colonel cassad

Provocation in Kramatorsk
Colonel Cassad, Apr 8 12:07

Briefly around Kramatorsk. As a result of the arrival of a tactical missile at Kramatorsk station, 30 civilians were killed and about 100 civilians were injured. Ukraine immediately stated that it was Russia who fired at people in a hurry to evacuate and it was an Iskander with a cluster warhead. When photos of fragments of the missile appeared, it turned out that it was Tochka-U used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. After that, Zelensky changed his tune and began to claim that it was not Iskander, as Arestovich and Kirilenko broadcast, but Tochka-U, only Russian. In the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Tochka-U was officially withdrawn from service with missile brigades in connection with the transition to “Iskanders”. There are not a single video with the combat use of Tochka-U of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation or the armies of the LDPR in Donbass, even if we assume that they will begin to be taken from long-term storage bases. At the same time, a lot of videos of the combat use of Iskander and other types of missiles. At the same time, Ukraine uses Tochka-U everywhere, including to strike Donetsk, where the SBU specially gathered a rally through fake people in social networks for this blow. The rocket allegedly arrived from the southwest. According to some data, it was shot down. According to others, it worked normally. There was an inscription “For Children” on the rocket. It is also worth noting that the population of Donbass, including Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, is considered disloyal to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, so they can easily be sacrificed. In Ukraine, residents of Donbass are actually deprived of voting rights.

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