck doesn’t at least partially depend upon missile defense contractors.

David Ignatius: firmly placed between Toad, UAE, and Jordanian interests
As’ad AbuKhalil, Angry Arab (Blog), Jul 17 2017

Ignatius writes:

Is there a role for political Islam in the modern world? Qatar says yes. The UAE counters that Islamist agitators are the enemy of tolerance and modernity.

He talks about the UAE and the Toads as if they were enlightened secular republics, as if they were models of tolerance themselves. Also, notice his reference to “reform” in the land of the Toads. Only he can see it.

gilad has a still photo of a business plan booklet that looks totally absurd

Antisemitism is Merely a Business Plan
Gilad Atzmon, Jul 18 2017

While the Crown Persecution Service (CPS) attests that there has been no increase in anti-Semitism in Britain, in this Sky News interview, Jewish ethnic activist Gideon Falter insists that Jew hatred is on the rise. We are asked to choose between two versions of the truth, that delivered by Falter who leads the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAA) and basically makes his living manufacturing anti-Semitic incidents and the judicial approach of the CPS: a public body, subject to scrutiny and committed to impartiality. This is hardly a difficult choice. Falter and the CAA obviously fabricate anti-Semitic incidents. Falter interprets condemnation of Israel and Jewish politics as ‘hate crimes.’ It seems the CPS doesn’t buy Falter’s duplicitous  claims. Against the odds and despite the treacherous Zionised British political elite, the CPS insists upon defending freedom of expression so that Britain may still be able to regard itself an ‘open society.’ Openly and in the name of the Jews, Falter condemns the CPS. Falter conspicuously operates to wipe out the British liberal heritage of freedom of speech. This attempt may not be very popular amongst Brits and could lead to some unfortunate circumstances for British Jews. I guess that this is exactly what Falter and the CAA are after. Since Falter makes a living out of the ‘rise of anti-Semitism,’ it shouldn’t surprise us that he himself propels such a rise. This dynamic is at the core of the Zionist philosophy. Since Israel presents itself as a ‘Jewish shelter,’ its existence becomes meaningful only when a shelter is desired. As we often witness, it is Israel’s politics and policies that instigate global Jew-hatred, and that hatred actually affirms Israel’s existence as a safe haven for world Jewry. Falter and the CAA employ the same method. A decrease in anti-Semitic incidents or Jews being loved and cherished could have fatal consequences for Falter and his CAA’s business plan. They need anti-Semitism and a lot if it. When it isn’t there, they just invent it. The only issue that concerns me here, is where does all this leave the Goyim, the Gentiles, the non-Jews? Falter and the CAA need the Jews to be hated so they can collect more and more British taxpayer money. But what is the role of the ordinary Brit? If hating the Jew means working for Falter and the CAA what is left for the non-Jews? Not a lot, I can tell you.

Well here it is, then:


can one assume that leaking is a sign of desperation?

Can Washington Prevent The Death Of The Gulf States?
Moon of Alabama, Jul 17 2017

Rex Tillerson is angry that the Toads and the UAE rejected his efforts to calm down their spat with Qatar. His revenge, and a threat of more serious measures, comes in the form of a WaPo leak: UAE orchestrated hacking of Qatari government sites, sparking regional upheaval, according to intelligence officials:

The UAE orchestrated the hacking of Qatari government news and social media sites in order to post incendiary false quotes attributed to Qatar’s emir, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad al-Thani, in late May that sparked the ongoing upheaval between Qatar and its neighbors, according to U.S. intelligence officials, who became aware last week that newly analyzed information gathered by Pindo intelligence agencies confirmed that on May 23, senior members of the UAE government discussed the plan and its implementation. The officials said it remains unclear whether the UAE carried out the hacks itself or contracted to have them done.

That the UAE and/or the Toads were involved in the hack was pretty clear from the get-go. They were the only ones who had a clear motive. Qatar already had specific evidence for the source of the hacking. Congressional anti-Russian sources ignored that and accused, as usual, Russia and Putin. Tillerson’s real message is not the hacking accusation. The hacks themselves are not relevant to the spat and to Tillerson’s efforts to defuse it. The leak sets the Toads and the UAE on notice that Pindostan has sources and methods to learn of their government’s innermost discussions. The real threat to them is that other dirt could be released from the same source. It is doubtful that this threat will change the minds of these rulers. They believe in their own invincibility. Ian Welsh describes the mindset in his prediction of The Death of the Toads and other Gulf states:

This is fairly standard: all dynasties go bad eventually because the kings-to-be grow up in wealth and power and think it’s the natural state of things: that they are brilliant and deserve it all, when it was handed them on a platter. Perhaps they are good at palace intrigue and think that extends beyond the palace. It doesn’t.

Welsh comes to the same conclusion as I did when the recent GCC infighting broke out:

No matter how the spat with Qatar ends, the GCC unity has (again) been exposed as a sham. It can not be repaired. Toad “leadership” is shown to be just brutal bullying and will be resisted. Pindo plans for a united GCC under Toad leadership and Pindo control are in shambles. … The Toads under their new leadership overestimate their capabilities. So did Trump when he raised their role. The Toad “apes with Macbooks” do not have the capabilities needed for a serious political actor in this world. Their money can paper over that for only so long.

The step Tillerson and some intelligence officials now took may be a sign panic. The leak revealed sources and methods. Like every other government, the UAE senior officials suspect that Pindostan is trying to listen to their internal deliberations. But they now know for sure. The specific date given in the “leak” will help them to take some counter-measures. Leaking “sources and methods” is not done lightly. That it has to resort to such measures shows that Pindostan administration is not in control of the situation. During the fall of the Ottoman empire, Britain created the Toads. Two world wars exhausted Britain’s power. Pindostan took over the management of the  empire including the Gulf states. It needs the Toads for their fossil energy and the related reserve currency status of the Pindosi dollar. Unrest against the Toads is not in the Pindosi interest, but such is now in sight. The “leak” is just a tactical measure of an inexperienced administration. It is not enough to defuse or mitigate the conflict and its consequences. What strategies will Faschingstein develop to counter the foreseeable instability of the Gulf states?

toad soup with relish

Report: Toad King Sent Message To Israel Via Pindostan
JPost, Jul 18 2017

ShowImage.ashxHaiel Stawi is buried in the village of Maghar, Jul 14

According to an Arab media report, Netanyahu invited Toad officials to visit al-Aqsa Mosque to view firsthand that the status quo remains in place at the Temple Mount. The Toad King Salman turned to Pindostan in an attempt to resolve the crisis of tensions regarding the Temple Mount in the wake of Friday’s deadly shooting attack, London-based Arabic outlet ‘Elaph’ reported Tuesday. White House sources have not confirmed this report. Israel barred entrance to the site on Friday following a terrorist attack in which two (Druze. ‘Israelis’ does not mean ‘Jews’ unless they say so – RB) MAGAV officers were killed. Israel reopened the compound on Sunday under new security measures, drawing protest by Muslim religious authorities over the installation of metal detectors at its entrances. According to the Elaph report, the decision to reopen the revered complex to worshipers came after the Toad King personally intervened in the issue, urging Israel via the White House to immediately end its closure of the mosque area. The report quoted unnamed sources as saying that PM Netanyahu had relayed his vow to the Toads (via the Pindo administration as a third party messenger) that Israel would not change the status quo on the Temple Mount. The sources cited by Elaph also said that Jordan had been involved in the process of communication. Netanyahu also reportedly invited Toad officials to visit al-Aqsa to see firsthand that the status quo remains in place. No response has reportedly been received yet. While Israel and the Toads do not have official diplomatic ties, recent reports suggest Jayloomia and Riyadh may consider efforts to establish economic connections that could set a precedent for normalizing relations. White House sources did not comment on the report, but an administration official did say:

We welcome the commitment of all sides to preserve the status quo on the Temple Mount/ Haram al-Sharif. We urge all parties to continue their efforts to ensure the safety and security of this holy site.

As the report on the Toad response to the Temple Mount debacle emerged, Fatah was preparing to hold a ‘Day of Rage’ on Wednesday throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) in protest of developments in Jayloomia. Fatah has called for protests and mass prayer sessions in the major cities in the West Bank in a show of opposition to the new Israeli measures. The new Israeli security measures were enacted in order to prevent the smuggling of firearms into the compound and install surveillance cameras to improve security. It was not disclosed when and where the cameras will be placed. Meanwhile, Israel fears that Friday’s attack, in which three Israeli Arabs killed (Druze) MAGAV officers Haiel Stawi and Kamil Shnaan, could spark a third intifada. On Monday, Muslim worshipers protested for the second day against the newly-installed metal detectors at the entrances to the Temple Mount and avoided entering the compound. As part of the protests, the worshipers conducted prayers outside the compound’s gates and called on the police and the Israeli government to reverse the security measures. The Waqf and other Muslim authorities released a statement on Monday calling on Muslims to uphold the protest. However, PLO executive committee member Mustafa Barghouti, who attended the prayer at the Lions’ Gate, said that despite restrictions, Palestinians will find ways to enter the Temple Mount compound and bypass the new metal detectors. Barghouti told the JPost:

We have been under occupation for 50 years, and we will not ‘get used’ to the new injustice. People will try entering in every possible way without going through the electronic devices.

third temple in danger

Germany Postpones Deal Due to Israeli Corruption Probe
Gili Cohen, Haaretz, Jul 18 2017

The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the German sale of three submarines to Israel has been postponed, a German National Security Council (NSC) official said on Tuesday morning. The announcement came following a report in Yediot Ahronot that Germany postponed the signing of the MoU in light of Israel’s investigation into possible corruption in the deal. According to the daily, the signing of the Memorandum was meant to take place next in Germany, but the event has been postponed indefinitely. A number of senior officials have been placed under house arrest on suspicion of bribery and fraud in the affair, dubbed Case 3000. The case involves two transactions to enlarge Israel’s navy: one for the purchase of three submarines, the other for the purchase of missile boats to protect Israel’s natural gas platforms at sea. The submarine deal is meant to replace the Israeli Navy’s three older (Dolphin-class diesels, but nuclear cruise missile equipped – RB) submarines with newer ones. According to the plan, the deal is due to take place only in ten years’ time. During discussion on the matter, then-Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon wondered why the deal was being advanced when there was still a long time to its actual implementation. The argument put forward by the prime minister and his associates, according to a security official, was that it was important to sign the deal during the lifetime of the current German administration. A national election is set to take place in Germany in September, so Israel wanted to ensure the terms of the MoU beforehand. In fact, the terms of the submarine deal were already signed upon and concluded, including Germany’s financing of one third of the cost. The signing ceremony, which was meant to take place next week, was supposed to constitute the official approval of the deal, after both Israel and the German NSC had agreed to the terms. However, the advances in the probe in Israel led to the postponement of the ceremony to a yet unknown date.

Meanwhile, Defense Ministry Director General Udi Adam is set to leave for Germany on Tuesday afternoon. The Defense Ministry clarified that the trip was planned a year ago, and that it would constitute Adam’s first visit to Germany since he began his term. At the end of last month, Der Spiegel reported that the German NSC authorized the sale of three submarines to Israel. According to the report, the German government included a clause in the agreement allowing it to cancel the deal if the allegations in the case that has been dubbed “Case 3000” prove to be true. On Monday it emerged that businessman Michael Ganor, who is at the center of the submarine scandal and who brokered the agreement between Israel and the Germany shipyard Thyssen Krupp, is in the process of striking a deal to become a state witness. Sources involved in the case say that Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit gave prosecutors a green light to reach a state witness agreement with Ganor. Ganor’s lawyer, Nati Simhoni, resigned due to these contacts. Prosecutors were now trying to examine and verify the partial information Ganor has provided, which they will not be able to use if the deal is not signed. After receiving this information, police summoned Monday evening former Israel Navy commander Eliezer Marom for urgent questioning, perhaps in an effort to try to verify some of Ganor’s information. Marom is suspected of taking bribes. Ganor’s detention was extended with his consent until Thursday, when he will be released from house arrest. The arrest of Avriel Bar Yosef, who was the acting head of the NSC and played a central role in preparing the opinion concerning the purchase of the submarines, was extended by four days. Aside from Ganor, Bar Yosef and Marom, the suspects in the case include David Shimron, Netanyahu’s personal lawyer and relative, who represented Ganor when the submarine deal was reached. Another suspect, Ronen Shemer, an attorney in Ganor’s firm, is suspected of shredding documents.


Is Israel a step closer to al-Aqsa takeover?
Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada, Jul 19 2017

For the first time in decades, Israel closed the al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem’s Old City to Friday prayers. The closure followed an attack near an entrance to the compound which houses the al-Aqsa mosque, one of the holiest sites for Muslims. Three Palestinian citizens of Israel ambushed police (Druze MAGAV – RB) officers, fatally injuring two and lightly wounding another. The assailants fled back into the compound where there was reportedly an exchange of fire before the Palestinians were killed by the IOF. Since the killings on Friday morning, Israel has arrested dozens of employees of the Waqf, the Islamic trust that oversees the holy site. When the compound was reopened two days later, Palestinians and Waqf officials refused to enter, objecting to metal detectors installed by Israel. They have continued to stage sit-ins and perform prayers in the streets around the compound in protest of the Israeli restrictions.

The IOF have injured scores of worshippers as protests continued into Tuesday night. Independent journalist Dan Cohen says that in reporting these events, mainstream media have missed a critical part of the story. He told The Real News:

The huge context that is missing, which might explain what precipitated this attack, was that there is a far right, what I would call an apocalyptic right-wing Israeli movement that tours the al-Aqsa compound under military protection on a daily basis, where they make explicit threats to destroy the mosques hoping that they will provoke Palestinians to react violently. Then the Israeli military will have the pretext to arrest, expel and even kill anyone who resists with the idea that eventually Israel will control the entire compound and be able to destroy the mosques and build a temple in its place.

Israel may follow the playbook it used in Hebron, where it took the 1994 Goldstein massacre as a pretext to tighten its control of the Old City and partition the Ibrahimi mosque. Cohen said:

If you go to Hebron now, it’s one of the most shocking forms of Israeli apartheid that you’ll see.

The encroachment on al-Aqsa is spearheaded by the so-called Temple movement, messianic Jewish extremists who seek to replace the existing al-Aqsa mosque with a Jewish temple. While once on the fringes of Israeli society, this movement has gained power in Israel as well as support from the Israeli government. Cohen said that there has been a “theocratization” of the Israeli military and institutions. Cohen said:

In the past decades and especially the past couple of years, the Temple movement, mainstreamed into Israeli society as religious Zionist fundamentalists, have achieved prominence and really taken over the state. Now this movement to destroy the al-Aqsa compound is positioned as the tip of the spear in the Zionist project, in Israeli society, against Palestinians.

Watch the video above.

Netanyahu tells Macron of doubts about Pindo peace push
Maayan Lubell, Ali Sawafta, Reuters, Jul 18 2017

JAYLOOMIA – PM Netanyahu has doubts about Pindo Middle East peace efforts, according to a transcript of a conversation with French Pres Macron. Israeli newspaper Haaretz obtained a transcript of part of the talks Netanyahu held with Macron when they met for the first time in Paris on Sunday. Told by Macron that France supports Pres Trump’s efforts to bring the Israelis and Palestinians back to negotiations, Netanyahu replied:

It will be difficult to push forward quickly with the Pindo initiative. I’m not sure that Abu Mazen can deliver on his commitments, for internal political reasons.

Israeli officials confirmed the gist of the transcript, which was in French, while French officials did not immediately comment. Netanyahu said Israel had every intention of working with the Pindosis, but would prefer a different approach. He said:

I’d like a parallel process with the Arab countries, at the same time as the process with the Palestinians.

His idea seems to mean forging a deal with Arab states along the lines of the Toad peace initiative, first put forward in 2002, which would offer Israel recognition by the Arab world and the “normalization” of relations in exchange for a full withdrawal from the territory Israel has occupied since the 1967 Middle East war, including East Jayloomia. Netanyahu has expressed tentative support for parts of the initiative, but there are many caveats on the Israeli side, including how to resolve the complex Palestinian refugee issue. The Palestinians are opposed to any Israeli attempt to cut them out of discussions, saying any peace with Arab states has to come via peace with them first.

trump’s second meeting with putin

Trump, Putin held a second, undisclosed meeting at G20 summit
Reuters, Jul 18 2017

FASCHINGSTEIN – Pres Trump and Pres Putin held a second, previously undisclosed conversation during a dinner for G20 leaders at a summit earlier this month in Germany, a White House official confirmed on Tuesday. The two leaders held a formal two-hour bilateral meeting on Jul 7 in which Trump later said Putin denied allegations that he directed efforts to meddle in the 2016 Pindo presidential election. The White House official did not say how long the second meeting took place or what was discussed. The second conversation between Trump and Putin took place during a dinner for the G-20 heads of state and their spouses in Hamburg, said Ian Bremmer, the president of political risk consultancy Eurasia Group, who was first to report the meeting in a note to clients. Television coverage of the dinner showed that first lady Melania Trump was seated next to Putin. Bremmer said Trump got up from his seat halfway through dinner and spent about an hour talking “privately and animatedly” with Putin, “joined only by Putin’s own translator.” The lack of a Pindosi translator raised eyebrows among other leaders at the dinner, said Bremmer, who called it a “breach of national security protocol.”

Trump Slams “Fake News Story Of Secret Dinner With Putin” At G-20
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Jul 18 2017

Pres Trump has tweeted in on the latest “scoop” from the media about his “dealings” with Russian president Putin. As we detailed earlier, it has been exactly one week since the latest Russia story involving Trump, or in this particular case his son, and with attentions once again starting to drift from the main news cycle narrative of the year, which was eclipsed today by the Senate republicans’ humiliating failure to replace or repeal Obamacare, on Tuesday afternoon a White House official said that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin held a second, “previously undisclosed” (except to all the world leaders who were in the room at the time) meeting at the G-20. According to Reuters, the White House confirmed that the meeting took place during the G-20 heads of state dinner, hours after Trump’s formal bilateral sit-down with Putin. In that conversation, Trump spoke with the Russian leader for roughly an hour, joined only by Putin’s translator. And while the meeting took place in the open in front of all other leaders, it had previously gone without mention by the White House. NSC spokesman Michael Anton says:

There was a couples-only social dinner at the G-20; toward the end, the president spoke to Putin at the dinner.

The White House official did not say how long the second meeting took place or what was discussed in front of everyone. While details of the meeting are scarce, the WaPo reports that halfway through the official dinner Trump left his seat to occupy an empty chair next to Putin. Trump was alone, and Putin was attended only by his official interpreter. In other words, it happened in front of everyone, during the so-called “mingling.” According to Eurasia Group president, Ian Bremmer, who first reported the meeting, Trump got up from his seat halfway through dinner and spent about an hour talking “privately and animatedly” with Putin, “joined only by Putin’s own translator.” Bremmer said that the lack of a translator is a “breach of national security protocol,” though one that the president likely would not know about. During Trump’s initial formal meeting with Putin, one which was scheduled to last 30 minutes but exceeded two hours, Trump said he had pressed Putin about Moscow’s efforts to meddle in the 2016 election, which the Russian president denied. And now the newscycle turns away from the failure of the republican healthcare bill to just what nefarious secrets that two heads of state were exchanging in front of and within earshot of every major world leader. Keep an eye on Trump’s twitter account for immediate details.

nothing happened, even while it was happening ! honestly! this time, it’s true!

Fracking Around with the Russians
Philip Giraldi,, Jul 18 2017

It has been another week full of news about Russia. Americans might be surprised to learn that nearly every aspect of their lives has been somehow impacted by the insidious covert activity of a former global enemy that now has an economy the size of Spain or Italy. One of the latest claims is that Moscow has been covertly funding some environmental groups, most particularly those opposed to the use of fracking technologies. The allegations, which have recently surfaced in Congress, conceded that the Russians allegedly moved forward with their strategy to damage Pindostan’s energy independence without leaving behind “a paper trail,” thus there appears to actually be little or no supporting evidence for what is little more than a series of claims, which have been denied by the groups in question, including the highly respectable Sierra Club. Moscow has not commented. To be sure, there is a certain logic inherent in assertions that Russia might be behind such a development as Moscow’s economy runs on energy exports and high prices are good for it. Consequently, it ought not surprise anyone that Russia would seek to discredit competitive technologies that work to increase the supply of energy and thereby cause prices to fall. It’s simple math, but is it true given the fact that environmental groups are widely popular due to the appeal of the product they are promoting and have their own reliable sources of income?

Now the irony in all this is that a major producer of relatively dirty oil is being accused of targeting an even dirtier and environmentally destructive energy resource, which is fracking, in collusion with organizations that are seeking to encourage the production of much cleaner power. And, of course, cleaner energy is a global interest whether one believes in climate change or not, which underlines the essential hypocrisy of the U.S. media in denouncing something that just might be good for the planet purely because Russia is allegedly involved. And, of course, the congressmen involved in the revelation come from fracking states. If Moscow is for something then surely Washington must be against it, ignoring the fact that many genuinely patriotic Americans who care about such matters support more strict environmental regulations, no matter what the Wall Street Journal, the White House and the loony tunes in congress are saying.

There was a lot more anti-Russian agitprop in the Pindosi media during the week, part of an endless stream of titillation provided free of charge to the Pindo creeple in an effort to remind everyone that Russia is the enemy and will always be the enemy. Even Donald Trump’s milquetoast initiative to mend fences with Vladimir Putin cobbled together during their meeting in Hamburg has been assailed from all sides, most particularly by the usual parties who seem to be locked into an anti-Trump non-détente mindset come what may. I was particularly bemused by the comment by former DCI Brennan who denounced Trump’s performance during the G-20 summit in Hamburg over the lack of a hard line against Putin and his failure to support the “word of the Pindo intelligence community” about Russian interference in the recent election. In an interview, Brennan complained:

He said it’s an honor to meet President Putin! An honor to meet the individual who carried out the assault against our election? To me, it was a dishonorable thing to say!

Scott Ritter has demonstrated how the “word” of Pindo intel is not exactly what it might seem to be. And Brennan is not exactly a tabula rasa. As he observed in his comment, his ire derives from the claims over alleged Russian interference in the Pindosi election, a narrative that Brennan himself has helped to create, to include his shady and possibly illegal contacting of foreign intelligence services to dig up dirt on the GOP presidential candidate and his associates. The dirt was dutifully provided by several European intelligence services which produced a report claiming, inter alia, that Donald Trump had urinated on a Russian prostitute in a bed previously slept in by Barack and Michelle Obama (sic!! – RB). Along the way I have been assiduously trying to figure out the meaning of last week’s reports regarding the contacts of Trump Jr, Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort with two alleged Russian agents while reportedly seeking the dirt on Hillary. As it turns out, there may not have been any discussion of Hillary, though possibly something having to do with irregularities in DNC fundraising surfaced, and there may have been a bit more about the Magnitsky Act and adopting Russian babies. Barring any new revelations backed up by actual facts revealing that something substantive like a quid pro quo actually took place, the whole affair appears to be yet another example of a politically inspired fishing expedition.

This observation is not necessarily naivete on my part, nor a denial that it all might have been an intelligence operation, but it is an acceptance of the fact that probing and maneuvering is all part and parcel of what intelligence agencies do when they are dealing with adversaries, and very often even with friends. It does not necessarily imply that Moscow was seeking to overthrow Pindosi democracy, even if it was trying to advance its own interests. Assuming even the worst-case scenario that the media has been promoting, the Trump Tower meeting appears to have involved three political aspirants who were a bit on the novice side and a Russian lawyer and lobbyist who might have been intelligence cut-outs. What did happen anyway? Apart from not reporting the encounter by the three apparent victims of the planned corruption of America’s democratic process, nothing apparently happened except that the event itself has now given the esteemed Senator Charles Schumer and the Honorable Adam Schiff something new to mouth off about. Oh, and it keeps Rachel Maddow and Stephen Colbert, who is celebrating Russia Week on his program, employed. Presumably back in mid-June there was enough salacious information floating around emanating from both parties to provide employment for plenty of individuals who were prepared to do whatever it would take to dig up something damaging up from any source available, including foreigners. That game was played by both sides, and anyone who does not think that is so is avoiding the hard edge of the pervasive political corruption that greases the wheels in Pindostan.

So maybe Russia is funding some environmental groups, or maybe not. And if it is, so what? I would welcome anyone who challenges fracking! And so what if a cluster of political tyros met with a couple of Russians who may or may not have been sent by Putin? Clearly, nothing came of it, and meeting with a Russian and talking is not yet ipso facto a crime in this country. Sure, let’s punish Russia if it has actually done something wrong, but first let’s see the evidence. All of which leads one to question why the Pindo media insist on holding the Russian government and its intelligence services to a higher standard than they do other countries like Israel, which persistently spy on Pindostan and regularly interfere in our political process? And what about our own government and its multitude of spy agencies? Are we always the guys in the white hats? Let’s look at the actual record. CIA has done far worse far more consistently in collecting information through misdirection, influencing overseas elections and even changing regimes than have the Russians. And let’s not forget the Pentagon’s record on Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and currently Syria. We are very good at that “regime change” sort of thing, even though the results frequently turn out badly because no one in Faschingstein seems to know what to do on Day Two, after the invasion has ended with yet another “victory” and another foreign government has been consigned to the garbage heap.