colonel cassad

Restraining extremes
Colonel Cassad, Nov 7 2022 18:54

Musk on a freshly purchased Twitter, from where the democracy is now being cleaned up, called for the Republicans. Tomorrow, the Biden administration risks losing both the majority of the House of Representatives and in the Senate. The Biden administration has traditionally begun to accuse Russian trolls and hackers of wanting to “steal US elections” before the elections (I checked at the State Services, there is no opportunity to hack the US elections this year). The defeat of the Democrats does not mean that arms supplies to Ukraine will stop. Not at all: they will continue. The main long-term profit of the Russian Federation from the defeat of the Democrats is the strengthening of the domestic political struggle within the US, which will obviously weaken our main opponent. Of course, you should not count on this factor alone, but it will somehow play a role, which is recognized by both sides of the American political process.

105 years of the October Revolution
Colonel Cassad, Nov 7 2022 6:30

Today, all progressive humanity celebrates the 105th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. And even 105 years after it, we see quite clearly that the reasons for the rise of socialism in the world were caused by the structural problems of capitalism, which it could not solve either then or now, so the relevance of socialist ideas remains in demand among the masses. The October Revolution showed the way and will definitely follow it more than once. Happy holiday, comrades!


  1. traducteur
    Posted November 8, 2022 at 1:44 pm | Permalink

    Mm. No private ownership of land (I wouldn’t own this farm; some commissar might decide that I would be allowed to live here, provided I toiled incessantly growing cabbages or something. As soon as I weakened or grew old, I would be forcibly consigned to some state-run seniors’ residence and the farm would be turned over to someone else. If it wasn’t a matter of weakening or growing old, but of perceived slacking, it’s not a seniors’ residence that I would be railroaded into, but a political re-education camp, probably for a twenty-year stretch). No private dealing of any kind (hiring a neighbour to cut firewood for me, for example, would be a felony. Back to the political re-education camp!). No saving up for my old age. My very children would not be my own; they would belong to the State. No socialism for me, thank you!

  2. niqnaq
    Posted November 8, 2022 at 1:49 pm | Permalink

    отсталый кулак

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