the “buk” launcher supposedly video’d scooting off to russia, we already nailed this once

The video of “Buk” made in the area controlled by the army of Ukraine, Jul 20 2014


In the Ukrainian media is widespread video in which anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk” allegedly leaving aside the Russian-Ukrainian border. However, the advertising banner on the video gives the location of the “Buk” is a city that since May is controlled by Ukrainian law-enforcers. The information about the fact that this “Buk” was allegedly seized by militia disproved by the Ukrainian authorities. As the Ukrainian media write that militias “sweep up the traces” after the shot by Malaysian liner, Internet users identified the street, on which the video is passing anti-aircraft complex. It Gorky street in Krasnoarmeisk. On the billboard on the zoom-in you can see “богдан” (Bogdan), it is autosalon in Krasnoarmeisk, at 34 Dnepropetrovskaya Street. (See here). Currently, the city is under the control of the Kiev authorities. You cannot find such autosalon in Krasnodonsk city, where this video is allegedly shot.

Moreover, it became known that “Buk” with the same number – 312 – previously appeared in Gorlovka, being brought there by the Ukrainian army.

At the same time, the newspaper Ukrainskaya Pravda cites the words of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Vitaliy Yarema, who denies that “Buk” ever were captured by soldiers of the home guard. According to him they “not captured military equipment for the air defence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donetsk.” Prior to that information capture technology denied and the Ministry of defense of the country.

Watch #312, 0:37

The Creator of the site, expert of the Foundation open new democracy Victor Levanov confirmed that the photo and video depicting Buk” with one missile, shows the city Krasnoarmeysk, are currently under the control of the Ukrainian army. Is visible in the photos banner on which was written: “motor show in Dnepropetrovsk, building 34”. This Krasnoarmeysk, which is now under the control of the Ukrainian army. Accordingly, there cannot get militias, quotes Levanov RIA Novosti. He also noted that the insurgency is not in control of Krasnoarmeysk since May.


Just to refresh your memory, this is what we had yesterday, and this tracks machine #321 as opposed to machine #312:

And a little bit more about fakes which are now a large number appear on the network:


Look at the tail number of the machine “321”. Machine with that number has previously been of interest in the area of Kramatorsk.


On Mar 5, FIVE (5) Buks on the airfield of Kramatorsk. Video time 00:35:

Further movement to Kramatorsk, as cited here:

From Kramatorsk left only THREE (3) Buk in the direction of Dimitrov:

And again THREE (3) move from Dimitrov to Krasnoarmeisk:

i.e. in Kramatorsk were left TWO (2) Buk.

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