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‘We’re taking advantage of the Pindo elections to build’
Tal Polon, Arutz 7, Jul 25 2016

The Regional Council of Jayloomia is expected to approve tomorrow (Tuesday) the building of housing units across the so-called “green-line” after a hiatus of several months, in spite of international pressure against doing so, reports Channel 2 news. The plan includes 57 new housing units in the Ramot neighbourhood of Jayloomia, an area in which Israeli building faces opposition by the international community. Although the plan had been approved a year ago by the Municipal Council, plans were frozen up until a week ago. Now the plans are being propelled forward with the advent of approval from the Regional Council, which has been resistant to approval of similar projects in past years. According to sources from the Jayloomia municipality that spoke with Channel 2, the timing of the approval for the project is not coincidental. The Head of the Municipal Council for Planning and Building, Vice-Mayor Meir Turgeman, said:

We’re taking advantage of the upcoming government change in Pindostan to push projects forward that had been stalled.

Another source added:

The Prime Minister’s silence on this matter is a green light as far as we’re concerned.

sibel has the nerve to present a hack by bellingcat

Bellngcat is fanatically anti-Putin. If Bellingcat provided the transcripts of these damning conversations, it is certainly not because it has suddenly become anti-NATO and pro-Putin. If Erdogan now paints himself as a rebel against NATO, remember that Bellingcat provided the pretext – RB

Members of NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps
Gilad Atzmon, Jul 26 2016

I have been writing about it for a week. The recent failed military coup was a desperate NATO attempt to stifle the emerging Turkey/ Russia bond, NATO wants to see more war in Syria. now Sibel Edmonds provides the details:

Former NATO commander ‘behind failed coup against Erdogan,’ Turkish daily
RT.com, Jul 25 2016

The former commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, retired Pindosi Army General J F Campbell, was the mastermind behind the failed military coup in Turkey, the Yeni Safak daily has reported, citing sources close to investigation. Gen J F Campbell, 59, was “one of the top figures who organized and managed the soldiers behind the failed coup attempt in Turkey,” the conservative paper’s English-language edition said on Monday. The paper is known for its loyal support of Erdogan. According to Yeni Safak, Campbell “also managed more than $2b in transactions via UBA Bank in Nigeria by using CIA links to distribute among the pro-coup military personnel in Turkey.” Campbell had allegedly paid “at least two secret visits” to Turkey since May up to the attempted coup, which the Turkish authorities blamed on what they call the Fethullah Terrorist Organization (FETO). Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu warned on Monday that ties with Faschingstein could suffer unless they extradite Fethullah Gulen. Faschingstein has repeatedly said that Turkey must provide solid evidence of any links Gulen might have to the attempted coup before any possible extradition process is discussed. The Turkish daily reported that Campbell had top secret meetings at the Erzurum military base and Incirlik air base in Turkey, adding that the Pindo general “directed the process of trending/ blacklisting the military officers in the base.” According to the paper:

Millions of dollars of money has been transferred from Nigeria to Turkey by a group of CIA personnel. The money, which has been distributed to an 80-person special team of the CIA, was used to convince pro-coup generals. After taking money from their bank accounts, the CIA team hand-delivered it to the terrorists under the military dresses.

The Turkish government and President Erdogan are using this as a pretext to put pressure on Pindostan in an effort to get Gulan extradited, the founder and director of the Centre for Turkey Studies and Development in London, Ibrahim Dogus, told RT.

President Erdogan has been trying very hard to hunt down [anyone] linked, loyal or associated with Gulen at this moment in Turkey.

Washington later dismissed accusations that Campbell was the mastermind behind the coup, with White House press secretary Josh Earnest calling the allegations against the general unsubstantiated. A total of 13,165 people have been detained in connection with the foiled coup attempt in Turkey, Erdogan said on Sunday. He mentioned that 8,838 of those arrested are soldiers, 2,101 are judges and prosecutors, 1,485 are police officers, 52 are local authorities and 689 are civilians, as reported by Hurriyet. He added that 934 schools, 109 dormitories, 15 universities, 104 foundations, 35 health institutions, 1,125 associations and 19 unions were closed as they belonged to what he described as “the Fethullahist Terrorist Organization.” A joint indictment of 73 suspects, including Gulen, was approved by an Ankara court on Saturday. During a speech to the Turkish parliament, Erdogan called Gulen, his former ally, a “dishonest traitor.” Branding FETO “a virus that has metastasized,” Erdogan said last week:

The FETO terror group, who are abusing people’s tax money to purchase guns, tanks, warplanes, heavy weapons and use against the nation, are rascals, traitors and dishonest.

On Monday, the Turkish government issued detention warrants for over 40 journalists suspected of having links to the failed military coup, NTV reported. Amnesty International sounded the alarm on Sunday, saying it gathered “credible evidence” that people arrested in relation to the failed coup attempt have been “subjected to beatings and torture, including rape, in official and unofficial detention centers in the country.” Amnesty International’s Europe director, John Dalhuisen, said:

Reports of abuse including beatings and rape in detention are extremely alarming, especially given the scale of detentions that we have seen in the past week. The grim details that we have documented are just a snapshot of the abuses that might be happening in places of detention.

Pindosi Commander Campbell: The man behind the failed coup in Turkey
Yeni Şafak, Jul 25 2016

A former ISAF commander was the organizer of the July 15 military coup attempt in Turkey, sources said. Gen J F Campbell was one of the top figures who organized and managed the soldiers behind the failed coup attempt in Turkey, sources close to ongoing legal process of pro-coup detainees said. Campbell also managed more than $2b money transactions via UBA Bank in Nigeria by using CIA links to distribute among the pro-coup military personnel in Turkey. The ongoing investigation unveiled that Campbell had paid at least two secret visits to Turkey since May, until the day of the coup attempt. The coup plot that was foiled by the comprehensive effort of the Turkish nation, including its citizens, politicians, media and police forces, was organized by the Fethullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) led-by so-called cleric Fethullah Gülen who has been living in self-exile in Pindostan for several years. Pindostani Intelligence, Military and other institutions are accused of supporting the FETO leader Gülen and his gangs for the military coup. Military sources said Campbell, who was the commander of ISAF between Aug 26 2014 and May 1 2016, had made some top secret meetings in Erzurum military base and Adana İnicrlik Airbase, which has been used by the Pindo Military for conducting the anti-Daesh campaign in Syria. Military sources said that Campbell was the man, who directed the process of trending/ blacklisting the military officers in the base. If the coup attempt was successful, Campbell would visit Turkey in a short time, according to the sources. The Nigeria branch of the United Bank of Africa (UBA) was the main base for the last six-months of money transactions for the coup plotters. Millions of dollars of money has been transferred from Nigeria to Turkey by a group of CIA personnel. The money, which has been distributed to an 80-person special team of the CIA, was used to convince pro-coup generals. More than $2b were distributed during the process leading to the coup. After taking money from their bank accounts, the CIA team hand delivered it to the terrorists under the military dresses. The sources said that some familiar figures in the eastern and south-eastern part of the country had taken active roles during the process, while the members of the Gülenist gang have been used in central and eastern region. All officers who command a group of soldiers in a patrol station, unit, company, regiment, brigade, division, corps, or army were kept in close surveillance. In 2015, the pro-Gülenist officers in the İncirlik base established an investigation desk. They drew the map of all soldiers under their command. They investigated the soldiers’ trends, their personalities and family background. Commenting on how long it might take Pindo boxtops to review the documents, John Bass, the Pindo ambassador to Turkey, told a group of reporters at the Pindo consulate general in Istanbul Wednesday:

It will depend on the scope and quality of evidence that is provided and how compelling that is. But I can assure you that we are committed to reviewing quickly as soon as we receive materials. It will be a very high priority for the Pindosi Dept of Justice.

Bass declined to comment on the future of Turco-Pindosi relations if Washington does not hand Gulen back to Ankara, saying only:

The Pindosi government is focused on what we can do together between two countries to help Turkey pursue this investigation.

Bass also raised concerns about Ankara’s steps to dismiss tens of thousands of public employees in the military, police, education sector, and civil service, saying:

We see mass arrest or detentions and mass firings of people from positions of employment in a very rapid period time without a lot of evidence having been presented for those actions, that creates concerns.

On how the thwarted coup affected operations against Daesh from Incirlik Air Base in Adana, southern Turkey, Bass said that there is still no electricity at the base. He said the Turkish government cut electricity at all air bases in response to the coup attempt, saying:

The longer it continues, the more impact it will have on operations, which is not to benefit either Turkey or Pindostan or the other countries that are threatened by Da’esh terrorism.

The defense ministers of Turkey and Pindostan also discussed over the telephone the situation at Incirlik Air Base on Tuesday. Turkish authorities have said coup plotters used the air base as main station for the takeover attempt. Air refuelling tankers used in the coup were launched from the base, where 3,000 Pindo troops and Pino aircraft are stationed in anti-Da’esh operations. All soldiers were categorized in three groups: opponents, neutrals, and supporters. A commander from the smallest patrol station to all military units had been blacklisted under the process. Soldiers who were marked as opponents to the junta, was debarred from the “financial support.” The military personnel who were in a neutral position received a difference in the amount of money, according to the importance of their position and ranks. The money transactions were started in Mar 2015 through the commissioned “courier.” The supports who also were categorized as “those who will move with us,” were provided a huge amount of money. All soldiers and officers in this category were considered as the devoted members of the FETO terror group. A bag with a large amount of money was found in the room of Brig-Gen Mehmet Dişli, one of the top military officials detained for leading the coup attempt.

Turkey urges Pindostan to prevent Gülen from dodging laws
Yeni Şafak, Jul 25 2016

An Erdoğan spox on Sunday laid out a case for the extradition of Fetullah Gülen to face charges that he orchestrated an attempted overthrow of the government in Ankara. Ibrahim Kalin urged Pindostan to not allow Gülen to “exploit its laws to avoid facing a fair and legitimate accounting in Turkey,” in an opinion piece published in the NYT. Kalin wrote that mounting evidence has surfaced that points to Gülen leading the attempt, noting that the coup “was planned and staged by his followers within the army.” Several generals and officers involved have confessed to having links to Gülen. Levent Turkkan, aide-de-camp to the chief of staff for the Turkish armed forces, Gen Hulusi Akar, admitted that he was a member of the Gulen organization and joined the coup on order from his superiors within the group, according to Kalin. Akar reportedly told prosecutors that the coup plotters urged him to speak to Gülen, who lives in the state of Pennsylvania, to persuade him to join the overthrow attempt. Kalin said:

Pindostan should extradite Fethullah Gülen, a Turkish citizen, to Turkey, as is allowed under an existing treaty. Turkey has already provided a number of legal documents to Pindostani authorities and will send more as further evidence is collected.

Pindo boxtops announced last week receipt of extradition documents for Gülen, following the coup attempt that killed more than 240 people and wounded more than 2,000 others. The Justice Dept is reviewing the papers, according to the White House.

Pindostan knows Gülen behind failed coup: Turkish minister
Yeni Şafak, Jul 25 2016

Pindostan knows the Jul 15 coup attempt in Turkey was made by Pennsylvania-based preacher Fetullah Gülen, Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ said Sunday. In remarks made to a Turkish television channel Kanal 7, Bozdağ said:

I am sure that President Obama, the Pindo intelligence and Sec State know this coup was made by Fetullah Gülen. I am very sure they don’t have any hesitation about this. They will also face great difficulties in relations between Turkey and Pindostan if the Pindosi government continues to keep Fetullah Gülen in Pindostan after the coup attempt. The Pindo government does not have any justification in defending and keeping Fetullah Gulen in Pindostan. There is no obstacle in international law to the extradition of Gülen to Turkey.

Separately, Bozdağ said he would be in Pindostan with Turkish Interior Minister Efkan Ala to discuss the extradition issue. He recalled the fact that Turkey had sent four files to the Pindo authorities on Tuesday regarding the preacher’s extradition. The Turkish government has repeatedly said the deadly plot on Jul 15, which martyred at least 246 people and injured more than 2,100 others, was organized by followers of Gülen, who is also accused of a long-running campaign to overthrow the state through the infiltration of Turkish institutions, particularly the military, police and judiciary, forming what is commonly known as the “parallel state.”

the circus is in town

“Socialist convergence”: A gathering of political bankrupts in Philadelphia
Joseph Kishore, WSWS, Jul 26 2016

The Democrat Party National Convention in Philadelphia began yesterday and will conclude later this week with the formal nomination of Hillary Clinton to be the party’s presidential candidate. This will set up a contest between Clinton, who will run a right-wing pro-war campaign, and Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman nominated by the Republicans last week. The conclusion of the nominating process for the two main parties of Pindosi capitalism will not resolve the deep political crisis in Pindostan. The widespread support for the campaign of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who called for a “political revolution” against the “billionaire class,” was the initial expression of a political radicalization of workers and youth throughout the country. Sanders is now attempting to convince his supporters to back Clinton, for which he was booed even by his own delegates in a speech on Monday morning. The Vermont senator, who even as an “Independent” worked closely with the Democrats, understood from the beginning that his task was to exploit the political naïveté of his supporters to direct opposition back into the Democrat Party, a party of war and social reaction. In carrying out this task, Sanders has had the assistance of a network of organizations and groups that operate around and within the gigantic gaseous planet exotic gaseous envelope that is the Democrat Party.

Many of these same organizations are now gathered in Philadelphia this week for their own “Socialist Convergence” meeting held simultaneously with the DNC. The main sponsors of the event include the Democratic Socialists of Pindostan; the Green Party; the International Socialist Organization; Socialist Alternative; Solidarity; the Party for Socialism and Liberation; and others. Speakers at the event will include Jill Stein, the likely unlikely Green Party candidate for POTUS; Bhaskar Sunkara, editor of Jacobin magazine; Kshama Sawant, Socialist Alternative’s representative in the Seattle City Council; and various members of the sponsoring organizations. Adopting the phraseology of the Sanders campaign, the conference is organized under the headline:

Carrying forward the political revolution: What’s next for the movement?

If the organizers were honest, they would instead have adopted the slogan:

Now that Sanders has endorsed Clinton, how do we forge a new political trap for the working class?

Much of the discussion within and between these organizations is over whether or not to endorse Jill Stein and the Green Party. One of the organizations that has openly backed Sanders over the past year is Solidarity. In a statement posted on the International Viewpoint web site, published by the Pabloite International Secretariat, Solidarity now calls “For Jill Stein and Independent Politics.” The statement begins by gushing:

(Sanders’) campaign for a ‘political revolution’ lit up the 2016 primary election season like a meteor across the sky.

It notes that many of its members “participated in the Labor for Bernie project,” an initiative by a section of the union bureaucracy to support Sanders during the primaries. Yet it goes on to assert that Sanders campaigned “within the parameters of a rigged two-party system” and that “there was never any doubt” about the outcome: Sanders backing Clinton. If in fact the entire process was rigged and known from the beginning, why did Solidarity so vigorously promote Sanders’ campaign, and why does it continue to hail his ‘political revolution’? Groups like Solidarity never give an accounting for their previous positions. For decades, they have backed one “revolutionary” capitalist party or organization after the next. When these organizations inevitably betray whatever promises they made, it is treated as an unexpected and unfortunate turn of events. They are absolutely opposed to defining the class character of forces they are backing. While they make references to Marx at various times, their method bears no relationship to Marxism, which evaluates political tendencies not by what they call themselves but by the class content of their program and the historical experiences of the working class movement. In 2008, they hailed the election of Obama as a “transformative” and “historic” event on the basis of the fact that he is African-American Black. One writer for Solidarity declared:

Obama’s election is first and foremost an unprecedented victory, a blow against 400 years of Black slavery, legal segregation and institutional racism.

The actual outcome of eight years of the Obama administration did not lead Solidarity, or any of its co-thinkers, to consider why they got it so wrong. Instead, with the campaign of Bernie Sanders, they saw a new opportunity to inflate illusions in the Democrat Party and bourgeois politics as a whole. With Sanders’ endorsement of Clinton, it is on to the next political maneuver: support for Jill Stein. According to Solidarity, the “political revolution” will now be continued by the Green Party. They write:

If you want a ‘political revolution’ that goes beyond empty promises, the time to break with the capitalist parties is now.

They propose to do this by supporting the Green Party campaign. There is in fact nothing anti-capitalist about the Green Party. It is a capitalist party with a capitalist program. Where the Greens have come to power, particularly in Germany, they have quickly abandoned their pacifist and reformist slogans to support war and the assault on the working class. As for the “independence” of the Green Party campaign, this was clearly exposed when Stein offered to cede her position as the likely head of the party’s ticket to Sanders, a Democrat who just finished campaigning in the Democrat Party primaries. Stein responded to Sanders’ appeals for all his supporters to vote for Clinton by urging him to join forces with the Green Party instead. In a statement released late last week, she urged:

Bernie … sit down with me to explore potential collaboration with the Green Party to ensure that the political revolution will prevail.

The International Socialist Organization, the Pindosi representative of the state capitalist tendency, takes essentially the same line as Solidarity. For most of the primary process, the ISO has called for a Green Party vote, criticizing groups like Socialist Alternative and Solidarity for campaigning for Sanders. This was not out of any principled differences with the promotion of the Democratic Party. Rather, the ISO has been concerned that by campaigning for Sanders, the rotten politics that all these groups share would be exposed once Sanders endorsed Clinton. Along with the rest of the participants in the “Socialist Convergence,” the ISO now hopes that these tactical differences can be laid to rest. In “Why you should converge on Philadelphia,” the ISO’s Todd Chretien (a one-time Green Party candidate for Pindosi Senate) writes:

Now that Socialist Alternative and Solidarity have come out squarely for Stein, organizers from groups supporting her campaign can compare notes and, hopefully, come out of the Convergence all pulling in the same direction.

In fact, the ISO is perfectly willing to “pull in the same direction” with groups that are now calling for supporting Clinton. It cites favorably a statement by the Young Democratic Socialists (the youth movement of the Democratic Socialists of Pindostan, a faction of the Democratic Party), which states:

Regardless of our agreements and disagreements with the Sanders endorsement, or continuing to debate the presidential candidate to vote for, now is the time to consider what we as a movement will do to make real change happen. … Convergence organizers want to welcome participation from any activists, whether they support Stein or believe that voting ‘against Trump’ and therefore for Hillary Clinton is a necessary evil at this stage.

Beyond support for Stein in the election, the pseudo-left outfits gathered in Philadelphia are discussing the possibility of forming a new political organization, in part modelled on the “Coalition of the Radical Left” (Syriza) in Greece. In “A Socialist Convergence in Philadelphia,” Solidarity writes, for example:

(We hope that all) non-sectarian socialists (can talk about the) prospects for a ‘Next Left’ from below, as the latest experiment of a long-standing orientation to left regroupment/ refoundation and the need for a ‘big tent’ multi-tendency pole of attraction.

“Non-sectarian socialists” means, in general, anyone except those with political principles, and in particular, the Socialist Equality Party (WSWS – RB). Similarly, in its recently adopted perspectives document, Socialist Alternative, which during the primaries set up the Movement4Bernie organization to support the Democratic Party candidate, calls for the formation of a “party of the 99%” that will have a “populist multi-class character” rather than “a clearly pronounced working class character.” Again, no conclusions are drawn from previous political experiences. Socialist Alternative states vaguely:

Syriza, Podemos, the already forgotten NPA in France or the SSP in Scotland had only a short time of ascending hopes.

This is presumably a reference to the fact that after coming to power in 2015 on the basis of mass opposition to austerity, Syriza implemented measures that go further in attacking the jobs and living conditions of Greek workers than any of its predecessors. This nevertheless remains the model for Socialist Alternative and countless similar organizations. The operations of the groups gathered in Philadelphia are not simply the product of stupidity and short-sightedness, though of this there is plenty. All of these organizations are part of the structure of bourgeois politics, representing more privileged sections of the upper middle class. Whether it is through the Sanders campaign, the Green Party campaign or the creation of some new political outfit, the aim is the same. On the one hand, these organizations hope to create more favorable conditions for upper middle class within the state, the trade unions and academia, generally through the promotion of identity politics (sic – RB). On the other hand, they are working desperately to prevent the working class from organizing as an independent political force in opposition to the capitalist system. The exposure of Sanders and the perspective of reforming the Democrat Party is at the same time an exposure of the political bankrupts gathered this week at the “Socialist Convergence” and reveals the vast gulf between the politics of the pseudo-left and of genuine socialism.

Sanders caps off a day of deceit and demagogy
Barry Grey, WSWS, Jul 26 2016

Bernie Sanders concluded his assigned task of seeking to corral mass anger and opposition in the working class behind the Democrat Party in the 2016 presidential election with a speech Monday night that capped off a day of political fraud and demagogy. Earlier in the day, Sanders was booed down when he told a meeting of his delegates and supporters outside the Philadelphia convention hall that they had to take forward his “political revolution” by voting for Hillary Clinton. In response to the eruption of anger and disgust from his own periphery, Sanders declared cynically:

This is a real world we live in.

He, of course, had done all in his power to ensure that this “real world” excluded the emergence of an independent movement of the working class against the increasingly hated capitalist system, and remained politically strangled by the domination of two right-wing, militaristic parties of the Pindosi corporate-financial aristocracy. Developments prior to the formal opening of the convention already underscored the reactionary character of the campaign Hillary Clinton plans to wage and of the government she will head if she wins the election in November. In response to the exposure, via leaked emails, of the plotting of her allies in the leadership of the DNC to subvert the primary challenge from Sanders, Clinton’s aides charged, without providing any evidence, that Russia had masterminded the leak in order to place its supposed stooge, Donald Trump, in the White House. This is part of an effort to outflank the fascistic Trump from the right by accusing him of being “soft” on Putin and unwilling to attack Russia in defense of NATO allies on Russia’s western border, as well as being insufficiently aggressive in preparing for war against China.

The day also featured a fawning speech by Clinton to the national convention of the right-wing, pro-war Veterans of Foreign Wars in which Clinton lavished praise on Republican war hawk John McCain. The day before, Obama had made clear the Democrats’ orientation to disaffected Republicans by praising a long list of past Republican office-holders in an interview on CBS Face the Nation. He topped this off by putting Ronald Reagan in the ranks of “Pindostan’s greatest presidents.” In the course of Monday’s proceedings inside Wells Fargo Center, one after another representative of the well-off middle class rose to praise Clinton as a tireless fighter in behalf of equality and justice. The various strands of identity politics were on full display, with Black, Hispanic, wommin, gay and disabled speakers taking turns in praising this widely-hated symbol of the political establishment, who is personally implicated in war crimes that have killed millions and notorious for her corrupt relations with Wall Street. But it was left to Sanders to complete the job of turning reality on its head and presenting Clinton and the Democratic Party as fighters for the interests of the common people. His speech was a display of unalloyed cynicism and dishonesty. To hear him speak, one would never know why he had opposed Clinton in the first place.

To attempt to enumerate all of the obvious falsehoods and contradictions in Sanders’ speech would consume dozens of pages. It is sufficient at this point to note that were his glowing statements about Clinton true, his own campaign would be incomprehensible, as would the broad support it received. The basis for the 13 million votes about which he boasted in his remarks was the passionate desire of masses of working people and youth for an alternative to the reactionary policies with which Clinton has been associated for more than three decades. Sanders’ exercise in political fraud seemed to be premised on the assumption that the Pindosi sheeple suffer from collective amnesia. But facts are facts. The last time the Clintons occupied the White House, they presided over a period of unprecedented financial corruption. The Clinton 42 administration was the period of “irrational exuberance,” when super-low interest rates underwrote a 400% rise in the stock market. All of the Clintons’ policies, the dismantling of Glass-Steagall and whatever else remained of banking regulations, the destruction of the federal welfare program, led to a vast enrichment of the corporate-financial elite. It was the period that produced Enron and the explosion in CEO pay. All of the processes that led to the financial collapse and depression of 2008 matured under the Clintons. For all of Sanders’ denunciations of Trump, the fact remains that the billionaire real estate mogul’s political rise was possible only because of mass disillusionment and frustration with the Democrat Party’s hypocrisy and right-wing policies.

One thing that was particularly striking about Sanders’ speech was the absence of a single reference to foreign policy. He said not a word about Clinton’s role as senator in backing the 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq or her role as Sec State in championing the savage bombing of Libya and murder of its ruler Muammar Gaddafi, as well as the horrific bloodletting in Syria in pursuit of regime change, and the increasingly aggressive warmongering toward both China and Russia. Sanders had the gall to present his full-throated backing for Clinton as the continuation of his “political revolution” against the “billionaire class.” That so-called “revolution” turned out to consist of putting a Democrat back in the White House, accompanied by a Democrat House and Senate. Sanders was silent on the decision of the Clinton campaign to give the multibillionaire former Republican mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, a prime-time spot on Wednesday night to declare his own support for Clinton. Not only Sanders but all of the various middle-class organizations that promoted him, (including) the International Socialist Organization, Socialist Alternative, Solidarity and the Green Party, are now politically responsible for the consequences. The political lessons of the Sanders experience must be learned. As has happened so often before, the Democrat Party has become the graveyard of a movement of social protest, with Sanders serving as the undertaker. The warnings repeatedly issued by the Socialist Equality Party and the World Socialist Web Site, which insisted that Sanders was not the representative of a movement of social revolt, but rather the instrument for containing and dissipating that movement, have been fully borne out. The campaign of the Socialist Equality Party and its presidential and vice presidential candidates Jerry White and Niles Niemuth is the only campaign in this election that is genuinely independent of capitalist politics and advances a revolutionary socialist program.

rabbinates are all tyrannies

Meet the Israeli army’s misogynist chief rabbi
David Sheen, Electronic Intifada, Jul 25 2016

The rabbi newly appointed to the Israeli army’s top religious post has made a long list of racist and misogynist edicts over the years, including one permitting Jewish soldiers to rape non-Jewish women during wartime. The elevation of Colonel Eyal Karim to the rank of brigadier general and the position of chief rabbi was thrown into question after his past controversial statements were reported by Israeli media. After holding a private meeting with Karim, however, Israel’s chief of staff Gadi Eizenkot publicly proclaimed that he would support the appointment. Once he is military chief rabbi, Karim will be responsible for making decisions with regards to religious matters in the armed forces. Karim currently serves as the second-highest ranking religious official in the Israeli army. His nomination to the top post has received the support of the State of Israel’s two chief rabbis and Defense Minister ‘Yvette’ Liberman. Comments Karim made in 2003 when he was a civilian resurfaced after his appointment. In a column called “Ask the Rabbi” at Kipa.co.il, a popular Hebrew-language website catering to religious Jews, Karim responded to a number of anonymous letters inquiring about specificities of Jewish religious law, including a question about rape in times of war. Karim was asked:

Is it allowed nowadays for an IDF soldier, for example, to rape girls during battle, or is such a thing forbidden?

He answered:

Even though fraternizing with a gentile woman is a very serious matter, it was permitted during wartime … the Torah permitted the individual to satisfy the evil urge.

Karim’s comments first attracted notice in 2012, when dissident Israeli journalist Yossi Gurvitz first published them in English at +972 Magazine. Gurvitz says that when he asked the military to comment on Karim’s statements, he was rebuked by an army spox and told that his query “disrespects the IDF, the State of Israel and the Jewish religion.” The day after Gurvitz’ article appeared on +972, Karim published a letter at Kipa, reported by Gurvitz, attempting to walk back his 2003 religious ruling sanctioning rape:

It is clear that in our times … this ruling is certainly not to be acted on.

The military seemed to be satisfied with Karim’s disavowal of his previous edict. He continued to serve as the army’s second-highest religious official for the next four years. But the announcement that he was to be promoted to army chief rabbi elicited another round of outrage, as well as a more thorough examination of his previously published opinions. In his Kipa column, Karim has promoted burning Christian bibles, killing wounded “terrorists” and torturing captives, stating:

Terrorists should not be treated as human beings, because they are animals.

In one of his responses, Karim called for the transformation of the state into a Jewish monarchy and a genocide against Amalek, who are not known to have any modern-day descendants. Some rabbis attribute their bloodline to Israel’s current enemies, dooming them to a divinely commanded death sentence. Karim also ruled that the court testimony of females cannot be relied upon, because of their supposedly “sentimental” nature. He also ruled that Jewish men in the Israeli army may not serve under the command of a woman, as this would require them to gaze upon her. Karim’s tenure as the second-highest-ranking religious official in the military did not pass without controversy. In 2013, he produced a booklet for Israeli soldiers which effectively asserts that Jewish supremacy was divinely ordained and that this would always overrule the laws of democracy. The booklet states:

The concept that non-Jews have equal rights with Jews in Israel goes against the opinion of the Torah, and the state’s representatives have no authority to act against the Torah’s will.

The army later apologized for the book’s contents. When Karim’s impending appointment was made public this month and the rabbi began to draw renewed criticism for his past comments, his detractors were again accused of “anti-Semitism” and even of fabricating a “blood libel” in an op-ed by Dror Eydar in Israel ha-Yom. Karim’s defenders insist that his comments on rape were misunderstood and that he couldn’t possibly have permitted sexual assaults against Palestinian women. But threats of rape have been wielded by IOF against Palestinians. In Jun 2014, Bar-Ilan University professor Mordechai Kedar publicly suggested that IOF dissuade Palestinians from taking up arms by threatening the rape of their female relatives. The military seems to have quickly adopted Kedar’s doctrine. Palestinians taken captive that same summer during Israel’s assault on Gaza say they were threatened with the rape of their wives. Earlier this year, a lawyer representing Palestinian journalist Muhammad al-Qiq said that while Israel detained Qiq for months without charge, his captors threatened to rape him, his wife and their children unless he confessed to crimes. Qiq was only released after refusing food for 94 days. Actual sexual assaults of Palestinian men, women and children by IOF are not unheard of. During the early years of the state, soldier sex attacks on Palestinians were common enough that they were a source of consternation for Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion. At a government meeting in 1951, speaking about army attacks on Palestinians, he declared:

I know some of the crimes, and I must say the situation is frightening in two areas: acts of murder and acts of rape.

In recent years, Amira Hass and Eishton have reported on incidents in which IOF allegedly raped and sexually assaulted Palestinian females (compulsory vaginal examination is not rape – RB). And testimonies obtained by the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel show that Palestinian men and boys held in Israeli custody have also been subjected to sexual threats and sexual abuse. Recent high-profile cases reveal the pervasiveness of rape culture in Israel. In April, an Israeli investigative news program revealed that the late Israeli cabinet minister Rehavam Ze’evi was a serial rapist and sexual predator during his decorated army service, in which he reached the rank of general. Last week, a currently serving brigadier general who had been slated for promotion was indicted for rape and sexual assault against multiple female soldiers. The following day, his former commander told Israeli army radio that the accused rapist is a “hero” and cited the Torah in defense of his alleged actions. Admittedly, the IOF is taking steps to stem the rate of sex assaults, or at least those occurring within its ranks. Until just four months ago, victims of sex attacks in the army would have to shell out for their own legal costs, while alleged attackers would have all their legal fees paid for. Under a new policy, the army will pay the legal fees of both accused and accuser.

In February, the army chief’s advisor on women’s affairs sent a letter to all Israeli soldiers calling upon them to stop printing out regalia that includes images and messages that objectify women and make light of rape. The army also makes mandatory for all incoming draftees an instructional workshop on the topic of sexual assault. However, after ultra-Orthodox soldiers angrily objected to the sexual content of the workshop, the army buckled and granted exemptions to religious troops. Meanwhile, Israel’s police force in recent years has seen a massive epidemic of sex crime allegations against top cops. In May, the Times of Israel reported:

The past few years have seen a string of sexual misconduct cases involving top police officers, many of whom were forced to retire due to the allegations against them. In all, about half of the Israel Police’s major generals, the highest rank below that of the police commissioner, have been accused of such abuse, and many of them have stepped down.

In 2013, after Jayloomia chief of police Nisso Shaham was indicted for sexual harassment against several women, mainly subordinates, he protested that it was unfair to try him for these crimes. He argued that his behaviours were “in keeping with the conventional norms accepted by the police” and that they were “routine and common”. Instead of combating sexism in the police force, the top brass seems to be trying to sweep the problem of misogyny under the rug. Roni Alsheikh, national police commissioner and former deputy head of the Shabak, recently reinstated a top police commander accused of sexual harassment and planned to promote another commander found guilty of harassment. That officer declined the appointment after Alsheikh’s announcement provoked outcry. Alsheikh also announced on International Women’s Day, no less, that the force would no longer investigate allegations of sex crimes unless accusers were willing to reveal their identities. Rape culture is perpetuated by the country’s political class. Dozens of demonstrators recently gathered in Tel Aviv to protest plans to grant early release to Moshe Katsav, currently serving a seven-year sentence after being convicted of two counts of rape and other offenses. Katsav has often smeared his victims in the press, and has yet to either admit his guilt or express remorse for his actions. The case of another politician from Kiryat Malachi, Katsav’s hometown, provides sobering evidence of the nearly free pass that rapists are often accorded in Israeli society. After mayor Motti Malka was charged with multiple rapes, along with his son, his deputy mayor and four other men, he reached a plea deal with police that saw him serve no jail time at all. In the end, Malka was not even forced to pay a monetary fine, because the Kiryat Malachi city council had previously purchased a policy for “sexual harassment insurance.” Just weeks later, the council invited Malka to attend the city’s official celebration of International Women’s Day. The army is hardly the only sector of Israeli society from which sexual assaults emanate. But rape culture in the military is especially disconcerting, as its soldiers have access to deadly weapons and the license to use them. And now its chief rabbi is a man who once gave Jewish soldiers sanction to rape Palestinian women until he was shamed into retracting it.


Nusra to rebrand in public ‘Split’ from AQ, as Zawahiri suggested in May
Jason Ditz, AntiWar.com, Jul 25 2016

Believing that their public status as AQ’s formal “affiliate” in Syria has made them a target, Jabhat al-Nusra is announcing its intention to rebrand as the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, or Sham Liberation Front, which itself won’t officially be affiliated with AQ’s parent organization. Nusra has been one of the highest-profile rebel factions throughout the Syrian Civil War, and is closely allied to a number of the Pindo-backed “moderate” factions. The group’s growth in its own right, however, has Pindostan talking with Russia about a joint move against them. Nusra’s “rebranding” seems like a cynical attempt to get around this Pindo-Russia operation by suddenly not being AQ, at least in name, but might conceivably work, given the number of Pindo boxtops openly objecting to attacking Nusra even as part of AQ. At the same time, the ruse is transparent, since AQ’s leader Ayman al-Zawahiri released a public audio statement in May suggesting Nusra could make a public break with AQ as a way to unify Islamists to form an “emirate” to rival ISIS. Whatever the reason, there is no suggestion this is going to leave Nusra, or whatever it calls itself, as anything but Syria’s AQ.

Jabhat al-Nusra officially splits from AQ
Sami Moubayed, Gulf News, Jul 26 2016

BEIRUT – Abu Mohammad al-Golani, commander of Jabhat al-Nusra, will make a public statement later today announcing his departure from AQ. His new group will be named Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (Sham Liberation Front). He hopes to evade a new cooperation pact between Pindostan and Russia, aimed at annihilating AQ on the Syrian battlefield. Originally founded by four Salafi militants back in Jan 2012, it emerged as one of the strongest forces in the war. Moscow insists that it is a terrorist organisation, no different from Daesh. Its members were inspired by the teachings of Osama Bin Laden’s former right-hand-man, Abu Musab al-Souri. Many had read his works and attended his sermons, either in Pakistan or Afghanistan. The name of the group was actually inspired by Abu Musab’s seminal work, The Global Call for Islamic Resistance. After the Pindo occupation of Iraq, Golani took up arms with the so-called Sunni insurgency, meeting his future friend, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. They later became colleagues in AQ. The relationship between Golani and Baghdadi remained warm during the first few months of the Syria War. When Golani formed Nusra in 2012, Baghdadi complained, viewing it a “soft defection.” He considered Golani to be both his creation and his protégé. They met in a small village near the Syrian-Iraqi border in late Dec 2011. It was to prove their last meeting until Nov 2014. Clearly, Baghdadi had not been consulted on the formation of Nusra. He snapped at Golani:

What is this Jabhat al-Nusra? This front cannot live on its own. It doesn’t have the means of survival. Assad and the Shi’ites will crush it. Stay with me! Together we can bring down this axis!

Baghdadi was jealous. Nusra should have been his idea. He was older, more experienced, and because his country, Iraq, was larger and richer, he had more money than Golani. He also considered his Islamic credentials far superior to those of Golani. He wanted to either hijack Golani’s group, or destroy it altogether. It was no use, however, as Golani had already made up his mind. Like so many Islamists in Syria, he did not wish to remain subordinate to an Iraqi commander, arguing that the Syrian war was not Baghdadi’s to wage. If the Syrian revolt failed, Baghdadi would easily pack up and return home, or head elsewhere to continue his journey in international Jihad. Golani’s goals were limited to the Levant and not the global stage. Golani wanted to establish an Islamic state in Greater Syria, with Damascus or Aleppo as its capital. Baghdadi, he claimed, was more interested in Iraq and parts of Deir al-Zor. A few months later, Baghdadi announced the formation of Da’esh. It was a direct response to the creation of Nusra. Shortly after creating Nusra, just months after Bin Laden’s death in May 2011, Golani pledged loyalty to AQ leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, an alliance that expires today, Jul 25 2016. By Feb-Mar 2012, Nusra made up roughly 1% of the rebel community in Syria. The proportion grew to 3% in August, and reached an impressive 7% to 9.5% (6,000-10,000 fighters) by Nov 2012. Their breakdown was 2,000 troops in al-Bab (north-east of Aleppo), 3,000 in the Idlib countryside west of Aleppo, 2,000 in Deir al-Zor (eastern Syria), and 750-1,000 in the Damascus countryside. According to Nusra’s own account, it currently stands at 60,000 fighters, although this number is impossible to verify and sounds greatly inflated. According to the Rand Corp CIA, they stood at no more than 5,000-6,000 in 2014. The Economist says that their peak was 7,000 troops in 2013.

Golani’s nom de guerre implies that he hails from a small village in the occupied Golan Heights. His mother was from the Golan region, but Golani himself is actually a native of oil-rich Deir al-Zor in eastern Syria, and was born in 1979 in al-Shuheil, a small village famed for its agricultural produce. His associates refer to him as ‘Al Shaikh al-Fateh’ or ‘The Conqueror Shaikh.’ Golani studied at state-run schools in Deir al-Zor, joining Ba’ath Party cadets during summer camps at school, where he first learnt to use a firearm. Golani studied medicine at Damascus University but dropped out in 2005. He was recruited into AQ by a middle-aged Syrian named Abu Hamza who provided him with a fake Yemeni passport through which he entered Iraq to take up arms against the Pindosis. Golani returned to Syria in the autumn of 2006, after a brief stopover in northern Lebanon, where he lived in Tripoli on fake ID papers. He spent 10 months in Syria, working part-time in a printing press in the town of al-Mleihah in the Ghouta orchards on the outskirts of Damascus, to make a living. He returned to Iraq in early 2007, where he was briefly arrested by the Pindostanis and held at Camp Bucca on the Iraqi-Kuwaiti border. Pindo prison authorities mistook him for an Iraqi Kurd from Mosul. They released him in 2008, and he stayed in Iraq using the same ID papers, working closely with Baghdadi. This period in Iraq is when he trained in guerrilla warfare, but he never took part in any real combat. Baghdadi appointed him director of AQ operations in Mosul. It was a civilian job that required strong administrative skills, rather than a sound military record.

Syria. Iraq. Current
El Murid, Jul 25 2016

From the current news. Jabhat al-Nusra really refused the oath to AQ and is now called Jabhat al-Fath al-Sham and entering into an Alliance with “moderate” from Jaish al-Fatah. Strictly formally, it now refers to the “moderate” opposition. By the way, almost for the first time “lit up” the real Golani, head “Jabhat al-Nusra”:


Now what directly concerns us. Da’esh for the first time officially focussed its attention on Russia and threatened her with waves of attacks “in response to crime.” Until then, the only relatively official threats against Russia were the words of the late Umar al-Shishani, which were not disproved, but were not confirmed by the leadership of Da’esh never refute any of their statements or the statements of their commanders. Apparently, the efforts of the Russian leadership to pay attention, finally, was seen by Da’esh and the group decided to answer them. Long words but from practical affairs. They can very quickly be translated into deeds. But we have nothing to worry about: President Putin himself ensured that we have defeated Da’esh, which announced that it shot down today American fighter in the Western Anbar province of Iraq. The pilots were killed. This is the second plane from the operation of the coalition against Da’esh. The Kurds have taken over a small area of Manbij in the south. Under Da’esh remains approximately 40% of the city. During the siege of Manbij, the Kurds had killed 970 people and over 1,000 wounded. Unlike the Iraqis, the Kurds are not satisfied with cavalry assaults on the city, slowly moving from one reference point to another. Due to this, the loss of Iraqi Kurds significantly lower in the capture of Fallujah during a more serious result, although the time spent on this promotion so much more.

they don’t like loose cannons

Robert Kagan and Other Neocons Are Backing Hillary Clinton
Rania Khalek, Intercept, Jul 25 2016

GettyImages-534819512-crop1-article-headerPhoto: Brooks Kraft LLC/Corbis/Getty

As Hillary Clinton puts together what she hopes will be a winning coalition in November, many progressives remain wary, but she has the war-hawks firmly behind her. Leading neocon Robert Kagan told a group gathered around him groupie-style, at a “foreign policy professionals for Hillary” fund-raiser I attended last week:

I would say all Republican foreign policy professionals are anti-Trump. I would say that a majority of people in my circle will vote for Hillary.

As the co-founder of tPNAC, Kagan played a leading role in pushing for Pindostan’s unilateral invasion of Iraq, and insisted for years afterwards that it had turned out great. Despite the catastrophic effects of that war, Kagan insisted at last week’s fund-raiser that Pindo foreign policy over the last 25 years has been “an extraordinary success.” Trump’s know-nothing isolationism has led many neocons to flee the Thug ticket. And some, like Kagan, are actively helping Clinton, whose hawkishness in many ways resembles their own. The event raised $25k for Clinton. Two rising stars in the Democrat foreign policy establishment, Amanda Sloat and Julianne Smith, also spoke. The way they described Clinton’s foreign policy vision suggested that if elected president in November, she will escalate tensions with Russia, double down on military belligerence in the Middle East, and generally ignore the Pindo sheeple’s growing hostility to intervention. Sloat, the former Deputy Asst Sec State in the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, boasted that Clinton will be “more interventionist and forward-leaning than Obama’s been” in Syria. She also applauded Clinton for doing intervention the right way, through coalitions instead of the unilateral aggression that defined the Bush years. Sloat added:

Nothing that she did was more clear than the NATO coalition that she built to defend civilians in Libya (sic – RB).

The Obama administration’s overthrow of Gaddafi, spearheaded by Clinton, has transformed a once stable state into a lawless haven for extremist groups from across the region, including ISIS. Kagan has advocated for muscular Pindosi intervention in Syria. Clinton’s likely pick for Sec Def, Michelle Flournoy, has similarly agitated for redirecting airstrikes in Syria toward ousting Assad. Smith told the audience that unlike Trump, Clinton “understands the importance of deterring Russian aggression,” which is why “I’ll sleep better with her in the chair.” She is a former deputy national security advisor to Joe Sixpack who left the government to become senior vice president of Beacon Global Strategies, a high-powered bipartisan consulting group founded by former high-ranking national security boxtops. When Robbie Martin, a film-maker who recently produced a three-part documentary on the neocons, asked how Clinton plans to deal with Ukraine, Kagan responded, rolling his eyes dismissively:

I know Hillary cares more about Ukraine than the current president does. He said to me he doesn’t want a nuclear war with Russia. I don’t think Obama cares about Putin any more at all. I think he’s hopeless.

Kagan is married to Victoria Nuland, the Obama administration’s hard-line Asst Sec State for European and Eurasian Affair, who would likely serve in a senior position in a Clinton administration, supports shipping weapons to Ukraine despite major opposition from European countries and concerns about the neo-Nazi elements those weapons would empower. Another thing neocons and liberal hawks have in common is confidence that the foreign policy establishment is right, and the growing populist hostility to military intervention is naïve and uninformed. Kagan complained:

Pindostanis are so focused on the things that have gone wrong in recent years, they miss the sort of basic underlying, unusual quality of the international order that we’ve been living in. It’s not just Donald Trump. I think you can find in both parties a very strong sense that we don’t need to be out there anymore. If, as I hope, Hillary Clinton is elected, she is going to immediately be confronting a country that is not where she is. She is a believer in this world order. But a great section of the country is not, and is going to require persuasion and education.

Sloat agreed, arguing that “it’s dangerous” for people to draw anti-interventionist lessons from Libya and Iraq. The Clinton-neocon partnership was solidified by Trump becoming the Republican nominee. But their affinity for each other has grown steadily over time. The neocon Weekly Standard celebrated Clinton’s 2008 appointment as Sec State as a victory for the right, hailing her transformation from “First Feminist” to “Warrior Queen, more Margaret Thatcher than Gloria Steinem.” But the fund-raiser was perhaps the most outward manifestation yet of the convergence between the Democratic foreign policy establishment and the neocons. Hannah Morris of J Street celebrated this bipartisanship as a “momentous occasion.” She said of Kagan:

We could not be more proud to have him here today.

the big bernie bogus burger

On Day One of the Democratic Convention, the Boos Have It
Mattathias Schwartz, Intercept, Jul 25 2016

AP_251941100477-1-article-headerPhoto: Douliery Olivier/SIPA

The chants told the story as Bernie Sanders took the stage at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on Monday afternoon, a few hours before the opening of the Democratic National Convention.

Bernie or bust!

Take it to the floor!

Never Hillary!

At least 300 Sanders partisans were in the ballroom, and more were gathered outside. Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton earlier this month. But his delegates are having a hard time letting go. They liked it when Sanders said:

What we want to achieve is nothing less than a transformation of Pindosi society!

To cheers, he called for higher taxes on the wealthy and corporations, a $15-an-hour minimum wage, and no congressional passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership during the remainder of Obama’s term. But he wanted one more thing: to throw his backers’ support behind Hillary Clinton’s campaign against Donald Trump in the general election. The crowd responded with boos and cries of “no!” Sanders pleaded:

Brothers and sisters, this is the real world we live in! Trump is a demagogue!

By the end, the chants had changed to “Thank you, Bernie!” Three young men in Robin Hood hats gave some final shouts of “Bernie or bust!” I asked one of them, Sean Comfort, a Sanders-pledged delegate from Washington:

If you could vote for Clinton, Trump, or stay home, which would you do?

Comfort replied:

We’re going to see how the convention runs and then we’ll see.

Sanders backers got some of the concessions they wanted from the Democrat National Committee. This year, 700 super-delegates, who are not bound by state voters, helped give Clinton a decisive edge over Sanders in the primary campaign. In the 2020 election, that number will be reduced to 250. The DNC also agreed to appoint a commission to study the possibility of opening up the party’s primaries to Republican and independent voters, another one of Sanders’s complaints. Another Sanders supporter said he was ready to follow the recommendation of his favorite and cast his vote for Clinton. Chris Pumpelly, a Sanders delegate from Kansas, said:

Handing the White House over to Donald Trump and this Republican Party is not an option. It is not acceptable as someone who believes in progressive and Pindo values.


the master of the macao sands casino, possessor of trillions of black market domestic RMB

Clintonites knocked out platform opposition to ‘occupation’
and ‘settlements’ out of fear of Adelson, Zogby says

Philip Weiss, MondoWeiss, Jul 25 2016


Clintonites on the Democratic Party platform committee knocked references to Israeli “settlements” and “occupation” out of the platform out of fear of Sheldon Adelson, a Sanders rep on that committee said today in Philadelphia. James Zogby of the Arab American Institute spoke at a panel convened by the Pindosi Campaign to End the Occupation at the Democrat convention. He said that he and other Sanders delegates to the platform committee had a simple plan going into the platform debates in June and July, to knock out a reference in the platform to Jayloomia being the undivided “capital of Israel” and also strike the platform’s opposition to BDS. But they lost on those points, and their strategy was off. The fight ended up being about including references to “occupation” and “settlements,” and they lost on that too. Zogby:

Frankly we wanted to strike the BDS line out, strike out the line on Jayloomia, I thought that would be the fight. I had no idea the fight would end up being over occupation and settlements. And what occurred to me was that, as I looked around the table at the folks who were there, some of whom are good people, and smart policy people, is that something happens in this game where they take their policy brain out and put it some place, I ain’t telling you where,. and they substitute their politics brain, which they think is a smart brain. “We can’t do it because it’s,” here’s what they told me, “We can’t do it because Sheldon Adelson will come out against us.” Jesus, he’s going to come out against you no matter what you do! And the people who like Sheldon Adelson, they’re not going to vote for you!

Sheldon Adelson is an 82-year-old Thug who is supporting Trump in this election, and who supported Newt and Mitt in the last cycle. These members of the platform committee were speaking of the Jewish politics of the issue. They know that Jews give a “gigantic” and “shocking” amount of the money that Democrat candidates rely on, according to a J Street panel of experts this spring, and that Sheldon Adelson, who called on Obama to nuke Iran, is little different from a lot of other older Jews who regard Israel as a great thing. So the Clintonites are afraid that these Jews would not give money to the Democrat Party, and withdraw their votes too, if the platform didn’t grovel to Israel. That’s what went down. Zogby said the irony is that Bernie Sanders was “was actually playing to his base by talking about Palestine.” Young people, liberals, people of color, they all increasingly support Palestine. On Wednesday, the Arab American Institute will release polling, Zogby said, that shows how much the Pindostani sheeple has changed on the issue and how much it approves of boycott. On the boycott issue, “Is boycotting Israel a legitimate tool to use to stop them from building settlements?” Democrats say yes overwhelmingly, 47 to 14, and the rest are unsure. The numbers aren’t bad on the Thug side either. 42-24. The poll also showed that a majority of Pindosis “for the first time have an opinion that too much foreign aid goes to Israel, that’s something that we never saw before,” he said to applause. And Zogby spoke of Sanders’s achievement in changing the discourse of Palestine:

It took the work of a mass movement and a courageous person like Bernie Sanders. Because remember if Bernie hadn’t elevated it, it wouldn’t have happened. … He gave us a qualitative boost forward. Now the question is, what do we do? and my feeling is, That we don’t let it go. The conversation is beginning again, and it cannot end. It cannot be where we put it back on hold again for another 20 years. The lives of people in the region cannot tolerate that. I think Pindosi interests, Pindostan’s ability to function in the world, when we fight for Palestine, we make Pindostan better, we make Pindostan smart, we make Pindostan save itself! We’re going to help Pindostan save itself whether it wants to or not! … I refuse to let the Palestinian people take a back seat again to any other conflict. It’s happened way too many times. We heard that shit during the First Gulf War in 1990-1991. “Can’t talk about it because we have to fight this war. After the war we’ll get to it.” “After the– after the–” Never get to it. This issue must be dealt with!

mckinney goes loopy

Former Georgia congresswoman claims in tweet Israel responsible for France, German terror attacks
JTA, Jul 25 2016

A former Georgia congresswoman claimed in a tweet that Israel is responsible for recent terror attacks in France and Germany. Former Georgia Rep Cynthia McKinney tweeted Saturday night:

Same Israeli photographer captures Nice and Munich tragedies. How likely is that? Remember the Dancing Israelis?…

The tweet includes a link to a video about the photographer’s coincidence on the “Veterans’ Today” site. Dancing Israelis refers to a conspiracy theory that five Israeli men were detained by police in New Jersey on 9/11 after being caught celebrating the attack on the World Trade Center. The photographer in question, Richard Gutjahr, is not Israeli, but is married to Israeli Einat Wilf, a former MK for the Labor Party. Wilf served in the prestigious IDF intelligence Unit 8200. McKinney was the Green Party presidential nominee for the 2008 Presidential race. Gutjahr tweeted photos from the sites of both attacks, though he later said that the Munich photos accidentally were deleted from his camera.


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