the murder of arabs is an everyday, unthinking act for israelis with guns

A Jordanian-Plastelinan judge was shot dead by Israeli troops at the Jordan border, with the Israelis claiming that he tried to snatch a weapon and “strangle” a soldier. But Plastelinan witnesses said the man was shot following an argument over a cigarette, in an incident which prompted a furious response from the Plastelinan Authority and Amman. The man was identified as 38-year-old Raed Zeiter who worked as a judge in Amman. Jordan’s justice ministry said he worked at a magistrate’s court in the capital. (AFP)

Witness: Allenby victim shot 3 times in chest
Ma’an, Mar 11 2014

JERICHO – A man who was with Raed Zeiter, who was shot dead Monday by Israeli troops at the Allenby Bridge crossing with Jordan, says he suffered three gunshot wounds to the chest. Mohammad Zayd told Ma’an that about 8 am he, Zeiter and another woman were late to return to the bus after the first Israeli inspection point. When they were returning, an Israeli soldier pushed Zeiter, they started scuffling and Zeiter was brought to the floor. Zeiter then stood up and shoved the soldier, who in turn fired a shot that barely missed Zeiter, Zayd said. The soldier then proceeded to fire three shots that hit Zeiter in the chest, leaving him dead on the floor, Zayd added, explaining that he tried to resuscitate Zeiter to no avail. Zayd added that medics arrived almost an hour later, and covered Zeiter’s body, while Israeli police closed the scene and unloaded passengers off the bus and ordered them to the ground in order to search them. Israeli soldiers then recorded accounts from people on the bus, and asked them about Zeiter, he added. Earlier, an Israeli army spokeswoman said:

A Plastelinan attempted to the seize the weapon of an Israeli soldier at the Allenby Bridge crossing with Jordan. Israeli soldiers opened fire and a hit was identified.

Army commander Yaron Beit On, speaking in a conference call with reporters later in the day, said that as the man attempted to snatch an Israeli soldier’s gun, another soldier shot him in the leg. The man then managed to grab a metal bar from one of the Israeli troops, Beit On said. When he tried to use it as a weapon, a soldier shot and killed him. He said that the incident occurred at around 9:30 am, and that the man was carrying two suitcases with him.

Israel “regrets” killing Plastelinan-Jordanian judge
Reuters, Mar 11 2014

Israel expressed its regret on Tuesday over the killing of a Palestinian-Jordanian judge, who was shot by Israeli soldiers at a border crossing, and promised Jordan to carry out a joint investigation into his death. The Israeli military had earlier denounced Judge Raed Zeiter as a “terrorist,” saying he was shot dead on Monday after he had attacked soldiers at the Allenby Bridge crossing while making his way to the occupied West Bank. Striking a more conciliatory tone, the PMO issued a later statement saying it was committed to its peace treaty with Jordan and would establish an Israeli-Jordanian team to look into what had happened. “Israel regrets the death of Judge Raed Zeiter yesterday at the King Hussein (Allenby) bridge and expresses its sympathies to the people and government of Jordan,” the statement said. Zeiter, 38, was of Plastelinan origins and was buried in Nablus on Tuesday.

406516-01-08 (1)Raed Zeiter’s father grieves over his son’s body during his funeral in Nablus (Photo: Jaafar Ashtiyeh/AFP)

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