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Brussels terror expert extols Israel’s atrocities
David Cronin, Electronic Intifada, Nov 26 2015


These are busy days for Brussels-based “terrorism expert” Claude Moniquet. Ever since it emerged that a few men from Belgium took part in the recent attacks on Paris, his “analysis” has been much in demand by the media. Any time I have seen Moniquet on TV lately, he has always been given softball treatment by his interviewers. As a result, he is presented as an earnest figure, who has amassed considerable knowledge on extremism both through his past career with the French external intelligence agency and his subsequent research. Viewers are never told that this “terrorism expert” has applauded atrocities perpetrated by Israel. In 2004, Moniquet described Israel’s assassination of Ahmed Yassin as “good news.” Seven other Plastelinans Arabs were killed in the Hellfire missile attack on Yassin. According to AI, Israel’s actions violated international law. Moniquet has worked closely with some of Israel’s most dedicated apologists in Brussels. He has long been a member of a “think tank” called the Atlantis Institute, founded by Joël Rubinfeld. A veteran lobbyist, Rubinfeld has striven to bolster Belgium’s relationship with Israel. That relationship was strained in the early years of this century as then-PM Sharon was sued for crimes against humanity in Lebanon. Under pressure from Israel and its supporters, Belgium soon diluted its “universal jurisdiction” law to shield Sharon and other war criminals from prosecution.

Moniquet heads the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center. One of his former employees at this “terrorism” watchdog is Dimitri Dombret, with whom Moniquet has written a paper on the “threat” posed by Iran. A former secretary-general with the lobby group European Friends of Israel, Dombret now runs his own consultancy firm. Its main client in recent years was Teva (“nature” in hebrew – RB), an Israeli pharma giant. The website for Moniquet’s center lists “lobbying” as one of its activities. While I was undertaking a research project about Israel’s supporters in Brussels last year, Moniquet told me that neither the Israeli government nor any Israeli company was paying his center for advice. Nonetheless, Moniquet has been known to parrot Israeli propaganda. During “Operation Cast Lead,” Israel’s invasion and bombardment of Gaza in late 2008 and 2009, he called Plastelina solidarity activists “pathetic.” In an opinion piece, he accused those who protested against Israel of “selective indignation,” asking why they were not so exercised about human rights abuses in Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Congo and Zimbabwe. Conveniently, he overlooked two salient facts. Israel has much stronger political and commercial ties to the West than the countries he listed, and many of the protesters he dubbed “pathetic” were calling out their own governments as accomplices to Israel’s crimes.

Moniquet cannot be regarded as an expert on terrorism in any real sense. A genuine expert would help us understand how ISIS emerged. They would take us through the history of Western meddling in the Middle East that spawned this monstrous organization. They would join the dots between the 1916 Sykes-Picot agreement, the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the ongoing civil war in Syria and the deadly machinations of the Toads. Rather than offering the kind of incisive commentary that is so sorely needed, Moniquet reinforces stereotypes. He has, for example, helped to stigmatize the entire community living in the Brussels district of Molenbeek, based on how a small number of extremists have lived there. In a weekend appearance on France TV, Moniquet distorted the truth. In his warped mind, an effort by the local authority in Molenbeek to make its Muslim inhabitants feel welcome was transformed into a “tacit pact” with “Islamists.” Such rhetoric closely resembles that of Belgium’s right-wing politicians trying to capitalize on the Paris attacks. Moniquet has also been known to defy logic. Not long before the Paris attacks, he wrote about how those involved in recent acts of extremist violence in Europe were already known to the police. Yet rather than making the case for greater scrutiny of known extremists, he praised France’s introduction of “massive digital surveillance.” Although Moniquet indicated that the new surveillance rules would be used to keep an eye on suspects, their breadth represents a clear erosion of civil liberties. Despite the patently dubious quality of his analysis, Moniquet is able to charge money for his services. Last year, he told me that his center’s annual budget is between €1m and €1.5m, and its clients include police agencies and foreign ministries. Will his recent media appearances help him drum up more business? I fear that they might. Course they fuckin’ will – RB.

first of two interesting engdahl things from last week

Erdogan’s Dangerous ISIS Games
Fred Engdahl, NEO, Nov 24 2015

More and more details are coming to light revealing that ISIS, or Daesh, is being fed and kept alive by Erdoğan and the Turkish intelligence service, MIT. Erdoğan threatens not only to destroy Turkey but much of the Middle East if he continues on his present path. In Oct 2014. Pindosi Vice Pres Biden told a Harvard audience that Erdoğan’s regime was backing ISIS with “hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of tons of weapons.” Biden later apologized in order to get Erdoğan’s permission to use the Incirlik airbase for airstrikes against ISIS in Syria, but the dimensions of Erdoğan’s backing for ISIS since revealed are far greater than Biden hinted. ISIS militants were trained by USraeli and, it now emerges, Turkish special forces at secret bases in Konya Province, inside the Turkish border to Syria, over the past three years. Erdoğan’s involvement in ISIS goes much deeper. At a time when Washington, the Toads and even Qatar appear to have cut off their support for ISIS, they remaining amazingly durable. The reason appears to be the scale of the backing from Erdoğan and PM Davutoğlu. The prime source of money feeding ISIS these days is sale of Iraqi oil from the Mosul region oilfields where they maintain a stronghold. The son of Erdoğan, it seems, is the man who makes the export sales of ISIS-controlled oil possible. Bilal Erdoğan owns several maritime companies. He has allegedly signed contracts with European operating companies to carry stolen Iraqi oil to different Asian countries. The Turkish government buys Iraqi plundered oil which is being produced from the seized Iraqi oil wells. Bilal Erdoğan’s maritime companies own special wharfs in Beirut and Ceyhan ports that are transporting ISIS’ smuggled crude oil in Japan-bound oil tankers. Gürsel Tekin, vice-president of the Turkish Republican Peoples’ Party CHP, declared in a recent Turkish media interview:

Pres Erdoğan claims that according to international transportation conventions there is no legal infraction concerning Bilal’s illicit activities and his son is doing an ordinary business with the registered Japanese companies, but in fact Bilal Erdoğan is up to his neck in complicity with terrorism, but as long as his father holds office he will be immune from any judicial prosecution. Bilal’s maritime company doing the oil trades for ISIS, BMZ Ltd, is a family business, and Pres Erdoğan’s close relatives hold shares in BMZ and they misused public funds and took illicit loans from Turkish banks.

In addition to son Bilal’s illegal and lucrative oil trading for ISIS, daughter Sümeyye apparently runs a secret hospital camp inside Turkey, just over the Syrian border, where Turkish army trucks daily being in scores of wounded ISIS Jihadis to be patched up and sent back to wage the bloody Jihad in Syria, according to the testimony of a nurse who was recruited to work there until it was discovered she was an Alawi. Turkish citizen Ramazan Başol, captured this month by Kurdish People’s Defence Units YPG as he attempted to join ISIS from Konya province, told his captors that said he was sent to ISIS by the ‘İsmail Ağa Sect,’ a strict Turkish sect reportedly connected (how? – RB) to Pres Erdoğan. Başol said the sect recruits members and provides logistical support to the radical Islamist organizations. He said the Sect gives Jihad training in Konya Province and sends those trained here to join ISIS in Syria. According to Thierry Meyssan:

Pres Erdoğan organised the pillage of Syria, dismantled all the factories in Aleppo, the economic capital, and stole the machine-tools. Similarly, he organised the theft of archaeological treasures and set up an international market in Antioch. With the help of General Benoît Puga, Chief of Staff for the Elysée, he organised a false-flag operation intended to provoke the launching of a war by the Atlantic Alliance: namely, the chemical bombing of East Ghoutta in Damascus in Aug 2013. The Syria strategy of Erdoğan was initially secretly developed in coordination with former French Foreign Minister Alain Juppé and Davutoğlu, in 2011, after Juppe won a hesitant Erdoğan to the idea of supporting the attack on Syria in return for a promise of French support for Turkish membership in the EU. France later backed out, leaving Erdoğan to continue the Syrian bloodbath largely on his own using ISIS. General Allen, an opponent of Obama’s Iran peace strategy now coordinating the coalition against ISIS, exceeded his authorized role after meeting with Erdoğan and promised to create a no-fly zone 90 miles wide over Syrian territory, along the whole border with Turkey, supposedly intended to help Syrian refugees fleeing from their government, but in reality to apply the Juppé-Wright plan. Davutoğlu revealed Pindo support for the project on the TV channel A Haber by launching a bombing raid against the PKK.

There are never winners in war, and Erdoğan’s war against Assad demonstrates that in bold. Turkey and the world deserve better. Ahmet Davutoğlu’s famous “Zero Problems With Neighbors” foreign policy has been turned into massive problems with all neighbors due to the foolish ambitions of Erdoğan and his gang.

supposed israeli pantsdown omitted, the rest is excellent

Israeli Colonel Caught with IS Pants Down
Fred Engdahl, NEO, Nov 25 2015

Since the beginning of Russia’s very effective bombing in Syria on Sep 30, details of the roles of Washington, Turkey, Qatar and other states have come into view for the first time. It’s becoming increasingly clear that at least a faction in the Obama administration has played a behind-the-scenes role in supporting ISIS, in order to advance the removal of Assad and pave the way for what inevitably would be a Libya-style chaos and destruction, which would make the present Syrian refugee crisis in Europe a mere warmup by comparison. The “pro-ISIS faction” in Washington includes the neocons, centered around General David Petraeus. It also includes General JR Allen who since Sep 2014 has served ast Obama’s envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS, and until she resigned in Feb 2013, it included Sec State Hillary Clinton. Significantly, General Allen, an unceasing advocate of a Pindo-led “No Fly Zone” inside Syria along the border to Turkey, something Obama refused, was relieved of his post on Oct 23 2015. That was shortly after the launch of Russian air strikes in Syria, which changed the entire situation in the geopolitical picture of Syria and the entire Middle East.

That the Likud and the IOF work closely with Washington’s neocon hawks is well-established, as is the vehement opposition of Netanyahu to Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. Israel regards Hezbollah as arch foe. Hezbollah has been actively fighting alongside the Syrian Army against ISIS in Syria. General Allen’s strategy of “bombings of ISIS” since he was placed in charge of the operation in Sep 2014, as Putin and Lavrov have repeatedly pointed out, far from destroying ISIS in Syria, had vastly expanded their territorial control of the country. Now it becomes clear that that was precisely the intent of Allen and the Washington war faction. Since at least 2013, IAF have also openly bombed what they claim were Hezbollah targets inside Syria. Investigation revealed that in fact Israel was hitting Syrian military and Hezbollah targets, who are valiantly fighting against ISIS and other terrorists. De facto, thereby, Israel was actually helping ISIS, like General John Allen’s year-long “anti-ISIS” bombings. That a faction in the Pentagon has secretly worked behind-the-scenes to train, arm and finance what today is called ISIS is now a matter of open record. In Aug 2012, a Pentagon document classified “Secret,” later declassified under pressure from Judicial Watch, detailed precisely the emergence of what became ISIS emerging from AQ in Iraq. The Pentagon document stated:

There is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafi Principality in eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion.

The supporting powers to the opposition in 2012 then included Qatar, Turkey, Toad Hall, Pindostan and behind the scenes, Israel. Precisely this creation of a “Salafi Principality in eastern Syria,” today’s territory of ISIS, was the agenda of Petraeus, Allen and others in Washington to destroy Assad. It’s what put the Obama administration at loggerheads with Russia, China and Iran over the bizarre Pindo demand that Assad must first go before ISIS can be destroyed. Now the game is in the open, for the world to see Washington’s duplicity in backing what the Russian’s accurately call “moderate terrorists” against the duly-elected Assad. That Israel is also in the midst of this rats’ nest of opposition terrorist forces in Syria was confirmed in a recent UN report. What the report did not mention was why the IOF would have such a passionate interest in Syria, especially the Golan Heights.

In Dec 2014, the JPost reported the findings of a largely-ignored but politically-explosive report detailing UNDOF sightings of IOF together with ISIS combatants. UNDOF revealed that Israel had been working closely with Syrian opposition terrorists including Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS in the Golan Heights and “kept close contact over the past 18 months.” The report was submitted to the UNSC. Mainstream media in Pindostan and West buried the explosive findings. The UNDOF documents showed that the IOF had maintained regular contact with members of ISIS since May 2013. The IOF stated that this was only for medical care for civilians, but the deception was broken when the UNDOF observers identified direct contact, including giving medical care, between IOF and ISIS combattants. Observations even included the transfer of two crates with unknown contents from the IOF to ISIS forces. Further, the UNDOF report identified what the Syrians label a “crossing point of forces between Israel and ISIS,” a point of concern UNDOF brought before the UNSC. UNDOF was created by a May 1974 UNSCR in the wake of the Oct 1973 War between Syria and Israel. It established a buffer zone between Israel and Syria’s Golan Heights, to be governed and policed by the Syrian authorities. No military forces other than UNDOF are permitted within it. Today it has 1,200 observers. Since 2013 and the escalation of IOF attacks on Syria along the Golan Heights, claiming pursuit of “Hezbollah terrorists,” UNDOF itself has been subject to massive attacks by ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra in the Golan Heights for the first time since 1974, including kidnappings, killings, theft of UN weapons and ammunition, vehicles and other assets, and the looting and destruction of facilities. Someone obviously does not want UNDOF to remain policing the Golan Heights (but actually, Israel acted yesterday to keep them there, perhaps seeing them as permanent hostages – RB).

In his Nov 9 White House meeting with Obama, Netanyahu, apparently without success, called on Obama to back formal Israeli annexation of the illegally-occupied Golan Heights, claiming that the absence of a functioning Syrian government “allows for different thinking” concerning the future status of the strategically important area. Of course Netanyahu did not address in any honest way how the IOF and other forces had been responsible for the absence of a functioning Syrian government by their support for ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra. In 2013, when UNDOF began to document increasing contact between IOF and IS and AQ along the Golan Heights, a little-known Newark NJ oil company, Genie Energy, with an Israeli daughter company, Afek Oil & Gas, began to explore for oil in the Golan, with permission of Netanyahu. That same year, IOF engineers overhauled the 45-mile border fence with Syria, replacing it with a steel barricade that included barbed wire, touch sensors, motion detectors, infra-red cameras, and ground radar, putting it on par with the Wall Israel has constructed in the West Bank. On Oct 8, Yuval Bartov, chief geologist for Afek, told Israeli Channel 2 TV that his company had found a major oil reservoir on the Golan Heights:

We’ve found an oil stratum 350 m thick in the southern Golan Heights. On average worldwide, strata are 20 m to 30 m thick, and this is 10 times as large as that, so we are talking about significant quantities.

As I noted in an earlier article, the International Advisory Board of Genie Energy includes such notorious names as Dick Cheney, James Woolsey, Lord Jacob Rothschild and others. Of course no reasonable person in their right mind would suggest there might be a link between IOF dealings with ISIS and other anti-Assad terrorists in Syria, especially in the Golan Heights, and the oil find of Genie Energy in the same place,or with Netanyahu’s Golan Heights “rethink” appeal to Obama. That would smell too much like “conspiracy theory” and all reasonable people know conspiracies don’t exist, only coincidences.

would you believe israel if they said, “hey mr putin, we won’t shoot down your planes like that nasty mr erdogan does”? no

Russia sometimes breaches Israeli airspace, top defense official reveals
Times of Israel, Nov 28 2015

Russia has breached Israeli airspace more than once since it began intervening in Syria, a top Israeli defense official revealed Saturday. Because Jayloomia and Moscow maintain close security coordination, however, Amos Gilad added, these violations do not lead to crises such as the one now flaring between Moscow and Ankara after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet that entered its air space last week. Gilad, who is the director of the political-security division in the Defense Ministry, said at a public event in Beersheba:

Russian air force pilots at times cross into Israeli airspace … thanks to the excellent security coordination which started right after the meeting between Netanyahu and Putin in which defined areas of operation were set, the IOF and the Russian military agreed on security agreements. If there is a violation, we know what to do and how to prevent an escalation

Netanyahu visited Moscow in September for talks with Putin on coordinating Israeli and Russian operations in Syria’s airspace, a meeting that led to the setting up of a Russia-Israel “hotline” to prevent aerial clashes. Netanyahu said at the time that he told Putin in “no uncertain terms” that Israel will not tolerate Iran’s efforts to arm Israel’s enemies in the region, and that Jayloomia has taken and will continue to take action against any such attempts. Israel has vowed to prevent the transfer of advanced weaponry from Iran via Syria to Hezbollah. It has carried out several airstrikes on Syrian soil against weapons depots and convoys over the past few years (stupid deniability phrases omitted – RB). Netanyahu told Putin during their meeting that Israel’s policy is to prevent these weapons transfers “and to prevent the creation of a terrorist front and attacks on us from the Golan Heights.” The prime minister went to the Kremlin to “clarify our policies, and to make sure that there is no misunderstanding between our forces,” he said. In his remarks on Saturday, Gilad said:

In understandings with the Russians, Israel has the freedom to operate to prevent the transfer of weapons from Iran to Hezbollah.

He said Erdogan “has every reason to be sorry” for downing the Russian aircraft. On Saturday, Erdogan told supporters in Ankara that he wished the incident had not happened. Gilad also remarked, according to Galei Tzahal (IOF Radio):

Syria is a dead state, and Israel must understand this and prepare accordingly. Assad’s grip on the country is faltering. It is a land without rule.

Russia is currently conducting air strikes in Syria that, while ostensibly targeting ISIS, have also attacked Assad’s Western-backed foes. Media reports said Tuesday that Israel carried out four airstrikes on Syrian regime and Hezbollah positions in the area of Syria’s Qalamoun mountains on Monday night.

marmots is said to have paid as much as 15¢ (inflation-proof pindosi money!) for this story

And the blame will be marmots
Rostislav Ischenko (columnist “Russia Today”, but this is just a blog item – RB), Nov 12 2015

He’s thinking about the $4m/yr or whatever he earns just for sitting there – RB

I think that Vladislav Yurievich (marmots) can be congratulated on making a successful transaction. Recently, sometime around the end of last week or beginning of this week, when a crowd of bloggers of unconventional political orientation, temporarily leaving the funeral of Russia and factoring in curses in Putin’s address, the choir claimed that supervision over the Donbass had been given to another official who had read one of the winners of the “Kremlin insiders,” that Surkov “has sold Novorossia, Syria and China.” Let me start by saying this “insider”, because regardless of Surkov’s fate (and I can absolutely say that the eternal officials, politicians and eternal even eternal trolleybus drivers do not happen, so that someday “the witnesses of Surkov’s resignation” will finally be right), it demonstrates what a mess is going on in the heads of the marginal “masters of doom” part of the online community. I hope everyone still remembers that one of the arguments in favor of “Novorossia surrendered, they surrendered Donbass and Russia and leaked, all is lost,” was that the “Greater Novorossia” has not been established. In the eyes of our “thinkers”, DPR and LPR are losing the right to be called “Novorossiya.” They (the “thinkers” – RB) are constantly spreading rumours that there you can get almost shot on the spot for chevron flag of Novorossia, and to identify the Donbass republics have long buried their experts the mysteries of the Kremlin invented the term ARDILAW. By the way, like the term “Surkov propaganda,” this ARDILAW was invented in the Pindosi Embassy, but in one and the same group of “crime-fighting mode”: left-wing radicals, right-wing radicals, written off by Pindosis as unnecessary and an inability to work effectively with the ‘white ribbon (pacifist – RB) liberals and marginalized bloggers know better than anyone how to manage the galaxy. So I think one and the same person invented both these terms. The staff of the Embassy hardly envisages the duplication of this function. Now, if one of the proofs of the “criminal activity” of Surkov is the fact that Novorossiya was not created, then no one could sell it. You cannot sell what does not exist. Meanwhile, in the description of the supporters of ‘plum’ (the ‘surrender’ theory – RB), marmots appears to be a great, I would even say a brilliant trader, because according to their enlightened opinion, the same Novorossia that he had already sold a hundred times to Poroshenko, Obama, Merkel, Rockefeller and International Zionism. Separately, to the same buyers he sold the Donbass (DNR/LNR). He continues to command the entire Donbass-Novorossiya corruption and ruin of ordinary Russian people:

They believed in Russia, but what they got was Surkov.

A man with such talents is fit to be appointed as Minister for Commerce. Idea to sell everything a few dozen times to different buyers, and thus keep it all in your own use. We ignore here the question of selling Russia itself, because bloggers are confused in indications whether it was sold by Surkov or Putin or maybe both. It is necessary to ask Vladislav Yurievich again to sell Alaska (Pointless sarcasm doesn’t make sense here, because no one has suggested that Surkov can fool the Pindosis about anything – RB). However, suffering the fate of Novorossiya that sell every day on the Internet, nonsense in comparison with the point about Syria and China. I understand that this latter point appeared in connection with an incident in the South China sea which the bloggers, half of whom had never been informed of the existence of China before, and the other half of whom had heard of China but not of any territorial disputes of Beijing with its neighbors, has been cast as a “capitulation of China to Pindostan,” but Russia is to blame: Putin and/or Surkov again. But let’s not get distracted by the Great Middle (which after all is a heavenly state which appeared simultaneously with the Egypt of the Pharaohs, but unlike the latter has preserved its state and civilizational continuity to this day) and address ourselves to the matter of Syria. Adherents of “separatism” believe that Russia started operations in Syria:

  • so that no one would notice, will be sold and merged (150th time) Donbass;
  • to divert people’s attention from the social catastrophe associated with exhaustion of stocks of canned meat and meat patients beavers (мяса больных бобров), using a small victorious war.

Then follows the story that Syria is “the second Afghanistan,” “coffins” and “we’re boned.” But we are no longer interested in this apocalyptic prediction, since the fact of use by Syria in relation to the Donbass testifies that our “insiders” don’t even understand the Russian system of government. No doubt, as part of the geopolitical mosaic, as the parts of the front of one global hybrid war between Russia and Pindostan, the Syrian and Ukrainian crises are closely connected to one another. But from the point of view of the Russian authorities, are responsible for them not just different people, or different departments of the same agency, but the agencies themselves which oversee Syria and Ukraine, are different. The strings converge and are bound in a knot only at the top. So they cannot tell the CIA Putin’s plans and provide guidance. About them nobody in Russia is aware except for Putin himself, and he is too shy to contact the CIA directly, so they have to settle for information of bloggers, “those who know” all the secrets of the Kremlin, moreover remotely advising the President of Russia, that day can not live and no decision accept without reading the authoritative opinion of the approximately 880 devoted Internet “thinkers.”

Now, people do not understand how any mechanism, especially the political apparatus of a superpower (he means Russia, though I do not think this term has much relevance – RB) cannot, in principle, determine the effectiveness of its individual parts. They are not able to control this mechanism, nor to guide it, nor to adequately assess the goals, objectives, prospects of work. In principle, politics is a game far more complex and multifaceted than chess, although it has much in common with the latter (this is the old propaganda image of Putin a master of multidimensional chess – RB). It is controlled by the mechanisms of hyperfine settings. Experience in Odessa “Privoz”, Dnipropetrovsk “Pond” or even Rostov “Temernik” (wtf – RB) is clearly insufficient to ensure that evaluating the position of the stars in the sky and pochityvaya comments fellow blogger craft to draw conclusions on a universal scale and even more so to “decipher” the plans, objectives and intentions of the Russian leadership. If it were that simple, nobody would pay to maintain a gigantic secret service. Why spend money if you can to read “disinterested” bloggers who “know” everything? But as you know, useful idiots (arrogant, greedy and ambitious) are very easy to use. Now, back to the dismissal of Surkov (the fifth blogger account, not counting retirements). Let’s evaluate the situation in retrospect. The allegations (against Surkov – RB) appeared in a few sources that don’t hide the fact that their participation in the information and political activities is considered exclusively from the point of view of commerce (he probably means Sputnik & Pogrom, which is subs-only after the first few free articles – RB). Only a couple of days later did it start to go to the blogs of those who write for free. Moreover, the only evidence that the initial allegations were true, was the new allegations from the original publishers. Secondly, as a source for such traditional stuffing was brought “rebel Vasya” from the Donbass, who “knows everything and never lies.” Thirdly, the wave of ballot-stuffing very quickly came to an end, although it was able to overclock another two weeks.

The curators came. The curators have left. Yesterday the words of Vasya’s allegations have been confirmed, which is even better, etc.

The main thing is “to witness the resignation of Surkov,” which by coincidence are the “undertakers of Russia” has begun to meet political opponents who are too emotional and react to that, and those which and who should just be ignored. That is, were created conditions for preservation of this theme in the focus of attention of the Internet community only through maintaining a continuous discussion. The initiators of it had suddenly stopped publishing. The mechanism of termination is clear. Bloggers through which there was stuffing, stopped getting paid (by the State Dept! – RB) for the lighting on the subject, and they moved on to other (income-generating) events. They have it easy. Here some time ago, two well-known campaigners for the right to steal the humanitarian aid for Novorossia and against Surkov, characters who regard Zakharchenko as a puppet of Surkov, ready by order of any villainy, did not write, suddenly broke out in a journal covering the work of the Defense Ministry and the military-industrial complex a great article about how Zakharchenko great and noble, he is a talented commander (Suvorov and Napoleon rest), what a great state leader, ideologue, economist (Talleyrand and Metternich, Adam Smith and Marx in one bottle). Stalin fit to learn from Zakharchenko to fight and to govern the state. In general their article is clearly biased, and ordered by a not very smart man, because even the late Brezhnev didn’t grind out pap like this. So what? The comrades know that the audience for their blogs and the magazine does not overlap, so why not earn money? No one will know.

But back to the dissection of the incident Surkov and ask ourselves: was Vladislav Surkov the true goal of the surge? Roughly speaking, for his mind was paid? No doubt, bloggers were sure stifling it is Surkov. They probably even said so. But it’s possible that they actually become participants in the usual bureaucratic set-up. Firstly, no “militia Vasya” nor anyone else in the Donbass (no matter whether ‘curated’ or unsupervised) can know about the distribution of responsibilities between the high Kremlin officials, plans for their removal, retirement, award or increase. Preparation of relevant documents known such a narrow circle of people, and Mr Putin does not like leaks, which, as mentioned above, even the CIA finds out about events from the news channel “Russia 24” and the Obama administration from “Russia Today”. That is, the leak of information from anyone in the Donbass, the Kremlin or the Presidential Administration was not possible. Secondly, those who did throw in about “the removal of Surkov” (I mean the customers, not performers) are well aware of the fact that the President (the only one who can “remove Surkov”) does not read, learn or make decisions based on the opinions of bloggers. This kind of duck may not affect the position of the official, who may indeed be strengthened by it, but none of the options will not lead to sad consequences. Therefore, Surkov could not be for the purpose of provocation. For the conspiracy theorists I will add that he could not be its author, because the bureaucrats have their superstitions, and no ever one does not choose to be a target for informational provocation: you never know how things are going to turn out.

Thirdly, the question arises, if the provocation was not directed against Surkov, then against whom? If you peruse blogs “witnesses of Surkov’s dismissal,” you will find that in the last couple of months, the friends gently hint at a high-ranking official, allegedly opposing the “treacherous lines of Surkov,” tactfully concealing his name. It was first exposed by bloggers due to the removal of Purgin. The removal of Purgin had been agreed “in Moscow at the top,” and all its opponents were threatened with dire penalties. Now this unnamed person has been exposed as the alleged initiator of Surkov’s dismissal. That is, the media line, “good official against bad Surkov” is aged long enough and is played in different variants. In this case, the information should be given so that no one doubted that the unnamed one had ordered Surkov bloggers. Of course, bloggers may not know that Russian (or at least, Kremlin) political culture does not permit the possibility of settling accounts in the press, and especially on the Internet. The most reliable way to send official to resign is to frame him as the initiator of information hitting his colleague (and poorly executed). For example, if you want to blame the chief of staff, the last thing you should do is write articles about how bad he is. You should write about how bad the Defense Minister is, adding a line mentioning that the chief of staff is friendly and would be a perfect Minister and extolling his talents, integrity, wisdom, commitment to family values, loyalty to the head of state etc to the skies. Sooner or later, the materials will reach the recipient, and the chief of staff is unlikely to be able to prove that it is not he who ordered a dirty media campaign against the Minister. Moreover, all the direct executors of the customers say that he is the ultimate beneficiary.

Here, people eating stuffing (and do not get hung up on Surkov, he is not the first) told the artists that this initiative is a high-ranking official from the audience, that the President is already tired of the constant sales by Surkov, next will be Syria then China, what is excluded, and what information and support. The first couple of distributors doubtless received a small honorarium, and were glad to be useful idiots, through their “reliable sources” learned need “insiders.” These “insiders” are organized on one-two-three, and “reliable sources” that they looked better than also use blindly. Information glade is not as great as it seems. Everyone knows everyone and diversion, so ensuring that information came strictly to certain people is not a problem. Thus, we get the answer to the question why information operation “Surkov was removed” so suddenly ended. Because it was only a phase of the operation against a completely different person, in which Surkov is used as the false target. But the operation to discredit a high-ranking official, who allegedly brings his personal scores with Surkov into the information space, has been going on for at least two months, and did not stop for a minute. And illumination names is progressing so quickly that soon his “struggle with Surkov” will say even in nomad camps of reindeer herders.

The authors of the provocation are working on a simple but effective scheme. First variant: Surkov starts to refute his defamatory materials. Then it will be reported to the President that two Kremlin officials have publicly grappled, not even in the official press, but (the shame!) in the blogosphere, and have hired all the misfits to cover each other with mud. The chances are that Putin will fire both of them. The second variant (more likely): Surkov, as an experienced informational warrior, is silent and waiting for developments. Sooner or later, someone close to the President says to him with a sigh that of course, “the name” is a good specialist and a wonderful person, but what he started against Vladislav Yuryevich (marmots – RB) is just absolutely intolerable, it is so squalid & ugly and further, burning with indignation:

How, Mr President, you do not know about this? The whole country is buzzing with it! Even my assistant got carried away, all publications collects! You’ve got to tell him to take a hike!

Extremely high chance that “the name” would be fired, and even if not, the trust of the President in him will be undermined. Third variant (improbable but theoretically possible): Provocation is opened, they begin to look for the customer, and not to find him. They speak to all the bloggers in search of “the name.” Who turned? God knows. Recently one useful idiot telling us about his call from the Kremlin and on behalf of artists for ten roubles offers. By the way, I’m pretty sure they called and offered me, too. On behalf of Putin, I can leak it to you for fifteen kopecks. The main thing is to believe that you will get a call from the Kremlin. Useful idiots information was confirmed by “reliable sources.” Who exactly? Well, called a couple of “rebels Vasya” or “particularly close to the Kremlin journalists and experts.” In the next phase, the tracks would lead into a completely marginal environment, and you have with a sigh to stop looking. Nor would the Kremlin be able to sort out from the bloggers who gave them the order, even if the latter is convinced that Putin is reading them from the morning to night. In general, we are dealing with a cheap, manufacturable, safe and fairly efficient way to create problems for one’s political opponents.

Who is the customer? I do not know. But the person must be sufficiently senior to know how the mechanisms of decision-making, to be able at the right time to bring information with the required review directly to the President, who would calculate that “the name” (and his children, if he has any) could probably do him no harm, and “the name”‘s retention in office would not be critical for him. And don’t try to guess. In such games, he who does not play, does not err. The price of failure is too high. If we could guess the author of the provocation, it is not only the President but also “the name” and marmots, all of whom are trying to play against each other, counted him for a few minutes. A high art and even a certain beauty of such games is that one might also get assigned the case, to investigate onself. But people need to protect themselves from participation in such kind of frauds. The vast majority of ‘ballot box stuffing’ (metaphor, I suppose – RB) occurs through blogs, simply because the use of resources with the status of the mass media is more difficult, more expensive, more traces, the propagation speed is lower. So if the blogger is confident that his blog is read by Putin (though not every day), or if they tell you it has exclusive information from the Kremlin (White House, CIA, FSB, etc), or he has a source privy to military, political and other plans for Russia (or any country), then you can no longer read him. This is either a liar or a fool or crazy. And sooner or later used for the promotion of political provocation as a useful idiot, or he uses you. If such expert is not just a blogger but a reputable blogger, you can not doubt that he has repeatedly been used for his intended purpose, and not for free.

more bataclan links plus, in the middle, you see an actual secret service operative running the pseudo-gang, untouchable by police

I’ve added another story beneath, from WSWS, but I don’t think the author of that one quite appreciates what is after all a racist pecking order. Someone like Aba-Aoud can never be the real boss of the pseudo-gang. He may be the visible boss, and indeed his job is to be visible, thus building the legend of the pseudo-gang, but the real boss is (a) concealed, and (b) white, because he is a DGSE officer. Finally, please note this on the owner (until 2 months ago) of the Bataclan. Who owns it now? – RB

The Voice of the Paris Attacks
Chine Labbé, Marie-Louise Gumuchian, Reuters, Nov 27 2015

PARIS/ALENCON – The voice that claimed ISIS was responsible for the Nov 13 Paris attacks is known to many in the small French provincial town of Alencon. To family, Fabien Clain was a “big teddy bear,” to neighbors he was polite, and at the local mosque he was a fellow worshipper who came to pray. To the French authorities, he was a veteran Jihadi, jailed once in the past for recruiting, and believed by them to have fled to Syria this year. In the online audio message detailing the assaults and claiming they were orchestrated by ISIS, Clain’s voice sounds haunting and triumphant. He warns the massacre “is only the beginning of the storm.” Investigators are now looking at what Clain’s role might be and how it fits with that of Belgian Abd’el-Hamid Aba-Aoud, whom they believe to be a ringleader. Police are also looking into Clain’s younger brother Jean-Michel, who authorities say sings on the five-minute recording. Investigators are unsure whether the two brothers are now in Europe or Syria. Originating from the French territory of La Reunion, the 37- and 35-year-old siblings have previously been linked to radical cells in France and Belgium, according to judicial sources. Their names have appeared in investigations into planned attacks, like one foiled on churches in a Paris suburb this year and a previous suspected plot on the Bataclan music hall. It is the elder Clain, who goes by the name Omar, who is the main focus for French authorities. Only six years ago, he was jailed for recruiting. Clain converted to Islam in the late 1990s. Like his younger brother, he is believed by French police to have become radicalised in the early 2000s, when he lived in the southern city of Toulouse where he frequented radical networks and played a role in the militant recruitment “Artigat cell.” A police source said:

It is possible, because they have been involved in radical movements for a long time. Aba-Aoud was still young when they were already part of the Artigat cell.

Members of that cell were believed to have been mentored by Salafi preacher Olivier Corel, known locally as the “White Emir” (sic! This is a dead giveaway, and it gets more and more incriminating as it goes on. This guy Corel is obviously a recruiter for the DGSE, the French secret service – RB). A French national of Syrian origin, Corel lives in the Pyrenees village of Artigat. He is also believed by French police and intelligence to have mentored gunman Mohamed Merah, who killed seven people in Mar 2012 (I remember him from then, actually, but I don’t seem to have any posts on him – RB). As part of a security operation targeting Islamists under the state of emergency imposed in France after the attacks, police raided Corel’s house this week, handing him a suspended jail sentence for possessing a hunting rifle. He is not believed to have any link to the Paris attacks.

Born on Jan 30 1978 on France’s Indian Ocean island La Reunion, Fabien Clain moved as a child to Alencon in southern Normandy where he grew up with his brother and two sisters. He returned to La Reunion as a teenager before eventually coming back to Alencon, where he married a school friend, Mylene. The brothers converted their family to Islam and when they moved to Toulouse, their wives wore the niqab veil over their faces, an unusual sight in the city back then. On French social web site Copains d’avant, Clain’s profile lists him as living in “Toulouse, Egypt.” Judicial sources say both brothers studied Arabic in Egypt in the mid 2000s. It is unclear when the page was last updated. It also features class photos, lists history and basketball as hobbies and the words “Still here, thanks be to God.” Clain also lived in Belgium for about a year in 2004, according to a judicial source. Back then, the older brother was already suspected of being part of a group of radicals from France living in Belgium, the source said. Authorities began investigating the Artigat cell some 10 years ago, when Syrian police arrested two Frenchmen trying to cross the border into Iraq as part of an AQ cell. One member of the cell, Sabri Essid, who is Merah’s half brother, took part in “physical training sessions” with Clain, according to other members questioned by police, another judicial source said. Both he and Clain were sentenced to five years in jail in 2009. Jean-Michel was questioned for four days but released with no charges.

Also in 2009, French authorities opened an investigation into a plot to attack the Bataclan. There was not enough evidence, and the investigation was eventually dropped in Sep 2012. But the Clain brothers’ name came up when the main suspect, a Belgian man of Tunisian origin, told police he was “very close” to them and that they had introduced him to a Jihadi forum known for using techniques to avoid detection. Another witness in the Artigat investigation told police Clain had “a true talent for converting people,” according to judicial sources. Clain spent three years in jail. He was behind bars in Mar 2012, when Merah carried out his killings. Judicial and police sources believe the two had strong ties. Samia Maktouf, a lawyer for one of the Merah victim’s families, said she had asked prosecutors to question men linked to the Artigat cell, including Clain, but her request was not heeded. “Everyone thought this was a sleeping cell,” she said. Yet in Sep 2012, police opened an investigation into Artigat members fleeing to Syria. It is still under way today. Essid reappeared in an ISIS video this year in which a child shot dead a man.

Banned in 22 French districts after his release from jail, Clain returned to Alencon with his wife and children in 2012. At a small apartment complex on the town’s outskirts, a buzzer on the three-storey building still bears his name. Inside, his letter box is full. Last week, police raided the Alencon flat of his cousin and limited her movements, telling her to regularly check in. The cousin told Reuters:

When I heard the audio, I was so shocked. I just don’t understand. I don’t know him any more. I last saw him at the start of the year. I saw his wife in May/June when a family member died. After that I didn’t see her. I was in touch once for the children and when she told me she was there (Syria). She said they were well.

Neighbors and worshippers at Alencon’s Mahabba mosque, which he attended from late 2012 to early 2015, said they had seen him in February. Mylene’s mother last saw her daughter in February in Alencon. According to a neighbor, police had seized Mylene’s passport and those of her children but she still managed to evade French authorities. When her mother eventually noted her disappearance, she alerted police, but it was too late. “She is devastated,” the neighbor said. Prosecutors opened a preliminary investigation in March into Clain’s disappearance and presumed flight to Syria. This was turned into an official judicial probe in June. Jean-Michel is also believed to be in Syria with his wife and children, a police source said, adding there were questions whether he was even still alive, meaning he could have recorded his singing beforehand. Before he disappeared, Clain sold halal goods such as soap and massage oils in Islamic shops, according to his cousin. Standing in her doorway and often in tears, she said she rarely saw Clain and that she spent more time with his wife and children, often going shopping together or watching television. She said:

They were extremely centered on religion. He was so kind, he wouldn’t even hurt a fly. He was like a big teddy bear, always smiling, laughing, joking around.

Now she says she has cut off contact. Other neighbors of Clain paint the picture of a robust but quiet neighbor, seen as often in a robe as in casual clothes. At the local Mahabba mosque, Clain taught Arabic to young children for about two weeks, until a 2013 television report linked him to Merah airing their photos. At a lunchtime worship this week, the few worshippers there recalled seeing Clain, but added they did not really talk to him. Omar Sadequi, head of the Mahabba mosque association, said:

When that picture aired, people began distancing themselves, but you can’t stop people coming to the mosque. I had very little contact with Clain. The mosque bans ‘groupuscules’ on its territory. He had given people the impression that he had changed, but really he hadn’t changed at all. (This is what the mosque managers always say, and quite accurately so – RB)

New data on police foreknowledge
Kumaran Ira, WSWS, Nov 27 2015

Since the Nov 13 Paris attacks, new revelations have provided more evidence that Islamist elements who launched the attack were well known to the intelligence services before the attack that killed 130 people. These details are of the greatest political significance. They contradict official claims that the attackers evaded the attention of French and European intelligence, and that the only way to prevent new attacks is to accept a permanent state of emergency and police-state measures. If the terrorists were able to plan and execute such a massive, coordinated attack, it was because intelligence agencies did not use the powers they already have to prevent attacks that were carried out by Islamist terrorists with which they have close political ties. On Nov 25, the NYT reported that Belgian authorities had a list of suspected Islamists that included the Belgian residents who were involved in the Paris attacks. It wrote:

A month before the Paris terrorist attacks, Mayor Françoise Schepmans of Molenbeek, a Brussels district long notorious as a haven for Jihadis, received a list with the names and addresses of more than 80 people suspected as Islamic militants living in her area. According to sources inside Belgium’s security services, the list included two brothers who would take part in the bloodshed in France on Nov 13, as well as the man suspected of being the architect of the terrorist plot, Abd’el-Hamid Aba-Aoud, a Molenbeek resident who had left for Syria to fight for ISIS in early 2014. Schepmans said, “What was I supposed to do about them? It is not my job to track possible terrorists. It is the responsibility of the federal police.”

Aba-Aoud, who died in the massive police raid in Saint-Denis last week and was believed to have orchestrated the attacks, lived in Molenbeek. Known to police since 2002, he received multiple prison sentences between 2006 and 2012. He came to the attention of the intelligence services in Feb 2014, when he appeared in an Islamist video driving a truck dragging the corpses of unbelievers. Six months later, international arrest warrants were issued for him. The two brothers cited by the NYT, Brahim and Salah Abd’Eslam, also lived in Molenbeek. Brahim blew himself up on the boulevard Voltaire and his brother, Salah Abd’Eslam, is currently on the run. Police also had a file on Omar Ismaïl Mostefai, a suicide bomber at Bataclan theater, even before he travelled to Syria in 2013, while Sami Amimour, a gunman at the Bataclan, had been detained in 2012 due to suspected terrorist links. Already before the NYT report, numerous media outlets had revealed that most Islamists involved in the Nov 13 attack were known to security forces. Since the Paris attacks, a growing number of experts on French Islamism have expressed amazement that such figures were allowed to operate in France and prepare the attacks. When Aba-Aoud was identified as a possible orchestrator of the attack, David Thomson, a journalist specializing in Jihad in France and author of French Jihadis, wrote:

If this report is substantiated, what would be involved would be far more than astonishment at a meltdown of the security services. One must understand who this man is. He is the public face of the French-speaking Jihadi world. His face was displayed for several days last year round-the-clock on all France’s major news channels. In 2013 and 2014, on his own Facebook page, under his true identity, he posted videos of himself on the Syrian front, grenade launcher in hand, calling for people to join him.

Aba-Aoud’s ability to travel in Europe and plan and obtain supplies for a major terrorist attack can only be explained by the close ties between Islamist terrorist circles and French intelligence, which uses them to promote the imperialist war for regime change in Syria. Under these conditions, the Paris attackers were able to exploit what amounted to official protection for their operations from sections of the French state. The government’s claims about the attacks are rapidly being discredited, among rising disputes inside the state apparatus and the security services. Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve had claimed:

A zero-risk situation, faced with such actors, who have declared war on our country and on Europe … ça n’existe pas.

In fact, amid deep divisions inside French imperialist circles over how to proceed, sections of French intelligence are criticizing the government’s all-out support for regime change in Syria for blocking police operations in France. Bernard Squarcini, a top intelligence official under Sarkozy, told Valeurs Actuelles Magazine (which printed the police witness leaks reported elsewhere, and is a resoundingly anti-socialist organ – RB):

Since the arrival of Laurent Fabius at the Quai d’Orsay, all contacts with Damascus have been cut, because Paris is betting on the fall of the regime. All the French Jihadis are going there.

Squarcini told Valeurs Actuelles that Prime Minister Manuel Valls refused an offer from Syrian intelligence, passed through Squarcini, to provide more details on French Jihadis fighting in Syria. Valls’ refusal was motivated by “ideological reasons,” Squarcini said. This policy is rooted not only in the aggressive foreign policy of French imperialism and its NATO allies, including Pindostan, but the escalating social and economic crisis of European capitalism. The ruling elites are happy to rely on Islamist terrorist groups as instruments of their foreign policy overseas, while using their operations to justify massive assaults on democratic rights at home. This makes a mockery of the so-called GWOT. The Hollande/Valls government, whose austerity policies obtained a 3% approval rating in one poll last year, is handing over sweeping powers to police in a 3-month state of emergency, and planning to write a permanent state of emergency into the French constitution. After the Paris attacks, the right-wing Belgian government of Prime Minister Charles Michel declared a security emergency last weekend citing an imminent terrorist threat, ordered the shutdown of entire neighbourhoods, and launched vast police-military operations, ostensibly to arrest Islamist suspects. In fact, only one individual was detained. This led to broad charges, including within sections of the political establishment, that the government was manipulating events for its own political purposes.

the thing that has changed is not erdogan’s sympathies, but our own: until the most recent attacks, i think we anti-imperialists had a vague, soft spot for the jihadis, despite everything

Turkish journalists’ arrests draw protests at home and abroad
Deutsche Welle, Nov 27 2015


Some 2,000 people gathered in Istanbul to decry the detention of two journalists associated with the daily newspaper “Cumhuriyet.” At a similar protest in Ankara, police reportedly used tear gas to control the crowd. Some of the people attending the rallies in different parts of Turkey held up Friday’s edition of the newspaper, which carried the Turkish front-page headline “A dark day for the press,” while others accused the ruling the Justice and Development Party (AKP) of secretly collaborating with ISIS. On Nov 26, a court had ordered the detention of Can Dundar, editor-in-chief of the Cumhuriyet newspaper, and Erdem Gul, senior reporter and head of the paper’s Ankara bureau. Both men were accused of “divulging state secrets” and sharing terrorist propaganda but have denied the accusations. ‘Cumhuriyet’ editor Can Dundar is a veteran reporter and one of the most popular journalists across Turkey. The publication had made a video available online in May claiming to show the Turkish intelligence agency MIT sending weapons to Islamist rebels in Syria. Some say that Turkmen fighters are loosely associated with ISIS. Turkish police were seen in the footage opening crates which reportedly visibly held weapons and ammunition, on the back of MIT trucks bound for Syria. The Turkish government has always denied that it was meddling in the civil war in Syria, but many critics have long suspected some level of unofficial involvement. Dundar spent his 28th wedding anniversary listening to the judge read out the indictments against him and Gul. The Turkish newspaper “Hurriyet” reported that Dundar said:

These (indictments) are our badges of honor.

The Turkish government issued a gag order on the video as prosecutors continued with investigations. Erdogan had vowed to avenge the publication of the video, stating publicly in May that those behind the story would “pay a heavy price.” Erdogan filed the criminal complaint against Dundar in person, demanding that he serve multiple life sentences. The controversial case has revived criticism on Turkey’s record on press freedom under Erdogan. Reporters Without Borders ranked Turkey 149th out of 180 countries in its 2015 press freedom index published last month, warning of a “dangerous surge in censorship” there. A group of protestors gathered outside the ‘Cumhuriyet’ newspaper’s headquarters, chanting slogans including “Erdogan is a a thief! Erdogan is a murderer!” Amnesty International also attacked the Turkish government for the arrests of the journalists. Amnesty’s Turkey expert Andrew Gardner told DPA:

This is yet another terrible example for the state of press and media freedom. It has unfortunately become normal for journalists in Turkey today to end up being sent to prison for their critical reporting.

The Pindosi Embassy said that it was “very concerned,” while opposition politicians also criticized the move.

Figen Yuksekdag, co-leader of the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party, referred to the arrests as part of a bigger government cover-up, saying:

All opposition press organizations that are abiding by the ethics of journalism and trying to do their journalism are under threat and under attack.

Utku Cakirozer, a deputy from the main opposition CHP and a former editor-in-chief of Cumhuriyet, said that journalism itself was “being put on trial with these arrests,” adding that the Turkish press was constantly being intimidated. The German Federation of Journalists demanded that the federal government campaign for the release of the two journalists. In a letter addressed to Chancellor Merkel and Foreign Minister Steinmeier, DJV chairman Frank Überall said that Dundar and Gul were merely doing their jobs. “Journalism is not terrorism,” he wrote, arguing that this Sunday’s EU summit, set to focus on cooperation with Turkey on issues like migrants seeking entry into Europe, provided the perfect opportunity to pursue the issue. European Commission foreign affairs spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic said:

The two journalists’ arrests are worrying. Freedom of expression is one of the fundamental principles for the EU. We are of course following these worrying developments very closely.

European leaders have offered Turkey €3b to cope with the migrant crisis, among other key concessions, in exchange for Ankara beefing up its border security, cracking down on people smuggling, and taking back migrants who do not qualify for asylum in Europe. European Council President Donald Tusk told EU lawmakers the European Council, obviously last month:

We have to try to cooperate with Turkey because, in fact, we have no other options.

take a listen to minimal compact’s interesting song, “babylonian tower”

New Skyscraper Planned for Iraq Will Be World’s Tallest Building
Yahoo News, Nov 27 2015


A new skyscraper reaching dizzying heights of 1,532m is set to be become the world’s tallest building, if proposals are approved. Designed by AMBS Architects, the planned building is called ‘The Bride’ and will be located in Basra. Comprised of four connected towers, the new construction will supersede Dubai’s 829.8m-tall Burj Khalifa as the planet’s tallest building. It will also be taller than the Toad Tower currently being built, which has a planned height of 1,008m.


The building will house a mixture of businesses, housing and retail outlets with a distinctive design that includes a ‘veil’ to provide shade for parks, gardens and smaller buildings below. The eco-friendly structure is designed to produce more renewable energy than it consumes. According to the designers, the building will boast a massive 1.5m sq ft of floor space. AMBS architects says:

It will be enjoyed by thousands of people in endless ways, within it, on it or under it, from walking in the vast shaded parks and promenades at ground level, to having lunch or shopping in a sky-square hundreds of metres above sea level.

the whole spin of this is changing now, to suggest the paris attacks had jewish targets after all

Yesterday, you will recall, I ran a thing about the Bataclan theatre being notoriously in fact owned by a militant Zionist Jew, though he sold it (to whom?) in September, and retired to the land of broken promises. Now, right at the end of the second story here, you will notice that all this sudden Judeophilia is based on a leaked witness statement. Look at what it is supposed to say. Who could possibly have made it? It looks more like the apartment was bugged – RB

Paris attacks ‘mastermind’ plotted to attack Jewish targets
Ynet, Nov 27 2015

Abd’el-Hamid Aba-Aoud, the alleged “mastermind” behind the terror attacks in Paris on Friday Nov 13, was planning to carry out attacks against Jewish institutions, it has been revealed alleged. Testimony from the investigation into the Paris attacks published in a French magazine recounts some of Aba-Aoud’s movements leading up to that fateful Friday.

663718008624100640360noAbd’el-Hamid Aba-Aoud

According to one of the testimonies, Aba-Aoud went to his niece Hasna Ait Boulahcen in Saint-Denis. Abaaoud asked her to hide him and told her of his plans for the future. Aba-Aoud said, according to a quote in the investigation:

We will do even more huge damage, mainly to Jews, and will carry out activities against schools and transport in the city.

66447143174178490490noHasna Ait Boulahcen

The investigation also revealed that Aba-Aoud promised to give Boulahcen €5k in order to buy two suits and two pairs of shoes for him and another person so that they could carry out an attack near La Defense, Paris’s financial district. This conversation took place on Nov 15, two days after the Paris attacks, according to the testimony. Another conversation between Aba-Aoud and his niece was about his easy arrival to France. Aba-Aoud boasted to relatives that he had managed to enter Europe as part of the flow of arrivals during the migrant crisis, two months before the attacks. “France is nothing,” he said. Three days later, he was killed along with Boulahcen during a police raid in Saint-Denis.

Ringleader of Paris attacks planned more strikes, mocked open borders
Chine Labbé, John Irish, Reuters, Nov 27 2015

PARIS – The ringleader behind the Nov 13 attacks in Paris had plans to strike Jewish targets and to disrupt schools and the transport system in France, according to sources close to the investigation. Abd’el-Hamid Aba-Aoud, a Belgian national of Moroccan origin, also boasted of the ease with which he had re-entered Europe from Syria via Greece two months earlier, exploiting the confusion of the migrant crisis and the continent’s passport-free Schengen system, the sources said on Friday. Their comments confirmed excerpts from a confidential police witness statement leaked to a French magazine this week. The witness statement, quoted in the Valeurs Actuelles weekly magazine, describes how Aba-Aoud approached his cousin Hasna Ait Boulahcen two days after the killings, asking her to hide him while he prepared further attacks. Both Aba-Aoud and Boulahcen died on Nov 18 in a shootout with police at an apartment in St Denis, north of Paris. The witness statement said that Aba-Aoud told his cousin on Nov 15:

They would do worse in districts close to the Jews (sic – RB), and would disrupt transport and schools.

Aba-Aoud said he would give Boulahcen €5k to buy two suits and two pairs of shoes for him and an unidentified accomplice to “look the part” in a planned attack on Paris’ commercial district La Defense. Paris prosecutor Francois Molins confirmed on Tuesday they had been plotting to attack La Defense on Nov 18. Reuters had previously reported the planned attack. The witness statement also described how Aba-Aoud had boasted about slipping into Europe with refugees fleeing Syria’s civil war and then spending two months in France undetected prior to the Nov 13 attacks. It quoted him as saying: “France, zero.” On Friday, the Paris prosecutor’s office said it would open a preliminary investigation into how the confidential police witness statement was leaked to the press.

mercenary death squads are not exactly “good news” anywhere (unless of course you belong to the pindo-jewish global-fascist ruling ZOG elite)

Mercs Launched By Blackwater Head Were Spotted Today in Yemen: Not Good News
Charles Tiefer, Forbes, Nov 27 2015

The UAE, according to today’s NYT, have hired foreign mercenaries from a program launched by Blackwater head Erik Prince and secretly sent them into the fighting in Yemen. This is not a good sign. Blackwater private security alienated Iraqis against Pindostan. Now the use of foreign mercenaries will signify to the “outs” in the Middle East that the rich will buy guns-for-hire to use against them. This program gets laid out in a NYT piece entitled “Emirates Secretly Sends Colombian Mercenaries to Yemen Fight.” It explains that this is “the first combat deployment for a foreign army that the Emirates have quietly built in the desert over the past five years.” The Emirates had a brigade of 1,800 soldiers from Latin America which provided 450 troops now arriving in Yemen. It seems there are also going to be hundreds of other foreign mercenaries, Sudanese and Eritrean soldiers, brought into Yemen.

These can be viewed as a second generation of foreign mercenaries hired by the countries of the Arabian Peninsula. The first generation remains powerful. In 1975 the Toads brought in Vinnell Corporation, a Pindosi defense contractor, to train the Toad National Guard. This is a force outside the official Toad military and the Ministry of Defense, and larger than the regular Toad military. The commander of the 75,000 man National Guard reports to the King. This makes its main duty to suppress internal political unrest that challenges the state’s authoritarian structure. Vinnell receives $819m for its maintaining 1000 employees in Toad Hall, doing contract work with the National Guard and the air force. Vinnell is now owned by Northrop Grumman. It has undertaken projects in fifty other countries, including for Pindostan itself in the Vietnam War, when it ran secret ‘intelligence’ programs (my sneer quotes – RB). Its advantages include giving the Toads the very top-grade Pindosi support without any “official” Pindosi involvement. In 2011, Bahrain, the Toads’ neighbour and ally, was shaken by the Arab Spring unrest. The Toads sent the Vinnell-trained National Guard along with other forces to crush the unrest.

How will the Emirates mercenaries be perceived in Yemen? Recall how Blackwater was perceived by the Iraqis. The private security was always loathed much worse than Iraqi feelings about Pindosi troops. The Iraqis at least felt that Pindosi troops such as the Pindo army were managed by government policy under military discipline. They saw Blackwater as the opposite: able to run wild and not subject to the controls of an army. A Blackwater security detail infamously killed two dozen civilians in Nisur Square in Baghdad in 2006. It took a half a dozen years, but eventually the Blackwater men were convicted for this in federal court. Private security also has a large role helping the Pindo occupying forces and the Afghan regime in Afghanistan. There is great difficulty in striking the balance between a role for them that is limited, and one that antagonizes the locals and takes on tasks that belong to troops. One can understand the fears of the populations. It is said in Afghanistan that when private security takes a convoy through an Afghan town, they open fire at the start and keep firing, to “warn” the locals away. Also that they sit down with the Taliban and pay them off, that is, pay the enemy with Pindo-provided dollars for safe passage. It is already enough of a problem in the Middle East that the populations must worry about their rulers using the country’s own police and military against them. If they must now envisage their own rulers, or foreign rulers like the Emirates, buying foreign mercenaries to use against them as well, it will be worse yet.


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