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CNN and the NYT Are Deliberately Obscuring Who Perpetrated the Afghan Hospital Attack
Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept, Oct 5 2015

Much of the ‘world’ (my sneer quotes – RB) spent the last 48 hours expressing revulsion at the Pindo airstrike on a hospital in Kunduz. It was quite clear early on that the perpetrator of the attack was Pindostan, and many media outlets and other organizations around the world have been stating this without any difficulties. A straightforward WSJ headline states:

Pindo Airstrike Kills 19 at MSF Hospital in Afghanistan.

Under that appears this equally clear lede:

A Pindo airstrike in the Afghan city of Kunduz killed at least 19 people at a hospital run by international medical-aid organization MSF early Saturday, prompting condemnation from humanitarian groups and the UN.


HRW chose this as its headline:

Pindo Airstrike Hits Kunduz Hospital.

And so on. Even the media outlets that early on took a more cautious approach nonetheless prominently identified the key fact in their headline and/or lede right from the start: namely, who was the likely perpetrator. This headline states:

19 Dead After Apparent Pindo Airstrike Hits MSF Hospital in Afghanistan.

Pindostan Today’s headline read:

19 killed after Afghan hospital hit in suspected Pindo airstrike.

NPR in its first sentence definitively stated that the hospital was hit by “an aerial attack carried out by Pindo forces.” But not CNN and the NYT. For the last 36 hours, and up through this moment, this is the extraordinary opening paragraph in the featured article on the attack from the cable news network:


We’re bravely here to report that these two incidents perhaps coincidentally occurred at “about” the same time. There was a hospital that blew up, and then there was this other event where the Pindosis carried out an airstrike. As the blogger Billmon wrote:

London 1940: Civilians throughout the city were killed at about the same time as a German air strike, CNN reports.

The entire article is designed to obfuscate who carried out this atrocity. The headline states:

Air attacks kill at least 19 at Afghanistan hospital; Pindostan investigating.

What’s the Pindosi role in this incident? They’re the investigators, like Sherlock Holmes after an unsolved crime.


The article itself repeatedly suggests the same:

Pindostan said it was investigating what struck the hospital during the night.

It’s a fascinating whodunit and Pindostan is determined to get to the bottom of it. Offering a tantalizing clue, CNN notes:

The circumstances weren’t immediately clear, but the Pindo military was conducting an airstrike in Kunduz at the time the hospital was hit, Pindo Army Col Brian Tibus said.

So Pindostan commits a repugnant atrocity that at the very best was reckless, and CNN can’t bring itself to state clearly who did it. In its own special way, the NYT has been even more craven. Its original article on the attack opted for this bizarrely agent-less formulation:


Some airstrike, travelling around on its own like a lost tourist, ran into a hospital in Afghanistan. Admittedly, for sheer propagandistic obfuscation, nothing will ever top the repellent missile-tourism headline chosen by the NYT when Israel bombed a Gaza cafe in 2014 and killed 8 people:

Missile at Beachside Gaza Cafe Finds Patrons Poised for World Cup.

The article in the NYT’s Sunday print edition illustrated the pains the paper was suffering to avoid framing the story as what it was: a Pindo airstrike on a hospital. This is what readers of that paper saw on Sunday morning:


In fairness, this is a modest improvement from the day before, as it at least constitutes an acknowledgment that there are some people in the world who are blaming Pindostan for what happened, but none who are at the NYT of course! That led Kade Crockford, in exasperation, to offer this obvious editorial suggestion:


Even as of this morning, more than 48 hours later, the NYT continues to obscure who perpetrated this attack. In a long article about the effects on the region’s residents from the destruction of their only hospital capable of advanced care, one reads and reads some more without any mention of who actually did this:


Note the lovely claim in the first paragraph that things have become so very “precarious for residents caught between government troops and Taliban militants after the withdrawal Sunday of an aid group that was one of the last providers of medical services there.” In addition to “government troops and Taliban militants,” they’ve also sort of been “caught between” massive Pindo firepower that destroyed the hospital in question, though this unpleasant fact has been vanished from the NYT’s narrative of this event. It’s not as though these media outlets have any doubt about who did this. Both the NYT and CNN eventually get around to acknowledging that it was Pindostan who did it. In today’s NYT article, for instance, the paper generously acknowledges in the third paragraph:

The Pentagon … has said it may have inadvertently struck the hospital during a military operation.

In the fourth paragraph, it grants anonymity to a “senior Pindo military official” to justify why “Pindo forces on the ground then called for air support,” and then all the way down in the tenth paragraph, finally gets around to acknowledging:

The attack … appeared to have been carried out by Pindo aircraft.

Pindostan and its allies vassals, in both the Afghan government and its own media, have now switched course from the “it was a collateral damage mistake” cliché to the proud “yes we did it and it was justified” boast. Indeed, a large bulk of today’s NYT article, ostensibly about the effects of the hospital’s destruction, is actually devoted to giving voice to those who are justifying why the hospital was attacked, even as the framing of the article is designed to suppress the identity of the perpetrator. But from the start, not even the Pindo military had the audacity to try to obscure that they did this. They left that dirty work to their leading media outlets, which as usual are more than eager and happy to comply.

The Radically Changing Story of the Pindo Airstrike on Afghan Hospital: From Mistake to Justification
Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept, Oct 5 2015

When news first broke of the Pindo airstrike on the MSF hospital in Kunduz, the response from the Pindo military was predictable and familiar. It was all just a big, terrible mistake, its official statement suggested. An airstrike it carried out in Kunduz “may have resulted in collateral damage to a nearby medical facility.” Oops: our bad. Fog of war, errant bombs and all that. This obfuscation tactic is the standard one that USrael both use whenever they blow up civilian structures and slaughter large numbers of innocent people with airstrikes. Citizens of both countries are well-trained, like some tough, war-weary, cigar-chomping general, to reflexively spout the phrase “collateral damage,” which lets them forget about the whole thing and sleep soundly, telling themselves that these sorts of innocent little mistakes are inevitable even among the noblest and most well-intentioned war-fighters, such as their own governments. The phrase itself is beautifully technocratic. It requires no awareness of how many lives get extinguished, let alone acceptance of culpability. Just invoke that phrase in the first 48 hours, and throw enough doubt on what happened, and the media will quickly lose interest.

But there’s something significantly different about this incident, that has caused this “mistake” claim to fail. Usually, the only voices protesting or challenging the claims of the Pindosi military are the foreign, non-western victims who live in the cities and villages where the bombs fall. Those are easily ignored, or dismissed as either ignorant or dishonest. Those voices barely find their way into Pindosi news stories, and when they do, they are streamrolled by the official and/or anonymous claims of the Pindo military, which are typically treated by Pindo media outlets as unassailable authority. In this case, though, the Pindo military bombed a hospital run by western-based physicians and other medical care professionals. They are not so easily ignored. Doctors who travel to dangerous war zones to treat injured human beings are regarded as noble and trustworthy. They’re difficult to marginalize and demonize. They give compelling, articulate interviews in English to Pindo media outlets. They are heard, and listened to. MSF has used this platform, unapologetically and aggressively. They are clearly infuriated at the attack on their hospital and the deaths of their colleagues and patients. From the start, they have signalled an unwillingness to be shunted away with the usual “collateral damage” banalities:

More important, they have refused to let the Pindo military and its allies get away with spouting obvious falsehoods. They want real answers:

As Spencer Ackerman put it last night:

In particular, MSF quickly publicized numerous facts that cast serious doubt on the original Pindo claim that the strike on the hospital was just an accident. To begin with, the organization had repeatedly advised the Pindo military of the exact GPS coordinates of the hospital. They did so most recently on Sep 29, just five days before the strike. Beyond that, MSF personnel at the facility “frantically” called Pindo military officials during the strike, to advise them that the hospital was being hit and to plead with them to stop, but the strikes continued in a “sustained” manner for 30 more minutes. Finally, MSF yesterday said this:

All of these facts make it extremely difficult, even for Pindo media outlets, to sell the “accident” story. At least as likely is that the hospital was deliberately targeted, chosen either by Afghan military officials who fed the coordinates to their Pindo military allies overlords, or by the Pindo military itself, or both. Even cynical critics of Pindostan have a hard time believing that the Pindo military would deliberately target a hospital with an airstrike, despite how many times Pindostan has destroyed hospitals with airstrikes. But in this case, there is long-standing tension between the Afghan military and this specific MSF hospital, grounded in the fact that MSF, true to its name, treats all wounded human beings without first determining on which side they fight. That they provide medical treatment to wounded civilians and Taliban fighters alike has made them a target before. In July, Reuters reported that Afghan special forces “raided” this exact MSF hospital in Kunduz, claiming an AQ member was a patient. This raid infuriated MSF staff:

The French aid group said its hospital was temporarily closed to new patients after armed soldiers had entered and behaved violently towards staff. “This incident demonstrates a serious lack of respect for the medical mission, which is safeguarded under international humanitarian law,” MSF said in a statement. A staff member who works for the aid group said, “The foreign doctors tried to stop the Afghan Special Operations guys, but they went in anyway, searching the hospital.”

Pindostan had previously targeted a hospital in a similar manner:

In 2009, a Swedish aid group accused Pindosi forces of violating humanitarian principles by raiding a hospital in Wardak province, west of Kabul.


News accounts of this weekend’s Pindo airstrike on that same hospital hinted cryptically at the hostility from the Afghan military. The first NYT story on the strike, while obscuring who carried out the strike, noted deep into the article:

The hospital treated the wounded from all sides of the conflict, a policy that has long irked Afghan security forces.

Al-Jazeera similarly alluded to this tension, noting:

A caretaker at the hospital, who was severely injured in the air strike, told Al Jazeera that clinic’s medical staff did not favour any side of the conflict. ‘We are here to help and treat civilians,’ Abdul Manar said.

As a result of all of this, there is now a radical shift in the story being told about this strike. No longer is it being depicted as some terrible accident of a wayward bomb. Instead, the predominant narrative from Pindo sources and their Afghan allies is that this attack was justified, because the Taliban were using it as a “base.” Fox ‘News’ yesterday cited anonymous “defense officials” as saying that while they “‘regret the loss’ of innocent life, the incident could have been avoided if the Taliban had not used the hospital as a base, and the civilians there as human shields.” In its first article on the attack, the WaPo also previewed this defense, quoting a “spokesman for the Afghan army’s 209th Corps in northern Afghanistan” as saying that Taliban fighters were hiding in “people’s houses, mosques and hospitals, using civilians as human shields.” AP yesterday actually claimed that it looked at a video and saw weaponry in the hospital’s windows. Later it was to delete that claim, with a correction. Billmon nailed it:

The NYT today, in a story ostensibly about the impact on area residents from the hospital’s destruction, printed paragraphs from anonymous officials justifying this strike:

There was heavy gunfire in the area around the hospital at the time of the airstrike, and that initial reports indicated that the Pindos and Afghans on the ground near the hospital could not safely pull back without being dangerously exposed. Pindo forces on the ground then called for air support, senior officials said. […] Many residents of Kunduz, as well as people in Kabul, seemed willing to believe the accusations of some Afghan officials that there were Taliban fighters in the hospital shooting at Pindo troops. […] Still, some Afghan officials continued to suggest that the attack was justified. “I know that there were civilian casualties in the hospital, but a lot of senior Taliban were also killed,” said Abd’ul-Wadud Paiman, a member of Parliament from Kunduz.

So now we’re into full-on justification mode: yes, we did it; yes, we did it on purpose; and we’re not sorry, because we were right to do so, since we think some Taliban fighters were at the hospital, perhaps even shooting at us. In response to the emergence of this justification claim, MSF expressed the exact level of revulsion appropriate:

MSF is disgusted by the recent statements coming from some Afghanistan government authorities justifying the attack on its hospital in Kunduz. These statements imply that Afghan and Pindo forces working together decided to raze to the ground a fully functioning hospital with more than 180 staff and patients inside because they claim that members of the Taliban were present. This amounts to an admission of a war crime. This utterly contradicts the initial attempts of the Pindosi government to minimize the attack as ‘collateral damage.’ There can be no justification for this abhorrent attack on our hospital that resulted in the deaths of MSF staff as they worked and patients as they lay in their beds. MSF reiterates its demand for a full transparent and independent international investigation.

From the start, MSF made clear that none of its staff at the hospital heard or saw Taliban fighters engaging Pindo or Afghan forces:

But even if there were, only the most savage barbarians would decide that it’s justified to raze a hospital filled with doctors, nurses and patients to the ground. Yet mounting evidence suggests that this is exactly what the Pindo military did, either because it chose to do so or because its Afghan allies fed them the coordinates of this hospital which they have long disliked. As a result, we now have Pindo and Afghan officials expressly justifying the consummate war crime: deliberately attacking a hospital filled with doctors, nurses and wounded patients. And whatever else is true, the story of what happened here has been changing rapidly as facts emerge proving the initial claims to be false. Just as this article was being published, NBC ‘News’ published a report making clear that even the latest claims from the Pindo and Afghan governments are now falling apart:

The Pentagon’s top four-star commander in Afghanistan, Army Gen John Campbell, now claims that local Afghan forces asked for air support. Pindo forces were not under direct fire just prior to the Pindo bombardment. The Pentagon had previously said Pindo troops were under direct fire.

UPDATE: Responding to the above-referenced admission, MSF has issued this statement:

Today the Pindosi government has admitted that it was their airstrike that hit our hospital in Kunduz and killed 22 patients and MSF staff. Their description of the attack keeps changing, from collateral damage to a tragic incident to now attempting to pass responsibility to the Afghanistan government. The reality is that Pindostan dropped those bombs. Pindostan hit a huge hospital full of wounded patients and MSF staff. The Pindosi military remains responsible for the targets it hits, even though it is part of a coalition. There can be no justification for this horrible attack. With such constant discrepancies in the Pindosi and Afghan accounts of what happened, the need for a full transparent independent investigation is ever more critical.

Pindostan seems to have picked the wrong group this time to attack from the air.

this is the second half of a long and pessimistic personal report from inside donetsk

… away from the problems of the Crimea to Syria, where Russia allegedly valiantly defends the whole world in general and Syrians in particular from Muslim terrorists. However, builds will notice that in Syria Russia sided with Assad and only parts of Islam, the Shi’a, only 15-20% of Muslims who live in unmounted and paurashavas States: Iraq, Syria and even in Iran. Not casually, the Western media claims that Vladimir Putin is caught in the Syrian trap that will backfire for Russia much more damage than the cowardice of its leaders in implementation of the announced project of reconstruction and rebirth of Novorossia. Saudi Arabia has demanded from Russia to cease military operations in Syria, as stated by the Saudi diplomat Abdullah al-Muallem. According to him, the Russian aircraft bombed not nests of militants, but civilian neighborhoods. Putin denied this claim, and said that it had appeared in the media before the departure of Russian aircraft from their airfields. But that’s to be expected, the West will continue to escalate the situation around Russia as a country of world evil. Even the scandal with Boeing downed in the sky above the DNR may soon seem like a mere misunderstanding. Jackass Kerry promised to make Russian a second Afghanistan in Syria and a series of terrorist attacks in Russia itself, if our country does not help to remove Assad from power, according to the Pindo scenario. Quote:

If we don’t find ways to unite to combat ISIS, and Russia will be fighting them alone, guess what happens. Russia will become a target. Who knows? Maybe Russia will see people with MANPADS, shooting their planes from the sky. They will begin to blacken. Together with Assad, they will turn into a new magnet for Jihadis.

Such a scenario, Pindostan has implemented in Afghanistan in the 80s (the creation of AQ and support of radical Islamists in general, including arming them with MANPADS “Stinger” for the sake of war with the Soviet Union, and in Russia in the 1990s (support of radical Islamists, promoted the war in the North Caucasus and the terrorist acts committed on the territory of the rest of Russia). Now they say they are ready to combine these two scripts into one. Meanwhile, Poroshenko stated that conflict in Syria cannot replace the issue of Ukraine in the world politics. Thus, the head of the powerful groups of Kiev gave all to understand that about any “replacement” on the principle “we help to fight ISIS, and you leave us alone in the matter of the Crimea and Donbass,” Russia can not even dream of. The front in Novorossia has not been cancelled. Pavlo Zhebrivsky, the head of the so-called Donetsk regional state administration (the part of the DPR under the control of Ukraine), said on TV channel “112” that the Russian-controlled territory of Donbass will be assimilated. He noted that on the territory controlled by the Kyiv security forces, teachers are moving from Western and Central Ukraine who will form the new “Ukrainian elite of Donbass.” According to reports from the field, this work has already begun. In the occupied territories LNR headed by right-wing radical George Tokoi, who organized the site “Peacemaker”, where public access laid out the personal data of citizens, which the authors resource at its discretion call “separatists” or “agents of the Kremlin”, the destruction of Pushkin’s “Russian spirit” is developed in full. Interestingly, the permission to use Russian armed forces abroad and the statement of the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko:

We could not in this situation refuse Pres Assad and continue to watch people die, die women, children, destroyed historical monuments, monuments of culture. I believe that it is a time when we cannot not act, cannot be aloof from these global processes, and I am sure that all sensible.

(boom) … “moshe!” … (synthesized sounds of multiple car alarms)

Donetsk shot down a 404 drone last night about 9 pm local time. See: small SAM shoots skywards, 5 secs later the explosion. Both videos (almost) the same:

Ivan Prikhodko, the head of administration of the Kuibyshev district, said that the air defense of the DNR shot down the drone. What looks to me like the body of the SAM, minus warhead, fell onto a private home at the address 57 Kovalya, damaging the roofing:


Operational, 05.10.2015, Donetsk

Worked for the air defense of the armed forces of Novorossiya. The experience of the past day as a result of such volleys was the shooting down 4 UAVs. Donetsk after “Minsk” is the war in the air. In the sky over Donetsk, enemy flying object was destroyed by air defense forces of the Republic. Head of the Kuibyshev district, Ivan Prikhodko (statement as above), also provided a photo of the downed Ukrainian aircraft (or the SAM that downed it). The message from locals:

In the town centre now our SAU. The pic W 4 Abakumov arrival. Mortar. Donetsk, center, border with Guardami, work defense. Defense it was, stood on the balcony, he saw a rocket flying. So loud, because low over the earth explodes. The second exploded just below the slaughterhouse. Confirm, seen from the window in the center as the rocket flew, then in the sky a salute and BA in a second big bang. such was three.

The message from the militia:

Military police raised the alarm. Seperetaly – Bach-volleys. Again blamed on “teachings”? The boss. three single artillery shots, quite loud and close. In the center of the alarm on the machines worked. I on Friendship, but I have the window shattered almost, cars in the yard probably jumped!

A message from workarou:

Our defense shot down a drone AFU, and it fell on his house.

This photo contributed by someone who like me prefers accuracy in journalism:


great little snapshot of DNR army conditions (not as bad as suggested further down)

Screenshot from 2015-10-06 01:19:34

ain’t you glad you has intel sources like this, deep from within the gizzard of the secret councils of the bears with balalaikas

From Surkov improvised Chalenko infa (Politnavigator). The official LDNR sites are silent.

Tomorrow, the delegation of the LDNR at the meeting of the Contact Group in Minsk is expected to make a joint request to extend the implementation of the Minsk agreements to 2016. The elections of heads of district administrations in the DNR and LNR which were to be held on Oct 18 and Nov 1 respectively, will be rescheduled for Feb-Mar 2016. About it reported a source close to the head LNR Igor Plotnitsky on the condition of anonymity:

We advocate the extension of the Minsk agreements to 2016 by postponing the date of local elections. On Sep 22, our Luhansk delegation to the Contact Group in Minsk publicly proposed postponing local elections to Feb 21 2016. In response, the Ukrainian side will be required to vote through (in two readings) Amendments to the Constitution, in which must be included:

  1. the special status of separate districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions,
  2. laws on General Amnesty,
  3. a special law on local elections in the Donbass, and
  4. the lifting of the blockade.

Our initiative for the extension of the Minsk process to 2016 has unexpectedly and publicly been supported by French Pres Hollande. We decided to hold local elections in one phase, in Feb-Mar, and not as previously planned in two stages, whereby the heads of the district administrations in the LNR and DNR would have been chosen on Nov 1 and Oct 18 respectively, and the remaining approximately 6,000 elective offices of local councils and city mayors would have been chosen in February. Now, after our initiative, the goodwill will need to come from Poroshenko, who must impose the adoption in the Verkhovna Rada of the aforementioned laws. And unlike in the summer’s simulation, this time Merkel will ensure their correct writing.

Within a couple of hours of the appearance of the above, it was in the newspapers:

Russia already sends signals to LDNR on the postponement of local elections

This was stated by Foreign Minister Lavrov, reports “Russian newspaper.” Lavrov at a press conference in Moscow:

On the proposal of the French President, which was supported by the German Chancellor, we discussed the possibility of coordinating the timing of elections in the Donbass, which would ensure the implementation of all other political aspects of the Minsk agreements. Including Amnesty, including special status, including constitutional reform. As representatives of Donetsk and Lugansk in Paris for obvious reasons, was not Vladimir Putin, as the leader of the country, actively seeking to mediate in resolving the domestic Ukrainian crisis, promised by our channels to convey this complex idea brought out by our French and German partners. Accordingly, in the Donetsk and Lugansk these days, I understand that such signals are coming. About the reaction we will know more.

Berlin expects that Moscow will persuade DNR not to hold elections on Oct 18

German authorities expect that Russia will convince the LDNR to postpone the election, because it is contrary to the Minsk agreements, said Martin Schaefer of the German Foreign Ministry. Schaefer told journalists in Berlin on Monday:

The French Pres and the Chancellor said Friday that the Russian Pres has given his consent to influence the separatists so that they refused to announced on Oct 18 elections. We believe that the Russian Pres will fulfil his promise and the Russian side will talk to the separatists.

Paris last week hosted the summit “channel four” attended by the leaders of Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine. At the talks in Paris, Merkel and Hollande reportedly expressed dissatisfaction with the mere ‘simulation’ or pretence of Kiev to implement the Minsk agreements, and demanded from Poroshenko to start direct dialogue with the Donbass, as prescribed in the agreements. Merkel and Hollande demand from Kiev of a permanent coordinate all their actions with the LDNR, and assume the Minsk agreements. For Poroshenko it is like death, because he constantly stated the “inadmissibility of negotiating with terrorists.” To repeat the ‘simulation’ of constitutional reform which he indulged all summer, becomes necessary to nobody.

it’s true of all governments under the ZOG, that they’re just “branches of the IMF,” that’s how they’re supposed to be

For loans from the IMF, Kiev is ready to forget about the Constitution
Dmitry Sikorsky, PolitObzor (Russian – RB), Oct 5 2015


KIEV – Despite the bravura statements of Kiev, the upcoming 2016 for Ukrainians, apparently, again will be heavy. According to the latest data, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine under the guidance of Pindosi citizen Natalie Jaresko is preparing another draconian round of “anti-crisis” measures. First of all, it is supposed to freeze current benefits until the end of 2016, and also the minimum wage, pensions, scholarships and other benefits. Second, it will feature the abolition of all pensions for working-class pensioners, and not only for MPs, judges, prosecutors, etc, as it is now. Third, the abolition of payments for the birth of the child. It is noteworthy that the recent “increase” of social standards occurred in Ukraine in early autumn, but it is minimal and will give only a short-term effect for several months. Most experts link this decision with the local elections, given that the rating authority has noticeably subsided.

In 2016, any election in Ukraine is not planned, yet and apparently it gave the Kiev government a reason to believe that there are good reasons for “concern” over the Ukrainian population. Ukrainian economist Oleksandr Okhrimenko characterized these measures as evidence that Ukraine has no government, and there is a service to implement “the wishes of the IMF.” Despite this, Kiev is trying to use any, even the most fantastic opportunity to show off their success in rebuilding the national economy of Ukraine. For example, recently the state Treasury and the Ministry of Ukraine announced that they managed to achieve a surplus in the state budget. However, according to Okhrimenko, this “surplus” was the result of statistical manipulation. The fact is that now overpaid VAT in Ukraine is worth more than 28 billion hryvnia, and if the state did not require pre-payment of this tax, there is no “surplus” would not exist. Due to the fact that the price of all goods in Ukraine increased, respectively, the percentage of VAT incorporated in these articles will automatically become higher. According to Okhrimenko, “enterprises paid the money in advance.” That’s the way the “surplus” happened. Political analyst Yuri Gorodnenko believes that the Ukrainian government can really eliminate all social security, another issue that non-payment of pensions to working-class pensioners is in contradiction with the Ukrainian Constitution and anyway it is for Kiev the problem. He says:

If you are going to get pensions for working-class pensioners, it would be a direct violation of the Constitution. No law has the right to reduce the social guarantees envisaged by the Constitution, where the right to a pension is specified in a categorical manner. So, working-class or non-working-class retired, in any country this is not working-class pensioners were filming a pension.

Just because the Ukrainian government is dependent on funds, and is forced to run all the time in search of loans, it’s ready to go on to direct violation of the Constitution, and the IMF and other Western structures, obviously, will turn a blind eye.

this is going to be one big jonestown, but without the koolaid

Instructor for special training from “the First Slavic crew” named Vyacheslav (CallsignSensei) told the Federal News Agency, the fighters of his unit on the eve of peace in the Donbass.

– What have you got on today? What do your wards, among them what mood? – asked the correspondent of the FAN.

The mood of the soldiers, are strongly dependent on the weather, said the Sensei.

– Sunday, October 5: I have looked at the weather forecast – cold in the soul. What boys do on the position? Clothes-that somehow there’s: jackets and the like. The main problem is “feet”. In boots in the frost is hard, — he admits. — While it was still warm – the sun is shining, rejoice and build-built. The evening ended with a secret object called “Storage of nuclear waste”. Passed, adopted, exploited” — with a smile shows the picture on the brand new village latrine.

According to the interlocutor of the FAN, in General “the mood of the guys normal”.

– “The order” had received the previous day, gave the soldiers jackets, used. Unfortunately, that’s all there is in stock. Leaving on position, water is not forgot food too. This time not persecuted, normally go… a Truce, sort of, — shares his impressions Sensei. We – “the guard”. It just so happened since ancient times. Here and now – Karauli: intersections-roads, trenches-gullies.

Sensei she looks around the surroundings is a small village in the Donetsk steppe, battered by war, and continues the story.

– Over the call sign “the General” comes with the pot, now his shift on the watch “the border”. But “the Raven” chopping firewood – that means lunch soon.”

If you look from the hill – “height” in army jargon, in the distance one can see the trenches, even the trenches – of the parapet.

– Not ours, — said my companion-escort.

– Eats the last grape, mountain ash soon on the move. The way we live Now… “We’ll click some” boys – new album will do for their wives, mothers, children and loved ones, — tells Sensei about their study in their spare time. In the “First Slavic” Slava and PR Manager, and the media centre all in one.

– Family guys — umnichki, quick-witted… If the connection with the guys – just write to me. I’m always “on line”. Always say…,”200″ will publish, in spite of the prohibitions. Public net? — so the boy is alive: or there is no connection, or not to glow, — he explains.

– What do you think about recent political events? – asks the reporter FAN

– About policy? Who the fuck is in the trenches of politics? Here policy is simple: woke up, dragged, in your dreams. On the election guys, of course, will go without any instruction. Just to spite “angegebenem,” explains Sensei party policy in the army DNR.

– What will you do, if Ukra is still “go into town”? — gently asked the correspondent.

– What will we do if “goats wander into our garden”? A couple of times got the teeth, horns broken off, I hope, intelligible work, — Vyacheslav laughs. — As I understand – no one is not going to take”.

Zakharchenko gets too caught up in their propaganda speeches, and soldiers give out jackets, no shoes, no uniform normal, and feeding like not normal. The supply of the army in the current situation is of paramount importance, Ukra nothing was taken, although already 3 times said divert arms. There is truce today, tomorrow, maybe, probably trample. Than the language of the grind, better almost did something for the soldiers.

words from the desperate PR company, ltd

Merkel in the running for Nobel prize
David Charter, Times of London, Oct 5 2015

Several leading contenders are in the running for this year’s Nobel peace prize because of their help for migrants, among them Angela Merkel and the UNHCR. The German chancellor’s welcome to huge numbers of asylum seekers added to the case already being made for her to win the prestigious meaningless & despised award after her efforts to negotiate peace in Ukraine. The prize will be announced in Oslo by the five-member committee on Friday. She faces competition from an Eritrean priest, Father Mussie Zerai, who is credited with saving the lives of thousands of migrants fleeing Africa for Italy by liaising… (etc, subs only)

deep in the bowels of nonsense and phony foundations: the origins of the white helmets

Seven Steps of Highly Effective Manipulators: White Helmets, Avaaz, Nicholas Kristof, and Syria No Fly Zone
Rick Sterling, Dissident Voice, Apr 9 2015 (6 months ago – RB)

You might think that after seeing the consequences of their campaign for “freedom and democracy” in Libya, journalists like Nicholas Kristof and “humanitarian campaigners” like Avaaz would have some qualms. Unfortunately, they have learned nothing. They have generally not been held to account, with a few nice exceptions such as this Greenwald/Hussain article. And now they are at it again. Many well-intentioned but naive members of the Pindo and international public are again being duped into signing an Avaaz petition based on fraud and misinformation. If the campaign succeeds in leading to a No Fly Zone in Syria, it will result in vastly increased war, mayhem and bloodshed. The following illustration shows the sequence and trail of deceit leading to Avaaz’s call for a No Fly Zone in Syria.


Following is a brief description documenting the flow of misinformation and deceit, beginning at the Source and ending with Avaaz’s campaign for NATO/Pindo attack on Syria.

The Source

The “Source” is unknown at this time. It might be some Pindo agency with or without the approval of the Obama administration. Or it might be another foreign government which seeks, in plain violation of international law, the overthrow the Syrian government. In addition to Pindostan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, France, Britain and Qatar have each spent hundreds of millions and even billions in heavy weaponry plus 3,000 tons of weapons via Croatia plus arming, training, supplying and paying the salaries of thousands of domestic and international mercenaries sowing mayhem and destruction in Syria. (No mention of Israel – RB) At this point we do not know but there is a REWARD: $100 finder’s fee to the first person who can provide credible evidence identifying the SOURCE.


This is an international PR firm. CEO is Jeremy Heimans, a co-founder of Avaaz. Its President is Kevin Steinberg, previous CEO of World Economic Forum (antithesis of World Social Forum).  Their website describes their goal:

Purpose builds and accelerates movements to tackle the world’s biggest problems.

In this case the “problem” is reluctance to take over Syrian skies and land. For a hefty fee, “Purpose” will dupe the public and break down that reluctance. Toward that end,  Purpose created “The Syria Campaign”.

The Syria Campaign

The Syria Campaign began in spring 2014. One of their first efforts was to work to prevent publicity and information about the Syrian Presidential Election of Jun 2014. Accordingly, “The Syria Campaign” pressured Facebook to remove advertisements or publicity about the Syrian election.  Since then Syria Campaign has engineered huge media exposure and mythology about their baby the “White Helmets” using all sorts of social and traditional media. The campaigns are largely fact-free. For example, the Syrian election was dismissed out of hand by them and Jackass Kerry, but taken seriously by many millions of Syrians. The Syria Campaign is managed by Anna Nolan, who grew up in northern Ireland and has very likely never been to Syria. In addition to promoting the White Helmets, Syria Campaign promotes a new social media campaign called “Planet Syria.” It features emotional pleas for the world to take notice of Syria, in another thinly-veiled effort pushing for foreign intervention and war. According to their website, The Syria Campaign received start-up funding from the foundation of Ayman Asfari, a billionaire who made his money in the oil and gas services industry.

White Helmets

White Helmets is the newly-minted name for “Syrian Civil Defence.” Despite the name, Syrian Civil Defence was not created by Syrians, nor does it serve Syria. Rather, it was created by the UKUSA in 2013. Civilians from rebel-controlled territory were paid to go to Turkey to receive some training in rescue operations. The program was managed by James Le Mesurier, a former British soldier and private contractor whose company is based in Dubai. The trainees are said to be ‘non-partisan,’ but they only work in the rebel-controlled areas of Idlib and Aleppo. There are widely divergent claims regarding the number of people trained by the White Helmets, and the number of people rescued. The numbers are probably highly exaggerated, especially since rebel-controlled territories have few civilians. A doctor who recently served in a rebel-controlled area of Aleppo described it as a ghost town. The White Helmets work primarily with Jabhat al-Nusra. Video of the recent alleged chlorine gas attacks starts with the White Helmet logo and continues with the logo of Nusra. In reality, White Helmets is a small rescue team for Nusra. But White Helmets’ primary function is propaganda. White Helmets demonizes the Assad government and encourages direct foreign intervention. A White Helmet leader wrote a recent WaPo editorial. White Helmets are also very active on social media, with presence on Twitter, Facebook etc. According to their website, to contact White Helmets email The Syria Campaign, which underscores the relationship.

Nicholas Kristof/NYT

The “White Helmets” campaign has been highly successful because of uncritical media promotion. Nicholas Kristof of the NYT was an advocate of the NATO/Pindo attack on Libya. According to him, villagers who had been shot, injured and their homes destroyed were not bitter, they were thankful! “Hugs from Libyans” is how he viewed it. It was of course nonsense, helping to pave the way in the invasion and destruction of the country. Now Kristof is uncritically promoting the White Helmets, aiding and abetting their political and propaganda message seeking foreign intervention in Syria.


Avaaz is an online lobby organization founded in 2007 by Jeremy Heimans (now CEO of Purpose) and others. Start-up funding was provided by George Soros. While Avaaz has promoted some worthy causes, they have been prominent in promoting neolib foreign policies in keeping with the State Dept. Accordingly, they had a major disinformation campaign against Venezuela last year. Avaaz very actively promoted a No Fly Zone in Libya. They are now very actively promoting the same for Syria. In-depth research and exposure of Avaaz can be found here. The titles give some indication: “Faking It: Charity Communications in the Firing Line”, “Syria: Avaaz, Purpose & the Art of Selling Hate for Empire”, “Avaaz: Imperialist Pimps for Militarism”. Avaaz justifies its call for No Fly Zone in part on White Helmets. Given the close interconnections between Avaaz and Purpose, they are surely aware that White Helmets is a media creation. This calls into question their sincerity.


The manipulators rely on emotional images and messages, not facts. They depend on willing partners in the mainstream media who amplify the easy and glib characterizations of who and what is good and bad. The manipulators depend on their audience not asking questions or investigating on their own. In these times of rapid spread of visual and text information via social media, the potential for deceit is huge.


unnamed1-1024x504Avaaz Petition for Libya No Fly Zone 2011

unnamed2-1024x526Avaaz Petition for Syria No Fly Zone — 2015 (Syria Campaign Posting)



unnamed5-300x134The Real White Helmet Purpose: Propaganda

have i got a convenient ‘white helmet’ casualty for you! ‘leaving 2 young children’! better & better!

We told you about the White Helmets here and here (item 3) and here (item 3, again). I am adding another important story about their origins, which will be right above this one – RB

Airstrikes Kill Rescue Worker and Family of 5 in Syria
Hwaida Saad, Karim Fahim, NYT, Oct 3 2015

BEIRUT — At least six people were killed in airstrikes in northern Syria on Saturday, including a family of five and a rescue worker who was fatally wounded while searching for victims, according to a spokesman for the rescue workers and a local anti-government activist. It was not immediately clear who carried out the airstrikes, which hit rebel-held areas in Idlib Province that are being bombed regularly by both the Syrian government and Russia, which entered the war last week. Russian officials have said they are fighting ISIS, but dozens of Russian airstrikes have targeted other anti-government militants. The killing of the rescue worker highlighted the persistent danger emergency medical workers and medical professionals face in Syria’s war, and elsewhere, from aerial bombing. The attack came on the same day that an apparent Pindosi airstrike damaged a hospital in Afghanistan, killing at least 19 people, including 12 hospital staff members. The Syrian rescue worker, Issam al-Saleh, a member of the White Helmets civil defense organization, was the 108th member of the group to be killed so far during the Syrian conflict, according to James Le Mesurier, a spokesman for the group. Saleh had worked for the group for a year and a half and had two young children, Le Mesurier said.

Amer Bakri, an anti-government media activist in Idlib, said the airstrike that killed Saleh was among a half-dozen bombings that hit a poultry farm in the Ihsim region, where people who fled their homes had taken shelter. After a series of airstrikes around noon, the White Helmets volunteers went to the farm to look for survivors, he said. Videos recorded by the volunteers showed what happened next. One of the videos shows people searching through rubble before the roar of an airstrike close by. Another silent video shows the rescue workers stumbling through orchards filled with smoke and coming upon a man, presumably Saleh, with a gaping wound in his right leg. The other victims of the strike include a mother and four of her children, according to activist groups. The attack followed a pattern that has come to be known as the double tap. Warplanes bomb an area, then bomb again, often after rescuers have arrived. People in insurgent-held areas say the technique has been frequently used by Syrian government warplanes. Another airstrike on Saturday landed near a hospital in rural Latakia, near Syria’s border with Turkey, damaging the facility but apparently causing no injuries, according to local activists. Tim Shenk, a spokesman for MSF, said that the group once ran the hospital but handed over control to local groups last year.


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