USA declares economic war on syria and iran, in the name of “the people of syria and iran,” of course

White House sets sights on evaders of Iran, Syria sanctions
Peter Schroeder, The Hill, May 1 2012

Obama is beefing up the administration’s sanctions on Iran and Syria, issuing an executive order targeting anyone who tries to skirt the crackdown. The order, issued Tuesday, would allow the government to punish any individuals who either violate current sanctions against the two countries or help facilitate such an evasion by others. Violators would be publicly outed by the government and effectively barred from entering the US or participating in the US financial system. Treasury Under-Sec for terrorism and financial intelligence David Cohen said:

The order provides Treasury additional means to impose serious consequences on foreign persons who seek to evade our sanctions and undermine international efforts to bring pressure to bear on the Iranian and Syrian regimes. Whoever tries to evade our sanctions does so at the expense of the people of Syria and Iran, and they will be held accountable.

Once the Treasury identifies someone who is trying to avert the sanctions, anyone under US jurisdiction would be prohibited from doing business with them. The Treasury said the new order helps ensure that USAians do not accidentally undercut the sanctions. Obama notified Congress of the move in letters sent to the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate. The move marks the latest attempt by the White House to put pressure on the two nations. In February, another executive order levied new sanctions on Iran and its central bank. Under that order, any Iranian assets held by US citizens or companies were effectively frozen, and any transactions conducted by US citizens with Iranian entities would be seized or frozen.

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