those whom allah has chosen to rule the umma, should not be bothered with nonsense about their methods

Saudi Arabia asks NY judge to drop it from 9/11 lawsuit
Larry Neumeister, AP, Jul 30 2015

NEW YORK – Saudi Arabia had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks and should be dismissed as a defendant in lawsuits brought by victims’ families, a lawyer for the kingdom told a judge Thursday. The lawsuits were brought in 2002 and afterward against countries, companies and organizations accused of aiding AQ and other terrorist groups. They sought billions of dollars in damages. Attorney Michael Kellogg made the argument before a Manhattan federal judge, who did not immediately respond. Saudi Arabia was dropped as a defendant nine years ago by a judge who said it was protected by sovereign immunity, but a federal appeals court in Dec 2013 reinstated it, saying a legal exception existed and the circumstances were extraordinary. Kellogg said there were no facts showing Saudi Arabia knew of the attacks in advance or knowingly aided terrorists. He said the plaintiffs had failed to allege “admissible, concrete, competent evidence” that Saudi Arabia was involved, but they instead relied on innuendo and rumors to support their claims. He argued that foreign nations are immune from such lawsuits and the plaintiffs had not shown any evidence that could overcome that burden.

Speaking for the 9/11 families, attorney Sean Carter said the judge must decide whether there is sufficient evidence to find that Saudi Arabia’s agents provided terrorists with “operational assistance.” He said two Saudi government employees helped two 9/11 hijackers who could not speak English find an apartment and get acclimated with the country when they first arrived in San Diego. 15 of the 19 hijackers were citizens of Saudi Arabia. One of the Saudi employees, according to court papers, housed them for a time at his apartment, co-signed and guaranteed their lease and helped them open a bank account with $9k of his own money. Lawyers for the plaintiffs say they have developed substantial new evidence against Saudi Arabia since the 9/11 Commission said in a report a decade ago that it found no evidence that the Saudi government or senior Saudi officials individually funded AQ. Carter said some of the commission staff responsible for the Saudi part of the investigation had believed there was a Saudi connection, but other more senior officials made a “political decision” that there should be no allegations against a foreign entity that could not be proved 100%.

always entertaining, super junior amigo graham

Graham’s Pro-War Super-PAC, Bankrolled by Defense Contractors
Lee Fang, The Intercept, Jul 30 2015


The Super-PAC supporting Lindsey Graham’s presidential campaign raised $2.9m through the end of June, a significant portion of which came from defense contractors that stand to gain from Graham’s advocacy for greater military intervention around the world and increased defense spending. As Graham tours the early primary states, he tells voters that he is running to boost Pindo defense spending. Graham said in South Carolina earlier this year:

My goal is to make sure the next president of Pindostan, the next generation of warfighters (sic – RB) have the capability and capacity to do the job required to keep us free.

Graham’s Super-PAC, called “Security is Strength” (sic! – RB) received $500k from Ron Perelman, who owns AM General, the manufacturer of Humvees and other products for the military. In December of last year, it won a $245.6m contract with the Army. The Super-PAC also received $25k from Jeffrey Immelt, the CEO of General Electric. Graham has been a stalwart proponent of the Export-Import Bank, a federally-chartered lending institution that approved $1b in loans to GE in FY 2014. Graham told Pindostan Today:

If I were a defense contractor, I’d be big-time for Lindsey Graham, because I’ve been forward-leaning on rebuilding our military. People come to you because of your positions.

this is just a stupid game, but at least i don’t have to play it

It’s not as if we were still enjoying the fruits of the old colonial surplus. When I was born in 1951, British popular living standards were coasting along at a relatively affluent level, thanks to cheap imports of essential foodstuffs from what were then known as ‘the colonies’. Presumably, by whatever amount our living standards were above the juste milieu, then those of the Indian, Pakistani and Caribbean workers were below it by the same amount. But you will appreciate that the British economy sixty years later, is not driven by the same dynamics any more. So we needn’t define ourselves as its beneficiaries. We can actually say, fuck ’em all equally, if we want to. But only the Global ZOG has the concrete power to enslave and at length ‘cull’ all of us – RB

Pindostan imposed new sanctions against Russia
Colonel Cassad, Jul 30 2015 23:44

The Pindosi authorities (Global ZOG, Pindo Treasury Dept, enforcement division – RB) took the decision to impose sanctions against 11 people and 15 companies. Washington imposed new sanctions against Russia, reports RIA Novosti, due to the events in Ukraine and, in particular, with the activities in the Crimean region of Ukraine.” According to the Agency in the sanctions list of Pindostan, hit 11 of 15 physical and legal persons. The sanctions list includes Russian businessman Roman Rotenberg and son of former 404 Pres Yanukovych. Also on the list, in London, a Russian citizen Andrey Bilyutin, which is the “Manager of business development of the concern “Kalashnikov”, the Ukrainian Andriy Klyuyev, the Russian Pyotr Kolbin, Serhiy Kurchenko, a citizen of the Russian Federation Sergey Omelchenko, who is called “the chief specialist of export Department of “Kalashnikov”. In addition, under the sanctions were the Izhevsk mechanical plant, concern “Izhmash”, “daughter” VEB and Rosneft, as well as a number of commercial ports in Crimea in Sevastopol, Feodosia, Yalta and Kerch. All assets, both physical and legal entities targeted by the sanctions that may be subject to Pindo jurisdiction must be frozen. We will remind that yesterday Montenegro, Albania, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Ukraine acceded to the economic renewal of EU restrictive measures against Russia, RIA Novosti quotes the head of EU diplomacy, Federica Mogherini:

The candidate countries for EU membership, Montenegro and Albania, as well as members of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, members of the European economic area, as well as Ukraine align themselves with this statement. They will ensure the compliance of their national policy decision of Council.

The foreign Ministers of the EU on Jun 22 had extended economic sanctions against Russia until Jan 31 2016, having approved the relevant amendments to the EU decision on sectoral restrictive measures against Russia. The decision came into force on Jun 23. In addition, these countries and Georgia acceded to the economic renewal of EU sanctions against the Crimea and Sevastopol. The decision on restrictive measures until Jun 23 2016 was adopted by the EU Council on Jun 19. The sanctions include a ban on imports of products produced in Crimea or Sevastopol into the EU; investment in Crimea or Sevastopol, which means European or of EU-based companies can’t buy property or organization in Crimea, finance Crimean companies or provide related services. (See here). In addition, it is stated that Pindostan will only consider the lifting of the sanctions after the implementation of the Minsk agreements. In fact, these sanctions in themselves show that the alleged exchange of the Ukraine for Syria is untrue. If agreement had been reached, Pindostan would not need further aggravating the situation. As this decision shows once again that the Kremlin is not ready to surrender the Donbass, because it does not want to be reproached (by its own people, with attendant risk of ‘patriotic Maidan’ and putsch against Putin – RB), and prefers to keep the situation in limbo, trying to freeze the conflict. To try to influence the Kremlin’s position and to try to force its surrender in Ukraine, corny Pindostan toughens sanctions pressure. Overall, these sanctions will primarily serve as eloquent tokens for the fact that the conflict between Russia and Pindostan is not solved, and continues to develop into a confrontational scenario.

El Murid, Jul 31 2015 02:20

The State Treasury Dept announced that sanctions against Russia are only an addition to the existing ones, thereby hinting that can complement existing or create a completely different circuit pressure. Obviously, we are talking about the answer to yesterday’s veto. Any attempt of resistance must be suppressed immediately: the normal logic street gangs who terrorize the entire neighborhood. Judging by the new list, blow is focused on the banking and oil sector. Clipped is not only an opportunity to get at least some investment, but questioned the ability of the oil trade, the cornerstone of the current prosperity thieves’ aristocracy. Blow to Rosneft from Pindostan is not something serious, but if Pindostan manages even partially to force Europe to accede to sanctions, then Rosneft collapses. Its exports to Europe for 2013 total 63.6 million tons, out of 97.3 million tons total. Europe will resist Pindostan, but the sanctions are defiantly psychological in nature. They are directed against Putin’s inner circle, and actually require the delivery of the patron. Included in the list are the son of Alexander Yanukovych and the Ukrainian oligarch Kurchenko, which demonstrates that we must surrender our oligarchs, in addition to the boss. Everything is done in the open, nothing hidden. No conspiracy.

donetsk zoo in the line of fire

Dokuchaevsk zoo in the line of fire
NewsFront, Jul 20 2015

Correspondent of NewsFront Philip Preobrazhensky visits the zoo in Dokuchaevsk, which is actually on the line of contact. Not for the first month, the zoo is under fire of the Ukrainian army. Many buildings destroyed. There are dead animals. Due to the lack of electricity, were unheated aquariums a few days, and the low temperature was deadly for the fish. The zoo is also home to the famous python which had to be recaptured by DNR fighters, kangaroos, llamas, monkeys, guinea pigs and other fauna. Now the zoo receives no funding and only the joint forces of the militia and caring people able to support the livelihoods of its pets.

excellent analysis of the coded way in which pindosi demands are made (far beyond mere hypocrisy)

Demand on Moscow to hand over the Donbass and to continue subsidizing Ukraine
(Unsigned), EurAsia Daily (pro-Russian), Jul 27 2015


So, what happened in the Donbass in the last month? Strange movements around the conflict have already created a wide field for conspiracy theories, quite a few of which are well-informed. Consider the situation in chronological order. During the spring and early summer, Kiev consistently violating the Minsk agreements in an increasingly rigid form. So, instead of restoring economic ties, Kiev de facto established the blockade, which goes far beyond what is acceptable under international humanitarian law. Ukraine consistently increased throughput mode, blocked the delivery of food and medicine, periodically organized water blockade of Lugansk. Siege of Kiev’s actions were quite effectiv so, food prices in LDNR is several times higher than in Ukraine and significantly higher than in Russia, with almost an order of magnitude smaller incomes. For its part, Russia did almost nothing to ease customs barriers. Of course, there was continued shelling of settlements and the withdrawal of the Ukrainian artillery did not take place even on paper. In other words, Kiev broke almost everything it could. Moscow has traditionally preferred not to notice.

So a kind of attitude to the performance of its obligations and Western “partners”. Jun 12 at the G7 meeting was finalized a new round of sanctions against Russia. De facto, to Moscow has put forward the ultimatum. According to CNN sources, the sharp tightening of sanctions will affect finance, energy and defence, and the representative of presidential administration of Pindostan noted that the reason for it will be “a serious attack anywhere on the line of contact.” At the same time, to Moscow they promise am immediate response:

There is a long list of different options that leaders will be able to answer any manifestation of Russian aggression, quickly and decisively. We are not talking about weeks.

In parallel, they are beginning with a new power to spin propaganda campaign around the Malaysian “Boeing”. Next act commenced on Jul 16, when Victoria Nuland and Jeffrey Pyatt pushed through the Rada such “amendments” to the Constitution that look like a blatant mockery of the Minsk agreements and the requirement of unconditional surrender. In fact, according to Nuland:

This will answer any queries on compliance by Ukraine with the Minsk agreements, whether these requests are from Donetsk and Lugansk, or from Moscow, and now we can say: “Our obligations have been met, and about you is the question.”

Let me remind you, the reciprocal obligations of Moscow included, for example, the transmission control of Ukraine over the border in the Donbass. In other words, the Kremlin offered to capitulate in exchange for decorative “concessions” from the “partners”. The same day, the State Dept warned Pindo citizens about the dangers of travel in the Crimea and East of Ukraine, is formally similar warnings from Jan 5:

The situation in Ukraine is unpredictable and could change quickly.

Then, on Jul 16, the European Commission officially stated that they will not allow the termination of gas transit through Ukraine. Vice-President of the EC for energy Maroš Šefčovič:

One of the goals of “Gazprom” is to make Ukrainian transit system less relevant, or to terminate deliveries through Ukraine completely, and this would have negative consequences for energy security in Europe. This would change the gas balance, and put in a very difficult situation of the countries of Central and South-Eastern Europe. If the purpose of the construction of the gas pipeline “Turkish stream” and “Nord stream-2″ is to gradually empty the Ukrainian transit route, this is simply unacceptable for the EU.

On the same day, Poroshenko gave a remarkable CNN interview, fragments of which appeared a day later. Among his statements:

I do not just consider, but also have confirmation regarding this from our intelligence sources. I have information from intelligence that the invasion will come.

As usual with the Ukrainian side, statements about the invasion clearly demonstrate their readiness to escalate. So that, in conjunction with Washington’s position, ready to “insert” sanctions in the event of any serious collision, looked like an unequivocal threat. In other words, from Moscow “only” practically demanded unconditional surrender of Donbass, and to continue subsidizing Ukraine. The fact that the mediation of Russia, obviously, was very valuable during negotiations with Iran, has not affected anything. Jul 17, Nuland:

Pindostan will not exchange one for the other… We do not believe that Russia has made any concessions to Pindostan (regarding Iran).

On the same day, held telephone talks in the channel format (Merkel, Hollande, Putin, Poroshenko). According to domestic reports, Moscow has demanded direct dialogue between Kiev and LDNR and raised the question of the blockade. Messages, Western agencies more substantial. European “deuce” was required to continue the withdrawal of tanks and light weapons (less than 100 mm) and demilitarization of Shirokino. Then on Jul 18, the APU shelled the center of Donetsk, there were victims among the civilian population. The NYT reported that Pindostan can make access to credit resources difficult for Russian companies. Sberbank, Gazprommeft, Bank of Moscow, Gazprombank, VTB, Rosselkhozbank, Vnesheconombank, Novatek, Rosneft, can currently obtain 30-day loans, but potentially it was about the limitation of the term borrowings of the week. The newspaper quotes its source:

Let’s see what Putin’s friends will answer it.

On Jul 19, Poroshenko said:

To date, Russia has yet to fulfil the obligations that were imposed on it, because there is the term “until the end of the year.” Russia must withdraw illegal armed groups, close the border, and restore control of the border on the Ukrainian side. Once that happens, then understanding of our (Russian) brothers will be forthcoming from the Ukrainians.

Ukraine itself, according to the “President”, implements the provisions of Minsk 2 “ahead of schedule, the 11th item is de facto done.” He says:

We launched the constitutional process. The law on the special status is accepted, local government taken, and it is clearly-drawn position, and Ukraine has fulfilled its obligations.

In other words, Poroshenko has passed on the ultimatum from Nuland, the demand for the full delivery of Donbass, and emphasized that further attempts to find a compromise would be inappropriate. The militia beginning of unilateral diversion of weapons with a caliber of less than 100 mm from the contact line. The representative of the presidential administration of Ukraine said (Russia’s) promises were “baseless”. On Jul 20, the head of the OSCE mission Alexander Hug refused to confirm the withdrawal, on the grounds that “the confirmation of the diversion of arms always involves a bilateral verification regime,” and there was “still no agreement on what weapons, where and by what date should be moved.” On Jul 21, representatives of LDNR declared their readiness “in one-way mode to perform the Minsk agreement” and to delay the timing of their implementation (Kiev’s implementation, that is) to next year. On Jul 19, 20 and 21, continued shelling of Donetsk. On Jul 22, Kiev agreed to the withdrawal of weapons. On Jul 23, the number of attacks grew. On Jul 24, the army (people’s militia) LNR was forbidden to return fire. Now the clashes are still continuing, but on Aug 3 is planned signing of a formal agreement about the withdrawal of troops.

Aside from tightening the screws of sanctions of the West, another channel is declared on Jul 17, the position of the closest ally of Moscow: Kazakhstan announced that it would block exception of Ukraine from the free trade zone of the CIS, as anticipated in response to the entry into force of the economic part of the Association Agreement. In other words, Astana will discourage attempts by Russia to protect its market from Ukrainian dumping of re-exports, which is inevitable after the abolition of duties on imports from the EU. Earlier, the EU practically wrecked trilateral negotiations on this issue. Russia strongly “recommended” to contain the Kiev regime, not only in regard to transit, but also by maintaining trade preferences. In other words, the Kremlin has already hit the standard situation whereby the Western “partners” have almost completely abandoned their obligations, while continuing to enforce the pledges from Moscow under threat of further tightening the screws of sanctions. “Compliance” of the Russian Federation, in turn, as traditionally conceived, resulting in a further consolidation of the West, locking its “allies” (vassals – RB) into the camp of the winners with more and more stringent requirements.

The Russian economy is not in the best shape. The first five months of the year showed a fairly significant decline in industrial production (5.5%), and also a decline in real incomes. June showed some recovery, but leading indicators generally are unfavorable. To a large extent this is down to the economic bloc of the government and the lobby of the natural monopolies, but such trifles are traditionally preferred to ignore. Anyway, the tightening of sanctions pressure causes not unfounded fear in Moscow. Against this background, in both the LDNR and Russia are growing total skepticism towards recent blind support for the Kremlin’s policy. In the end, we see attempts to stall for time in an attempt to “wait out” the Kiev regime, in parallel with concessions to the “partners”. Propaganda meanwhile attempts to shift responsibility for the actual failure of the policy of “appeasement” in the Donbass in general, onto Igor Strelkov in particular, “the unscrupulous and criminal” who drew Russia into a confrontation instead of humble capitulation, accepting punishment from our “friends in Kiev.” Attempt to be with Russia and become part thereof can not go unpunished: that’s the basic meaning of the “message” coming, for example, in the form of a squeal from the leading TV channels. But even if we ignore the fantastic cynicism of Solovyov and Co, the rate for the freezing of the conflict at any cost is hardly reasonable.

lutsenko is making a coarse joke: by “get down on our knees in front of the russians,” he just means, blackmail them for money

Ukrainian plan “B”
Pavel Shipilin, Jul 30 2015

(We will need) loans to live on. If the economy fails, there will be only the third way: to get down on our knees in front of Moscow. This realization will come to all, (but) most importantly (I hope), not too late.

Thus has declared yesterday the head of the presidential faction in the Verkhovna Rada, Yuri Lutsenko. And they resent our permanent interest in Ukrainian Affairs. No one ever doubted that Ukrainians consider Russia as an aggressor and themselves as a separate nation, (merely) for fun. They always knew when things get too bad, you can return and repent, because this same (Russian) people who forgive. Plan “A” is to live independently. It won’t work. (The old) Plan “B” was to live at the expense of the West. That won’t work either. (The new) Plan “B” I take very cautiously. And not because we are offended and latently waiting for an apology before we start to repair the relationship. Maybe we’re waiting (for an apology), but certainly not (for one) from the current Kiev rulers.

Their main problem is that we have finally realized (that) any Ukrainian plan is (just) a tactical trick and attempt to deceive. Where Plan “A” has its own population, and (the old) Plan “B” had Europe, (the new) Plan “B”, of course, (targets) us. However, during the time of Ukrainian independence have not only they, but we (also have changed). We don’t want to share or to give. To remember the glory days, sitting at the table, to call the friendly people and breaking the bread in half… Because modern Ukrainians, it turns out, perceive the brotherhood in their own way. The bread not just half, but the whole. And no pre-payment. The rights, ill-mannered younger brother is spoiled, sassy and ready to tell family secrets to the world all sorts of bad things. And now I don’t even know how to respond to the proposal of Petro Poroshenko, which he sent via Yuri Lutsenko. Because I didn’t expect to hear a statement of surrender so soon. So the crisis is deeper than it seems. All understand that the Deputy has sounded the position and fulfilled the instruction of the President of Ukraine, with whom he’s definitely close. Rolled out, so to speak, a trial balloon. The proposal is: is it possible freebie, if Ukraine back into the Russian orbit? (Under or behind) Plan “B” (are) clearly visible the ears of Gauleiter Geoffrey Pyatt. Poroshenko himself would have guessed (the reason): Washington still hopes to involve Moscow in the financing of the distress of the Ukrainian economy. Moreover, as soon as possible. No, guys, no slack: cunning Plan “B” is doomed to failure. So say the Pindosis.

miners in 404 attempt some sort of demonstration or sit-in, get the rubber bullets

Anti-Arschiki (Янтарщики) against the national guard Dubrovytsia MIA 29.07.2015

You wanna know where we’re at, it’s this place in Volhynia, way up north – RB

Screenshot from 2015-07-30 21:11:29

The national guard started all in a row to beat on the road at Klondike, shoot at cars without asking who and what the people could not help went to investigate and here even finished our power not be able to explain everything. And to shy away and started shooting in downtown Dubrovytsia, Rivne region, shoot all in a row, threw glusac grenades and beaten and those who understood and pedestrians all in a row, injured person, at least 1 ambulance took that many were taken to the police station. Dubrovytsia, this is anarchy, the police felt the power and authority and all on*UY! Share the video, let people know where our police that are not there where it is necessary to the East a simple caught and sent, and then they this people b*is! It all started because the national guard is+ the police beat everyone, the guys was riding was thrown from the motorcycle Nabil 2x 15 cars police, then ogoro did near Klondike to cows as chase did not get them too, the husband and the baby went shot the car, wanted to open the car, and the driver closed the concert with the jeep pulled out the handle, is this normal all in a row to beat and shoot, does that have to do with the police here and the people together from all over were going to somehow confront and hear explanations of their lawless actions. How it has accumulated, and to fight the common people force push, although this is NOT WAR, but anti-TERRORIST OPERATION, bastards!