right, now returning to our beloved lilliput of tiny republics, here is a denial about the tank park

Fighters of the Donetsk Republic failed to take full tanks base
BFM.ru, Jun 20 2014

In the press, however, managed to receive information about what is in the hands of the militia moved 221 tanks, 183 BMPs, 288 APCs and other equipment

The press service of the Donetsk National Republic has denied the information that militiamen have now captured tank base of the armed forces of Ukraine in Artemovsk, located 40 km from Slavyansk. A statement posted in the official account DND on Twitter (above) said:

Information about taking control of a tank base in Artemovsk was not confirmed. After a 2-hour battle, the home DND were forced to retreat.

The self-declared Republic, therefore, denied the statement of the representative of the anti-Ukrainian forces. Earlier today, Russian media reported with reference to head of the information centre of the South-Eastern Front Konstantin Knarik that DND fighters took control of the tank base of the Ukrainian army in Artemovsk. As the result of a fight in the night of Jun 20, said Knarik, the militia moved huge supplies of equipment: 221 tanks, 183 BMPs, 288 BTRs, 12 self-propelled artillery installations and 12 mortars. Simultaneously with the statement of Knarik, Ukrainian media reported that the Ukrainian armed forces repelled the attack of militia on this tank base. On the base assault was thrown one tank, he went along the street field. In the fighting damaged one building, broken windows in nearby houses and caterpillars broken road, found the journalists.

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