better info on the new western arms reaching the junta

NATO begins weapons delivery to Ukraine, Sep 9 2014

Ukraine reached agreement on the supply of high-precision weapon with a number of countries-members of NATO, the President said Petro Poroshenko at the end of the meeting of the NATO-Ukraine. According to Vesti, after the first day of the NATO summit in Wales. Kyiv received around €15m for military modernization and strengthening of defense. According to NATO Sec-Gen Rasmussen, Ukraine has always supported NATO, and it is time for the Alliance supported the Ukraine. Note that, in the framework of the summit of the Alliance in Welsh Newport yesterday held a meeting of the Commission of the NATO-Ukraine. Based on its results to Rasmussen and Poroshenko has made a number of important statements. Ukraine reached with the leaders of several countries-members of the Alliance agreement non-lethal and lethal military supplies, including supplies of high-precision weapons. In this case, it is curious that the West relentlessly criticizes Russia for allegedly supplying arms to the militia, while passing the weapon Ukraine. Double standards are obvious, while NATO does not take into account the fact that precision weapons Ukraine put simply unsafe, given the lack of professionalism of the Ukrainian military. So far, they are “precision” strike civilians ballistic missiles “Tochka-U” and no less “precision” killed Tu-154 with children. Politonline writes about the trivial “podsazhivanie” Ukraine on the Western weapons, which have to be trained, which is in contrast to the rusty armored vehicles have to maintain, replenish ammunition, etc. we’re not even talking. It’s a classic of the genre: as with a drug addict, whose “good dealer” treats first for free and then (when the use leaves to the desired level) invoices for all new “dose”. Moreover, an analogy that Usaia was already preparing and arming Syrian terrorists. The results are already visible to the world. At the same time, Rasmussen made clear that the Alliance does not intend to engage in military confrontation with Russia over Ukraine, saying:

If Russia will continue to encroach on the territory of Ukraine, it is necessary to respond to such actions through more deep, hard economic sanctions, which of course will lead to the fact that the Russian economy will suffer and the economic situation in Russia will deteriorate. Our support is concrete and tangible. We have prepared a comprehensive package of measures to help Ukraine to ensure its own security.

Media: Usaian planes arrived in Kharkov two MLRS
ITAR-TASS, Sep 9 14:17 UTC+4

DONETSK – At the airport in Kharkov, according to Novorossia news agency, landed two Usaian military transport aircraft Hercules, which was delivered to the Ukrainian army two reactive multiple rocket systems (MLRS): Larom, made in Romania, and Spanish Teruel 3. Aircraft was unloaded also a large quantity of ammunition to the MRLS, the sources indicated in the militia. “After that, multiple launch rocket systems fire its course moved on a bypass road in the direction of Starobelsk,” reads the message of the Agency. Confirmation of this information from other sources ITAR-TASS does not have.

Ukraine: a proxy war in the making
Richard North,, Sep 9 2014

000a TASS-010 arms

Persistent reports, now publicised by TASS (above), have two US military C-130 transports delivering multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) to Kharkov airport for delivery to the Ukrainian Army. One was said to be a Larom system developed by Aerostar of Romania and Israel Military Industries to meet requirements of Romanian MoD, and the other the Spanish Teruel 3. Both are 40-tube multiple rocket launchers based on the Soviet BM-21 “Grad”. One of the aircraft delivered a large quantity of ammunition for the MLRS, and the launchers moved under their own power on the bypass road in the direction of Starobelska, north of the rebel city of Luhansk. This, according to Pravda (above), follows a deal reached between Ukraine and a number of NATO member countries on the supply of high-precision weapons, announced by president Poroshenko at the NATO summit last week. Kiev has already received about €15m for the modernization of its army and for strengthening its “defence”, with NATO Sec-Gen Rasmussen saying that Ukraine has always supported NATO, and it’s now time to see the alliance supporting Ukraine. Pravda notes the “double standards” of the Western Alliance, in complaining of the Russians supplying the rebels with arms, with NATO also ignoring the fact that it is not safe to supply even “precision weapons” to Ukraine, given the lack of professionalism of the Ukrainian military. Creating a need for ammunition, NATO is also likened to a drug dealer who initially supplies his addict with free drugs until consumption reaches the desired level, when the bill is presented for the higher “dose”.

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  1. The Referist
    Posted September 10, 2014 at 7:39 am | Permalink

    Another article appeared in the UK’s Sunday Telegraph. Apart from the fact this was one of the first to break the Western amnesia, what is interesting is that, apart from the usual trolls, there were many serious and considered comments following the article that show that many Westerners are not falling for the ‘Putin’s a monster, the West is right’ meme that is endlessly bandied about. Only a start, granted, but well we have got to start somewhere.
    I’m busy for the next few days, but I’ll be back in touch.
    Keep up the good work.

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