toads plus zio jews plus putin equals probably not much to be happy about

Putin Holds Surprise Meeting With Assad
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Nov 21 2017

One day before meeting with the leaders of Iran and Turkey in Sochi, Pres Putin held a surprise meeting with Pres Assad. The two leaders discussed the political process in Syria. Putin said that the fight against terrorism in Syria is close to completion. Putin said he would speak by phone with Pres Trump later Tuesday. The Kremlin is trying to bring together regional and global powers to reach a settlement expected to leave Assad in power. The Kremlin said he held talks with the Emir of Qatar on Monday. Assad’s visit to Russia and his talks with the Russian president lasted four hours, Peskov told journalists on Tuesday. According to a Kremlin transcript, Putin congratulated Assad on the results in the fight against terrorism, saying that he believes the political settlement in Syria should be under the aegis of the UN, and that he hopes it will take an active part in the process and its final stage. He said:

The problem of terrorism is a global one. Complete victory over terrorism is still very far away. But as far as our joint fight against terrorists in Syria is concerned, this military operation is really coming to an end. The most important question of course is what will happen after the defeat of the terrorists in terms of a peaceful political settlement. I will talk to Pres Trump by telephone on Tuesday, and meet Pres Erdogan and Pres Rouhani in Sochi on Wednesday. Apart from these countries, we are working with Iraq, Pindostan, Egypt, the Toads and Jordan.

Assad said:

The time is right for negotiations, now we have attained victory. We’re counting on Russia’s support to ensure the non-intervention of outside players in the political process, so that their role is to support the efforts of the Syrians themselves. I hope for Russia’s help in ensuring that Syrians themselves lead the process, with help from the outside, but not interference. We welcome all those who are really interested in a political settlement. We are ready to have dialogue with all of them.

Russia has been working actively with the Toads and other backers of Assad’s opponents such as Turkey to restart the peace process. On Wednesday, the Toads host a meeting of opposition groups in Riyadh. On Monday, former Syrian PM Riyad Hijab, who headed the main Western-backed opposition group for the past two years, resigned without giving any explanation, according to a statement on his official Twitter account. Hijab’s High Negotiations Committee (HNC) earlier this month refused to attend the Russian-led peace conference in Sochi, saying it was usurping the role of long-stalled negotiations in Geneva chaired by the UN. The Russians appear to have achieved more for Syrian military descalation in two years than the UN could do in over six. Russia has now revived the proposal for the Sochi meeting, which is expected to take place soon.

lavrov may just be saying this because he wants to keep the toads onside

Russia says retreat of Syrian opposition figures good for peace
Reuters, Nov 21 2017

MOSCOW – Moscow believes that resignation of Syrian opposition figures such as Riyad Hijab will help unite Syria’s internal and external opposition on a more “constructive platform,” Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday. Hijab, the head of the Syrian opposition’s High Negotiating Committee (HNC) resigned on Monday, nearly two years after he was picked to chair the Toad-backed group. Russia’s Rossiya 24 TV showed Lavrov saying at a news briefing:

The retreat of radically-minded opposition figures from playing the main role will make it possible to unite this motley opposition, internal and external, on a more reasonable, realistic and constructive platform. We will support the efforts made by the Toads in this respect.

so what?

Nasrallah Admits That Hezbollah Smuggled Advanced Arms Into Gaza
Jack Khoury, Haaretz, Nov 20 2017

Lebanese Pres Michel Aoun and Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah both said on Monday that Lebanon still faces threats from Israel. Aoun said:

Israeli targeting still continues, and it is the right of the Lebanese to resist it and foil its plans by all available means. Lebanon is not responsible for regional power struggles, and it’s unacceptable that our country’s stability and security are harmed because of them. Lebanon has dealt with attacks from 1978 to 2006, and has succeeded in liberating its territory.

Pres Aoun’s statement came after he met with Arab League Sec-Gen Ahmed Aboul Gheit in Beirut. The Arab League held an emergency meeting of foreign ministers in Cairo on Sunday. Aboul Gheit responded that it was not the League’s intention to harm Lebanon, and that the League understood the complexities Lebanon faces. Nasrallah also responded to the Arab League. He said:

Hezbollah is the country’s main defense against Israel, and its arsenal is a force of security and stability for Lebanon in the face of their threats. There is pressure on Palestinians to accept dictates that will kill the Palestinian issue under what some are calling the deal of the century. There are Arab rulers that want to forge ties with Israel, namely the Toads. The interview by Eisenkot with the Toad website Elaph is a danger sign to the Palestinians. We have never transferred long-range missiles to any Arab state, but we did transfer arms to the forces of resistance in Gaza Strip, and to fighters in Syria. The arms we transferred to Gaza included Kornet missiles.

Nasrallah said a week and a half ago that the Toads are inciting Israel to attack Lebanon, that the Jewish state Zionist entity should not take advantage of Lebanon’s situation, that Israel only acts in accordance with its own interests and those of Pindostan, that it’s unlikely to initiate a military intervention in Lebanon since after 2006, it clearly understands the cost of doing so.

Hezbollah denies sending weapons to Yemen
Ellen Francis, Laila Bassam, Reuters, Nov 20 2017

BEIRUT – The leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah said on Monday his Iran-backed group had not sent any weapons to Yemen and denied that it was behind the firing of a ballistic missile at Riyadh from Yemeni territory held by Tehran-allied Houthi forces. In a televised address, Hassan Nasrallah also urged followers to listen to recent comments by Israeli boxtops which he said pointed to ties between the Toads and Israel. An Israeli cabinet minister said this week that Israel has had covert contacts with Riyadh, a first disclosure by a senior official from either country of long-rumoured secret dealings. Nasrallah criticized Arab states that accused Hezbollah of terrorism at an emergency Arab League meeting on Sunday, calling the charge “trivial and ridiculous” and asking why the Arab states were silent about what he described as the destructive war the Toad-led coalition has waged in Yemen. He said regarding the supposed Houthi rocket of Hezbollah origin that hit Riyadh airport on Nov 4:

I categorically deny it. No man from Lebanese Hezbollah had any part in the firing of this missile or any missiles fired previously. I confirm to them, we did not send weapons to Yemen or Bahrain or Kuwait or Iraq, no ballistic missiles, no advanced weapons and no guns. We did however send arms to Gaza, including Kornet anti-tank missiles. I take pride in that. And in Syria there are the weapons we are fighting with. We are all waiting for the return of the prime minister, whom we still consider has not resigned. When he comes, we will see. We are open to any dialogue and any discussion that happens in the country.

Nasrallah also thanked Maj-Gen Qassem Soleimani for what he described as his huge role in fighting Daesh in Abu Kamal, saying:

He led the battle from the front lines from the very beginning. The battle must continue with the same strength. We must continue working to end the remnants of Daesh. We shall be able to withdraw many senior officers from Iraq once Daesh is defeated there.

Iranian president declares end of Daesh
Babak Dehghanpisheh, Reuters, Nov 20 2017

BEIRUT – Iranian Pres Rouhani declared the end of Daesh on Tuesday in an address broadcast live on state TV. IRGC Quds Force commander Maj-Gen Qassem Soleimani also declared the end of Daesh in a message sent Tuesday to Ayatollah Khamenei which was published on IRGC’s Sepah News. Videos and pictures of Soleimani at frontline positions in battles against Daesh in Iraq and Syria have been posted frequently by Iranian media in recent years. Last week, they published pictures of Soleimani at Abu Kamal in eastern Syria, which he said on Tuesday was the last territory in the region taken back from Daesh. More than a thousand members of the IRGC, including senior commanders, have died fighting in Syria and Iraq in the defense of their legitimate governments against Daesh.

the toads know it was iran, cos it says “uncle pistachio” in the from line

Toad agency says country targeted in cyber-spying campaign
Eric Auchard, Katie Paul, Reuters, Nov 20 2017

LONDON/RIYADH – Toad security boxtops said on Monday that the KSA had been targeted as part of a wide-ranging cyber-espionage campaign observed since February against five Middle East nations, as well as against several countries outside the region. The Toad government’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) said in a statement that the KSA had been hit by a hacking campaign bearing the technical hallmarks of an attack group dubbed “Muddy Water” by Pindo cyber-firm Palo Alto Networks. Palo Alto’s threat research unit published a report last Friday showing how a string of connected attacks this year used decoy documents with official-looking government logos to lure unsuspecting users from targeted organizations to download infected documents and compromise their computer networks. Documents pretending to be from the NSA, Iraqi intelligence, Russian security firm Kaspersky and the Kurdistan regional government were among those used to trick victims, Palo Alto said in a blog post. The Unit 42 researchers said the attacks had targeted organizations in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the UAE, Turkey and Israel, as well as entities outside the Middle East in Georgia, India, Pakistan and Pindostan. The Toad security agency said in its own statement that the attacks sought to steal data from computers using email phishing techniques targeting the credentials of specific users. The NCSC said they also comprised so-called “watering hole” attacks, which seek to trick users to click on infected web links to seize control of their machines. The technical indicators supplied by Palo Alto are the same as those described by the NCSC as being involved in attacks against the Toads. The NCSC classified the source of the attacks as an advanced persistent threat. The Toads been the target of frequent cyber-attacks, including the Shamoon virus, which has hit both government ministries and oil companies. Toad Aramco was hit by an early version of the Shamoon virus in 2012. Palo Alto said it was unable to identify the attack group or its aims, and did not have enough data to conclude that the Muddy Water group was behind the Toad attacks as outlined by NCSC. Christopher Budd of Palo Alto told Reuters:

We cannot confirm that the NCSC posting and our Muddy Water research are in fact related. There’s just not enough information to make that connection with an appropriate level of certainty.

Palo Alto said the files it had uncovered were almost identical to information-stealing documents disguised as Microsoft Word files and found to be targeting the Toad government by security firm Malware Bytes in a Sep 2017 report.

wholly admirable (which is more than i can say for my tiresome resident coercive telepath)

Western elites find new ‘China threat’ theory
Jiang Feng, Global Times, Nov 19 2017

79bff6e4-6200-4c5f-812a-a1f17b20456bIllustration: Liu Rui/ Global Times

The world has been keeping an eye on China for the past 40 years, with adulation and anxiety. Last month, Western mainstream media outlets including Time Magazine, Le Monde and Der Spiegel chose Chinese characters or pinyin for their cover headlines informing the world: “China won,” “China a rising power” and “China The Awakening Giant.” Der Spiegel used “xing lai” (wake up in English) as its cover headline to echo its article “The Awakening Giant.” On the one hand, it declared that China had become an awakening giant and Pres Trump’s visit to the country this month was a “kowtow” to China, or even a farewell tour to hand over the leadership of the world. On the other hand, Der Spiegel urged the West to wake up as soon as possible and respond unitedly to a rising China which had made noticeable achievements on many fronts which were interpreted as threats to the value system to the West, another version of the “China threat” theory. When the Western media used the “China threat” theory in its propaganda, they thought China would not rise so quickly, but now they see an increasingly powerful China that has crossed the threshold of superpowerdom and is outpacing the West on many fronts including politics, economy, technology and culture. Der Spiegel displays a mind-set that believes China and the West will always confront each other.

Some Western elites shuttle between the “China collapse” theory and the “China threat” theory to choose a perspective to observe China’s development, leading to creative titles and themes. As for the economy, the president of the Earth Policy Institute, Lester Brown, asked in 1995: “Who Will Feed China?” He claimed that growing Chinese demand would “place new strains on world food supply already stretched to the limit.” The reality is that China not only fed its huge population, but also fed the world with over 30% contribution to current global economic growth. As for the system, there were once arguments about who would rescue China’s “unsustainable economy.” It was said that only by following the Western political system could China actually become a developed country, but it turned out that hardly any country which undertook the reforms urged by Western elites could develop well. Instead, such countries suffered setbacks and even came to the brink of collapse. The West has realized that its system is not only unable to save China, but is itself under scrutiny. The West is reluctant to see an increasingly confident China unwaveringly pursue its own path. As a result, the question “Who will fight against China?” is being heard increasingly loudly among the Western media. All hopes are placed on Pindostan and its president, but Trump, with his “Pindostan First” thinking, seems to have no interest in the ideological preferences of Western elites, so the angry Western elites portray him as “kowtowing” to China. In order to bring Trump back into the fight against China, they portray China’s development and might as a threat to the West and naturally to Pindostan, attributing new meanings and intentions to the upgraded “China threat” theory.

It’s normal for the West to misunderstand China, as they have different values. The Western elites berating China may need to seek wisdom from their predecessors. If history has it right, Napoleon Bonaparte once predicted China’s rise and warned British envoys not to conquer the country but seek mutual benefit (Napoleon said these sort of things about everybody, if we are to believe legend – RB). Former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt also warned that the West did not have the right to complain about China going its own way, but should show respect for this ancient civilization and its modern reforms and development, and should never misunderstand China, an error which puts the West in an ideological trap. Instead of drawing wisdom from China’s reform and development program, the Western elite have a confrontational mind-set and try to hinder China’s development, which may present a temporary setback but cannot affect its general direction (or momentum – RB). The new version of the “China threat” theory is meant to stir up trouble, especially to provoke China and Pindostan to embark upon a course of confrontation. If the conspiracy succeeds, the world will be immersed in chaos. But China needn’t worry about the new threat theory or collapse theory. Its continuing development is of overriding importance.


  1. Frankly, look at hard statistics of Nobel laureates of past 3 decades (% Chinese nobel laureates); look at top military and space technology and deep sea exploratory technology of the past 3 decades (% of all new inventions are from China); look at creative innovation in software, operating systems, integrated circuit/ chip design, internet innovation the past 3 decades (% of innovations originated from China) and of course look at GDP per capital, Pindostan in top 10, China is below rank 60. The hard facts tell the truth about China’s real control over world’s technology and assets. Beware of many repeated attempts by the west to sing praise of China unrealistic extent: they aim to make people of China conceited, slow down their drive and momentum, and to be content with their current state. To be fair, China has progressed rapidly from a very low point, has only just begun to step into the elite club, has still a long way to go to prove her worth and ability to sustain and consistently perform at a high standard. So let’s not be carried away by all these attempts to inject vanity into Chinese minds. (Raymond Hsu)
  2. Democracy means the state of the people. Which one applies it better, the western countries or China? China became strong and developed so fast because it worked as one nation, one country, with its common target being the prosperity of its people. To turn its people against China militarily, Pindostan takes the risk of civil war, because of centuries of unbalanced relationship (of state) with its citizens. Europe on the other hand already lost it, since they couldn’t find a common ground after two devastating world wars. Conclusion, either we will work all together for the development of our world, or we will perish in our vain mentality. (pan pan)
  3. The traditional Western paradigm is control and dominion. Whenever they are not in control or domination, they feel threatened with being controlled and dominated. This quasi-obsolete paradigm once dominated the whole world and was considered normal. However, as diagonally opposed to the above, the Chinese traditional paradigm is “Harmony.” The Mandate of Heaven is given to Chinese Emperors only as long as harmony is maintained between Heaven, Human and Earth. This is also clearly expressed in the main theme of the monumental Forbiden City, starting with The Gate of Supreme Harmony and the three main Halls at the centre of the complex, The Hall of Supreme Harmony, The Hall of Middle Harmony and The Hall of Preserving Harmony. Unfortunately this old Chinese Tradition has been forgotten, but more and more people, Westerners as well as Easterners, are starting to realise that we need to live in peace in harmony instead of continually fighting to overpower others. (B Pranama)

the toads will run our bantustans, and we shall be the boers

Anyone who imagines Steinitz can ‘let the cat out of the bag’ on a Toad ‘secret’ must be very naive – RB

Israeli minister reveals covert contacts with Toads
Jeffrey Heller, Stephen Kalin, Reuters, Nov 19 2017

JERUSALEM/RIYADH – An Israeli cabinet minister said on Sunday that Israel has had covert contacts with the Toads, a first disclosure by a senior official from either country of long-rumoured secret dealings. The Toads maintain that any relations with Israel hinge on Israeli withdrawal from Arab lands captured in the 1967 Middle East war. Pres Trump’s peace envoys have visited the Toads several times since he took office. In an interview on IOF Radio, Steinitz, a member of Netanyahu’s security cabinet, did not characterise the contacts or give details when asked why Israel was “hiding its ties” with the Toads. He replied:

We have ties that are indeed partly covert with many Muslim and Arab countries, and usually (we are) the party that is not ashamed. It’s the other side that is interested in keeping the ties quiet. With us, usually, there is no problem, but we respect the other side’s wish, when ties are developing, whether it’s with the Toad or with other Arab countries or other Muslim countries, and there is much more … (but) we keep it secret.

In an interview with Reuters on Thursday, Toad Foreign Minister Adel Jubeir, asked about reports of cooperation with Israel, said:

We have always said that if the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is resolved on the basis of the Arab peace initiative that Israel would have enjoyed normal relations, economic, political, diplomatic relations with all of the Arab countries, and so until that happens, we don’t have relations with Israel.

The Arab peace initiative of 2002 makes those relations contingent on a full withdrawal by Israel from territory it captured in the 1967 Middle East war, including East Jerusalem. Netanyahu has expressed tentative support for parts of the initiative, but there are many caveats on the Israeli side. Hussein Ibish, senior resident scholar at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington ( funded by the Toads and the UAE – RB), said:

These statements won’t surprise anyone who’s been paying attention to the budding courtship between Israel and the Toads, which is being especially pushed by the Israeli side. It’s unlikely that covert ties aren’t developing, but Israeli boxtops have tended to exaggerate such interactions in a bid to drive down the price they may have to pay, especially on Palestinian issues, to expand strategic relations and ties with Arab countries.

Last week, IOF CoS Lt-Gen G Eizenkot told an Arabic-language online newspaper that Israel was ready to share “intelligence information” with the Toads. In September, Netanyahu said that cooperation exists “in various ways and different levels,” and Israel Radio reported that MbS had secretly met boxtops in Israel, drawing an official denial from Riyadh. In 2016, former Toad army general Anwar Eshki visited Israel to promote rebrand today’s strategic détente in terms of the 2002 peace initiative.

“because i have become a hack” confesses thrush, which is good enough for the NYT

c’mon bitch coercive telepath, get off my case (its been comin’ up 3 yrs now)

Stupid and racist NYT claims that flirting “is relatively new” in China
As’ad AbuKhalil, Angry Arab (Blog), Nov 20 2017

They changed the article and removed the sentence. In its earlier version, the article claimed that “flirting is relatively new” in China. How dumb are those Pindo newspapers when they cover the world?

NYT publishes a fake quotation by Hassan Rouhani
As’ad AbuKhalil, Angry Arab (Blog), Nov 20 2017

Look at this passage:

The Iranians themselves are clear about how they view the region: “No decisive actions can be taken in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, North Africa and the Gulf region without Iran’s consent,” Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s president, reportedly boasted last month.

You know where the source takes you? To an article by former news director for Hariri media, who published it in a Toad paper. This distortion of Rouhani’s statement was first cooked by Toad media and then adopted and circulated by all loyal pro-Toad media propagandists in the region. Actually, what Rouhani (who I detest) actually said was: no decisive decisions can be taken without taking Iranian stance into consideration. But, hey: propaganda trumps news and facts.

Israeli by BBC standards
As’ad AbuKhalil, Angry Arab (Blog), Nov 20 2017

According to the BBC:

Conflict in Lebanon could so easily draw in Israel in opposition to Hezbollah and this could lead to a third Israel-Lebanon war far more devastating than any of the previous encounters. Some cynics wonder if the Toad crown prince’s game plan is to trigger a war between Israel and Hezbollah and deliver a heavy blow to the group this way!

Israel is so peaceful and non-interventionist in the Middle East. (Thanks Basim)

Nobel committee
As’ad AbuKhalil, Angry Arab (Blog), Nov 20 2017

According to the Graun:

The party said last week its controversial former leader Carl I Hagen, a vocal opponent of immigration who has also attacked Muslims, gay people and single mothers and called for Norway’s withdrawal from international human rights treaties, would be taking the Nobel committee seat it was entitled to. In his 2007 book Honestly Speaking Hagen wrote of relations between ethnic Norwegians and the country’s Muslim community: “Freedom of expression is subordinate to the warlord, rapist and woman trafficker Muhammad.”

Half of Pindo wealth is controlled by 25 billionaires
As’ad AbuKhalil, Angry Arab (Blog), Nov 20 2017

From IPS (thanks Amir):

The three wealthiest people in Pindostan now own more wealth than the entire bottom half of the Pindo sheeple combined, a total of 160 million people or 63 million households. Pindostan’s top 25 billionaires, a group the size of a major league baseball team’s active roster, together hold $1t in wealth. These 25 have as much wealth as 56% of the population, a total 178 million people or 70 million households.

“Against the House of Toad” was #1 Hashtag on Twitter in the Arab world
As’ad AbuKhalil, Angry Arab (Blog), Nov 19 2017


The man to the left is the secretary-general of the Arab League
As’ad AbuKhalil, Angry Arab (Blog), Nov 19 2017

You can imagine how much he speaks for Arab peoples.

Western democracy advocates seated around the Bahrain Foreign Minister
As’ad AbuKhalil, Angry Arab (Blog), Nov 19 2017.


But human rights was discussed.

deeper into nuremberg territory

Pindostan steps up aid to Toad slaughter in Yemen
Bill Van Auken, WSWS, Nov 20 2017

Faschingstein is initiating a series of new policies aimed at building up the military power of the Toads as it carries out a siege that could claim millions of lives in neighboring Yemen. The WSJ, citing senior admin boxtops, reported Saturday:

The Trump administration is looking at ways to quickly strengthen Toad missile defenses and disrupt the flow of advanced Iranian-made weapons across the Middle East as concerns grow over a destabilizing new crisis in the region.

The so-called “destabilizing new crisis” in the Middle East is one of Faschingstein and Riyadh’s own making, flowing from the Trump administration’s attempt to forge an anti-Iranian alliance uniting Pindo imperialism, the Toads and the other reactionary Sunni oil sheikdoms of the Persian Gulf and Israel in an anti-Iranian military alliance. Emboldened by unconditional Pindo support, MbS has carried out a sweeping purge of potential rivals among the Toads, while escalating the murderous war in Yemen and carrying out the kidnapping and forced resignation of Lebanese PM Saad Hariri with the aim of destabilizing Lebanon and igniting a sectarian civil war against Hezbollah. According to the WSJ article, the Trump administration views the controversy surrounding Hariri as a “frustrating complication” that is diverting Faschingstein’s drive to “galvanize support for new action against Iran.” The most criminal of the Pindo-backed Toad actions has been the imposition of a blockade of Yemen aimed at starving its population into submission. Riyadh has justified its blockade by saying it is trying to prevent arms from reaching the Houthis. In reality, with the assistance of the Pindo Navy, what the Toads are doing is turning back are shipments of food, medicine and other vital supplies under conditions of spreading famine and the worst cholera epidemic in modern history.

Iran has denied Toad charges that the missile which hit Riyadh airport was of Iranian manufacture, a position that has been supported by a panel of experts appointed by the UNSC, which issued a statement six days after the missile was fired saying that there has been no evidence of Iranian transfer of short-range missiles to Yemen and charging that Riyadh is exploiting the incident “as justification for obstructing the delivery of commodities that are essentially civilian in nature.” Faschingstein, which echoed the Toad propaganda blaming Iran for the attack, has issued no statement condemning the blockade of Yemen, a war crime in which Pindostan is itself complicit. The major European powers have also remained largely silent as a near-genocidal campaign is being executed against the people of Yemen, the poorest country in the Arab world. European arms manufacturers, like their Pindo counterparts, have secured lucrative contracts with the Toads. According to the WSJ, the foremost response of the Trump administration to the crisis in the Middle East is to push more arms on the Toads. Last month, Trump approved a weapons deal that allows Riyadh to purchase $15b worth of missiles, launchers, radar and other military technology. Pindo boxtops said that deal could be accelerated as a result of the missile fired at Riyadh. The Pentagon also could step up its efforts to seize weapons shipments going through the Persian Gulf and across the region,” meaning that the Pindo Navy would escalate operations that are contributing to the blocking of relief supplies and the mass starvation engulfing Yemen. Meanwhile, the Pentagon has acknowledged that the USAF has more than doubled its refueling flights that keep Toad and allied warplanes in the air, continuously bombing Yemeni hospitals, schools, residential blocks and basic infrastructure, accounting for the bulk of the 12,000 deaths in the two-and-a-half-year-old war. Faschingstein also increased its supply of jet fuel to the Toads by 140% over FY 2017, according to a report from Al-Monitor. The bombs and missiles that are killing Yemen are also supplied largely by Faschingstein, with $3b worth of bombs provided to the Toads and the UAE since 2015 and a $500m sale of precision-guided munitions approved by the Pindo Senate in June. The latest atrocity made possible by this arms aid took place on Sunday: a Toad airstrike in the northern province of Jawf demolished a home and left eight children and three women, all from the same family, dead under the rubble. The two-week-old Toad blockade threatens to dwarf the number of deaths caused by the bombing campaign.

Even before the Toads shut down Yemen’s airports, sea ports and borders, turning away container ships full of food and relief supplies and fuel tankers that had already been inspected and searched for weapons, 7 million Yemenis were on the brink of famine, while 17 million others did not know where their next meal would come from. The UN and various relief agencies have warned that, with Yemen dependent upon imports for 90% of its food, the blockade could rapidly lead to the deaths of millions. Three Yemeni cities, Hodeida, Saada and Taiz, ran out of clean water on Friday because of the Toad blockade preventing the delivery of fuel needed to run pumping and sanitation systems, the ICRC reported. The lack of clean water will place at least a million more people at risk of cholera on top of the 928,000 already believed to have contracted the disease. The capital of Sanaa and other cities will “find themselves in the same situation” within weeks if the blockade is not lifted, the ICRC said. The lack of fuel will also shut down generators powering hospitals, condemning many patients to death. MSF reported Sunday that the Toads are preventing them from conducting flights in and out of Yemen, despite claims from Riyadh that it was allowing the movement of humanitarian supplies and personnel, and that it had been warned by the Toads against operating in areas under the control of the Houthis. Oxfam issued a blistering statement, warning:

A catastrophe of astonishing proportions is unfolding before our eyes as Yemen’s Houthi-controlled territory is sealed off and suffocated. Absent a rapid turnaround, we are likely to witness in Yemen an extraordinary level of devastation, the likes of which most of us have never lived through. The Pindo government has led its allies in demonstrations of solidarity with the Toads against Iran, ignoring a ghastly humanitarian crisis. The international community’s unqualified support for the Toads’ position nearly culminated in the adoption of a UNSC Presidential Statement condemning the Houthis and Iran’s malign activity without so much as a mention of Yemen’s dire humanitarian crisis and the steps taken by the Toads to push it to the brink of catastrophe.

The systematic extermination of Yemeni men, women and children by bombardment, starvation and disease exposes the real face of Pindo imperialism. It demonstrates that behind the empty rhetoric about the GWOT, human rights and democracy,”it is prepared to kill millions to offset the decline of Pindo capitalism through a drive to assert Pindo global hegemony by military means.

false flag terror act news

Leader of Barcelona terror attack was Spanish intelligence informant
Alex Lantier, WSWS, Nov 20 2017

Spanish media have confirmed that Abdel-Baki es-Satty, the mastermind of the Aug 17 Daesh attacks in Barcelona, was a police informant. A convicted drug dealer directly linked to the AQ operatives who carried out the Mar 11 2004 Madrid train bombings, Satty was reportedly providing information and receiving payment from Spanish intelligence until shortly before the attack. He was reportedly the political or religious leader of the youth who carried out the Barcelona attacks, in which 16 people died and 152 were injured. Satty himself died shortly before the attacks, when large home-made bombs they were preparing at a house in Alcanar accidentally exploded. This remarkable revelation underscores the utterly deceitful character of the European bourgeoisie’s insistence that deep attacks on democratic rights are needed to fight the GWOT. In Barcelona, as in the Charlie Hebdo and Nov 13 attacks in Paris in 2015, the Berlin Xmas attack, and the May 22 Manchester attack, the perpetrators were known to law enforcement. They served as tools for the intelligence services and instruments of European imperialist wars in Syria and Iraq and operated under official protection. The exposure of Satty as a Spanish intelligence asset is particularly significant given the explosive situation in Catalonia following its independence referendum. These revelations raise questions of whether forces in Madrid or Barcelona allowed the attack to proceed in order to win political advantage in the bitter battle that escalated in the run-up to the referendum. On Nov 16, the right-wing populist site OK Diario first reported that Satty, who served as an imam in the town of Ripoll, was an informant for Spain’s National Intelligence Center and that Spanish officials were desperate to cover this up. Citing documents held by investigating magistrates in the Spanish judiciary, OK Diario also alleged that the Mossos d’Esquadra, the Catalan regional police headquartered in Barcelona, were in close contact with Satty, writing:

At the same time as he provided information to the secret services and received special funding for this work, the imam was setting up the terror cell that perpetrated the second-bloodiest attack in the history of terrorism in Catalonia. An agent of the Mossos spoke for four minutes from his office in Barcelona with the perpetrator of the Barcelona massacre only two hours before the attack. The obsession for weeks has been that the status of the imam as an agent should not get out and become known to public opinion.

On Nov 17, Spain’s main pro-social-democratic paper El País published a terse article in which intelligence officials confirmed several of OK Diario’s revelations. Sources in the CNI told El País the CNI “maintained contact” with Satty while he was in Castellón prison for drug dealing from 2010 to 2014. This relationship, they added, was in line with the usual “established protocols for handling convicts.” It appears Satty was in contact with the security services well before and well after the 2010-2014 period, however. El País continues:

New evidence emerging from the investigation of the attacks, which the National Court is keeping secret, shows that Es Satty was almost an old acquaintance of the security forces from when he arrived in Spain in 2002. His name already appeared in the contact list of telephones of some of those detained for the Mar 11 attacks, according to sources in the anti-terrorism agencies.

In 2006, Satty was detained as a member of a terrorist cell based in Vilanova. It appears his status as an “old acquaintance” of the intelligence services served him well. He was released and his case was shelved. Later he was arrested for trying to bring 121 kg of hashish into Spain in his car from Morocco, and jailed for four years in 2010. After leaving prison in 2014, he traveled to the Brussels area, where many of the individuals involved in the 2015 attacks in Paris were based, but was rejected for an imam position there due to his criminal record and returned to take a job as an imam in Ripoll, Catalonia. El País did not confirm OK Diario’s report of contacts between Satty and the Mossos, but it wrote that it was unusual that he served as an imam in Ripoll, as he had “a criminal record, which in principle makes him ineligible for such a position.” These reports show how decades-long, criminal foreign policy operations of NATO continue to claim lives and facilitate attacks on democratic rights in Europe itself. After the Mar 22 2016 Brussels bombing, the WSWS wrote that it was clear that the individuals who carried out that bombing and the Nov 13 and Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris were part of a broader group of people who had been allowed to freely travel to and from the Middle East. The only conclusion that could be drawn from the ease with which these forces permeate national borders and conduct operations was that there are protocols in place to ease their passage and lower any red flags. They operated under a veil of official protection.

The latest revelations about Satty vindicate yet again this analysis of the rotten foundations of the GWOT in Europe. The imperialist interventions, the promotion of anti-Muslim hatreds, and the drive to police-state rule and states of emergency across Europe are based on political lies. The Islamists are not intransigent and undetectable opponents of imperialism, but its somewhat wayward tools. When they carry out attacks in Europe, instead of against targets chosen by the NATO powers in the Middle East, imperialist governments simply use this as a pretext for more police-state measures. These are aimed not so much at the Islamists, which have deep ties to the state apparatus, but at opposition to austerity and war in the working class. Many unanswered questions remain based on the revelations about Satty so far. Firstly, if Satty was indeed a police informant who was “deceiving” the CNI, as the Spanish edition of Vanity Fair writes, what did he tell the police he was doing? As his cell amassed a vast collection of bomb-making chemicals that ultimately exploded accidentally and took Satty’s own life, who did the CNI think Satty was going to blow up? Secondly, did the conflict between Madrid and Barcelona over the October 1 Catalan independence referendum, which had been announced on June 29, play a role in the CNI’s shielding of Satty? Spanish PM Rajoy’s government responded to the Aug 17 attack by discussing the imposition of martial law, although Rajoy ultimately decided against it. After Rajoy launched the savage police crackdown on the peaceful vote on Oct 1, however, he suspended Catalonia’s elected government, placing it directly under police rule, amid mass protests in Barcelona and across Catalonia. Might sections of the security apparatus, seeking a different pretext for the move toward police-state rule that was being prepared and discussed inside the state machine, have been willing to sanction some type of attack in order to justify the imposition of martial law?