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Biden State Dept Claims ‘Collapse of Western Civilizazation’ is Russian Disinfo
PJ Watson, Summit News, Jan 24 2022

The Biden State Dept claims that discussion about the ‘collapse of western civilization’ and the evisceration of traditional values is a Russian disinformation operation. Apparently, it’s all just an invention of the Kremlin.

The Grift is Over For Lockdown Nerds
PJ Watson, Summit News, Jan 24 2022

Over the past 2 years, a deluge of control freaks, who would otherwise have remained obscure nerds, have enjoyed the bright lights, prestige and financial bounty of regular TV appearances and media exposure. “There are some scientists who have absolutely loved being media stars for the first time and they don’t want to stop.”

CNN’s Stelter Visits School Kids Being Taught How To Spot ‘Misinformation’
Steve Watson, Summit News, Jan 24 2022

Leaving aside the question of why kids, forced to wear masks, are being told by teachers what is and isn’t ‘misinformation’, the irony of CNN and Stelter being allowed inside a class on ‘misinformation’ wasn’t lost on anyone:

There’s also this…

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